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aFFir fl}FF International School of

J.C. Sanders Director of lnstruction


"lB World School"

STaiZi Road, 2nd Floor, Bitao Building

Shekou, Shenzhen, Guangdong 518067 TEL. 86-755-2667-6031 FAX: 86-755-2667-6030 Email: Website: Scott

D'Alterio Director

David Lewis Secondary Counselor



Ms. Erin A. Kenealy QSI School ofShekou Bitao Building 8 Tai Zi Road
Shekou, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518067

To Whom It May Concem:

It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Mr. Brittan Aebischer, who has been my colleague at QSI International School of Shekou forthe pastthree years. Brittan is the middle schoolArt teacher (ages 9- l3), and has recently also taken on the Drama teacher position at the Secondary campus.

giittan is a knowledgeable and dedicated teacher. He offers a productive and energetic classroom, with
organization, classroom management, protocols and procedures implemented. Student engagement is interactive and differentiated, with students often producing beautiful and creative works they are proud of and excited to share. Brittan has a strong ability to connect with his students, both at the middle and secondary levels. His firm but friendly demeanor keeps the classroom moving smoothly, and his positive attitude encourages a classroom environment of learning and respect.

Brittan is incredibly knowledgeable not just in his field of study, but in many aspects of art and education. He often assists other teachers in creative endeavors, and offers excellent written, verbal, and design skills. Brittan has offered his wisdom and presence in my IB Visual Arts classes the past three years, acting as a bi-annual guest examiner for our mid-year and final exam critiques. He attends each student's presentation, and then offers valuable feedback and suggestions about their porlfolio. Brittan has also made appearances in my AP Studio Art classes, and has assisted with our yearly 24-hour Art I-ock in, helping to oversee activities and work with student artists one-on-one.
During his time with QSI, Brittan has extended himself outside of the classroom with numerous projects. As well as being a dedicated teacher, Brittan is a talented designer and aftist, taking on the role of all advertising and poster design for QSI events and activities. He oversaw the entire set creation and design for last year's Secondary drama performance, and continues to work closely with students in a variety of after-school projects. Perhaps most notable of Brittan's after-school events was his Drawing Night, a weekly workshop offered to QSI community members of all ages, which focused on teaching drawing skills and techniques. This event was a huge success, often hosting a packed room of eager members ready to spend the evening drawing under Brittan's careful instruction, presented with ease and

Brittan works tirelesslyboth in and outside of the classroom, but even with his demanding schedule, he still makes time for his personal ar1. He was featured last year in a group exhibition called "Orient Asian", which showcased the work of eight international artists and their interpretations of Asian culture and its increasing influence on the world. Gallery visitors responded positively to his work; large

f-colleseBoard "AP School"



etrB-B -vFia International School of Shekou

STaiZi Road,2nd Floor, Bitao Building
Shekou, Shenzhen, Guangdong 518067

"lB World School"

TEL: 86-755-2667-6031 FAX: 86-755-2667-6030 Email: Website:

Scott D'Alterio Director

J.C. Sanders Director of I nstruction

David Lewis Secondary Counselor

canvases with bold, vibrant colours and mixed media elements. Brittan challenged himself arlistically and symbolically in his three China-themed works, proving a well-researched, detailed and technicalexcellence in his creative process.

Brittan has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages; administration, faculfy peers, QSI families and students alike. He accomplishes his work with an inquiring, positive attitude and great initiative. I recommend Brittan to you without reservation. It has been a pleasure working with him these past three years, and I am confident he willbe a valuable, well-liked member of any team he joins in the future.

If you have any further questions regarding his qualifications or this recommendation, please do not
hesitate to contact me.



.,-Erin A. Kor4aly Secondary Art Educator Aft I-IV, AP SI.rdiO Aft, IB