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Dip-in Laser Lithography (DiLL) is a novel concept for nano- and microfabrication developed by Nanoscribe, allowing for three-dimensional (3D) patterning with optimal homogeneity along the optical axis. In the DiLL process, the objective lens is directly dipped into a liquid photoresist which serves as immersion medium and photosensitive material at the same time. The height of structures may even exceed the working distance of the high-NA objective. DiLL is especially suitable for fabricating tall structures (compared to the objective lens working distance) and for high-resolution patterning on opaque substrates.


Patent-pending Dip-in technology for liquid photoresists Upgrade to Nanoscribe's Photonic Professional lithography systems Constant homogeneity along the optical axis Perfect match with Nanoscribes dedicated IP-L and IP-L 780 photoresist Tall structures with high resolution
100 m

50 m

Gallery of structures manufactured by using DiLL.

40 m

Calculated laser intensity distribution of the laser focus within an indexmatched photoresist.


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