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Name of Patient: L.G.C Problem: Anemia ASSESSMENT Subjective: Kasla ak agkakapsut as verbalized by the patient.

Objective: Fatigue Greater need for sleep and rest Pale skin Headache Dizziness Compromised concentration Decreased performance V/S taken as follows T: 37.6C PR: 92 bpm RR: 29 bpm BP: 110/60 mmHG

68 years old



INTERVENTION INDEPENDENT: 1. Identify presence of physical and/or psychological conditions (e.g., pregnancy; infectious processes; blood loss; anemia; connective tissue disorders; trauma) 2. Assess vital signs



Activity intolerance related to imbalance between oxygen demand and supply

Within 8 hours of nursing interventions, patient will be able to verbalize improved sense of energy

This serves as a baseline data in assessing the patient

Goal met. After 8 hours of nursing interventions the patient was able to verbalize improved sense of energy

3. Determine presence/degree of sleep disturbances

4. Plan interventions to allow individually adequate rest periods. Schedule activities for

To evaluate fluid status and cardiopulmona ry response to activity Fatigue can be a consequence of, and/or exacerbated by, sleep deprivation To maximize participation

periods when client has the most energy 5. Assist with selfcare needs; keep bed in low position; assist client with ambulation 6. Assist client to identify appropriate coping behaviors To extend active time/ conserve energy for other task

To promote sense of control and improves self-esteem

Dependent: 1. Administer supplemental medications (e.g., iron supplements) as indicated 2. Provide supplemental oxygen, as indicated

To promote overall health measures

Presence of anemia and hypoxemia reduces oxygen available for cellular reuptake and contributes to fatigue