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Intermediate Personal Development


Students are to create an Autobiography including * Front Cover * Contents Page *Whats in a name * Personal/Name Alphabet * Time Line *Early Childhood * Adolescense *likes and Dislikes * Unfinished Sentences *Personal Symbol *Culture* Quotes *Future asperations

Unit 1 - LO5: Demonstrate interpersonal skills to communicate ideas and information

Unit 2 - LO 3: Demonstrate selfmanagement skills for goal achievement in the context of a project or activity.

My Autobiography By the end of this major project you are expected to have completed a booklet with: Front cover title and design Contents page chapter headings Chapters covering the various stages of and events in your life as well as providing insights to your growth and development as a person......your personality and identity....... and what aspects of your environment influenced this development . Chapter 1: WHATS IN A NAME Names are an integral part of who we are. They shape our sense of who we are. Explore your feelings about the unity between yourself and your name. Are these names you would have chosen yourself? Surname, middle name and Christian name? Is there a story behind your name? Someone famous, a family member, weird initials? Does your name have symbolic meaning? Is it ethnic or Historical? Did your parents consider other names?

Chapter 2: PERSONAL/NAME ACROSTIC POEM Browse through a Dictionary and find worlds that describe your personality to
T ender R espectfull E ntertaining V ibrante E xcited R oudy

Chapter 3: TIME LINE Draw a time line mapping out significant events, experiences, turning points in your life from birth to today.

Chapter 4: EARLY CHILDHOOD What can your extended family tell you about your entry into the world and what were you were like/ Include photos and stories told by others. What can you remember or find out about:

Your Birth The first few years Kindergarten Primary School Who did you hang around with? Describe your mates, best friend and your relationship with them. What sort of stuff did you get up to? Family would you describe the family you inherited....include incriminating ect., Your parents.....Jobs....personalities ect., Your brothers, sisters, grandparents. How have they helped/influenced you?


Choose an important photograph that represents your late adolescence- early teens. Devote a chapter to describing the photo, the memories it contains for you. Why is it special?

Chapter 6: YOU AND NOW Likes and dislikes: Make two columns, one titled Likes, and the other Dislikes, and list from TEN to FIFTEEN specific items in each column.

Unfinished Sentences Complete each of the following sentences by expanding them into short paragraphs. 1. I feel angry when.... 2. Im moody when..... 3. Im happiest when...... 4. I feel confident when.... 5. I feel frustrated when..... 6. I am comfortable when....... 7. I feel nervous when..... 8. I feel sentimental when...... 9. I usually worry about ......... 10. My ideal holiday would be......... PERSONAL SYMBOL Write about an object that has special symbolic meaning for you, it might be a gift from someone you love, an award of which you are proud, a souvenir from a place you miss, a childhood toy you still treasure, a family photograph, whatever. Describe the object, appealing to the senses as appropriate and giving specific details. Also explain what it symbolises for you.

YOUR CULTURE Your culture is the overall way of life, including the customs that come from your familys values and beliefs. Culture includes the holidays you observe, the customs you practice, the foods you eat, the clothes you wear, the fames you play, the special phrases you use, the language you speak, and the rituals you practice. As you write this piece, think of the ways that your family celebrated or observed certain days, events and months and tell your audience about special moments. IN OTHER WORDS Try expressing yourself through someone elses words. Select at least FIVE Quotable Quotes which express your philosophy of life. Choose quotations which represent your thoughts on several aspects of life not only love, but also faith, success, integrity, character, friendship etc. List the FIVE you have selected including who said it.

Chapter 7: YOU AND THE FUTURE What are your hopes and desires for the future? What do you fear and how are you going to deal with this? What have you learnt about your life and/or about yourself?

What you will be assessed on PRESENTATION Writing, pictures, organisation. CONTENT Introductions and conclusions, development of ideas, length. Expression and Grammar- Spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, sentence structure To get it right make sure you proof read and hand in a rough draft.