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Compare and Contrast Essay

My Double Life
My double life is my life in my home country and my life here in Canada. Mostly
International students, Immigrants, and people who born in his own country and grew up
in his own country has a double life. A life you experience in a different regular basis. My
life in the Philippines compare to Canada has some similarities and differences about
lifestyle, self-expression, and the culture.

In Philippines, the lifestyle is usually full of struggles. Moreover, I live in a small town
with only few people live with no internet access and every night it is too dark because of
lack of streetlights. Many people have no jobs and only few people have a good
profession. I did not realize the living standard there is difficult. I have no enough money
to buy what I wanted. The job there is so difficult, one time I work in a rice field to have
money because my friend offers me a favor to join his band in every church mass but I do
not have a guitar so I decided to work in the rice field for 1 one day. It is hot and humid
you will dehydrate. The Filipino culture is the culture which I proud of because of
cooperation and we shared each other’s problem. The culture which every Filipino have a
deep friendship especially anywhere in the world. In Philippines, I express my self
through communication and my own talent such as writing a song and playing
instruments. Many people acknowledge my self, without my culture, I would not learn
the good values of Filipino Including being philanthropic, industrious, humble, and
complaisant. Nevertheless, not all Filipino have that kind of values.

In Canada, when I first arrive here I always thinking about the people here if what kind of
people are they. However, I was wrong Canada is the best place to live it has a beautiful
nature green tall pine tress that reflects the greenest city I have been. It is my first time to
stand beside a huge buildings and skyscraper that is colorful and bright every night.
Every street is ablaze by streetlights. I found out that the lifestyle here is normal. Every
people have jobs and you can afford any products like going to a grocery and we near at
the city. The transportation is convenient, 911 calls is accurate, clean surroundings, good
schools, and beautiful parks. Therefore, life expectancy in Canada is much longer than
Philippines. Canada enjoys a society that is open and relatively free of class distinctions.
Most Canadians take pride in the fact that all people deserve the same rights and respect,
regardless of their gender, race, religion, or cultural background. People in Canada
usually resent comments that seem disrespectful to anyone from a particular background.

In my conclusion, my viewpoint about my life in Philippines and Canada has a huge

difference. Having a double life is a challenge for you; you must learn and adopt things
that you have never been in your life before. Similarly, having a double life will affect
your self through different aspects.

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