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Course Code: Course Objective:

The objective of this paper is to make the student to understand how the business organizations work by applying economic principles in their business management. The course will attempt to relate theory to practice and try to instill in students the ability to apply basic microeconomic concepts to the understanding of everyday phenomena.

ILB 302

Credit Units: 04

Course Contents:
Module I: Nature and Methodology of Economics Definition, Nature of economics, Micro and Macro economics; Basic economic problems, Economic problems, Economic laws and Government laws, Dynamic v. Static; Methodology: Inductive v. Deductive methods; Economics and Law. Module II: Consumer Behavior and utility analysis Utility Analysis: law of diminishing marginal utility. Law of equi-marginal utility; Law of demand and supply, Application of demand and supply: Tax floor and ceiling; Elasticity of demand and supply; Marshallian Scissors, Consumers surplus. Module III: Theory of Production and Market structure Factors of Production, Laws of returns, Returns to scale; Forms of entrepreneurial organization; Cost curves and revenue concepts; Market: Meaning and classifications, equilibrium of the firm and industry; Price and output determination under perfect, monopoly, monopolistic competitions, oligopoly and duopoly. Module IV: Factor Pricing The General Theory of factor pricing; Wage determination, exploitation of labour, role of trade unions, Minimum Wage Act; Theory of Rent, Quasi rent; Theory of Interest: Classical, Neo Classical and Loanable Fund Theory, Liquidity Preference Theory; Theory of Profit.

Examination Scheme:
Components Weightage (%) P/S/V 10 CT 10 C 5 A 5 EE 70

Texts & References:

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