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Azrina Abu Bakar 2013

The Topic Sentence

Introduce the main idea of the

paragraph/purpose. Inform the reader what the paragraph will be about. The most general sentence in the paragraph. It acts as an umbrella that covers all of the ideas in the paragraph. Contains controlling ideas that control the information in the paragraph.

Controlling Ideas
Words or phrases that gives the main ideas in the

paragraph/ an idea that limits the content of a paragraph to one aspect of the topic. The sentence that follow the topic sentence will then : explain, define, clarify, illustrate. After the topic sentence appears, the readers expect that the sentences that follow will answer questions about the controlling ideas : Who? What? When? Why? Where? How? How much?

It is very difficult to be alone in a foreign

country Why? In what ways? How do you know?

Most people have the wrong idea about the

definition of statistics. What idea is wrong? What is the right definition? Why?
The Egyptian civilization was one of the most

important cultures of the ancient world. This civilization flourished along the rich banks and