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Ancient Chinese Language

Archaic Chinese/Old Chinese

refers to the form of Chinese spoken from the beginning of written records (around 1200 BC) until the 3rd century BC.

Archaic Chinese/Old Chinese

Oracle bones - The earliest known written records of the Chinese language that were found at a site near modern Anyang identified as Yin, the last capital of the Shang dynasty, and date from about 1200 BC. Bronze inscriptions - the most important recovered texts at the time of Western Zhou period (1000 B.C.)

Classical or Literary Chinese

Classical Chinese or Literary Chinese - is a traditional style of written Chinese based on the grammar and vocabulary of ancient Chinese, making it different from any modern spoken form of Chinese. refers to the written language of China from the Zhou Dynasty, and especially the Spring and Autumn Period, through to the end of the Han Dynasty (AD 220).

Teaching and Use

Classical Chinese was used in international communication between the Mongol Empire and the Japanese.

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