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Everything must be typed except for the data tables and the graphs 2. All graphs need to be done by HAND- no computer made ones 3. Sections to include: - Purpose ( include all variables) -Hypotheses ( all three and quantitative) - Data Tables- be sure to include all units and make sure they get titles ( watch the dependent vs. independent) - Graphs - one each for the enzyme concentration, substrate concentration, and temp. Enzyme and substrate are scatter plots with Line of Best Fit ( LOBF) and temp is best curve... GRAPH THE RATE _ NOT SECONDS!!! - Answers to analysis questions- being sure to use full sentences and data to support explanations. We did not do inhibitor so replace #5 in analysis with the following What are the two kinds of inhibitors and how do they act to prevent enzyme interactions? 4. Do not lose your prelab- it needs to be turned in with the final report