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ART FOUNDATIONS 1 DISCLOSURE: Mrs. Harris E-mail: rebeccaharris@alpineschools.

COURSE DESCRIPTION Art Foundations1 is an introductory course to art using the elements and principles of design. This course will also provide an exposure to various artworks, artists, and cultures. PREPARATION (5 points per day) Preparation includes having all assigned equipment & materials, portfolio, and quietly in seat by the tardy bell. PARTICIPATION (10 points per day) Participate in class activities and lesson the entire period; clean-up and care of equipment will also be included. ARTWORK & ASSIGNMENTS Work will be evaluated on the effective use of the elements and principles of design and assignment objectives. GRADING SCALE 94-100 = A 84-86 = B 74-76 = C 64-66 = D

90-93 = A-

80-83 = B

70-73 = C-

60-63 = D-

87-89 = B+

77-79 = C+

67-69 = D+

0-59 = F

DAILY CLASS RULES 1. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself. 2. Only use positive and constructive language. 3. Do not spray perfume, cologne, or apply any highly scented body lotions while in class. 4. No personal grooming in class. DISCIPLINE POLICY Any action which interferes with the classroom learning environment may be addressed in one of the following ways: moving seats, student-teacher conference; parent-teacher contact; student detention; removal from class; and/or suspension. TARDIES I will follow the tardy policy as outlined in the Timberline Student Handbook. TESTS & QUIZZES A minimum of five days notice will be given before a test and five days to make-up a missing test. HOMEWORK Sufficient time will be given in class to finish most assignments. Students will have homework if they are: 1) not using class time effectively, 2) making up work due to an absence, 3) making an effort to improve individual work. MAKE-UP WORK The student has the responsibility to get make-up work and have the teacher grade it within the allotted time frame; two additional school days. After two school days the assignment will be marked late and lose 10% each art day.

LATE WORK Late work will result in a 10% off for each art day late. No late work will be accepted the last week of each term. TRUANCY Truancy will result in a loss of all preparation and participation points and an unsatisfactory citizenship grade. EXTRA CREDIT Extra credit assignments are not available; concentrate on daily assignments, preparation, and participation.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, students needing special accommodations may contact the instructor for alternative arrangements.

STUDENT INFORMATION (please fill out and return): Name _____________________________________________________________ Period ________ Home Phone__________________ I have read and understand the Disclosure Document for Art Foundations 1. STUDENT SIGNATURE _______________________________________________________________ DATE ______________________ PARENT/GUARDIAN INFORMATION (please print): Name __________________________________________________________ Daytime Phone # ________________or ______________ Parent Email address:_________________________________________________________________ Note: I give my permission for my student and their artwork to be used in the classroom, school presentations, or art exhibits (not the Internet). I have read and understand the Disclosure Document for Art Foundations 1. PARENT SIGNATURE _________________________________________________________________ DATE ___________

ART FOUNDATIONS 1 SUPPLY KIT: These are items your student may keep and take home at the end of the semester. Please circle the option you prefer to purchase below. If you have already pre-paid, do not pay againthe office will provide us with the names and amounts of those who have paid.

OPTION ONE: $12.00 This kit includes all materials needed for the semester. - Clay, glazes, & firings -Watercolor set & #7 brush (not washable or pastel) -Colored pencil set -12 Ruler -Black fine tip marker -Drawing pencils -Large Eraser -Crayons -Ziploc bag

OPTION TWO: $3.00 This kit only includes clay, ceramic glazes, and firingsstudents will need to bring the rest of the items listed under Option One from home. -Clay, glazes, & firings


Amount paid _____________ Teacher Signature __________________________ Date ________

* I have received my equipment (clay will be handed out as I use it)*

Student Signature ___________________________________________________ Date ________