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ENGLISH WEEK SK MALINSAU RANAU 2009 02th March 06th March 2009 1.

.0 Rationale : English can be learnt through various activities which can be more fun and enjoyable as well as giving information and able to create a positive English speaking environment. Therefore, English week is organized as to give the chance of expressing and learning English in fun way through various activities that are quite different from classroom activities. 2.0 Objectives : 1. To be able to communicate to each other in simple communicative language through various activities. 2. To create an English-speaking environment amongst pupils and teachers. 3. To use simple greetings among the pupils and teacher. 3.0 Target group This programme is involving the teachers and pupils from phase 1 and phase 2 of SK Malinsau with English language teachers and ETeMs teachers to be put in charge. 4.0 Duration of programme The programme will be held for a week starting on 07 th April until 11th April 2008. On the launching, the assembly will be conducted in English and the whole week through. 5.0 Schedule/ Activities The schedule and activities of programme are as follows: Activities 1. Story telling 2. Spelling Bee 3. Singing competition (9-10 pupils involve) 4. Explorace Kids (20 pupils involve) 5. Opening and Closing ceremony and prize giving Teacher in charge Mrs. Siti Ajar Suboh Mr. Kipli Kiok Mr. Dequincey Derrano Mr. Mr. Walter James Mr. Mr. Kipli Kiok Mrs. Siti Ajar Suboh Day/date 03th March (Tuesday) 04th March (Wednesday) 05th March (Thursday) 02th March (Monday) 06th March (Friday)

6.0 Prizes Most of the activities will be conducted as competition and prizes will be given to the first, second and third winner. 7.0 Budget Sources of budget are from the school. The estimated cost of prizes-RM100. 8.0 Committee Advisor Chairperson Comm. Members : Mr. Abd Lahin Karim (Headmaster) : Mr. Walter James(Head Panel) : Mr. Kipli Kiok Mr. Dequincey Derrano Mrs. Siti Ajar Suboh Mrs. Saffrey Molius

9.0 Closure It is highly hope that this programme enable the process of importing knowledge of the language in different approaches as well as building up confidence in using English as spoken language in their every day life not only for the pupils but for every members of the school.

Prepared by: . (Walter James) Head Panel English Language Panel SK Malinsau Ranau

Approved by: (Abd Lahin Karim) Headmaster SK Malinsau Ranau