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Name of School ___________________________________________________ Title of Ladderized Program: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology TVET qualifications covered by the Ladderized

program : PC Operations NC II YEAR Level: 1st Semester 1st

Description of Subjects Computer Literacy Higher Education Subjects Lec Lab Units Prerequisites (Hrs) 2 (Hrs) 3 3 Hrs per sem 90 Units of Competency Apply Quality Standards Operate a Personal Computer Operate a Word-Processing Application Use e-mail and search the web using browser Operate a spreadsheet application Operate a presentation package Participate in Workplace Communication Practice Career Professionalism Apply Occupational Health and Safety Procedures Apply Quality Standards Work in a Team Environment TVET Modules Module Title Applying Quality Standards Operating a Personal Computer Operating a Word-Processing Application Using e-mail and searching the web using browser Operating a spreadsheet application Operating a presentation package Participating in Workplace Communication Practicing Career Professionalism Applying Occupational Health and Safety Procedures Applying Quality Standards Working in a Team Environment

Ladderization Form 2

Nominal duration (Hrs) 5 15 20 15 20 15 6 6 9 6 3 120


English Computer & Society

3 3

0 0

3 3

54 54


2 10

0 3

2 11

36 234