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August 2013

Volume 1, Issue 1

Romans 12:2 TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind...

A Transformed Heart
By: Manuel Lars Angelo A. Evangelista

BASIC INFORMATION Name: Manuel Lars Angelo A. Evengelista Age: 19 Birthday: July 30 1994 Religion: Born Again Christian

A lot of people say that the only thing constant in this world is change. While I believe that, Id like to create my own version of it. In my version, it goes this way: The only thing that is constant in this world is transformation. I believe that transformation is a little bit more than just change. To me transformation means getting to the next level, and never ever going back. It is a phase we go through for all of our lives. Also, it is a necessity in order to continue to survive. Remember when you were just one cell from your fathers body?

Look how much you have transformed now! Remember when you could not even stand up without a walker? Compare that to the intelligent individual you are now. We have undergone various transformations throughout our lIves and each of these transformations have helped us go through life. If there is anything I want people to know about me, it is that I am transformed, and I am a transformer! Someday I am going to become a teacher and I will

Yep this is me, striking a pose! transform lives the same way my teachers have changed mine. I believe in the power of teaching in transforming the next generations, and ultimately this society. It is not just a personal goal. It is a necessity for this country. After all, I don't think we have long to live if we don't do anything about our current society.


Towards a New Type of Adventure!

EdTech 101: Towards a Transformed Classroom

Confiscation of gadgets like cellphones is a common practice in many classrooms of all levels. The use of Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter also tends to have a bad connotation when it comes to the classroom setting, most especially in the lower years. These are the practices in the more common traditional classroom. Well, not in EdTech 101. EdTech 101: Instructional Media Resources is a course that encourages the teachers of the future to integrate technology into their classrooms. The more adept the students are to the technology, the better! And in what kind of technology are the learners of today most adept of? The internet, of course! Why take the internet, cellphones, and facebook from the students if you could use these tools for their learning? This is the goal of the course EdTech 101. It teaches technological principles and tools that teachers can use to enhance their classroom experience. Truly, with the integration of technology into the future of education, a promising transformation of the classroom is surely at hand!

Confessions of a Transformed Youth

7 Ways LOVE Transform your Brain!

Media and Social Transformation



A New Type of Adventure!

By: Edwin del Rosario

Go. See. Set foot!

The sense for adventure, of going to places we have never been into, and of fulfilling something through setting oneself to a journey never fail to thrill people. Whether in movies, stories, or even in real life, venturing into such walks in life is what keep the majority of us going, especially if the ultimate goal of reaching our destination would be attained. ing, teaching, and touching lives. No wonder it has withstood the test of time, considering that it is the oldest organization in the college.

tional classroom setting. As part of its goal of being of service to the country, as well as train its members not only to be among the best educators of the country but also to become efficient leaders, the organization continues to uphold and initiate projects which not only will hone the potential of its student-members but will also represent and imbibe the quality of a true Iskolar Para Sa Bayan - genuine service to the Filipino people. The projects range from academic (College Entrance Examination Tutorials and Preparations, Alternative Classroom Learning Experience, Hayskul Rambol Quiz Bee), socio-civic (Mulat Sa Aklat Book Drive, Ronda Iskowela, Give Love and Share Knowledge), as well as tie-ups with other organizations that will further promulgate advocacies (Fun Run for the benefit of the deaf and Eco-Brick Project). Organizations such as the UP Educators Circle tap the essence of humans as social beings. There is always this

The UP Educators Circle, the same with any other organization in the university, sees itself as an instrument towards change, and likewise a stronghold that calls for an advocacy. Members and aspirHowevants, as ...being a part of an er, for the people UP Educageared organization gives a tors Cirfor doing cle, it is somenew perspective and more than t h i n g opportunity to student o t h e r just hitting the X t h a n life - more than the mark. For academits 26th books, the classrooms, ics, join year, the organizaand the typical organizations to tion is all be sharacademic life ready to ers of the extend its s a m e radius, belief widen its scope, and expand and perspective, as well as its horizon, while continuing to experience the life outside its forever emblem of trainthe tradi-

feeling of belongingness when you share the same ideals with others, and when you work with them towards the accomplishment of a common goal. In the same manner, being a part of an organization gives a new perspective and opportunity to student life - more than the books, the classrooms, and the typical academic life, the UP Educators Circle offers growth and improvement through hands-on experiences, social relationships and camaraderie among peers. There may be perils too, as being a member of an organization means taking a juggle between academics and org work, or dealing with other people dissimilar to your interests and ideals may seem tedious, but all these are nothing compared to the perks of gaining friends, being in a tambayan where a conglomerate of fresh minds work together, and giving oneself a sense of affirmation that you belong to an atmosphere lavished with so much passion for service and intellect. More importantly, more than having an affiliation, you will find a family and a place you can always call home. Simply put, the UP Educators Circle, with its heritage and all, sets itself for another trailblazing pursuit of discovering new things and venturing into new places to transform the society. But more than the destination we desire, it is the actual journey that makes its life one hell of an awesome ride.

(LEFT) Edwin teaching English to High School Students as part of UP EdCircs College Entrance Examination Tutorials and Preparations (RIGHT) UP EdCircs Ultimate Bonding Experience!



Confessions of a Transformed Youth

By: Marife Escasinas

Remember the Beatles song that goes I get by with a little help from my friends? Well I truly believe and agree on that. Indeed, no man is an island. Ever since the beginning, man did not live alone. And it was also in Creation that we first witness how a person can a f f e c t someone else. As a youth, its so easy for us to be affected by a lot of things. Blame it on friends, culture, hormones we get affected in some ways or another. And through these we are slowly being transformed or changed into someone we may or may not like. Its tough I tell you, being a youth. But it gets tougher if you have a personal relationship with Christ.

Dear friend, you are never truly alone. Know that in your heart.

One of the things that I realized now that I have grown older hopefully, wiser too, was the value of friends. Friends, who understand exactly who you are, who knows what youre going through these are friends who also have a personal relationship with Christ. Im not saying that we shouldnt befriend unbelievers but theres somet h i n g about having friends with likeminded people that is different. When I was going through this season in my life, I shunned myself away from ever church related things: friends, ministries, even church. I went every Sunday still but it feels more like I wasnt there at all. I gave all the excuse I could think of just to skip youth fellowship until at some point they stopped inviting or I just didnt stay longer after the Sunday service to be invited. And therein lays one of the

myself from a long season of depression. It never occurred to me that all I needed was to open myself even just a tiny creak-

Marife (girl in black and white stripes) with her friends from Yeshua Militia, her youth ministry.

to let these friends of mine make a difference. Looking at it now, I realized how a youth fellowship/ministry could help you out in your transformation in your life spiritual life included. Not only do you get to learn practical things but you also learn teachings from God that changes the way you think about life. You will be surrounded with friends and family that truly understands you, uplifts you and cares for you in the most genuine sense. Because they know who you really are, they are not afraid to tell it straight even if telling the truth might hurt. But because they love you so much, they are willing to do it for you. And because they understand what youre going through, you realize you are not alone. Being a youth, we are in a stage of constant change and indecisiveness. We could take that as something positive or not, the choice is yours alone to make. Im grateful because even though I may have chosen the wrong door at first, I was still led back to the right path. And this is true for you too. Dear friend, you are never truly alone. Know that in your heart.

Growing up as a Christian youth, everyday got harder and harder for me. Maybe its because I was slowly being e x ...its so easy for us to be affected posed by a lot of things. Blame it on to the w o r l d . friends, culture, hormones we get O r affected in some ways or another. ma ybe i t s big mistakes I made. because I was just growing up. But no matter what the reason was, at the end of I felt lonely that was one the day, they were still the of my major issues. And if I decisions I made and the wasnt too stubborn or stuconsequences I learned to pid enough to reject the live with. youth fellowship invitation, I wouldve probably saved

in ip leaders the worsh one of the f o e n o now and Marife is s youth services inistry. h the churc rs of their youth m leade

7 Ways LOVE Transforms your Brain

By: Irene Jay When we fall with in love, we Head over heels? often think Heres what hapof the wonders it pens in our brains does to our each when we fall in heart and soul. relationlove! But there's anothship we er organ that's deeply have. The affected by your lovbond you share with your partner or ing relationships: Your brain. children runs way deepAnd it goes far beyond feeling er than just on the outside. emotions from sappy love songs, A recent study linked using puppy dog eyes and Emoji heart-filled first-person singular protexts. When you're head over heels for nouns (me, myself and I) to someone, some parts of your brain are higher rates of depression activated, and others are switched off. than those who say "we" and That's right, love, both romantic and pa"us." More proof that healthy rental, is actually altering the way you relationships are invaluable. think. 1. You Feel Addicted Ever hear that love is a drug? Well, there may be some truth to that. Your brain houses these intensely passionate feelings using the same system that's activated when a person is addicted to drugs, from the euphoria you feel to your cravings for more. Sure, it might be a much healthier addiction but let's face facts, shall we? You're an addict. 2. You Start Thinking In Twos It's not just "me, me, me" anymore. Now, there's two of you to think about and your brain will automatically pick up the changes. From birth, we're linked to our mothers and much to scientists' surprise, the connection transforms and changes 3. You Love Longer (And Become Wiser) Falling in love is as good for your heart as it is for your mental heath. People in love report higher levels of dopamine, which is linked to pleasure, desire and euphoria. Studies report that people in positive, healthy relationships live longer, are happier, wiser and have better mental health. 4. You're More Supportive One of the biggest benefits of falling and staying in love is that you'll learn what it's really like to lean on (and support) another person. Building trust in a relationship is crucial. And, your brain helps you out with that. Through MRI scans, researchers have found that when we fall in love, the frontal cortex the area of the brain that's responsible for judgment shuts down. So when we're in love, we're less likely to be critical or skeptical of the person we care about. 5. You De-Stress Some of us might mistake those butterflies surrounding your first kiss but there's no way your brain will ever forget how it first felt to be touched by someone you're in love with. Here's the completely crazy part: in healthy relationships, holding on to your partner's hand is enough to keep you from stressing, lower your blood pressure, ease your physical pain and improve your health. A healthy, encouraging relationship actually alters your brain function. 6. You Glow (Well, Your Brain's Reward Centers Do!) Wondering what the key to longevity is in a relationship? Scientists found it. In a study that assessed couples who defined themselves as "madly in love", scientists found that the reward centers of their brains lit up after just looking at a picture of their spouse. In the calm and stress sites of the brain, researchers found a reduction in light up activity. Let the bright lines shine, baby! 7. You Feel Safe Similar to the first bonds babies make with their mothers, the feeling of security will emerge in your relationship. As you age and change, your body actually remembers the brain cycles and stages that you went through in your youth so when you feel reconnected to your baby self, those feelings of safety and contentment will come flooding back. Research also shows that when we feel love for someone, it shuts down the part of our brain that controls fear and negative emotions.

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Media and Social Transformation


Pubmat of UP EdCircs ACLE: Sa Likod ng Lente

The Mass Media is one of the most powerful and influential sources of information nowadays. Its role in information dissemination is enhanced even more by its accessibility to the majority of the public. But the role of media does not end there. It can also be a catalyst for social transformation. To find out more, join us in an Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE) Sa Likod ng Lente: Kasaysayan at Edukasyon sa Mundo ng Media brought to you by UP EdCirc on August 29, 2013, 1pm, RM 204