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Luxury Brand Management EM054U1T Fall 2013 Case Study: S ang !

!"a (vs Shanghai Tang) Shang Xia is an interesting attempt to create a brand new luxury and fully Chinese in the luxury sector. Start visiting the website:, then surf the web to gather additional pieces of information relating to the brand. 1# our first mission is to enhance our !nowledge of Shang Xia see!ing all available information on the brand "company website, internet research, and any other source available#. $he ob%ective is to present particular: $he brand history business model $he range of products, the mix Customer &rofile 'irst (esults 'actors explaining these results )rap up the strengths and wea!nesses of Shang Xia in a Swot analysis 2 # ou then analy*e in depth the brand identity by identifying what are the points-ofdifference of the brand, and its most uni+ue features. ou compare Shang Xia to Shanghai Tang "an earlier attempt of the same nature, but has not yet been successfull#. Shanghai $ang belongs to the luxury group (ichemont 3 # Can Shang Xia gain worldwide recognition, -magine the problems the brand could meet to achieve this goal and how it can overcome obstacles to get there.