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Lisa Allison Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design Teaching Asia (Stage 4 and 5) Hannah ChapmanVisual Arts Teacher and Concordia Curator, Newington College Artist in Residence: Anne Zahalka and her amazing Artists. Investigating and performing the myths of the artists (Stage 5 PDM and Visual Arts)

Carl Noonan Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design Aussie Values - A Stage 6 graphic design module where students design a $1 note to complement the existing Australian polymer banknote series. The unit focuses on the concept of collaborative design

Xanthe WarrenVisual Arts & Visual Design Teacher, Burwood Girls High School Year 10 Collection of Work based on La Perouse Excursion, introducing the concept of COW or BOW early to prepare students for HSC Visual Arts (Stage 5)

Belinda Richmond Head of CAPA, Drummoyne Public School Visual Literacy (Stage 3) Rachael BorVisual Arts Teacher and Photography & Digital Media Teacher, Liverpool Girls' High School Photoshop photomontage unit for Year 9 PDM (Stage 5) Sally LeaneyVisual Arts Teacher, Northern Beaches Secondary College, Balgowlah Boys Campus Memory of Site; How might the xylotheque books we make house and display the layers of memory, myth and history to do with the Quarantine Station at North Head? A Stage 5 program designed for the Navigating Alternative Viewpoints in Art Education 2013 symposium and collaboration between ACU, VADEA and Illinois State University. Steve Collins - Head of Visual Arts Photography and Visual Design, Trinity Grammar School. Rather than beginning the planning process with activities, materials, or textbook content, the curriculum design process begins with identifying the desired learning goals (outcomes). This serves as a focal point for the design, instruction and be used for assessment of their achievement and progress. We will look at the learning goals you want to identify, then consider the assessment task that will best measure the experiences and instructions are then planned