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Course Code Course SOFT SKILLS ELEMENT 1.


GROUP MEMBERS: 1 2 3 4 5 6
Sub Criteria 1 Unable to produce business / project planning Expectation activities only in short term business plan to achieve the business goal Concept and ideas are loosely connected; lacks clear transitions; flow and organization are choppy 2

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3 Partially prepare project / business planning Expectation activities only in long term business plan Most information presented in logical sequence; generally very well organized but better transitions from idea to idea and medium to medium needed

5 Efficiently prepare project / business planning Expectation activities based on long term and short term business plan Thesis is clearly stated and developed; specific examples are appropriate and clearly develop thesis; conclusion is clear; shows control; flows together well; good transitions; succinct but not choppy; well


Project Planning / Business Planning Report Ability to identify business opportunities

Enterpreneurship (ES)

Group project / Mini Seminar / Event Management

Unable to prepare Costing evaluation/ budgeting/ costing budgeting evaluation Have less motivation and less of belief and confidence to work independently

Partially calculate budgeting

Proficiently calculate budgeting



Have motivation but not in maximum level with belief and confidence in ordinary level

Have high level motivation to carry on the business with belief and confidence in high level to develop. Total (/20)