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DocsOnline Product Documentation Library User Manual

Version 1.0

The Product Documentation Library is a PDF database with detailed information of Sulzer Pumps products. The online service will make sure that all information is up to date all the time and there is no need to update books, binders or CD-ROMs. This manual will give instructions on how to use the Product Documentation Library.


1. NAVIGATION BAR The Navigation bar is the main menu of the Product Documentation Library. Desired information for a specified pump product group can be chosen from the navigation and a page containing the relevant content will appear on the screen. 2. PRODUCT DOCUMENTATION NAVIGATION The content menu according to the selection on the navigation bar will appear on the left hand side of the screen. Each title on the content menu is a link to a PDF document with information on the subject.


1. Choose the desired pump product group from the Navigation bar. A page containing the product information for the chosen pump product group will appear on the screen. 2. Click the corresponding link on the Product Documentation navigation to choose the desired product information subject. A PDF document navigation will appear on the screen.

Product Documentation navigation

3. Choose the desired document from the PDF document navigation (for example a characteristic curve for a specified pump type) by clicking on the pump type link. The corresponding PDF document containing the product documentation will open for viewing.

For some pump product groups such as AHLSTAR UP Process Pumps, advanced search criteria can be used to select documentation. With a advanced navigation tools you can easily find desired documents by the document type, product type, product size, impeller type, rotational speed, language etc.

Advanced Document Selection