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Ben Carson had not only the dedication and intelligence but also two special talentsextraordinary hand-eye coordination and unusual depth perception that led to his successful career as a neurosurgeon. In Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story, you will learn how Ben Carsons special talents helped others and made a difference in peoples lives.

Everyones talents are different and each one of us has the opportunity to give a valuable gi ft to people around us. Think about your own talents. What makes you unique? How can your talents be used? Complete the following questions. 1. What do you enjoy doing?

I like writing, reading, being with my friends and my family, help those who I can.
2. What are your talents? *Respectful *Responsible *Honest *Honorable *Amicable *Audacious *Leal *Happy * Mathematical Talent

*Social Talent *Verbal Talent * Academic Talent

3. What do you consider your most important talent? Social Talent because is important for to be able to better person. 4. How could you use your talent to help someone else?

Social Talent because it is characterized by having ample resources and decision-making related to social information, and probably communicative.
5. Why is it important to share your talents with others?

Because the demonstrate, the aids.

Describe your talents and what makes you special in an Acrostic Poem, using the letters of your first name to start each line of the poem. Add more lines if you need to. __A _ MICABLE ___________________________ __N_ _ ATTY ______________________________ __G_ ENTILE ____________________________ __E __ LEGANT____________________________

___L_ OVELY ___________________________ ___I_ ___ NTELLIGENT _____________________ ___C_ __OMPREHENSIVE___________________ ___A_ __ FFECTIONATE_____________________ ___L_ ___I_ ___Z_ ___E_ ___T_ ___H_ EAL __________________________________ NTERESTING __________________________ INGER ________________________________ ARNEST _______________________________ EASER ________________________________ APPY __________________________________

After Seeing Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story with your family, ask them to describe their talents and how they are putting them to use. Discuss ways you and your family members use their talents to make a difference in your community.

My family to say my talents are: *Respectful * Mathematical Talent *Social Talent *Verbal Talent * Academic Talent *Responsible *Honest *Honorable *Amicable *Audacious *Leal *Happy I'm putting into practice parahacer things, help people. To be different in the community bedo to put them into practice when necessary.