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Subject: American Government Title: The Presidency Part 1 Time: 78 minutes

Goals and Objectives: TSWBAT

1. Identify the two major political parties 2. Understand the importance of the two party system. 3. Discuss the impact that third parties have on our system 4. Discuss important issues in our society.

Identify constitutional provisions of the executive branch of the government of the United States.

Times 5 minutes

Action/Strategi es Discussion Question for the day/Check Homework Lecture/Discuss ion on Political Parties and our political system

Materials Textbook


30 minutes

Portfolios, Textbooks.

33 minutes

Video on Illegal Immigration.

Copies of Handouts, Movie

10 minutes

Work on H.W. If time allows

Textbooks, Portfolios, Copies of Handouts

Modifications: Copies of Notes for those who really need them. Extra time to complete any assignments.

Assessments/Evaluations: Student responses Answers on the portfolio exercises.