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Lesson Planning Sheet Title: Linear Functions Learning Objectives: By the end of the lesson: All students should

be able to use a function machine to determine an outpout of a linear function given its x value. Most students should be able to create a table of results showing x and y for any linear function. Some students should be able to derive a linear function given corresponding x and y values. Keywords: Function, Linear, Table of results, x, y Learning Activities Starter/Introduction Students match outputs to the given function machines. Less able students may need to generate the outputs by applying the functions to the inputs, whereas the more able may recognise the difference in the output is given by the multiplier for each function. Have the solutions presented on mini-whiteboards for assessment and feedback. Development To generate a series of outputs for a linear function students may benefit from breaking it down using a two step machine. For y = 2x+1 x is the input with y the output. For y = 2x+1 y is calculated by doubling x and adding one to the result. Use the function machine to generate the outputs then transfer the them to the x and y table. Work through the second example using a similar approach. The interactive Excel file can be used for further examples. Students should be able to attempt the problems on the third slide independently. When matching the functions to the tables encourage the class to consider multiple patterns, such as, the effect of the gradient in determining the difference between each term as well as the constant term for finding y when x equals zero. Use the jigsaw puzzle in additional resources to additional consolidation. Plenary The plenary challenges students to derive the function from the table of results by using the patterns related to the gradient and intercepts. Encourage the class to check their derivations by generating individual terms. Students could also check their solutions using the table function on their scientific calculators. Differentiation More able: Students could consider decimal and negative inputs to emphasise the continuous nature of the function. Less Able Students may benefit from drawing the function machine for each equation to help them break the calculations down. Resources: Mini-whiteboards Jigsaw puzzle Function Machine Excel File