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Nick Ramsays Policy Statement

Attendance: Attendance will be taken daily and recorded. Students will be expected to attend every class unless there are extenuating circumstances. It is essential that students attend the classes as critical information and concepts will be covered. Students missing significant time, without a valid excuse, will need to meet with me at lunch, and or, after school. Should these absences start to impact a students performance, they will need to meet with me, their parents, and the school principal. Participation: To truly grasp the material being covered, students need to be actively engaged in the learning. Students are expected to participate regularly. They will be able to demonstrate participation in various ways including speaking in class, working in groups, and submitting informal writing on the topics covered. A grade out of five will be issued on each report that will assess the students participation for the term. Students are welcome to submit a proposal for what they feel they deserve on this grade. That proposal will be taken into consideration when coming up with a final participation grade. Homework: Homework will be checked regularly and feedback given. Homework is a key component to a students mastery of a topic. Homework is designed to reinforce, and expand, the ideas and information discussed in the classroom. While no formal grade will be assigned to homework activities, students are required to complete all work. Students who dont complete homework will be required to stay in during breaks, and or, after school to complete the work. Also, parents will be contacted to discuss students homework should the issue persist. Late Assignments & Homework: Students will submit all work completed, and on time. If there is a valid reason for being late, students should discuss extensions with me prior to the due date. All work should be submitted on Wednesdays. Students who have not submitted their work by that day will be required to stay at lunch, and or, after school until their assignment is completed. No assignments will be corrected until the Friday of the week they are due. This allows for students with valid excuses to submit late work by the end of the week. All others will lose their lunch break and may be required to remain after school until the assignment is completed. If the assignment is not received by the following Monday, the students parents may be contacted. Academic Dishonesty: Plagiarism, or any other form of academic dishonesty, is strictly prohibited. Instances of academic dishonesty will result in disciplinary measures, up to and including, dismissal from the class. Students found to submit assignments that are not their own, will be required to resubmit the assignment and write a report on why academic dishonesty is wrong. They will remain during lunch and after school until it is completed. Furthermore, the student(s) parents will be contacted in all instances of academic dishonesty. If there is a further instance of academic dishonesty, the principal and/or school board will be made aware of the issue. Students cheating on tests will be sent immediately to the principals office, their parents contacted, and further action may be taken at the discretion of the school administration.