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Physiology ofOral

The Oral Epithelium renewal

As the tissue that forms the surface of the oral mucosa, the
oral epithelium constitutethe primary barrier between the
oral environment and deeper tissues.

Histologically the oral epithelium is a stratified squamous

epithelium .

the oral epithelium maintains its structural integrity by a

process ofcontinuous cell renewal in which cells produced
by mitotic division in the deepest layers migrate to the
surface toreplace those that are shed by the process of
This process may occurrapidly so that an
individual surface cell is shed in a matter
of hoursrather than days.

Rapid clearance of the surface layer is

probably important inlimiting the
colonization and invasion of the epithelium
.by pathogenic microorganisms
Permeability and Absorption

-One function of the oral epithelium is forming an

selective permeable barrier.

-Differences in permeability exist between regions,

depending on the thickness of the epithelial barrier.

-One of the thinnest epithelium regions, the floor

of the mouth, may be more permeable than
other areas, which is the reason why certain
drugs (e.g. Nitroglycerin administered to relieve
the pain of angina) are absorbed successfully
.when held under the tongue
Protection from mechanical forces of -1
food and from pathogenic

Sensation responses to temperature, -2

.touch, taste and pain

-3.Secretion of saliva
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