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Artists Whos Who?

Tony Moore
Tony Moore is an American illustrator and comic book artist born in Kentucky. Moores genre of artwork is mainly based in the horror and science fiction section, with the Walking Dead comics being one of his most well known achievements. He has also notably completed work for the Venom comic series and Marvels Ghost Rider and Punisher. Moore completes his work both digitally and with mediums such as charcoal and pen. It is also noticeable that the majority of his pieces are shown to be black and white. Even though these pieces lack colour it doesnt reduce the powerfulness of the image. His work for the Walking Dead comics won him nominations for various awards and eventually led to the comic to be made into a hugely popular television series. My favourite work of Moores is the image shown on the page below. The main reason I like this piece is the fact that this one image can create hundreds of stories and scenarios revolving around this character from just one glance. Who is the woman? Why is there blood on the bat? The bright coloured half of the scene suggests a much happier time compared to the dark, grey time the character is living in that moment. Moore has created a very emotion evoking piece by simply using the use of colour.

Illustrations: http://collectivetoys.files.wordpre pg (Accessed on 13/10/13) wpcontent/uploads/2012/08/tonymoore-walking-dead.jpg (Accessed on 13/10/13) B2%D1%81%D1%91%D1%87%D1%82%D0%BE%D0%B1%D1%8B%D0%BB%D 0%BE.jpeg (Accessed on13/10/13)