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CDC MMWR notes a twenty month baby with symptoms December 1, 1982 Links with other cases only

through blood transfusion

Assistant HHS Secretary Calls for Advisory Committee to "address the issues raised by new ndings" December 10, 1982 ARC announces it will review policy for selecting blood donors December 10, 1982 Chair of FDA Blood Advisory Committee / AABC Ofcer TV appearances December 10, 1982 A single case does not amount to evidence that transfusions spread AIDS Ad hoc advisory committee on AIDS has rst and only meeting; Develop recommendations for PHS January 1983 CDC recommends screening based on questioning about sexual behavior, and a surrogate test

ARC and nonprot blood centers issue Joint Statement on AIDS Related to Transfusion January 1983 Promotes voluntary restrictions; vague guidance to individual blood banks

ARC internal memo 1/26/83 CDC needs a threat to justify its existence; general marketing nature of Atlanta meeting

CDC MMWR 7/14/82 Three hemophiliacs with pneumonia

FDA Blood Advisory Committee Meeting February 1983 For prot sites and plasma manufactuers require donors "to acknowledge they are not members of the high risk groups" February 1983 Some Factor VIII commercial manufacturers screen out gay men based on questions regarding sexual behavior

National Hemophilia Foundation Statement 7/14/82 risk is minimal CDC not recommending any change in blood product use

FDA Case Timeline (Adapted from NAS Report; Bayer Blood Book) August 1982 September 1982 October 1982 November 1982 December 1982 January 1983