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Food Groups Rice Shrimp Banana Corn Eggs Chicken Apple Pasta/Pancit Fish Pechay Bread Strawberry Cabbage Beef Carrots





Things our Bodies Need (T- True or F- False)

1. Your body needs food, air, water, clothes, and shelter for you to grow healthy and strong. 2. Your body does not need food and water in order to grow. 3. Children need exercise, enough rest and sleep, and love and care to grow healthy. 4. While you are resting, your body still continues to do its work. 5. When you are not moving, your body is not doing anything. 6. You need sleep to grow. 7. Changes take place in your body as you grow. 8. Your body will stay strong and healthy if you take a bath every day. 9. Your body will not stay strong and healthy if you exercise regularly. 10.You don't need to wash your hands before and after eating.


Parts of the Body