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Quick Success Series

Quick Success Series - Technology

QUICK SUCCESS SERIES was envisioned by Sri Shailesh Kumar, who was then a Faculty at SBLC Deoghar and he along with Sri Rajeev Shankar (who is still in our team) converted their dream into reality, they did not really knew that time that QSS will become so popular and SBLC Deoghar will receive overwhelming demand for its updated version year after year from various parts of the country. A special thanks to both of them for conceiving QSS. One of the hall marks of excellence is that any product remains constantly in demand and over years, the demand grows. Team Deoghar is humbled by the response and recognition; it has received from various users of QSS. Our sincere thanks to our readers. Your expectations will keep us live and kicking. I take pride in representing a Team comprising of Sri Akhil Kumar Mishra, Chief Manager (Training), Sri Shiv Prakash Jha, Chief Manager (Training), Sri Rajeev Shankar, Chief Manager (Training), Sri Champak Das, Manager (Training) & Sri Rakesh Roshan, Manager (Training), who have owned up QSS like their own baby and are constantly contributing towards value addition and keeping it relevant and up to date for the users. We hope that this edition will be equally useful for various promotional exams. We request our readers to point out any lapses at the earliest, though we have taken adequate care to be as correct as possible. This book is however not a substitute for circular instructions issued by the Bank from time to time. Our Team wishes you grand success in all your endeavours.

S K Rana Assistant General Manager, State Bank Learning Centre, Deoghar- 814112 Phone- 06432-232895 Fax - 06432-231810 E-mail:

Updated upto 28th Feb, 2013 Updated By: Rakesh Roshan Manager Training, SBLC Deoghar Mobile- 9162370185 Email-

Quick Success Series - Technology Feb 28, 2013

ABBREVIATIONS RAM - Random Access Memory ROM Read Only Memory CPU Central Processing Unit CDMA- Code Division Multiple Access EDP Electronic Data Processing EDI - Electronic Data Interchange EFT - Electronic Fund Transfer GPRS General Packet Radio Service MICR - Magnetic Ink Character Recognition WWW - World Wide Web SFMS - Structured Financial Messaging Solutions GUI - Graphical User Interface HTMLHyper Text Markup Language HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol FTP File Transfer Protocol ISDN Integrated Service Digital Network IMPS- Interbank Mobile payment service. VSAT - Very Small Aperture Terminal USSD - Unstructured Supplementary Services Data SAR- Chip based card in Saudi Riyal SGD-Singapore Dollar currency NPCI-The National Payment Corporation of India TCIL: Thomas cook India Ltd. MDR: Merchant Discount Rate OSBAA: Online Savings Bank Account Application MTSS: Money Transfer service scheme. MAB: MERCHANT ACQUIRING BUSINESS TSP: Technology Service Provider. TERMINOLOGY BIT The smallest amount of information that can be transmitted BYTE A unit of information that corresponds to a character (Eight bits) FTP File transfer protocol. A protocol used to provide file transfers across a wide variety of systems UPLOAD - To Transfer a file from Clients computer to hosts computer (Server) DOWNLOAD - To Transfer a File From Host (Server) to Clients Computer URL - Uniform Resource Locator, the form of the site address that reveals the name of server where the sites files are stored ENCRYPTION -Conversion of Plain Text to Cipher Text using certain logic DECRYPTION -Conversion of Cipher Text message to plain Text ATM - stands for- Automated Teller Machine FIRST ATM in the world was installed by Barclays Bank in London in 1967 FIRST ATM in INDIA was installed by HSBC in Kolkata in 1987 FIRST PSB to Install ATM in INDIA Indian Bank Installation of FIRST ATM By SBI- At Jamshedpur in 1993 ATM Switch Centre (ASC) is located at CBD(Central Business District) Belapur, Navi Mumbai Application software used at ASC- Base 24 supplied by ACI Worldwide, Singapore Tandem Server of HP Himalaya Series is installed at ASC. It is fail-safe, fault tolerant & highly scalable. PIN authentication hardware installed at ASC Host Security Module (HSM) supplied by Racal, UK Connectivity to the ATM network is through State Bank Connect, VSATs and CDMA Connectivity Service Providers: Sate Bank Connect Datacraft; VSAT HCL Comnet; CDMA Reliance Infocomm Central Hub of HCL Comnet is located at NOIDA. CDMA technology is used where SB Connect is not available and CDMA Signals are powerful. It also has a distinct advantage over VSATs in that no permission is required from the landlord for its set up. ASC has been awarded with the ISO Certification - 27001 indicating highest technical and Security/safety standards ATM Maintenance Service Providers NCR, DIEBOLD & FSS Facility Management Services at ASC is provided by Financial Software & Systems (P) Ltd (FSS) Chennai. PBF Updation Process at ASC is managed by Laser Soft Infosystems Ltd. (LSIL) Uploading Data on ATM Web for entire State Bank Group is also being done by LSIL ATM Card is a plastic card with a magnetic stripe on the reverse containing relevant details of the Card Holder. Presently ATM cum Debit Card is being issued with the Brand Name as State Bank Cash Plus

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Quick Success Series - Technology Feb 28, 2013

The front face of the card displays 19 digit card number in addition to the name of the cardholder & the month from which the card is valid. The Debit Card portfolio of the Bank has the following types of Cards, at present: (a) Debit Cards with a long validity period (i.e., all Maestro Cards having expiry date as Jan 2049) (b) Debit Cards with a validity period of 5 years from date of issue (i.e., Gold International, Platinum International, Silver International, Classic, Yuva Debit Cards, etc.).These Cards are being issued on VISA/Master Card platform. 2. The Bank has decided to renew the Cards mentioned in (b) above without the customer making request for the same. The Renewal Policy for such Debit Cards is given below: The renewed Card will be 16 digit PIN-based with fall back on signature in line with our New Debit Card will be issued on the same platform (Visa/MasterCard) as the existing Card which is about to expire. (ii) The renewed Card will have a new number (i.e., different from the number of the existing Card) and will also have a new PIN. (iii) The existing Card will not be renewed if, at the time of renewal, (a) The status of the Card is blocked (b) The Card has not been used at all during the entire validity period, or (c) The primary account is inoperative/closed. (iv) The renewed Card will have all the accounts linked as was with the old Card. (v) The renewed Card will be sent to the customer and the PIN for the renewed Card will be sent to the current Home Branch of the primary account as per the record available with the Bank. The renewed Cards and PINs will be sent to customers / Branches respectively 2 to 3 months in advance. The new Card will be issued in the active mode The expiry date of the old Card is the last day of the month which is mentioned as expiry month on the Card. The first 6 digits of the ATM Card number represent the Banks Institutional Identification Number (BIN), the next five digits represent the branch code, 12th digit represents type of card (0-domestic, 7-Kisan, 8- International), next 6 digits represent the serial number of card issued at the branch and the last digit is the check digit. Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a 4 Digit Number PIN can be changed on SB group ATMs only. In case the PIN is entered wrongly thrice in succession, the ATM will not permit any more attempts during that day. SBI ATM Cards are Processed & Issued By Venture Infotek Global Private Ltd, DEI Cards & Fulfillment Division, Global IT Centre, CBD Belapur All Savings Bank & Current Account holders are eligible for issuance of ATM-cum-Debit Card except in case of: Accounts operated jointly by all the account holders, Minors excluding those who are eligible to open and operate cheque book facility account and illiterate Customers. In case of joint accounts operated by Either or Survivor or Anyone or Survivor a card may be issued to each account holder authorized to operate the account. In case of joints accounts operated by Former or Survivor, the card can be issued only to the Former. Two new variants of ATM cards STATE BANK CLASSIC DEBIT CARD & STATE BANK SILVER INTERNATIONAL DEBIT CARD introduced. State Bank Classic Debit Card : A 16-digit PINbased (Signature fallback)MasterCard / VISA Debit Card with CVV and Expiry date of 5 years from the date of issue for all new non Cheque Book accounts. This card is valid only in India, i.e. for domestic transactions, and State Bank Silver International Debit Card: A 16-digit PIN-based (Signature fallback) MasterCard / VISA Debit Card with CVV and Expiry date of 5 years from the date of issue for all new Cheque Book accounts. Classic:Domestic (valid in India)Silver: International Debit Card SMS Alert Cash withdrawal / PoS spend For all ATM/PoS transactions Loyalty Points Classic & Silver (1 point=25paise) 2.5 points per Rs 100 spend at PoS Maestro Debit Card holders are given Master Card as replacement card-Nil Replacement of card if validity of Debit Card has expired-Nil

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Quick Success Series - Technology Feb 28, 2013

Bonus points on second purchase using Debit Card within completion of one calendar month of issuance- 50 points Bonus points on third purchase using Debit Card within completion of one calendar month of issuance 100 points (ecir:891/2012-13 dt:04th Dec,2012)

Charge for Using Other Banks ATM (SB A/C) Permissible Max. 5 transactions including Cash Withdrawal and Balance enquiry in a Month Free- Above 5 Withdrawals Rs 17/-Per Withdrawal (Financial Trxn.) and Rs.6/-(Non Financial Trxn.)(e-cir:490/2012-13 dt:13/08/2012) charges will be debited automatically to the customers account. No manual intervention is required. Different types of Charges related Master circular of Service charges.(e-cir:995/2012-13 dt:01/01/2013) Campaign for issuing/acquiring ATM transactions Operation ATM Vijay The campaign is

effective from 01.07.2012 31.03.2013.(e-cir:518/2012-13 08/08/2012)

to dt:

STATE BANK DEBIT CARDS FREEDOMREWARDZ PROGRAMME-MODIFICATIONS: In light of the RBI guidelines dated 28/6/2012 capping Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) that has resulted in reduction in Interchange rates in the industry thereby resulting in proportional reduction in the Interchange Income for the Bank, it has been decided to rationalise the State Bank Debit Card loyalty programme, Freedom Rewardz (introduced in April 2009) w.e.f: November 1, 2012, as, Classic/Silver/Gold/Platinum/any other variant 1 point for every Rs. 200/- spent If customer makes at least 3 transactions in a quarter then Points earned during the quarter will be doubled for Classic/Silver/Gold/any other variant customers for that quarter. Points earned during the quarter will be tripled for Platinum customers for that quarter. With a view to encouraging our new customers to use their Debit Cards within the first month of issuance, an activation offer has also been built into the new construct Bonus points on first purchase using Debit Card within completion of one calendar month of issuance- 50 points .

Hot listing of Card refers to deactivation of Lost Cards at ASC Hot listing of Card be Done by Customer himself By calling at 24x7 Contact Centre through BSNL/MTNL Landline (1800112211) or through any other Phone (080-26599990) Hot listing of Card can also be done by Branch official through Contact Centre or by sending an email to on written request by Customer Contact Centre is Located at Bangalore & Baroda - Operated by M/s Mphasis Combo Card is a chip & magnetic stripe based Photo card issued to the faculty, student & staff of Manipal University of Higher Education (MAHE). It is a Multifunctionality Card. Can be used as library card, identity card, ATM cum Debit Card, etc. Army Card & IIM-L are also photo cards exclusively for ARMY Personnel & Indian Institute of Management Lucknow respectively. Gold Debit Card (VISA /MASTER) can be issued to customers maintaining QAB of Rs 20000/- or to all salary account holders declaring gross salary of Rs 25000/- and above or to all customers of Personal Banking Branches PIN based at ATM & Signature based at POS/ME. 4 reward points of .25 paisa each on every purchase of Rs 100/- on POS/Internet. 50 bulk reward points after first three usage at POS YUVA card can be issued to youth segment in age group of 18-30 years. Operates on VISA Platform as VISA Classic Card. Validity 10 years. PIN based at ATM and signature based at POS/ME. One loyalty point of Re 0.25 for every purchase of Rs 100/- at POS. 50% concession on Loan Processing Fee. 50% concession on Demat AMC charges. 25 basis point concession in interest rate on Education, Housing & Vehicle loans to the card holders

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Quick Success Series - Technology Feb 28, 2013

who maintain their salary / revenue account with us. Platinum Intl Debit Card can be issued to customers with annual income above Rs 10 lac or customers with aggregate deposit balance of more than 5 lacs. BM may waive or relax the criteria based on value of relationship. PIN based at ATM & Signature based at POS/ME. 4 point of Re .25 each for every purchase of Rs 100 at POS/ME. eZ-Pay Card is a prepaid Indian rupee VISA CARD suitable for periodical payments like salary, TA /Medical Bill, incentives etc by a listed/Non-listed Corporate including PSUs from a single point to all employees working at different locations. Employer to certify the bonafide, identity & proof of residence. Reloadable, only by debit to Bank account any number of times. Min Rs 100 & Max Rs 50000 per month per employee. Cash withdrawal & Enquiry restricted to State Bank Group ATMs only. Free statement through Internet. Validity 10 years. GIFT CARD is also a prepaid Indian rupee VISA CARD- an excellent substitute of Gift Vouchers. Min amt of Issue Rs 500 in multiples of Rs 1/- , Max Rs 50000/-. STATE BANK GIFT CARD CAMPAIGN FOR PROMOTION OF GIFT CARD REWARD CUM RECOGNITION PROGRAMME: 01.09.2012 TO 28.02.2013 Bank had introduced SBI Gift Cards from 1st February, 2006. Sale of Gift Card also brings float funds besides interchange income for the Bank. (e-cir:512/2012-13 dt:24/08/2012) Validity- 1 Yrs from the date of print Request to issue gift card should be done by debit to only fully KYC compliant account and to Banks customer only, and its one-time loading (Top up) can be made through Internet Banking Services Available at ATM- Cash withdrawal, Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement (Last 10 Txns), College Fee Payment, Online collection of Application Fee (GATE /JMET), Mobile Top Up, Temple/Trust Donation, Payment of Utility Bills, Cash Point for SBI Cards, SBI Card Bill Payment, SBI Life Premium Payment, Fund Transfer. Ways of Fund Transfer- Visa Money Transfer, C2C Transfer, Money Send Visa Money Transfer (VMT) facility enables any card holder of the Bank to transfer funds through the SBI Group ATM and all INB Users with transactions rights to any VISA Debit Card / Credit Card issued by the bank or any other bank in India. The card holder has to make one time registration and set up the VISA Card to which he proposes to transfer funds through Transaction Limit- Rs 50000/- and Charge Rs 20/+ service tax. Card to Card Transfer (C2C) All ATM cum Debit Card holders of State Bank Group except State Bank of Patiala and State Bank of Mysore customers. (This facility has been disabled for SBP and SBM as per their request. The card holders of SBP and SBM cannot remit funds but can receive funds)enables card holders to transfer funds to any card holder within State Bank Group through any State Bank ATM. Transaction Limit Rs 15000/-.Max. number of txn.-02 Per day Time limit for Credit- Within the same Bank-On line. Between different Bank-T+1 day. ChargesNil.(e-cir:971/2012-13dt:27th Dec12)

Money Send is launched by Master Card Worldwide (MCW). It enables our card holders to remit funds to any Maestro/Master Card holder of other banks within the country through State Bank Group ATMs. Transaction Limit- below Rs 50000/- per transaction. Charges- Upto Rs 25000/- Rs 20.00 per transaction and More than Rs 25000/- Rs 30 per transaction. Day of Credit- (T+1) in case of Maestro Card and (T+2) in case of Master Card & VISA. Undelivered ATM Cards & PIN should be in separate custody. ATM Cards not delivered within a period of 45 days should be hot listed through Contact Centre. PIN Mailers not delivered within a period of 45 days should be destroyed and Cards hot listed through Contact Centre.

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Quick Success Series - Technology Feb 28, 2013

ATM Dispute Resolution: Dispute is settled by Debit to Suspense Account. TXn. should have been made through State Bank ATM. Claim should have been made within 90 days of Txn. Account should be maintained for one year. No such claim should have been made in last 6 months. Claimant to submit a letter of undertaking. Dispute upto Rs 15000/- may be settled if claimant produces transaction Slip. If claimant does not produce transaction slip, then claim upto Rs 5000/- can only be settled. RBI- ATM related complaint to be resolved within 07 working days from the date of complaint; else Bank has to compensate the customer with Rs. 100/- per day beyond the 07th day. To be Paid by Debit to BGL A/C No 2399995 Charges (ATM Compensation) Centralisation of ATM Complaints Registration. Complaint Management System (CMS) launched with effect from 21st Dec 2009. URL Address for CMS is Can be assessed at Branch, Contact Centre, Administrative offices and ASC SBI customer can lodge the complaint in CMS either by calling the contact centre or at any branch (not necessarily customer branch) for following five categories: i) Account debited but cash not dispensed ii) Account debited twice for the same withdrawal iii) Amount debited but amount not transferred to merchant establishment iv) Account debited twice for the same transaction at POS v) Regeneration of PIN Following transactions can also be lodged through CMS wef 20.10.2010 ATM Services: B to B transactions, C to C transactions, VISA money transfer, Trust donations, FEE payments, Mobile Top up, SBI card payments Payment gateway transactions: Online transactions through SBI debit card Customer can also track his complaint by calling at contact centre or sending a SMS ATM ticket number to 567676 (for e.g. ATM AT429212345) The complaint will be resolved at the Branches but the closure cannot be effected unless the CM (Admin) / Authorised official of the Administrative Unit authorizes the closure. User ID will be the standard email ID of the Branch / controlling offices, eg. sbi.04260/agmr1.zopat/gm1.lhopat etc excluding Default password will be same as user ID. Will be forced to change at First Login. Error Codes in ATM: 00-Transaction approved with Balances Transaction is successful 01- Successful Transaction NO BALANCES FOR DISPLAY (applicable to Credit Cards) 50- UNAUTHORISED USAGE -Card Blocked Branch should arrange for re-activation of the card 51- Expired Card 52- Invalid Card 53- Invalid PIN 54- ACCOUNT NOT APPEARING IN PBF AT SWITCH CENTRE. Cards not flagged in the branch. Card issue status should be ON 55- INELIGIBLE TRANSACTION The customer account status is dormant. Cashwithdrawal should be made across the counter to activate the account or branch should reset the dormancy flag. 56- Ineligible Account (Selection of wrong type of A/C) 57- TRANSACTION NOT SUPPORTED by this ATM 58- INSUFFICIENT FUNDS Verify Bankmaster Node is working properly 59- INSUFFICIENT FUNDS (Try for lesser amount) Verify Bankmaster Node is working properly 60- MAXIMUM NO. OF WITHDRAWAL for the User ALLOWED REACHED 61- Would have EXCEEDED WITHDRAWAL of per day LIMIT of Rs.15,000/=- customer can try for a lesser amount 62- PIN Tries Exceeded 63- WITHDRAWAL LIMIT ALREADY EXCEEDED further withdrawal will not be permitted 64- INVALID CREDIT CARD CASH ADVANCE AMOUNT 68- EXTERNAL DECLINE other bank / agency not accessible 69- NO SHARING BETWEEN THE CARD ISSUED 70- SYSTEM ERROR (Please try other ATM (or) contact branch can be hardware problem

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Quick Success Series - Technology Feb 28, 2013


CONTACT CARD ISSUER (Credit Cards only)

72- MINI STATEMENT NOT MADE AVAILABLE (not connected to database) 73- ROUTING LOOKUP PROBLEM Connectivity problem 74- MESSAGE EDIT ERROR card damaged Changes introduced in ATM transaction flow to safe guard customer interest and Banks image i) Screen Receipt cannot be printed, do you want to continue removed - to prevent the frauds committed by jamming the receipt printer ii) 2 digit security screen introduced - to prevent the key pad tampering frauds iii) PIN entry time reduced from 30 seconds to 20 seconds and display time of screen Do you want some more time reduced from 60 seconds to 05 seconds - to restrict the time availability to the miscreants for manipulations

Site for Internet Banking Site is verified by Veri sign & Secured by 256 bit encryption Site is maintained by Satyam / SIFY URL Address for Branch login: At present, 13.88% of the total CBS transactions (both financial and non-financial) are done through INB and the share of Alternate Channels to the total CBS transactions is 35.39%. As per the Chairmans policy guidelines for FY 2012-13 and the GOI guide lines, we are required to achieve the target of migration of 50% of total CBS transactions to Alternate Channels by 31.03.2013.Campaign for Promotion of Internet Banking-e-Kranti will be effective from 01.07.2012 till 31.03.2013.(e-cir:579/2012-13 dt:10/09/12) Merchant acquiring business (MAB) and State Bank Debit Cards on-us campaign for customers and merchants has been launched from 08/09/2012. The campaign is targeted towards increasing On-Us (SBI debit card) transactions on our POS terminals and to increase SBI POS terminals in the market.( ecir:574/2012-13 dt:10/09/2012)

Merchant Acquiring Business has been rolled out across the Bank and is picking up. For the current year, a target of one lakh PoS terminals has been set for the Bank. A promotional campaign POS Ab Sabke Pas is currently running for the operating staff to enthuse and involve them in Merchant Acquiring Business an incentive of Rs.200/ per approved and installed POS terminal per staff member w.e.f: Jan13 has been launched.(e1st cir:1013/2012-13 dt:8th Jan13) PPK stands for Pre Printed Kit. A Packet contains 100 PPKs. Each PPK has a unique 10 digit Number First Five Digit of PPK denotes Packet Number 6th & 7th Digit of PPK denotes Circle Code (SBI Circle in which PPK will be issued) 8th & 9th Digit of PPK Denotes Serial Number (ranging from 00 to 99) 10th Digit of PPK Denotes Checksum Number PPK is available for Retail Customers & Khata Type Corporate Customers Three types of user rights facility is available under RINB View rights only View and transaction rights Limited transactions rights Under Limited Transaction Rights, Customer can use following features of INB i) Funds transfer within his/her own accounts ii) Opening of new deposit accounts under eTDR/e-STDR scheme. iii) Request for opening new accounts under the same CIF through branch intervention ENHANCEMENTS/MODIFICATIONS The following enhancements/modifications have been done in retail internet banking: (i) e-TDR/e-STDR for Senior Citizen with additional rate of interest:- The facility enabling senior citizens to open e-TDR/e-STDR with additional rate of interest through internet banking has been introduced. This enables our senior citizen customers to open e-TDR/eSTDR without visiting the Branch. The date of birth recorded in CBS is used for age calculation and categorization of customer as senior citizen. ii) Maturity Instructions Tenor for e-TDR/eSTDR:- The functionality has been developed. It allows an internet banking user to give any

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Quick Success Series - Technology Feb 28, 2013

one of the following maturity instructions while making e-TDR/e-STDR: Auto renew principal Auto renew principal and repay interest Repay principal and interest (iii)e-RD for Limited Transaction RightsUsers:The facility for online opening of RD accounts has been extended to internet banking users with Limited Transaction Rights. (iv) Removal of Term Deposit Account and Recurring Deposit Account option from opening of accounts through MIT:- The option for opening term deposit account and recurring deposit account through manual intervention has been removed . This has been done as the functionality of making e-TDR/eSTDR/e-RD is fully operational and has gained popularity among internet banking users. (v) Maximum Limit for creation of e-TDR/eSTDR:- The maximum limit for creation of eTDR/e-STDR has been increased from Rs.10 lacs to Rs.25 lacs. (e-cir:385/2012-13 dt:19/07/2012) Minor can also be given INB Facility Only with View rights Internet banking facility for the visually challenged is introduced in January, 2010 and available to such customer. No additional undertaking should be taken from them for providing INB facility. The following internet banking services are available to visually challenged customers from the above URL: I. Enquiry of balances and transactions. II. Generation and downloading of statement of accounts III. Transfer of funds within own accounts linked under the username of visually challenged customer IV. Bill payment facility. ( e-cir:134/2012-13 dt:14/05/2012) MIT stands for Manual Intervention Transactions (Transactions for which requests received from the customer are placed in CBS by the INB system) Services where No Manual Intervention is required- i)Balance Enquiry ii) Account Statement iii)Fund Transfer to Self Accounts iv)Third Party Fund Transfer v) Inter Bank Payee Fund Transfer vi) PPF transfer vii) E-Tax Payment viii) E-ticketing ix) Bill Payments x) Visa Money Transfer xi) Making Donations xii) eZ Trade xiii) Setting up Standing Instruction xiv) Issuance of Cheque Book xv) TDS related enquiry xvi) DEMAT Enquiry xvii) Online Application for IPO xviii) Opening of eTDR/eSTDR Services where Manual Intervention is required- i) Opening of new account (Savings, Current, TDR & RD except eTDR/eSTDR) ii) Issue of Draft iv) deposit renewal v) closure of loan account

e-RD 1.No manual intervention

required by branches for opening / closure of recurringdeposit account under (e-RD). 2. Domestic, NRE & NRO customers & Staff members can avail this facility. 3. The online opening / closure facility through e-RD available between 08:00 HRS IST and 20:00 HRS IST. Requests received for e-RD creation /closure beyond this period will be scheduled for next opening hours, if user opts for the same. 4. The RD a/c in INR will be opened in the same name(s) and mode of operation as in the debit a/c from which first installment of eRD a/c is paid. The customer can select the debit a/c as per his/her choice at the time of opening e-RD, if he/she has more than one transactional accounts mapped to his/her username. 5. The period and minimum amount limit of eRD will same as mentioned for RD product code in CBS. 6. e-RD will create recurring deposit a/c .In the same session, setting up SI possible. The SI created through this process cancelles automatically on online closure / premature closure of e-RD The SI created (Separately through Internet Banking or through Branch) will need to be cancelled by the customer/Branch. 7. Passbook for e-RD accounts will not be generated online. Customers can print statement of e-RD account through IN Banking/home branch, if they need a passbook for their e-RD accounts. 8. For enquiring current deposit interest rates, a hyperlink of our Corporate

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Quick Success Series - Technology Feb 28, 2013

web-site ( / been provided on e-RD request page, 9. Senior citizens (Public & Staff) will not be able to avail privileged rate of interest facility in e-RD. the branch. 10. Benefit of interest rate to staff will be available only if the debit a/c is categorized as staff account in Core & INB database. 11. The e-RD details will contain the e-RD a/c no., debit a/c no. from which the e-RD a/c is funded, period selected by customer, Interest rate and maturity date. The RD accounts not opened through e-RD, cannot be closed online through Close a/c tab under e-RD. 12. The nominee of the selected debit a/c will be retained to e-RD account, if the customer opts for the same. Home branch can set the new nominee(s) on the request of customer after receiving appropriate documents from him/her. 13. Instructions/ rules/guidelines for normal RD account will mutatis mutandis be applicable for e-RD accounts also. Profile Password is needed to access all links under profile tab. It is created at the time of First Login. INTERNET BANKING : ELECTRONIC BILL PAYMENT FACILITY INTRODUCTION OF SBI INSTAPAY SERVICESBI-Insta Pay has been introduced in The salient features of this product are as under: i) Prior registration with the biller is not required.ii) The customer can make the payment by debit to his account in SBI.iii) A wide variety of billers like electricity and other utility bills, pre-paid / post-paid mobile phones, insurance premium, credit card, DTH and donations are available. Corporate Internet Banking has four variantsKHATA, KHATA PLUS, VYAPAR & VISTAAR. KHATA- Enquiry Only / used for enquiry on all accounts at one branch KHATA PLUS- Enquiry Only/ used for enquiry on all accounts at various branches across the country VYAPAR- Enquiry & transaction / for corporate maintaining account at any one SBI Branch. Single Transaction Limit Enhanced from 5.00 Lakh to 50.00 Lakh. Permitted Transactions - Fund Transfer/Third Party Payment/ Inter Bank Payment/Draft Issue/Payment to Registered Suppliers/ E-Tax. VISTAAR- (Complete range of online transactions for corporate maintaining account at multiple branches of SBI) TP Fund Transfer upto Rs 100.00 Crore per transaction/ request for issue of Demand Draft - Rs 1.00 crore per transaction/ No limit on No of Transaction. Permitted Transaction: Fund Transfer/Third Party Payment/Inter Bank Payment/Draft Issue/Payment to Registered Suppliers/Bulk Upload Facility/E-Tax/DGFT Payments/Customs Payments/ Excise Duty Payments. A simplified single user interface with functional and security features similar to Retail Internet Banking facility called CINB Saral has been launched. CINB Saral will facilitate penetration of CINB among a larger section of SME customers and micro enterprises as the facility is single user based, operated on the lines of RINB and hence highly user friendly. RETAIL INTERNET BANKING(RINB) ONLINE FOREIGN OUTWARD REMITTANCE PROJECT remXout (e-cir:520/2012-13 dt:28/08/2012) The product will be initially available to the RINB users of Metro-Urban Branches. Remittance will be permitted in USD, EUR and GBP. Remittance will initially be restricted to the following 11 countries : (UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Japan, Canada, Singapore, South Africa and Hongkong) A user can make upto 4 remittances in a calendar month. A commission of USD10 in INR equivalent would be charged for each remittance. The GMU, Kolkata, will share the commission with the Branches in the ratio of 80:20 on the INR equivalent of commission recovered. No commission would be recovered from staff and Banks pensioners. The security features and limits applicable for third party transfer in INR will be applicable mutatis mutandis to Forex remittances also, i.e., (a) Only one third party foreign beneficiary would be added in a calendar day. (b) The beneficiary would be activated on the next day, after a cooling period, during which SMSes will be sent at periodic intervals to the user. (c) The aggregate fund transfer limit for the newly added beneficiary will

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Quick Success Series - Technology Feb 28, 2013

be equivalent to forex value of Rs.50,000/- for the first five days. A user can add upto seven beneficiaries for making outward remittances. This limit can be enhanced to Rs 5000/- per day and Rs 25000/- per month with the help of OTP (One Time Password). MBS on SMS platform -available on any Mobile Handsets Application software is installed in users Mobile. It can be downloaded from SBIs website under link services > mobilebanking. On SMS platform User ID & MPIN is obtained by sending an SMS <MBSREG> to 567676/9223440000. The customer is required to accept terms and conditions of the services by sending a SMS to 9223440000 as <saccept><userID><Mpin> For Change Mpin <Smpin><UserId><Old Mpin><New Mpin> Balance of account <Sbal><UserId><Mpin> Mini statement of account <Smin><UserId><Mpin> Mobile Top-up <Stopup><UserId><Mpin><telecom operator of beneficiary Mobile><Mob no of beneficiary ><Amount> DTH recharge <Sdth><UserId><Mpin><Service Provider><DTH serial number><amount> IMPS fund transfer <IMPS><Mobile No><MMID><amount><User ID><MPIN><Purpose(optional field- up to 20 char-Alpha numeric)> User ID 6 characters First three Alpha & Last three Numeric MPIN 6 digits Transaction processed through SMS or GPRS GPRS is cheaper to SMS Mode Activation of service either through ATM, GCC (Green Channel Counter) or at the Branch The registration for MBS is now available online through CBS Only one Account enabled through ATM Maximum 5 Accounts can be enabled for P Seg. customrs and only 1 accounts for non P.Segment customers. End to End security using 128 bit AES encryption MBS over WAP available on all mobile phones (Java/non java) with GPRS Connectivity. Installation of software not required.

Brand Name- SBI Freedom State Bank Freedom, our Mobile Banking Service (MBS), was launched as an alternate channel during March 2009. At present, there are more than 45.50 lac users with an average of 86,000 financial transactions (6500 funds transfer transactions) per day.

Cash Back Scheme for Mobile Banking customers. Campaign Period: 01.09.2012 to 31.03.2013. It has been decided to
launch a cash back scheme, to incentivise the customers with Rs.5/- for every funds transfer transaction of Rs.5000/- and more, through MBS. Cash Back is an automated process

in CBS and no manual entry should be put through by any Branch.

MBS available to satisfactory running Current / Savings Account holders of P segment & SME customers.(For SME customers only enquiry right of their last 5 transactions). It can be availed over: A) Application Software B) Wireless Application Protocol C) Unstructured Supplementary Data Services (USSD) D) Mobile Banking service on SMS platform Functionalities available under A) & B)Balance Enquiry / Mini Statement (Last 5 Txns) / Fund Transfer (To accounts with SBI & other Banks) / Cheque Book Issue / Bill payment (Telephone Bill, LIC & SBI Life Premium, SBI Credit Card Bill, etc) / Mobile Top Up / M Commerce / Online enquiry of DEMAT Accounts Maximum Daily Transaction per Customer- Rs 50000/- within an overall Calendar Month Limit of Rs 250000/SMS Mobile banking transaction is restricted up to daily limit of Rs.1,000/-with a calendar month limit of Rs.5,000/-as per RBI directives.

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Used through browsing Verisign certified secured site assisted services, closure of mobile wallets, etc.
In addition to User ID & MPIN, WAP Login ID is also provided MBS over USSD- available to all subscribers of Vodafone, Idea, Airtel & Aircel Features- Balance Enquiry / Mini Statement (Last 5 Transactions) / Fund Transfer to SBI Accounts only / Mobile Top Up Maximum Daily Transaction per Customer for Fund Transfer & Mobile Top up Rs 1000/within an overall Calendar Month Limit of Rs 5000/User ID & MPIN is obtained in the same process. Subscribers to Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Aircel, Reliance, Uninor, BSNL North & East, MTNL Delhi can Dial *595# In all cases, MPIN is required to be changed before registering at ATM or Branch. Branches can now lodge requests/issues/complaints relating to MBS transactions at StateBank Group Service Deskon the url /CAisd/pdmweb.exe New Product: State Bank Mobi Cash Launch of Mobile Wallet Mobile Wallet issuable to customers and to non customers also in association with other entities. It is a virtual prepaid account accessible over mobile phones enabled with a mobile based application which allows its users/subscribers to make payments to any designated affiliates /appointed network of merchants. State Bank has named its Mobile Wallet as State Bank MobiCash. While mobile banking is a channel to access customers savings or current account, Mobile wallet is a payment product. A non account holder can also take the wallet and avail the facility offered by State Bank Mobi Cash. It is being launched in partnership with M/s. OXIGEN Services (India) Pvt. Ltd (Oxigen) and M/s. Sahyog Microfinance Foundation (SMF). While Oxigen will provide Mobile Based front end application and Transaction processing platform, SMF would bring in Customer Service Points (CSP) which will be the delivery points of services like providing applications for mobile wallets, Cash-in & Cash-out, other


RTGS Real Time Gross Settlement NEFT- National Electronic Fund Transfer Nationwide Fund transfer system maintained by RBI for enabling transfer of funds from remitters account in a particular bank to the beneficiarys account in another bank anywhere in the country. Banks can only originate credit transactions RTGS- Used for high Value remittances of Rs 2.00 Lakh & above / Transactions processed & settled on Real Time Basis / Transactions settled individually & continuously on a transaction by transaction basis / Remittance sent in rounded off rupees. NEFT- For Retail Remittances/No minimum stipulated transaction amount/Operates on Deferred Net Settlement (DNS) basis/Settled in batches- 6 times a day/Can be sent inclusive of paisa component RTGS Transaction Types: a) R-41 (Customer to Customer) b) R-42 (Bank to Bank) RBI has decided to levy the following charges on the member banks for all outward RTGS transactions like Membership fee (Per month),Transaction fee (Per month),Time varying tariff (Varies on the time of settlement at RBI) RTGS Timing wef 1st Oct 2011 has been changed and time varying tariff has been introduced as : 9.00 hours to 12.00 hours for transaction of Rs.2.00 lac to Rs.5.00 lac is Rs.25.00 & above Rs.5.00 lac is Rs.50.00 After 12.00 hours to 15.30 hours (13.30 hours on Saturday) for transaction of Rs.2.00 lac to Rs.5.00 lac is Rs.26.00 & above Rs.5.00 lac is Rs.51.00 After 15.30 hours to 16.30 hours on weekdays for transaction of Rs.2.00 lac to Rs.5.00 lac is Rs.30.00 & above Rs.5.00 lac is Rs.55.00 (e.cir on ser. charges:397/2012-13 dt:19/07/2013) IFSC- Indian Financial System Code- It is an alpha numeric code allotted to all RTGS/NEFT enabled branches. It is of 11 characters. In our Bank, IFSC code is designed as SBIN 000BBBB

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IFSC code is available at or For Bankers link at Originating country (City & State for USA/Mexico) Estimated amount (+/- 10% USD or equivalent) Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) advised by Remitter (10 digit Number) (TO RECEIVE MONEY FORM is required to be filled in) Branch official/Employee logs on to WU Software (Translink) and marks the MTCN as paid Payment to beneficiary is made by debit to BGL A/c No 98842065610 styled as Western Union Payment Account Number opened at NRI Kochi Branch (Nodal Branch) WU through the Principal Agent will reimburse the day's total pay out to the Nodal Branch along with the appropriate share of commission and Forex spread. The Nodal branch reconciles the amounts debited by various branches for the day and the reimbursement provided by WU. The commission and forex spread earned by the branches will be distributed to the branches @ 75% of the income earned by respective branches at the end of each quarter based on the amounts paid out by them. Western Union reimbursement is based on marking off the entries in WU system. If entry is not marked off properly, Bank will not get reimbursement. It should always be ensured that remittance is not paid to the beneficiary without markingoff into Western Union system. Otherwise beneficiary may claim remittance from any other location and bank will not get the reimbursement from WU STATE BANK VISHWA YATRA FOREIGN TRAVEL CARD (VYFTC)
Every Message released by a bank to RBI is assigned a Unique Transaction Reference (UTR) Inward- NIL State Bank Group Payment Transfer (SBGRPT) Applicable to fund transfer between SBI & Associate banks Menu in CBS Inter Bank Transfers >> SBGRPT >> Create Outgoing Message. Data Entry Screen is similar to the NEFT screen SBGRPT transactions are closed at 4:30 PM on weekdays and at 1:00 PM on Saturdays. Thereafter the net funds (receivable/payable) are settled between the Banks through RTGS (R 42) on the net balance available in the Payment Settlement Accounts of the Associate Banks as at the end of the day. Other terms & conditions are as applicable to RTGS/NEFT Western Union Money Transfer (WUMT) Western Union Financial Services (WU), a subsidiary of First Data Corporation, is a Fortune 500 company It is the largest money transfer organisation in the world, operating from over 150,000 locations spread over 197 countries They operate in India under a RBI License Our Bank has entered into an agreement with WU for paying out their remittances into india Maximum Limit Per Transaction- USD 2500/Beneficiary can Receive Maximum of 12 transactions in a calendar year Maximum cash amount paid out to the receiver is INR 50,000/If the amount exceeds INR 50,000/- an account payee cheque will be issued or the account of the beneficiary has to be credited for the entire amount WU will be responsible for ensuring compliances under MTSS guidelines and AML measures at the send side of the transaction Beneficiary of Remittance provides the followings: Valid ID Senders name

The Bank has been issuing Vishwa Yatra Foreign Travel Card (FTC) in USD since 2004.GBP & Euro were added in 2006. 5 more currencies namely AUD, CAD, JPY, SGD & SAR have been recently added, a corporate variants for all currency introduced and the card has also been migrated to CHIP w.e.f 1st August 2011. The revised Schedule of Charges, for all 8 currencies is effective from September 15, 2012. (e-cir:612/2012-13 dt:21/09/2012) The generic e-Payment module i-Collect was launched during November, 2010 to

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Quick Success Series - Technology Feb 28, 2013 provide a fast and convenient mode for online collection of funds for Corporates/Firms/Institution customers. The product has a unique feature whereby the customer (Corporate/Firm/Institute) can define and customize the web page as per his requirement without incurring any cost. The funds are collected from the remitters (Retail/Saral user) online on real time basis with generation of MIS in the format as decided by the Corporate. A method to pre-populate the particulars or amount based on one or two key fields (like roll number or consumer number etc.) for a particular retail customer. For example, if the school fee of a student is to be paid by a Retail/Saral user, the user will fill in the roll number of the student and the entire input form with correct particulars and amount will be displayed on screen to facilitate payment. In order to meet this requirement, the INB department at GITC has introduced the PrePopulation of Payer Data functionality in i-Collect. The advantages of the product are : Retail user is saved from the trouble of inputting data in all fields.Only correct amount is accepted. No reconciliation problems for the corporate customer.(ecir:510/2012-13 dt:23/08/2012)
MISC Central Data Centre (CDC) is located at Belapur, Navi Mumbai Disaster Recovery Site is located at Chennai Front end software used in CBS- Bancslink (Current Version- 2.9.5) Posting of Transaction at CDC- Bancs 24 software- Procured from FNS Australia System Integrator- TCS FNS Taken Over by TCS Corporate General Ledger (CGL) - Finance one Vendor- Comlink USA Trade Finance Software- CS Eximbills Vendor China Systems, Taiwan Overseas Branches- Finacle- Vendor- Infosys OFSA- Oracle Financial Services Application Suite- Provides a platform for Asset Liability Management Treasury Management Solution- Procured from Reuters/Unisys our bank has entered into an agreement with Thomas Cook India Ltd (TCIL) a Principal Agent for MoneyGram. Under the arrangement, our Branches will payout inward remittances to the public, for the funds remitted from abroad using MoneyGram services. This amount will be reimbursed by the Thomas Cook, a principal agent of MoneyGram. Our Bank is already offering similar services under Western Union Money Transfer; hence the operational guidelines are similar.(ecir:460/2012-13 dt:07/08/2012) An IPv6 policy document called National IPv6 Deployment Roadmap for migration from the existing IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) to IPv6 (version 6) by all stakeholders in the Government and private sector. According to this policy, all Central and State Government ministries and departments, including PSUs, shall start using IPv6 services by March 2012, as the current version of the Internet Protocol (IPv4) has almost run out of addresses. IPv6 has a number of improvements over IPv4, the primary difference being IPv6 uses 128-bit addresses as compared to the 32-bit addresses used by IPv4, and allows for more IP addresses than are available with IPv4. A directive has, therefore, been issued by the Government to all organizations, including banks, to bring their websites on dual stack (both on IPv4 and IPv6) on priority, latest by December 2012. The Government have also directed that all payment gateways should also be IPv6-ready by December 2012.(ecir:678/2012-13 dt:06/10/2012) INTRODUCTION OF CASH DEPOSITMACHINE (CDM) Cash Deposit Machine is a 'cash-in' kiosk that allows a customer to deposit loose bank notes. Our customers who own any variant of SBI ATM-cum-Debit Card and SME Insta Deposit Cards are allowed to deposit the cash to their mapped account(s). The deposit of Cash is through a bunch of loose notes upto a maximum of 200 pieces at any one instance (50

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pieces in case of HCL manufactured CDMs), which the machine scans for genuineness (quality) and counts Note piece by piece (quantity). The customer can deposit upto a maximum of Rs.49900/- per transaction. The machine is enabled for acceptance of cash with denominations of Rs.1000/-, Rs.500/and Rs.100/- notes only. (e-cir:633/2012-13 dt:26/09/2012) Green Channel Counters(GCC) an Cash Deposit Machines (CDM) are innovative channels introduced by the Bank towards changing the behavioural pattern of our customers from traditional way of paper based banking to card based 'Green Banking' focussing on reduction in paper usage as well as saving transaction time. Incidentally, these initiatives save paper, time and resources. As of now, four types of transactions have been enabled through GCC viz. Cash Deposits, Cash Withdrawals, Funds Transfer, and Registration for Mobile Banking Service. The maximum transaction amount has been fixed as Rs 40,000/-. In case of CDM, cash can be deposited up to Rs. 49,900/- at any one instance. Customers can use the GCC and CDM without waiting in queues and without taking the tokens. They may simply walk to the GCC counter / CDMs, swipe their Debit cards and execute the transaction. also. Normal branch banking transactions take 4 to 5 minutes for completion, a transaction routed through the GCC / CDM takes less than a minute. GCC and CDM are endeavours to offer ease of transactions to all customers especially senior citizens. Moreover, as these facilities do not require / generate any vouchers. There is no pressure on the operating staff at the branches for VVR checking. (ecir:525/2012-13 dt:30/08/2012) STATE BANK SME INSTA DEPOSIT CARD (SMEIDC) ENABLED FOR CASH DEPOSIT THROUGH GCC AND CDM In addition to cash deposit through Cash Deposit Machines, this card has been now enabled for cash deposit through Green Channel Counters also.(e-cir:519/201213 dt:28/08/2012) User type involved in the Cash module: Vault Custodian User Type 50. Cash Officer - User Type 60 Teller - User Type 1

Joint custodians are to ensure at close of day that: The balance of cash as per the Vault Register = The balance of cash as per Accountants Cash Drawer = The balance of cash as per Branch Cash Balance Account 98903BBBBBC = The physical cash in the Vault. Note: Wherever cash box system is enabled, the cash kept overnight in the cash box is accounted in BGL98912BBBBBC. In such branches, it is to be ensured that the branch closing cash balance is equal to balance in BGL98903BBBBBC plus BGL98912BBBBBC. Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance, Government of India New Delhi has decided to disburse Govt. benefits under various social security schemes (approximately 32 schemes have been identified by MOF) Accordingly To facilitate linking of existing bank account to Aadhaar number, a new functionality of linking / seeding the UID / Aadhaar Number with the bank account has been developed by GITC, Belapur and activated in Banks CBS. The Bank has launched State Bank Business Debit Card in two variants, State Bank Pride and State Bank Premium on MasterCard and Visa platforms on the occasion of Bank Day2012.(ecir:320/2012-13 dt:04/07/2012) The stipulated minimum balance of Rs. 25000/for issuance of State Bank Pride Debit Card, it is decided by the appropriate authority to waive the same.(e-cir:803/2012-13 dt:03/11/2012)Detailed Process to issue business Debit card is detailed in e-cir:855/2012-13 dt:22nd Nov,2012) it has since been enabled in Core Banking to issue Business Debit Card to jointly operated Current Accounts of Partnerships or Companies subject to

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meticulous compliance of the certain clauses detailed in e-cir:940/2012-13 dt.18th Dec2012

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