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Another arrest in jewellery store robberies

PICKERING -- A third person has been arrested, and a warrant has been issued for a fourth, in relation to two distraction-style thefts from Pic erin! "ewellery stores# A $%-year-old &a'al, (uebec, woman was arrested )onday and returned to *urham, where she had a bail hearin!# Police say the arrest is a result of a len!thy multi-"urisdiction in'esti!ation and help from the public# +ina Caldaras of *u Pacifi,ue A'enue, &a'al, is char!ed with two counts each of theft o'er -.,/// and breach of probation# 0he was remanded in custody# 0he is char!ed for her alle!ed role in two distraction thefts of "ewellery# 1he thefts happened 2an# 3 at )appins 2ewellers in the Pic erin! 1own Centre, and on 2an# $ at Norma4s 5ine 2ewellers in Pic erin!# A man has also been identified as a suspect# An arrest warrant has been issued for )arcel Cirpaci, 67, of no fi8ed address# 9e is belie'ed to be in Romania# 1wo others were arrested and char!ed in early 5ebruary as part of the on!oin! in'esti!ation# Anyone with further information on this matter is as ed to call 7-%%%-.:;-7.3/, e8t# 7;36# Anonymous tips can be made to *urham Re!ional Crime 0toppers at 7-%//-333-1IP0 <%6::= and tipsters may be eli!ible for a cash reward of up to -3,///#