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Justice Blocker Mrs.

Knowles English Block 1 September 4, 2013

Exploratory Essay

Domestic Violence is an issue in the United States. I was drawn to this topic because I see it a lot on TV shows, and movies. Also in real life, and I believe that it is a stick in the water and there should be more affective laws enforced. The reason I believe the government should enforce more effective laws is because currently if someone performs a domestic act they will only go to jail for a minimum of time unless someone ends up dead. I dont think there should be any tolerance when it comes to Domestic Violence.

Personally I have not experienced Domestic Violence, but I have seen it on movies, TV, and in real life. There was this one movie I watched called Riving Ophelia, and it was about this girl who was in high school who met this guy. They fell in love. He started to become jealous over everything such as her friends, her family, and if Ophelia didnt answer the phone right away he would get really mad. It was one afternoon he stormed off because Ophelia was being helped because her papers fell everywhere. She ran after him, and found him in his car. The conversation got really heated, and he hit her in the face. Ophelia started crying because she said it felt like a brick wall collapsed on her face. She told her sister it was in denial because she thought it was all of her fault. Towards, the end of the movie Ophelia went to counseling, and was forced to break it off with her boyfriend, and realized that they had an unhealthy relationship.

In my initial research, I found an article called Personal Safety to help stop Domestic Violence, which contains a wealth of information on domestic violence. According to the author Irene Van Der Zande says domestic violence can happen anywhere of any race, religion, culture or economic status. She also concludes that this violence affects partners, their children, other family members, colleagues, and can occur in any intimate relationship, including same- sex relationships, also including by a woman towards men. However, Irene says Domestic Violence is committed by a man against a woman. For this reason, this article will refer to a person in an aggressive role played as a man to this victim which is played by a female.

I believe that I should look into further research about Domestic Violence because there are not enough stricter laws against Domestic Violence. Therefore, in my opinion the state shouldnt have any tolerance towards this or any other type of violence. My stance with my research is that I am more on the side of having better laws instead of the side where you can just go to counseling or take anger management classes.