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The Archangel Gabriel from the Annunciation, beginning of 12 th century.

The icon is a part of the composition of the Annunciation together with the icon of the Virgin (cat. 4) and once has been on the iconostasis of the church of the Mother of God Peribleptos (St. lement) in !hrid. The Archangel Gabriel" whose figure is presented on this icon with an e#pressi$e monumentalit%" is dressed in a blue tunic and oli$e&gra%ish cloa' with greenish and white lighting. (e is turned to the right" with raised right arm in a gesture of salutation while the left arm has entirel% been destro%ed. The folds of the $estment on the archangel)s bod%" in a state of mo$ement" are relief and *uite deep. (is wings are painted in red and the feathers are drawn in brown and white. The incarnation of the face has a mild modeling and is treated in a similar wa% as on the icon of the Virgin & mostl% in oli$e&green tones with a limited use of ocher and red on the chee's. The bac'ground and the frame of the icon are co$ered with a coating of sil$er plates with the same floral ornamentation as on the coating of the Virgin)s icon" but the relief figures are different. +t)s been damaged to a great degree on the upper and especiall% the lower frame of the icon. Standing figures of archangels are presented on the longer sides of the frame" four on the left and fi$e on the right one. Some of them are dressed in dalmatica and hold labarum and a sphere in the hands and some ha$e militar% suits with swords and scabbards in their hands. The aureole around the head of the Archangel and the bac'ground under the sil$er coating are golden. !n both sides of the aureole there are threefold apertures where most probabl% the inscriptions" that are missing now" were placed.