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Calculation for unit weight of Rebar

1) Unit weight
Unit weight is the weight of bar per 1m. FYI, the basic value in drawing and the length of rebar is mm. When calculating unit weight, you must convert into m from mm. Unit weight per rebar type
Rebar Size HD10 HD13 HD16 HD19 HD22 Unit Weight 0.56 f/m 0.995 f/m 1.56 f/m 2.25 f/m 3.04 f/m Rebar Size HD25 HD29 HD32 HD35 HD38 Unit Weight 3.98 f/m 5.04 f/m 6.23 f/m 7.51 f/m 8.95 f/m

Basic unit conversion 1ton = 1,000kgf 1kgf = 1,000gf 1m = 100cm 1cm = 10mm

2) Calculation of length(L) in model