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LAB 5 Andrew Konen, Tawan Wilson, Jesse Oleyar _________________________________________________________________________________________ Local Agencies Communication - When officers in the field

are looking for a specific citizen they can have all of that persons information and a photo sent straight to their mobile computers within seconds to ensure they have the proper information. Respectively, and EMT can be sent a persons medical records while on route to an accident and have the information before they arrive. Research Investigators can closely monitor current and recent activity from everyone who is involved in a crime investigation. This can be as simple as monitoring social media sites. They can also quickly research information regarding a specific case from police files kept in databases, when granted access. Records Police departments store case files and criminal records on computer databases. They also use computers to send information from one department to others requesting specific case information. Information found on computer systems can be used as evidence and aid in solving a case. Safety Local jails and prison can use electronically controlled cells that are activated remotely. They also use high tech security systems to monitor inmates, depending on the level of security. _________________________________________________________________________________________ National Security Vicap-investigators from participating agencies electronically enter in-depth data on their case directly into ViCAP Web. This can include details on the victim(s), type of trauma, weapons used, information about the suspect and any composite images, crime scene specifics, vehicle descriptions, modus operandi, and more. Laser detection of nuclear materials- using laser detection the homeland security agency can detect nuclear weaponry and explosives. Drones- unmanned drones fly over the united states and other countries for recon purposes. Wiretapping- records and monitors phone conversations. FBI Child ID app- partnering with Itunes FBI can track your phone and your childs phone along with providing a direct line to missing children services in case the child is lost. Biometric Databases- maintains a database of retina scans, blood samples, and fingerprints for comparison nationwide. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Private Business Security Measures Businesses take different measures ensuring that their websites have adequate security for them and their many users/subscribers one of the main things used is a firewall There are two main types of firewalls; network firewalls and host-based firewalls. Network firewalls, firewalls are a Dedicated gateway machine with special security precautions on it, used to service outside network connections and dial-in lines firewalls do to things they filter internet traffic the comes into your network and control what computers on

your network can send both small and private businesses use firewalls although firewalls are helpful they cannot stop a network from being attacked they can simply slow the process . _________________________________________________________________________________________