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August 9, 2013 I am delighted to provide this reference for Patricia David. Patty was a student in a class I taught this past year: Instructional Strategies And Assessment. This class was wholly online and required a great deal of self- discipline as well as intellectual prowess. It is the second in a series of four courses leading to a certificate in instructional design. I will address what she knows and her personal dispositions that make her succeed. My course focuses on the importance of aligning assessment and instructional strategies to the objectives. (Prior to my course, the students conduct an elaborate analysis and determine that instruction is, indeed, the solution to a problem.) They leave my course able to identify appropriate assessment methods for each objective, and, in turn, select a variety of instructional strategies to move the learner toward that end. I teach with a mastery-based model in mind, so Patty had to prove it to me before she could complete the course, which she did in stellar fashion. My course also focuses on best practices, so that what students design in their portfolio is not a boiler plate model of training, but a highly customized product that reflects best practices. In subsequent courses, they work at bringing portions of that design to life. Pattys high work ethic and impeccable standards drive her to excel. She routinely raised the bar in the class. Whatever assignment I gave, I knew she would tackle it with intelligence and insight. I was impressed at her ability to knit together complex ideas and create something new. Additionally, Patty employed communication skills that made everyone else comfortable. She was very inquisitive, and helped spur on everyones learning through the questions she raised in discussion, yet she did so without having other students feel intimidated to the point where they would not engage with her. In fact, her peers often sought her opinion. But what really set Patty apart was her drive and ability to learn new tools. Independently, she set off to master Captivate, and within a month of leaving the course, she shared work she had created in StoryLine. She has a tremendous capacity to experiment and figure it out, along with a tenacity I havent seen in many students. I have been duly impressed with her ability to master tools and apply them in a way that supports learning. I know youd find Patty an asset to have on your team. If I can provide any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Susan Manning, Ed.D. Graduate Faculty, School of Education University of Wisconsin-Stout Telephone 630-999-7893 (cell)