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Modifiable Factor: - Occupation (Driver) - Dietary (Charcoal, Carbonated fluids) - Untreated diagnosed of Congenital Hernia to Indirect Inguinal Hernia - Lifestyle Embroyonic Stage ( 20 weeks testis should descend) Failure of the testis to descend Non-Modifiable Factor: Sex (Male) Age Genetic

Congenital Hernia

Untreated Hernia results to Intra-abdominal wall (containing membranes or muscles) becomes weakened

Relaxation of abdominal wall musculature

Thinning of the fascia Abnormal growth of Cells to the lining in the colon

Growth of Massess

Trauma to the lining of the ascending colon

Bleeding in the ascending colon

Inflammatory response


Blood vessel near the site of injury are dilated scrotum


Increased permeability of capillary

Insterstitial Filtration

Plasma leak from blood stream into tissue

WBC, enter tissue and begin to engulf bacteria

Swelling of tissue of scrotum Inflammation

Inflamed tissue reaches nociceptors

Stimulation of pain receptors