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wa a < uw > - = ° a “a (4 4 wi > - = ) a Makion CHICK COREA ELEKTRIC BAND LIGHT YEARS PUBLISHER‘’S NOTE On the pages that follow are the compositions that unfold so drama- tically on the “Light Years” album. With the musicianship that is embodied in the Elektric Band — Dave Weckl/ drums, John Patitucci/bass, Frank Gambale/guitar and Eric Marienthal/ saxophone — Chick Corea has been able to compose with this ultimate vehicle in mind. Here, in his own words, is the genesis of these compositions: “| tried to take one musical idea, like cone melody, one rhythmic phrase, or one ‘feel’ and develop that into atune. For each tune, I tried to stay with one clear-cut idea which the listener can immediately get with; then take that one idea and develop it with all the chops we've got.” Read. . . play the compositions in this book —listen to the album, and move through the “light years” scores from your own viewpoint. Moy you have a fulfilling journey. Shirly Turney Director of Publishing Chick Corea Productions, Inc. ES arg 9m 4 04g ren Sei Sabine waco MSR Pore BUSA