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Equalising Blanking Plug

The Pumptools Blanking Plug is designed to block pumped fluids to the bypass and prevent recirculation during pumping operations. - Equalising Feature to allow fluid drain off before pulling. - Compatible with industry-standard, tried and tested nipple profiles to ensure ease of use and familiarity for wireline crews. - 2.75", 2.562, 2.312 and 1.875 bore size as Pumptools standard. - Options available for 2.625" if required. - Top No Go. - Pressure Tested to 5000 psi before shipment. - Positive Dog engagement to secure blanking plug into blanking plug seating nipple. - Run and Pulled with single wireline trip using standard Camco JD JU Tools. - Self Cleaning fishing neck. - Positioned in nipple to avoid sand erosion damage. - Vee Ring Seal elements of Moly Teflon Material, impervious to all chemicals used in oil industry.