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August 26-30, 2013

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August 26-28: MAP Testing 8:30-9:45 am August 30: Unit 1 Week 2 Spelling Test August 30-Sept. 3: Weekly Reading Test Online

Unit 2 addresses three topics: estimation, computational procedures, and data analyses. Algorithms for subtraction, addition, and multiplication are reviewed and extended to decimals. This unit students will be introduced to a flipped classroom. They will be watching some videos I create at home and will do the Study Links and other problem solving in the class.

Math: Unit 2-EStimation and computation

WEEKLY vocabulary
Math Unit 2: estimate, value, digit, place value, algorithm, variable, solution, mean, minimum, maximum, range, mode, median, impossible, expanded notation Reading Story: gnawed, kelp, headland, lair, ravine, shellfish, sinew Spelling (Long Vowel Digraph Pattern): coast, feast, speech, wheat, Spain, paint, arrow, needle, charcoal, praise, faint, maintain, crease, grain, breeze, willow, appeal, bowling, complain, sneeze

The reading skill of the week is identifying the theme and setting and the reading strategy is inferring. The story of the week is an excerpt from Island of the Blue Dolphins. We will work on reading with appropriate expression. In writing we will be learning about the independent and dependent clauses. will learn about different writing genres. One of the benefits of our reading program is the interactive website. On Monday a letter explaining how to log on will be sent home. I will also go over the login process on Monday. Students will also have online activities for homework to give them extra practice on this weeks strategy, skill, and vocabulary. This week students will take the weekly test online on

Language arts:

What effects do natural disasters have on our community and humans? We will continue our study on different types of natural disasters and link it to our last weeks reading skill of the week, cause and effect. Students will create and publish glogs with causes and effects of natural disasters.

social studies:

mrs. ks notes:
Please make sure you are checking your childs homework each night. We are still waiting for the agendas to arrive, but students should be writing homework down in their folder. This week we are MAP testing first thing on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning. It is imperative your child arrives to school on time, in order to avoid stress and missing the start of