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Article I. Name The name of this organization will be the Tennessee Speech and Debate Society (TSDS). Article II. Purpose The intent and purpose of the Tennessee Speech and Debate Society (TSDS) is to develop and pursue excellence in public speaking and oration in the University of Tennessee student community, and to represent Tennessee in intercollegiate speech and parliamentary debate competitions. In addition, TSDS will seek to sponsor, organize, and run speech and parliamentary debate tournaments, public speaking events, and community service projects in the best interests of public speaking. The purpose of this organization is to provide opportunities for students to build communication skills through practice and participation in intercollegiate speech and debate competitions. We are a not for profit organization. Article III. Eligibility Section I. Membership Registered UTK students of a level who are interested in speech and debate may join this club. Section II. Tournament Divisions In order to participate in intercollegiate competition, members must meet eligibility requirements for their event and division as prescribed by the rules governing each competition (including but not limited to NPDA, IPDA, TIFA, NFA, and AFA). Article IV. Officers Section I. Elections The Tennessee Speech and Debate Society will be a student run organization, led by the principal members. Each office will be elected annually, during spring semester, elected by most of the organizations members. Only registered members may hold office. To vote in elections members must attend at least one event (including, but not limited to, tournaments, programming and/or fundraisers) prior to elections and be active in the given semester. Officers will be elected by a simple majority, plus one. Section II. Roles/Responsibilities/Powers Only student officers may spend organization funds. All officers will be required to attend a minimum of seventy-five percent (75%) of the team-

sponsored tournaments per semester, not to exceed three. The officers of this club reserve the right to suspend, through majority vote (51%), any portion of this constitution and/or by-laws for a period of time. All team decisions shall be made by the officers through a majority (51%) vote. Officers have ultimate decision-making authority regarding tournaments and events. This organization will have five principal members. Other committees and offices may be created to accommodate for the needs of the organization. Only principal members may vote in team decisions. The principal members are: President: The President will chair the meetings in an orderly fashion and be in charge of the agenda/schedule. The president will be the official representative of the organization when communicating with other university speech and debate teams. In addition, the president will be responsible for conducting tournament arrangements, including but not limited to, registering the team at competition, and coordinating travel and hotel arrangements. Vice-President: The Vice-president will be responsible for publicity, including maintaining the team website. In addition, they will be responsible for all special events and programs. Furthermore, the Vicepresident should assist the president in administrative duties whenever necessary. The Vice-president will act as the teams representative whenever the President is not present. Treasurer: The treasurer will manage the organizations funds and be in charge of all collections. The treasurer will prepare all funding requests from and other campus departments as well as organize and coordinate fundraisers. Furthermore, the Treasurer shall keep a true and accurate account of all finances throughout the year. Secretary: The secretary will maintain a record of the organizations activities, including but not limited to, meeting minutes. The secretary shall be in charge of all membership duties, including answering email, checking box, responding to inquiries, and maintaining membership records. Fundraising/Public Relations Chair: The chair will oversee fundraising duties for the organization, and will work closely with the treasurer in maintaining the financial well being of the organization. The chair must plan and execute one major fundraising operation per semester. The chair will also coordinate with the Vice President for advertising on campus events, recruiting, etc. Section III. Impeachment If at any time any of the principal members do not fulfill their roles in their best capacity or question the integrity of the team they are subject to

impeachment. Impeachment will require a member wide majority vote (51%). Any member may make a move for impeachment, granted it is submitted at least one week prior. In the case of an impeachment, a special election will be held for the open position as soon as possible. When filled, the position will continue until annual elections are held. Article V. Meetings Meetings will be held once a week. All team members must attend public forum events unless there is an exceptionally good excuse for their absence. Team members are required to attend the two meeting prior to competition in order to compete. Failure to do so will result in ineligibility for the tournament. Article VI. Tournaments Section I. Deadlines and Fees Members are required to commit to attending a tournament a minimum of 2 tournaments a semester. Members will be notified of all costs of a tournament two weeks prior to the tournament. If a member decides to attend this tournament, then they will be held accountable for paying all fees on time. In the event that they drop, they will additionally assume responsibilities for the drop fees of each tournament. If these dues are not paid by the end of the semester, then the student will be subject to academic holds. Section II. Tournament Behavior Members are expected to behave in a manner that is consistent with those representative of TSDS and their actions are a reflection on the team and by extension TSDS. Officers reserve the right to take disciplinary action towards any member for behavior not in line with the above-mentioned behavior. That includes, but is not limited to: 1) practicing good smokers etiquette, 2) consuming alcohol moderately and sparingly in so that it does not effect ones performance nor does the consumption happen on university paid for property, and 3) not complaining about a tournament, round, judge, etc. while on the site of the tournament (there will be plenty of time to debrief at food time or in the hotel and we are more than glad to hear about problems and concerns then). Section III. Dropping Rounds No rounds may be dropped, after the entry deadline (see section I), without first consulting the president. Any person that does not follow this procedure or drops against the decision of the president will be subject to fines. Members who drop will be responsible for the entire entry fee or portion thereof. Section IV. Traveling Traveling with the team is a privilege of membership, not a right.

Eligibility is subject to all criteria set forth in this Constitution and bylaws. All members are asked not to participate and or bring alcoholic beverages to hotels that we are required to stay at for overnight tournaments. Section V. Team sponsored tournaments The Officers shall decide the tournament calendar for the team and reserve all rights to change/edit/delete team sponsored tournaments. Funding may only be used for official team sponsored tournaments. A minimum of one officer must be present at all team-sponsored tournaments. Members must also help the officers plan, run, and participate in the annual tournament The Volunteer Classic. Section VI. Judges The team may be required to bring eligible judges to tournaments, per guidelines set forth by the Tournament Director. In such cases, all members will assist in finding an adequate number of judges for each tournament. If the correct number of judges is not acquired, judging fees will be evenly split among all competitors in the tournament. No member competing in a tournament may judge in that tournament, unless allowed by tournament guidelines, i.e. Peer Judging. Members must also help find judges, even if it includes friends and/or family on or near campus, to help just at The Volunteer Classic annually. Both of these items are of the utmost importance as they are the only way we are able to make competing a reality. Article VII. Fundraising As a member of the TSDS Speech & Debate team, all members are expected to participate in the fundraising opportunities available. Any member that does not participate will not receive funding and will be expected to pay all fees on their own accord. Guidelines for fundraising will be set forth by officers of the team. Furthermore, the use of profits acquired from fundraising is at the full discretion of the officers. Annually, there will be a $100 due to be a member of TSDS. This allows us to fund competing and various other logistics of organization operation. Officers will, however, work with members who have difficulty paying said dues. Article VIII. Amendments The Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the membership at any club meeting, provided the proposed amendment is submitted in writing to the secretary at least one week prior to the meeting. Amendment I. Students who will be studying abroad during the upcoming academic school year will be eligible to run for officer positions. During their time studying abroad, the team will elect an interim to fill the position. In the

case of the President the Vice President will fulfill the role, and an interim Vice President will be elected.