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Year Semester 1 Semester 2
Semester A
HSC1051 Working With People (6) SRH2002 Indigenous Health and Summer semester runs
from 1st Nov to 17th
Wellbeing (6) Feb

HSC1031 Foundations of Health (6) HSC1052 Health and Social Care

Systems (6)
Year HSC1302 Human Structure and
1 HSC1301 Human Structure and Function 1 (6) Function 2 (6)

BEH1011 Clinical Concepts of Paramedic NUR1202 Legal Issues and

Practice (6) Concepts (6)
2nd year accelerated entry students and Double degree students to
enrol in this unit

BEH2011 Professionalism and Community BEH2012 Paramedic Management

Based Emergency Health Systems (6) of Cardio-Respiratory Conditions

BEH2021 Population Aspects of CBEH BEH2022 Paramedic Management

Services (6) of Trauma and Environmental
Conditions (9)
2 BEH2032
BEH2501 Community Health, Culture and
Society (6) Paramedic
Clinical Practice
All standard entry BEH students to enrol in this unit. Accelerated
entry students do NOT enrol in this unit 1 (6)

BEH2041 Human Development and Health

Across the Lifespan (6)

BEH3011 Paramedic Management of Medical BEH3012 Clinical Leadership and

Conditions (6) Emergency Preparedness (6)

BEH3021 Paramedic Management of Health BEH3022 Research and

Conditions at Life Stages (6) Contemporary Challenges in CBEH
3 BEH3031 Paramedic Clinical Practice 2 (6) BEH3032 Paramedic Management
of Critical Care Specialty Situations

BEH3051 Paramedic Management of Mental BEH3042 Advanced Paramedic

Health (6) Clinical Practice 3 (6)