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An Effective Teacher
Teachers play an important role in a persons life. Throughout my life, I have come across many types of teachers. Many of them have inspired me and influenced my life. Some of good their job but some have made my life downright miserable. What makes an effective teacher? First and foremost, he (or she) must be knowledgeable in his (or her) own field. Pupils quickly lose respect for teachers who are unable to answer a simple question or solve a simple problem related to the field. They should also be honest with pupils if they do not know the answer and make efforts to improve themselves. Apart from that, an effective teacher should also be able to impart his knowledge to his pupils. I once had an Additional Mathematics teacher who was a genius but he could not tell us clearly how he solved mathematics problems. Such a teacher is of no use to pupils. An effective teacher is able to simplify a difficult concept and help pupils to understand them. He is able to teach even weak pupils. Furthermore, he should also continue to keep abreast with the latest developments of his field and the world in general. It is rather embarrassing when pupils seem to know more about what is going on in the world than teachers who seem contented using the same notes year in and year out. Moreover, an effective teacher is also a fair teacher. He does not show favouritism among his pupils. He treats everyone equally regardless of creed, race or intelligence. There is nothing worse than teachers who pay extra attention to pupils who are more intelligent. Finally, an effective teacher is also one who does not allow his personal life to interfere with his work at school. He able to put aside his worries and concentrate on the task at hand in school. If a teacher is constantly worried about his personal

problems, he cannot be totally committed to his pupils and such teachers are more ineffective. Teachers play such an important role in a pupils life. An effective teacher is someone who is a role model-who not only educates his pupils but also ignites and inspires them towards becoming wholesome individuals.