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CORPORATE CHARTER APPROVAL SHEET **EXPEDITED SERVICE** vocugr cone 4M 9 NO WORYIA PA. Religious Merging (Transferor) —_ OT ___FRHER REALTY @ MANAGEMENT, LEC Nonstock, ** KEEP WITH DOCUMENT ** —— __ 1D # WO7864473 ACK H 1000361994636462 LIBER: 801102 FOLIO: 0315 PAGES: 0002 04/16/2007 AT 01:03 P WO m ca01394909, Surviving (Transferee) 1 New Name FEES REMITTED Buetee: {| OU Change of Name Org, & Cap. Fee: ‘Change of Principal Office ‘Expedite Fee: SO ‘Change of Resident Agent Penalty: R Change of Resident Agent Address State Recordation Tax: ignation of Resident Agent ; State Transfer Tax: Designation of Resident Agent Certified Copies and Resident Agent's Address Copy Fee: Change of Business Code Centficates Certificate of Status Fee: ‘Aiopiion of Assumed Name Personal Property Filings: ‘Mail Processing Fe : Other Change(s) TOTALFEES:_{ SD) Credit Card Cheek Cash a Documents on__ Checks a 2 GAGAN SAHNI “Approved By 40 BREWSTER TER \pproved By: —4 NEW ROCHELLE Ny 10804-3622 CuST 10.0001951671_ WORK ORDER: 0001394909 DATE:04~19-2007 03:54 PH ANT. PAID:$150.00 4/16/2007 13:83 4128898365 copyeat Pace 03/03 a ARTICLES OF CANCELLATION oe the Intention of tarminating @ Meryiend Limited Liability Gompany, files the folowing ‘ican of Conca / {1} The neme and principal oifice addross of the Linnfiet) Liabiity Company ara: (Name of LLC), 2. at de (addres) 200 Uiiidendin Aeyth, Bayoic, Mnf Ane) : (2) Tho mame and addtese of a Maryland resident agent who hell serve for one year after termination wre: tame _SYlyvertek “Tehey — Ios. in re, oy ec ome eon Bogen sorot 2 st | Go tosesteys de —_tp_beoyselee, Tek, Hound NI arta) Teal bachalle py ico | Oro made waa eo deipatnd, the naan Br aaressrs ofa mambersare, ‘Tha Lad Listy Compary is terminated. Leeland fe pad (OR Notice of Terrrination was sent by registered mall, postage alt tohon noon rete cof the Company on te Gate Of ee E 2 Bho at ghogd, 0 we Resiaent Agent TSE ‘Filing party's return eedross: a Ho Ppensteh) Teeeade. Ro, “Cust 10:0001951871 Neus Rochelie, WORK ORDER: 0001394909 DATE 04-19-2007 03:54 PH DY opp ANT. PAID:$150.00