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ITINERARY Bulgaria trip Accommodations: Radisson Blue hotel: http://www.radissonblu.

com/hotel-sofia/ Warren & Elizabeth: booking # 2721120 (guaranteed) Pavlina: booking # 2721118 (guaranteed) FRIDAY, November 8th, 11:25a Ryan and Paul arrive. Ryan takes Paul to his hotel 2:15p Warren & Elizabeth arrive (Air France via Paris Flight 1070 operated by Bulgaria Air) Airport pickup: RYAN MARKOV 6pm Pavlina arrives (Alitalia via Rome, Flight AZ 520 operated by BG air) Airport pickup: Hotel shuttle 7:30p DINNER SATURDAY, November 9th 10am Roundtable Warren: 1. Buckaroo illustration 2. Inflation/Hyperinflation Pavlina: 1. What is money? 2. Sector Balances: US, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria--implications 3. Functional Finance, Unemployment, Job Guarantee Warren: 3. Currency board analysis/Exchange rates Ryan: 1. How MMT informs political choices in Bulgaria Discussants from Sofia University and the Central Bank in Bulgaria Noon Coffee break Closing Discussion and statements for media 1:30p LUNCH PM Paul Thomas interviews (at conference venue or hotel) 7:30p DINNER @ Boyana (PAVLINAs booking) SUNDAY, November 10th TBD Warren & Elizabeth depart to Italy Airport transportation: RYAN MARKOV AM? Paul Thomas/Pavlina interview Noon Lunch PM Free time MONDAY, November 11th 7am Pavlina departs Transportation: hotel shuttle Noon Paul Thomas departs Transportation: TBD

THURSDAY, November 14 TBD Warren & Elizabeth arrive from Italy. Transportation: Ryan (need airline information) Hotel: 2 bookings (you can choose, there is no penalty for letting the other expire) Radisson Blue hotel: 159+VAT (airport shuttle 20 extra/person) Or Novotel: 92(without breakfast) or 125 (with breakfast). Airport shuttle 5/person Friday, November 15 TBD Warren & Elizabeth depart to the US Transportation: hotel shuttle or Ryan