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Haven Middle School REQUIRED MATERIALS Being prepared for class is important and is part of your grade.

Supply checks will take place periodically. BRING DAILY: 1. Yellow, plastic folder with 3 prongs & 2 pockets 2. Composition notebook 3. Book for silent reading 4. Assignment notebook 5. Google docs account OR flash drive 6. Post it notes 7. Pen and pencil
*Art supplies when needed* 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

8th Grade Literature and Language Arts, Room 308

Expectations 2013-2014

Mrs. Romaniuk
Literature and Language Arts

Mrs. Ornelas
Bilingual, room 156

(847) 859-8270

(847) 859-8231
ABSENCES Students are responsible for all work missed. A student has one day to turn in work for each day absent (X+1 rule). If students miss a test or a quiz, they are expected to make it up upon return (unless more than one day was missed). This may require that students come in outside of our class time. If students are absent for more that two days, we strongly recommend that they come to see us outside of class.


LATE ASSIGNMENT POLICY A late assignment: an assignment that is not turned in to the teacher complete and to her specifications at the time and place it is due. Most homework assignments will be due at the beginning of the class. Students will not be able to go to their locker to retrieve assignments. Students have the opportunity to turn in a missed assignment one week after the due date. However, the following penalties will be incurred: 1 day late: 10% reduction 2 days late: 20% reduction 3 days late: 30% reduction 4 days late: 40% reduction 5 days late: 50% reduction 6 or more days late: no credit If a student must be absent on the day a long-term assignment is due, he or she should make arrangements to have the assignment delivered to school that day. Otherwise, the above listed penalties will be incurred. *As with all policies, extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration. The final decision as to the consequence is at the discretion of the teacher, with respect to an individual students needs. *A parent note, phone call, or email is necessary to prevent a penalty for a late assignment (i.e. computer or printer issues). GRADING SCALE 100-90 % A 89 - 80 % B 79 - 70 % C 69 - 65 % D 64 % and below F


Be respectful & polite Do not interrupt others Raise your hand Stay in your own space Follow directions No distracting noises Stay focused Come prepared Have a positive attitude Respect our classroom environment Participate & do your part during group work Be open to the ideas of others & trying new things Do your classroom job Help whenever you can without being asked BOOKS

EXTRA HELP Extra help is available at the following times. Please ask ahead of time to make sure we do not have other commitments. - Mornings 8:00-8:25 (ask for early bird pass) - After school 3:35-4:15 CONSEQUENCES OF MISCONDUCT One of the following consequences below will be chosen based on which is most appropriate and which will most help the student at that particular moment: - Verbal warning - Conference - Parent contact - Detention - Referral READING GOALS Every trimester, students will meet with the teacher(s) to discuss and set new reading goals. Students will be required to complete the following: Read at least 30 minutes every night, six days a week Set challenging, yet attainable goals for reading

50% of grade reflects: AST Assessments:

Literary analyses Writing rubrics Final products for unit, etc.

8. 9.

50% of grade reflects: ASM Assignments

Classwork Homework Writing process Participation: o Speaking o Listening o Discussions

Students will have the opportunity to check out books from the classroom library. Please look around your home for any books that are from our classroom library/Haven and have not found their way back to school. If possible, donate books to our classroom library. All donations are greatly appreciated and will benefit the students this year and for years to come. CURRICULUM Students will read, discuss, and craft writing in a variety of genres including informational, argument, and narrative. Students will also respond to reading through literary analyses.

*Each unit will roughly reflect an equal distribution of points between assessments and assignments/participation.

ONLINE GRADES Grades will be posted and updated regularly online. It is the students responsibility to check his/her grade.

Classroom Expectations. Check one of the below: I read the document with my child and understand the expectations. I have questions or do not agree to the expectations. Please contact me at _______________________________________.

Cut (don't rip) off this bottom portion and have your child return it by Tuesday, September 3rd.
Student name (please print):_______________________________________________ Block: ____________________ Student signature:_______________________________________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian name (please print): __________________________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian signature:_________________________________________________________________________

Points for Discussion & Classroom Tour

Directions: Initial next to each item to indicate that you understand and will comply by this rule/procedure. What You Need to Know about Us: My teachers have high expectations balanced with understanding (life happens) My teachers will trust me until I give them a reason otherwise; I will do my best not to betray their trust My teachers will respect me and work with me to solve problems I will approach my teachers when I am struggling academically, socially, etc. I will approach my teachers if I need more challenging work/assignments My teachers will promptly correct and give feedback on my work; if it has been a while, I will ask politely My teachers offer extra help in and outside of class; I will come to our teams study halls as needed Our Pet Peeves: I will not doodle on papers or handouts. I will not hand in worksheets, etc. that are torn, crumpled, stained, etc. If I violate this rule, it will result in a 10% deduction on that assignment If I dont know the answer to a question on a worksheet, I will try to answer it instead of leaving tit blank or writing I dont know or IDK I will not leave a mess in the classroom and leave it for someone else to clean up I will not damage, misuse, or steal classroom materials I will not hand it papers with torn paper edges I will try my hardest to write neatly so my teachers can read what I write; I understand that I may need to type everything if my teachers cannot read what I write I will try, to the best of my ability, to make this my best year at Haven Environmental Consciousness: I will write on both sides of the page in my composition notebook to save paper I will try to print double-sided if possible Common Sense & Courtesy: I will do my best to make sure no one in this classroom is left out I will raise my hand to speak or get the teachers attention I will not interrupt a teacher if shes talking to someone, hover, or tap her arm to get attention; this does not apply to emergency situations of course If I arrive to class late or walk in during instruction, I will be silent and will not slam the door (act out what NOT to do) I will not enter this classroom if it is empty or unlocked; I will wait outside until a teacher is here My teachers will get our attention by: counting down, flickering the lights, waiting, etc. I will say hello and goodbye to my teachers on a daily basis; its just the right thing to do I will use my manners (i.e. please, thank you, have a great day) Other: Gum policy I can use a pen or pencil for most assignments unless specifically asked by my teachers I will not spray perfumes, apply strongly scented lotions, etc. in this classroom I will not use words such as gay, retarded, or shut up in this classroom because I know better If I do my part in this classroom, my block will be able to earn fun rewards for good behavior and job completion: going outside for reading time if weather permits, etc. I will not sharpen my pencil while teacher/student is talking; I will patiently wait Cell phone policy:
o Your phone should be turned off and out of sight o First offense: phone taken away to phone prison and returned at the end of the day if you apologize sincerely o Second offense: phone taken away and given to an administrator o Teacher cell phone use*

I will not sit on the bookshelves in the back and will remind others not to do so as well If a substitute is present, Mrs. Romaniuk will rely on her/his notes about behavior, if my name is on the list of students who did not behave well, I will serve a 30-minute detention that day without arguing I will approach my teacher if there I see a wrong grade in the gradebook, there has been a misunderstanding, etc. I will try to resolve the issue with my teacher before going to my parents. I will practice independence and responsibility to prepare for high school

Laptops: I will have a laptop assigned to me for the rest of the year in this classroom I will take good care of my laptop and I know that I am responsible for it while it is in my possession If there is something wrong with my laptop, I will report it to Mrs. Romaniuk ASAP (the moment I notice it) I will return my laptop to its proper slot and plug it in to make sure that it is charging Website Tour: Calendar & due dates, handouts & links, etc. Class Tour: Bad day pass Passes to leave room lanyards 10 passes per core class (back of assignment notebook) Tardy sign-in clipboard Classroom jobs Book checkout Homework turn-in bins Supply table & desk bins Promethean board: not a dry erase board; permission to physically block board if sub attempts writing on it Questions/Comments/Concerns?