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Procedure for sea-freight shipment from Europe to Malaysia

1. Fill up the quotation form (attachment i)
*please refer the example in attachment ii *the size of each box is really important in sea-freight shipment

2. Submission of the above form before collection (for quotation) 3. Important part - Make sure that you read the instruction given in the
quotation form after you have confirmed to use our service.

4. Preparing the boxes/packages (please refer the instruction in quotation form) 5. Complete the packing list (attachment iii) 6. Submission of packing list in 2 forms: i) hard copy : hand over during collection ii) soft copy : sent via email before or after the collection 7. Collection of packages/boxes* and submission of the following documents (in
hard copy) during the collection: i) copy of your i/c ii) copy of your passport iii) copy of your visa iv) packing list

*please get your boxes prepared in front of your building/house

8. There are 3 files in the attachment: a) Attachment i : Quotation form

filename : Shipping Quote Form - edex v1.00.xlsx

b) Attachment ii : Example of quotation form (as reference)

filename : 11.22_mohdfaizal (example).xlsx c) Attachment iii : packing list form filename : Packing_list_yourname.xlsx

European Branch, Hochfelder Str. 78, 47226 Duisburg Mobile: +49(0)17664689378 E-mail :