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My Interview with Future Group:

Why Retail? Major Retailers in India? Various Formats of Retail? Which format does pantaloon, Big Bazaar & central comes in? Challenges in Retail? Different Layouts of Store? Its Pros n Cons? What is shoplifting? Various forms of Shop lifting? How to avoid it? What is Shrinkage? What is avg Shrinkage % in Retail? What is Cost price, selling price, MRP, Mark up n Mark Down? How do you see the future of retail industry in India? Compare any 2 big bazaars and say its pros n cons??

Also try to get the update from how was Rahuls interview with FG.

Suggestions on what Future Group looks in Managers:

Confidence (even if you dont know answer exactly but say what ever you with 100 % confidence) This company sees your Observational skills, your Analyzing Skills and then only your technical skills are judged. Dont ever say anything wrong about other retailers in your Interview For Ganesh n Subbu : Since you guys have done your Summers in FG . There would be lots of expectation and also you guys should be thorough about the company details. For e.g. what is BB target audience, catchment study, various depts., how stock is inwarded, what is SMs role , what is DMs Role, how sale is done, what are marketing activities of BB. Etc...