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Condition Table for Pricing $ Not Used in Standard Domestic Taxes Tax Indicator Material Customer/Material Price List Type/Currency/Material Division/Customer Plant/Additional selling plant Additional selling plant/International Article Number Additional Selling Plant/Material Export Taxes Additional Selling Plant/Material Group Overhead Type Overhead Type/Overhead Key Not Used in Standard Contract Item Material Info Record (Plant-Specific) Material Info Record Contract Header Division/Price Group Vendor/Material/Unit of Measure Material/Unit of Measure Additional Selling Plant/Material/Unit of Measure Distribution Channel/Material/Unit of Measure Info Record for Non-Stock Item (Plant-Specific) Controlling Area/Cost Center Controlling Area Info Record for Non-Stock Item Material Pricing Group Customer/Material Pricing Group Price Group/Material Pricing Group Price group/Material Incoterms Incoterms Part 1 + 2 Overhead Type/Plant Overhead Type/Order Type Overhead Type/Order Catg. Overhead Type/Company Code Overhead Type/Business Area Country/State/Customer Classif.1/Material Classification 1 Country/State/County/Customer Classif.2/Material Classif.2 Country/State/City/Customer Classif.3/Material Classif.3 Purchasing Organization/Material Type Vendor Vendor Condition Group Material Group Prices Material Group Prices (Plant-Specific) Sales conditions sample structure for pricing Market Price for Material Sales conditions sample structure for pricing Invoicing Party Invoicing Party (Specific to Info Record) Taxes via Jurisdiction Code Market Price for Material Group Sales conditions sample structure for pricing Sales conditions sample structure for pricing Variants

A058 A059 A060 A061 A062 A063 A064 A065 A066 A067 A068 A069 A070 A071 A072 A073 A074 A075 A076 A077 A078 A079 A080 A081 A082 A083 A084 A085 A086 A087 A088 A089 A090 A091 A092 A093 A094 A095 A096 A097 A098 A099 A100 A101 A102 A103 A104 A105 A106 A107 A108 A109 A110 A112 A113 A114 A115 A116 A117 A118

Controlling Area/Cost Center Type Controlling Area/Company Code Controlling Area/Business Area Controlling Area/Cost Center Type/Cost Center Controlling Area/Company Code/Cost Center Controlling Area/Business Area/Cost Center Customer Hierarchy Customer Hierarchy/Material Info record per order unit Plant Info Record per Order Unit Outline Agreement Item: Plant-Dependent Vendor Sub-Range EAN per Plant Material per Plant EAN per SOrg/DstCh Material per SOrg/DstCh Plant/Preference Zone/Material Master Conditions for SRV with Material Group Master Conditions for Activities in Contract Cost Split for Activities in Contract Departure Country / Destination Country Sales Organization/Distribution Channel/Material Group Taxes: Material Contract Conditions at Plant Level Contract Conditions without Plant Vendor Conditions with Plant Vendor Conditions without Plant Metal Prices "Taxes: Material, Plant and Origin" "Taxes: Plant, Account Assignment and Origin" "Taxes: Material, Plant, Account Assignment and Origin" SD Document/Material SD Document/Item/Material Wage Type Surcharge at Plant Level Wage Type Surcharge without Plant Wage Type Surcharge - General "Taxes: Material, Plant, Origin and Region" Activities + Purchasing Organization Activities for Vendor Activities for Vendor with Plant SD Document/Item/Material Pricing Group SD Document/Item SOrg/DstCh/Material_MainItem/Material SOrg/DstCh/Material-Main Item/Material Pricing Group SOrg/DstCh/Material Pricing Group-Main Item/Material SOrg/DstCh/MaterialPricingGroup-MainItem/MatPricingGroup Service Conditions (Own Estimate) Controlling Area/Company Code/Business Area Price List/Material Group Vendor Hierarchy Vendor Hierarchy / Material Vendor hierarchy: vendor sub-range Sales Organization/Destination Country Service agent Service agent/Dep.cntry/ Tax Exemption: Customer Ser.agnt/Dep.ctry/Dep.PC /Ship-to party Tax Exemption - Customer/Tax Classification 2-Material Tax Exemption - Customer/Material Empties Prices (Material-Dependent)

A119 A120 A121 A122 A123 A124 A125 A126 A127 A128 A129 A130 A131 A132 A133 A134 A135 A136 A137 A138 A139 A140 A141 A142 A143 A144 A145 A146 A147 A148 A152 A153 A154 A155 A156 A160 A161 A162 A180 A185 A215 A300 A301 A304 A305 A306 A307 A310 A315 A316 A317 A320 A321 A325 A326 A330 A331 A335 A336 A340

Service agent/Dep.ctry/ /Dest. country Overhead Type/Version Legal Control: Values for Calculating Foreign Percentage Surch. type /Profit Center Discount Type/Resp. Cost Center Service agent/Dep.cntry/Dep. PostCode/Tariff zone Dest. loc. Service agent/Tariff zone dep./Tariff zone target Service Agent/TariffZoneDep/TariffZoneDest/Freight Class Service Agent/TariffZoneDep/TariffZoneDest/Incoterms Service Agent/TariffZoneDep/TariffZoneDest/ShippingMatType Service Agent/TariffZDep/TariffZDest/ShipMatType/VSEGR 1 Service agent/tariff zone dep./tariff zone targ/shipping mat Service Agent/TariffZnDp/TariffZnDest/Packaging Matl/VSEGR1 Price per Cost Center "Mixed Taxes, Domestic" Vendor Transp. service agent/shipping type/bulk group Price per Controlling Area Price per Country/Region Price per Company Code/Business Area Price per Profit Center Sales Area / Accounting Indicator Dependent on material and receiver profit center Dependent on material Dependent on material group Sales Deal Basic Data Sales Deal - Customer/Material Customer Hierarchy Customer Hierarchy (Sales Deal) Product Hierarchy Sales Org./Dist. Channel/Plant/Material/Sales Unit/Customer Sales Org./Distribution Channel/Plant/Sales Unit/Customer SalesOrg./Dist.Channel/PriceList/Material/SalesUnit/Customer Sales Org./Dist. Channel/Price List/Material/Sales Unit Country of Departure/Destination Country/Del. Country Plant Info Record: Variants Info Record: Variants Trading Contract: Invoice Recipient Country/Preference Zone/Cross-Plant Grouping Order no./Item/Configuration no./Material/Preference zone Contract header conditions at outline level without plant Statistical Value of Subcontracting Components Info Record Type and Incoterms Material with release status Customer/material with release status Price list category/currency/material with release status Customer with Release Status Duty Rate Customs Exemption: Importing Ctry/Code/Material Cust.Duty Anti-dumping: Import/Code/Orig.ctry/Manu./Exp./Mat Anti-dumping Duty Rate: Imp.Ctry/Code/Orig.Ctry/Anti-d. Code Anti-dumping Duty Rate: Imp.Cntry/Code Number/Cntry of Orig. Third country Duties: Import ctry/Code/Orig.ctry/Ship.ctry Third Country Duty Rate: Import Country/Code Duties Pharma. Products: Import country/Code/CAS/Material Pharm. Products Duty Rate: Import Country/Code/Pharma. Code Preferential Cust.Duties: Imp.ctry/Orig.ctry/Ship.ctry/Matl Preference Duty Rate: Import Ctry/Code/Orig.Ctry/Preference Quota Duty Rate: Imp.ctry/Code/Orig.ctry/Proc./Mat/Quota Quota Duty Rate: Import Country/Code/Orig.Ctry/Quota Number Foreign Trade: CAP: Restitution rates

A345 Ceiling Duty Rate: Import Country/Orig.Country/Ceiling No. A364 Trading Contract/Vendor/Material A365 Trading Contract/Vendor/Material A366 Trading Contract Number A390 Brazil: 100% reversals A395 Arg.: Country/Fisc.Type A396 Arg.: Country/Fisc.Type/Material A397 Arg.: Tax relevant classification A399 Withholding tax code - country-specific A503 Country/Tax code A554 A555 type/Industry/DepartZone/RegStrGrp./ A699 Sales org./Distr. chl/Customer/Material/Country A701 Distr. chl/Country A739 Sales org./Distr. chl/Division/Customer/Material A800 Sales org./Distr. chl/Price grp/Material A801 Sales org./Distr. chl/SalesDocTy/Material A844 SOrg-order/Plant/Material/Unit/Bill to/Country/Customer A845 SOrg-order/Plant/Material/Country/Customer/AcctIndic A900 Mat grp MM/Mat grp1/Mat grp2 A901 Mat grp MM/Mat grp1/Mat grp2/Mat grp3 A902 Mat grp3/Mat grp2/Mat grp4 A903 Mat grp MM/Mat grp1/Mat grp4/Mat grp2 A904 Material A905 Price grp/Mat grp MM/Mat grp1/Mat grp2 A906 Price grp/Mat grp3/Mat grp2/Mat grp4 A907 Price grp/Mat grp MM/Mat grp1/Mat grp4/Mat grp2 A908 Price grp/Material A909 Customer/Mat grp MM/Mat grp1/Mat grp2 A910 Customer/Mat grp3/Mat grp2/Mat grp4 A911 Customer/Mat grp MM/Mat grp1/Mat grp4/Mat grp2 A912 Customer/Material A913 Order type/Mat grp MM/Mat grp1/Mat grp2 A914 Order type/Mat grp3/Mat grp2/Mat grp4 A915 Order type/Mat grp MM/Mat grp1/Mat grp4/Mat grp2 A916 Order type/Material A917 Order type/Price grp/Mat grp MM/Mat grp1/Mat grp2 A918 Order type/Price grp/Mat grp3/Mat grp2/Mat grp4 A919 Order type/Price grp/Mat grp MM/Mat grp1/Mat grp4/Mat grp2 A920 Order type/Price grp/Material A921 Order type/Customer/Mat grp MM/Mat grp1/Mat grp2 A922 Order type/Customer/Mat grp3/Mat grp2/Mat grp4 A923 Order type/Customer/Mat grp MM/Mat grp1/Mat grp4/Mat grp2 A924 Order type/Customer/Material A951 Sales org./ A980 Tax ind./Country A981 Country A983 Country/Tax code A990 Country A993 Country/Tax code A996 Tax for Service Order: Sales Order Type A998 Country/Bill.type/TaxCl1Cust/TaxCl.Mat A999 Country/Bill.type/TaxCl1Cust/TaxCl.Mat ABAPHTML System Table ABAPHTML for Buffering ABAP Documentation ABAPTREE ABAP Demonstration Hierarchy ABAPTREET Demonstration Hierarchy: Texts ABC_F4TAB CO-ABC: Table for Subdividing F4 Data Elements ABC_FTREE CO-OM-ABC: Function Tree ABC_FTREET CO-ABC: Text Tree Structure ABDOCMODE Window Setting for ABAP Keyword Documentation

ABTREE ABAP Workbench Tree Objects ACCTCR Compressed Data from FI/CO Document - Currencies ACCTHD Compressed Data from FI/CO Document - Header ACCTIT Compressed Data from FI/CO Document ACDIAGSHOW AC Diagnosis Tool: Displayed Fields in AC Document ACLPERMIS Access Control List for Package Use Access ACRELATION Relationships in Accounting ACT_ASPECT AC Diagnosis Tool: Definition of Views for AC Interface ACTFLI ABAP/4 book: Flights AD01C_ATTR DIP profile: Characteristics AD01C_CHK DIP profile: Check function AD01C_CHKT DIP profile: Check function texts AD01C_CT Apportionment reason AD01C_CTT Apportionment reason text AD01C_MAT DIP profile: Material determination AD01C_MATA DIP profile: Material determination criteria AD01C_PROF DIP profile: Usage AD01C_PRTX DIP profile: Texts AD01C_SEL DIP profile: Sources AD01C_SELA DIP profile: Selection criteria AD01DLI Dynamic items (DI) AD01DLIEF DI flow: Individual flow AD01DLISF DI Flow: Totals Flow AD01SETTCH DIP: Saved settings for user 1 AD01SETTMO DIP: Saved settings for user 2 AD01SRC DIP: Sources AD01SRCARC Residence Times for DPP Sources AD01SRCTAB DIP: Source <-> Table AD01SRCTXT DIP: Source Texts ADAA SAP DB: Directory of Valid DBA Actions ADACACHE Information About SAP DB Cache Access ADATABSIZE SAP DB: Table sizes including indexes in KB ADCNTRYQU Countries with active quarterly adjustment ADCP Person/Address assignment (central address administration) ADCPS Shadow table: Assignment person/address (CAM) ADIRACCESS Table to store keys for TADIR objects ADMI_APPLI Application archive file information table ADMI_BUFFC Buffer table ADMI_BUFFI Buffer table ADMI_CRIT Manage critical archiving objects (database conversion) ADMI_EXAMP Archiving object EXAMPLE archive file info table ADMI_FIDOC Archive Management for FI_DOCUMNT Object ADMI_FIDOQ Enhancement to Archive Mgt. for FI_DOCUMNT Object ADMI_FILES Archive Files of Archive Sessions ADMI_JOBS Archive Jobs ADMI_RJOBS Read program jobs ADMI_RUN Archive Runs Header Data ADMI_SBOOK Archive file - info table for archiving object BC_SBOOK ADMI_SKIP Address of data objects to be skipped ADMI_VARIA Contents of Variant of Archive Program ADOWNERREF Temporary reference address storage - Master object (ALE) ADQUINDX INDX-type table for quarterly adjustment addresses ADR10 Printer (central address management) ADR10S Shadow table: Printer (central address management) ADR10S2 Shadow Table 2: Printer (Central Address Management) ADR11 SSF (Central address management) ADR11S Shadow table: SSF (central address management) ADR11S2 Shadow Table 2: SSF (Central Address Management) ADR12 FTP and URL (central address management) ADR12S Shadow table: FTP and URL (central address management)

ADR12S2 Shadow Table 2: FTP and URL (Central Address Management) ADR13 Pager (central address management) ADR13S Shadow table: Pager (central address management) ADR13S2 Shadow Table 2: Pager (Central Address Management) ADR14 Reserve communication type (central address management) ADR15 Reserve communication type (central address management) ADR16 Reserve communication type (central address management) ADR2 Telephone numbers (central address admin.) ADR2S Shadow table: Telephone numbers (CAM) ADR2S2 Shadow Table 2: Telephone Nos (Central Address Management) ADR3 Fax numbers (central address admin.) ADR3S Shadow table: Fax numbers (CAM) ADR3S2 Shadow Table 2: Fax Numbers (Central Address Management) ADR4 Teletex numbers (central address admin.) ADR4S Shadow table: Teletex numbers (CAM) ADR4S2 Shadow Table 2: Teletex Numbers (Central Address Management) ADR5 Telex numbers (central address administration) ADR5S Shadow table: Fax numbers (CAM) ADR5S2 Shadow Table 2: Telex Numbers (Central Address Management) ADR6 SMTP numbers (central address admin.) ADR6S Shadow table: SMTP numbers (CAM) ADR6S2 Shadow Table 2: SMTP Numbers (Central Address Management) ADR7 Remote Mail Addresses (R/3 - R/3; Central address mgt) ADR7S Shadow table: RML addresses (Central Address Management) ADR7S2 Shadow Table 2: RML addresses (Central Address Management) ADR8 X.400 numbers (central address admin.) ADR8S Shadow table: X.400 numbers (CAM) ADR8S2 Shadow Table 2: X.400 Numbers (Central Address Management) ADR9 RFC destinations (central address admin.) ADR9S Shadow table: RFC destinations (CAM) ADR9S2 Shadow Table 2: RFC Destination (Central Address Management) ADRC Addresses (central address admin.) ADRCITY Postal cities ADRCITYPRT Postal districts ADRCITYT Postal districts (long texts) ADRCMAT Search matrix address type 1 (error-tolerant search) ADRCMX Matrix element address type 1 (error-tolerant search) ADRCOMC Comm. data serial number counter (central address admin.) ADRCOMCS Shadow table: Counter for current numbers for comm. data ADRCOMCS2 Shdow Table 2: Comm. data serial number counter ADRCS Shadow table: Addresses (CAM) ADRCS2 Shadow Table 2: Addresses (Central Address Management) ADRCT Address texts (central address admin.) ADRCTS Shadow table: Texts for addresses (CAM) ADRCTS2 Shadow Table 2: Address texts (Central Address Management) ADRCWO Record reference address type 1 (error-tolerant search) ADRDIF_CP Difference Table: Districts for Quarterly Adjustment ADRDIF_CT Difference Table: Cities for Quarterly Adjustment ADRDIFINFO Control Table for Difference Tables: Quarterly Adjustment ADRDIF_PC Difference Table: Postal Codes for Quarterly Adjustment ADRDIF_PO Difference Table: PO Boxes for Quarterly Adjustment ADRDIF_ST Difference Table: Street for Quarterly Adjustment ADRDYCONTR System table for screen construction for regional structure ADRG Assignment of addresses to other address groups (cent.adr.) ADRGP Assignment of persons to further person groups (cent.addr.) ADRGPS Shadow table: Assignment of persons to other person groups ADRGS Shadow table: Assignment of addresses to other address grps ADRGS2 Shadow Table 2: Assign Addresses to Other Address groups ADRP Persons (central address administration) ADRPCDCITY Postal code/city: Assignment table

ADRPOBOX PO Boxes ADRPS Shadow table: Persons (CAM) ADRPSTCODE Postal codes ADRREGGRP Regional structure grouping ADRREGGRPT Grouping of the regional structure (long texts) ADRSTATUS SADR -> ADRC address conversion status per address group ADRSTREET Streets ADRSTREETT Streets (long texts) ADRSTRPCD Street (section)/postal code: Assignment ADRSTRTYPE Street type ADRSTRTYPT Street type (long texts) ADRT Communication data text (central address administration) ADRTS Shadow table: Texts for communications data (CAM) ADRTS2 Shadow Table 2: Communication data texts (Centr.Addr.Mgt) ADRV Address where used list (central address administration) ADRVP Person where-used list (central address administration) ADRVPS Shadow table: Where-used list for persons (CAM) ADRVS Shadow table: Where-used list for addresses (CAM) AEDT Engineering Change Management: Alternative Dates AEEF ECM: effectivity AEHI Change hierarchy AENR Change Master AENV ECH: Object Types for Change Master AEOI ECH: Object Management Records for Change Master AEPF ECM: effectivity AEPLST Identical object in explosion (item) AEPREC Identical object in explosion (header) AESERVICES Name Reservation for Address Enhancement Services AEXMNT ALV Example AEXPM ALV Example: Printer Maintenance Personnel AEXPRN ALV Example: Printer Data AEXUP ALV Example: User Printer Connection AEXUSR ALV Example: User AEZU ECH: Assign Material to Effectivity Profile AFAB Network - Relationships AFBP CIM order: Batch print requests AFFH PRT assignment data for the work order AFFL Work order sequence AFFT Order - Process Instructions AFFV Order - Process Instruction Values AFFW Goods movements with errors from confirmations AFFWPRO Log of deleted AFFW entries AFIH Maintenance order header AFKO Order header data PP orders AFPO Order item AFRC Incorrect cost calculations from confirmations AFRD Default values for collective confirmation AFRH Header information for confirmation pool AFRH_DEL Backup copy of header information for confirmation pool AFRP0 Table of planned changes for confirmation (PDC) AFRP1 Table of planned changes to conf.: Automatic goods receipt AFRP2 Table of planned changes for confirmation: Backflushing AFRP3 Table of planned changes for confirmation: Calc.actual costs AFRP4 Table of planned changes to confirmatn: Data transfer to HR AFRU Order completion confirmations AFRUHR Order Confirmations for HR AFRV Confirmations pool AFRV_DEL Backup copy for confirmation pool AFSPOPR Split Operations in an Order Split AFSPREL Relation Between Orders in an Order Split

AFVC Operation within an order AFVU DB structure of the user fields of the operation AFVV DB structure of the quantities/dates/values in the operation AFWI Subsequently posted goods movements for confirmations AFWIS Table of Reprocessing Records Already Reposted AGDB ABAP/4 Generation Tool: Pattern database AGKO Cleared Accounts AGR_1016 Name of the activity group profile AGR_1016B Name of the activity group profile AGR_1250 Authorization data for the activity group AGR_1251 Authorization data for the activity group AGR_1252 Organizational elements for authorizations AGR_1253 Authorization Data for Activity Group - Static Objects AGR_AGRS Roles in collective role AGR_AGRS2 Role definition AGR_ATTS Role attributes AGR_BUFFI Table for Internet Links for Roles AGR_BUFFI2 Internet links table - Customer version of SAP roles AGR_BUFFI3 Internet links table - SAP versions of SAP roles AGR_CUSTOM Role Customizing objects AGR_DATEU Personal settings for roles AGR_DEFINE Role definition AGR_FAVOS Personal settings for PFCG AGR_FLAGS Role attributes AGR_FLAGSB Role attributes AGR_HIER Table for Structure Information for Menu AGR_HIER2 Menu structure information - Customer version of SAP roles AGR_HIER3 Menu structure information - SAP version of SAP roles AGR_HIERT Role menu texts AGR_HIERT2 Role menu texts - Customer version of SAP objects AGR_HIERT3 Role menu texts - SAP Original AGR_LOGSYS Logical system AGR_MARK Table for report SAPPROFC_NEW AGR_MINI Mini-appls in role AGR_MINI2 Mini-applications in role AGR_MINIT Role mini-appl texts AGR_MINIT2 Role mini-application texts AGR_NUM_2 Internal Counter for Assigning Profile Names AGR_NUMBER Internal Counter for Assigning Profile Names AGR_PROF Profile name for role AGR_SELECT Assignment of roles to Tcodes AGR_TCDTXT Assignment of roles to Tcodes AGR_TCODE3 Assignment of roles to Tcodes AGR_TCODES Assignment of roles to Tcodes AGR_TEXTS File Structure for Hierarchical Menu - Customer AGR_TIME Date stamp for role AGR_TIMEB Date stamp for role AGR_TIMEC Date stamp for role AGR_TIMED Date stamp for role AGR_USERS Assignment of roles to users AGR_USERT Assignment of roles to users AIC_VBRK Archiving SD_VBRK: Customizing for Index (secondary) AIND_STATU Status management of archive information structures AIND_STR1 Archive info structures AIND_STR1T Text of archive information structure AIND_STR2 Archive information structure: system information AIND_STR3 Archive information structure: field catalog AIND_STR4 "Achive information structure: field catalog, further fields" AIND_STR5 R/3 AS: Function Modules for Application-Dependent Reporting AIND_STR5T R/3 AS: Texts of Application-Dependent Data Object Display

AIND_STR6 "R/3 AS, Field Catalog: Additional Info on Fields" AIND_STR7 SAP AS: Virtual Field Catalogs AIND_STR8 "Archive Information System: indexes, fields" AIND_STR9 SAP AS: Authorization checks AKKB Documentary Payment Guarantee: Financial Doc. - Bank Data AKKD Documentary Paym. Guarantee: Fin.Doc.Master-Export Doc.Data AKKP Documentary Payment Guarantee: Fin.Doc.Master - Header Data ALALERTDB "Alert: alert database (general alert structure, raw message)" ALCLASTOOL Alert: Assignment of tools to object class ALCONSEG Alert: Context/segment assignment ALCUSTSET Alert: Monitoring Properties Variants ALDBSCTX CCMS Monitoring Arch.: Database Segment: Monitoring Contexts ALDBSMSEG CCMS Monitoring Arch.: Database Segment: Monitoring Segments ALDBSMTE CCMS Monitoring Arch.: Database Segment: General MTE Data ALDBSPERF CCMS Monitoring Arch.: Database Segment: Performance MTE ALDBSSMES CCMS Monitoring Arch.: Database Segment: Status AttributeMTE ALDBSTOOL CCMS Monitoring Arch.: Database Segment: MTE Method Data ALE_DWM_EXCL_USR USER to be excluded in connection with dec. WM ALE_MCHA_OBJECT Batches to be distributed from dec. WM ALGRPCUSGE Alert: General Customizing for MTE classes ALGRPCUSMC Alert: Message container Customizing for Cust. groups ALGRPCUSMG Alert: Group Customizing data single message class ALGRPCUSPF Alert: Group Customizing data performance class ALGRPMCFIL Alert: Message container filter for Cust. groups ALIINCL "Test for mass activation, table with include" ALLAZYMT ALERTS NEXT GEN: Whole Database Monitoring Tree Infrastr. ALLAZYMT2 ALERTS NEXT GEN: NEW (>=4.6A) Database Monitoring Tree ALMDRLDSC Alerts: Language-dependent rule description ALMDRULES Alerts: Rules for rule nodes of a monitor definition ALMONIDEF Alerts: Description of Monitor Definition Nodes ALMONISETS Alerts: Monitor sets of the CCMS monitoring infrastructure ALMONITORS Alerts: Monitors and Corresponding Default Values ALMRULES Alerts: Rule Descriptions for Monitor Definitions (V3) ALMSETS Alerts: Monitor Sets and Corresponding Attributes ALMSETSV2 Alerts: Copy of Monitor Sets From Database Version 2 ALMTCUSGEN Alert: MT-specific Customizing Class-independent ALMTCUSMSC Alert: MTE-specific Customizing: message container ALMTCUSPER Alert: MT-specific Customizing Performance-Class ALMTCUSSMG Alert: MT-specific Customizing: Single Message Class ALMTECLSET Alert: MTEClass setting of the Monitoring Architecture ALMTMSCFIL Alert: MTE-Specific Message Container Filter ALPERFDB Alert: Performance database ALPERFDB_C Alert: Performance Database ALPERFOB Alert: Performance Database Object Part ALPERSONEL Alerts: Personalized Data of Monitoring Architecture ALPFDBVAR PFDB: Report Variants ALPFDBVDES PFDB: Language-dependent report variant description ALPFPOLICY Alert: Performance DB Schema (Reorg/Coll) ALPFREORG Alert: Assignment of Reorg/Coll Schema to MTE ALPFSFTPLY Table for Performance Database Shift Aggregate Schema ALQRFCMON Agreed Additional Message Container for qRFC Queue Monitor ALQRFCMONA Assign qRFC Queues Application MSC MTEs ALQRFCMONO Owners of Active Queue Group Settings for RZ20 ALQRFCMONQ Assign qRFC Queues Application MSC MTEs ALSYSAL Instance Table for BOR Object SYALERT (for Use with WFs) ALSYSGRPS Alerts: Definition of R/3 System Groups ALSYSTEMS CCMS Central System Management: Remote Managed Systems ALTIDTOOL Alert: Assignment of tools to Tid ALTLDESCR Alert: Method Description - Language-Dependent ALTOOLCHEK Alert: Tools that have been checked as usable

ALTOOLDP Alert: Name of tool dispatchers ALTOOLEXEC "Alert: Tool definition (executable, dispatcher and so on)" ALTRAMONI Monitoring Arch.: Table for Transaction-Specific Monitoring ALTSTLOD Monitoring Arch.: For Report to Measure a Standard Load AMATR Global Performance Analysis: Extract Data (Attribute View) AMATRT Global Performance Analysis: Extract Data Attribut Texts AMDES Global Performance Analysis: Destinations AMDS Effective size of tables and indexes in the database AMDT Control Table for Application Monitor / DB Storage AMHD Global Performance Analysis: Log Operation Header Data AMHDT Global Performance Analysis: Texts for Log Operation AMIDC Test Case Names for Log ID AMIDT Log IDs (Global Performance Analysis) AMIDTP Link to Texts for Reference ID (Global Perf. Analysis Log) AMPL Table of Approved Manufacturer Parts AMPL_REJECTION Rejection of AMPL Row AMPRO Automatic Test: Log Book AMRFC Global Perfromance Analysis: RFC Trace Data AMRH Application Monitor: Hierarchy acc. to TCODE/REPORT AMSK SQL trace header info in application monitor AMSP SQL trace position info in application monitor AMSSU Global Performance Analysis: Trace Summary SQL Statements AMSTA Global Performance Analysis: Statistical Data AMSUR Global Performance Analysis: Overview Summarized Log Data AMTSU "Global Performance Analysis: Trace Data SQL, Table View" ANAR Asset Types ANAT Asset type text ANEA Asset Line Items for Proportional Values ANEK Document Header Asset Posting ANEP Asset Line Items ANEV Asset downpymt settlement ANGA Asset catalog general data ANGB Asset catalog deprec. area ANGT Asset catalog text table ANIA Depr. simulation for invest. projects ANIB Investment projects depr. simulation depr. areas ANKA Asset classes: general data ANKAZ Asset class: extension for technical fields ANKB Asset class: depreciation area ANKL Generation table for generating asset classes from accounts ANKLAY Asset class: Assignment of tab layouts ANKLAYP Asset class: Assignment of tab layouts ANKP Asset classes: Fld Cont Dpndnt on Chart of Depreciation ANKT Asset classes: Description ANKV Asset classes: insurance types ANLA Asset Master Record Segment ANLB Depreciation terms ANLBZW Asset-specific base values ANLC Asset Value Fields ANLE Asset Origin by Line Item ANLH Main asset number ANLI Link table for investment measure -> AuC ANLK Asset Origin by Cost Element ANLP Asset Periodic Values ANLQ Period values from dep. posting run per posting level ANLT Asset Texts ANLU Asset Master Record: User Fields ANLV Insurance data ANLW Insurable values (year dependent) ANLX Asset Master Record Segment

ANLZ Time-Dependent Asset Allocations AOBJVERS ID (Worklist) for Object Type and Object Use AOBJVERST ID (Worklist) for Object Type and Object Use APADEF Definition of application packets APADEFT Short text for application packet APADEVC Assignment of development classes to packets APAEXCLUDE Objects for which no external check is executed APAFOREIGN Permitted external use of objects APARELA Define relationships between packets APMREPO Programs for Component and Key Figure in Application Monitor APP_FCTR Application ID Node Number APPTYPEAVAIL Availability for Appointments in SCAPPTYPE APQD DATA DEFINITION Queue APQI Queue info definition APQL Batch Input Log Directory APSRV Assignment of application servers to groups APTREE Application Hierarchy APTREET Application Hierarchy: Texts AQDB SAP Query: Tables and Data AQGDB SAP Query: Tables and Data (Global) AQGDBBG SAP Query: User Groups AQGDBBN SAP Query: Assigning Users to User Groups AQGDBBS SAP Query: Assigning Functional Areas to User Groups AQGQCAT SAP Query: Query Catalog AQGSCAT SAP Query: Functional Area Catalog AQGTB SAP Query: Texts for User Groups AQGTQ SP Query: Texts for Queries AQGTS SAP Query: Texts for Functional Areas AQHTMLRAW SAP Query: HTML Templates for Query AQHTMLTMPL SAP Query: HTML Templates for Query (Language-dependent) AQIF_C SAP Query: Interfaces (Customer) AQIF_S SAP Query: Interfaces (SAP) AQLDB SAP Query: Tables and Data (Local) AQLQCAT SAP Query: Query Catalog AQLSCAT SAP Query: Functional Area Catalog AQLTQ SP Query: Texts for Queries AQLTS SAP Query: Texts for Functional Areas AQPROT Query Logging AQPROTCUST Query Logging Control AQSGDB "SAP Query: Tables and dates (global, trash)" AQSLDB "SAP Query: Tables and dates (local, trash)" AQTDB SAP Query: Transport stocks (local) AQTXTBS SAP Query: Functional Areas and User Groups Text Table AQTXTQ SAP Query: Text Table for Queries AQXINT SAP Query: Additional functions AQXINTA SAP Query: Active additional functions AQXINTT SAP Query: Additional function texts AQXINTUG SAP Query: Enhanced Folders - User Groups ARCH_CLASS Classes of integrated objects ARCH_CTXT Texts for archive classes ARCH_DEF Definition of archive object ARCH_DELE Objects with tables from which entries are deleted ARCH_ENQUE Lock objects for archiving and reorganization ARCH_ETXT Description for lock objects of archiving ARCH_EVENT ABAP/4 events for archiving generation program ARCH_GENER Definition of Events for Archiving Generation Program ARCH_IDX Index table for data object selection ARCH_IDX_S Index table for archiving-demo with BC_TRAVEL ARCH_NET Table with archiving objects for network display ARCH_NUM Cross-client Number Assignment for Archive Run

ARCH_OBJ Objects for archiving and reorganization ARCH_OCLAS Assign classes to archive object ARCH_OHEAD Archive File Overhead ARCH_PARAM Cross-Object Customizing Data Archiving ARCH_REPOW Archive file reporting and read program ARCH_RPRG Archiving objects with associated read programs ARCH_SERV Data archiving server selection ARCH_TCODE Application customizing transactions ARCH_TXT Description of archive objects ARCH_USR Customizing Table for Archiving ARCID_CUST_VBRK Archiving SD_VBRK: Customizing for Index (secondary) ARCID_P_VBRK Archiving SD_VBRK: Index table (primary) ARCID_S_VBRK Archiving SD_VBRK: Index table (secondary) ARCID_VBRK Archiving SD_VBRK: Index Table ARC_IDX_APPREQ IM: Index Table for Archiving Appropriation Requests ARC_IDX_AT Index table for ACCTIT/ACCTHD/ACCTCR archives ARC_IDX_IT Archive index table for FI-SL line items ARC_IPC_IT Archive index table for FI-SL line items ARC_PM_OBJLIST Customizing for Archiving of Serial Number Object Lists ARC_PM_OBJLIST_T Customizing Texts for Archiving of Serial Number History ARCU_COIT1 Residence Times for CO Line Items ARDB_STA3T Text Table for Database Analyses ARDB_STAT0 Database Statistics for Archiving (Status) ARDB_STAT1 Database Statistics for Archiving (Number) ARDB_STAT2 Database Statistics for Archiving (Table / Error) ARDB_STAT3 Field Lists for Database Analyses ARFCRDATA ARFC Call Data (Callers) ARFCRSTATE Status of ARFC Calls on Receiver Side ARFCSDATA ARFC Call Data (Callers) ARFCSSTATE Description of ARFC Call Status (Send) ARIX_BKPF FI_DOCUMNT: Header-Oriented Document Index for Archive ARIX_BSAD FI_DOCUMNT: Line-Oriented Index for Archiving Customer Accts ARIX_BSAK FI_DOCUMNT: Line-Oriented Indx for Archiving Vendor Accounts ARIX_BSAS FI_DOCUMNT: Line-Oriented Index for Archiving G/L Accounts ARIX_BSIS FI_DOCUMNT: Line-Oriented Index for Archiving G/L Accounts ASACCESS01 Activate automatic archive access via SAP AS ASGRP Assignment of SAP instances to DB instances ASHGETS Document Connections: Determine neighbours ASHMETHODS Document Connections: Object types and their methods ASMD Service Master: Basic Data ASMDT Service Short Texts ASSHR Assignment of HR to AFRU/ASSOB ASSOB Assignment Objects ASTAT_OKDF Definition of OPENKEYS for Application-Triggered Statistics ASTAT_OKTX Short Texts for SAP Functions for Appl.-Triggered Statistics ASTAT_TYP1 Types of I/Okeys ASTAT_TYP2 Customer specific activation of application statistics ASTAT_TYPT Text for types of application statistics AT01 Transaction Category AT01T Name of Transaction Category AT02 Transaction Activity Category AT02A Transaction Code for Menu TIMN AT02T Transaction Activity Category: Description AT03 Diary Functions AT03T Diary Function: Description AT05 Processing Categories AT05T Name: Processing Category AT06 Allocation of Processing Categories to Activity Categories AT07 Category of Flows and Conditions AT07T Name of category for flows and conditions

AT08 Allocation: Application to Category of Flows and Conditions AT09 Posting Category AT09T Posting Category: Name AT10 Transaction type AT100 Treasury Additions to User Master AT10B Treasury: Customizing for Valuation AT10T Name of Transaction Type AT10X Forex Attributes for Transaction Types AT11 Allocation of Condition Types to Transaction Types AT13 Allocation of Flow Types to Transaction Types AT13U Flow types for transfer posting for activity transition AT14 Status Transfers AT15 Treasury: Foreign exchange swap rates AT15B Treasury: Forex Swap Rates (New) AT16 Treasury: Fixing Settings for Forex Transactions AT16B Treasury: Settings for mirror transaction types AT18 Treasury: Valid Formulas AT181 Treasury: Subsequent Screen Control - Initial Item Groups AT181T Treasury: Texts for Subsequent Screen Control Init.Pos.Group AT185 Treasury: Starting Values for Subsequent Screen Control AT19 Supplements to Flow Types AT20 Supplements to Condition Types AT21 Generate derived flows AT22 Procedure to Generate Derived Flows AT22T Procedure to Generate Derived Flows: Name AT30 Formula Table for Investment Mathematics AT31 Preallocated variables for FIMA formulas AT32 Control indicators for financial mathematic calculations AT40 Calculation Categories of Cash Flow Calculator AT40T Calculation Category Texts for the Cash Flow Calculator AT50 Future/Option Groups AT50T Description of Options/Futures Groups AT51 Margin Types AT51T Text Table for Margin Types AT52 Expiry Date Type AT52T Name of expiration date types AT53 Due Date Category AT56R Supplements to Analysis System for Table T056R AT60 Definition of Treasury Functions for Activity Processing AT60T Description of Treasury Functions for Activity Editing AT70 Hedging Relevance of Currencies AT72 Customizing: Unit Types AT72T Text for unit types AT80 "Treasury: Correspondence Control MM, FX, DE, SE" AT81 Correspondence type AT81T Name of correspondence type AT85 CMF - Generating pmnt advices (prod./trans.type) AT90 Type of manual reversal of posted flows AT90T Name of manual reversal type for posted flows ATARCHIVE00 Archiving: Minimum retention period per company code ATARCHIVE01 Archiving: Minimum retention period of transaction in system ATCKONTEXT Table Control Context Hash Codes ATCVO Exchange Rate Volatilities ATIVO Reference interest rate volatilities ATKO1 Correlation Type ATKO1T Text Table Correlation Type ATLA Limit type ATLAM Allocation of limit characteristics to limit type ATLAT Name of limit type ATLPG Limit product group

ATLPGT Name of limit product group ATMA Type of Master Agreement ATMAT Type of Master Agreement: Name ATO1 Check Table for Option Categories ATO1T Text Table for ATO1 ATOR Table of Limit Types ATORT Text Table for Limit Types ATPA Treasury: Product Type Supplements ATPRA Treasury: Clearing Account for Payment Requests ATR1 Check table for reference categories ATR1T Text table for reference categories ATRAS Treasury Rates Table ATRELE1 Transaction release: Release procedure ATRELE2 Transaction release: Release procedure for detail parameters ATRESERVATION Offer/Acceptance Reservation Indicator ATRESERVATIONT Offer/Acceptance Reservation Indicator ATRF Risk factor ATRFART Risk factor type ATRFARTT Risk factors - risk factor type texts ATRFBETA Risk factor description beta factors ATRFKORR Risk factor description correlations ATRFT Risk Factors - Definition of Risk Factor Name ATRFVO Risk factor volatilities ATSYC Default Settings for Risk Evaluations ATVC1 Calculation routines ATVC2 Descriptions of calculation routines ATVMO Calculation Methods Risk Management ATVO1 Volatility Types 1 ATVO2 Descriptions of Volatility Types ATVO3 Statistics Type for Parameterizing Estimation Functions ATVO3T Text Table Statistics Type ATVOK Rate types for OTC NPVs ATVOKT Text tables for rate/NPV types for OTC transactions ATVST Names of scenario types ATVSZ Scenario types ATWVO Security price volatilities ATXKO Correlations from Abstract Instruments ATXVO Securities index volatilities ATZVO Reference Int. Rate Volatilities with Curve Info. AUAA Settlement Document: Receiver Segment AUAB Settlement Document: Distribution Rules AUAI Settlement Amounts per Depreciation Area AUAK Document Header for Settlement AUAO Document Segment: CO Objects to be Settled AUAS Settlement Document: Totals Segment AUAT Settlement Document: Totals Segment Per Period AUAV Document Segment: Transactions AUAW Settlement Document: Accounts for WIP Settlement AUAY Settlement Document: Totals Keys AUBF "Document Flow SAP Retail (Allocation Table, Promotions...)" AUBSI Worklist for PO (Follow-on Document Generation) AUCTIONBIDDER list of all items bid AUCTIONBIDDERDET Details about auction bidders AUCTIONCATEGORY List of all Categories AUCTIONCATEMAP "contains category relationships. A category has 0,1,m parent" AUCTIONITEMS List if auction items AUCTIONITEMSMAP stores relationship of an item to its parent categories. AUCTIONITEMSMAPO stores relationship of an item to its parent categories. AUCTIONITEMSOLD List if auction items AUCTIONPAYMENT Payment Information


"Allocation Table Sub-Item, Store Group" "Allocation Table, Document Sub-item, Stores" Order master data Entity Table: Order Layouts Layouts for the Orders Order Master Data Maintenance: Tab Names Assignment Subscreens: Screens for Order Master Data Maint. Goods movements for order Allocation Table Document Header Delivery Phases Allocation Table Document Item Plant Status Table Characteristic Values Fields of AUTHX Worklist for Stock Transport Orders (Follow-on Doc. Gen.) Worklist for Deliveries (Follow-on Doc. Generation) Shipping-Specific Data of Plants for Delivery Generation Delivery Phase for Distribution Center Distribution Center "Index, Adjust Alloc Tbl After Entering Doc." Information About Updates of R/3 Add-On Products Payment Advice Header Payment Advice Line Item Payment Advice Subitem Advice Header: User-Definable Text Worklist Linkage open FI with workflow (model function module) Linkage LIS exception with BOR event $ Sample Table for output control Sales Organization/Customer Number Output Control: Sample Structure for Output Data Sales Organization/Order Type SOrg/DstCh/Division/Customer Order Type Output Control: Sample Structure for Output Data Output Control: Sample Structure for Output Data Shipping Point/Route Output Control: Sample Structure for Output Data Output Control: Sample Structure for Output Data Output Control: Sample Structure for Output Data Output Control: Sample Structure for Output Data Credit Control Area/Cred.Representative Group/Risk Category Labeling Transport type Sales Organization/Receiving Country Messages: Sales Organization/Distribution Channel Shipping material type DlvType/Shipping Point TrspPlPoint and Shipment Type "TrspPlPoint, TrspProcessingType and Service Agent" Shipping point Purchasing Output Determination: Doc.Type/PurchOrg/Vendor Purchasing Output Determination: Document Type Purchasing Output Determination: Purch. Org./Vendor for EDI Ship-to party/shipping mat. Specification Department Area of Responsibility Application Area: Output Number MRP Controller Planner Group

B035 Plant B040 Document Type/Document Status B045 Shipment Type/Transportation Service Agent B046 "CoCode, Blocking reason: Price" B048 "CoCode, Vendor" B049 Company code B050 Output Control: Sample Structure for Output Data B055 "C Status, Laboratory" B060 PM Message - Plant Maintenance B061 Purchasing Group B062 Laboratory/Engineering and Design Office B063 Planner Group B064 Capacity Planner B065 MRP Controller B066 Cost center B070 Event/print vers./print ind./label type/label form B071 GR Output B072 Event/Print Vers./Print Ind. B073 Event/Print Vers./Print Ind./SHKZG B074 Missing Parts B075 Kanban Cards for GR B100 Output Determination: DocumentType/Purch.Org./Material Group B120 Condition tables for Output Nota Fiscal B130 Plant/JC prof. B131 Plant/JC prof./vendor B150 Doc.Type/Sales Org./Customer B160 Sales Organization/Condition Granter B161 SOrg/Distr.Channel/Division/Rebate Recipient B170 Sales Organization/Invoicing B171 Sales Organization/Distribution Channel/Division/Payer B172 Company Code/Invoicing B173 Company Code/Payer B200 Overall Status - Credit Check B501 B502 Vendor/Deliv.type/Ship.point BAL_AMODAL Application Log: INDX table for amodal communication BALC Application Log: Log or message context BALDAT Application Log: Log data BALHANDLE Application Log: Lock object dummy table BALHDR Application log: log header BALHDRP Application log: log parameter BAL_INDX Application Log: INDX tables BALM Application log: log message BALMP Application log: message parameter BALOBJ Application log: objects BALOBJT Application log: object texts BALSUB Application log: sub-objects BALSUBT Application log: Sub-object texts BAM5RTIME Runtime analysis BAMGROUPS Application Analysis: Analysis Groups BAMGROUPST Application Analysis: Analysis Group Descriptions BAMUI Application Analysis: UI: Main List BAMUIAS Application Analysis: Displaying ASTAT Records in ST14 BAMUIAST Application Analysis: ASTAT Records in ST14 BAMUIDTL Application Analysis: UI: Detail Lists BAMUIDTLC Application Analysis: UI: Detail Lists: Columns BAMUIDTLCT Application Analysis: UI: Detail Lists: Column Headings BAMUIT Application Analysis: UI: Main List: Texts BAMUIVIEW Application Analysis: UI: Views of the Main List BAMUIVIEWN Application Analysis: UI: Nodes within a View

BAMUIVIEWT Application analysis: UI: Name of views on main list BAPICHKLST Table for BAPI project management BAPIF4T Function Modules for BAPI F4 Authorization Check BAPIPIC Product info (screens) for ATP information in the internet BAPI_PRIO BAPI Todo: Assignment of Tool-specific Error Priorities BAPITOOLS Tools in the BAPI development environment (Transaction BAPIUSW01 User ID Table for Internet Appplication Components BAPIUSW02 Modification log for Internet UID table BAPIXMLOGR BAPI XMI: Logon information on actions of external mgt tools BATMANDPT contains dependencies between individual BAPI calls BATMANSQT contains the BAPI sequence to be tested BATMANTDT contains the test data dependencies BC325V00 Sample Table for BC325 BC325V10 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X00 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X01 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X02 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X03 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X04 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X05 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X06 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X07 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X08 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X09 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X10 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X11 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X12 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X13 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X14 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X15 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X16 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X17 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X18 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X19 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X20 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X21 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X22 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X23 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X24 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X25 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X26 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X27 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X28 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X29 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X30 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X31 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X32 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X33 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X34 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X35 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X36 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X37 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X38 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X39 Sample Table for BC325 BC325X40 Sample Table for BC325 BC430PERS Sample names for BC430 BC505EX Training table for Oracle database administration BC505IN "Table for fragmented index training, Oracle DBA courses" BC505TS BC510DS

BC510IN BC510X1 BC510X2 BCACT Athlets BCCOM List of Competitors BCEXC Player Market BCKVTBFHAPO Backup: Transaction Flows BCK_VTIFHAPO Backup for Currency Changeover of Bond Underlying BCKVWBEPI Backup: Flow data - Position/Actual BCKVWBEPP BACKUP: Flow data - Position/Planned BCKVWBWKM BACKUP: Flow table for corporate actions BCKVWORDE BACKUP: Order data BCKVWPAKTI "BACKUP: Stock, subscription rights, investment certificates" BCKVWPANLA BACKUP: Asset master BCKVWPANLE BACKUP: Interest-bearing securities BCKVWVORTR BACKUP: Carryover totals - securities BCKVWZUORD BACKUP: SEC assignment table for restraints on disposal BCKVZSKOKO "BACKUP: Condition header for stock, sub.rgt, invest., share." BCKVZZKOPO BACKUP: Condition Item Table BCOS_CUST Create Messages: Customizing BCOS_PROT Create Messages: Log File BCRES Registration of courts BCSPO Sport BCST User-specific settings in configurator BCTOU SAP tournaments BDAUDQUEUE ALE Audit queue for unprocessed IDocs BDAUDSTATE Statistical key figures for the ALE Audit BDCP Change pointer BDCPS Change pointer: Status BDCUSEOP User-Specific Options for Transaction SM35 BDL2TRANS list of tables for data transfer from Sapnet to Customer BDL2TRANS2 list of tables for data transfer from Sapnet to Customer BDLBADHOST List of host that have not been transferred for certain dest BDL_CLUSTL data which is to transfer from Sapnet to Customer BDLCOES Definition of COE names for authority check BDLCONTAB Content description for following data transmission BDLCTEXT Defines the available context for each group ID BDLCTX2EXE Map service contexts to execution environments BDLCUST Customizing information for service data download BDLCUSTSE2 Management of free sessionnumbers with extensions BDLCUSTSES Management of free sessionnumbers BDLDATCOL Data Container for Performance Data (EarlyWatch Alert) BDLDEST List of RFC destinations to which data should be sent BDLDIRFUNC Names of directory functions for add-on services BDLDTOC RFC download Data cluster table of contents BDLENDFUNC Function to be called after successful data transfer BDLERRORS Docu for all SDCC errors apart from exceptions -> BDLEXCEPT BDLEXCEPT Exception docu BDLFUGRPS Link between GROUPID and the logical function name BDLFUNC Definition of Logical Functions BDLFUNCMAP Table to project logical function names on numbers. BDLFUPDAT Values for data definition BDLFUPDEF Interface data of functions BDLFUPEXP Definition of export parameters for one function version BDLFUPIMP Definition of import parameters for one function version BDLFUPTYP Parameters or tables for the re-import BDLFUVER2 Extension of BDLFUVERS BDLFUVER3 Extension of BDLFUVERS BDLFUVERS Definition of all Versions for one Logical Function BDL_GENER Timestamp of generated report

BDLGROUPS Table of group descriptions (reference table) BDLIBUS Definition of IBU names BDLINTSESS Internal service sessions (to be done by customer) BDLMSGLOG Message log for service data collection or transfer BDLNOHOSTS Hosts which are NOT subject to service sessions BDLOWNSESS Internal service sessions (to be done on other cust. sys.) BDLREFSERV Contract types BDLSADATA Definition of global variables in the Service Assistant BDLSAIF Interface description for the service assistant BDLSERGRPS Link between contract type and GROUPID BDLSERTRAN Important information to functional modules (download) BDLSERVICE Contract types BDLSESDEST Destinations and RFC block sizes for data transfer BDLSESS Service session schedule for the system the table is in BDLST14KEY Key figure table for ST14 data download BDLSTATUS "Overall, collection and transfer status of service sessions" BDLTESTSES Session for which the last download was a test download BDLTMPDAT Data Container for Performance Data (EarlyWatch Alert) BDLTRHOSTS Host names changed by the customer BDLTYPEDEF Type pool definitions of Global Variables BDLVARCON Service Data Download- Data Declaration of Viewreports BDLVIEWREP list of download viewer reports for sdcc BDNODE Table for Tree Control Nodes - Structure Type: mtreesnode BDRGIN ALE: Inbound Channel Registry BDRGOUT ALE: Outbound Channel Registry BDS_BAR_EX Business Document Service: External Bar Codes BDS_BAR_IN Business Document Service: Internal Bar Codes BDS_CHKF BDS: File Name for Last Check-Out BDSCHKF14 BDS: File Name for Last Check-Out BDSCHKF16 BDS: File Name for Last Check-Out BDSCHKF2 BDS: File Name for Last Check-Out BDSCHKF20 BDS: File Name for Last Check-Out BDSCHKF21 BDS: File Name for Last Check-Out BDSCHKF24 BDS: File Name for Last Check-Out BDSCHKF25 BDS: File Name for Last Check-Out BDSCHKF26 BDS: File Name for Last Check-Out BDSCHKF3 SDOK: File name of last checkout BDSCHKF6 BDS: File Name for Last Check-Out BDSCHKF7 BDS: File Name for Last Check-Out BDS_CHKO BDS: Check out Data for a Physical Information Object BDSCHKO14 BDS: Checkout Data for Physical Information Object BDSCHKO16 BDS: Checkout Data for Physical Information Object BDSCHKO2 BDS: Check out Data for a Physical Information Object BDSCHKO20 BDS: Check Out Data for Physical Information Object BDSCHKO21 BDS: Checkout Data for Physical Information Object BDSCHKO24 BDS: Checkout Data for Physical Information Object BDSCHKO25 BDS: Checkout Data for Physical Information Object BDSCHKO26 BDS: Checkout Data for Physical Information Object BDSCHKO3 BDS: Check out data for a physical information object BDSCHKO6 BDS: Check out Data for a Physical Information Object BDSCHKO7 BDS: Check out Data for a Physical Information Object BDS_CLASS BDS: Class Definition BDS_CLASSL BDS: Language Table for Class Definition BDS_CL_DOC BDS: Class Definition BDS_CON020 BDS: Link Table Default for Undefined Class BDS_CONN00 BDS: Client-Specific Link Tables BDS_CONN01 BDS: Client-Independent Link Tables BDS_CONN02 BDS: Link Table Default for Undefined Classes BDS_CONN03 BDS: Link Table Default for Undefined Classes BDS_CONN04 BDS: Client-Specific Link Tables

BDS_CONN05 BDS: Link Table Default for Undefined Classes BDS_CONN06 BDS: Link Table Default for Undefined Classes BDS_CONN07 BDS: Link Table Default for Undefined Classes BDS_CONN08 BDS: Link Table Default for Undefined Classes BDS_CONN09 BDS: Link Table Default for Undefined Classes BDS_CONN14 BDS: Client-Specific Link Tables BDS_CONN16 BDS: Link Table Default for Undefined Class BDS_CONN21 BDS: Link Table Default for Undefined Class BDS_CONN24 BDS: Link Table Default for Undefined Class BDS_CONN25 BDS: Link Table Default for Undefined Class BDS_CONN26 BDS: Link Table Default for Undefined Class BDS_CONT1 BDS: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export) BDSCONT14 BDS: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export) BDSCONT16 BDS: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export) BDSCONT2 BDS: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export) BDSCONT20 BDS: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export) BDSCONT21 BDS: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export) BDSCONT24 BDS: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export) BDSCONT25 BDS: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export) BDSCONT26 BDS: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export) BDSCONT3 SDOK: Table for document contents (import/export) BDSCONT6 BDS: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export) BDSCONT7 BDS: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export) BDSER Serialization Time: Last Date at Sender for Each Object BDS_LOCL BDS: Assignment of Application Classes to KPro Doc. Classes BDS_LOG BDS: Protocol Table for Accesses to BDS Documents BDS_LOIO BDS: Instances of Logical Information Objects BDSLOIO14 BDS: Instances of Logical Information Objects BDSLOIO16 BDS: Instances of Logical Information Objects BDSLOIO2 BDS: Instances of Logical Information Objects BDSLOIO20 BDS: Instances of Logical Information Objects BDSLOIO21 BDS: Instances of Logical Information Objects BDSLOIO24 BDS: Instances of Logical Information Objects BDSLOIO25 BDS: Instances of Logical Information Objects BDSLOIO26 BDS: Instances of Logical Information Objects BDSLOIO3 BDS: Instances of logical information objects BDSLOIO6 BDS: Instances of Logical Information Objects BDSLOIO7 BDS: Instances of Logical Information Objects BDS_LOIOT BDS: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects BDSLOIOT14 BDS: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects BDSLOIOT16 BDS: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects BDSLOIOT2 BDS: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects BDSLOIOT20 BDS: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects BDSLOIOT21 BDS: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects BDSLOIOT24 BDS: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects BDSLOIOT25 BDS: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects BDSLOIOT26 BDS: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects BDSLOIOT3 BDS: Descriptions of logical information objects BDSLOIOT6 BDS: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects BDSLOIOT7 BDS: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects BDS_LOPR BDS: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects BDSLOPR14 BDS: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects BDSLOPR16 BDS: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects BDSLOPR2 BDS: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects BDSLOPR20 BDS: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects BDSLOPR21 BDS: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects BDSLOPR24 BDS: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects BDSLOPR25 BDS: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects BDSLOPR26 BDS: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects BDSLOPR3 BDS: Attribute values of logical information objects


BDS: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects BDS: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information Objects BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information Objects BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information Objects BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information Objects BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information Objects BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information Objects BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information Objects BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information Objects BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information Objects BDS: Outgoing relationships of logical information objects BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information Objects BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information Objects BDS: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information Objects BDS: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information Objects BDS: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information Objects BDS: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information Objects BDS: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information Objects BDS: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information Objects BDS: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information Objects BDS: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information Objects BDS: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information Objects BDS: Incoming relationships of logical information objects BDS: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information Objects BDS: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information Objects Files of Physical Information Objects BDS: Files of Physical Information Objects BDS: Files of Physical Information Objects Files of Physical Information Objects BDS: Files of Physical Information Objects BDS: Files of Physical Information Objects BDS: Files of Physical Information Objects BDS: Files of Physical Information Objects BDS: Files of Physical Information Objects Files of physical information objects Files of Physical Information Objects Files of Physical Information Objects BDS: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects BDS: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects BDS: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects BDS: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects BDS: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects BDS: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects BDS: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects BDS: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects BDS: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects BDS: Outgoing hyperlinks from physical objects BDS: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects BDS: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects BDS: Instances of Physical Information Objects BDS: Instances of Physical Information Objects BDS: Instances of Physical Information Objects BDS: Instances of Physical Information Objects BDS: Instances of Physical Information Objects BDS: Instances of Physical Information Objects BDS: Instances of Physical Information Objects BDS: Instances of Physical Information Objects BDS: Instances of Physical Information Objects BDS: Instances of physical information objects


BDS: Instances of Physical Information Objects BDS: Instances of Physical Information Objects BDS: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects BDS: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects BDS: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects BDS: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects BDS: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects BDS: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects BDS: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects BDS: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects BDS: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects BDS: Use of target anchors in physical objects BDS: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects BDS: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects BDS: Attributes of Physical Information Objects BDS: Attributes of Physical Information Objects BDS: Attributes of Physical Information Objects BDS: Attributes of Physical Information Objects BDS: Attributes of Physical Information Objects BDS: Attributes of Physical Information Objects BDS: Attributes of Physical Information Objects BDS: Attributes of Physical Information Objects BDS: Attributes of Physical Information Objects BDS: Attributes of physical information objects BDS: Attributes of Physical Information Objects BDS: Attributes of Physical Information Objects BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information BDS: Outgoing relationships of physical information BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information BDS: Incoming Relationships of Physical Information BDS: Incoming Relationships of Physical Information BDS: Incoming Relationships of Physical Information BDS: Incoming Relationships of Physical Information BDS: Incoming Relationships of Physical Information BDS: Incoming Relationships of Physical Information BDS: Incoming Relationships of Physical Information BDS: Incoming Relationships of Physical Information BDS: Incoming Relationships of Physical Information BDS: Incoming relationships of physical information BDS: Incoming Relationships of Physical Information BDS: Incoming Relationships of Physical Information Relationship Instances Relationship Instances Relationship Instances Relationship Instances Relationship Instances Relationship Instances Relationship Instances Relationship Instances Relationship Instances Relationship instances

Objects Objects Objects Objects Objects Objects Objects Objects Objects objects Objects Objects Objects Objects Objects Objects Objects Objects Objects Objects Objects objects Objects Objects

BDSRE6 BDS: Relationship Instances BDSRE7 BDS: Relationship Instances BDS_REPR BDS: Relationship Attributes BDSREPR14 BDS: Relationship Attributes BDSREPR16 BDS: Relationship Attributes BDSREPR2 BDS: Relationship Attributes BDSREPR20 BDS: Relationship Attributes BDSREPR21 BDS: Relationship Attributes BDSREPR24 BDS: Relationship Attributes BDSREPR25 BDS: Relationship Attributes BDSREPR26 BDS: Relationship Attributes BDSREPR3 SDOK: Relationship attributes BDSREPR6 BDS: Relationship Attributes BDSREPR7 BDS: Relationship Attributes BDS_T_PHIO BDS: Transport Table for Update PHIOs BDSX_CON04 BDS link BEISPIEL Repository Infosystem: Sample Table for Template Report BEREIT Material identification: staging data BEWART Movement type texts for Swiss specifics BF4INDX F4 cluster buffer BFIT_A FI Subsequent BA/PC Adjustment: G/L Account Items BFIT_A0 FI Subseq.BA/PC Adjustmnt: Zero Bal.Postings for Bus.Area BFO_A_RA Versions for Resetting Cleared Items BFOD_A FI Subsequent BA/PC Adjustment: Customer Items BFOD_AB FI Subseq.BA/PC Adjustmnt: Valuatn Diffrnce in Customer OIs BFOK_A FI subsequent BA/PC adjustment: Vendor items BFOK_AB FI subseq.BA/PC adjustmnt: Valuatn difference in vendor OIs BFUSER_TYP Valid object types for Internet users BGMK Master Warranty Header BGMKOBJ Master Warranty - Object Assignment BGMP Master Warranty Item BGMS Master Warranty Text Item BGMT Master Warranty Text BGMZ Warranty Counter BGPROT DB utility log BIW_PREFS Preferences for Business Information Warehouse BKDF Document Header Supplement for Recurring Entry BKORA Accounting Correspondence Requests BKORM Accounting Correspondence Requests BKORR Accounting correspondence requests BKPF Accounting Document Header BL01_INDX Store variants BLEND1 checked combinations opsys and blended codepage BLPK Document log header BLPP Document log item BLPR Document Log Index and Planned Order (Backflush) BMENTTREE Definition Table for Structures BMENTTREET Name of a Structure BMTNODE01 Structure repository for process model objects: Node table BMTNODE01R Structure repository for process model objects: References BMTNODE01T Structure Repository for Process Model Objects: Node Names BNKA Bank master record BNKAIN Bank Master Record (Additional Fields for BNKA) BNMAT Assignment of Material No.-Number Range for Batch No. Assgmt BOOKINGS ABAP book: Flight bookings BP000 Business Partner Master (General Data) BP001 Treasury Attributes Organization BP002 Treasury attributes natural person BP011 Business Parnter Master (Employment Data) BP021 Business Partner Master (Fiscal Year Information)

BP030 BP: Business partner - address BP1000 BP: Business Partner - Role BP1010 BP: Credit Standing Data BP1020 BP: Business Partner - Fiscal Data BP1030 BP: Business Partner - Reporting Data BP1040 Business Partner: Regulatory Reporting Data in Company Code BP1050 Business Partner: General Control Data BP1060 Business Partner: CoCd Control Data BP2000 BP: Business Partner - Business Partner - Relationship BP3000 BP: Additional Data (from Darwin-BP) BPABAPJOB Table for background abapstep jobs BPBK Doc.Header Controlling Obj. BPCG "Controlling Object, by Year" BPCJ "Controlling Object, by Year" BPCK "Controlling objects, activated objects" BPDTRG JAPI: Background Date/Time trigger table BPDTTRG Table for date / time triggers BPEG Line Item Total Values Controlling Obj. BPEJ Line Item Annual Values Controlling Obj. BPEP Line Item Period Values Controlling Obj. BPETRG JAPI: Background event trigger table BPEVTRG Table for event triggers BPFRG Business Partner: Roles for Release BPGE Totals Record for Total Value Controlling obj. BPGV "Prel.entry, overall" BPHI Cross-hierarchy Data Controlling obj. BPIG Budget Object Index (Overall Budget) BPIJ Budget Object Index (Annual Budget) BPJA Totals Record for Annual Total Controlling Obj. BPJTRG JAPI: Background after job trigger table BPJV Prel.entry - annual values BPOBIMMO Business Partner - Object Relationship: Real Estate BPOBREL_LO Assignment of Business Partners - Loan-Specific Attributes BPOBTAB Partner-Object Relationship BPOTRG JAPI: Background operation mode switch trigger table BPPE Totals Record for Period Values Controlling Obj. BPTR Object Data Controlling Obj. BPTRGP BP: Assign Treasury Partner to IS-IS-Partner BPTRGP_ABGL BP: Match Existing and Migrated Partners BPTRGP_ADRE Conversion: TR Addresses - PDC Addresses BPTRGP_OBJADR Conversion: Obj. Addresses - PDC Addr. (Real Estate Objects) BPTRGP_OBJTAB Conversion: Status Table RFZAVP01 BPTRGP_WORK BP: Assign Treasury Partner to IS-IS-Partner BPTRGTYP Background trigger type reference BPTX Budgeting Text BPUM Conversion: Tables/Fields to be Converted BPUM_CTL Business partner: Conversion control BPUM_DOM Conversion: List of Domains to be Converted BPUM_FUNC Conversion: Function Modules BPUM_REP Conversion: Conversion Sequence Business Partner BPUM_ROL Conversion: Data elements to be converted BPUM_TAB Conversion: Database Tables BPUNOTA Business Partner: Convert Memos BPVK Document header preliminary entry BPXX_VTYPE Convert OLTP Bus. Trans. to BIW Bus. Trans. (Budget Tables) BRACNTL Industry control table BRALOG Industry log for import/activation of industries BRAN Industry table BRAN1 Assignment of industry text editor to development class BRANT Industry text table

BRATEXT Industry texts BRCDTA BSI-TAX 4.0 BRCDTA BRCGDTA BSI-TAX 4.0 BRCGDTA BRCGEN BSI-TAX 4.0 BRCGEN BRCMESA BSI-TAX 4.0 BRCMESA BRCRCP BSI-TAX 4.0 BRCRCP BSAD Accounting: Secondary Index for Customers (Cleared Items) BSAK Accounting: Secondary Index for Vendors (Cleared Items) BSAS Accounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts (Cleared Items) BSBM Document Valuation Fields BSBMT Text for Valuation Adjustment or Deductible per Item BSBW Document Valuation Fields BSEC One-Time Account Data Document Segment BSE_CLR Additional Data for Document Segment: Clearing Information BSED Bill of Exchange Fields Document Segment BSEG Accounting Document Segment BSEGC Document: Data on Payment Card Payments BSES Document Control Data BSET Tax Data Document Segment BSIA Archive Index for FI Documents (Outdated! See ARCH_IDX) BSID Accounting: Secondary Index for Customers BSIK Accounting: Secondary Index for Vendors BSIM "Secondary Index, Documents for Material" BSIP Index for Vendor Validation of Double Documents BSIS Accounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts BSIUDES BSI Default Destination BSIUDTA HR-US: BSI test data BSIUDTT HR-US: BSI test data (tax record) BSIW Index table for customer bills of exchange used BSIX Index table for customer bills of exchange used BSVWCOUP1 System status events BSVWCOUP2 Status restrictions BSVWCOUP3 User Events for Status Object Types BSVWCOUP4 Status for User Events BSVWCOUP5 User Events for Status Object Types BSVWCOUP6 Status for User Events BTCCTL Control table for background processing BTCDELAY Directory of delayed system log messages for batch scheduler BTCEVTJOB List of jobs waiting for events BTCJN Table of the Job Name for Background Processing BTCJSTAT Run-time statistics for background jobs BTCOMSDL Control table for operation type scheduler BTCOMSET Definition of operation type sets and exception op. modes BTCSED Description of system event IDs for background processing BTCSEV Table for system event IDs for background processing BTCUED Description of user event IDs for background processing BTCUEV User event IDs for background processing BTM_TDATA Test data used to execute BAPIs in BaTMan BTXAUTH BSI: Tax Authority BTXBGRP BSI: Group Block Data BTXBLOK BSI: Tax Formula Block Data BTXBRAK BSI: Tax Formula Bracket Data BTXCMTH BSI: Tax calculation method BTXCOMP BSI: Tax Company BTXCOMP_O BTXCUTX BSI: Customer Tax Formula BTXCUTX_O BTXEERR BSI: Error messages BTXEGRP BSI: Employee Group BTXEGRP_O

BTXEMPT BSI: Employee Tax BTXERES BSI: Employee/Employer tax BTXFDOC BSI: Tax Formula Documentation BTXFORM BSI: Tax Formula Description BTXMESS BSI: Error Messages Entities BTXOVER BSI: Tax Formula Overrides BTXOVER_O BTXOVFR BSI: Formulas for Employee Overrides BTXOVFR_O BTXPLAN BSI: Benefit plan types BTXPLNX BSI: Benefit Plan BTXPURG BSI: Purge Periods in Months BTXPURGE BSI: Purge Retention Periods BTXRATE BSI: Tax Rates per Company Based on Degree of Experience BTXRATE_O BTXRCPT BSI: Tax Formula Reciprocal Data BTXSUPB BSI: Upgrade-Information BTXTAX BSI: Tax Types per Tax Authority BTXTAXC BSI: Grouping BSI Tax Authorities to SAP Tax Authorities BTXTAXT BSI: Tax Category BTXTERR BSI: Test Employee tax BTXTINF BSI: Test information BTXTRES BSI: Tax results BTXTTAX BSI: Test tax BUFCHECK Exception table of tables that cannot be buffered BUSPROC_FCT_FIEB FIEB: Function Modules for Business Process BUSTYPE Type of Business BUT000 BP: General data I BUT001 BP: General data II BUT010 "GP: old, do not use ==> BUT020" BUT020 BP: Addresses BUT021 BP: Address usages BUT030 BP Where-Used List: Usages BUT030G BP Where-Used List: Generic Nodes BUT030GT "BP Where-Used List: Generic Nodes, Text" BUT030T "BP Object Usage: Application Table, Texts" BUT050 BP relationships/role definitions: General data BUT050_CD BP Rel./Role Definition: Index Table for Change Doc. Access BUT051 BP Relationship: Contact Person Relationship BUT052 BP Relationship: Addresses BUT053 BP Relationship: Company Interest BUT054 BP Relationship (not used yet) BUT0BK BP: Bank details BUT0CC BP: Payment Cards BUT0VP BP: Business Partner Assignment and Links BUT100 BP: Roles BUT150 BP relationship: Attribute table (test different.type TBUKR) BUXPRA Business Partner: XPRA Administration Table BVOR Intercompany posting procedures BWKS Accounts Blocked by Valuation Selection BWPOS Valuations for Open Items BWVER Control Records for the Valuation Program BWVSN Version Management for Changes in the Valuation Program BWWF_MIME Assignment table beetween conversion key and MIME type C000 Condition Table for Acct.Determination: $ C001 Cust.Grp/MaterialGrp/AcctKey C002 Cust.Grp/Account Key C003 Material Grp/Acct Key C004 General C005 Acct Key

C006 SlsOrg/Card cat. C007 Vendor C008 SlsOrg/Dist.chan. C009 SlsOrg/Dist.chan./Div. C901 Sales org./Ord.reason/AcctAssgGr/AcctAsgnmt/Acct key C910 Sales org./Division CABN Characteristic CABN_EXCL Characteristics Excluded for Type Determination CABNT Characteristic Descriptions CABNZ Links between Table Fields and Characteristics CABS Result of the Statistical Analysis of Table AUSP CACCEL Online BDC transaction accelerator definition CALLER CAPTREE Application hierarchy CAPTREET Application Hierarchy: Texts CARRIERS ABAP/4 book: Airlines CATA CATT: General test run data CATCU CATT integration of external test tool CATDA CATT - Test object transaction data information CATDB CATT - Test object transaction data CATDE "CATT Test Data Memory, Attributes" CATDH "CATT Test Data Memory, History" CATDO "CATT Test Data Memory, Test Objects" CAT_DP_FLD Export fields for DataProvider CAT_DP_FOR DataTab format for data provider ! Iposition Ioffset ! CAT_DP_PRO DataTab properties for data provider CAT_DP_TAB Save CATT DataProvider data CATF CATT: Subsequent test run data CATFC CATT: Generated function module calls CAT_FDATA CATT contents for field lists in CAT_FINFO CATFF CATT - Recorded fields CAT_FINFO General Control field info CATG CATT: Basic Texts for Test procedure CATJ CATT - Log archive index CATK CATT: Log Process Data CATL CATT: Log Process Data CATM CATT: Log for model and function data CATN CATT - Parameter data log CATO CATT - Static TCD data from CATF log CATP CATT - Parameters and variants CAT_PARAMS CATT - Data for Controls CATP_GLOB CATT: Global Parameters CATQ CATT - inspection indicator history CATR CATT: Reset table changes CATS_ARCH_IDX CATS Index Table for Data Object Selection CATSCO Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS): Transfer to CO CATSCOSUM Data Transfer: Time Sheet -> CO Summarization Table CATSDB CATS: Database Table for Time Sheet CATSDEL Table with Time when CATS Records Deleted CATSHR Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS): Transfer to HR CATSMM Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS): Transfer to MM CATSPM Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS): Transfer to PM/CS CATSPS Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS): Transfer to PS CATS_TEMP CATS: Database Table for Templates CATT_ABLNR CATT recording numbers CATU CATT variants CATV CATT: Variable Texts CAT_VARS CATT - Data for Controls CAT_VERBS CATT - Controls data CATW CATT test status

CATX CATT - save files externally CAWN Characteristic values CAWNT Value Texts CBAR Type of business process CBART Type of business process CBAT Business Process Attribute CBATT Business Process Attribute CBDT Allocation type for business processes CBDTT Allocation type for business processes text table CBPL "CO-OM-ABC: Customizing Table, Process Category Defaults" CBPLT "CO-OM-ABC: Text Table, Process Category Defaults" CBPR CO-ABC: Activity Master Table CBPR_ALLOC Control Table for Business Process Attributes CBPT Text Table for Business Process Master CBRK Value-added ranking for business processes CBRKT Text table of sequence of value added for business processes CC1ERH "Incorrect Time Events from CC1, Header Information" CC1ERM "Incorrect Time Events from CC1, Error Messages" CC1ERP "Incorrect Time Events from CC1, Postings" CC1PAR Communication Parameters CC1TEV Temporary Buffer for Time Events from CC1 CC2TIM Table of Planned Changes: HR Actual Times for CC2 Available CCARD Payment Cards Master Data CCATSCOSUM Settings: Summarization Time Sheet Data -> CO CCC_CHECK Client dummy CCCEXIT Client Transport Control: Exit Programs CCCEXITCHK Check table for CCCEXIT CCCFINI Client Transport Control: Field Initialization CCCFLOW Client Copy Control Flow CCCHECK Table for saving XPRAS that change tables CCCINFO Client Copy Control: Info on Table CCCEXIT Entries CCDBCHECK Database acceptability for direct SQL execution CCENQ Payment cards: Primary table for lock object EFCCENQ CCMAC Loggable activity codes CCMAC_T Call center management activity code description CCMACTIONOBJ Assign transactions to object types - usage restriction CCMACTPROF Loggable activity code group membership CCMADKEY Activity detail logging key CCMADKEY_T Call center detail key logging table CCMAUTHPIN Call center authentication pin attempts table CCMAUTHPROF Call center authentication attributes CCMCBQPROF Call center callback - Callback queue profile CCMCBQPROFASSN Call center callback - Assignment of profile to queues CCMCBQUES Call center callback - Callback queue definition CCMCBQUES_T Call center callback - Callback queue description CCMCCONT Component container configuration CCMCCONT_T CCM Component Container Text CCMCCPROF Call center profile CCMCLBC Callback Configuration CCMCLBC_T Call center callback - Configuration table label CCMCLBD Call center callback user options CCMCLBS Call center callback - Whole CCMCSCONF Contact search/display configuration CCMCSEARCH Search type to matchcode mapping for CCM contact search CCMCSEARCHMAP Matchcode mapping for CCM contact search CCMCTIADMIN CTI Administration/Policy CCMCTIBKEY Call center telephony control button keys CCMCTIBKEY_T CCM telephony control button key translation CCMCTIPROF CIC Front office function key profile CCMCTIQUEUE Call center queues

CCMCTIQUEUEASSN CTI queue assignments CCMCTIQUEUE_T Call center queue texts CCMDNIS Inbound DNIS display text CCMHTMLCONF CIC HTML configuration CCMHTMLCONFT CIC HTML configuration CCMHTMLPAR CIC HTML configuration: external parameters CCMHTMLPARI CIC HTML configuration: parameter for internal calls CCMHTMLPARIT CIC HTML configuration: Text for internal parameters CCMHTMLPART CIC HTML configuration: text for external parameters CCMIFIMPL Classes that implement different modules of the CIC CCMIFIMPLNEW Implementaion of Interfaces in CIC environment CCMLOG Activity log CCMLOGD Activity log details CCM_NAVAREA CCM Navigation Area Profile CCM_NAVAREAT CCM Navigation Area Profile CCM_NAVAREA_VIEW CCM Navigation Area: Tab CCM_NAVAR_VIEWT CCM Navigation Area Tab Text CCM_NAVVIEW CCM Navigation Area Profile CCM_NAVVIEWT CCM Navigation Area Profile CCMOBJKEYS Information object instance CCMOBJLST List of information objects in a container CCM_OPCLASSTYPE Object Provider Service: Class type definition CCM_OPCLASSTYPET Object Provider Service: Class type definition CCM_OPFACTORY Object Provider Service: Class definition CCMSCRPROF Script activity profile CCMSCRPROFILE Call center management scripting profile CCMSCRVAR Script variable name CCMSESSION Call management sessions CCOBJS Client Copy Object Selection Cross-Client Tables CCOPTION Client copy options CCOPTT Texts for client copy options CCPARPARM Parameters for Parallel Processing of Client Copy CCPROCTAB Processes for Parallel Client Copy CCPROF Client copy profiles CCPROFSR Source entries for profiles CCPROFT Client Copy Profile Texts CCRFCTABS Faulty tables in RFC copy CCSELKEY Table Log for Asynchronous Client Copy CCSELTAB Table Log for Asynchronous Client Copy CCSTAT Status texts client copy CCULOG Measurement of Concurrent Users: Log CCUPEAKA Measurement of Concurrent Users: Peak Administration CCUPEAKAG Measurement of Concurrent Users: Global Peak Administration CCUPEAKL Concurrent User Measurement: Peak List By Client <= 5 Peaks CCUPEAKLG "Concurrent User Measurement: Global Peak List, Max. 5 Peaks" CD0BAS1VI ABAP/4 Dict. Veri: Basis table for view definitions CD0BAS2VI ABAP/4 Dict. Veri: Basis table for view definitions CD0BAS3VI ABAP/4 Dict. Veri: Basis table for view definitions CD0BAS4VI ABAP/4 Dict. Veri: Basis table for view definitions CD0BAS5VI ABAP/4 Dict. Veri: Basis table for view definitions CD0BAS6VI DD Veri: Table without data elements CD0BASUNI1 DD Veri: Base table for a union view CD0BASUNI2 DD Veri: Base table for a union view CD0BASUNI3 DD Veri: Base table for a union view CD0ENT1TAB Value tables as basis for foreign key CD0ENT2TAB Value tables as basis for foreign key CD0ENT3TAB ABAP/4 Dict. Veri: Value tables as basis for foreign key CD0ENT4TAB Value tables as basis for foreign key CD0ENT5TAB Value tables as basis for foreign key CD0F4TEST

CD0FRK1TAB ABAP/4 Dict. Veri: Table with many foreign keys CD0MC1 Base table for MCOB definitions CD0MC2 Base table for MCOB definitions CD0MC3 Base table for MCOB definitions CD0MC4 Base table for MCOB definitions CD0MC5 Base table for MCOB definitions CD0T000 AD Veri: Check table for veri copy of client field CD0T120TAB Table which was previously value table of a domain CD0T130TAB Existed previously with other primary keys CD0T140TAB Table with five primary keys CD0T200TAB Value table for domain CD0D200DOM CD0T210TAB Dead end CD0T500TAB b CD0TBINDX1 CD0TBSH001 CD0VB1PFRK Value table for domain CD0DO1CFRK CD2APP0 Table to which client appends APP1 to 9 are appended CD2HV1PTAB Check table for testing a help view CD2HV2FTAB Foreign key table as base table for a help view CD3VMATRIX DD Veris Process Control Matrix CD9NTTYP CDCND Configuration: Direct Conditions Data Type:CHAR CDESTBDCFIELD Online BDC value destination map CDESTPID Online BDC parameter-id preset destination CDHDR Change document header CDMMT Texts to cost driver variants CDPOS Change document items CE1S001 Sample operating concern CE1S_AL Airline Route Profit CE1S_CP Template for Consumer Goods Industry CE1S_GO Quickstart Template CE1ZAAG Operating Concern fo CE2S001 Sample operating concern CE2S_AL Airline Route Profit CE2S_CP Template for Consumer Goods Industry CE2S_GO Quickstart Template CE2ZAAG Operating Concern fo CE3S001 Segment level (CO-PA) CE3S_AL Airline Route Profit CE3S_CP Template for Consumer Goods Industry CE3S_GO Quickstart Template CE3ZAAG Operating Concern fo CE4S001 Sample operating concern CE4S001_ACCT CE4S001_FLAG Sample operating con CE4S001_KENC CE4S_AL Airline Route Profit CE4S_AL_ACCT Airline Route Profit CE4S_AL_FLAG Airline Route Profit CE4S_AL_KENC Airline Route Profit CE4S_CP Template for Consumer Goods Industry CE4S_CP_ACCT Template for Consumer Goods Industry CE4S_CP_FLAG Template for Consumer Goods Industry CE4S_CP_KENC Template for Consumer Goods Industry CE4S_GO Quickstart Template CE4S_GO_ACCT Quickstart Template CE4S_GO_FLAG Quickstart Template CE4S_GO_KENC Quickstart Template CE4ZAAG Operating Concern fo CE4ZAAG_ACCT Operating Concern fo

CE4ZAAG_FLAG Operating Concern fo CE4ZAAG_KENC Operating Concern fo CEALE01 CO-PA Distribution: Line Item Reference for Distribution CECUFM Configuration editor: design: format CECUSD Configuration editor: design: basic data CECUSDT Configuration editor: design: descriptions CECUSF Configuration editor: design: borders CECUSFT Configuration editor: design: Border descriptions CEERROR CO-PA: Incorrect records from SD CEFORMA CO: Change History for Row/Column Structure CEFORMC RPT: History of formatting changes to elements CEFORME Table of descriptions of element structures CEFORMF CO: Definition of contents of element in row/col.str. CEFORMS Table for description of structures CEFORMT Table for Report Painter Row and Column Texts CEFORMV CO: Variables for row/column structure CEFORMW CO: Row/Column Structure Variable Texts CEPC Profit Center Master Data Table CEPC_BUKRS Assignment of Profit Centers to a Company Code CEPCT Texts for Profit Center Master Data CEPDBL B2E [Base] PDoc <-> Master PDoc Mapping CEPDOC B2E [PDoc] PDoc -> DMS Mapping CEPFOLDERS Table of CM folder for CEP scenario CEPMAILBODY Table fgor saving the mail body of folders in CEP CEPMONITOR Monitoring Table for CEP scenario (status changes) CEPRECEIVERS Recipients of the distributed CM folder in CEP scenario CEPRINT Table for description of print statement for CO-PA forms CERCLN B2E [PDM] Reconciliation Task CESETS Set Administration in the Report Painter CEST4 Segment table (CO-PA) CEZP Reporting Points Line Items CF001 Profitability Analysis CF002 Human Resources CF003 Projects CF004 Stock Prices CF005 Personnel Information CF006 Balance Sheet CF050 Balance sheet/P&L (FI/FILC) CFNNN Reference structure for aspect tables SAP-EIS CHALC Customizing table for Swiss alcohol processing CHGRP SAPfind: character groups CHKAC Check Table for Distributor: Generated Code CHKDC Check Table for Compare Program CHK_DECIDE Verification table for decider in DD_DECIDE CHSPIRIT Material groups required for spirits processing CHUCHKPROF HU Check Profile: Assign Error Code HU Item to Error Stat.HU CHUCHKPROFT Language Table HU Check Profile CHUPDPARA Parameters in a Packing Transaction Profile CHUPDPARAT Packing Transaction Customizing: Application Name CHVW Table CHVW for Batch Where-Used List CHVW_ARC_1 Archive Index: Batch Where-Used Data by Order Number CHVW_ARC_2 Archive Index: Batch Where-Used Data by Purchasing Document CHVW_ARC_3 "Archive Index: Batch Where-Used Data by Plant, Mat., Batches" CHVW_IDX Batch Where-Used Index Table for Selection of Data Objects CHVW_INC Batch Where-Used List- N:M Assignment for Order CHVW_PRE Preliminary Batch Where-used List According to Order/PO CHWEIN Material groups required for wine processing CHZP Reporting Points - Change History CICCCONF Call center framework components CICCCONF_T Customer interaction component text

CICCCONFVARID Customer Interaction Center Component Variants CICCCONFVARIDA Allowed slots for component variant CICCCONFVARIDC Allowed component container variants for component variant CICCCONFVARID_T Customer Interaction Center Component Variant Text CICCFGTIME Configuration change time CICCONF CCM framework screen configuration CICFHCASSN Call center framework hidden component modules CICFSCASSN Call Center Framework Screen Component Module CICPROFILE Customer interaction center profile CICPROFILES Customer interaction center profiles CICPROFMASTER Customer interaction center profile master CICPROFMASTER_T Customer Interaction Profile Master Text CICTOOLBAR CCM Application Toolbar Profile CICTOOLBAREXCL CIC Application Toolbar Exclusions CIMAP Input Sequence for BDC Sessions CIMHIS Predecessors of Extension Types (until Release 3.1) CIMSYN Syntax Description for Extensions CKBOB KKB: OBject Record (fixed data base portion) CKBS Base Planning Object - Unit Costing CKBT Texts for CKBS CKCM Costing Model CKCMC Characteristics of a Costing Model CKCMCT Characteristics of a Costing Model - Texts CKCMC_TR Characteristics of a Costing Model (Transportable) CKCMCT_TR Characteristics of a Costing Model - Texts CKCMT Name for the Costing Model CKCM_TR Costing Model (Transportable) CKCMT_TR Name of the Costing Model (Transportable) CKCMV Costing Model: Model Valuation CKECPWORKSPACE Hierarchical Worklists and Assignments in ECP CKECPWORKSPACET Texts for Hierarchical Worklists in ECP CKHS Header: Unit Costing (Control + Totals) CKHT Texts for CKHS CKIP Unit Costing: Period Costs Line Item CKIS Items Unit Costing/Itemization Product Costing CKIT Texts for CKIS CKKS Header: Unit Costing (Control + Totals) CKKT Texts for CKKS CKLAYOUT User Settings for Layout of Cost Estimate CKMI1 Index for accounting documents for material CKML1 Material Ledger Period Totals Records (Release 3.xx) CKML2 Material Ledger Header Record (Release 3.xx) CKMLAB01 Material Update Structure CKMLAB01T Material Update Structure (Description) CKMLAB01Z Material Update Structure (Line Assignment) CKMLAB02 Material Update Structure (Assignment to Valuation Area) CKMLCOCKPITSTATE User Data for Actual Costing Costing Run CKMLCR Material Ledger: Period Totals Records Values CKMLCT Currency types and valuation types in a valuation area CKMLCUMDOC Closing Document for Cumulation CKMLCUR Text for currency type and valuation type CKMLDELTAPOST Temporary Storage for Delta Postings for Cumulation CKMLDUV Distribution of Usage Diff.(Status for each ISEG entry) CKMLDUVCO Usage Differences for Each Account Assignment Object CKMLHD Material Ledger: Header Record CKML_INDX_RUN System table INDX CKMLKALNR Material Ledger: Cost Estimate Number Control CKMLKEKO Material Ledger: Cost Component Split (Header) CKMLKEPH Material Ledger: Cost Component Split (Elements) CKMLKEV Material Ledger: Cost Component Split (Control Record)

CKMLLACR ML Activity Type: Period Record/Currency Record CKMLLAHD ML Activity Types: Header Record CKMLMV001 Procurement alternatives CKMLMV001T Texts for procurement alternatives CKMLMV002 Assignments material / procurement alternatives CKMLMV003 Process model: Receipts / mixing strategies CKMLMV004 Process model: Withdrawals CKMLMV005 Consumption alternatives CKMLMV005T Texts for consumption alternatives CKMLMV006 Control data for the quantity structure types CKMLMV006T Name for quantity structure types CKMLMV007 Name formation (structure table) CKMLMV007A Name formation (algorithms) CKMLMV007R Name formation (naming rules) CKMLMV007RT Name formation: Text for naming rule CKMLMV007T Name formation (name of structure) CKMLMV009 Process Catagory CKMLMV009T Process Catagory (description) CKMLMV010 Movement type group for ML update CKMLMV010T Text for movement type groups for ML update CKMLMV011 Costing run: Object list CKMLMV011F Costing run: Filter table for object list CKMLMV011T Filter hierarchies CKMLMV012 Costing run: Predecessor/successor model CKMLMV013 Assignment table: Process for production order CKMLMV014 Assignment table: Procurement alternative for order CKMLMV015 Naming rule assignment for materials (header) CKMLMV015Z Naming rule assignment for materials for each procure. cat. CKMLMV016 Quantity structure tool: Naming rule CKMLMV016T Quantity structure tool: Texts for naming rules CKMLMVADMIN General Control Parameters for Actual Costing CKMLMV_AUX_KALNR Cost Estimate Numbers for Valuated Objects in QST CKMLO Material Ledger: Organizational Jobs CKMLPP Material Ledger Period Totals Records Quantity CKMLPR Material Ledger: Prices CKMLPR_EB Prices for final inventory / balance sheet valuation CKMLPRKEKO Material Ledger: Cost Component Split (Header) for Prices CKMLPRKEPH Material Ledger: Cost Component Split (Elements) for Prices CKMLRUNPERIOD Material ledger costing run for one month CKMLRUNPLANT Organizational units in a material ledger costing run CKMLRUNTYPE Obsolete From Release 4.6A CKMLRUNTYPEBWKEY Obsolete From Release 4.6A CKMLRUNTYPET Obsolete From Release 4.6A CKML_SM_AC Actual Costing Data for Schedule Manager CKMLV Material ledger control records CKMLW Material ledger currencies in valuation area CKPE CO-PC Cost Object Hierarchy: Individual Objects CKPH Master Record: Cost Object ID Number CKPHS Control for Cost Object Category CKPHT Texts for CKPH CKPP Periodic Values for Unit Costing Item CKPS Unit Costing Items CKPST Texts for Cost Object Category (CKPHS) CKPT Texts for CKPS CKRCO Anchor Entry of Summarized CO Object (Summarization Object) CKRCT Texts for CKRCO CKSBX_SERVER Application Server for Shared Buffer CLAENNR Change number-to-class alloc.: classification effectivity CLASS_DEF Definition of an archiving class CLASS_DELE Archiving class with tables from which entries are deleted

CLASS_INCL Archiving class which contains other archiving class CLBUF Cluster Table for Classes and Variants CLINDEX Indices of Classification System CLINDEXATINN Characteristic - Index Assignment CLINDEXOBTAB Restriction of Index to Object Types CLINDEXPROT Log Table for Document Search Index in Web CLMCUS Modification assistant settings CLNT_CVERS CLOIDOWNLPROT POI: Times/Dates of the last download to a log. System CLOI_MODEL_MAT "Material of planned model, sent by POI" CLPROF Classification: Parameters for Settings CLRK Recursiveness Info on Objects in Classes for BOM CLSELSTATADM Administrative Info on Statistics in Classification System CLSELSTATISTICS Statistics for Optimizing Object Search CLSELSTATISTICS2 Statistical AUSP Information for Characteristics CLST Link class - BOM CMDT Generic Master Record: General Header CMDT_ADR Generic Master Record: Address CMDT_BP Generic master record business process enhancements CMDT_CC Generic Master Data: Cost Center Enhancements CMDT_PC Generic Master Record: Profit Center Enhancements CMDT_PC_BUKRS Generic Master Record: Company Code Assign. for Profit Cent. CMDT_TEXT Generic Master Record: Texts CMFK Storage Structure for the Error Log Header CMFP Storage Structure for Errors Collected CMFPAR Error Management: Additional Parameters for Message CMOJOBS BDL: Planned Jobs to be analyzed CMP_EXCEPT Comparison Tools Exception Table (will be deleted) CMPOBJ Customizing Comparison: Object Description CMPPARAM Customizing Comparison: Parameter Settings CMP_RUNS Comparisons (will be deleted) CMPWL Customizing Comparison: Worklist Items CMPWLE Customizing Comparison: Exception List (SAP) CMPWLEC Customizing Comparison: Exception List (Customer) CMPWLH Customizing Comparison: Worklist Header CMPWLIMP Customizing Comparison: Worklist Imports CMPWLK Customizing Comparison: Keys of Worklist Items CNDB File to save selection versions (INDX) CNPB_INDX Preview for Project Builder CNSE_AFVG_PROT Log Table for NETWORK ACTIVITY Search Application CNSE_PRJECT_PROT Log Table for PROJECT Search Application CNSE_PRPS_PROT Log Table for WBS ELEMENT Search Application CNSE_RESB_PROT Log Table for MATERIAL COMPONENT Search Application CNTLREM remarks to controls > see table CNTL WARN CNTLSTRASC "Administration of components, A-LOBS (Ascii Large OBjectS)" CNTLSTREAM "Administration of components, BLOBS (Binary Large OBjectS)" CNTLSTRINF Attributes of a stream CNTLSTRLIS Control stream list CNTLWARN Table containing information about control restrictions COACT List of possible actions for authorizations COACTA Assignment of actions to authorization objects COACTT Text of Authorization Check Activities COACTV "Assign transaction, activity to CO_ACTION" COANZ Index of Objects With Down Payments/Requests COBK CO Object: Document header COBK_INDX Index in COBK for ORGVG COBRA Settlement Rule for Order Settlement COBRB Distribution Rules Settlement Rule Order Settlement COCC PP-PI: Attributes for Characteristics

COCC2 PP-PI: Customer-Specific Attributes for Characteristics COCH Process Management: Control Recipe Header COCHP PI sheet: Control Recipe Header COCOA Process Management: Operation Assignment Table COCQ PPPI/QM Integration: Buffer Table for Reporting Results CODB File to save distributed orders (INDX) COEJ CO Object: Line Items (by Fiscal Year) COEJL CO Object: Line Items for Activity Types (by Fiscal Year) COEJR CO Object: Line Items for Stat. Key Figures (by Fiscal Year) COEJT CO Object: Line Items for Prices (by Fiscal Year) COENV_COPY Functions copied from sub environments to main environments COENV_REL Assignment of Environments to Sub-Environments COEP CO Object: Line Items (by Period) COEPB CO Object: Line Items Variance/Period-Based Results Analysis COEPBR CO Object: Valuated Line Item Settlement COEPD "CO Object: Line Item Settlement, Not Valuated, With Status" COEPL CO Object: Line Items for Activity Types (by Period) COEPR CO Object: Line Items for Stat. Key Figs (by Period) COEPT CO Object: Line Items for Prices (by Period) COER Sales Order Value Revenue COES CO Object: Sales Order Value Line Items COFIO1 Object Table for Reconciliation Ledger COFIT COFIO2 Transaction-dependent fields for reconciliation ledger COFIP Single plan items for reconciliation ledger COFIS Actual line items for reconciliation ledger COFIT Totals Records for Reconciliation Ledger COFIV PI Sheet: Signature for Deviation COFMA PI Sheet: Message Assignment to Process Instruction COFP Document Lines (project cash management) COFT Process Management: Process Instructions in Control Recipe COFTP PI Sheet: Process Instructions COFUNC1 CO-OM-ABC: Functions in Class COFUNC2 CO-OM-ABC: Function Definitions COFUNCL CO-OM-ABC: Language-Dependent Functions COFV Process Management: Process Instr. Charact. in Ctrl Recipe COFVP PI Sheet: Process Instruction Characteristics COHIERARCH CO-OM-ABC: Hiearchy Graphic for Functions COHIERARCH_USER CO_ABC : Function Trees (activation user-dependent) COIFT Interface to Activity Allocation COINCTRL CO Interface: Control Parameters COIX Controlling: Info system cluster tables COIX_DATA Controlling: Info system cluster tables COIX_DATA40 Cluster table infosystem COKA CO Object: Control Data for Cost Elements COKAA CO Object: Control Data for Variances and Results Analysis COKEY CO key sub-numbers COKL CO Object: Control Data for Activity Types COKP CO Object: Control Data for Primary Planning COKR CO Object: Control Data for Statistical Key Figures COKS CO Object: Control Data for Secondary Planning COMAP Online BDC output mapping from message table to container COMD Process Management: Error Log for Message Destination COMDTPLAN Manager's Desktop: Planning Layout per Fcode COME Process Management: Message Characteristics COMEBR CO Interface: Control Puffer Refresh During Online Errors COMEP PI Sheet: Message Characteristics COMER Process Message Record: Message Characteristics COMH PP-PI: Header Data for Process Messages COMHP PI Sheet: Message Header COMHR Process Message Record: Message Header Data

COMPCMP "OCM: Comparison result, individual records for components" COMPCONF "OCM: Comparison result, state of change numbers" COMPF OCM: Names of compared fields COMPH OCM: Comparison result (header entry) COMPHDR "OCM: Comparison results, indiv. records for order headers" COMPITM "OCM: Comparison result, individual records for items" COMPMSG Messages from checks for leveling steps COMPOPR "OCM: Comparison result, individual records for operations" COMPPRT "OCM: Comparison result, individual record for PRTs" COMPSQU OCM: Comparison results; Single records for sequences COMQ Temporary Storage for Material Production Messages for QM CONT01_MARA Container Table for Material Master CONT02_STPO Container Table for BOM Item CONT03_EKPO Container Table for Purchase Order Item CONT04_RSADD Container Table for Reservation Appendix CONT05_DRAW Container Table for Document Information Record CONT06_PFOLDER Container Table for Product Folder (CM) CONTEXTB Context buffer CONTROLS Setting: Display control status CONU Foreign Trade: Duty Rate Numbers and Commodity Codes CONVERTER Information about access to installed converter CONVERT_LOC Location-Dependent Conversion CONVERT_SPEC Detailed information about special conversions CONV_MATRICES Matrixes that must be checked into BOMs CONV_PARAMETERS Parameter that is sent directly to the converter COO0SFN "CO object planning: interfaces, application function modules" COOI Commitments Management: Line Items COPARAM CO-OM-ABC: Function Parameters COPARAML CO-OM-ABC: Language-Dependent Parameter Names COPLNCTRL Control Data for Planning Source COPLNTYP External Planning Sources COPLNTYPT Text for COPLNTYP CORE Process Mgmt.: Display Characteristics of the Eval. Version CORP Process Management: Evaluation Versions CORUUSR User Settings for Confirmation COSB CO Object: Total Variances/Results Analyses COSBD "CO Object: Total of variances/accruals, of which settled" COSB_VTYPE "Code conversion OLTP (value type, RA category) in BIW" COSC CO Object: Assignment Original Costing Sheets COSL CO Object: Activity Type Totals COSLD CO Object: Activity Type Totals - of Which Settled COSP CO Object: Cost Totals for External Postings COSPD CO Object: Settled Primary Cost Totals COSPP Transfer of the Order in the COSP Table to the Project COSPR CO Objekt: Enhancement to COSP for Dependency Planning COSP_VTYPE "Conversion of OLTP (Value Type, Bus. Trans.) in BIW" COSR CO Object: Statistical Key Figure Totals COSRV Variants (characteristics) for LIS performance measures COSRVAPPL Application Component to Which LIS Variants Belong COSS CO Object: Cost Totals for Internal Postings COSSD CO Object: Settled Secondary Cost Totals COSSP Transfer of the Order COSS Table to the Project COST CO Object: Price Totals COTPL CO-ABC Template Master Data COTPLACT CO-OM-ABC: Values for Activation Column in Process Template COTPLACTT CO-OM-ABC: Texts for Entries in Activation Column COTPLAPPL CO-ABC: Application Component for Template COTPLAPPLT CO-ABC: Text of Valid Applications for Template COTPLCLASS CO-ABC: Valid Environments for Template Costing COTPLCLT CO-ABC: Text of Valid Environments for Template Costing

COTPLDEF CO-OM-ABC: Table with Information on Template Classes COTPLDEFCOL CO-OM-ABC: Description of Columns Used in Process Template COTPLDEFCOLT CO-OM-ABC: Texts for COTPLDEFCOL COTPLDEFTC Table Control Assignments: Fields COTPLF CO-ABC Find Template COTPLFC CO-OM-ABC: Process Template Control Blocks (TYPE TPLIC_BCB) COTPLFP CO-OM-ABC: Formula Parameter Lists for Process Template COTPLFS ABC: Sources of Formulas in a Template COTPLFV CO-OM-ABC: Formula Value Lists for Process Template COTPLP CO-OM-ABC: Items in Process Template COTPLPT CO-OM-ABC: Texts for Items in Process Template COTPLR "CO-OM-ABC: Master Data Extension, Process Template (Reports)" COTPLS CO-ABC: Source Text for Formulas in Template COTPLT CO-OM-ABC: Descriptive Text for Process Template COTPLTABLE CO-OM-ABC: Valid Tables in Environment Maintenance COTPLTABLET CO-ABC: Valid Tables in Template Environment (lang-dependnt) COTRP PI Sheet: Process Parameter Texts (Versions) COVA Variants: Cluster Table COVAB CO-PC Responsibility Area Characteristics COVAD Variant catalog COVAL Log Management Table COVAT Texts for Variants COVLP PI Sheet: Current Variable Values COWB120PAR Parameters for Costing Request COWB140PAR Workbench Print Parameters for Request COWB160PAR Workbench Print Parameters for Request COWB170PAR Parameters for Request for Creation of Capacity Requirements COWB180PAR Parameters for Request for Triggering WM Goods Movements COWB190PAR Parameters for User Status Request COWB200PAR Parameters for Request for Confirmations COWB220PAR Parameters for Request for Technical Completion COWB230PAR Parameters for Request for Close COWBSUBOBJ File for Saving Sub-objects COWRK (INDX) COWORK110PAR Workbench scheduling parameters for preposting COWORK130PAR Workbench release parameters for preposting CPABPRF JIT call profile CPABPRT JIT call profile long text CPNTYPE CPNTYPET CPRTYPE CPRTYPET CPZP Reporting Points - Periodic Totals Values CRATEXT Industry Texts CRCA Work Center Capacity Allocation CRCO Assignment of Work Center to Cost Center CREP KPRO CMS: Content Repositories CREPDESCR KPRO CMS: Descriptions of Content Repositories CREPDOCSP Document Management Areas for Content Repositories CREP_FILE KPRO CMS: Content Repositories (RFC) CREP_FTP KPRO CMS: Content Repositories (FTP) CREP_HTTP KPRO CMS: Content Repositories (HTTP) CREP_LREP KPRO CMS: Content Repositories (Logical Location) CREP_R3DB KPRO CMS: Content Repositories (R3DB) CREP_RFC KPRO CMS: Content Repositories (RFC) CREP_RPC KPRO CMS: Content Repositories (RPC) CREP_TREE KPRO CMS: Content Repositories (TREE) CRFH CIM production resource/tool master data CRHD Work Center Header CRHH Hierarchy Header Data CRHS Hierarchy Structure

CRID CIM Resource - Entities CROSS Index of Modules Used Externally CRTX Text for the Work Center or Production Resource/Tool CRVAR1 Variants for CO Resource Price Determination CRVAR1T Variants for CO Resource Price Determination: Texts CRVAR2 Variants for CO Resources: Assign Costing Sheets CRVD_A Link of PRT to Document CRVD_B Link of Document to PRT CRVE_A Assignment PRT data - equipment CRVE_B Assignment equipment - PRT data CRVM_A Link of PRT data to a material CRVM_B Link of material to a production resource/tool CRVS_A Relationship of PRT internal number to PRT external number CRVS_B Relationship of PRT external number to PRT internal number CSDIALOG Maintenance dialog: Header CSDIALOGS Maintenance dialog: Screen sequence CSDIALOGT Maintenance dialog: Header: Texts CSDLGITM Maintenance dialog: Dialog component: Header CSDLGITMCP Maintenance dialog: Dialog component: Composition CSDLGITMT Maintenance dialog: Dialog component: Text CSDLGSCR Maintenance dialog screens: Header CSDLGSCRCP Maintenance dialog screens: Composition CSDLGSCRT Maintenance dialog screens: Names CSKA Cost Elements (Data Dependent on Chart of Accounts) CSKB Cost Elements (Data Dependent on Controlling Area) CSKR Resource master record CSKS Cost Center Master Data CSKSTPL Template Assignment for Cost Centers CSKT Cost Center Texts CSKU Cost Element Texts CSKV Resource texts CSLA Activity master CSLT Activity type texts CSMBK Fact Table for CCMS System Repository CSMBK_ASC Associations in CCMS System Repository CSMBK_CL Class Definitions in CCMS Repository CSMBK_CLST Translation Table for CCMS CSM Class Names CSMBK_OBJ Object Repository in CCMS System Repository CSMBK_PROT Translation Table for CCMS CSM Provider Names CSMBK_QUA Definition of CCMS Qualifiers CSMBK_SEM CSM_BK: Semantic and Token Definitions CSMBK_SEMT Translation Table for CCMS CSM Semantic Names CSMBK_TK Token Definition in CCMS Repository CSMBK_TOKT Translation Table for CCMS CSM Token Names CSMCLSMAP Directory of CSM Classes for Fasr Access CSMCONTX CCMS Central System Management: Remote Managed Contexts CSMNSDIC CCMS CSM: Central Name Server Directory CSMNUDATA CSM CEN CCMS Data to be Processed CSMNUMETH Update Method Assignments for CCMS CSM Tables CSMSEGM CCMS Central System Management: Remote Managed Segments CSMSEGMX CCMS: Cache for Administration of Monitored Segments CSMSYS Central Table of Known Systems CSMSYSAS Central CCMS: List of SAP System Instances CSOBJECT Customizing objects: Header CSOBJECTCP Customizing object: Composition CSOBJECTT Customizing object: Text CSORDER_MAT Administration of generated materials per sales order CSPRJ_MAT Management of generated materials to project CSRCCONSTANT Online BDC constant value source map CSRCCONTAINER Online BDC container value source map

CSRCFCALL Online BDC function call value source map CSSK Cost center /cost element CSSL Cost Center / Activity Type CSUSR_DATA User-defined data for order browser CTIMEDEF Time definition CTIMPEXC Logical import: exception table CTIMPORT Logical customizing transports: Imports performed CTIMPTAB Logical customizing transports: imported tables CTRLCOMP Control Composites CTRUNICLAS FIFM: Classification Attributes in the Center CTSCURPRJ Current Project for Object Editing CTS_EXT_PS External Project Systems CTS_EXT_PT Text Description of External Project Systems CTSPROJECT Assignment of a CTS Project to an External Project CTS_PRSTAT Project Status Switch for CTS Projects CTS_PRSW Status Switch for Projects CTS_PRSWT Status Switch for Projects CTS_SERIAL Predecessor-Successor Relationships Between Change Requests CTSUSRCUST User-Specific Setting in CTS CTWFACTLOG Transport Proposal: Action Log CTWFNUMBER Transport Proposal: Number Assignment CTWFPROPOS Transport Proposal: Header CTWFREQUST Transport Proposal: Requests for Import CTWFTARGET Transport proposal: Target systems/target clients CUATEXTS Modifications of GUI Interface: Menu Texts Changed by Cust. CUCO Additional Data for Configurable Objects CUCVRNT Variants of Constraints CUEX Dependency Storage - Compilation CUFM Customizing: Class/Config: Screendesigner Form CUKB Administrative Information for Dependency Maintenance CUKBT Text Table for Dependency Maintenance Admin. Information CUKN Dependency Storage - Variants/Configuration CUOB Link Between Object and Dependency CUOBOM_CHANGE Manually Changed Items in the Order BOM CUPE Extension to BOM Item for Variants CURSADD Dependency Net Additional Data CURSCOD PMS Master Data: Storage of Code to be Evaluated CURSDNN PMS master data: discrimination net node CURSDNS PMS master data: subsequent discrimination net node CURSOBJ PMS Master Data: Conversion of PMS Object Keys CURSPAT PMS Master Data: Patterns (of End Points) CURSSPN PMS Master Data: Simple Pattern Nodes CURSSPS PMS Master Data: Follow-Up to Simple Pattern Node CURSVAR Internal Variables of Constraints CUSAB IMG attribute table: Industry sector settings CUSAC IMG attribute table: Customer data CUSAC1 Customer attribute 1 CUSAC1T Check table for customer attribute 1 CUSAC2 Customer attribute 2 CUSAC2T Check table for customer attribute 2 CUSAC3 Customer attribute 3 CUSAC3T Check table for customer attribute 3 CUS_ACTEXT Customizing Activity - Assigned Enhancement Object CUS_ACTH Customizing Activity - Header Data CUS_ACTOBJ Customizing Activity - Object List CUS_ACTOBT Customizing Activity - Object List CUS_ACTT Customizing Activity Text Table CUSADP Default project and other standard settings in Customizing CUSADP40 Default project and other standard settings in Customizing CUSAH IMG attribute table: SAP data

CUSAL IMG attribute table: Country settings CUSAMEN Assignment of activity to menu CUSAMENT Texts: Assignment of activity to menu CUS_ATRCOU Country Assignment for Activities CUS_ATRH Customizing Attributes - Header Data CUS_ATRT Text Table for Customizing Attributes CUS_COUNT Role attributes CUSD Customizing: Class/Config: Screendesigner CUSDEFAULT User Default Settings in Customizing CUSDT Customizing: Class/Config: Screendesigner Texts CUSDVCLANG Development Class: Original Language for Table Entries CUSDVCORIG Development Class: Original Location for Table Entries CUSEPRES Material Variant Matching Preselection + Settings CUSF Customizing: Class/Config: Screendesigner Frame CUSFT Customizing: Class/Config: Screendesigner Frame text CUS_IMGACH IMG Activities CUS_IMGACT Text Table for IMG Activity CUS_INDU Role attributes CUS_SYST Role attributes CUST02 Table for Determining the Characteristics of the ID Group CUST03 Table for Determining General Characteristics CUSTOMERS ABAP Book: Customers CUVFUN Variant functions CUVFUN_ADM Administrative Data for variant function CUVFUN_GR Group for variant functions CUVFUN_GRT Texts for variant function groups CUVFUN_IND Value assignment alternatives for variant function CUVFUN_PAR Parameters of variant function CUVFUN_ST Variant function status CUVFUN_STT Variant function status description CUVFUN_TX Text table for variant functions CUVFX Structure for locking variant functions CUVT Variant Table CUVTAB Variant table basic data CUVTAB_ADM Variant table - administrative data CUVTAB_FLD Fields of variant table CUVTAB_GR Group for variant tables CUVTAB_GRT Variant table group descriptions CUVTAB_IND Value assignment alternatives for variant table CUVTAB_ST Variant table status CUVTAB_STT Status description for variant table CUVTAB_TX Descriptions for Variant Table CUVTAB_VALC CHAR format values for variant table CUVTAB_VALN NON-CHAR format variant table values CUVTLN Line object of variant table CUVTX Structure for locking variant tables CUXREF Object Dependency Cross References CVCBN EHS: Business process - language-dependent label CVCBP EHS: Business process - valid business process IDs CVCCN EHS: Language-dependent label for communication CVCCO EHS: Communication CVCEC DDS: Error handler - valid error codes CVCER "DDS: Error handler - recipient allocation (situation, error)" CVCET EHS: Error handler - language-dependent error texts CVCHD EHS: Assignment table for default printer CVCHE EHS: Event buffer for report shipping CVCHP EHS: Assignment table for cover sheet and ack. of receipt CVCHS EHS: Assignment table for shipping elements CVCHU EHS: User exit - synonym allocation CVCRC EHS: Assignment table for communication

CVCRH EHS: Allowed values for structure CVDREASON CVCRP EHS: Parameter values to be saved CVCSH EHS: Shipping elements CVCSN EHS: Language-dependent label of shipping element CVDDH EHS: Substance report shipping orders CVDDP EHS: Parameter values for report shipping CVDPH "DDS: OBSOLETE !! DDOC log, header record" CVEP11 Cluster Table for Verification Runs (Various Fields) CVEP12 Cluster Table for Verif. Runs (Various Unaligned Fields) CVEP13 Cluster Table for Verification Runs (Various Fields) CVEP14 Cluster Table for Verif. Runs (Various Unaligned Fields) CVEP21 Cluster Table for Verification Runs (Various Fields) CVEP22 Cluster Table for Verif. Runs (Various Unaligned Fields) CVEP23 Cluster Table for Verification Runs (Various Fields) CVEP24 Cluster Table for Verif. Runs (Various Unaligned Fields) CVER11 Cluster Table for Verification Runs (Various Fields) CVER12 Cluster Table for Verif. Runs (Various Unaligned Fields) CVER13 Cluster Table for Verification Runs (Various Fields) CVER14 Cluster Table for Verif. Runs (Various Unaligned Fields) CVER15 Cluster Table for Verification Runs (for Buffer Overwrites) CVER21 Cluster Table for Verification Runs (Various Fields) CVER22 Cluster Table for Verif. Runs (Various Unaligned Fields) CVER23 Cluster Table for Verification Runs (Various Fields) CVER24 Cluster Table for Verif. Runs (Various Unaligned Fields) CVER25 Cluster Table for Verification Runs (for Buffer Overwrites) CVER31 Cluster Table for VERI Array Operations CVER32 Cluster Table for VERI Array Operations CVER33 Verification Program: Long Fields in Cluster Tables CVERI_CLNT Verification of SAP SQL Key Words from ABAP/4 View CVERS Release Status of Software Components in System CVERS_REF Reference Table for CVERS Entries CVERS_TXT Component Version System Information CVSE_APPL Application specific settings for SE document search CVSE_APPL_DOKOB Object assignments for each search application CVSE_APPLT Texts application specific settings for SE document search CVSE_DRAW_PROT Log Table CVSE_GUID Assignment DRAD for GUID CVSE_INDX User specific settings for document search CVSE_INDX_FIELDS Index fields for search engine index CVT1 CVT2 CWB_HIST_D Correction Workbench: History Data CWB_HIST_H Correction Workbench: History Header CWB_HIST_O Correction Workbench: History Object Data CWB_OPTIONS_DEF User-specific options for the Engineering Workbench CWBRFCCACH Cache for Request Data from Remote Systems CWB_SEL_VAR_DEF EWB: User-defined settings for selection variants CWB_SEL_VARIANTS EWB: User-Specific Initial Variants CWB_SEL_VAR_ROOT EWB: All selection variants CWB_SEL_VAR_TXT EWB: Descriptions (meanings) of selection variants in EWB CWB_WORKAREA_DEF EWB: User-Dependent Initial Variants CYOPR_MOVE Order-/operation data CYTSTR_TAB Time stream keys D000 Condition Table for Material Determination $ D010INC Where-Used Table for ABAP INCLUDEs D010LINF ABAP: System table D010LINF: Information about ABAP LOAD D010SINF ABAP: Information about ABAP program source code D010TAB Table for Use Report<->Tables D010TINF ABAP: Information about ABAP text elements D020L Screen (run-time format)

D020LINF DYNP: Information for screen load D020S System table D020S (screen sources) D020SINF Information on Screen Source D020T Screen Short Description D021L Screen Key Words (Runtime Format) D021T Screen Key Word Texts D0GEN Control table for generation mode D301T Texts for Program Functions and Menu Bars D342L Table for long CUA objects D344L Header for language load of master language D345T Table for Long GUI Objects (Texts) D346T Table for Long GUI Objects (Texts) D347T GUI Title DARTT DD: Data Class in Technical Settings: Texts DB2BPTUNE DB2/390: Buffer Pool Tuning Settings DB2IREORG Information for Database Reorgcheck: Indexes DB2JOB JCL Jobs for OS/390 DB2JSINF Header Table of JCL Administration DB2JSTATUS Status of Submitted JCL Jobs DB2JU TSO User on OS/390 DB2LODLK RFC - Deadlock Table DB2LODRS RFC - Deadlock Resources DB2LOGS RFC - Active Log Shortage DB2LOTHW RFC - Timeout Waiter and Holder DB2LOTRS RFC - Timeout Resources DB2LRUR RFC - Long Running URs DB2MON DB2/390 Monitor Table DB2NORUN Exclude table spaces from RUNSTATS ALL DB2REOIX REORG of Indexes DB2REOTS REORG of Tablespaces DB2RFCCONN RFC - Connection DB2TBLX RFC - Table Extents DB2TREORG Information for Database reorgcheck: Tables DB2UTPARM DB2/390: Parameters for DB2 Utilities DB4OX AS/400: CCMS object existence check DB50TDEF SAP DB Assistant: Tree Definition DB6ALRTCFG DB6: Alert Configuration Data DB6ALRTMSG DB6: Alert Log Table for Database System Check DB6CSTRACE DB6: Results Table for DB6 CS Trace (Cumulative DBSL Trace) DB6GSDTBS DB6: Table-Specific Snapshot Data DB6IREORG DB6: Database REORG Check Information: Indexes DB6NAVSYST DB6: System Registration Table DB6PMCD DB6: Configuration Database DB6PMCF DB6: Configuration File Systems DB6PMCG DB6: Protocol Table for Logfile related Operations DB6PMCK DB6: All Backups of History File DB6PMCK_P DB6: All Backed Up Tablespaces of History File DB6PM_CLN DB6: Cleanup of History Tables DB6PMCM1 DB6: Configuration Database Manager (Part 1) DB6PMCM2 DB6: Configuration Database Manager (Part 2) DB6PMCN DB6: Configuration Nodes (Partitions) DB6PMCP DB6: Configuration Tablespace DB6PMCR DB6: Configuration Container DB6PM_DLK DB6: Table to Store the Output of Detected Deadlocks DB6PMHCDM DB6: Database and Database Manager Parameter Changes DB6PMHSD DB6: Database Performance Statistics History DB6PMHT DB6: Detail Record of Table and Index Space Statistics DB6PMHT_HD DB6: Summary Record of Table and Index Space Statistics DB6PMHXP DB6: Detail Record of Tablespace and DB Space Statistics DB6PMHXPHD DB6: Summary Record of Tablespace And DB Space Statistics

DB6PMHXT DB6: Detail Record of Tablespace and DB Table/Index Stats DB6PMHXTHD DB6: Summary Rec. of Tablespace and DB Table/Index Stats DB6PM_LST DB6: Sysout Listing (Standard Output of an Executable) DB6PMPROT DB6: Protocol Table for DBA Actions DB6PMSA DB6: Application Snapshot DB6PMSA_AG DB6: Application Agents Snapshot DB6PMSA_LW DB6: Application Lock Wait Snapshot DB6PMSA_SS DB6: Application Subsections Snapshot DB6PMSA_ST DB6: Application Statement Snapshot DB6PMSB DB6: Buffer Pool Snapshot DB6PMSD DB6: Database Snapshot DB6PMSL_AP DB6: Application Lockst. Snapshot DB6PMSL_DB DB6: Snapshot Locks Database DB6PMSL_LK DB6: Snapshot Locks Application Locks DB6PMSL_LW DB6: Snapshot Locks Application Lock Waits DB6PMSM DB6: Database Manager Snapshot DB6PMSM_FC DB6: Snapshot Database Manager FCM (Fast Comm. Manager) DB6PMSM_FN DB6: Snapshot Database Manager FCM Nodes DB6PMSP DB6: Tablespace Snapshot DB6PMSP_HD DB6: Tablespace Header Snapshot DB6PMSQ DB6: Snapshot SQL Cache DB6PMST DB6: Snapshot Table DB6PMST_HD DB6: Snapshot Table Header DB6PM_TIME DB6: Protocol Record of Statistical Data Collection DB6SNP Table for Database Snapshots DB6TREORG DB6: Database REORG Check Information: Tables DBABARL Data Backup - Data Recovery DBABD Information About the Data Files (Oracle) DBABL Information About Archive Log Files (Oracle) DBADFL Details About Reorganization and Memory Modifications DBAERR Look-Up Table for Database Operation Errors DBAEXTL Memory Space Changes DBAFID Look-Up Table for Database Operations DBAFIZ General information (n:1) DBAGRP Lookup Table Operation Group Tables DBAML Job / Job Step Utility View DBAOBJL Object Status DBAOPTL DB Optimization - Table Statistics DBAPHAL Object Status DBARCL Sub-operations DBAREOL Reorganization DBASPAL Memory Allocation DBATID Lookup Table for Database Tasks DBATL Central Task / Job Information DBATRIAL Look-Up Tables for Database Sub-Operations DBCHECKDB2 Configuration of DB2/390 System Check Parameters DBCHECKDB6 Configuration of DB2 UDB System Check Parameters DBCHECKORA Database System Check: Configuration DBCHK Exceptions for data base checks DBCKREPDB6 Configuration of DB2 Universal Database System Check Reports DBCON Description of Database Connections DBCONUSR SAP DB: Database Users DBDATA Data Browser Procedure Data DBDIFF Definition of (Intended) Differences Between DD and DB DBDIFFINFO Further Info on DBDIFF (Differences between DD and DB) DBMSGDB2 DB2/390 System Check Messages DBMSGDB6 DB2 Universal Database: System Check Messages DBMSGORA Database System Check: Messages DBPR Material Index MRP Area for Forecast DBPROF Forecast Error with MRP Areas

DBPRON Reproc. of Forecast Errors and Excpn Messages with MRP Area DBSMSGORA Structure for DB System Check Messages (Acc. to DBMSGORA) DBSNP Database snapshots DBSTAIHADA Actual size of indices on the database (history) DBSTAIHDB2 DB2/390 Statistics for Indexes DBSTAIHDB4 history of index sizes on the database DBSTAIHORA Actual size of indices on the database (history) DBSTATC DB Optimizer Control (Statistics Creation) DBSTATHADA Actual size of tables on the database (history) DBSTATHDB2 DB2/390 Statistics for Tables (History) DBSTATHDB4 History of table sizes on the database DBSTATHDB6 DB2 UDB: Statistical History of 'Application Monitor' DBSTATHINF INFORMIX update statistical information DBSTATHMSS Table Statistics History DBSTATHORA Actual size of tables on the database (history) DBSTATIADA Actual size of indices on the database DBSTATIDB2 DB2/390 Statistics for Indexes DBSTATIDB4 Index size on the database DBSTATIDB6 DB2 UDB: Statistics for Indexes ('Application Monitor') DBSTATIMSS Index Sizes DBSTATIORA Actual size of indices on the database DBSTATS Control for Application Monitor and CBO: Setup DBSTATTADA Actual size of tables on the database DBSTATTDB2 DB2/390 Statistics for Tables DBSTATTDB4 table sizes on the database DBSTATTDB6 DB2 UDB: Table Statistics for 'Application Monitor' DBSTATTINF INFORMIX update statistical information DBSTATTMSQ Table statistics for MS SQL Server DBSTATTMSS Table Sizes DBSTATTORA Actual size of tables on the database DBSYCHKDB2 DB2/390: Global Information for Database System Check DBTABLOG Table of log records for table tupel changes DBTABPRT Table of log records for table tupel changes DBVL "Planning File Entry, MRP Area, Long-Term Planning" DBVM "Planning File Entry, MRP Area" DBVSE DCERRLIST DCIMPDD DD: Handle actions following DD import DD01L Domains DD01T R/3 DD: domain texts DD02ALL Table Parameters for ALLBASE DD02DB2 DB2/390: Table Parameters DD02DB6 Table Parameters for DB2 Version 2 DD02INF "Table Parameters for INFORMIX, Version 6" DD02L SAP tables DD02MSS Table Parameters for Microsoft SQL Server DD02ORA "Table parameters for ORACLE, version 6" DD02SYB Storage Parameters for Tables in SYBASE DD02T R/3 DD: SAP table texts DD03L Table Fields DD03T DD: Texts for fields (language dependent) DD04L Data elements DD04T R/3 DD: Data element texts DD05S Foreign key fields DD06L Pool/cluster structures DD06T R/3 DD: texts on SQL tables DD07L R/3 DD: values for the domains DD07T DD: Texts for Domain Fixed Values (Language-Dependent) DD08L R/3 DD: relationship definitions DD08T Texts on the relationship definitions

DD09C ABAP/4: Sytem-dependent attributes of tech. settings DD09L DD: Technical settings of tables DD10L Lock table for DD activation DD12DB2 DB2/390: Index Parameters DD12DB6 Index Parameters for DB2 Universal Database Version 2 DD12INF Index parameter for INFORMIX DD12L "R/3 S_SECINDEX: secondary indexes, header;" DD12MSS Index Parameters for MS SQL Server DD12ORA Index Parameters for ORACLE DD12SYB Index Parameters for SYBASE System_10 DD12T Text Table for DD12L (Short Descriptions of Sec. Indexes) DD14S R/3 DD: components of SAP objects DD15L R/3 DD: SAP objects DD15T R/3 DD: texts on SAP objects DD16S R/3 DD: SQL table fields DD17S "R/3 S_SECINDEX: secondary indexes, fields" DD20L Matchcode objects DD20T AS400-T_MCOBJECT: MC Object Texts DD21S S-MCIDTABLE: Tables for a MC ID DD23L Matchcode ID DD23T AS400_L-MCID: Matchcode ID Texts DD24S Fields of a matchcode ID DD25L "Aggregate Header (Views, MC Objects, Lock Objects)" DD25T Short Texts for Views and Lock Objects DD26S Base tables and foreign key relationships for a view DD27S "Fields in an Aggregate (View, MC Object, Lock Object)" DD28S Lines of a selection condition DD29L Selection Condition for Views and MC IDs DD29T AS400_L-SELCOND: Selection Condition Texts DD30L Search helps DD30T Search help texts DD31S Assignment of search helps to collective search helps DD32S Search Help Parameter DD33S Assignment of search help fields DD35L Search help attachments to structures: Headers DD36S Parameter-field assignments for search help attachment DD40L Table types (internal tables defined in DD) DD40T Text on table types DD42S Key fields for table types (internal tab. defined in DD) DD90L Header Information for External Index DD90T R/3-DD: Text for External Index DD91S DocID Key Definition of External Index DD92S Mapping of R/3 Data on External Index DD93S Attribute of an External Index DD94S Languages of an Index Category DD96S Synchronization Tables DD97S Statements for Trigger and Stored Procedures DDACL Exclusion times for ABAP/4 Dictionary actions DDALIAS DD: Second name for accessing tables DDART DD: Data Class in Technical Settings DDBUF DD: For transferring the new buffering parameters DDCDIM "DD: Conversion, number of table lines" DDCNVEXIT DD: External conversion methods DDCNVSTAT DD: Statistical Data for Conversion DDCNVTABL DD: Contains incr. conv. tables depend. on release/component DDCNVTIMES DD: Exclusion times for conversion DDCNVUSR DD: Exception table of converter DDCPRO DD: Conversion projects DDCPROT DD: Text on conversion projects DDCPROTAB DD: Table for conversion projects

DDCQUEUE DD: Queue for CNV Operations DDCSTA "DD: Conversion, number of table lines" DDCSTAT DD: Statistics table for conversions DDDTRENUPG DD: Table for Renaming Data Elements During Upgrade DDF4PSINDX Contains Information for Personalizing the F4 Help DDFTX Run-time object with Screen Painter texts DDICNVCTRL Control String for Transaction ICNV DDICNVDAYS DD: Days of Week DDICNVDIST Distribution of data records of base tables DDICNVLST Contains information on converter exits DDLBBUFTST Test: Recognize Access to Buffered Tables DDLOADD R3load-data table for migration DDLOADH R3load-header table for migration DDPAMSCTRL DD: Controls Parallel Handling during Mass Activation DDPART DD: Partitioned form of TBATG DDPATH DD: Definition of access paths DDPRH R/3 DD: Log header DDPROF DD: Settings for DDIC programs DDPRS R/3 DD: log lines DDPRTUVAR User settings for printing DD objects DDSERVPERF DD: Performance Key Figures of Server for Par. Execution DDSHDEFSH Default value - search help per user and collective s.h. DDSHENTITY Table of data elements which need the value table help DDSHHVALUE Historic Help Values DDSHLPVERS Current Version of Search Help Activator DDSHPVALUE Personal Help Values DDSPAR Storage clause for tables and indexes DDSPAR1 Storage clause for tables and indexes DDSPAR2 Storage clause for tables and indexes DDSTATHIST DD: Statistical Data for Conversion DDSTORAGE Storage clause for tables and indexes DDSTORAGE1 Storage clause for tables and indexes DDSTORAGE2 Storage clause for tables and indexes DDSYN Parameters for Buffer Synchronization DDTYPES Table of all Dictionary types and classes DDTYPET ABAP/4 Dictionary: Texts for type groups DDVE1 Value Table for Domain DDVERINT4 DDVEPR Check Table with Two Key Fields DDXTF Nametab field structure for delayed writing DDXTT Nametab header structure for delayed writing DDYTF Substitution Nametab (shadow-shadow-nametab for DDXTF) DDYTT Substitution Nametab (shadow-shadow-nametab for DDXTT) DEFTAX_ITEM Data for Deferred Taxes DELDYNPS List of Table Screens DELIVERY Replication Table DELM SAPfind: delimiter & special character DELREPS Reports Designated for Deletion DEMOTREE Demonstration Hierarchy DEMOTREET Demonstration Hierarchy: Texts DEVACCESS Table for development user DEVC_APP Development Class Within the Application Hierarchy DEVC_APX Changes Within the Translation Hierarchy (DEVC_APP) DEVL OBSOLETE: Do not use (See TCETRAL) DEVLT OBSOLETE: Do not use (see TCETRALT) DF03L Events DF03T Event descriptions DF04L Functions DF04T Function description DF06L Information flow DF06T Information Flow Names

DF07L Object Types DF07T Object Type Names DF08L ALE Messages DF08T Message Names DF10L ALE Message Flows DF10T Message Flow Names DF11L Scenario Processes DF11T Scenario Names DF12L Organizational units DF12T Organization Unit Names DF13L Enterprise areas DF13T Enterprise Area Names DF14A Application Components: Data for SAP Applications DF14L Application Components DF14T Business Application Component Names DF15L Communications flow DF15T Communications Flow Names DF16L Groups DF16T Group names DF17L Any BE object with no specific attributes DF17T Event descriptions DF30S Object Relationships DF31S Component dependencies DF32S Assignment of IMG chapters to functions DF33S Customizing assignment to modeling DF34S Documentation assignments DF35S Assignment of Customizing to modeling objects DF36S Deselected assignments of Customizing to modeling objects DF40D Diagam Management Information DF41S Nodes DF42S Links DF43S Link points DF50D Variant diagram radio button DF50L Variants DF50O Variant objects DF50T Variant descriptions DF52A Filter Action Log DF52L Filter DF52T Filter names DF53S Active variant on variant node DF54S Active nodes for a variant DF55L Variants DF55T Variant name DF62S ID mapping table LM/BE DF63S Business Browser Web Server DFAXD Fax information extendable sample SAP-WB DFBNT Business Navigator WEB Textpool DFKKBPTAXNUM Tax Numbers for Business Partner DFMLH Links from R/3 Reference Model objects to mail folder DFMLO Links from R/3 Reference Model objects to mail folder DFPAYG Payment date: Grouping DFPAYHT Note to Payee and Payment Advice Note Texts DFPAYMENT_KEY_ID Contains ID for Payment Data Key DFPAYV Payment Medium: Selection Variants DFPM_AUTH Payment medium: Authorization Check Origin Active DFPM_NUMB Payment Medium: Sequential Numbers DFPRX Number prefixes DFTNODE01 Structure repository for process model objects: Node table DFTNODE01R Structure repository for process model objects: References DFTNODE01T Structure Repository for Process Model Objects: Node Names

DGKAT DD: Size category in technical settings DGTMD DG: Dangerous Goods Master DGTMD_LKEY DG-MAT: Dummy table for lock object on log. key for DGTMD DGTPK DG-Mat: Dangerous goods packaging requirement DIAPAR Parameter Description for Dialog Modules DIRTREE Tree administration DIV01 Loans: External usage types of a rental unit DJEST Individual Status per Object: Key Date Based Management DKKOP Balance Audit Trail DKKOS Balance Audit Trail DKOKP Open Item Account Balance Audit Trail DKOKS Open Item Account Balance Audit Trail Master Record DLFLD Non-Changeable Delivery Fields DLIX ABAP/4: Structure DLIB for EXPORT/IMPORT DLV_SYSTC System Change Option for Software Components DM02L DM Entity Type DM02S DM Entity Type Definition Variant DM02T DM Entity Type Short Text DM03S DM Attribute DM25L DM View-Entity Type Assignment DM26L DM Table-Entity Type Assignment DM40L DM Data Model DM40T DM Data Model Short Text DM41S DM Data Model Hierarchy DM42S DM Relationship DM42T DM Relationship Short Text DM43T DM Entity Type Aliases DM45L DM Specialization Category DM45T DM Short text for specialization type DM46S DM Specialization DM48L DM Area DM48T DM Area Short Text DM50S DM ADW Position DM50T DM ADW Text on Entity Type DM99L DM User Settings DMEE_PAYM_RULES DMEE: Field Assignment (FI_REGU2FPAYM) DMEE_TREE DMEE Format Tree: General Data DMEE_TREE_AGGR DMEE: Aggregation of Nodes DMEE_TREE_COND DMEE: Format Object - & Mapping Conditions DMEE_TREE_HEAD DMEE: Format Tree Header Data DMEE_TREE_LEVEL DMEE: Format Level DMEE_TREE_NODE DMEE: Format Tree Nodes DMEE_TREE_NODE_T Text Table DMEE: Format Tree Node DMEE_TREE_SHEET DMEE: Key Fields for Subtotals on Accompanying Sheet DMEE_TREE_SORT DMEE: Sort and Key Fields for Format DMEE_TREE_T DMEE: Text Table for Tree Definition DMEE_TREE_TECH DMEE: Technical Fields in the Transfer Structures DMEE_TREE_TYPE DMEE: Supported Tree Types DMEE_TREE_TYPE_T DMEE: Text Table for Tree Types DMS1DIDSTA SDOK: Status Table for Indexing Documents DMS_AUDITS DVS: Indicator Audits DMS_CONT1_CD1 DVS: Document conetnts in SAP-DB (main original) DMS_CONT1_HD1 DVS: Document contents in SAP-DB (additional files) DMS_CONT2_CD1 DVS: Document conetnts in SAP-DB (main original) DMS_CONT2_HD1 DVS: Document contents in SAP-DB (additional files) DMS_CONV2KPRO1 Conversion DMS storage data DMS_CONV2KPRO2 Log table for conversion DMS_DOC2LOIO DVS: Link table DVS Key <-> LOIO-ID DMS_DOC_FILES DMS: File Names for Documents DMS_DOC_FOLDER1 DMS: Folder for documents (Header)

DMS_DOC_FOLDER2 DMS: Folder for documents (descirptions) DMS_DOC_FOLDER3 DMS: Folder for documents (structure) DMS_DOC_FOLDER4 Determine all subscribed root folders DMS_FILE_CP DMS: Change Documents for Originals in KPRO DMS_IDX_MIMES DMS: Definition of the MIME type indexing DMS_LO_CD1 DVS: LOIOS of main originals (conv. document) DMS_LODESC_CD1 DVS: LOIO-Descirption of the main original (conv. document) DMS_LODESC_HD1 DVS: LOIO-Description of additional data (help document) DMS_LO_HD1 DVS: LIOS of addtional files (help document) DMS_LORE_CD1 DVS: Outgoing links LOIOS for main originals DMS_LORE_HD1 DVS: Otgoing links LOIOS for additional files DMS_LORI_CD1 DVS: Incoming links LOIOS for main originals DMS_LORI_HD1 DVS: Incoming links PHIOS for additional files DMS_MUPCAT Markup categories DMS_MUPCATT Description markup categories DMS_OI DMS Customizing settings for office integration DMS_PH_CD1 DVS: PHIOS of main originals DMS_PH_CHKF_CD1 DVS: File name of last check out (main original) DMS_PH_CHKF_HD1 DVS: File name of last check out (additional files) DMS_PH_CHKO_CD1 DVS: Check out data to PHIO (main originals) DMS_PH_CHKO_HD1 DVS: Check out data to PHIO (additional files) DMS_PHF_CD1 DVS: PHIOS Components of main originals (conv. document) DMS_PHF_HD1 DVS: PHIOS Components of additional files (help document) DMS_PH_HD1 DVS: PHIOS of additional originals DMS_PHHYP_CD1 DMS: PHIOS DMS_PHHYP_HD1 DVS: PHIOS ???????????? DMS_PHIO2FILE DMS: File name to Phios DMS_PH_PROP_CD1 DVS: Attribute PHIOS (main originals) DMS_PH_PROP_HD1 DVS: Attribute PHIOS (additional files) DMS_PHRE_CD1 DVS: Outgoing links PHIOS for main originals DMS_PHRE_HD1 DVS: Outgoing links PHIOS for additional files DMS_PHRI_CD1 DVS: Incoming links PHIOS for main originals DMS_PHRI_HD1 DVS: Incoming links PHIOS for additional files DMS_PROC01 DMS - Processes DMS_PROC02 DMS - Processes/Text table DMS_PROF01 DMS: Profile Definition DMS_PROF02 DMS: Allocation Profile - Group/User DMS_PROF03 DMS: Profile Definitions for Applications DMS_PROF04 Profile definition for process DMS_PROP_CD1 DVS: Attribute LOIOS (main originals) DMS_PROP_HD1 DVS: Attribute LOIOS (additional files) DMS_RELA DVS: Instances of links DMS_REPR DVS: Attribute of links DMS_SELECTIONS Find Document: Selection Variants DMS_SELECTIONST Texts to Selection Variants DMS_USER_DEF01 DMS: User-Specific Settings DMUPOB DMU item object (head for DMU transformation matrices) DMUTMX Transformation matrix parameter in STEP format(ISO 10303-42) DOCALTLANG Alternative language for displaying document DOCCLSS Official document class DOCCLSST Texts for official document class DOKALTLANG Assignment of alternative languages for document display DOKCR List of links between documentation objects DOKENTRY SE61 DOKHL Documentation: Headers DOKID Table Field-Screen Index DOKIL Index for Documentation Table DOKH DOKSH Documentation Statistics History DOKSI Documentation Statistics History Index DOKTL Documentation - text lines

DOSSH Documentation: Short Text Statistics History DOSSI Documentation: Short Text Statistics History Index DOSSO Documentation: Short Text Statistics - Object-Specific DOST Document to BOM Link DPPROFH DIP profile: Header DPSTRUC DIP profile: Structuring DRAD Document-Object Link DRAD_PORDER Attributes for Links: Document to Production Order DRAO Originals for documents DRAOZ Additional Files for DMS Originals DRAP Document Log File DRAT Texts for Document Info Records DRAW Document Info Record DRAW_LAST_CHANGE DMS: Last Changes to Document DRAZ Table for Additional Files for DMS Originals DRVLOG_FIELDVAL Derivation: Attributes and values (log file) DRVLOG_HEADER Derivation: Header table for log file DRVLOG_ITEM Derivation: Item table for log file DRVLOG_TRAIL Derivation: Orders / purchase orders in derivation path DRZA DDS: Recipient list (document <-> recipient allocations) DRZAO DDS: task-specific data for recipient list DRZAT DDS: Language-dependent texts for recipient list DRZO DDS: Distribution order (DDO) DRZOC DDS: partial order DRZOF DDS: Original application files of partial order DRZOI DDS: initial order DRZOP DDS: distribution order package DSALBES Compare Balance List Position Trend DSCDB6 DB2 Universal Database Statistics: Columns DSFLX SAPscript Smart Forms: Storage of Long Texts DSIDB6 DB2 Universal Database Statistics Table: Indexes DSKOP Balance Audit Trail DSKOS Balance Audit Trail DSPHDR ALE Distribution Packet : Header data DSPITM ALE Distribution Packet : Objects DSPSTS ALE Distribution Packet : Status History DSTCL Control Table for Distribution Program Running Parallel DSTDB6 DB2 Universal Database Statistics Table: Tables DSVASABAPSOURCES DSVAS: Administration of generated ABAP programs DSVASABAPSOURCET DSVAS: Description of generated ABAP programs DSVASACTSEQ DSVAS: Step sequences DSVASACTSEQT DSVAS: Description of step sequences DSVASBINARY DSVAS: Binary data DSVASCHECK DSVAS: Checks DSVASCHECKFLOW DSVAS: Process control for checks DSVASCHECKGRP DSVAS: Check group DSVASCHECKGRPA DSVAS: Permitted attributes of a check group DSVASCHECKGRPAT DSVAS: Description of permitted attributes DSVASCHECKGRPCUS DSVAS: Special customizing for check groups for applicat ions DSVASCHECKGRPER DSVAS: Error messages for check groups DSVASCHECKGRPERT DSVAS: Text for error messages DSVASCHECKGRPES DSVAS: Rating strategy DSVASCHECKGRPESC DSVAS: Rating strategy (definitions) DSVASCHECKGRPESD DSVAS: Rating strategy (text for rating definitions) DSVASCHECKGRPEST DSVAS: Rating strategy (description) DSVASCHECKGRPT DSVAS: Description of check group DSVASCHECKOBJ DSVAS: Check objects DSVASCHECKOBJT DSVAS: Short texts for check objects DSVASCHECKT DSVAS: Descriptions of checks

DSVASCONDSEQ DSVAS: Condition sequences DSVASCONDSEQT DSVAS: Decription of condition sequences DSVASCONTEXTS DSVAS: Contexts DSVASCONTEXTST DSVAS: Context descriptions DSVASDOCHEAD DSVAS: Header for document storage DSVASDOCUMENTS DSVAS: Document storage DSVASEVENT DSVAS: Event queue DSVASEVENTMOD DSVAS: Event module DSVASFLAVORS DSVAS: Flavors for tree-strucure elements DSVASGPCOLORS DSVAS: Graphic - Colors DSVASGPCOLORST DSVAS: Graphic - Colors DSVASGPCUSTOM DSVAS: Graphic - Customizing (Exclude Operations) DSVASGPSYSTYPES DSVAS: Graphic - System Types DSVASHTMLMIME DSVAS: MIME objects for HTML elements DSVASHTMLOBJECTS DSVAS: HTML objects DSVASINFOLINK DSVAS: Reference to information objects DSVASINFOLINKT DSVAS: Description of info-object reference DSVASRANGES DSVAS: Value-range tables DSVASRANGESENTRY DSVAS: Entries in value-range tables DSVASRANGEST DSVAS: Descriptions for value-range tables DSVASREPCHAP DSVAS: Report chapter definition DSVASREPCHAPSTR DSVAS: Subobjects of a report chapter DSVASREPCHAPT DSVAS: Report chapter description DSVASREPDEF DSVAS: Report definition DSVASREPDEFT DSVAS: Report definition (short description) DSVASREPLAYOUT DSVAS: Layout of a report type DSVASREPNODES DSVAS: Possible objects in report DSVASREPNODEST DSVAS: Possible objects in report DSVASREPODOCHDO DSVAS: Documents for report generation (header) - Archive DSVASREPODOCHEAD DSVAS: Documents for report generation (header) DSVASREPODOCS DSVAS: Documents for report generation DSVASREPODOCSO DSVAS: Documents for report generation - Archive DSVASREPSTRUCT DSVAS: Report chapter (dependent on session type) DSVASRESULTSAL DSVAS: Results data (steps) DSVASRESULTSATTR DSVAS: Results data (attributes) DSVASRESULTSCHK DSVAS: Results data (checks) DSVASRESULTSERR DSVAS: Results data (error messages) DSVASRESULTSGEN DSVAS: Results data (general) DSVASRESULTSSEL DSVAS: Results data (selections) DSVASSELECT DSVAS: Selection help for checks and check parameters DSVASSELECTT DSVAS: Description of selection filters DSVASSESSACTLOG DSVAS: Session administration - Action Log DSVASSESSADMIN DSVAS: Session administration data DSVASSESSBUGFIX DSVAS: Authorizing users to fix bugs DSVASSESSDEF DSVAS: Session definition (check groups / session type) DSVASSESSDEFAL DSVAS: Session definition (aliases for accessing checks) DSVASSESSDEFGEN DSVAS: Session definition (general part) DSVASSESSDEFT DSVAS: Description of the session definition DSVASSESSIONHEAD DSVAS: Session data (header) DSVASSESSPACK DSVAS: Session packages DSVASSESSPACKT DSVAS: Session package description DSVASSESSUSEGRP DSVAS: Determining the session status to be used DSVASSETGETPARAM DSVAS: Set/Get parameter DSVAS_STAB Copy of structure of table dsvassessadmin DSVASTABLE DSVAS: Check table definition (header) DSVASTABLECOLTIT DSVAS: Check-table column title DSVASTABLECOLTYP DSVAS: Check-table column type DSVASTABLESELCTT DSVAS: Description for selection filters in tables DSVASTABLESELECT DSVAS: Selection filters for check table lines DSVASTABLET DSVAS: Check-table description

DSVASTABLEVALUE DSVAS: Default values for check tables DSVASTEXTCLUSTER DSVAS: Text data DSVASTEXTCLUSTO DSVAS: Text data (archive) DSVASTEXTDEF DSVAS: Texts (definition) DSVASTEXTDEFO DSVAS: Texts (archive for definitions) DSVASTEXTUSERS DSVAS: Maintaining users for editing and translation DSVASTREEOBJ DSVAS: Check-tree objects DSVASTREEOBJT DSVAS: Description of check-tree objects DSVASTRKORR DSVAS: Transport interface DSVASTROBJ DSVAS: Transport object relationships DSVASTRSYS DSVAS: Transport: Systems (obsolete table) DSVASVALUES DSVAS: Check values (parameters) DSVASVALUEST DSVAS: Texts on check values (parameters) DSV_MASS_OBJECT Objects for status changes in Mass Change Tool DSV_MASS_VORG Allowed processes in Mass Change Tool DSYAA No longer used from 3.0 onwards DSYAD Structures: Display Structure Without Text DSYADEF Last position in structure display DSYAH Structures: Header Data DSYAI Structures: Structure Short Text DSYAM Structures: Modifications Catalog DSYAMRK SO70 bookmarks table DSYAS Structures: Maintenance Structure Without Text DSYAT Structures: Texts for maintenance structure DSYAV Structures: Directory of Views on Books DSYAW Structures: Short text for views on a book DSYAX Structures: Parameters for Views on a Book DSYBA Project Document Type Directory DSYBB Project Document Types DSYCR List of Links Between Documentation Modules DSYDL Title of display version of the outline DSYDS Display version of the outline (w/o module title) DSYGH DSYS: Parent-Child Table - Title DSYGI DSYS: Grouping Administration DSYGL DSYS Parent-child Table - Grouping Lines DSYLI List of available link types DSYLT List of link type names DSYOH Hypertext: Version Management Structure DSYOI "DSYS Grouping - Aspect, Status, Version, Processed by" DSYOL "SAPfind - DSYS, Module Key" DSYOT SAPfind DSYS: Chapter Title DSYS_CUST HRDSYS: Storage for Customer Documentation DSYS_DOCU_SEARCH Attributes for HR Documentation Search DSYSH DSYS: Header Entries DSYSI DSYS Modules: Master Language/Version DSYSL DSYS: Text Lines DSYS_LODESC_C_CD SDOK: Logical information object descriptions DSYS_LODESC_E_CD DSYS: Logical information object descriptions DSYS_LODESC_E_CI DSYS: Logical information object descriptions DSYS_LOHEAD_C_CD SDOK: Logical information object instances DSYS_LOHEAD_E_CD DSYS: Logical information objects instances DSYS_LOHEAD_E_CI DSYS: Logical information objects instances DSYS_OTYPE HR Documentation System: Definition of Object Types DSYS_OTYPE_T HRDSYS: Object Type Descriptions DSYS_PHCONT_C_CD DSYS: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export) DSYS_PHCONT_E_CD DSYS: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export) DSYS_PHCONT_E_CI DSYS: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export) DSYS_PHFILE_C_CD DSYS: Physical information object files DSYS_PHFILE_E_CD DSYS: Physical information object files DSYS_PHFILE_E_CI DSYS: Physical information object files

DSYS_PHHEAD_C_CD DSYS: Physical information object instances DSYS_PHHEAD_E_CD DSYS: Physical information object instances DSYS_PHHEAD_E_CI DSYS: Physical information object instances DSYS_PHHYPE_C_CD DSYS: Hyperlinks from physical objects DSYS_PHHYPE_E_CD DSYS: Hyperlinks from physical objects DSYS_PHHYPE_E_CI DSYS: Hyperlinks from physical objects DSYS_SAPC HRDSYS: Maint.characters for object types in R/3 system DSYS_STD HRDSYS: Storage for SAP standard documentation DSYST DSYS: Title Entries DSYS_TRANS_DEVCL "HRDSYS: Object Not to be Translated (Except DE, EN)" DSYSX Where-used list DSYS_XPRA_PROT Log table for converting RPDSYS to HRDSYS DSYXN SAPfind - DSYS: XREF Module -> Module DSYXO SAPfind - DSYS: XREF Module -> Grouping DT2KAPAR Downtime for Capacity Category DTCTID Downtime Category ID DTCTTX Downtime Category Text DTEFW Downtime Values Entered DTELDOKI sddo DTELDOKTL Documentation - text lines DTELDOKTL1 Documentation - text lines DTELID Downtime Element ID DTELLINKS sddo DTELPROT sddo DTELRENAME sddo DTELTX Downtime Element Text DTINP Technical Customizing of Data Source Selection DTIN DTLIDOKCR Set of conflicts for renaming the links to data elem. docu. DTLIDOKI Docu index for renaming the links to data element docu. DTSCHEMA Downtime Schema DUEFL_TAB Fixing of Source Status or DUEFL at Pre Step Time DVER Material Consumption for MRP Area DVERS SAP DOCU Release after upgrade DVK00 unused dummy structure xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DVK01 R/2-R/3 Link: Delivery Header Data R2 -> R3 DVK02 R/2-R/3 Link: Delivery Item Data R2 -> R3 DVKTX R/2-R/3 Link: Delivery texts R2 -> R3 DVM01 R/2-R/3 Link: R/3 Input Data for Material Master DVM02 R/2-R/3 Link: R/3 Input Data Material Master Stor. Locations DVSALE01 Original transport definition for DMS ALE DVSEQDIR Test sequence list for dialog module management DWINACTIV Inactive objects DWTREE ABAP Workbench Tree Objects DWWASYNC Synchronization index for work area DXATTRIB Task Attributes DXATTRIB2 Attributes of Task of Type MAP LSMW DXFILE Files for Mass Data Transfer to R/3 DXFILENOK Possible Corrupt Error Files in Data Transfer DXPROJ Projects for Mass Data Transfer to R/3 DXPROJ_T Project Texts for Mass Data Transfer to R/3 DXRELAT Assignment of Files to Tasks DXRUN Data Transfer Run to R/3 DXRUNDEF Run Definition of Mass Data Transfer to R/3 DXRUNDEF_T Run Definition Texts for Mass Data Transfer DXSUBPRO Sub-Projects for Mass Data Transfer to R/3 DXSUBPRO_T Sub-Project Texts for Mass Data Transfer to R/3 DXTASKS Tasks for Mass Data Transfer to R/3 DXTASKS_T Task Texts for Mass Data Transfer to R/3 DYNPFIELDS Screens with Critical Input/Output Fields with Type LANG DYNPS Screens with Critical Input/Output Fields with Type LANG

E000 Condition Table for Rebate $ E070 Change & Transport System: Header of Requests/Tasks E070A Change & Transport System: Attributes of a Request E070C CTS: Source/Target Client of Requests/Tasks E070CREATE Change & Transport System: Creation Date of Request E070DEP Change & Transport System: Dependencies of Requests E070L CTS: Index for Assigning Numbers to Requests/Tasks E070M CTS: Target Development Class/Layer for Requests E070N UNIX/SAP User Connection E070P Path under which a C correction is created E070TC Help Table for E070 for Client-Specific Imports E070USE Use of Current Requests by Users E071 Change & Transport System: Object Entries of Requests/Tasks E071C Change & Transport System: Client-Specific Lock Flag E071E Lang. Transport: Positive List for Generic Object Selection E071K Change & Transport System: Key Entries of Requests/Tasks E071KF Change & Transport System: Nametab Information on Key Fields E071KFINI Change & Transport System: Nametab Information on Key Fields E071L Language Transport: Transport Information E07T Change & Transport System: Short Texts for Requests/Tasks EANQ Table for Setting Up Lock Objects for EANs EAPL Allocation of task lists to pieces of equipment EARLY Monitor table MONI EBAB "Settlement Runs Subsequent Settlement, Header Data" EBABG "Settlement Runs Subsequent Settlement, Interval Scales" EBABP "Settlement Runs Subsequent Settlement, Condition Record" EBACONTXT Call Context EBACONTXTT Call Context - Text Table EBAN Purchase Requisition EBAPRES Object Presentation: SAP Standard EBAPRESC Object Presentation: Customer Definitions EBES Billing indicator for expenditure item EBEW Sales Order Stock Valuation EBEWH Valuation of Sales Order Stock: History EBII CO/SD document flow: billed portions of expense items EBKN Purchase Requisition Account Assignment EBKPF Fin.Accntng Doc.Header (of Docs from Extern.Systems) EBOX Index of Settlement Documents for Subsequent Settlement EBSEG Doc.Segment of Fin.Accntng External Documents EBUB Index for Stock Transport Requisitions for Material ECCN Legal Control: Foreign Percentages ECMCA SAP Cons.: Journal Entry Table (Actual) ECMCC SAP Cons.: Object Table Movement Attributes ECMCO SAP Cons.: Object Table Assignment Fields (Object/Partner) ECMCT SAP Cons.: Totals Table ECMSG_COLL Collect Messages for ECATT SAPGUI EDADM EDI client-specific system parameters EDBAS Basic types EDBAST Short Description of Basic Type EDBDMSKY EDI/ALE: Map CCMS Key to IDoc Attributes EDCIM Extensions EDCIMT Short Description of Extensions EDCPIC EDI table of received IDocs from R/2 EDE1T EDI: Text table for outbound process codes (TEDE1) EDE2T EDI: Text table for inbound process codes (TEDE2) EDE5T EDI: Text table for error processing process codes EDE6T IDOC: Text table for process codes for inbound statuses EDFI2 EDI: Last processed document in file EDFIL EDI: Last processed document in file EDGE Relationship Between Change Numbers

EDI_CNVBAS Conversion Table for Basic Types EDI_CNVDOC Conversion Table for Field DOCTYP EDI_CNVEXT Conversion Table for Extensions EDI_CNVMES Conversion Table for Logical Message Types EDICONFIG Parameter Table for User-specific Configuration EDID2 IDoc Data Record from 3.0C onwards EDID3 IDoc Data Record from 3.0 onwards EDID4 IDoc Data Records from 4.0 onwards EDIDC Control record (IDoc) EDIDD_OLD IDoc Data Record EDIDO Value table for IDoc types EDIDOCINDX Control record (IDoc) EDIDOT Short description of IDoc types EDIDS Status Record (IDoc) EDIE5 Assign logical address to physical destination in SAP EDIFCT IDoc: Assignment of FM to log. message and IDoc type EDIFM IDoc: Function modules for creating file names EDIFMT IDoc: Text table for EDIFM (funct. module for file names) EDILOGADR Assign logical address to physical destination (SAP) EDIMAP EDI: Assignment Table Between IDoc and Application Fields EDI_MONIT EDI: Default Values in IDoc Monitoring (monitoring/stats) EDIMSG Message Types and Assignment to IDoc Types EDIMSGT Short description of SAP message types EDIPHONE Telephony Data for Partner Profiles EDIPO Table for description of ports for EDI EDIPO2 Table for R/2 Port Definitions EDIPOA Table for ALE Port Definitions EDIPOD Table for File Port Definitions EDIPOF Ports for ABAP programming interface EDIPOI Table for describing Internet ports EDIPORT Summary Table for all Port Types for IDoc Processing EDIPOX Table for Description of XML Port EDIPOXU Conversion of special characters for XML EDISDEF IDoc Development : IDoc Segment Definitions EDISEG EDI: IDoc Segments with Assignment to Segment Type EDISEGMENT IDoc Development : IDoc Segment EDISEGT EDI: Short Description of IDoc Segments EDISYN Syntax Description for Extended Basic Types EDMA Partner status in partner profiles EDMAP Documentation for R/3 <-> IDOC type assignments EDMAT Texts for Partner Status in Partner Profiles EDMMS Assignment of EDI partner to purchasing org. and plant EDMSG Logical message types EDP12 Partner Profile: Outbound with Message Control EDP13 Partner Profile: Outbound (technical parameters) EDP21 Partner Profile: Inbound EDPAR Convert External < > Internal Partner Number EDPI1 EDI: Partner profiles (inbound) EDPO1 "EDI table for partner profiles (outbound), level 1" EDPO3 "EDI table for partner profiles (outbound), level 2" EDPP1 EDI Partner (general partner profiles - inb. and outb.) EDPPV Proposal Values for Partner Fast Entry EDPST Translation table EDI Int. Doc. < > SD item categories EDPVW Partner Functions Allowed for EDI EDSAPPL EDI: IDoc Segment Application Structure EDSDC "Assignment of EDI Partner by Sales Org., Distrib.Ch.,Div." EDSEA EDI: Table of all segments of current release EDSEG EDI: Convert segments to 3.0 EDSVRS EDI: Table of all segments of current release

EDSYN IDoc syntax after 3.0 EDVIEW View of logical message for IDoc type EDVIEWT Short description of views EIEI Foreign Trade: Export/Import Communication Data EIKP Foreign Trade: Export/Import Header Data EINA Purchasing Info Record: General Data EINE Purchasing Info Record: Purchasing Organization Data EIPA Order Price History: Info Record EIPO Foreign Trade: Export/Import: Item Data EIUV Foreign Trade: Incompletion Log for Foreign Trade Data EIZO "FT: Exp/Imp ident. of goods, pres. of goods for cust.declar." EKAB Release Documentation EKAN Vendor Address: Purchasing Document EKBE History per Purchasing Document EKBEH Removed PO History Records EKBO "Index of Docs. for Price Determ./Updating, Subsequent Sett." EKBZ History per Purchasing Document: Delivery Costs EKBZH History per Purchasing Document: Delivery Costs EKEH Scheduling Agreement Release Documentation EKEK Header Data for Scheduling Agreement Releases EKES Vendor Confirmations EKET Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines EKETH Scheduling Agreement Schedules: History Tables EKKI Purchasing Condition Index EKKN Account Assignment in Purchasing Document EKKO Purchasing Document Header EKPA Partner Roles in Purchasing EKPB Material Provided Item in Purchasing Document EKPO Purchasing Document Item EKPV Shipping-Specific Data on Stock Tfr. for Purch. Doc. Item EKRS ERS Procedure: Goods (Merchandise) Movements to be Invoiced EKUB Index for Stock Transport Orders for Material ELBK Vendor Evaluation: Header Data ELBM Vendor Evaluation: Material-Related Item ELBP Main Criterion for Vendor Evaluation ELEMDIR Development Element Catalog (Exc. TADIR Object/Func. Module) EMBK Legal Control: License Master - Header Data EMRP_RUN Blocking argument for MRP ENLFDIR Additional Attributes for Function Modules ENODE Nodes ECH ENTCOPY00 Valid Domains for Entity Copier ENTCOPY01 Object Assignments for Entity Copier ENTCOPY02 User Exits for Entity Copier ENTCOPY03 ECOP: Permitted maintenance views to be processed EORD Purchasing Source List EPSSA1 EPSS Services: Definition Table for Application EPSSA2 EPPS Methods of Applications for SAPEVENT EPSSC1 EPSS Splitter Segment Configuration EPSSC2 EPSS Splitter Segment Parameter EPSSGL Global EPSS Settings EPSS_TBC1 EPSS Toolbar Configuration EPSS_TBC1T EPSS Toolbar Configuration Texts EPSS_TBC2 EPSS Toolbar Methods/Classes of Applications EPSSU1 EPSS Configuration Parameters for User EQBS Serial Number Stock Segment EQKT Equipment Short Texts EQSE Serial Number Records EQST Equipment to BOM Link EQUI Equipment master data EQUK Quota File: Header

EQUP Quota File: Item EQUZ Equipment time segment EREF Assignment Table: Object/Event EREN Predefined Event Numbers (Forecast) ERET Forecast/Event Texts ERG001 Statistics ergonomics version for Q teams ERKO Event Header ERKOT Event Header - Texts ERPO Event Item ERROR_TABLE ERZU Event Assignment ERZUT Event Assignment ESDUS MM: Dynamic User Settings ESHDG Block global values ESKL Account Assignment Specification: Service Line ESKN Account Assignment in Service Package ESLA Service Type Editions ESLB Service Type Header of Standard Service Catalog ESLH Service Package Header Data ESLL Lines of Service Package ESLP Service Item ESLT Service Item Short Texts ESLZ Service Type Lines ESRUO MM: Recently Used Objects ESSR Service Entry Sheet Header Data ESST Service Item Short Texts EST07 EHS: Dangerous Goods Management - Transport Approval EST0B EHS: Dangerous Goods Management - Packaging Code Approval EST0D EHS: Dangerous Goods Management - Risk Classification EST0F EHS: Dangerous goods management - transport classification ESTAH EHS: Application-dependent data for report generation ESTAUSP EHS: Shadow table for AUSP ESTDF EHS: Additional Information: Substance Characteristic Text ESTDH EHS: Report Header ESTDJ EHS: Substance allocation to reports ESTDR EHS: Additional Information: Substance Char. Assessment ESTDS EHS: Additional Information: Substance Characteristic Source ESTDU EHS: Additional information: substance characteristic usage ESTLN EHS: Language-dependent label for substance report template ESTLP EHS: Substance Report Variant ESTLR EHS: Language-dependent labels substance report variant ESTLS EHS: Substance report template symbol ESTLU EHS: Substance report variant rating ESTLV EHS: Substance report variant language (labels only) ESTMJ EHS: Substance - material - allocation ESTOH EHS: WWI generation / print jobs ESTPH EHS: Phrase Header ESTPJ EHS: Phrase set - phrase header - allocation ESTPO EHS: Original Phrase ESTPP EH&S: Phrase Item ESTPS EHS: Phrase sets ESTPT EHS: Language-dependent label for phrase sets ESTRH EH&S: Substance Header ESTRI "EHS: Substance identifier (nummbers, names, formulas)" ESTRL EHS: Substance identifier - substance list - allocation ESTRR EHS: Substance reference ESTVA EHS: Substance characteristic values ESTVH EHS: Substance - Substance Characteristic Category - Alloc. ESTVP EHS: Substance Characteristic Item ESTWO EHS: Print jobs

ESUC Ext. Services Management: Unplanned Limits on Contract Item ESUH Ext. Services Management: Unpl. Service Limits: Header Data ESUP Ext. Services Management: Unpl. Limits on Service Package ESUS Services Management: Unplanned Limits on Service Types ET001 Conversion of phrases in table fields (field: translation) ET002 Conversion of phrases in table fields (contents:translation) ETXDCH External tax document: header info ETXDCI External tax document: line item info ETXDCJ Ext. tax document: tax rates and amounts by Jurisdict. level ETXDCLOG Temporay table for storing last error message of an update EUARHELP Help table for maintenance view for table ADMI_CRIT EUAVHELP Help table for maintenance view for table ADMI_CRIT EUDB Development Environment Objects EUDIAL Test data for dialog module management EUF4VALUES Repository Infosystem: Last F4 Help value selected EUFUNC Development Environment Objects EUGUITEXT GUI Object Texts EUIMPORT Transport characteristics of imported objects EUINFO ABAP/4 Repository Information System: Tree Display EUINFOLI Repository Infosystem: Save background lists EUOBJ Workbench: Development Objects EUOBJEDIT Workbench: Assignment Development Object -> Editor EUOBJT Workbench: Development Objects EUROFISL EMU: Information on record level for FI-SL EUROFISL_T EMU: Information on Table Level for FI-SL EVCE Progress: Cost Element Assignments EVFD CNE5: Default values for fields in earned value analysis EVFD_VS CNE5: Default values for fields in earned value analysis EVFG CNE5: Percentage of completion EVFL CNE5: Field definition for PS earned value analysis EVFLT CNE5: Texts for fields in earned value analysis (PS) EVFLT_VS "CNE5: Texts for fields in PS ev analysis ""change doc.s""" EVFL_VS "CNE5: Field definition for PS ev analysis ""change doc.s""" EVHR HR Order Confirmations (Times/Time Events) EVMT Measurement methods PS EV EVMTT Texts for EV measurement methods in PS EVMTT_VS "Texts for PS earned value measurement methods(""change docs"")" EVMT_VS "PS earned value measurement methods (""change documents"")" EVOF CNE5: Object parameter PS earned value analysis EVOP Object parameters EVOP_VS Object parameters (Project version) EVPOC Percentage of completion EVPOC_VS Percentage of completion (Project version) EVSK Statistical key figures for progress EVVD Object type dependent default values for measurement methods EVVDOR Order type dependent default values for measurement methods EVVDOR_VS Progress version dependent default values for orders EVVD_VS Progress version dependent default values EVVS Progress version EVVST Progress version text EWAGG "Statistics, hierarchy of devclasses and applications" EWCMATRAN Default Transport Currency Customizing Euro EWCMPROT Log of Customizing currency settings for euro EWDX Internal Table for Positioning in Program SAPMEWDX EWEXC "Statistics, exceptions for EWAGG" EWFCAL Front Office Call EWFCALT Front Office Call: Text EWFCON Front Office Configuration EWFCONT Front Office Configuration: Text EWFFND Front Office Configuation Determination

EWFGRU Front Office Call Group EWFGRUT Front Office Call Group: Text EWFPAR Front Office Configuration: Call Parameter EWFPART Front Office Configuration: Call Parameter: Text EWFTRA Front Office Call: Data Flow EWJOBSCHED Scheduling parameters for EarlyWatch background jobs EWOSS Technical settings for transaction OSS1 EWREL "Statistics, relations in hierarchy" EWTXT "Statistics, text for applications and exceptions in EWEXC" EWUABL EMU Conversion: Derivation rules per table EWUADMUSER EMU conversion: Names of administrator users EWUAFABE EMU: Currencies for the participating depreciation areas EWUAFAPL EMU: Currencies for the participating investment supports EWUANLAVOR EWU conversion: Table for marking assets before conversion EWUARCHIV Critical archiving objects EWUARR EMU Tables: Conversion Sequence and Server Assignment EWUCKMLW EMU: Currencies for material ledger EWUCLCT EMU Cnv: Control Table for Conversion with Clusters EWUCLERR EMU Cnv: Table for Faulty/Unconverted Entries EWUCLSTAT EMU Cnv: Status Table for Conversion with Clusters EWUCLU Conversion with Clusters EWUCMP Tables for Which a CMP Client Copy is Made EWUCMP_RES Result of the CMP Comparison EWUCOK Exception table for TWAER conversion EWUCOKAL Exception table for conversion of TWAER in detailed planning EWUCOO EMU: Controlling object currencies EWUCOSUM Balances for settled CO objects EWUCS01 SAP Cons.-EURO: Selected FS Items for Euro Conversion EWUCS10 SAP Cons.-EURO: Consolidation Units for Euro Conversion EWUCS11 SAP Cons.-EURO: Ledger for Conversion EWUCUCHK Table for edited EMU fields EWUCUKEYS Default values for EMU participating currencies EWUCUKTXT Default texts for EMU participating currencies description EWUCUPAKET Contains the individual packages for user-defined objects EWUCUR EMU conversion: Participating currencies EWUCUSA2 EMU conversion: Document type and posting key EWUCUSAK G/L accounts for EMU conversion EWUDUPRECS Double entries generated in a table due to conversion EWUEIS EMU: Currencies for EIS objects EWUERRSEV Error gravity for message class MQ EWUEXCLKT_40 Exch.rate types for which histor.rates are to be maintained EWUFIAASUM EWU conversion: Table for asset totals at account level EWUFI_ARCH Read Using Company Code Archive? (SAPF070) EWUFI_BAL EMU conversion: Logging transaction figures change EWUFI_BALP EMU conversion: Logging transaction figures change EWUFI_CDOC EMU conversion: Documents to RFEWUDOC EWUFICRDOC EMU conversion: Documents to RFEWUDOC EWUFI_INTV Intervals for document conversion for EMU conversion EWUFI_SCA EMU conversion: Table of the clearings to be adjusted EWUFI_SOP EMU conversion: Table for open items total EWUFM Process-related form routines EWUFMP EMU conv.: Params for process-rel.form routines per package EWUFZ Field-related control EWUFZP EMU conversion: Parameters for field-related control EWUFZPSF EMU conversion: Parameters for field-related control EWUFZSF Field-related control EWUGTC Local Currency Changeovers: Target Currencies EWUIMTP EMU: Currencies for the participating investment programs EWUKEYS "Currency key, exchange rate type and date for EMU" EWULC EMU conversion: Consolidation processing ledger

EWULC01 FI-LC: LC ledger EWULC02 FI-LC: Ledgers for conversion EWULC03 FI-LC: Companies for conversion EWULC04 FI-LC: Settings for euro conversion adjustments EWUMAXTAB Largest Tables Relevant to Conversion in System EWUMMFI EMU: transfer table for clearing entries MM-FI EWUORG EMU: Currencies for the participating organizational objects EWUORG2 EMU: Currencies for the participating organizational objects EWUORG3 EMU: Currencies for with three key fields EWUP EMU conversion: Overview of Changeover Packages per Client EWUPAK Euro conversion packages EWUPAKO Parts of changeover package EWUPAKT EMU conversion: Name of the packages EWUPGCT EMU: Program check for conversion EWUPGFACH User department tasks completed EWUPGFACH1 Collection of user department's EMU programs EWUPGSTAT Conversion programs status EWUPGTAB EMU conversion: Program/tables data EWUPRAEF Assign EMU package to generated programs prefix EWUPT EMU conversion: Name of the packages per client EWUSAK EMU: Currencies for participating G/L accounts EWUSEL EMU conversion: Selection parameters EWUSL EMU: Currencies from special ledger EWUTABCT EMU: Table check EWUTABZ EMU conversion: Tables: Number of records EWUTF EMU: Table flags EWUTIMETAB Rate of COUNT(*)/total runtime for estimation EWUTM EMU conversion: Process-related control per table EWUTMP EMU conversion: Params for process-related control per table EWUTMPSF EMU conversion: Params for process-related control per table EWUTMSF EMU conversion: Process-related control per table EWUTSL EMU: Combinations for TSL fields to be converted in FI-SL EWUUSERTYP EMU Conversion: User Type EWUWAERTP EMU: Currency types for local currency changeover EWUWAERTPT EMU: Descriptions of curr.types for local curr.changeover EWUWT EMU: Participating currency types EXADR Table for example application (Central address mgt) EXP_VERS Export Information for Delivery Systems F000 Condition Table for Secondary Indexes $ F111G Global Settings: Payment Program for Payment Requests F111PARAM_MODIFY Note whether RF_F111_PARAMETERS_MODIFY_ONCE has already run F4COLS Column selection in F4 F4EXTACC Authorization for external use of search help F4TMP Temporary HELP data F4UHLP Table for user-related help FAPW Index of production-/issuing plant for production order FAVSELS User-Specific Selection Criteria FB03 Financial Transactions FCABK FI-CA: Document Header FCABP FI-CA: Document Item FCDUNICLAS FIFM: Classification Attributes in the Center FDAU Cash Managment Advice Authorization Catalog FDD1 Cash mgmt and forecast-Loan line items-Memo records FDES Cash Management and Forecast: Memo Records FDESDIST Cash management memo records (distributed) FDI1 Cash Management Line Items for Real Estate Planning Records FDKDATES AP/AR Internet: Period Selection FDKDATEST AP/AR Internet: Texts for FDKDATES FDKMAIL Sender of External Mail

FDKUSER AP/AR Internet Applications FDKUSER_ACTION AP/AR Internet Applications: User Actions FDKUSER_ACTIONT AP/AR Internet Applications: User Action (Texts) FDKVARKEY AP/AR Internet: Report Variant Key FDLF Cash Management Line Items for Agency Business FDM1 Cash Management & Forecast: Line Items of MM Documents FDM2 Cash management line items from MM purchase requisition FDS1 Cash Management & Forecast: Line Items of SD Documents FDS2 CM&F Line Items in SD Documents (fromr Release 4.0) FDSB CMF summary records for G/L accounts FDSBDIST CMF Summary Records for G/L Accounts (distbtd) FDSR CMF summary records for planning groups FDSRDIST Cash management totals records for planning groups (distbd) FDT1 "CMF Line Items for Forex, Money Market, Derivatives" FDTL Telephone list FDW1 Cash Mgt and Forecast - Securities Line Items- Memo Records FDZA Cash Management line items in payment requests FEBCL Clearing data for an electronic bank statement line item FEBEP Electronic Bank Statement Line Items FEBEXTTRN External transaction code text definition FEBKEY ID administration FEBKO Electronic Bank Statement Header Records FEBMS Message table for Finnish bank statement FEBPI Polling Statement Line Item Information FEBRE Reference record for electronic bank statement line item FEBVW Electronic Banking Management Records FEDICUS FI EDI Control for Calling Customer Functions per Segment FEDIWF1 FI EDI: Person with signing authority FIALOG Activity log FIBKOR Special Items from Euro Valuation FIEB_BUSPRO Business Processes in Applications FIEB_BUSPROT Names of Application Business Processes FIEBCHKF FIEB: File Name of Last Check-Out FIEBCHKO FIEB: Check-Out Data on a Physical Document FIEBCONT1 FIEB: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export) FIEBLOIO FIEB: Instances of Logical Documents FIEBLOIOT FIEB: Descriptions of Logical Documents FIEBLOPR FIEB: Attribute Values of Logical Documents FIEBLORE FIEB: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Documents FIEBLORI FIEB: Incoming Relationships of Physical Documents FIEB_OID_LOCK Used to Lock any Given Objects Using Their OID FIEB_PASSWORD Passwords (stored in encrypted form) FIEBPHF FIEB: Physical document files FIEBPHHR FIEB: Outgoing Hyperlinks From Physical Documents FIEBPHIO FIEB: Instances of Physical Documents FIEBPHNM FIEB: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Documents FIEBPHPR FIEB: Physical document attributes FIEBPHRE FIEB: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Documents FIEBPHRI FIEB: Incoming Relationships of Physical Documents FIEBRE FIEB: Instances of Relationships FIEBREPR FIEB: Attributes of Relationships FIEB_STATUS "FIEB: Status Management, Save Status" FIEB_STATUS_LOCK Dummy to Block Status According to Non-Primary Key Field s FIEB_STATUSV Status Values for Internet Messages FIEB_STATUSVT Names of Status Values for Internet Messages FIELDDIFTB Memory table Field_dif FIGLDOC G/L accounting: Subsequent derivations FIGLREP Settings for G/L Posting Reports FIGL_USER_DATA User-Specific Data for Individual Transactions

FIGL_USER_OWNER Applications for User-Specific Data FIGL_USER_OWNERT Applications for User-Specific Data FILCA FI-LC: Actual journal entry table with 2 object tables FILCC FI-LC: Transaction-related fields for table FILCT FILCO FI-LC: Acct assign.fields (Object-TrPartner) for table FILCT FILCP FI-LC: Plan line items for object table FILCT FI-LC: Global totals table with 2 object tables FILENAME Table for Converting Internal File Names into External Names FILENAMECI "Platform-Independent File Names, Cross-Client" FILEPATH Logical File Path Definition FILESYS Definition of File Description Syntax Groups FILETEXT File Name Description FILETEXTCI File Name Description FILTER General and Private Filters FILTERDEF Operative Filter Entries for Product Structure Browser FILTERTEXT Description of filter for Product Structure Browser FINDOEXCPT List of Exceptions for Program RDDFINDO (See Documentation) FINI Index Table for SAPfind FINK Text Key -> Pointer (SAPfind) FINP Pointer -> Text Key (SAPfind) FINS SAPfind: Assignment of Texts - Keywords For Search Interface FINT Title of the Indexed Texts (SAPfind) FINV "SAPfind: Pointer, Text Key and Title Administration" FIWF_AMGRP Amount Groups for FI Role Definition FIWF_MDRLK Main Rules for FI Role Definition - Header Entries FIWF_MDRUL Main Rules for FI Role Definition FLAPP Internal flight applications FLEET Fleet Attributes FLEMP Employees FLIGHTB Flight booking FLIGHTM Flight master data FLIGHTP Flight plan data FLIGHTS Personnel data FLJET Jets FLLOG Flight data FLPAS Passenger list FM00 Client-Dependent Fields in Funds Management FM01 FM areas FM01A FM area control records FM01_ARCH Archived FM Areas FM01B Control Records for FIFM Company Codes FM01C FM area control parameters FM01CB Cash Budget Management Update Control FM01D Funds Management Update Control FM01E Info on cover availability per FM area FM01F Overall parameters for FM areas FM01G FM Areas: Availability Control Settings FM01KT Customizing FM Account Assignment FM01N Follow-up posting info by FM area / application /data origin FM01S Additional master data for budgeting tools FM01SN CBA Settings FM01T Funds Management Area Texts FM01UD Settings for revenues increasing the budget FM01Y Year-Dependent FM Area Data FMACTPOS FIFM: List of Internal Item Numbers FMALLOC Distribution of Collective Budget Administration FMAPSTAT FIFM: System Status for FIFM Acct Asst Objects FMAVC Exemptions from availability control FMBE FI-FM Cash Levels FMBUD FI-FM Data Transfer Structure FM4C

FMCFAA TR-FM: Commitments/Budget Carried Forward FMCFAAS TR-FM: Commitments/Budget Carried Forward (Interim Storage) FMCFAAS_TR TR-FM: Commitments/Budget Carried Forward (Interim Storage) FMCFAA_TR TR-FM: Commitments/Budget Carried Forward FMCFAB TR-FM: Commitments/Budget Carried Forward (Sender+Receiver) FMCFABS TR-FM: Transferred Commitment/Budget (Senders+Receivers) FMCFABS_TR TR-FM: Transferred Commitment/Budget (Senders+Receivers) FMCFAB_TR TR-FM: Commitments/Budget Carried Forward (Sender+Receiver) FMCFBPAKS FM-FYC: Budget/Planning Updates (Interim Storage) FMCFB_VRGNG FM: Balance Carryforward Allowed Activities FMCFB_VRGNGT FM: Balance Carryfwd Allowed Activities (Language-Dependent) FMCFC0 Default Settings for Fiscal Year Change FMCFC1 FYC Commitment Control FMCFC1R FYC Commtiment Control (Carryforward Parameter) FMCFC2 FYC Budget Control FMCFRULE FM - Carryforward Parameters (FYC) FMCFSB FM - CF: Carryforward rules FMCFSBCD FM-CF: Carryforward Rules (Dummy -> Change Documents) FMCFSI TR-FM Selected Open Commitments FMCFSIF FI-FM: Selected Open Documents from FI Update FMCFSIF_TR Selected Open FI Documents (Settlement) FMCFSIO FI-FM: Selected Open Commitment Documents FMCFSIO_TR Selected Open Commmitments Documents (Settlement) FMCHA1 Work List for Reassignment Tool FMCLHD Cash Budget Management: Clearing Information for Posting FMCLIT Cash Budget Management: Clearing Lines for Posting FMCNAI FM Line Items with Active CCN Logic FMCOPI CO-FM: Plan Data Transfer - Annual/Overall Values FMCOVR CO Posting Integration: Transaction FMCTRNR02 Commitment-item-depending FM monitoring number FMDECK3 Cover eligibility: amount management for sender budget obj. FMDECKHK Assignment of Funds Management Acct Asst to Cover Pool FMDECKHKC Assignment of Funds Management Acct Asst to Cover Pool FMDECKRG Cover Pool FMDECKRGT Cover Pool Texts FMDKSORT Sort Criteria for Cover Eligibility FMDKSRTGRP Groups of Sort Criteria for Cover Eligibility FMDOC List of FM Documents for Revaluation FMEINDECK Assign FM Acct Assgt Requir.Cover to One Give It FMEINDECKC Assign FM Acct Assgt Requir.Cover to One Give It FMEP FI-FM Line Items FMEUROPLAN Table of Euro FM Areas FMEUTRANS Parameters for Euro Conversion FMFCPO FIFM: Commitment Summarization Item FMFCPOT FIFM: Financial Summarization Item Texts FMFCTR FIFM: Funds Center Master Record FMFCTRBP Budget Object Group Definitions FMFCTRT FIFM: Funds Center Texts FMFD Presettings: Create Commitment Items FMFINCODE FIFM: Financing code FMFINT FIFM: Fund texts FMFIPGBP Commitment Item Group: FM Budgeting Control FMFIPGP Assign Commitment Item to Commitment Item Group FMFIPGR Commitment Item Groups FMFIPGRT Commitment Item Group Texts FMFPO FIFM: Commitment Item FMFPOT Texts for a Financia Management Item FMFREEPOS FIFM: Free List of Internal Item Numbers FMFUNDSEL FIFM: Selected Fund for Closing Operations FMFUNDTYPE FM Fund Types

FMFUNDTYPET FM Fund Types Texts FMFUSE FM: Application of Funds FMFUSET FM: Application of Funds Text FMFXPO "Commitment item, internal and external number (conversion)" FMGEBER FIFM: Financing Code for Sponsor FMHICTR FIFB: DB Table for Hierarchy Relations in a Center FMHIPOS FIFM: DB Table for Hierarchy Relations for an Item FMHVMTXT Budget Memo Texts FMHVMTXTT "Budget Memo Texts, language dependent" FMIA Actual Line Item Table for Funds Management FMIAA Assignment Table for Statistical Ledger FMICOHD FM/CO Integration: Document Header FMICOIT FM/CO integration: Line item FMIFIHD FI Header Table in Funds Management FMIFIIT FI Line Item Table in Funds Management FMIO Object Table for Funds Management FMIOI Funds Management Commitment Documents FMIOICCN Earmarked Blocked Amounts for Commitments in Funds Managemnt FMIP Plan Line Items Table for Funds Management FMISPS FIFM ISPS Parameters FMIT Totals Table for Funds Management FMIUR Open Interval Rules for updating FM FMLOG Log file for documents not updated FMMM1 Assignment Table for Warehouse Funds Center FMMM2 Transaction Type Control FMR01 Funds Management Information System FMRC07 Result List: FM-FI Bank/Clearing Account Comparison FMRESLOCKS Possible Earmarked Fund Blocks FMRESLOCKST Tests on Earmarked Fund Blocks FMS200P Parallel Processing of RFFMS200 FMSAPF048 Archivable FI documents (check FM payment selection) FMSD07 Days Results List: FM-FI Bank/Clearing Account Comparison FMSNHHINTG Integration of Collective Budget Adminisration with Budget FMSNRULE Rules on Collective Budget Administration FMSP Copy FMSU table order to project FMSTATUS FIFM: Status for FIFM Account Assignment Objects FMSU FI-FM Totals Records FMUD Override FM Update Date FMUDBSEGH Addtl Info on Revenues Increasing Budget for Recovery Order FMUDBSEGP Addtl Info on Revenues Increasing Budget for Recovery Order FMUDBSEGS Recovery Order Budget Increases for Reversal FMUDKBLPH Addtl Info re Revenues Increasing Budget for Fcst of Revenue FMUDKBLPP Item Revenues Increasing Budget for Forecast of Revenue FMUDKBLPS Budget Increases for Reversal for Forecast of Revenues FMUDREL Assignment of Expenditure Revenue Objs Incr.Budget FMUDRELC Assignment of Expenditure Revenue Objs Incr.Budget FMUDRULE Rules for Revenues Increasing the Budget FMUDRULEC Rules for Revenues Increasing the Budget FMUP00 Update Control (Not Value Type Dependent) FMUP00T Update Profiles FMUP01 Update Control with Value Type Dependency FMUP02 Configurable Fields for Update Profile FMUP03 Customization control data for activating FM view FMVORTR Balance Carried Forward Table FMWF_ACTTT Texts for Activity Categories in FI/FM Role Definition FMWF_ACTTY Activity Categories for FM Role Definition FMWF_AMGRP Amount Groups for FM Role Definition FMWF_BDGRP FM Account Groups for FM Role Definition FMWF_BLTYP Document Category Assignment to FI/FM Role Defn Doc.Classes FMWF_DOCCL Document Classes for FM Role Definition

FMWF_DOCCT Texts for FM Role Definition Document Classes FMWF_MDRLK Main Delegations Rules Header Entries FMWF_MDRUL FM Main Delegations Rules FMZUCH Change information on allocation of CO Object to FM Object FMZUCO FM-CO Assignment Control Table FMZUGR Allocation of CO Group to FM Account Assignment FMZUKA Allocation of Cost Element to FM Account Assignment FMZUOB Allocation of CO Object to FM Account Assignment FOH01 FI: Usage Statistics FPLA Billing Plan FPLAPO Billing Plan FPLT Billing Plan: Dates FPLTC Payment cards: Transaction data - SD FPLTPO Billing Plan: Dates FREF Reference function modules in programs FRET Assignment of Procurement to Issue Docs in Mdse Distribution FRETB Reference Table for Multiple Procurement FRUN Run Date of a Program FSLS Foreign Trade: Legal Control-Sanctioned Party List-Master FSLSA Foreign Trade: Legal Control-Sanctioned Party List-Address FSLSDKW Foreign Trade: Legal Control: SLS: Keywords from Addresses FSLSI Foreign Trade: Legal Control - Sanct. Party List - Indices FSLSN Foreign Trade: Legal Control - Sanctioned Party List - Names FSLST Foreign Trade: Legal Control - SLS - Audit Trail FSLSTA Foreign Trade: Legal Control - SLS - Audit Trail FSLSW Foreign Trade: Legal Control - Sanct. Party List - Keyword FSLSWC FT: Legal Control: Sanct. Party List - Collected Key Words FSYSTXT Name of File Description Syntax FTCOMT Foreign Trade: Communication: Audit table for FT documents FTGKL Legal Control: Log (Up-to-Date) FTGKLA Legal Control: Log (Prestep for Archiving) FTGOVPA Foreign Trade: Declarations to the Authorities FTIND Missing parts index FTPT_CAR Travel Request Item - Car Rental Service FTPT_CAR_PREF Rental car service preferences of a travel plan FTPT_FARE_COMP Rate components FTPT_FARE_NOTE Rate Rules FTPT_FLIGHT Travel request item - flight service FTPT_FLIGHT_FARE Assignment table: flights <-> rate components FTPT_FLIGHT_FCMP Assignment table: flights <-> rate components FTPT_FLIGHT_LEG Leg of flight FTPT_FLIGHT_PREF Flight service preferences of a travel plan FTPT_FLIGHT_TST Ticket information FTPT_FLIGHT_TSTK Ticket Information FTPT_HOTEL Travel Request Item - Hotel Service FTPT_HOTEL_PREF Hotel service preferences of a travel plan FTPT_IMR IMR - General Information FTPT_IMR_CAR IMR - Car Rental FTPT_IMR_DETAIL IMR - Detail Information FTPT_IMR_FAREDAT IMR - Price Data Description FTPT_IMR_FAREELM IMR: Passenger Information for Price Determination FTPT_IMR_FELMSEG IMR: Table for Assignment of Ticket to Flight Segment FTPT_IMR_FLIGHT IMR - Flight FTPT_IMR_FOP IMR : Information on Payment Method FTPT_IMR_FOPSEG IMR: Assignment Table Payment Method to Flight Segments FTPT_IMR_FQTV IMR: Customer Programs FTPT_IMR_FQTVSEG IMR: Assignment Table Customer Programs to Flight Segmen ts FTPT_IMR_FSP IMR: Assignment Table Passengers-Segments-TST FTPT_IMR_HTL IMR - Hotel

FTPT_IMR_HTL_DIR IMR - Hotel (Direct Access) FTPT_IMR_MANUAL IMR - Manually Created Segments FTPT_IMR_NAMES IMR : Name FTPT_IMR_RECLOC IMR - Booking Rate FTPT_IMR_SEATS IMR: Seating Information FTPT_IMR_SEATSEG IMR: Table for Assignment of Seats to Flight Segments FTPT_IMR_SSRS IMR: Information on Special Service Requirements FTPT_IMR_SSRSEG IMR: Assignment Table Special Serv.Request to Flight Segment FTPT_IMR_SURFACE IMR - Other Segments of Trip as Flights FTPT_IMR_TKT IMR : Ticket Information FTPT_IMR_TKTSEG IMR: Table for Assignment of Ticket to Flight Segment FTPT_IMR_TRAIN IMR - Train FTPT_ITEM Travel service request item FTPT_PLAN General Plan Data FTPT_PNR Elements of passenger name records of travel plan variant FTPT_PNR_ADDRESS PNR delivery / billing addresses FTPT_PNR_NAME Name element of PNR FTPT_PNR_OSI Other PNR service information FTPT_PNR_PHONE PNR telephone references FTPT_PNR_REMARKS PNR remarks FTPT_PNR_SSR Special PNR service requests FTPT_QT_ALTERN Quicktrip Trip Alternative FTPT_QT_BPROFILE Quicktrip Reservation Profile FTPT_QT_CAR Quicktrip Travel Request Item - Flight Service FTPT_QT_FLIGHT Quicktrip Travel Request Item - Flight Service FTPT_QT_HOTEL Quicktrip Travel Request Item - Flight Service FTPT_QT_ITEM Quicktrip Travel Service Request Item FTPT_QT_QTRIP Quicktrip Trip FTPT_REQ_ACCOUNT Travel Request Cost Assignment FTPT_REQ_ADVANCE Travel Request Advance FTPT_REQ_HEAD Framework Data of Travel Request FTPT_REQ_REASON Reason for Travel Request FTPT_REQUEST Travel Plan Requests FTPT_SERVICE General Services FTPT_TM_MEMO Memo table for Travel Management FTPT_TRAIN Travel Request Item - Train Service FTPT_TRAIN_PREF Train service preferences of a travel plan FTPT_VARIANT Table of Travel Plan Variants FTPT_VAR_INFO Info texts for travel plan variants FTULO Foreign Trade: Work Table for UPLOAD of Foreign Trade Data FTUSE Foreign Trade: Control Table: User-dependent Settings FTUSES Foreign Trade: Control table: User settings FTWRCONT Control table securities interface R/3 > external systems FTYP FI Partner Function Types FUNCT Function Module Short Texts FUNCTION FUNOCM Function marked for Order Change Management FUNREQ Function marked for PP/PS FUPARAREF Parameters of function modules FUSEQDIR Test sequences FVERSIONDB Cache for file information FVMK Marking File for Release of Std Cost Est in Company Code G000 Condition Table for Material Listing/Exclusion $ GB01 Classes for Boolean Formulas GB011 Rule Manager: 2D Structures in the Boolean Classes GB01C Classes for Boolean Formulas for Customers GB02 Valid Classes GB02C Customer Message IDs for Validations GB02T Boolean Logic: Text Table for Boolean Classes

GB03 Validation/Substitution User GB03T Validation/Substitution Application Area Text GB31 Validation/Substitution Callup Points GB31C Boolean Rules: Form Pool Naming Range GB31T Validation/Substitution Callup Point Text GB90 Boolean Formula Header for Rules and Boolean Functions GB901 Boolean Formula Data GB903 Mapping of shortname and SETID of sets used in boolean expr. GB905 Usage of Boolean Rules GB906 Rule: Usage of Rules in Rules GB907 Rule: Usage of Rules in Substitutions GB908 Rule: Usage of Rules in Validations GB90T Texts for Boolean Formulas GB91T Texts for validations GB92 Substitutions GB921 Substitution Conditions GB921T Substitution: Text Table for Substitution Steps GB922 Substitution Constants GB925 Usage of Substitutions GB92T Texts for Substitutions GB93 Validation GB931 Validation Activities GB935 Usage of Validations GB93T Texts for Validations GBC1 Configuration for the Boolean Rule Processor GCLIENTS Clients Logged on to RFC Table Server GCM_ACT_OBJECT "Directory of the object, to be actively protected with TACT" GCTAB Table with lines of chosen values GENERAL_EB_FIEB General Customizing Table for Electronic Banking GENSETC Number of Generations for ABAP Objects GEN_TABLES_MAIN Generated Tables for Search in Classification System GEN_TABLES_SUB Generated Tables for Multiple-Value Characteristics GEOCD2CLS Mapping Table: Geo-Coder ID to ABAP OO Class GEOCDRLFLD Address Fields Relevant for Geo-Coder GEOCITY ABAP/4 book: Geographical position of a city GEOCODERS Maintain Geo-Coder GEOLDELREQ Geolocations Marked for Deletion GEOLOC Geo location (lon/lat/alt/...) GEOMAPPER0 Mapper Grid square->ObjR->GeoLoc GEOMAPPERS List of all GeoMappers in the system GEOOBJ2CLS Mapping Table Object type (ObjR) -> Class name and Contai. GEOOBJR "Gen. object ref. (custome, plant, ...)" GEOT005 Table Containing Geocoordinates at Country Level GEOT005S Table Containing Geocoordinates at Country- and Region Level GEOZ5GOLD Table for ZIP5GOLD Geo-Coder (Zip Codes USA) GFBDIR Global Directory for Function Module Names GFWCUAX GFW Customizing: Axis GFWCUAXU GFW Customizing: Axis (Customer Data) GFWCUDA GFW Customizing: Plot Area GFWCUDAU GFW Customizing: Plot Area (Customer Data) GFWCUDC GFW Customizing: Display Context GFWCUDCU GFW Customizing: Display Context (Customer Data) GFWCUDI GFW Customizing: Chart GFWCUDIU GFW Customizing: Chart (Customer Data) GFWCUDS GFW Customizing: Data sheet GFWCUDSU GFW Customizing: Data Table (Customer Data) GFWCUGR GFW Customizing: Grid GFWCUGRU GFW Customizing: Grid (Customer Data) GFWCUIT GFW Customizing: Item GFWCUITU GFW Customizing: Item (Customer Data)

GFWCUPO GFW Customizing: Point GFWCUPOU GFW Customizing: Point (Customer Data) GFWCUSC GFW Customizing: Scale GFWCUSCU GFW Customizing: Scale (Customer Data) GFWCUVA GFW Customizing: Value Series GFWCUVAU GFW Customizing: Value Series (Customer Data) GGREFA Example for Global FI-SL Line Items (Actual) GGREFC Example for Global FISL Objct Table 2 (Transactn Attributes) GGREFO Example for Global Object Table 1 (Object/Partner) GGREFP Example for Global FI-SL Line Items (Plan) GGREFT Example for Global FI-SL Summary Table GINTERF Access Methods for RFC Table Access GLACCREFH G/L Account Master Record: Create with Reference GLACCREFI G/L Account Master Record: Create with Reference GLFLEX00 General ledger: Organizational units GLFLEX01 General ledger: Technical fields GLFLEX02 General ledger: Main account assignment GLFLEX03 General ledger: SAP additional account assignment GLFLEX04 General ledger: Customer additional account assignment GLFLEX05 General ledger: Sender main account assignment GLFLEX06 General ledger: Sender SAP additional account assignment GLFLEX07 General ledger: Transaction attributes GLFLEX08 General ledger: Branches GLFLEXA Flexible general ledger: Actual line items GLFLEXP Flexible G/L: Plan line items GLFLEXT Flexible G/L: Totals GLFUNCA Actual line items table with function area for IDES GLFUNCC Object table 2 with function area for IDES GLFUNCO Object table 1 with function area for IDES GLFUNCP Plan line items table with funtion area for IDES GLFUNCT Totals table with functional area for IDES GLFUNCU Rollup line item tables with function area for IDES GLFUNCV Rollup plan line items table with function area for IDES GLIDXA Index to Find FI-SL Documents Based on AWKEY GLIDXB Line-item index for FI-SL BUKRS GLIDXC Line Item Index for FI-SL Global Company GLOO1 Object Table for FI-SL Table GLTO1 GLOO2 Object Table for GLT02: Global GLOO3 Object Table for FI-SL Table GLTO3 GLOSSARY Glossary Table GLOSSARY0 Temporary Index Table Required for Language Transport GLOSSARY1 Table with Glossary Entries GLOSSARY2 Glossary Text Table GLOSSARY3 Glossary Table GLOSSARY4 Table for Glossary Migration (To Be Deleted) GLOSSARYA Application Keys Relevant for Glossary GLP0 Local Logical General Ledger Plan Line Items GLP1 Local Logical General Ledger Plan Line Items GLP2 Global Special Purpose Ledger Plan Line Item Table GLPCA EC-PCA: Actual Line Items GLPCC EC-PCA: Transaction Attributes GLPCO EC-PCA: Object Table for Account Assignment Elements GLPCP EC-PCA: Plan Line Items GLPCT EC-PCA: Totals Table GLPO1 Plan Line Items for Object Table GLPO2 Plan Line Items for Object Table Global GLPO3 Plan Line Items for Object Table GLPPC Profit Center Accounting: Plan line items GLREFA Example for Local FI-SL Line Items (Actual)

GLREFC Example for Loc. FISL Objct Table 2 (Transaction Attributes) GLREFO Example for Local Object Table 1 (Object/Partner) GLREFP Example for Local FI-SL Line Items (Plan) GLREFT Example for Local FI-SL Summary Table GLREFU Example for FI-SL Rollup Line Items (Actual) GLREFV Example for Rollup FI-SL Line Items (Plan) GLS1 Local Logical General Ledger Actual Line Items GLS2 Global logical Consolidation line items GLS2IDX Index table for FI-LC document cluster GLSO1 FI-SL Line Item Table with Objects for GLTO1 GLSO2 "FI-SL Table with Objects, Structure corresponds to GLS2" GLSO3 FI-SL LI Table with Objects for GLTO3 GLSPC Profit Center Accounting: Line items GLT0 G/L account master record transaction figures GLT1 Local General Ledger Summary Table GLT2 Consolidation totals table GLT3 Summary Data Preparations for Consolidation GLTO1 "FI-SL Table with Objects, Structure Corresponds to GLT1" GLTO2 "FI-SL Table with Objects, Structure Corresponds to GLT2" GLTO3 "FISL Table with Objects, Amounts and Quantities in Format P9" GLTPC Profit Center Accounting GODIR Central Object Directory (Contains All Known Objects) GODIRLOCK Synchronization for Reports that Fill GODIR GREP Report Writer: File of Stored Reports GREP_VARCHAR Report Writer: Varied extract characteristics GRIX Report Writer: Directory of Stored Data GRIX_AUT Report Writer: Values of Adjustment-Related Characteristics GRIX_SEL Report Writer: Selection parameters for stored data GRIX_SRCH Fields for finding Report Writer extracts GRIX_TXT Report Writer: Texts for stored data GRIX_VAR Report Writer: Variable for a report group version GRIX_VARP Variation parameters for extracts (Report Writer) GRPGA Assignment of WBS elements to MRP WBS elements GRPGV Validity of grouping WBS elements for plant/MRP group GRRT Report Writer: Runtime information for generated programs GSBLCA Business area consolidation: deviating records GST04SRVRS List of all R/3 instances with DB GTABLES List Tables with Global RFC Interface GTACLIENTS Systems Connected to GTADIR GTADIR Directory of R/3 Members GTADIRA Global Object List (Change and Transport System) GTADUP List of Objects with Several Originals GTDISCD Change Documents for GTDIS GTODIR Exchange: List of Objects Delivered to Customers GUIDIR Table of contents for models GUIDIRT Text table for model directory GUI_FKEY GUI: Frontend-dependent function key settings GUI_FKEYT GUI: Frontend-dependent function key settings GUINODE Nodes of a model GUINODT Short texts for node table GUSER Global User Table GWFEODE Test with fields or DE H000 Condition Table for Batch Search Strategy $ HBNK_LOGADR_FIEB Assignment of House Bank to Logical Address HIKO Order master data history HIMA PM order history - materials HIVG PM order history - operations HLPINDX System table INDX HLPNA Table for messages classes of DDIC (for GETMSGAL) HLPREF Help: Assign topic to structures

HLPREFEXT Help: Assign structure to Winhelp project names HLPREFM Help: Assign topics to M links HLPRESOL KEN: Enhancement resolution table - Help processor HLPSETTING User-specific settings for online help HLPSTAT_F1 Access F1 statistics HLPTXT Help: Topic titles HOTPACKEXC Exception List for Hot Package Creation HRAAERR Error Table for Activity Allocation Documents in HR HRAAHDR HR Interface Table: Document Header for Activity Allocation HRAAITM HR Interface Table: Document Item for Activity Allocation HRARCENQ Table for Lock Object E_HR_ARC_P HRC1002 Customer Clipboard for Standard Infotype 'Description' HRC1206 Customer Clipboard for Work Item Text for Standard Task HRC1212 Customer Enhancement IT 1212 Events (with Binding) HRESSAPPROVER Store Last Approver to be Chosen HRFPM_SMARTFORMS HR-FPM: Use of Smart Forms in Reports HRIADATANR Additional Data Numbers HRINTE30 Personnel Numbers to be Processed per Integration HRITABNR References to Table Extensions HRMDLOCK HR ALE Lock Table for HR Objects (Planning and HR Data) HRMDORIGIN History of Original Systems for HR Objects HRMMSRVIF Interface Table: Time Recording in MM-SRV HROBJ HR: Objects HRP1000 Infotype 1000 DB Table HRP1001 Infotype 1001 DB Table HRP1002 Infotype 1002 DB Table HRP1003 Infotype 1003 DB Table HRP1004 Infotype 1004 DB table HRP1005 DB Table for Infotype 1005 (Planned Compensation) HRP1006 Infotype 1006 DB table HRP1007 Infotype 1007 DB Table HRP1008 Infotype 1008 DB Table HRP1009 Infotype 1009 DB table HRP1010 Infotype 1010 DB table HRP1011 Infotype 1011 DB Table HRP1013 Infotype 1013 DB Table HRP1014 Infotype 1014 DB Table HRP1015 Infotype 1015 DB table HRP1016 Infotype 1016 DB Table HRP1017 Infotype 1016 DB Table HRP1018 DB Table for Infotype 1018 Cost Distribution HRP1019 DB Table for Infotype 1019 Required Positions HRP1020 Infotype 1020 DB table HRP1021 INFOTYPE 1021 DB TABLE HRP1023 Infotype 1023 DB table HRP1024 INFOTYPE 1024 DB TABLE HRP1025 INFOTYPE 1025 DB TABLE HRP1026 Infotype 1026 DB table HRP1027 Infotype 1027 DB table HRP1028 Infotype 1028 DB Table HRP1029 Infotype 1029 DB table HRP1030 Infotype 1030 DB table HRP1031 Infotype 1031 DB table HRP1032 Infotype 1032 DB Table HRP1033 DB table for infotype 1033 HRP1034 Infotype 1034 DB table HRP1035 Infotype 1035 DB Table HRP1036 Infotype 1036 DB table HRP1037 Infotype 1037 DB Table HRP1038 Infotype 1038 DB table

HRP1039 HRP1040 HRP1041 HRP1042 HRP1043 HRP1044 HRP1045 HRP1046 HRP1047 HRP1048 HRP1049 HRP1050 HRP1051 HRP1060 HRP1061 HRP1062 HRP1063 HRP1201 HRP1205 HRP1206 HRP1208 HRP1209 HRP1210 HRP1211 HRP1212 HRP1213 HRP1214 HRP1215 HRP1216 HRP1217 HRP1218 HRP1220 HRP1221 HRP1222 HRP1230 HRP1240 HRP1250 HRP1251 HRP1252 HRP1253 HRP1254 HRP1260 HRP1270 HRP1403 HRP1404 HRP1500 HRP1501 HRP1502 HRP1503 HRP1504 HRP1505 HRP1506 HRP1507 HRP1518 HRP1519 HRP1520 HRP1600 HRP1601 HRPAD21 HRPAD22

Database Table for Infotype 1039 Database Table for Infotype 1040 DB Table for Infotype 1041 Infotype 1042 DB Table DB Table for Infotype 1043 DB Table for Infotype 1044 DB Table for Infotype 1045 Database Table for Infotype 1046 DB Table for Infotype 1047 DB Table for Infotype 1048 Database Tables for Infotype 1049 DB Table for Infotype 1050 (Job Evaluation Results) DB Table for Infotype 1051 (Survey Results) DB Table for Infotype 1060 DB Table for Infotype 1061 DB Table for Infotype 1062 DB Table for Infotype 1063 Infotype 1201 DB Table Infotype 1205 DB Table Infotype 1206 DB Table Infotype 1208 DB Table Infotype 1209 DB Table Infotype 1210 DB Table Infotype 1211 DB Table Infotype 1212 DB Table Infotype 1213 DB Table Infotype 1214 DB Table Infotype 1215 DB Table Infotype 1216 DB Table Infotype 1217 DB Table DB Table for Infotype 1218 DB Table for Infotype 1220 Activity Profile DB Table for Infotype 1221 Excluded Activities Infotype 1222: General attribute maintenance DB Table for Infotype 1230 DB Table for Infotype 1240 DB table for infotype 1250 DB table for infotype 1251 DB table for infotype 1252 DB table for infotype 1253 DB Table for Infotype 1254 DB Table for Infotype 1260 DB Table for Info Type 1270 DB table for infotype 1403 DB table for infotype 1404 DB Table for Infotype 1500 DB Table for Infotype 1501 DB Table for Infotype 1502 DB Table for Infotype 1503 DB Table for Infotype 1504 DB Table for Infotype 1505 DB Table for Infotype 1506 DB Table for Infotype 1507 DB Table for Infotype 1518 DB Table for Infotype 1519 DB Table for Infotype 1520 Database Table for Infotype 1600 Database Table for Infotype 1601 Additional data PAD21 Additional data PAD22

HRPAD23 Additional data PAD23 HRPAD25 Additional data PAD25 HRPAD27 Additional data PAD27 HRPAD31 Additional data PAD31 HRPAD34 Additional Data for Relationship 'has attended' HRPAD44 PAD44 Additional Data HRPAD47 PAD47 Additional Data HRPAD48 Additional Data PAD48 HRPAD50 Additional Data PAD50 HRPAD51 Additional data PAD51 HRPAD53 Additional Data PAD53 HRPAD63 PAD63 Additional Data HRPAD77 Additional data for PAD77 HRPADD2 Additional Data PADD2 HRPADD3 Additional Data PADD3 HRPADIC Additional Data PADD2 HRPADNN General Additional Data Table HRPADP1 Additional Data PADP1 HRPADP2 Additional Data PADP2 HRPADPM Additional Data PADPM HRPADTI PADTI Additional Data HRPADUZ PADUZ Additional Data: Requirements Assignment of Persons HRPADXN Additional Data PADXN HRPMEXTEND HR-FPM: Update Flags HRPMLOGO HR-FPM Logo HRPMPROT HR-FPM Log Table HRPMSIM Simulated Payroll Results for HR Funds and Position Mgt HRPXXXX DB Table for Infotype XXXX HRPY_CYCLE_DOCU Personnel Calculation Rules: User Comments HRPY_CYCLE_INDEX Index Table for Table HRPY_CYCLE_DOC HRPY_CYCLEINFO Comments for Payroll Rules HRPY_RGDIR Directory for Payroll Results HRPY_RGDIR_TEMP Internal Temporary Directory for Payroll Results HRPY_WPBP HR-PAY: Transparent Table WPBP HRPYYYY DB Table for Infotype YYYY HRS1000 Standard Infotype 1000 (SAP) Object Existence HRS1002 Standard Infotype 1002 Verbal Description HRS1200 Standard Infotype 1200 (SAP) Role Assignment for Task HRS1201 Standard Infotype 1201 (SAP) Object Method HRS1202 Standard Infotype 1202 (SAP) Secondary Object Method HRS1203 Standard Infotype 1203 (SAP) Executable Functions HRS1205 Standard Infotype 1205 Workflow Definition HRS1206 Standard Infotype 1206 (SAP) Work Item Text HRS1210 Standard Infotype 1210 (SAP) Container Definition HRS1211 Standard Infotype 1211 (SAP) Container Definition Texts HRS1212 Standard Infotype 1212 (SAP) Events with Binding Definition HRS1213 Standard Infotype 1213 (SAP) Binding Task - Role HRS1214 Standard Infotype 1214 (SAP) Other Bindings for Task HRS1216 Standard Infotype 1216 (SAP) Assigned Reference Function HRS1220 Standard Infotype 1220 (SAP) Transaction Code HRS1221 Standard Infotype 1221 (SAP) Set/Get Parameter for Transact. HRSEL_COMBINE Relationship of Selection IDs HRSEL_FUNC_DATA General Data for Selecting by FM HRSEL_FUNCTIONS Selection Functions HRSEL_GROUPIDS Possible Groupings HRSEL_GROUPING Selection Grouping HRSEL_IDS HR Selection IDs HRSEL_IDS_TEXT Texts for HR Selection IDs HRSEL_RANGES Selection Condition Ranges HRSEL_ROOTOBJ Root Object Set for Structural Reporting

HRSEL_STRUCTURE Structural Reporting HRSEL_TABFIELDS Table Name and Field Name of Selection HRSM_DATA External Employee Data: Dates HRSM_ERROR External employee data: Messages HRSM_HEAD External employee data: Header data HRSM_PMP Payroll Message Pool: Message Table for Payroll HRSM_PROTOCOL Assignment of external ID to SAP R/3 personnel number HRSOBJECT Index for Standard Objects HRSPUSR Shift Planning: User-Specific Entry Objects HRSPUSR_CUST Shift Planning: User-specific Customizing Setting HRT1002 Table Part Infotype 1002 HRT1016 Table Part Infotype 1016 HRT1017 Table Part Infotype 1017 HRT1018 Table Division Infotype 1018 Cost Distribution HRT1019 Table Section Infotype 1019 Required Positions HRT1035 Table Division Infotype 1035 HRT1041 Table division infotype 1041 HRT1042 Table Division Infotype 1042 HRT1043 Table Section of Infotype 1043 HRT1045 Infotype 1045 Table Section HRT1047 Table Section of Infotype 1047 HRT1048 Table Section of Infotype 1048 HRT1049 Tables Part of Infotype 1049 HRT1060 Table Division for Infotype 1060 HRT1061 Table Division for Infotype 1061 HRT1062 Table Section Infotype 1062 HRT1210 Table Part Infotype 1210 HRT1211 Table Part Infotype 1211 HRT1212 Table Part Infotype 1212 HRT1213 Table Part Infotype 1213 HRT1214 Table Part Infotype 1214 HRT1218 Table Part Infotype 1214 HRT1220 Table Part Infotype 1220 Activity Profile HRT1221 Table Part Infotype 1221 Excluded Activities HRT1222 Table Section Infotype 1222: General Attribute Maintenance HRT1230 Table Section Infotype 1230 HRT1250 Table section authorizations HRT1251 Table section fields HRT1252 Table section org.levels HRT1253 Table section variants HRT1254 Table Part Variable Assignments HRT1505 Table Section of Infotype 1505 (Budgeting Rules) HRTYYYY Table Part Infotype YYYY HRUS_D2 User Substituted by User HRUSMWBFCH User-Specific File for Hidden MDT Function Codes HRWFPUSR Shift Planning: User-specific Sorting HTYPV Entity table for help view HUINV_HDR Handling Unit: Phys. Inv. Document Header HUINV_ITEM Handling Unit: Physical Inventory Document Item HUINV_SERNR Handling Unit Phys. Inv. Doc. - Serial Numbers for Item HUM_KOMMI HUM Picking with Partial GI Posting HUMSEG Reference-HU-Item for Material Doc.Item that was Posted Last HUMSEG_SER Serial Numbers for the HUMSEG Table HUPAST_T Packing Station Profile HURES Tentative Reservation of HU Items HUSSTAT Individual Status for Each Handling Unit HUSTOBJ Information about HU Status Object HUWM_LOAD_PROT Log Table of Initial Data Transfer for Subsequent Posting HVTXT Text Table for Help View Test I000 Conditions for certificate profile

I81NN RM characteristics : & I82NN RM texts for characteristics: & IACFLOW INDX file for HTML templates (language-independent) IACHTML INDX file for HTML templates (language-independent) IACHTMLL INDX file for HTML templates (language-dependent) IACHTRC "Language Resources for Internet Applications (Service, Theme" IACHTRCL Lang. resources for Internet applicat. - lang. depend. part IACHTRCP Entries for language resources IACKEYCOLD IAC: Conversion of long keys into short keys IACKEYCONV IAC: Conversion of long keys into short keys IACMIME INDX file for MIME objects (language-independent) IACMIMEL INDX file for MIME objects (language-dependent) IACORDES RFC Destinations for IACOR IACORDEST Texts for RFC Destinations for IACOR IACPUBLISH IAC Objects to Publish in Batch IACSERVICE Internet Application Components with ITS IACSERVP Parameters for service description IACVERSTAB Information about IAC versions IADB2 DB2/390: TABART <-> Index storage parameters IADB6 DB6: Table Type -> Index for DB2 Universal Database IAINF Current INFORMIX Database Spaces IALINKS Assignment IA Link - LOIO IALINKST ASAP: URL Addresses IALINKURLS Links with Web Addresses IAMSS Table Type-Index Memory Parameter Assignment for MSS IAORA Table type -> index storage parameters for ORACLE V6 IASYB Table Type -> Index Parameters for SYBASE System 10 IATNODE01 Node Table for Implementation Assistant IATNODE01R General Structure Storage References IATNODE01T Node Names for Implementation Assistant IBBINDING IB: Relationship Table Between IBase Event and Method IBDU Postprocessing of PM/SM Objects IBEXTINST IB: Instance Number for External Display IBIB IB: Installed Base/IBase IBIBOBS IB: IBase observer IBIBT IB: Installed base short texts IBIN IB: Component/instance IBINCM IB: Config.Mang.: Component/Instance IBINDOMAINS IB: Redundant design object <Char. domains for instance> IBINOBS IB: Observer of an IBase instance IBINOWN IB: Owner of an IBase instance IBINST_OBJ IB: Selection Statistics for IBIN over OBJNR IBINT IB: Component short texts IBINVALST_SYM IB: Selection Statistics for IBINVALUES over SYMBOL_ID IBINVALUES IB: Characteristic values and restrictions for instance IBSP IB: Specialization IBSPCM IB: Config.Mang.: Specialization IBST IB: Structure IBSTCM IB: Conf.Mang.:Structure IBSTREF IB: Reference to master data structure IBSYMBOL IB: Symbol IBVALUEC CBASE: Redundant object doc. on value changes for instance ICNV30L Nametabs for Incremental Conversion ICNV31L Nametab for Incremental Conversion ICNVCANDY DD: Contains incr. conv. tables depend. on release/component ICON Icons table ICON_CL Icon classes ICON_GR Icon groups ICONP Icons: Assignment to SAPicon character set ICONT Icon Texts

ICO_P Icons for pushbuttons in screens ICRC00_TEMPL Financial Statement Reconciliation: Templates for Notificatn ICRC00_TEMPL_TXT Financial Statement Recon.: Text for Notification Templa tes ICRC00_USER_PREF Balance Reconciliation: User-Specific Settings ICRC00_XBLNR_RLS Balance Sheet Recon.: Rules for Determining Reference Nu mber ICRC01 Document Table for G/L Account Reconciliation ICRC02 Account Groups for G/L Account Reconciliation ICRC03 Account Groups for G/L Account Reconciliation - Name ICRC04 Account Groups for G/L Account Reconciliation - User Assgnmt ICRC05 G/L Account Reconciliation - Details on Last Data Selection IDCN_BOMA Books for Prenumbered Documents IDCN_BOMAT Books for Prenumbered Documents - Texts IDCN_DOTY Country-Specific Document Classes IDCN_DOTYT Country-Specific Document Classes - Texts IDCN_EXCP Errors for Prenumbered Documents IDCN_LOMA Lots for Prenumbered Documents IDCN_LOMAT Lots for Prenumbered Documents - Texts IDCN_VOID Void Reasons IDCN_VOIDT Void Reasons - Texts IDES_LINKS Table to enter links for the Session Manager IDES_TEXTS Table to enter links for the Session Manager IDOCHIS Predecessor of Basic IDoc Types (until Release 3.1) IDOCREL Links between IDoc and application object IDOCSTYLE Table of Style IDs with the Objects to be Loaded IDOCSYN Syntax Description for Basic Types IDPT_A011 Revaluation Areas for Asset Reports IDPT_A021 Revaluation Classes/Exceptions IDPT_A031 Manual Entries for Form 32.1 IDPT_A041 Currency Revaluation Coefficients IDPT_A051 Valuation Types for Assets Being Retired IDPT_A061 Depreciation Foregone IDPT_A09 Checks for Asset Reports - Reference Table IDPT_A099 Checks for Asset Reports IDSDTXNUMVIS SD Document Screen Control for CPD Partner Tax Numbers IDSL_GDDT Report Date for Deferred Tax (Slovakia) IDSL_GUC Accounts for Deferred Tax (Slovakia) IDTW_VAT VAT (Taiwan): Current Values IDVKBUR_BUPLA Assignment of Business Place to Sales Office IDWTNAVIG Navigation Table for the Withholding Tax Reporting Tool IDWTNAVIGT Text table for IDWTNAVIG IFLOALT Labeling Systems for Functional Locations IFLOALT_T Labeling Systems for Functional Locations: Short Texts IFLOCUST System-Specific Settings IFLOCUSTA System-Specific Settings (Permitted Labeling Systems) IFLOS Functional Location Labels IFLOS_VS Functional Location Labels (Version Table) IFLOT Functional Location (Table) IFLOT_VS Functional Location (Version Table) IFLOTX Functional Location: Short Texts IFLOTX_VS Functional Location Data Fields: Short Texts (Version Table) IFLOUSR User Profile for Labeling Functional Locations IFOBJLONG Development Element for Package Interface IFOBJSHORT Development Element/Function Module for Package Interface IGDB2 DB2/390: TABKAT <-> Index storage parameters IGINF Assignment of INFORMIX Storage Params to Table Categories IGMSS Table Category-Index Memory Parameter Assignment for MSS IGORA Table category -> index storage parameters for ORACLE V6 IHGNS Permit Segment for Plant Maintenance

IHPA Plant Maintenance: Partners IHSG Object-Related Permits in Plant Maintenance IKPF Header: Physical Inventory Document ILOA PM Object Location and Account Assignment ILOA_VS Location & Account Assignment for PM Object (Version Table) IMA_APPLINTERVAL Selection Tool: Number Intervals for Applications IMA_APPLKEYNO List Box Tool: Application Group/Context > Number Listbox IMAK Appropriation requests - general data IMAKA Approp. request for assets or equipment to be replaced IMAKPA "Approp.req.-cost ctr, bus.area, prof.ctr, w/ perc.distrib." IMAKPI Approp. request - percentage dist. by reason for investmt IMAKPP Approp. request - distribution by requesting cost ctr IMAKPS Approp. request - distribution by requesting division IMAKPU Approp. request - environmental inv. reason w/ perc.distrib. IMAKPW Approp. request - distribution by requesting material group IMAKT Appropriation request text IMAKZ Assignment of measure to order or WBS element ... IMAKZS Approp. request assignment table- alternate requests... IMA_SELOPT Specifies Assignment of Subscreen->Field IMAV Appropriation request variant IMAVT Texts for appropriation request variant IMAVZ Assignment of approp. request variants to plan versions IMCC IM Summarization: Characteristics that are master data IMCECC IM Summarization: Cost centers IMCECCT IM Summarization: Texts for cost centers IMCEFL IM Summarization: Functional locations IMCEFLT IM Summarization: Texts for functional locations IMCEM IM Summarization: Measures IMCEMT IM Summarization: Texts for measures IMCEP IM Summarization: Plants IMCEPC IM Summarization: Profit centers IMCEPCT IM Summarization: Texts for profit centers IMCEPPT IM Summarization: Texts for program positions IMCEPT IM Summarization: Texts for plants IMCER IM Summarization: Appropriation requests IMCERT IM Summarization: Texts for appropriation requests IMCH IM Summarization: Header IMCHIE IM Summarization: Buffer for investment program hierarchy IMCKF IM Summarization: Key figures IMCSERVICE Service Name for Intermode communication IMEL Entry List for Measurement Documents IMEP Items in the Entry List IMPH Measurement and Counter Reading Transmission History IMPR Investment Program Positions IMPS Assignable Operative Objs for Capital Investment Positions IMPTT Measuring Point (Table) IMPU Texts for cap. inv. program positions IMPZ Investment Program Positions IMRCCUST System Settings for Measuring Points and Measurement Docs IMRG Measurement Document IMTP Investment programs IMTR Termination of MeasRead. Data Transfer to Measuring Points IMTT Capital Investment Program Texts IMZO Assignment Table: CO Object - Capital Investment Prog.Pos. IMZR Assignment Table: CO Object - Cap.Inv.Prog.Pos. (Reports) INDEXA Index types INDEXAT Security price type - Text table INDEXD Index definition (security index) INDEXDT Security price type - Text table

INDEX_STAT index_stats Cache: Result of VALIDATE Index (Oracle) INDEXW Index Values (Secur. Index) INDEXZ Allocations for datafeed INDUSTYPE Type of Industry INDX System table INDX INDX_ESS Employee Self-Service (ESS) Settings INDX_HIER INDX-type table for buffering structures INDX_HSRCH Text buffering table for searching in structures INET Object networking INETX Language-dependent texts for INET INFCFGAL INFCFGCHECK: scheduling of alert relevant checks INFCFGALRS INFCFGCHECK: temp. storing of alert results INFCFGDBG "INFCFGCHECK: debugging, ..." INFCFGRESD Detail result table for Informix/OS check program INFCFGRESM Master result table for Informix/OS check program INFCFGTHRE 'Thresholds' for Informix/OS configuration check program INHB Termination of Data Transfer to Technical Objects INOB Link between Internal Number and Object INSTCHKTAB SAP Installation: Table for Check Routines for RRR INSTCHKTBT SAP Installation: Texts for RRR Check Routines INSTCNTL SAP Installation: Control Table for Basis Customizing INSTCNTLT SAP Installation: Texts for Control Table INSTLOG SAP Installation INSTPARA SAP Installation: Parameters INSTVERS Documentation for installation Status and History INTF Package Interfaces INTFTEXT Short Description for Package Interfaces IODIR Directory of Inconsistent Repository Objects IPCDEST IPC Parameters for Destinations IRLOT Reference Functional Location (Table) IRLOTX Reference Functional Location: Short Texts ISEG Physical Inventory Document Items ISEGO1 Physical Inventory Conversion Parameter Appendix ISEGO2 Physical Inventory Document Additional Quantities Appendix ISIS_CNT_DUMMY Dummy Table for Search Help ISIS_CONTRACT_F4_INCL ISLACT SDB: Solution Activity ISLATT SDB: Solution Attachment ISLATTXT SDB: Solution Attachment Text ISLTK SDB: Solution Task ISLVALCAT SDB: Solution Validation Category ISMIT SDB: Symptom Trigger ISMITCA SDB: Symptom Trigger Cause ISMITOP SDB: Symptom Trigger Object Part ISMITPR SDB: Symptom Trigger Problem ISMITXT SDB: Symptom Trigger Short Text ISMOB SDB: Symptom Object table ISMP SDB: Symptom table ISMSL SDB: Symptom Solution Link table ISMTXT SDB: Symptom short text ISMVALCAT SDB: Symptom Validation Category ISOL SDB: Solution table ISOPT SDB: Table for user settings ISOTXT SDB: Solution Short Text Table ISTBED Actual requirements records ISTCRST Customer-Specific Characteristic Valuation ISUSR SDB: Table for user recently edited symptoms/solutions ITOBCUST System Settings for Alternative Labeling of FunctLocations ITS_CSS contains cascading style sheets (css) for generator ITS_F_LIST contains possible framesetstyles for generator ITS_FRAMES contains possible framesetstyles for generator

ITS_POS "contains position values, e.g. left, center..." ITS_SHOW contains all created css ITS_STYLES contains different styles for generator ITS_TAGS html-tags container ITSTEST ITS tets: Who has carried out which transaction IVBK Incidental expenses collector-Document header IVBP Line Item (Settlement: Service Charge Collector) (Obsolete) IVBZ ) IWADM Data for KEN Administration IWAREADEST KEN: AREA-Specific Destinations (for KEN Interfaces) IWAUTHFCT Function for Authorization Check IWAUTHFCTT Function for Authorization Check IWB0CHKF KEN: File Name of Last Check-out IWB0CHKO KEN: Physical Information Object Check-out Data IWB0CONT1 KEN: Document Contents Table (Import/Export) IWB0IDXSTA SDOK: Status Table for Indexing Documents: IWB0 IWB0LOIO KEN: Instances of Logical Information Objects IWB0LOIOT KEN: Description of Logical Information Objects IWB0LOPR KEN: Attributes of Logical Information Objects IWB0LORE KEN: Outgoing Links of Logical Information Objects IWB0LORI KEN: Incoming Links of Physical Information Objects IWB0NODE Node Table for General Structure Storage IWB0NODER General Structure Storage References IWB0NODET General Structure Storage Node Names IWB0PHF KEN: Physical Information Object Files IWB0PHHR KEN: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects IWB0PHIO KEN: Instances of Physical Information Objects IWB0PHNM KEN: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects IWB0PHPR KEN: Physical Information Object Attributes IWB0PHRE KEN: Outgoing Links of Physical Information Objects IWB0PHRI KEN: Incoming Links of Physical Information Objects IWB0RE KEN: Instances of Relationships IWB0REPR KEN: Relationship Attributes IWB1CHKF KEN: File Name of Last Check-out IWB1CHKO KEN: Physical Information Object Check-out Data IWB1CONT1 KEN: Document Contents Table (Import/Export) IWB1IDXSTA SDOK: Status Table for Indexing Documents: IWB1 IWB1LOIO KEN: Instances of Logical Information Objects IWB1LOIOT KEN: Description of Logical Information Objects IWB1LOPR KEN: Attributes of Logical Information Objects IWB1LORE KEN: Outgoing Links of Logical Information Objects IWB1LORI KEN: Incoming Links of Physical Information Objects IWB1NODE Node Table for General Structure Storage IWB1NODER General Structure Storage References IWB1NODET General Structure Storage Node Names IWB1PHF KEN: Physical Information Object Files IWB1PHHR KEN: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects IWB1PHIO KEN: Instances of Physical Information Objects IWB1PHNM KEN: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects IWB1PHPR KEN: Physical Information Object Attributes IWB1PHRE KEN: Outgoing Links of Physical Information Objects IWB1PHRI KEN: Incoming Links of Physical Information Objects IWB1RE KEN: Instances of Relationships IWB1REPR KEN: Relationship Attributes IWB2CHKF KEN: File Name of Last Check-out IWB2CHKO KEN: Physical Information Object Check-out Data IWB2CONT1 KEN: Document Contents Table (Import/Export) IWB2IDXSTA SDOK: Status Table for Indexing Documents: IWB2 IWB2LOIO KEN: Instances of Logical Information Objects IWB2LOIOT KEN: Description of Logical Information Objects


KEN: Attributes of Logical Information Objects KEN: Outgoing Links of Logical Information Objects KEN: Incoming Links of Physical Information Objects Node Table for General Structure Storage General Structure Storage References General Structure Storage Node Names Physical Information Object Files KEN: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects KEN: Instances of Physical Information Objects KEN: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects KEN: Physical Information Object Attributes KEN: Outgoing Links of Physical Information Objects KEN: Incoming Links of Physical Information Objects Instances of Relationships KEN: Relationship Attributes KEN: File Name of Last Check-out KEN: Physical Information Object Check-out Data KEN: Document Contents Table (Import/Export) KEN: Instances of Logical Information Objects KEN: Description of Logical Information Objects KEN: Attributes of Logical Information Objects KEN: Outgoing Links of Logical Information Objects KEN: Incoming Links of Physical Information Objects Physical Information Object Files KEN: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects KEN: Instances of Physical Information Objects KEN: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects KEN: Physical Information Object Attributes KEN: Outgoing Links of Physical Information Objects KEN: Incoming Links of Physical Information Objects Instances of Relationships KEN: Relationship Attributes IWB: Administration Information IWB: Info Object Browser defaults KEn: Info Object Browser Defaults KEn: Info Object Browser Defaults KEn: Info Object Browser Defaults

KEn: Status of Reorganization "KEN: Settings (valid versions, etc.)" IWB: Assignment of I/O classes to I/O types KEN Codepage info (which CP is used for a language) Info Workbench: Categories Info Workbench: Category texts Document Formats that are Supported in KEn KEn: KEn: KEn: KEn: KEn: KEn: KEn: KEn: KEn: Html Html Html Html Html Html Html Html Html Export Export Export Export Export Export Export Export Export Destinations History Options Options (Text) Analysis Data (INDX) Number Areas for File Names Number Areas for File Names (Text) Dispatching Rules Systems

IWEXSTATUS KEn: Html Export Status IWEXTEND Enhancement Information: Add-On and Customer IWEXTENDT Enhancement Information - Text Table IWEXTODO KEn: Html Export Request List IWEXTSYMBS KEn: Html Export Text Symbols IWEXTSYMBT KEn: Html Export Text Symbols IWFLDRGRP Folder groups IWFLDRGRPT Folder groups IWH_31_LNK 3.1: R/3 links (only for customer solution for 3.1) IWICON IWB: Icon store IWINDUSTRY KEN: Industry sectors and their root sectors IWNODEICON IWB: Structure display icon management IWNODETDEF IWB: Default node classification (environment-specific) IWPROPVAL Valid Attribute Values (Classes or Area-Specific) IWPROPVALT Valid Attribute Values (Classes or Area-Specific) IWR_31_PRM IWR: System Parameters (Only for Cust. Solution for 3.1) IWREFERENC KEN: Info object use references IWREFERENP KEN: Customer table - Info object application links IWRELEASE KEN releases IWRELFRZE KEN releases IWSTDGRAF KEn: Standard Graphics IWSTDGRAFT KEn: Standard Graphic - Text IWSYSTEM KEN: Where-used list maintenance systems IWSYSTEMT KEN: Where-used list (texts) maintenance systems IWTESTFCTS Supported KEN test functions IWTESTFCTT KEn: Supported test functions - Short description IWTESTUSER KEN: KEN user in test mode IWWO Pervasive Service: Cluster with Internet Data IXDIT Index Directory Texts IXTYP Index Types IXTYT Index Type Texts J_1A030IF Account Determination for Inflation Revaluation Postings J_1A101 Historical data for the daily reports J_1A102 Independent vendors with no CUIT or Social Security J_1AAA1 Definition of revaluation J_1AAA2 Revaluation Key J_1AAA2M Methods fore period control of transactions J_1AAA2MT Period control methods description J_1AAA2T Inflation Adjustment AA - Revaluation Key Text J_1AAA5 Transaction types excluded from revaluation J_1AAA5A Transaction Types exluded from RV-adjustment J_1AACFOP Assignment of Argentinian Tax Codes for Foreign Nationals J_1AACT Activity code for social security withholding J_1AACTT Texts for activity codes for social security withholding J_1AAFORMP Assignment of document Form to movement reason AA waybills J_1AAOLDTA Inflation Adjustment AA - Historic transact. period Balances J_1AAT089 Revaluation area assignment J_1AAWAYBL Way Bills for asset movements J_1ACFOP Codes for foreign natural or legal persons with no ID J_1ACFOPT Texts for codes for foreign natural or legal persons J_1ACHRDET Determination of capital letter J_1ACITI C.I.T.I. codes J_1ACITIT Texts for C.I.T.I. codes J_1ACMCD Customs codes J_1ACMCDT Texts for customs codes J_1ACNTFLD List of All Country-Specific Fields in Tables J_1ACTYP C.I.T.I. transaction type J_1ACTYPT C.I.T.I. transaction type J_1ADISDOC Configuration of automatic generation of discount documents J_1ADOCCL2 Texts for official document class in Argentina


Official document class for Argentina Versions of VAT daily report Texts for versions of VAT daily report Document type field status Distribution Types for Gross Income Tax Texts for distribution types for Gross Income Tax Tax Types Texts for Fiscal Types Tax Type: Possible Entries Tax Type: Texts for Possible Entries Tax Code for Foreign Nationals Activity codes for gross income tax declaration Text table for Gross Income Tax activity codes Gross Income Tax Layouts Gross income tax percentages Inflation Revaluation G/L Account - Transaction Figures Replacement Cost Valuation : Logging Table Inflation: Invoices for Replacement Value Determination Material Master - Inflation Inflation Methods Inflation Methods: Description FI Inflation adjustment: Process control Inflation Keys - G/L Account Text Table: Inflation Keys - G/L Account Inflation: Index Definition Text for table J_1INFT01 Inflation: definitive index ( values ) Time base definition Name table for table J_1AINFT04 Time base and exposure to inflation values Composed index Date lock table for inflation indexes Posting variant definition Name table for table j_1ainft12 Valid posting dates Inflation: index version ( reference table ) Warehouse report ( data of previous fiscal years ) Inflation: Index Definition Text for Table J_1INFT01 Index Versions Inflation: Index Versions (Reference Table) Index Values Composite Indexes Date Lock Table for Inflation Indexes Foreign Currency Inflation Adjustment: File Management Gross Income Tax coefficients Material Inflation Class Material inflation class texts Texts for numbering group for official documents Texts for numbering groups for withh. cert. numbering Numbering group for official documents Numbering groups for withholding certificate numbering Number determination for official documents Official document type Texts for official document types Open item foreign currency valuation: temp. storage Determination of off. document type in Argentina Determination of off. document type Log table for Inflation Adjustment Programs Capital letters - texts

J_1APRTCHR Printing characters for Argentina J_1ARFZ Definition of reasons for zero VAT J_1ARFZT Texts for reasons for zero VAT J_1ARZTX Reason for zero VAT per tax code J_1ASKB1 G/L accounts for gross income in argentina J_1ASKCLS Account class J_1ASKCLST Account class text table J_1ASNR Branch number J_1ASNRDT1 Branch Determination for Deliveries J_1ASNRDT2 Branch determination for material movements J_1ASNRT Texts for subsidiary numbers J_1AT001TC Tax Category Data per Company Code J_1AT001TG Tax Category Data per Company Code J_1ATAXID Tax Class J_1ATIDSW Correspondence for types of ID for Selfwithholding reportc J_1ATODC Type of identification J_1ATODCT Texts for types of identification J_1ATPKOF Assignment of official code to processing key J_1ATXMIN Minimum amount per tax processing key J_1ATXOFF Official Codes per tax J_1ATXREL Tax relevant classification J_1ATXRELT Texts for tax relevant classification J_1AWITH Withholding transaction data J_1AWITNR Number determination for withholding certificates J_1AZFSCHL Allocation Key: Branch - Company Code J_1AZFSCHT Text Table: Allocation Key: Branch - Company Code J_1BAA Nota Fiscal type J_1BAAT Nota Fiscal type text J_1BAB Reference type J_1BABT Reference type text J_1BAC Partner type J_1BAD Partner function ID J_1BADT Partner function description J_1BAE Field groups J_1BAET Field groups description J_1BAG CFOP J_1BAGT CFOP description J_1BAI NBM codes J_1BAIT NBM code description J_1BAJ Tax types J_1BAJT Tax types - Description J_1BAK Field assignment J_1BAL Screen control group assignment J_1BAM Screen control groups J_1BAMT Screen control groups description J_1BAN Status control J_1BAO CFOP determination for incoming movements and their return J_1BAOX CFOP det. for incoming mov. and their return (exceptions) J_1BAP CFOP determination for outgoing movements and their return J_1BAPX CFOP det. for outgoing mov. and their return (exceptions) J_1BAQ Form J_1BAQT Form description J_1BAR Sub-object for number Nota Fiscal J_1BART Sub-object for number Nota Fiscal Description J_1BAS Tax situation IPI J_1BAST Tax situation IPI - Description J_1BATL1 Tax Law ICMS J_1BATL1T Tax Law ICMS - Texts J_1BATL2 Tax Law IPI J_1BATL2T Tax Law IPI - Texts

J_1BB2 Nota Fiscal print configuration J_1BBRANCH Business Place J_1BCFOP_XREG Regions with CFOP extension J_1B_ERROR Definition of error code per bank and return code J_1B_ERTXT Defintion of error code per bank and return code J_1BFORCODE Currency codes for DME - Brazil J_1BIM01 MM-IM: Tax posting strings for inventory management J_1BIMFI Movement Types for Vendor Invoices (Brazil) J_1BINCO Instruction codes J_1BINCO2 Instruction code 2 J_1BINCO2T Instruction code 2 description J_1BINCOT Instruction code description J_1BIV02 Nota Fiscal type determination J_1BIV04 Goods Receipts Passed to Notas Fiscais via Inv. Verification J_1BIV05 BUZID with special handling for NF J_1BLB08 Registro de Apurao do IPI: List control additional accts J_1BLB09 Registro de Apurao do ICMS: List control additional acct J_1BMMKON0 MM: Value transfer from pricing to Nota Fiscal J_1BMMNFA Relatn. symb. arg. - arg.field (creation of NF header texts) J_1BMMNFAT Symbolic arg. texts (creation of NF header texts) J_1BMMNFTT MM: Allowed automatic texts J_1BMMNFTU MM: Allowed automatic text key description J_1BMMNFX MM: Argument used in automatic creation of NF header texts J_1BMMNFXT MM:Text used in automatic creation of NF header texts? J_1BNFCPD Nota Fiscal one-time accounts J_1BNFDOC Nota Fiscal Header J_1BNFFTX Nota Fiscal header message J_1BNFLIN Nota Fiscal line items J_1BNFNAD Nota Fiscal partners J_1BNFREF Nota Fiscal reference to header message J_1BNFSTX Nota Fiscal tax per item J_1BNFTXCOND Tax Condition Interface for Notas Fiscais J_1BRATEBANK Vendor Operation - rates per bank J_1BSDIC NF relevant Item Categories J_1BSDICA Sales Document Item Category table J_1BSDKON0 SD: Value transfer from pricing to Nota Fiscal J_1BSDNFA Relatn. symb. arg. - arg.field (creation of NF header texts) J_1BSDNFAT Symbolic arg. texts (creation of NF header texts) J_1BSDNFX Argument used in automatic creation of NF header texts J_1BSDNFXT Text used in automatic creation of NF header texts J_1BSDTL1 Tax Law ICMS J_1BSDTL2 Tax Law IPI J_1BSDTXC SD Tax code determination J_1BSTAST Reg. Tax code for Sub.Trib. J_1BTREGC Tax regions for foreign countries J_1BTREGX Tax region J_1BTREGXT Tax region description J_1BTXCI1 Tax calc.: Complement of ICMS rules J_1BTXDEF Tax calc.: Default rates J_1BTXGRUOP Dynamic Determination of Tax-Related Master Data J_1BTXIC1 Tax calc.: ICMS general rules J_1BTXIC2 Tax calc.: ICMS rules J_1BTXIC3 Grouped ICMS J_1BTXIP1 Tax calc.: IPI rules J_1BTXIP2 Tax calc.: IPI rules (material dependent) J_1BTXIP3 Grouped IPI J_1BTXIS1 Tax calc.: ISS rules for sales J_1BTXIS3 Grouped ISS J_1BTXSDC SD tax codes J_1BTXSDCT SD tax codes - description

J_1BTXST1 Tax calc.: Sub.Trib. rules J_1BTXST2 Tax calc.: Sub.Trib. rules (general) J_1BTXST3 Dynamic Calculation of Substituio Tributria J_1BTXSTG Tax calc.: Sub.Trib. customer group J_1BTXSTGT Tax calc.: Sub.Trib. customer group - Description J_1HVAT_OFF_NUM VAT official numbering J_1HWTCTNCO4 Withholding tax certificate numbering concept 4 JBD11 IS-B: Extended interest rate table JBD14 Yield Curve Types (Header Information) JBD15 Yield Curve Types (Values) JBD16CURR Replacement of currencies for yield curve types JBD1T Yield Curve Types (Texts) JBDMKAP Application Functions in Required/Optional Control JBDMKTA Application Fields of Required/Optional Control JBDMKTB Required/Optional Control for EDT (SAP Banking) JBDMKTS Application-Specific Required/Optional Control JBDRATEBAR Deviation range of ref. int. rates depend. on exact time JBDT56P Reference interest rate table dependent on exact time JBRBETA Beta factors JBRBFART Beta factor type JBRBFARTT Beta factor type texts JBREVAL Risk Management evaluation type - definition JBREVALT Risk Management evaluation type - texts JBRIDXG Allocation Class - Index JBRREGD Rule Definition JBRREGDT Text Table Market Data Shift Definition JBRREGW Rules for multi-dimensional risk factor shift JBRREGWT Text table for risk factor shift JBRRH Check Table for Risk Hierarchy JBRRHBAUM Tree Structure of Risk Hierarchy JBRRHBAUMT Texts for Tree Structure of Risk Hierarchy JBRRHBLATT End Node Structure of a Risk Hierarchy JBRRHT Texts for Risk Hierarchy Check Table JCDO Change Documents for Status Object (Table JSTO) JCDS Change Documents for System/User Statuses (Table JEST) JEST Object status JSTO Status object information JVCO1 JV Object Table 2 for JVTO1 JVOO1 Object table for FI-SL table JVTO1 JVOO2 JV Billing FI-SL Object Table JVPO1 JVA: Plan Line Items JVS1 JV Line Items JVSO1 JV LI table with objects for JVTO1 JVSO2 JV Billing FI-SL Line Item JVT1 JV Summary Table JVTO1 JV Summary Table with Objects JVTO2 JV Billing FI-SL Summary Table K002 Condition(s) for Customer K003 "Sales Tax, Germany" K9001 Derivation table for derivation rule A01 K9RALR0000472SAP Derivation Rule: Destination from Flight Segment K9RALR0000473SAP Derivation Rule: Departure Location from Flight Segment K9RALR0000474SAP Derivation Rule: Rotation from Flight Number K9RALR0000475SAP Derivation Rule: Region from Destination K9RALR0000476SAP Derivation Rule: Flight Type from Flight Number K9RALR1000001SAP Derivation Rule: Strategic Business Unit from Customer G roup K9RDEV1000001 Derivation rule:State from district K9RDEV5000001 Derivation rule:State from district K9RP000000019SAP Derivation Rule: Main Product Group from Material Group

K9RP991000002SAP Derivation Rule: Strategic Business Unit from Customer G roup KAKO Capacity Header Segment KAKT Capacity Description KALA Costing Run: General Data/Parameters KALAUSER User-Dependent Settings for Costing Run KALC Material Quantity Calculation - Formulas KALD Costing Run: Low-Level Codes KALF Costing Run: Error Log Header KALM Costing run: costing objects KALO Costing Run: Costing Objects (KVMK) KALS Costing run: costing levels KALSTAT Costing Run: Statistical Info for Separate Steps KALT Material Quantity Calculation: Header KALV Costing Run: Costing Variants KANZ Assignment of Sales Order Items - Costing Objects KAPA Shift Parameters for Available Capacity KAPE Capacity unit of measure allocation KAPS CO Period Locks KAZY Interval of Available Capacity KBED Capacity requirements records KBEROBJ Settings for authorization objects in Cost Center Accounting KBEZ Add. data for table KBED (for indiv. capacities/splits) KBKO Header record for capacity requirements KBLE Document Item Processing: Manual Document Entry KBLEW Item development amounts in various currencies KBLK Document Header: Manual Document Entry KBLKKRED Vendors for Funds Reservations KBLK_USER "Fields for addtl funds commt, funds precommt etc. hdr data" KBLP Document Item: Manual Document Entry KBLPAYK Payment Plan Header KBLPAYP Payment Plan Items KBLPW Document item amounts in different currencies KBVL "Individual Customer Plng File Entry, MRP Area Long-Term Plng" KBVM "Individual Customer Planning File Entry, MRP Area" KBXXN_TC_ORDER Field Sequence in Table Control for Manual Actual Postings KCDAP Data Transfer: Application Programs KCDBN Data transfer: package of sender structures KCDBNS Data transfer: package - sender structures KCDBNT Data transfer: sender structure package - texts KCD_CURDES External data transfer: target currency KCDEDATAR Flexible Excel Upload: Data Area KCDEFILE Flexible Excel Upload: File Name - File_id KCDEHEAD Flexible Excel Upload: Header KCDEKEY Flexible Excel Upload: Keys KCDER_H Flexible Excle Upload: Assignment Header -> Data Area KCD_MKAZ External Data Transfer: Display of Can/Must Control KCDMSF Data transfer: rename sender fields for generated rule KCD_PMDEL External data transfer: delete log messages KCDRA Data Transfer Rules: Attributes of Receiver Fields KCDRF Data Transfer Rules: Formulas KCDRM Data Transfer Rules: Offsets and Lengths of Sender Fields KCDRS Data Transfer Rules: Selection Criteria of Sender Fields KCDRUL Data Transfer: Texts for General Rules KCD_SAFD "External Data Transfer: Sender Str., Output Fields, Default" KCD_SEAF "External Data Transfer: Sender Structure, Output Fields" KCD_SEPTYP External Data Transfer: Types of Sender Programs KCD_SEPTYT External Data Transfer: Texts for Types of Sender Programs KCDSM Data transfer: Sender structure KCDSMT Sender structure texts

KCDSP Sender structure (part) KCD_TYPUBA External Data Transfer: Type Used By Application (TYPUBA) KCD_TYVPES "External Data Transfer:Types, Template Programs, Sender Str." KCD_TYVPES_ADM Ext. Data Transfer: Creation Date of Entries in KCD_TYVPES KCD_TYVPEST External data transfer: types of text KCDVAR Data transfer: variables KCDVART Data Transfer: Texts for Variables KCSL SAP-EIS: Data slices KCSLA SAP-EIS: assigning data slices to tables KCSLO SAP-EIS: Selection requirements for data slices KCSLT SAP-EIS: data slice meaning KCSLU SAP-EIS: assigning data slices to users KCSLV SAP-EIS: data slices - variables - parameters KCVAR SAP-EIS: data slice variables KCVART SAP-EIS: data slice variable meanings KDPL Index customer order -> planned order KDST Sales Order to BOM Link KDVL "Individual Customer Planning File Entry, Long-Term Planning" KDVM Individual Customer Planning File Entry KEFV_ADDON Distribution Key Maintenance - Application-Specific Add-Ons KEKO Product Costing - Header Data KEPH Product Costing: Cost Components for Cost of Goods Mfd KEYWORD KFPE Transfer Price Agreement: Allocation History KFPEW Clearing Amounts in Various Currencies KFPK Document Header: Transfer Price Agreement/Allocation KFPP Document Header: Transfer Prices for Tasks KFPPI Index of Transfer Price Agreements for an Object KFPPW Document Item Amounts in Different Currencies KFPSV Individual Tasks for Collective Agreements KINX Marking Table for Completed Actions KKBMM Characteristic Assignment for Selection Screens for Ord. Sel KKBSB Selection Screens for Order Selection KKBSBT Text Table for Selection Screens KLAH Class Header Data KLAT Classes: Long texts KLFB Assignment: Class to template KLPA Customer/Vendor Linking KMKPF FI: Account Assignment Model Header Information KMZEI FI: Account Assignment Model Item Information KNA1 General Data in Customer Master KNAS Customer master (VAT registration numbers general section) KNAT Customer Master Record (Tax Groupings) KNB1 Customer Master (Company Code) KNB4 Customer Payment History KNB5 Customer master (dunning data) KNBK Customer Master (Bank Details) KNBW Customer master record (withholding tax types) X KNC1 Customer master (transaction figures) KNC3 Customer master (special G/L transaction figures) KNEX Customer Master: Legal Control - Sanctioned Party List KNKA Customer master credit management: Central data KNKK Customer master credit management: Control area data KNKKF1 Credit Management: FI Status Data KNKKF2 Credit Management: Open Items by Days in Arrears KNKO Assignment of Cost Est. Number to Config. Object KNMT Customer-Material Info Record Data Table KNMTK Customer-Material Info Record Header Table KNOB Assignment of Cost Est. Number to Config. Object KNVA Customer Master Loading Points

KNVD Customer master record sales request form KNVH Customer Hierarchies KNVI Customer Master Tax Indicator KNVK Customer Master Contact Partner KNVL Customer Master Licenses KNVP Customer Master Partner Functions KNVS Customer Master Shipping Data KNVT Customer Master Record Texts for Sales KNVV Customer Master Sales Data KNZA Permitted Alternative Payer KOMU Account Assignment Templates for G/L Account Items KONA Rebate Agreements KONAIND Index: Groups of Conditions/Header Record Conditions KONBBYH Bonus Buys: Header KONBBYPRQ Bonus Buys: Prerequisites KONBBYT Bonus Buys: Text KOND Conditions (Data) KONDD Material Substitution - Data Division KONDDP Conditions: Additional Materials for Material Determination KONDH Conditions: Batch Strategy - Data Division KONDI Conditions: Data part for certificates KONDIND General Document Index for Conditions KONDN Conditions: Free goods - Data section KONDNS Conditions: Free goods determination - scales KONDP Conditions: Packing Object Data Section KONDR Conditions: Derivation strategy - data part KONDRPR Conditions: Derivation strategy - recipient item data KONDRPS Conditions: Derivation strategy - sender item data KONH Conditions (Header) KONM Conditions (1-Dimensional Quantity Scale) KONMATGRP Material Grouping: Header KONMATGRPP Material Grouping: Items KONMATGRPT Material Grouping: Text KONMATGRPX Material Grouping: Exceptions KONP Conditions (Item) KONR Resource Prices: Help Table for Variable Fields KONR1 Resource Prices: Help Table for Variable Fields KONTS KONTW KONV Conditions (Transaction Data) KONW Conditions (1-Dimensional Value Scale) KONX Overhead Rates: Help Table for Variable Fields KONX1 Overhead Rates: Help Table for Variable Fields KOPA Rebate Arrangement/Partner Assignment KOSA_BALT Procurement Alternative for Prod Cost Coll. in Make-to-Order KOTD001 Conditions: Substitution - Sample Structure KOTD002 SOrg/DistrCh/Material Entered KOTD011 Material KOTE001 Condition for Rebate: KOTE001 KOTE002 Condition for Rebate: KOTE002 KOTE003 Condition for Rebate: KOTE003 KOTE004 Customer Hierarchy KOTE005 Customer Hierarchy/Material KOTE006 Vendor/Material KOTE007 Vendor/Accounting Group KOTE008 Vendor KOTE009 Vendor/VSR KOTE010 Vendor Hierarchy: Rebate KOTE011 Vendor Hierarchy: Material Rebate KOTE012 Vendor Hierarchy: Vendor Sub-Range Rebate

KOTE013 SOrg/Vendor/Customer KOTF001 Material/Sales org./ KOTF002 Customer/Sales org./ KOTF003 SD Document/Item KOTF004 Service No./Plant/PurchOrg/Vendor/Package Number/Line Number KOTF005 Search Term KOTF006 Tax exemption license number KOTG001 Customer/Material KOTG002 Material Listing/Exclusion - Sample Structure KOTG003 Material Listing/Exclusion - Sample Structure KOTG004 Cust/Material w/ Organiz. Units KOTH001 Material KOTH002 Customer/Material KOTH003 Customer/Plant/Material KOTH004 Destination Country/MatGroup KOTH005 Country of destination KOTH006 Material group KOTH007 Customer Hierarchy KOTH008 Customer Hierarchy/Material KOTH010 Warehouse number KOTH011 Warehouse No./Movement Type KOTH020 Movement Type KOTH021 Movement Type/Plant KOTH022 Movement Type/Material KOTH023 Plant/Material KOTH024 Movement Type/Plant/Material KOTH025 Plant KOTH030 Order Type/Plant/Component KOTH031 Order Type/Plant/Production Material/Component KOTI001 Material KOTI002 Material/Customer KOTI003 Material group KOTN001 Info Record: Plant-Specific per Order Unit KOTN002 Info record per order unit KOTN010 Customer / material KOTN201 Sales Org./Distr.Channel/Bonus Buy/Material/Sales Unit KOTN901 Info cat./Material/Order unit/Plant/ KOTP001 Material KOTP002 Material KOTP003 Material/Ship-To Party/Unloading Point KOTP004 Material/Ship-To Party/Shipping Type KOTP100 Material/ship-to party KOTP101 Vendor/Material KOTP110 Material/Ship-To Party/Use KOTP200 Material/Plant KOTP210 Material/plant/storage location KOTP400 Material/Vendor KOTP410 Material/Plant/Vendor KOTR001 Material Number KOTR002 Material Type KOTR010 Sender Material Number KOTR011 Sender Material Type KOTR012 Receiving Material + Sending Material KOTR013 Receiving Material Type + Sending Material Type KPEP_WL_APPL Application reference for the Worklist Category KPEP_WL_CAT Settings for the Worklist Type KPEP_WL_HIE Hierarchy Information for Worklists of Schedule Manager KPEP_WL_M Worklist in the Schedule Manager KPEP_WL_O Object-Related Data in the Worklist of the Schedule Manager KPEP_WL_OBJORG Source Object for the Object Status in the SCMA Worklist

KPEP_WL_OMSG Step and Object-Related Messages in the Worklist KPEP_WL_OMSGSUB Subobject Information for Messages KPEP_WL_OS Object Data Specific to Steps in Schedule Manager Worklist KPEP_WL_PSHIER Hierarchy for WL Type Projects in Schedule Manager Worklist KPEP_WL_ROLES Assignment of Role to Object Type KPEP_WL_S Step Data in the Worklist for the Schedule Manager KPEP_WL_VIEW View of Worklist KPER Period Values for Workforce Planning KPP0R CO planning: directory of generated reports KPP0V CO planning: Assignment layout <-> validation KPP1CHKF KPP: File name of last check-out KPP1CHKO KPP: Check-out data for a physical information object KPP1CONT1 KPP: Document contents table (import/export) KPP1LOIO KPP: Instances for Logical Information Objects KPP1LOIOT KPP: Descriptions of logical information objects KPP1LOPR KPP: Attribute values of logical information objects KPP1LORE KPP: Outgoing relationships of logical info objects KPP1LORI KPP: Incoming relationships of physical info objects KPP1PHF KPP: Files for logical info objects KPP1PHHR KPP: Outgoing hyperlinks of physical objects KPP1PHIO KPP Instances for Physical Information Objects KPP1PHNM KPP: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects KPP1PHPR KPP: Attributes of physical info objects KPP1PHRE KPP: Outgoing relationships of physical info objects KPP1PHRI KPP: Incoming relationships of physical info objects KPP1RE KPP: Relationship Instances KPP1REPR KPP: Relationship attributes KPP2D CO planning: directory of generated dumps KPP2K CO Planning Processor: Context of user configurations KPPT CO planning: planning area entity table KPPTT CO Planning: Text table for entity table. planning areas KPROCHKFCD KPRO: CD: File Name of Last Check-out KPROCHKOCD KPRO: CD: Check-out Data for a Physical Information Object KPRO_LOIO KPRO: CD: Instances of Logical Information Objects KPROLOIOTD KPRO: CD: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects KPROLOPRCD KPRO: CD: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects KPROLORECD KPRO: CD: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Info Objects KPROLORICD KPRO: CD: Incoming Relationships of Logical Info Objects KPROPHFCD KPRO: CD: Files of Physical Information Objects KPROPHHRCD KPRO: CD: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects KPRO_PHIO KPRO: CD: Instances of Physical Information Objects KPROPHNMCD KPRO: CD: Usage of Target Documents in Physical Objects KPROPHPRCD KPRO: CD: Attributes of Physical Information Objects KPROPHRECD KPRO: CD: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Info Objects KPROPHRICD KPRO: CD: Incoming Relationships of Physical Info Objects KRIF Richie Riffle KSML Characteristics of a Class KSSK Allocation Table: Object to Class KUSE Prod.Cstg: User-Specific Settings (Depends on Cstg Variant) KWBS Assignment of WBS No. - Costing Objects KWNCHKF KWNCHKO KWNIDXSTA KWNLOIO KWNLOIOT KWNLOPR KWNLORE KWNLORI KWN_NODE KWN_NODER

KWN_NODET KWNPHF KWNPHHR KWNPHIO KWNPHNM KWNPHPR KWNPHRE KWNPHRI KWPWCHKF KWPWCHKO KWPWCONT1 KWPWIDXSTA KWPWLOIO KWPWLOIOT KWPWLOPR KWPWLORE KWPWLORI KWPWNODE KWPWNODER KWPWNODET KWPWPHF KWPWPHHR KWPWPHIO KWPWPHNM KWPWPHPR KWPWPHRE KWPWPHRI KZAZU Key Figure Assignment for Aggregate Version Copy LAGP Storage bins LANGAUS Languages involved in substitution procedure LANG_AV Obsolete table -> do not use LANG_CONTR Obsolete table; do not use LANG_FTOBJ Objects with continuous text LANG_FTTEC Technical attributes - pseudo continuous text LANGGRU Translation object groups LANGGRUT Short text for table LANGGRU LANG_LEXPT Local Supplement for Exceptions: Translation LANG_LOCK Table to lock runtime-intensive program sections LANG_MANDT Obsolete table; do not use LANGOBJ SE63 objects that can be translated LANGOBJT Texts for table LANGOBJ LANG_PEXPT Translation exception LANGTR1 Assignment: Language - translator - development class LANGTR2 Translation exclusions LANGTRG Assignment lang. - translator - group LANGTRKORR Languages/Requests/Components (in the Upgrade) LANGUMS Conversion R3trans - SE63 - Objects LANGUSR Obsolete table -> do not use LANGZUG Assignment of groups to objects LANGZUS Assignment: Language - group - date LAW_ADDR User Address Data LAW_ATTR Customizing Data LAW_CONT User Types Included in Another User Type LAWDIVINDX Test LAW_ENGINE Engine Measurement Data LAW_ERES Total Result: Engine Measurement Data LAW_ERROR Error Text Table for License Administration Workbench LAW_PARAM Parameters of the License Administration Workbench LAWPL Price Lists in the License Administration Workbench LAWPLT Texts: Price Lists in the License Administration Workbench

LAW_PROT Log Table for License Audit Workbench LAW_REST Remaining Data for License Audit Workbench LAW_RESULT Result of License Measurement Consolidation LAW_STAT Status of the Transfer of a System Measurement to SAP LAW_TECH Technical User Data LAW_TEXT Memo Text Table LAW_TIME Time Stamp for License Administration Workbench LAW_UNIQUE Grouped User Data LAW_UPGR User Types Created During Upgrade LAW_U_RES Total Result of User Consolidation with Sum LAW_URES2 Total Result of User Consolidation LAW_USERID Result of User Data Grouping (User Overview) LAW_UTYPES Result of License Measurement Consolidation LC10TDEF liveCache: Tree Definition LCABN Characteristic LCABNT Characteristic descriptions LCCONV "Conversion table, object type - TADIR object" LCINIT Control Table for liveCache Initialization (Application) LCOLKEY "Key objects (tables, views,...) of a correction" LCOLOBJ Directory of R/3 members LDA01 Decentralized WMS: Delivery Document Appendix LDAPGATEW LDAP Connector LDAPSERVER LDAP Server LDAPUSER LDAP System User LDBA Dynamic nodes in LDBs LDBB Authorization objects for logical database LDBD Administration information for LDB LDBH Search help for logical databases LDBN Logical nodes in LDBs LDBNT Texts for LDBN LDBQUAN Currency and quantity fields in logical database LDBS Directory and structure for logical databases LDBT Texts for logical databases LDERA Local date: Local era LDGM Assignment Table Country Groups to Characteristics LDK00 Status Record for WM Communication Records LDK01 Communication Record 01 Decentralized WMS: GR/GI R/2 -> R/3 LDK02 Communicat.Record 02 Decentralized WMS: Transfer R/2 -> R/3 LDK03 Communication rec. 03 LVS decentr.: Del.doc. R(2 > R/3 LDK04 Communication rec. 04 LVS decentr.: DN supplem. R/2 -> R/3 LDK05 Communication Record 05 Decentr. WMS: (R/2-R/3): Mat. Master LDK06 Communic.Record 06 Decentr.WMS (R/2-R/3):Batch Status Change LDLBC Takts/no. of ind. capacities per line segment line balance LDLBH Line balance/planned rate header record LDLBP Line balance items LDLBT Line hierarchy entry and exit takts LDLH Line hierarchy header LDLP Line hierarchy items LDLT Line hierarchy takt times LDMDR Line Hierarchy Material-Dependent Rates LDSPT Local date: Separator LECI_CARD Extended Pass for Registration at the Checkpoint LECI_CHK_PT Checkpoint LECI_CHK_PTT Checkpoint: Text Table LECI_EVENT Activities Within the Check-in/Check-out Process LECI_EVENT_DATA Activity Data Within the Check-in/Check-out Process LECI_FORMS Definition of Forms and Print Programs LEDPROAPL Assignment of Profiles to Various Applications LEDPROFIL Definition of Print Profile Names

LEDPROFILT Definition of Print Profile Names and their Usage LEDRUCKPROFIL Assignment of a Printer to an Object LEDSPD_FLOW Document Flow for Subsequent Outbound-Delivery Split LEIN Storage unit header records LESHPMD "Indicator for active, general repairs/LE-SHP" LFA1 Vendor Master (General Section) LFAS Vendor master (VAT registration numbers general section) LFAT Vendor master record (tax groupings) LFB1 Vendor Master (Company Code) LFB5 Vendor master (dunning data) LFBK Vendor Master (Bank Details) LFBW Vendor master record (withholding tax types) X LFC1 Vendor master (transaction figures) LFC3 Vendor master (special G/L transaction figures) LFEI Vendor Master: Preference for Import and Export LFINF Delivery information Project System LFINFX Assignment delivery information to Project System objects LFLR Vendor Master Record: Supply Regions LFM1 Vendor master record purchasing organization data LFM2 Vendor Master Record: Purchasing Data LFMC Vendor master (short texts for condition types) LFMH Vendor hierarchy LFZA Permitted Alternative Payee LIKP SD Document: Delivery Header Data LINK Inventory document header in WM LINP Inventory document item in WM LINV Inventory data per quant LIPS SD document: Delivery: Item data LIPSDG Appendix Table for Dangerous Goods Data LIPSO1 Delivery item calculation parameters LIPSO2 Delivery item additional quantities LIPSPO LIPS Reference Data Purchase Order LIPSRF LIPS Reference Data LISAKT Background Planning Activities LISAKTTXT Text table for LISAKT LISCO Copy Profile: LIS Planning LISCOMDES LIS: Table of Destinations LISCOMDESC LIS: Defined Central Systems LISCOMDESP LIS: Communication Attributes For Users LISCOMDESU LIS: Communication Attributes For Users LIS_CONTROL Settings for LIS Key Figure Adoption LISCOPAK Key Figures Allocation Flexible Planning - CO-PA LISCOPAKT Short Text for Key Figures Allocation LIS - CO-PA LISCOPAM Characteristics Allocation: Flexible Planning - CO-PA LISCOPAMT Short Text for Characteristics Allocation LIS - CO-PA LISCOPAZ Assignment of info structure to operating concern LISCOPAZT Short Text for Allocation LISDOMAIN LIS: Domains: Attributes LISDOMAINT LIS: Domains: Short Texts LISLOGSYS LIS: Systems: Logical Systems LISPARAMS LIS: Systems: Additional Parameters LISPL Background Job for LIS Planning LISPLF Planning Entries Table for Background Planning in LIS LISPLT Texts for job number (LIS) - background planning LISPROD LIS: Calculated Product Versions LISR Planning Object Index for Forecast LISSERVICE LIS: Access Control List of LIS Services LISSYSCOM LIS: Systems: Additional Parameters LISSYSTEM LIS: Systems: Attributes LISSYSTEMT LIS: Systems: Short Texts

LISUP Transfer Profile: LIS Planning to Demand Management LKLAH Class Header (Special Objects) LKSML Characteristics of a Class LKSSK Allocation Table: Object to Class LL01 Whse Activity Monitor: Critical Transfer Order Items LL02 Whse Activity Monitor: Critical Transfer Requirement Items LL03 Whse Activity Monitor: Critical Posting Change Documents LL04 Whse Activity Monitor: Critical Deliveries LL05 Whse Activity Monitor: Critical Stocks LL06 Whse Activity Monitor: Critical Storage Bins LL07 Whse Activity Monitor: Critical Production Orders LNGTAUTO Language Transports: Current Request in SE63 LNGTCOLL Language Transports: Directory of Collective Transports LNGTCONF Language Transports: Parameters for Automatic Recording LNGTREQU Language Transports: All Requests Used in SE63 LNGTSE63 Language Transports: Current Request in SE63 LNGTUSER Language Transports: Directory of Indiv. Autom. Transports LOANREF_A Reference Records of Loan Unit for Disbursement LOANREF_V Reference rates of loan ref. unit for value dated cumulation LOGADR_ATTR_FIEB Attributes of Logical Addresses LOGADR_PHAD_FIEB Physical Address for a Logical Address LOGIC_DEST Table for logical destination LPDX Planning runtime table: INDX table LQUA Quants LQUAB Total quant counts for certain strategies LRF_WKQU Assignment User ->Queue LSEG Document for Inward and Outward Movements LSELCONDS Selection conditions for translation (by type) LSERR Error Table for Posting Incentive Wages LSHR HR Order Confirmations (Durations/Time Tickets) LSUTO Mobile Data Entry: Relationship Shipping Unit to TO LSWOR Classification System: Keywords LTABEXITS Technical data for object types (translation) LTAK WM transfer order header LTAP Transfer order item LTBK Transfer requirement header LTBP Transfer requirement item LTCONV "Conversion table, object type - TADIR object" LTCX Generic store for extracts LTDHTRAW ALV: HTML Templates LTDHTTMPL ALV: HTML Templates (Language-Dependent) LTDX Generic storage of display variants LTDXD Default display variants LTDXS SAP Default Display Variants LTDXT Display variant texts LTEX Generic store for extracts LTHU Assignment of Pick-HUs to Transfer Orders LTODIR Object List for Switch LTX1_TMP File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input LTYPESTECH Technical data for object types (translation) LTYPESTEXT Technical data for object types (translation) LUBU Posting change document LVC_CALM Calendar year / month LVC_CHECKT Check table for example with F4 LWRKKEY Key for work lists LWRKLID Work list ID for individual translator work lists LWRKOBJ Object lists for worklists LWRKSTACLI Client-dependent translation statistics LWRKSTAT Translation statistics LWRKTRANS Translator performance

M60I Object dependencies tree structure for chars planning M61GFW_USER User Settings for Graphic in MRP MABW Management of Differently Maintained Material Data in Retail MACID "Run-time Object ""Matchcode ID""" MACOB "Run-Time Object ""Matchcode Object""" MACOND Configuration: Manually Assigned Conditions MAEX Material Master: Legal Control MAFU Foreign Trade: Additional Information for Material/Code No. MAHNS Accounts blocked by dunning selection MAHNV Management Records for the Dunning Program MAKA Buffer Table for MiniApps of the Costing MAKG Material Cost Distribution Groups MAKT Material Descriptions M_AKTEA MAKT_TMP File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input MAKV Material Cost Distribution MAKZ Material cost distribution equivalence numbers MALG Assignment of Layout Modules to Materials MAMT Material Master Texts per Unit of Measure and Text ID MAPE Material Master: Export Control File MAPEWG Material master: Preference determination: Cross-plant MAPL Assignment of Task Lists to Materials MAPR Material Index for Forecast MARA General Material Data MARA_TMP File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input MARC Plant Data for Material MARCH Material Master C Segment: History MARCO1 Plant level additional quantities appendix MARC_TMP File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input MARD Storage Location Data for Material MARDH Material Master Storage Location Segment: History MARDO1 Storage Location additional quantity appendix MARD_TMP File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input MARI Short document: material movement MARM Units of Measure for Material MARM_TMP File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input MARV Material Control Record MARVCD Change Document: Period Initialization when System in Op. MASE Last Serial Number for Material MASSAENAME Defined Application Exits MASSALETAB Different Assignment of Tables to ALE Segments MASSAPPEX Application Exits for an Object MASSFLDLST Fields Allowed for Mass Maintenance MASSFLDPRP Field Attributes for Display MASSFUNC Mass Maintenance: Functions for Updating the Database MASSMSGCFG User-Specific Message Configuration MASSNAME Texts for Mass Change Objects MASSRUNS This Table Is Always Empty MASSTAB Tables for an Object MASSUSRPRF "Material Master User Settings: Screen Reference ""User""" MASSVARABAP Variants: ABAP FORM Routines MASSVARABAP_S System Variants: ABAP FORM Routines MASSVARDAT Data for Variants MASSVARDB Variants for Mass Maintenance MASSVARIANT Variants: Basic Information MASSVARIANT_S System Variants: Basic Information MASSVARNEWPARA Variants: Reference for New Segments MASSVARNEWPARA_S System Variants: Reference for New Segments MASSVARNEWVAL_S System Variants: New Field Values MASSVARNEWVALUES Variants: New Field Values

MASSVARRANGE Variants: Selection Options (Ranges) MASSVARRANGE_S System Variants: Selection Options (Ranges) MASSVARTABLESTAB Variants: Reference for New Segments MASSVARTAB_S System Variants: Reference for New Segments MASSVARTR Mass Maintenance Variants in Transportable Form MAST Material to BOM Link MAW1 Material Master: Default Fields and Special MMS Fields MAZO Foreign Trade: Customs Law Description MBEW Material Valuation MBEWH Material Valuation: History MBEW_TMP File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input MBPR Stock at Production Storage Bin MCAFKOV Versions: Order Header Data - PP Orders MCAFPOV Versions: Order Item MCAFVGV Versions: Order Procedure MCAKVER Current Generation Versions MCCMDE "Tax table, Copy Management" MCCMFO "Tax table, Copy Management formulas" MCCOMPV Versions: Material Components MCDEFID Default matchcode Ids per user MCDX Compressed Consolidation transaction data MCDYNTYPEN Screen Types for LIS Generation MCDYNUM Screen Numbers for LIS Generation MCEKS R/2 PURCHIS Data (Status: Last Data Transmission) MCH1 Batches (if Batch Management Cross-Plant) MCHA Batches MCHB Batch Stocks MCHBH Batch Stocks: History MCHBO1 Batch level additional quantities appendix MCHP Batch Record for a Batch MCHPV Batch Record: Versions MCHPVS Batch Record: Shadow Table for Link to Archive MCHPVT Batch Record: Long Text for Version MCHUWL User-Specific Batch Worklist MCHUWT Assignment of User to Batch Worklist Type MCHWT Batch Worklist Types MCHWTT Batch Worklist Type Texts MCIPMIS PMIS: Master data characteristics for PMIS before image MCKALKV Versions: Cost Itemization MCKALKW Versions: Cost Itemization M_CKKAT Generated Pool Table for Matchcode ID CKKA-T MCKZS Key figure views in Logistics Controlling MCKZSF Key figures for key figure view MCKZST Texts for key figures of the key figure view MCLI Key Figures in Information Library MCLIK Grouping of Classifying Attributes in LIL MCLIL Classifying Attribute Texts in LIL MCLIM Classifying Group Texts in LIL MCLIN Info Sets in LIL MCLIO Info Set Text in LIL MCLIP Info Set Assignment in LIL MCLIT Key Figure Texts MCLIV Default Values in LIL MCPPCUST Performance Customizing: PPIS MCPRVER Generation Version of LIS Programs MCRMK LIS selection versions: Characteristics MCRSV Selection versions: Header data MCRSVT Logistics Controlling: Texts for selection versions MCRSV_USR Selection version: Assigned distribution lists or users MCS0 Reference Structure for Generating Info Structures

MCS1 Model Structure for Info Structures with Initial VAKEY MCS2 Sample Structure for Structural Information - Info Structure MCSA File for saving selection versions (AUSTAB) MCSCMFIELDS Definition of field processing category in LIS Copy Mgmt MCSCMVAR LIS Copy Management: Control Table for Variant Maintenance MCSFIS R/2 SFIS Data: Old MCSHIERB Tree for general hierarchy MCSHIERBT Texts for general hierarchy tree MCSHIERK Header of general hierarchy MCSI File for Storage of Selection Versions (INDX) MCSIDIR Directory of MCSI Entries MCSLISEF LIS Inbound Interface: Control Information (Fields) MCSLISEH LIS Inbound Interface: Control Information (Headers) MCSLISEHT LIS Inbound Interface: Control Information (H): Texts MCSLOG File for saving logs MCSLOGDIR Directory of MCSLOG Entries MCSMET Methods for Reassignment of Statistical Data MCSMETT Texts for Methods to Transform LIS Statistical Data MCSSZEN LIS Data management scenarios MCSSZENT Texts for MCSSZEN MCSSZENV Method references to LIS Data Management scenarios MCSSZENVT Text table to MCSSZENV MCTBC_HISD Store the selections done using the matchcode OCX MCUSREXITS User exits in the matchcode area MCVSRFK Statistically Relevant Fields for Order + Delivery Header MCVSRFP Statistically Relevant Fields for Order + Billing Document MCWPS File for storing results of function group MCWPS MCWSVF Selection Variant f. Reading IS Dynamically: Field Line Data MCWSVK Selection Variant f. Reading IS Dynamically: Header Data MCY1 Objects: Early Warning MCYA Early Warning: Exceptions MCYAT Early Warning: Exception Texts MCYB Objects: Early Warning MCYC Key Figures: Early Warning MCYD Early Warning: Groups of Exceptions MCYE Early Warning: Trend Analysis Requirements MCYF Early Warning: Exception Texts MCYM Objects: Early Warning MCYT Early Warning: Exception Texts M_DARLA MDDMAP Mapping Table for External User for MRP Evaluations MDDMAPT Mapping Table for External User/Vendor with Default Setting MDFD MRP firming date MDFDDB Firming Data of MRP - MRP Area M_DGMID MDHS Cluster Table BOMs Explosion (Shared Buffer) MDIP Material: MRP Profiles (Field Contents) MDKP Header Data for MRP Document MDKPDB Header Data for MRP Document MDLG Customizing: MRP Area Storage Location MDLL Customizing: MRP Area Subcontractor MDLV Customizing MRP Area MDLW Customizing: MRP Area Plants MDMA MRP Area for Material MDPUW Customizing: Scope of Planning MRP Unit MDRP_CONTR Control Table: DRP MDRP_DARC Branches of the Distribution Network MDRP_DRUN Deployment run MDRP_DRUNV Planning File: Deployment Run MDRP_MAP Background for Graphical DRP Network

MDRP_MENU Menu for DRP network MDRP_MENUT Menu text for DRP network MDRP_NODE Nodes for DRP Network MDRP_NODEP Positions of the nodes in a DRP network MDRP_NODT Node Type for DRP Network MDRP_NODTT Node Type for DRP Network MDRP_NSEQ Sequence of Node Processing MDRP_POCO Event Table: Deployment Run MDRP_VIEW View of DRP Network MDRP_VIEWT View of DRP Network MDSEQ Customizing: Sequence of MRP in Scope of Planning MDSM Simulative dependent requirements MDTAB Cluster Table Initial Screen SRList/MRP List (Shared Buffer) MDTB MRP table MDTC Aggregated MRP table items MDUCMV Market Data: Code Conversion for Index Type MDUCR Mkt Data: Assign New Key for Curr. Symbols MDUCV Mkt Data: Assign New Key for Curr.Type MDUHR Market Data: Assign New Keys for Stock Exchanges MDUIR Market Data: Assign New Key for Index Name MDUIV Mkt Data:Ass.New Key for Index Type MDURR Mkt Data: Assign New Key for Ref. Interest Rate Name MDUVV Mkt Data: Assign New Key for Volatil. Type MDUWR Market Data: Assign New Key for Securities/Key 1 MDUWV Mkt Data: Assign New Key for Sec. Price Type MDVL Planning file entry for long-term planning MDVM Entry in MRP File MEA1_TMP File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input MEAN International Article Numbers (EANs) for Material MEIK Make-to-Order Stock for Customer Order MEN_EXITS Definition of exits for the menu load event MENTREE1 Menu Maintenance Table MENTREE1T Text Table for Menus MENU_RELE Release stamp table MERGECLIL Command File Input for Merger MERGEDIR Merge - Control Table MERGEH Request List of the Transport Merger (Header) MERGEMAPS Header Information for Merge Maps MERGENEGL Merger Exclusion Objects MERGEOBJ Collection Table of Problem Objects MERGETA Transports Included in the Merger MERRDAT_TMP File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input MFHM_TMP File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input MFRES_TMP File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input MGEF Hazardous materials MHIO Call Object from Maintenance Order MHIS Maintenance plan history MHND Dunning Data MHNDO Dunning data version before the next change MHNK Dunning data (account entries) MHNKA Version administration of dunning changes MHNKO Dunning data (acct entries) version before the next change M_HORDA M_IBEWX M_IBEWY MIGO_CUST_ACTION MIGO: Control of Listbox Transaction MIGO_CUST_FIELDS MIGO: Field Selection per Movement Type MIGO_CUST_REFDOC MIGO: Control of Listbox Reference Document MIGO_CUST_TCODE MIGO: Transactions MIGO_INIT Control Table for Operation in Transaction MIGO

MIMETYPES Table of MIME Types MISTATUS Status Table for Material Identification on Mat./Batch Level M_J1BAB M_J1BAC M_J1BAD M_J1BAE MKAL Production Versions of Material MKAL_AEND Change History of Production Version (Recipes Only) M_KKEBN Generierte Struktur fuer gleichnamige MC-Id MKLK Consignment Stocks and Returnable Packaging with Customer MKOL Special Stocks from Vendor MKOLH Special Stocks from Vendor: History MKOLO1 Special stocks from vendor additional quantity appendix MKOP Consignment Price Segment MKPF Header: Material Document MKPF_ARIDX Index table for single doc. access to archive MM_MATBEL MKUB Material Provided by Customer MLAN Tax Classification for Material MLAUF Material Ledger Item Table for Order History MLAUFCR Material Ledger Currency Table for Order History MLAUFKEPH ML: Cost Component Split (Components) for Order History MLBE Material Ledger FS Item Table for GR/IR relevant transaction MLBECR Material Ledger Currency Table for GR/IR relevant transact. MLBECRH Material Ledger Currency Table for GR/IR relevant transact. MLBEH Material Ledger FS Item Table for GR/IR relevant transaction MLBEKEPH ML: Cost Comp. Split (Elements) for Purchase Order History MLCD Material Ledger: Summarization Record (from Documents) MLCR Material Ledger Document: Currencies and Values MLCRF Material Ledger Document: Field Groups (Currencies) MLCRP "Material Ledger Docu.: Price Changes (Currencies, Prices)" MLDZ4 Reporting Data for Z4 Which was not Reported by DME MLEA Vendor-Specific EANs MLFG Material ledger document: field group MLGN Material Data for Each Warehouse Number MLGN_TMP File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input MLGT Material Data for Each Storage Type MLGT_TMP File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input MLHD Material Ledger Document: Header MLIB Material Provided to Vendor MLIT Material Ledger Document: Items MLKEPH ML Document: Cost Component Split (Elements) for Values MLMST Material ledger document: Costing run header data MLOCKLOC MLORDERHIST Conversion Table for Order History MLPP Material Ledger Document: Posting Periods and Quantities MLPPF Material Ledger Document: Field Groups (Posting Periods) MLPRKEKO ML Document: Cost Component Split (Header)for Prices MLPRKEPH ML Document: Cost Component Split (Components)for Prices MLST Milestone MLTX Milestone Description MLWERE Conversion Table between Purchasing and Material Ledger M_MBIKS Generated Pooltable for Matchcode Id MBIK-S M_MCEAA M_MCGBA M_MCGUA M_MEBEL Generated Structure for MC Id of Same Name M_MEBEX Generated Structure for MC Id of Same Name M_MEBZF Generated Structure for MC Id of Same Name M_MEORV Generated Structure for MC Id of Same Name MMIM_PRED MM-IM Temporary Data

MMIM_PREDOC_ORG "Parked Material Documents, Organizational Data" MMIM_REP_CUST Customizing f. Inventory Mgmt Reporting MMIM_REP_PRINT "Print Settings, Reporting MM-IM" MMINKON Worklist for Inconsistent Materials MMINKON_UP Corrections due to Technical Problems with Stock M_MLIKS Generated Pooltable for Matchcode Id MLIK-S MMPREF_PRO_01 Logging table for archiving object MMPREF MMPREF_PRO_01_B Log table - Preference - Information from rules MMPREF_PRO_02 Log table - Main component - Information MMPREF_PRO_03 Log table - Component - Information MMPREF_PRO_IDX Archiving object MM_PREF customs logs - Index table MMPREK_PRO_01 Log table for archiving object MMPREK MMPREK_PRO_01_B Log table - Preference - Info from rule MMPREK_PRO_02 Log table - Main component - Information MMPREK_PRO_03 Log table - Component - Information MMPREW_PRO_01 Log table for archiving object MMPREW MMPREW_PRO_01_B Preference CPG: Log - Information from rule MMPREW_PRO_02 Preference CPG: Log main component - Information MMPREW_PRO_03 Preference CPG: Log components - Information MMPREW_PRO_IDX Archiving object MM_PREW customs logs - Index table MMPT Cycle definitions and MeasPoints for MaintPlan M_MPTXA Generated Pooltable for Matchcode Id MPTX-A M_MPTXB Generated Pooltable for Matchcode Id MPTX-B MMPX Maintenance cycle short texts M_MREAE M_MSAKM Generated Structure for MC Id of Same Name M_MTVMA M_MTVMB M_MTVMC M_MTVMD M_MTVME M_MTVNF Generated pooled table for matchcode ID MTVN -F M_MTVNG Generated pooled table for matchcode ID MTVN -G M_MTVNH M_MTVNI Generated pooled table for matchcode ID MTVN -I M_MTVNJ Generated pooled table for matchcode ID MTVN -J M_MTVNK Generated pooled table for matchcode ID MTVN -K M_MTVNL Generated pooled table for matchcode ID MTVN -L M_MTVOA M_MTVOB Generated pooled table for matchcode ID MTVO -B M_MTVOC M_MTVOE M_MVERA M_MVERB M_MVERC M_MVERD MODACT Modifications MODATTR Attributes of Extension Projects MODSAP SAP Extensions MODSAPA Attributes SAP Extensions MODSAPT SAP Enhancements - Short Texts MODTEXT Enhancement Projects - Short Texts MODWRD Key words of changed DE MOFF Outstanding Material Master Records MONI Monitor table MONI M_PAVWV Generated Pooltable for Matchcode Id PAVW-V MPGD_TMP File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input MPLA Maintenance plan MPNCL1 Dynamic Calls During Processing of Sub-Items MPOI Mgmt Diff. Maint. Retail Material Data (Prior to Rel. 1.2B)

MPOP_TMP File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input MPOS Maintenance item MPRP Forecast Profiles M_PRPRP Generated Structure for MC Id of Same Name MPRW_TMP File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input MQDES Destination table for RFC calls transmitted via MQSeries M_REBLG Generated structure for matchcode ID with the same name M_REVNA Generated Pooltable for Matchcode Id REVN-A MSCA Sales Orders on Hand with Vendor MSCAH Sales Order Stock at Vendor: History M_SDIRS MSEG Document Segment: Material MSEGO1 Material document quantity conversion parameters MSEGO2 Material document quantities in additional units of measure MSET Standard milestone set MSKA Sales Order Stock MSKAH Sales Order Stock: History MSKAO1 Special stocks on hand additional quantities appendix MSKU Special Stocks with Customer MSKUH Special Stocks at Customer: History MSKUO1 Special stocks with customers additional quabtity appendix MSLB Special Stocks with Vendor MSLBH Special Stocks at Vendor: History MSLBO1 Special stocks with vendors additional quantity appendix MSM_COMM_LOG_1 Communication lof for MSM for paging MSM_COMM_LOG_2 Commmunication log for MSM for paging status MSOA Total Sales Orders on Hand with Vendor MSPR Project Stock MSPRH Project Stock: History MSQSNAP MS SQL Server Database Performance Snapshot for Version 7 MSSA Total Customer Orders on Hand MSSAH Total Sales Order Stocks: History MSSCNTDEAD Cumulated Deadlock Statistics Data MSSDEADLCK Database Deadlock Information for MSSQL Server MSSL Total Special Stocks with Vendor MSSPROCS MS SQL Server: Stored Procedures MSSQ Project Stock Total MSSQH Total Project Stocks: History MSSSNAP MS SQL Server: Database Performance Snapshot MSSSOURCE MS SQL Server: Stored Procedures Source Code MSSSPVERS MS SQL Server: Database Release and Stored Proc. Revision MSTA Material Master Status M_T001B MTST10 rtyrtyrty M_UNTRA MVEG_TMP File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input MVER Material Consumption MVEU_TMP File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input MVKE Sales Data for Material MVKE_TMP File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input M_VLIMA Generated Structure for MC Id of Same Name M_VLIMB Generated Structure for MC Id of Same Name M_VMCRA Generated Pooltable for Matchcode Id VMCR-A M_VMPAA Generated Pooltable for Matchcode Id VMPA-A M_VMPAB M_VMPVA M_VMPVB M_VMVAB M_VMVAC Generierte Struktur fuer gleichnamige MC-Id M_VMVAD

M_VMVAF M_VMVAH M_VMVAM M_VMVGA M_VMVKA Generated Pooltable for Matchcode Id VMVK-A M_VMVLA Generierte Struktur fuer gleichnamige MC-Id M_VMVLB Generierte Struktur fuer gleichnamige MC-Id M_VMVLC Generierte Struktur fuer gleichnamige MC-Id M_VMVLD Generated Pooltable for Matchcode Id VMVL-D M_VMVLI M_VMVMA Generated Pooltable for Matchcode Id VMVM-A M_VMVMB Generated Pooltable for Matchcode Id VMVM-B M_VMVMC Generated Pooltable for Matchcode Id VMVM-C M_VMVMD M_VMVME M_VMVMF M_VTBAA M_VTIOA M_WABIA Generated pooled table for matchcode ID WABI -A MWCURM Customizing: MM Configuration MWMKPF Header Table for the Interface M_WORDO M_WPANA MWSTOR Reversal Transactions MWXMSEG ZMSEG: Interface for Posting of Value MWXVM07M Fields: Update Control of Module Pool SAPMM07M MWYMBUZ Line Assignment MWZDM07M1 ZDM07M1 MWZDM07M2 ZDM07M2 MWZMBUZ ZMBUZ MWZMSEG ZMSEG:Interface for Posting of Value MWZVM07M Fields: Update Control of Module Pool SAPMM07M MYCOM Bal. Sheet Valuation: Table of Database Commits Carried Out MYHLP Individual values chosen by user MYMFT FIFO Results Table MYML LIFO Material Layer (Annual) MYMLM LIFO Material Layer (Monthly) MYMP "LIFO Period Stocks, Individual Material" MYMP1 Receipt Data LFIO/FIFO Valuation MYMS LIFO-relevant materials MYPL LIFO Pool Layer (Annual) MYPLM LIFO Pool Layer (Monthly) MYPS1 Rules for Pool Splitting Method for LIFO Valuation MYPS2 Rules for Pool Splitting Method for LIFO Valuation MYPS3 Rule Type for Reassignment of Material Layers MYSTA Balance Sheet Valuation: Procedure Statistics Table MYWABIA Pool table for Matchcode ID WABI -A MZDAT Dunning and interest data for batch input M_ZPWD1 Generated pooled table for matchcode ID ZPWD -1 N000 Condition table for free goods determination NACH Detailed output data NAST Message Status NBNK Number range for banks NCVERS Table of Software Components in the Shadow Repository NHAUFK Number history of network reorganization NHPROJ Number history - Project definition NHPRPS Number history for reorganization of WBS elements NKAP Number Range for Contact Partner NKLV Number ranges in WM NKUK Number range for change documents

NOTE_LANGUAGES Languages in which Notes may be Maintained NOTE_VIEW Views for Notes NOTRA Tables Excluded from Translation Process NPTX PS Texts (Network) NPUT IS: SAP R/3 Add-On Release Information NR3DEVC Translation: PC Components - Development Classes NR3HEAD Translation: PC Components Header NR3KPROT Distribution job log NR3LVER Translation: PC Components Language Versions NR3SPROT Distribution job log NR3SYSID Non-R/3 Texts: Systems to Which Translations Are Sent NR3TEXT Translation: PC Components Texts NR3TRADEST Non-R/3 Texts: Systems to Which Translations Are Sent NRIV Number range intervals NRIV_LOKAL Local NRIV for multiprocessor machines NRIV_RESTE Internal numbers not assigned in conn. with NRIV split NULLCOLS Table fields that can contain null values OAPRE "SAP ArchiveLink: Presettings for early, late entry" OAPRI SAP ArchiveLink: Temporary table for print parameters OBEW Valuated Stock with Subcontractor OBEWH Valuated Stock with Subcontractor: History OBGD Assignment of Object Group to Event (Forecast) OBGV Forecast Object Groups OBJH Object: Header OBJK Plant Maintenance Object List OBJLAN Object: Special Rule for Original Language OBJM Object Method OBJS Object: Object List OBJSL Object: Object List - Logical Object OBJSUB Sub-objects OBJSUBREP For transact. 0REP: Program to be started (comp. SREPOVARI) OBJSUBRESN Reserved System Suffixes for Sub-Object Names OBJSUBT Object: Short Description of Sub-Object OBJT Description of Type T Objects (Separate Transaction) OBJ_VAR_NAME Table for OBJ_VAR_NAMES OCSCMPLOBJ OCSPATNTCI OFNUM_TW_1 Determination for Invoicing (Taiwan) OFNUM_TW_2 Official Numbering by Business Places-enabled ranges(TW) OFX_BP_MSGS_FIEB Customizing of OFX Message Sets for Business Processes OFX_LA_MSGS_FIEB Message Sets per Business Process OFX_VERSION_FIEB Attributes for a DTD Version of OFX OIB01 Conversion Group OIB01T Conversion Group Text OIB02 OIB03 Default values for quantity conversion OIB05 Oil unit of measure groups OICQC Quotation Check Table OICQCT Quotation description table OICQP Quotation Price Information Table OICQS Quotation Source OICQST Quotation Source Description OICQT Quotation Type OICQTT Quotation Type Description OIFSBLCD Physical business location blocking codes OIFSMCADDR Link table between OIFSPBL and ADRC for matchcode OIFSPBL OIFSPBLT Physical business location type OIIXCUAEX OJDEF Objects in the SAP System: definitions source

OJDEFL Objects in the SAP System: definitions load OJDEFS Objects in the SAP System: definition source OLELOAD OLE type Information load OMIS_IS_PID Allocation of InfoSource to InfoSourceViewer ProGID ONR00 General Object Number ONRAN Object number index for system ONRAO Object Number Index (Reconciliation Object) ONRBP Object number index: Business process ONRDO Object number index for documents ONRFS Object number index for commitment funds center ONRHP Object number index for process manufacturing hierarchy ONRIA Calculation unit object number index ONRIM Rental unit object number index ONRIV Rental agreement item object number index ONRKL "Object Number Index, Cost Center/Activity Type" ONRKS "Object Number Index, Cost Center" ONRO2 Refer KBED internal object number back to KBED ONROF Object number index for production resource order ONROK Object number index for material component/reservation ONROR "Object Number Index, Order" ONROS Object number index for order sequence ONROV Object number index for order process ONRPD Object number index for project ONRPR Object number index for project structure element ONRQA Object number index for quality message - measures ONRQB Object number index quality message - immediate measures ONRQM Object number index for quality message ONRVB Object number index for sales document item ONSTATOPT "Options for INFORMIX Tool ""onstat""" OPDEV Order Operation - Schedule Deviations OPIT Schedule record for planned order OPN_J1 Japanese DME Foreign Payment Accounting Data (Open FI) OPROL AVO Link to Object List Entry OPSYSTEM Operating Systems of Application and Presentation Servers OPTEXT Operating System Names ORBRELTPA Object Relationship: attributes of binary link types ORBRELTYP Object relationship binary link type ORDCOM Communication control Operation download ORDLY Table of delays for production order ORGCRACT Organizational criteria activation ORGCRATT Organization criteria attribute ORGCRATT_T Organization criteria ORGCRFLD Organization criteria attribute ORGCRIT Organization criteria ORGCRIT_T Organization criteria OROBJROLES Object relationship : valid role types of an object type ORROLETYP Object Relationship Service object role types ORTBRELTPA Attributes of binary link types text ORTBRELTYP Object relationship of binary link types text ORTROLETYP Object relationship: role types text OSMON Operating system monitoring data OSTESTCL01 OSTESTCL02 OTBPARAM Parameters for OTB Control OTBPARAM2 Parameters for OTB Purchase Order Warning P000 Conditions for Packing Object P01CABR Actions from Payroll Accounting P01CAD Administration data for CPS tables P01CBE Active CPS contributions P01CBF Fictitious CPS contributions

P01CBT Transfer records for reimbursement of contributions CPS P01CCV Cumulated CPS rights P01CEE Actual Income CPS P01CEF Fictitious income CPS P01CET Incorrect Actions CPS P01CGP Vested interests CPS P01CIX Entitlement index P01CKA Funded pension rights CPS P01CRP Reimbursement amounts CPS P01CSL Social Benefits CPS P01CSO Special information P01CST Status information CPS P01CUA Vested Pension Rights CPS P01CVD Actuarial CPS Data P01CVH Actuarial CPS header records P01CVR Actuarial CPS Header Records P01CVU Capital Transfers for CPS P01Y15 PAISY: Administration Table Subrecord Type 15 P08P1CLD CLASS Interface Clear-down Parameter File P08P1CLS CLASS CPX INTERFACE Snapshot Table P08P1CNT CLASS CPX INTERFACE Snapshot Control Table P08P_USSC USS Interface Control Table (Contributions & Salary Changes) P0ASB Assignment Subsystem -> PDC Group P0SUB Subsystems to Non-SAP Systems P0SUT Texts for Subsystem P444V Planning Versions: Info Structures P445E Planning Object Index for Rough-Cut Planning Profiles P445G Parameters for PLOB Version_Key Figure P445H Verification: Hier.Ctg./Hier.Form/Plan.Object/GSTRU (SOP) P445S Possible Version Statuses P445T Version Status Text P445V Sales and Operations Planning: Versions P445X LIS Planning Versions Table P44V Planning Versions P593R Application Status for SI Reimbursement for Rehabilitants PA0000 HR Master Record: Infotype 0000 (Actions) PA0001 HR Master Record: Infotype 0001 (Org. Assignment) PA0002 HR Master Record: Infotype 0002 (Personal Data) PA0003 HR Master Record: Infotype 0003 (Payroll Status) PA0004 HR Master Record: Infotype 0004 (Challenge) PA0005 HR Master Record: Infotype 0005 (Leave Entitlement) PA0006 HR Master Record: Infotype 0006 (Addresses) PA0007 HR Master Record: Infotype 0007 (Planned Working Time) PA0008 HR Master Record: Infotype 0008 (Basic Pay) PA0009 HR Master Record: Infotype 0009 (Bank Details) PA0010 HR Master Record: Infotype 0010 (Capital Formation) PA0011 HR Master Record: Infotype 0011 (Ext.Bank Transfers) PA0012 HR Master Record: Infotype 0012 (Fiscal Data - Germany) PA0013 Infotype Social Insurance - Germany PA0014 HR Master Record: Infotype 0014 (Recur. Payments/Deds.) PA0015 HR Master Record: Infotype 0015 (Additional Payments) PA0016 HR Master Record: Infotype 0016 (Contract Elements) PA0017 HR master record: Infotype 0017 (Travel Privileges) PA0019 HR Master Record: Infotype 0019 (Monitoring of Dates) PA0020 HR Master Record: Infotype 0020 (DUEVO) PA0021 HR Master Record: Infotype 0021 (Family) PA0022 HR Master Record: Infotype 0022 (Education) PA0023 HR Master Record: Infotype 0023 (Other/Previous Employers) PA0024 HR Master Record: Infotype 0024 (Qualifications) PA0025 HR Master Record: Infotype 0025 (Appraisals)

PA0026 PA0027 PA0028 PA0029 PA0030 PA0031 PA0032 PA0033 PA0034 PA0035 PA0036 PA0037 PA0038 PA0039 PA0040 PA0041 PA0042 PA0043 PA0044 PA0045 PA0046 PA0048 PA0049 PA0050 PA0051 PA0052 PA0053 PA0054 PA0055 PA0056 PA0057 PA0058 PA0059 PA0060 PA0061 PA0062 PA0063 PA0064 PA0065 PA0066 PA0067 PA0068 PA0069 PA0070 PA0071 PA0072 PA0073 PA0074 PA0075 PA0076 PA0077 PA0078 PA0079 PA0080 PA0081 PA0082 PA0083 PA0084 PA0085 PA0086

HR Master Record: Infotype 0026 (Company Insurance) HR Master Record: Infotype 0027 (Cost Distribution) HR Master Record: Infotype 0028 (Int. Medical Service) HR Master Record: Infotype 0029 (Workers' Compensation) HR Master Record: Infotype 0030 (Powers of Attorney) HR Master Record: Infotype 0031 (Reference Pers.Nos.) HR Master Record: Infotype 0032 (Internal Data) International Infotype 0033: Statistics Exceptions HR Master Record: Infotype 0034 (Corporate Functions) HR Master Record: Infotype 0035 (Comp.Instr.) HR Master Record: Infotype 0036 (Social Insurance CH) HR Master Record: Infotype 0037 (Insurance) HR Master Record: Infotype 0038 (Fiscal Data CH) HR Master Record: Infotype 0039 (Add. Org. Assignment CH) HR Master Record: Infotype 0040 (Objects on Loan) HR Master Record: Infotype 0041 (Date Specifications) HR Master Record: Infotype 0042 (Fiscal Data - Austria) HR Master Record: Infotype 0043 (Family Allowance - A) HR Master Record: Infotype 0044 (Social Insurance - A) HR Master Record: Infotype 0045 (Company Loans) HR Master Record: Infotype 0046 (Company Pension Fund CH) HR Master Record: Infotype 0048 (Residence Status - CH) HR Master Record: Infotype 0049 (Red.Hrs./Bad Weather) HR Master Record: Infotype 0050 (Time Recording) HR Master Record: Infotype 0051 (ASB/SPI Data) HR Master Record: Infotype 0052 (Wage Maintenance) HR Master Record: Infotype 0053 (Company Pension) HR Master Record: Infotype 0054 (Works Council Pay) HR Master Record: Infotype 0055 (Previous Employer - A) HR Master Record: Infotype 0056 (Sick Certificates-A) HR Master Record: Infotype 0057 (Membership Fees) HR Master Record: Infotype 0058 (Commuter Rate - Austria) HR Master Record: Infotype 0059 (Social Insurances - NL) HR Master Record: Infotype 0060 (Fiscal Data - NL) HR Master Record: Infotype 0061 (Social Insurance - ES) HR master record: Infotype 0062 Fiscal data (ES) HR Master Record: Infotype 0063 (Social Fund - NL) HR Master Record: Infotype 0064 (Social Insurance - F) HR Master Record: Infotype 0065 (Tax - GB) HR Master data infotype 0066 - Canadian garnishment: order HR master data infotype 0067 - Canadian garnishment: debt HR master data infotype 0068 - Canadian garnishment: adjust HR Master Record: Infotype 0069 (Nat. Insurance - GB) HR Master Record: Infotype 0070 (Court Orders - GB) HR Master Record: Infotype 0071 (Pension Funds - GB) HR Master Record: Infotype 0072 (Fiscal Data - DK) HR Master Record: Infotype 0073 (Private Pensions - DK) HR Master Record: Infotype 0074 (Leave Processing - DK) HR Master Record: Infotype 0075 (ATP Pension - DK) HR Master Record: Infotype 0076 (Workers Compensation NA) HR Master Record: Infotype 0077 (Additional Personal Data) HR Master Record: Infotype 0078 (Loan Payments) Infotype SI Additional Insurance - D HR Master Record: Infotype 0080 (Maternity Protection) HR Master Record: Infotype 0081 (Military Service) HR Master Record: Infotype 0082 (Additional Absence Data) HR Master Record: Infotype 0083 (Leave Compensation) HR Master Record: Infotype 0084 (Sickness Pay Control - GB) HR Master Record: Infotype 0085 (Work Incapacity Periods GB) HR Master Record: Infotype 0086 (SSP/SMP Exclusions GB)

PA0087 PA0088 PA0090 PA0092 PA0093 PA0094 PA0095 PA0096 PA0098 PA0100 PA0101 PA0102 PA0103 PA0104 PA0105 PA0106 PA0107 PA0108 PA0109 PA0110 PA0111 PA0112 PA0113 PA0114 PA0115 PA0116 PA0117 PA0118 PA0119 PA0120 PA0121 PA0122 PA0125 PA0126 PA0127 PA0128 PA0129 PA0130 PA0131 PA0132 PA0133 PA0134 PA0135 PA0136 PA0137 PA0138 PA0139 PA0140 PA0141 PA0142 PA0143 PA0144 PA0145 PA0146 PA0147 PA0148 PA0149 PA0150 PA0151 PA0154

HR Master Record: Infotype 0087 (WFTC/DPTC GB) HR Master Record: Infotype 0088 (SMP Record - GB) HR Master Record: Infotype 0090 (Additional Income) HR master record: Infotype 0092 Seniority (ES) HR Master Record: Infotype 0093 (Previous Employers - D) HR Master Record: Infotype 0094 (Residence Status - NA) HR Master Record: Infotype 0095 (Tax Canada) HR Master Record: Infotype 0096 (Tax - USA) HR Master Record: Infotype 0098 (Profit Sharing - F) HR Master Record: Infotype 0100 (SI B) HR Master Record: Infotype 0101 (Tax B) HR Master Record: Infotype 0102 (Grievances NA) HR Master Record: Infotype 0103 (Bond Purchases NA) HR Master Record: Infotype 0104 (Bond Denominations NA) HR Master Record: Infotype 0105 (Communications) HR Master Record: Infotype 0106 (Related Persons NA) HR Master Record: Infotype 0107 (Work Schedule B) HR Master Record: Infotype 0108 (Personal Data B) HR Master Record: Infotype 0109 (Contract Elements B) HR Master Record: Infotype 0110 (Pensions NL) HR Master Record: Infotype 0111 (Garnishment/Cession - D) HR Master Record: Infotype 0112 (Garnishment Claim - D) HR Master Record: Infotype 0113 (Garnish. Interest - D) HR Master Record: Infotype 0114 (Garnishment Amount D) HR Master Record: Infotype 0115 (Garnishment Wages D ) HR Master Record: Infotype 0116 (Garn. Transfer D) HR Master Record: Infotype 0117 (Garn. Compensation D) HR Master Record: Infotype 0118 (Child Allowance D) HR Master Record: Infotype 0119 (Annual Income CA D) HR Master Record: Infotype 0120 (Pension Fund Trans. CH) HR Master Record: Infotype 0121 (RefPerNo Priority) HR Master Record: Infotype 0122 (Child Allowance Bonus D) HR Master Record: Infotype 0125 (Garnishment B) Infotype: Supplementary Pension Germany HR Master Record: Infotype 0127 (Commuter Traffic NL) HR Master Record: Infotype 0128 (Notifications) HR Master Record: Infotype 0129 (Text Number Assign.) HR Master Record: Infotpye 0130 (Checking Procedures) HR Master Record: Infotype 0131 (Garnishment/Cession A) HR Master Record: Infotype 0132 (Garnishment Claim A) HR Master Record: Infotype 0133 (Garn. Interest A) HR Master Record: Infotype 0134 (Garnishment Amount A) HR Master Record: Infotype 0135 (Spec. Garn. Cond. A) HR Master Record: Infotype 0136 (Garn. Transfer A) HR Master Record: Infotype 0137 (Garn. Compensation A) HR Master Record: Infotype 0138 (Family/Ref.Pers B) HR Master Record: Infotype 0139 (Employees Appl.No) HR Master Record: Infotype 0140 (SI Basic Data JP) HR Master Record: Infotype 0141 (SI Premium Data JP) HR Master Record: Infotype 0142 (Residence Tax JP) HR Master Record: Infotype 0143 (Life Insurance JP) HR Master Record: Infotype 0144 (Property Accum. JP) HR Master Record: Infotype 0145 (Personnel Tax Status JP) HR Master Record: Infotype 0146 (Y.E.A. Data JP) HR Master Record: Infotype 0147 HR Master Record: Infotype 0148 (Family JP) HR Master Record Infotype 0149 (Tax Data South Africa) HR Master Record Infotype 0150 (Social Insurance SA) HR Master Record Infotype 0151 (Ext.Insurance South Africa) "HR master record, infotype 0154 (social security data)"

PA0155 PA0156 PA0157 PA0158 PA0159 PA0160 PA0161 PA0162 PA0165 PA0167 PA0168 PA0169 PA0170 PA0171 PA0172 PA0173 PA0177 PA0179 PA0180 PA0181 PA0182 PA0183 PA0184 PA0185 PA0186 PA0187 PA0188 PA0189 PA0190 PA0191 PA0192 PA0194 PA0195 PA0196 PA0197 PA0198 PA0199 PA0200 PA0201 PA0202 PA0203 PA0204 PA0205 PA0206 PA0207 PA0208 PA0209 PA0210 PA0211 PA0212 PA0213 PA0214 PA0215 PA0216 PA0217 PA0218 PA0219 PA0220 PA0221 PA0222

"HR master record, infotype 0155 (" "HR master data, infotype 0156 (Tax deduction)" "HR master record, infotype 0157 (User" "HR mater record, infotype 0158 (Amounts paid by 3rd party)" "HR master record, infotype 0159 (Seniority)" "HR master record, infotype 0160 (Family allowance)" HR Master Record: Infotype 0161 (Limits IRS) HR Master Record: Infotype 0162 (Ins. Y.E.T.A Data JP) HR Master Record: Infotype 0165 (Limits Deductions) HR Master Record: Infotype 0167 (Health Plans) HR Master Record: Infotype 0168 (Insurance Plans) HR Master Record: Infotype 0169 (Savings Plan) HR Master Record: Infotype 0170 (Flexible Spending Accounts) HR Master Record: Infotype 0171 (Gen. Benefits Information) HR Master Record: Infotype 0172 (FSA Claims) Tax card information HR Master Record: Infotype 0177 (Reg. Country of Birth NL) HR Master Record: Infotype 0179 (Tax SG) Alternative Address Data (Thailand) HR Master Record: Infotype 0181 [Add. Funds] (SG) HR Master Record: Infotype 0182 [Alternative Names] (SG) HR Master Record: Infotype 0183 [Awards] (SG) HR Master Record: Infotype 0184 [Resume text] (SG) HR Master Record: Infotype 0185 [Identification] (SG) HR Master Record: Infotype 0186 [Social Insurance] (SG) Additional family data Tax (Australia) HR Master Record: Infotype 0189 (Construction Pay: Funds) HR Master Data Record Infotype 0190 (BuildingTradePrevERDat) HR Master Record Infotype 0191 (BuildingTradeReimbursExpens) Personnel Master Record Infotype 0192 (BuildingTrade Attrib) HR Master Record Infotype 0194 (Garnishment Document) HR Master Record Infotype 0195 (Garnishment Order) HR Master Record:Infotype 0196 (Employee Provident Fund MY) HR Master Record:Infotype 0197 (SOCSO Contributions MY) Sheduled Tax Deductuion Malaysia Tax deduction CP38 / Additional amt / Bonus - Malaysia "HR Master Record, Infotype 0200 (Garnishments DK)" Personnel master record infotype 0201 (basic pension amnts) HR master data infotype 0202 (Entitlements) HR master record infotype 0203 (Pension/Reserve Status) "HR Master Record, Infotype 0204 (DA/DS Statistics DK)" HR Master Record: Infotype 0205 "HR Master Record: Infotype 0206, SI Finland" HR Master Record: Infotype 0207 (Residence Tax Area) HR Master Record: Infotype 0208 (Work Tax Area - USA) HR Master Record: Infotype 0209 (Unemployment Insurance USA) HR Master Record: Infotype 0210 (W4 USA) HR Master Record: Infotype 0211 (COBRA Beneficiaries) HR Master Record: Infotpye 0212 (COBRA Health Plan) Additional family information - Malaysia HR Master Record Infotype 0214 Building Trade Transaction Data Garnishment Adjustment HR Master Record Infotype 0217 (INSEE code) HR Master Record: Infotype 0218 (Pensioner Fund No. - F) HR Master Record: Infotype 0219 (External Organizations) Superannuation (Australia) HR Master Record: Infotype 0221 (Manual Checks) HR Master Record for Infotype 0222 (Company Cars GB)

PA0224 PA0225 PA0227 PA0228 PA0230 PA0231 PA0232 PA0233 PA0234 PA0235 PA0236 PA0237 PA0241 PA0242 PA0261 PA0263 PA0264 PA0265 PA0266 PA0267 PA0268 PA0269 PA0270 PA0271 PA0272 PA0273 PA0274 PA0275 PA0276 PA0277 PA0278 PA0279 PA0280 PA0281 PA0283 PA0288 PA0302 PA0303 PA0304 PA0305 PA0306 PA0309 PA0310 PA0311 PA0312 PA0313 PA0314 PA0315 PA0317 PA0318 PA0319 PA0320 PA0321 PA0322 PA0323 PA0326 PA0329 PA0330 PA0331 PA0332

Tax information - infotype 0224 - Canada HR Master Record for Infotype 0225 (Company Cars GB 2) Tax file number (Australia) HR Master Record: Infotype 0228 HR Master Record: Infotype 0230 / View 0008 (PSG) HR Master Record: Infotype 0231 / View 0001 (PSG) Personal-master record infotype 0232 (Child Allowance) (D) HR Master Record Infotype 0233 ('Bilan Social' FR) HR Master Record Infotype 0234 (Add. Withh. Inform. - USA) HR Master Record: Infotype 0235 (Other Taxes - USA) HR Master Record: Infotype 0236 (Credit Plans) HR Master Record: Infotype 0237 / View for 0052 (PSG) Indonesian Tax Data "JAMSOSTEK Details, Indonesia" Leave Accrual Australia HR Master Record for Infotype 0263 HR Master Record: Infotype 0264/view for Infotype 0021 HR Master Record: Infotype 0265 / Special Regulations (PSG) HR Master Record: Infotype 0266 / View 0027 (PSG) HR Master Record: Infotype 0267 (One time Payment off-cycle) HR Master Record Infortype view 0045 and 0268 (Loan JPN) HR Master Record: Infotype 0269 (ADP Information USA) HR Master Data Record: Infotype 0270 (COBRA Payments) HR master data infotype 0271 (Public Sector statistics) HR Master Record Infotype 0272 (Garnishment FR) HR Master Record: Infotype 0273 (Tax - SE) HR Master Record: Infotype 0274 (Insurance - SE) HR Master Record: Infotype 0275 (Garnishment - SE) HR Master Record: Infotype 0276 (OPIS - SE) HR Master Record: Infotype 0277 (Exceptions - SE) HR Master Record: Infotype 0278 (Basic Data PF [CH]) HR Master Record: Infotype 0279 (Individual Values PF [CH]) HR Master Record Infotype 0280/View for 0016 HR Master Record Infotype 0281/View for 0045 HR Master Record for Infotype 0283 (Archiving) HR CH: HR Master Record Infotype 0021 (Suppl. Switzerland) HR Master Record: Infotype 0302 (Additional Actions) HR Master Record: Infotype 303 (reductn tax/soc.ins.contrNL) Basic pay - additional information "HR master record, infotype 0305 (previous employer)" "HR master record, infotype 0306 (Family data)" IRD Number Infotype NZ Superannuation NZ Leave Adjustments - NZ Leave History Adjustments NZ Employee Taxation Detail Infotype NZ I0314: Days for Vacation Bonus and Sal. Deducs (DK/N) CATS: Sender Information HR Master Record: Infotype 0317 (special arrangements) HR Master Record: Infotype Family data for Indonesia (0318) Indonesia Private Insurances Official housing Employee accommodations HR Master Data Record Infotype 0322 (Pensions and Rel. Ben.) HR Master Record Infotype 0323 (Pension Plan) HR Master Record IT 0326 (Imputation to Pension Payments) HR master record infotype 0329 ( Sideline Job) Infotype 0330 (Non-monetary remuneration) HR Master Record: Infotype 0331 (Tax - PT) HR Master Record: Infotype 0332 (Social Security - PT)

PA0333 PA0334 PA0335 PA0336 PA0337 PA0338 PA0341 PA0342 PA0343 PA0344 PA0345 PA0346 PA0347 PA0348 PA0349 PA0351 PA0352 PA0353 PA0354 PA0355 PA0356 PA0357 PA0358 PA0359 PA0360 PA0361 PA0362 PA0363 PA0364 PA0365 PA0366 PA0367 PA0368 PA0369 PA0370 PA0371 PA0372 PA0373 PA0374 PA0375 PA0376 PA0377 PA0378 PA0379 PA0380 PA0381 PA0382 PA0383 PA0384 PA0386 PA0387 PA0388 PA0389 PA0390 PA0391 PA0392 PA0393 PA0394 PA0395 PA0396

HR Master Record: Infotype 0333 (Disability - P) HR Master Record: Infotype 0334 HR Master Data: Infotype 0335 (view of infotype 21 - PT) HR Master Data: Infotype 0336 (view of infotype 2 - PT) HR Master Record: Infotype 0337 (Prof. Classifications - PT) HR Master record: Infotype 0338 (Absence pay. clearing - PT) HR - master record infotype 341 (DUEVO start) HR Master Record: Infotype 0342 (HK Extension to I0002) HR Master Record: Infotype 0343 (Contract HK) HR Master Record: Infotype 0344 (Familiy members HK) HR Master Record: Infotype 0345 (Hong Kong Tax) HR Master Record: Infotype 0346 (Contribution plan) HR Master Record: Infotype 0347 (Entitlement plan) HR Master Record: Infotype 0348 (HK Appraisal and bonus) HR Master Record: Infotype 0349 (Eligibility grouping) HR Master Record: Infotype 0351 (Country Information) NHI for Family member (TW) Income Tax Taiwan Labor Insurance Taiwan National Health Insurance Taiwan Employment Stabilization Fund (TW) Saving Plan (TW) Employee Welfare Fund (TW) HR Master Record : Infotype 0359 (PRSI Ireland) HR Master Record : Infotype 0360 (PRSI Ireland) HR Master Record : Infotype 0361 (Pensions Admin. - IE) HR Master Record: Infotype Membership for Indonesia (0362) Previous employment period Infotype Tax TH Social Security TH Provident Fund THAILAND HR Master Record: Infotype 0367 (SI Notification Suppl. A) Rehabilitants Master data: Infotype 0369 (IMSS data) Master data: Infotype 0370 (INFONAVIT credit data) Master Data: Infotype 0371 (Tax on previous employment) Master data: Infotype 0372 (Integrated daily wage) HR loan repayment plan JP (for P0268) Infortype 0374: General Eligibility HR Master Data Record: Infotype 0375 (Add. Benefits Inform.) HR Master Data Record: Infotype 0376 (Medical Benefits Info) HR Master Record: Infotype 0377 (Miscellaneous Plans) HR Master Data Record: Infotype 0378 (Benefit Adj. Reason) HR Master Record: Infotype 0379 (Stock Purchase Plans) HR Master Data Record Infotype 0380 (Comp. Adjustment) HR Master Record Infotype 0381 (Comp. Plan Eligibility) HR Master Data Record Infotype 0382 (Stock) HR Master Data Record Infotype 0383 (Compensation Package) HR Master Data Record Infotype 0384 HR Master Record: Infotype 0386 (VHI Scheme) HR Master Record : Infotype 0387 (Starter's Details) HR Master Record: Infotype 0388 (Union JP) Income Tax: General indicators Income Tax: Deductions Income Tax: Information on other employers Social Security: General data Family data: Calendar year schooling assistance Family data: Additional information HR Master Record: Infotype 0395 (External Org.Assignment) HR Master Record: Infotype 0396 (Expatriate Attributes)

PA0397 PA0398 PA0399 PA0400 PA0401 PA0402 PA0403 PA0404 PA0405 PA0406 PA0407 PA0408 PA0409 PA0410 PA0411 PA0412 PA0415 PA0416 PA0419 PA0421 PA0422 PA0423 PA0424 PA0425 PA0426 PA0427 PA0428 PA0433 PA0434 PA0435 PA0436 PA0437 PA0438 PA0439 PA0440 PA0442 PA0446 PA0447 PA0448 PA0449 PA0450 PA0451 PA0452 PA0453 PA0454 PA0455 PA0456 PA0457 PA0458 PA0459 PA0460 PA0467 PA0468 PA0469 PA0470 PA0471 PA0472 PA0473 PA0474 PA0475

Infotype 0021 Family Infotype 0016 - Corporation and contract agreements HRMS-VE: Table for Income Tax Infotype (IT0399) HRMS-VE: Table for SSO Infotype (IT0400) HRMS-VE: Table for Benefits Infotype (IT401) HR Master Data Infotype 0402 HR Master Record for Infotype 0403 HR Master Record: Infotype 0404 (Military Service Taiwan) HR Master Record: Infotype 0405 (Absence Event) HR-PSG: Infotype 0406 (Pension information) "HR master record, infotype 0407 (Abs.addit.inf.)" HR Master Record: Infotype 0408 (CBS NL) HR Master Record: Infotype 0409 (External Agencies NL) Infotype 0410 - Transportation ticket Taxation Philippines - infotype HR Master Record: Infotype 0412 [View to I0021] (SG) HR Master Record: Infotype 0415 Time Quota Compensation Infotype: Database Table HR Master record: Manual tax reporting information - Norway "HR master record, infotype 0421 (spec.remuner.)" SSS Philippines infotype HR Master Record: Infotype 0423 Industrial Accident / Maternity / Sickness Statement (FR) Data Entry of Per Diem Sick Pay Summary Garnishment Debts by garnishment Beneficiary data (Additional information) HR Master Record Infotype 0433/View for 0009 HR Master Record Infotype 0434/View for 0011 (GB Version) HR Master Record for Infotype 0435 HR Master Record for Infotype 0436 Multiple employment (BR) HR Master Record: Infotype 0438 HR Master Record for Infotype 0439 (Data Transfer) HR Master Record: Infotype 0440 (Receipts) HR Master Record: Infotype 0442 US Federal Tax MTD US Federal Tax QTD HR Master Record: Infotype 0449 HR Master Record: Infotype 0450 HR Master Record: Infotype 0451 HR Master Record: Infotype 0452 HR Master Record: Infotype 0453 HR Master Record: Infotype 0454 HR Master Record: Infotype 0455 HR Master Record: Infotype 0456 HR Master Record: Infotype 0457 HR Master Record for Infotype 0458 HR Master Record for Infotype 0459 HR Master Record for Infotype 0460 Personnel master data Infotype 0467 (SI addit.notif. pl.c.A) HR master record for infotype 0468 HR master record for infotype 0469 HR master record infotype 0470 (travel profiles) HR master record infotype 0471 (flight preferences) HR master record infotype 0472 (hotel preferences) HR master record infotype 0473 (rental car preferences) HR master record infotype 0474 (train preferences) HR master record infotype 0475 (customer programs)

PA0476 PA0477 PA0478 PA0480 PA0482 PA0483 PA0486 PA0487 PA0488 PA0489 PA0490 PA0491 PA0493 PA0494 PA0495 PA0496 PA0497 PA0498 PA0499 PA0500 PA0501 PA0502 PA0503 PA0504 PA0505 PA0506 PA0510 PA0511 PA0512 PA0521 PA0525 PA0526 PA0527 PA0546 PA0547 PA0548 PA0551 PA0552 PA0553 PA0554 PA0559 PA0560 PA0561 PA0565 PA0566 PA0569 PA0570 PA0571 PA0572 PA0578 PA0579 PA0592 PA0593 PA0595 PA0596 PA0602 PA0611 PA0612 PA0625 PA0626

Personnel Master Record for Infotype 0476 (Garnishments) Personnel Master Record Infotype 0477: Debt (Garnishments) Personnel Master Record Infotype 0478: Adjustment (Garnish) HR master record for infotype 0480 HRMS-VE: Additional Data from Family/N. of Kin Inftp(IT0021) Infotype 0483 - Data entry by CAAF - Italy only HR-SG-PS: Master Data (National Service) HR-SG-PS: Security / medical Clearance HR-SG-PS: Leave scheme HR-SG-PS: Voluntary Service / ECA HR-PS-SG: Employee Suggestion Scheme HR Master Record: Infotype 491 HR-SG-PS: Extension of infotype 0022 HR-PS-SG: Employee Suggestion Scheme - Evaluation Results HR-PS-SG: Pensions Scheme

Letter of appointment Pensioner's Definition Pensioner's Advantage B HR Master Record: Infotype 0505 Tip Indicators HR Master Record: Infotype 0510 (Tax-sheltered annuity) Infotype Cost-of-Living Allowance/Office (0511) Personnel Master Record Infotype 0512 HR Master Record: Infotype 0521 (Semiretirement D) Child Care HR Master Data Record Infotype 0526 HR Master Data Record Infotype 0527 HR-SG: Master Record: Infotype 0546 [Termination Data) BIK Infotype for Malaysia Infotype 0548 - security funds - Italy only Termination of contract: General data HR Master Data Record for Infotype 0552 HR Master Data Record for Infotype 0553 HR Master Record: Infotype 0554 HR Master Record: Infotype 0559 (Commuting allowance Info.) HR Master Record: Infotype 0560 Data for tax HR Master Record: Infotype 0565 (Retirement Plan Val. Res.) HR Master Record: Infotype 0566 HR Master Record: Infotype 0569 HR Master Record: Infotype 0570 HR Master Record: Infotype 0571 HR Master Record: Infotype 0572 HR Master Record: Infotype 0578 HR Master Record Infotype 0579 (Ext. Salary Elements) HR Master Data Record Infotype 0592 (Foreign Public Sector) Rehabilitants HR Master Data Record for Infotype 0595 PhilHealth Philippines Infotype HR Master Record: Infotype 0602 (Retirement Plan Cumulation) HR Master Record: Infotype 0611 HR Master Record: Infotype 0612 Infotype 0002 - Race/complexion

PA0628 HR Master Record for Infotype 0628 PA0629 HR Master Record for Infotype 0629 PA0630 HR Master Record for Infotype 0630 PA0631 HR Master Record for Infotype 0631 PA0632 PA0634 Philippines Previous Employer Information Info-type PA0645 Contract termination: General data PA0654 Personnel master record infotype 0654 (Termination) PA0900 HR Master Record: Infotype 0900 (Sales Data) PA0901 HR Master Record: Infotype 0901 (Purchasing Data) PA2001 HR Time Record: Infotype 2001 (Absences) PA2002 HR Time Record: Infotype 2002 (Attendances) PA2003 HR Time Record: Infotype 2003 (Substitutions) PA2004 HR Time Record: Infotype 2004 (Availability) PA2005 HR Time Record: Infotype 2005 (Overtime) PA2006 HR Time Record: Infotype 2006 (Absence Quotas) PA2007 HR Time Record: Infotype 2007 (Attendance Quotas) PA2010 HR Time Record: Infotype 2010 (Employee Remuneration Info.) PA2012 HR Time Record: Infotype 2012 (Time Transfer Specifications) PA2013 HR Time Record: Infotype 2013 (Quota Corrections) PA2500 HR Master Record for Infotype 2500 PA2501 HR Master Record for Infotype 2501 PA2502 HR Master Record for Infotype 2502 PA9898 HR Master Record: Infotype 9898 PABHD JIT call header record PABIT JIT call items PACKKP Packing Object Header PACKKPS Texts for Packing Object Header (PACKPO) PACKPO Packing Object Item PAD03 Registered Patches PAD71 Patch Contents PAD71K Keys of Table Entries Contained in a Patch PAD_CVERS Permitted Software Components for SPADE PAHI "History of system, DB and SAP parameter" PANNNN HR Master Record: Infotype NNNN PAPL Applicant master data PARAMVALUE Runtime Variables for Platform-Independent File Names PARCT Receipt Log Table (Japan) PAT00 Patch Steps PAT01 Patch Status PAT02 Conflicts Between Patches and Add-Ons PAT03 Patch Directory PAT03_SDA PAT03 for standalone Disassembler PAT04 Patch Add-On ID (PAOID) PAT05 SAP Patch Manager Settings PAT06 Component-Specific Patches PAT07 Patch Prerequisites PAT07_SDA Support Package Prerequisites PAT08 Extended Patch Attributes PAT08_SDA Extended Support Package Attributes PAT09 Patch History PAT10 OCS Semaphore PAT11 Linking master and subpatches (compound patches) PAT11_SDA PAT11 for Stand-Alone Support Package Disassembler PATH Definition of Physical File Paths for Each Syntax PATHTEXT Logical File Path Names PATLOG Logging Table for Transaction SPAM/SAINT PATN Partner number/organizational unit PATSTOP PAYR Payment Medium File

PAYRQ Payment Requests PAYRQT Reference Texts for Payment Request PB0001 HR Master Record: Infotype 0001 (Org. Assignment) PB0002 HR Master Record: Infotype 0002 (Personal Data) PB0006 HR Master Record: Infotype 0006 (Addresses) PB0007 HR Master Record: Infotype 0007 (Planned Working Time) PB0008 Applicant Master Record Infotype (Basic Pay) PB0009 HR Master Record: Infotype 0009 (Bank Details) PB0014 Applicant Master Record IT 0014 Recurring Pymnts/Deductions PB0015 Applicant Master Record Infotype 0015 (Additional Payments) PB0016 Applicant Master Record Infotype 0016 (Contract Elements) PB0022 HR Master Record: Infotype 0022 (Education) PB0023 HR Master Record: Infotype 0023 (Other/Previous Employers) PB0024 HR Master Record: Infotype 0024 (Qualifications) PB0028 HR Master Record: Infotype 0028 (Int. Medical Service) PB0041 HR Master Record: Infotype 0041 PB0077 HR Master Record: Infotype 0077 PB0105 HR Master Record: Infotype 0105 (Communications) PB0107 HR Master Record: Infotype 0107 (Planned Working Time B) PB0108 HR Master Record: Infotype 0108 (Personal Data B) PB0109 HR Master Record: Infotype 0109 (Contract Elements B) PB0185 HR Master Record: Infotype 0185 (Personal ID) PB0280 HR Master Record Infotype 0280/View for 0016 PB0336 HR Master Data: Infotype 0336 (view of infotype 2 - PT) PB0342 HR Master Record: Infotype 0342 (HK Extension to I0002) PB0343 HR Master Record: Infotype 0343 (Contract HK) PB0395 HR Master Record: Infotype 0395 (External Org.Assignment) PB0396 HR Master Record: Infotype 0396 (Expatriate Attributes) PB0398 Infotype 0016 - Corporation and contract agreements PB0433 HR Master Record Infotype 0433/View for 0009 PB0480 HR master record IT 0480 (Enhancement: Contracts Procg) PB0488 HR-SG-PS: Leave scheme PB0493 HR-SG-PS: Extension of infotype 0022 PB0502 Letter of appointment PB0625 Infotype 0002 - Race/complexion PB4000 Infotype 4000: Applicant Events PB4001 Infotype 4001: Applications PB4002 Infotype 4002: Vacancy Assignment PB4003 Infotype 4003: Applicant Activities PB4004 Applicant Data Infotype 4004 (Status of Recurring Tasks) PB4005 Infotype 4005 (Applicant's Personnel Number) PBED Independent requirements data PBELEMTYPS Package Builder: Element Typs for Visible Elements PBELEMTYPT Package Builder: Text Visible Elements in Tree PBHI Independent requirements history PBIC Ind. reqmts index for customer requirements (without RV) PBID Planned independent requirements index: MRP area PBIM Independent requirements for material PBIV Ind. reqmts index for consump. of exter. non-variable parts PBNNNN Applicant data infotype NNNN (model) PBVPV Material index for consumption of planning PCALAC Activities per Payroll Result PCA_SCMO Index from Schedule Manager Run to Corresponding Extracts PCDHDR Change document header PCDPOS Change document items PCEC Prenumbered Checks PCERE Activities per Payroll Result PCERH History of Payroll Posting Runs PCERT Payroll Posting Runs PCERV Attributes for Posting Runs

PCL1 HR Cluster 1 PCL2 HR Cluster 2 PCL3 HR Cluster 3 PCL4 HR Cluster 4 PCL5 HR/RP Cluster 5; HR Planning Usage PCMH Production campaign header PCMO1 Pegged production campaign: material PCMO2 Pegged production campaign: requirements PCMO3 Pegged production campaign: recipe PCMO4 Production campaign pegged reqmt resource network PCMP Production campaign item PD3DBAN HR-DDU: Address Data Module PD3DBEU HR-DDU: European Insurance Number Data Module PD3DBGB HR-DDU: Birth Data Data Module PD3DBKS HR-DDU: Miner's/Sailor's SI Data Module PD3DBME HR-DDU: Notification Contents Data Module PD3DBNA HR-DDU: Name Data Module PD3DBSO HR-DDU: Immediate Notification Data Module PD3DBSV HR-DDU: Social Insurance Card Data Module PD3DSAP HR-DDU: Control Record for Messages PD3DSME HR-DDU: Data Record Message PD3FLAG HR-DDU: Messages Indicator PDBKAD Construction Industry Social Fund:Data Record Administration PDBKAN Construction Industry Social Fund: Data Records ANMEL PDBKAU Construction Industry Social Fund: AUMEL Data Records PDBKLO Construction Industry Social Fund: Data Records LOMEL PDBKNE Construction Industry Social Fund: Data Records NEMEL PDBKNW Construction Industry Social Fund: Employee Statement PDBKRA Construction Industry Social Fund: Data Records RAMEL PDBKUR Construction Industry Social Fund: Data Records URMEL PDERR Error Table for Subsystem Confirmation PDSNR Sequential Number for PDC Messages PEGOB Peg (master data of the CO object) PEGQTY Assigned quantity of pegging objects PEPAPPL Schedule Manager: Applications PEPAPPLT Schedule Manager: Application Name PERMISSION Use Access for Package Concept PERS_CLCP Definition of personalization objects PERS_DEF Definitn of personalization objects PERS_FUNC Definition of Personalization Objects PERS_OFF Disabled personalization objects PERS_TXT Text for personalization objects PEVAT Attributes for Posting Runs PEVSH History of Payroll Posting Runs PEVST Payroll Posting Runs PFACT Period-End Partner: Log (Action-Log Information) PFALV Period-End Partner: Log (ALV Information) PFBTC Period-End Partner: Log (Batch Information) PFFCT Period-End Partner: Functions PFFCTT Period-End Partner: Functions (Text) PFFLD Period-End Partner: Organizational Log Information PFLOG Period-End Partner: Log PFMSG Period-End Partner: Log (Message Handler Information) PFPAR Period-End Partner: Processing Parameters PFSEL Period-End Partner: Selection Criteria PFSWP Period-End Partner: Log (Workflow Log Information) PGAN Proportional Factors per Planning Object Relation (SOP/LIS) PGMI Product Group/Member Allocation PGPL Sales & Operations Planning (SOP) PGPLE SOP Characteristic Values

PGWIL Work item list for static pegging PGZU Product Group/Member Quantity Conversions PIBA Process planning interface: Production requirements PIBZ Process planning interface: Production commitments PKCH Batches and Quantities in KANBAN PKEC Error Log for Kanban Calculation PKEK Error Log for Kanban (Event-Driven KANBAN) PKEN Dummy Table for Creating a Block.Object for Sec.Key Tab.PKHD PKER Error Log of the Kanban Containers PKHD Control Cycle PKOMU Personalized Account Assignment Templates for G/L Acct Items PKPR Change Proposals from Kanban Calculation PKPS Control Cycle Item / Kanban PKSD Control Cycle Item/Additional Data for Kanban With Delivery PKSL Detailed Selection of the Dependent Requirements PKTMP Conversion table for PKPS / please do not use PKUSR User Settings for Kanban Transactions PLAB Relationships PLAF Planned order PLANFLI ABAP/4 book: Connection offers for flights PLAS Task list - selection of operations/activities PLFH Task list - production resources/tools PLFL Task list - sequences PLFT Process Instructions PLFV PI Characteristics/Sub-Operation Parameter Values PLKO Task list - header PLKZ Task list: main header PLMK Inspection plan characteristics PLMW MAPL-Dependent Charac. Specifications (Inspection Plan) PLMZ Allocation of bill of material items to operations PLOG Planning and Organization File PLOGI PLOG File Index PLOGI_DEL Transport PD Objects to be Deleted PLPB Long-term planning: independent requirements versions PLPH CAPP: Sub-operations PLPLAN_PARAM BOM-dependent planning parameter PLPO Task list - operation/activity PLPR Log collector for task lists PLPT Long-term planning: plants of planning scenario PLPW Index of the production/delivery plant in the planned order PLSC Planning scenarios in long-term planning PLSR Scheduling results PLTX PS Texts (Library Network) PLWP Allocation of maintenance packages to task list operations PLZU Routing data for group PMCO Cost structure of maintenance order PMCO1 Cost profile: Value category proposal PMCO2 Cost structure: Job key figures (PMIS) PMCO3 Plan version: Estimated costs for maintenance orders PMCOCKF Cost/Quantity structure: Customer-specific key figs (PMIS) PMCOQT Quantity structure for the maintenance order PMFLAGS Flags if certain conversions have been run PMPL PM: Print log PMSDO PM organizational data for SD documents PNBK Prenotification: New bank data from master records PNDALT PNDALTT PNDREL PNHD Prenotification: Files created in ACH format PNODE

PNODET POC_DB_APPL_STEP Domain Model: Application Steps POC_DB_C_COMMAND Domain Model: Command Collection POC_DB_C_COMMENT Domain Model: Comment Collection POC_DB_C_DEVIAT Domain Model: Deviation Collection POC_DB_C_DEVVAR Domain model: Collection for variable setting (deviation) POC_DB_C_METADAT Domain Model: Local Value Collection POC_DB_COMMAND Domain Model: Table for Step Commands POC_DB_CONF_REQ Domain Model: Table for Signature Requests POC_DB_C_OPER Domain Model: Operation Collection POC_DB_C_PARTIT Domain Model: Partition Element Collection POC_DB_C_PREDEC Domain Model: Predecessor Table POC_DB_C_SERVICE Domain Model: Service Operation Collection POC_DB_C_STEP Domain Model: Step Collection POC_DB_C_SYTABLE Domain Model: Variable Collection (Symbol Table) POC_DB_C_VALUE Domain Model: Value Container Collection POC_DB_DATA_REQ Domain Model: Table for Data Requests POC_DB_DOMAIN Domain Model: Database Table for Domains POC_DB_EXEC_REQ Domain Model: Table for Execution Request POC_DB_EXEC_STRA Domain Model: Table for Execution Strategies POC_DB_MESS_REQ Domain Model: Table for Message Requests POC_DB_OPERATION Domain Model: Table for Operations POC_DB_PARTITION Domain Model: Partition POC_DB_PROC_STEP Domain Model: Table for Process Steps POC_DB_SIG_HANDL Domain Model: Signature Handler POC_DB_SIGNATURE Domain Model: Signature POC_DB_STEP Domain Model: Table for Step Basic Data POC_DB_VALUE Domain Model: DB Table for Value Container POCTRACE Trace for Nested PERFORM ON COMMIT POS00 FIFM: List of Internal Item Numbers POSFREI FIFM: Free List of Internal Item Numbers POTAB Log pool table PPDHD Transfer to Accounting: Document Header PPDIT Transfer to Accounting: Lines in HR IDOCs PPDIX Transfer to Accounting: Index Table for HR IDOCs PPDMSG Transfer to Accounting: Table of Error Messages PPDSH Payroll Posting Document: Status History PPDST Transfer to Accounting: Substituted Acc. Assig. Object PPFTAPPL PPF: Application in Customizing PPFTAPPLT PPF: Text Table for Application PPFTCOND PPF: Condition PPFTCONDE PPF: Context in Customizing PPFTCONDET PPF: Text Table for Context PPFTPARTNR PPF: Partner Table PPFTRPARAM PPF: Condition Parameter PPFTRULEM PPF: Method Condition PPFTSBOOK PPF: Table for Demo Object PPFTSFFXCU PPF: Medium Smart Forms Fax (Customizing) PPFTSFFXRU PPF: Medium Smart Forms Fax (Runtime) PPFTSFFXTE PPF: Medium Smart Forms Fax (Template) PPFTSFMLCU PPF: Medium Smart Forms Mail (Customizing) PPFTSFMLRU PPF: Medium Smart Forms Mail (Runtime) PPFTSFMLTE PPF: Medium Smart Forms Mail (Template) PPFTSFPRCU PPF: Medium Smart Forms Print (Customizing) PPFTSFPRRU PPF: Medium Smart Forms Print (Runtime) PPFTSFPRTE PPF: Medium Smart Forms Print (Template) PPFTTRIGG PPF: Trigger Table PPFTTRTMP PPF: Trigger Template Table PPFTTTCU PPF: Trigger Type in Customizing PPFTTTCUT PPF: Trigger Type in Customizing

PPFTTTME PPF: Allocation of Media for Trigger Type in Customizing PPFTVIEWCL PPF: Allocation Model Classes - View Classes PPOIX Index of Payroll Result Lines -> Posting Lines PPOPX Index of Old <-> New Document Lines for 'P' Results PQDATA PRCLAIM Codes for Claim Long Texts PRDKZ SLED Period Indicator PRDKZT Language-dependent texts for SLED period indicator PREL "HR Master Data File (Old Version, For Conversion Only)" PRGN_CORR Correction Table for Modif. Transaction Codes in Area Menus PRGN_CORR2 Correction Table for Modif. Transaction Codes in Area Menus PRGN_CORR3 Correction Table for Modif. Transaction Codes in Area Menus PRGN_CUST Customizing settings for authorization process PRGN_SSM Permitted menus for the Session Manager for role PRGN_STAT Session Manager status table PRHI "Work Breakdown Structure, Edges (Hierarchy Pointer)" PRHIS "Standard WBS, Edges (Hierarchy pointers)" PRICAT_001 PRICAT inbound: Assignment of ILN - Vendor - Purch. group PRICAT_002 PRICAT inbound: Assignment of ILN mat. group - SAP mat. grp PRICAT_003 PRICAT inbound: Assignment of SAP mat. group - purch. group PRICAT_004 PRICAT: ID for Supply of Data to Catalog per Material Group PRICAT_005 PRICAT: ID for Supply of Data to Catalog per Material PRICAT_006 PRICAT: Template for Non-R/3 Fields at Catalog Item Level PRICAT_007 PRICAT: Template for Non-R/3 Fields at Unit of Measure Level PRICAT_C001 PRICAT: Indicator for Supply of Data to Catalog PRICAT_C003I PRICAT: Items Per Screen Group at Inbound PRICAT_C003O PRICAT: Items Per Screen Group at Outbound PRICAT_C004 PRICAT: Screen Group PRICAT_C004T PRICAT: Name of the Screen Groups PRICAT_C006 PRICAT: View in Maintenance Screen for Outbound PRICAT_CWEB PRICAT on the Internet: Customizing PRICAT_FIELD PRICAT: Fields of the Price Catalog PRICAT_FIELDT PRICAT: Text Table for the Fields of the Price Catalog PRICAT_K001 PRICAT: Catalog header PRICAT_K002 PRICAT: Catalog item product groups PRICAT_K003 PRICAT: Catalog item basic data PRICAT_K003_PRO Indication of Data to be Adopted from PRICAT_K003 PRICAT_K003S PRICAT: Status of the Catalog Item per Customer PRICAT_K003Z PRICAT: Catalog item basic data extras PRICAT_K003Z_PRO Indication of Data to be Adopted from PRICAT_K003z PRICAT_K004 "PRICAT:Cat. item units of measure, dimensions, weights,EANs" PRICAT_K004_PRO Indication of Data to be Adopted from PRICAT_K004 PRICAT_K005 PRICAT: Catalog item texts PRICAT_K006 PRICAT: Catalog item characteristics PRICAT_K007 PRICAT: Catalog item bills of material PRICAT_K008 PRICAT: Catalog item prices / conditions / taxes PRICAT_K008C PRICAT: Catalog Item Prices/Conditions/Taxes per Customer PRICAT_K00A PRICAT: Assortments of the Price Catalog PRICAT_K00C PRICAT: Customer of a Price Catalog PRICAT_PRO PRICAT outbound: Requirements profile (Customizing) PRICAT_PRO_T PRICAT outbound: Requirements profile (Customizing) texts PRICAT_UNITS PRICAT outbound: Transferable units of measure (Customizing) PRISBCPARA PRICAT: SBC Parameters for PRICAT Customers PROF Forecast Errors PROGRAMS PROG_TCD Transaction Codes for Reports PROH Basic Values (for Forecast): Consumption or Actual Number PROJ Project definition PROJS Standard project definition PROJVS_ENQ Block key project (project versions)

PRON Postprocessing of forecast errors and exception messages PROP Forecast parameters PROP_ELTYP Property Bag: Value Table of the Element Types PROW Forecast Values PRPS WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) Element Master Data PRPSS Standard WBS Element (WBS element) - Master Data PRST Project - BOM link PRTE Scheduling Data for Project Item PRTP Subprojects PRTX PS Texts (WBS) PRTXS PS texts (standard WBS) PRUEXTUSERS Link users/employees to external user names PSERB "Inheritance data, Project System" PSERBV "Inheritance administration, Project System" PSERBZ "Inheritance run: Object assignments, Project System" PSGR Master item group PSHDSVCI Personalized Screen Variants for FI Enjoy Transactions PSINFO_INDX System Table INDEX: Project Information System PSJGNREP Assgt of report progs generated for PSJ to calling program PSJHIEDATA Hierarchy data to test LDB PSJ PSLI Reference: Delivery from project PSMERK "Characteristics for summarization w/o class., Project System" PSOLL Shift Planning: Target Plan PSPL Index project -> planned order PSPPT_INDX System table INDX PSTT PS texts (description) PSTX PS Texts (Header) PSVR Master alternative items PSZ_KPP0SF PS CM: Cash Planning: Interface to Applic.-Specific Routines PTBLPTDOBJECTS Catalog for Implementations of Time Data Objects PTBLPTPCLCOUNTRY TMW Business Logic Processor: Impelementation Type Class es PTBLPTYPECLASSES TMW Business Logic Processor: Impelementation Type Class es PTDW_ACTR_DB Time Data Extract (Receiver Objects/Activity Allocation) PTDW_ACTS_DB Time Data Extract (Sender Objects/Activity Allocation) PTDW_COST_DB Time Data Extract (Account Assgnmnt Objects/Cost Assignment) PTDW_PWS_DB Time Data Extract (Hours from Personal Work Schedule) PTDW_QUOT_DB Time Data Extract (Quota Transaction) PTDW_TIMES_DB Time Data Extract (Working Times) PTDW_WPBP_DB Time Data Extract (Reference Table for IT 0001 and 0007) PTEST2 Pool Test Table 2 PTEX2000 Interface Table for Attendances/Absences Infotype(2001/2002) PTEX2003GEN Interface Table for IT 2003: General Information PTEX2003SPEC Interface Table for IT 2003: Interval Information PTEX2010 Interface Table for EE Remuneration Info. Infotype (2010) PTEXDIR Interface Table for Infotypes (Directory Table) PTEXTLOG Text log parameters (customizing) PTIMEOV1 "Overview of an Employee's Time Data, Part 1" PTIMEOV2 "Overview of an Employee's Time Data, Part 2" PTQUODED Deduction of Time Quotas PTRV_ADMIN Travel Management: Administrative Data for Personnel Numbers PTRV_ARCH_HEAD Prearchiving FI-TV: Entries from PTRV_HEAD (Temporary) PTRV_ARCHIVE Administrative Table for Archived Trip Data PTRV_ARCH_PERIO Prearchiving FI-TV: Entries from PTRV_PERIO (Temporary) PTRV_CCC Error Receipts for Credit Card Clearing PTRV_COUNT Number of Function Calls in Posting Run Management PTRV_DOC_HD Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: Header of TRV int. document PTRV_DOC_IT Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: Lines of TRV interm. document PTRV_DOC_MESS Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: CO Replacements of TRV Receipt

PTRV_DOC_TAX Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: Tax lines of TRV document PTRV_F_CLM Columns for Which Suppression in Form Block is Allowed PTRV_F_CLM_TXT Columns that may be suppressed in form block (sp) PTRV_F_COLDEP Display Forms for Texts PTRV_F_COLDEPS Display Formats for Texts (Language-Dependent) PTRV_F_FBLK Form Blocks of the Trip Costs Form PTRV_F_FBLK_TXT Form Blocks of the Trip Costs Form PTRV_F_SORTKEY Sort Key for Individual Receipt Block PTRV_F_SORTKEY_T Sort Key for Individual Receipt Block PTRV_HEAD General Trip Data PTRV_KMSUM Table for Use of Miles/Kms Accumulation PTRV_PERIO Period Data of a Trip PTRV_ROT_AWKEY Assignment of Trip Results to Posting Doc. Number and Line PTRV_RPRPOSTD Log of Posting Program RPRPOSTD PTRV_SADD Trip Statistics - Add. Receipt Data PTRV_SBACKLOG Trip Statistics - Batch/Backlog Processing PTRV_SCOS Trip Statistics - Cost Assignment PTRV_SHDR Trip Statistics - Trip Amounts PTRV_SREC Trip Statistics - Receipts PTRV_T706Z_DNPR Field Control Screens PTRV_T706Z_DNPRT Field Control Screens PTRV_T706Z_FLDS Field Names for Field Control PTRV_USERPREFS User Profiles in Travel Management PUMA Conversion to External Partner Number (outb.) PUMK SAPscript: punctuation mark PUMS Project number new key assignment (structure) PUTTB Exchanged Tables of a Release PUTTBEXCPT PUTTB Consistency Check Exceptions (Report PUTTBCHK) PUTTB_SHD Control Table for Shadow Import During the Upgrade PUVT1 Pool: Unbuffered VERI Table PUVT2 Pool: Unbuffered VERI Table PVBE Supply area PVEG1 Generically Buffered Pooled Table for Verification PVER11 Pooled Table for Vericiation Runs (Various Fields) PVER12 Pooled Table for Verif. Runs (Various Unaligned Fields) PVER13 Pooled Table for Vericiation Runs (Various Fields) PVER14 Pooled Table for Verif. Runs (Various Unaligned Fields) PVER15 Pooled Table for VERI Array Operations PVER16 Pooled Table for Unaligned Fields for VERI Array Operations PVER21 "Pooled Table for Verif. Runs (Various Fields, Transp. Key F)" PVER22 Pooled Table for Verification Runs (Transport Key Fields) PVER23 "Pooled Table for Verif. Runs (Various Fields, Transp. Key F)" PVER24 Pooled Table for Verification Runs (Transport Key Fields) PVERI_CLNT Verification of SAP SQL Key Words from ABAP/4 View PVEU11 "Pooled Table for Verification Runs (Various Fields, Unbuff.)" PVEU12 "Pool. Tab. for Verif. Runs (Various Unaligned Fields, Unbuf)" PVEU13 "Pooled Table for Verification Runs (Various Fields, Unbuff.)" PVEU14 "Pool. Tab. for Verif. Runs (Various Unaligned Fields, Unbuf)" PVEU21 "Pooled Table for Verif. Runs (Various Fields, Transp. Key F)" PVEU22 Pooled Table for Verification Runs (Transport Key Fields) PVEU23 "Pooled Table for Verif. Runs (Various Fields, Transp. Key F)" PVEU24 Pooled Table for Verification Runs (Transport Key Fields) PVINX Index of New Sales Documents for Product Proposal PVKT Supply Area Short Text PVPP2 Pooled Table for Verification Runs (Partially Buffered) PVPP3 "Pooled Table for Verif. (Partially Buffered, Transp. Key F)" PYNOSCREEN Selection Screen Fields (Only as Interface) PYONUMKR Auxiliary structure for lock object EPYONUMKR PYORDH Payment order header data PYORDP Payment order item data

PYORGSCREEN PNP900 Selection Screen: Fields for Organizational Selection PYTIMESCREEN PNP900: Fields For Time Selection PZPE Line Items for Measuring Point Update PZPP Production Measuring Points: Period Values PZPS Production Measuring Point for Totals Record QADB_SCOPE Scope from ASAP QADB QAES Sample unit table QAKL Results table for value classes QALS Inspection lot record QALT Partial lot QAMB QM: Link Between Inspection Lot and Material Document QAMR Characteristic results during inspection processing QAMV Characteristic specifications for inspection processing QAPP Inspection point QASE Results table for the sample unit QASH Quality control chart QASR Sample results for inspection characteristics QAST Control chart track QASV Sample specifications for inspection processing QAVE Inspection processing: Usage decision QBEW Project Stock Valuation QBEWH Valuation of Project Stock: History QCEM Mapping of Inspection Characteristic Identifiers QCEP Partner-Related Settings for Characteristic Mapping QCM8ZMAN QCPR QM quality certificates in procurement QCVK Certificate profile header QCVM Certificate profile characteristic level QCVMT Certificate profile characteristic level: texts QCVV Certificate Profile: List of Preliminary Products QDBM Valuation mode QDBMT Valuation Mode: Texts QDDR Dynamic modification rule (header) QDDRT Dynamic modification rule: texts QDEB Allwd. Relationships: Sampling Procedures/Dynamic Mod. Rules QDEBT Allowed combinations of procedures/dynamic mod. rules: texts QDEP Allowed inspection severities QDEPT Allowed Inspection Severities: Texts QDFB Function modules for the individual procedure categories QDFBT Function Modules for Procedure: Texts QDFM Function modules for valuation mode QDFMT Function Modules for Valuation Mode: Texts QDPA Sampling scheme-instructions QDPK Sampling scheme header QDPKT Sampling scheme: texts QDPP Sampling scheme item QDPS Inspection stages for a dynamic modification rule QDPST Inspection Stages: Texts QDQL Quality level QDSA Sampling type QDSAT Sampling Type: Texts QDSV Sampling procedure QDSVT Sampling Procedure: Texts QEWL QM Handheld: Worklist for Transfer QIMTH Evaluation methods QM STI interface QIMTHT Texts for evaluation methods: QM STI interface QINF QM-info record for material and vendor QISRCONTROL Control Data for ISR QISR_CREQ_SCEN ChangeRequest@Web: Scenarios for Each Master Data Object QISRPCR_TRANSACT Transactions for Adjustment Postings: Adj. Posting Reque

st QISRPCRTYPE_SCEN Document Types with Scenario for Posting Correction Requ est QISRSCENARIO Basic Scenario Data QISRSCENARIOTSK Scenario Tasks QISRSCENARIOTSKT Scenario Tasks - Texts QISTP Evaluation steps QISTPT Texts for evaluation steps QISUB Subsytems for recording measured value data in QM QISUBT Text table subsystems for recording measured val. data in QM QIWKTAB Table of qRFC Inbound Queues To Be Activated Automatically QIWL Transfer table for QM subsystems QMAT Inspection type - material parameters QMEL Quality Notification QMFE Quality notification - items QMHU QM Link Between Inspection Lot and Handling Unit Item QMIH Quality message - maintenance data excerpt QMMA Quality notification - activities QMSM Quality notification - tasks QMSP QM: material specification QMTB Inspection method master record QMTT Inspection Method Texts QMUR Quality notification - causes QPAC Inspection catalog codes for selected sets QPAM Inspection catalog selected sets QPCD Inspection catalog codes QPCT Code texts QPGR Inspection catalog code groups QPGT Code group texts QPMK Inspection characteristic master QPMT Master Inspection Characteristics Texts QPMZ Assignment table - insp. methods/master insp. characteristic QPRN Sample drawing of phys. samples QPRS Master record for phys. samples QPRVK Sample-drawing procedure QPRVKT Header for sample drawing procedure texts QPRVP Sample-drawing items QPRVPT Items for sample drawing procedure texts QPSH Control chart types QPSHT Texts for control chart types QPSP SPC criterion QPSPT Texts for SPC criteria QPST Control chart track QPSTT Texts for control chart tracks QREFTID Reference TIDs of Receiver List for qRFC QRETDATA tRFC/qRFC LUWs: Confirmation Data QRETSTATE tRFC/qRFC-LUWs: Confirmation Status QRFCEVENT Event Control in qRFC QRFCLOG Trace Description QRFCTRACE Trace Description QSENDDEST Table of Registered tRFC/qRFC Destinations QSTRCRIT Grouping Criteria for List Output for W/holding Tax Report. QSTRDSR Data Source for Reporting Extended Withholding Tax QSTRDSRT Texts for Data Sources for Reporting Ext. Withholding Tax QSTRE FI/HR Withholding Tax Report for Spain QSTRLST List Configuration for Reporting Extended Withholding Tax QSTRLST_CRIT Group.Criteria for List Config. for Ext.W/holding Tax Report QSTRVAR Reporting Variants RFWTINT10 QSTRVARF Free Selection for Generic Withholding Tax Reporting QSTRVART Report Variants RFWTINT10 Texts

QTCH Product Allocation: Feature Directory QTVB Product Allocation: Allocation used by Customer Order QVDM QM Info Record - QM Control in SD R000 Condition table for derivation strategy R R2AUFNR Order number for transfer from R/2 to PP-PI RBCO "Document Item, Incoming Invoice, Account Assignment" RBDIFFKO Invoice Verification - Conditions RBDIFFME Batch Invoice Verification - Quantity Differences RBDRSEG Batch IV: Invoice Document Items RBKP Document Header: Invoice Receipt RBKPB Invoice Document Header (Batch Invoice Verification) RBKP_BLOCKED Logistics Invoice Verification: Blocked Invoices RBMA Document Item: Incoming Invoice for Material RBSELBEST "Invoice Receipt, Purchasing Documents Selection" RBSELERFB "Invoice Receipt, Service Entry Sheet Selection" RBSELFRBR "Invoice Receipt, Bills of Lading Selection" RBSELLBLN "Invoice Receipt, Bills of Lading Selection" RBSELLIFS "Invoice Receipt, Delivery Notes Selection" RBSELWERK "Invoice Receipt, Plants Selection" RBTX Taxes: Incoming Invoice RBVD Invoice Document - Aggregation Data RBVDMAT "Invoice Verification - Aggregation Data, Material" RBVS Invoice Verification: Split Invoice Amount RBWS "Withholding Tax Data, Incoming Invoice" RBWT "Withholding Tax Data, Incoming Invoice" RCASGCHAR Classification: Assignment of Property to Dev. Element Type RCASGVALUE Classification: Assignment of Property Value to Dev. Element RCCHAR Property for Classification RCCHART Short Description of Characteristic for Classification RCCHARVAL Characteristic Value for Classification RCCHARVALT Short Description of a Char. Value for Classification RCDEF Reconciliation: definition of movement type groups RCDEFT Reconciliation: definition of movement type groups RCELTYPE Development Element Type for Classification RCNIP03 Specification of data fields for reference field RDDRFCSTAT Statistics on RFC Calls for Remote Tables RDPR Rounding profile RDTX Short text describing the rounding profile REBR Batch Record: Overall Profile REBR1 Batch Record: Layout Profile REBR1T Batch Record: Layout Profile REBR2 Batch Record: Layout Profile REBR3 Batch Record: Profile for Deviation Analysis REBR3T Batch Record: Profile for Deviation Analysis Text REBR4 EBR: Inspection Scope of Insp. Lot in Deviation Analysis REBR5 Batch Record: Cover Page REBR5T Batch Record: Cover Page Description REFCC "References between CO object numbers, currency differences" REFH "References between CO object numbers, header table" REFON References between object numbers (CO object no.) REGUA Change of payment proposals: user and time REGUH Settlement data from payment program REGUHH REGUH version before the 'n'th change REGUHO REGUH version before the 'n'th change REGUP Processed items from payment program REGUP_CORE Processed Items from Payment Program REGUPO Line item status before the 'n'th change REGUPW W/tax information per w/tax type/FI line item in pmnt run REGUS Acounts blocked by payment proposal REGUT TemSe - Administration Data

REGUTA Paying Company Codes for DME Files REGUV Control records for the payment program RELEASEMAP Mapping Table for Bit Field: (G)TODIR-RELMAP REORGJOBS Reorganization Jobs for Shortcut in SM36 REPPAPPL Reporting CO-OM : Applications for use of user settings REPPARMS Reporting CO-OM : User settings REPPINDX CO-OM Reporting: Field Catalog for Screens for User Settings REPPSCRN CO-OM Reporting: Screens for User Settings Maintenance REPPTABS CO-OM Reporting: Tabs for Screens from REPPSCRN REPPTABST CO-OM Reporting: Tab Text for Screens from REPPSCRN RESB Reservation/dependent requirements RESCO Reprocessing Pointer Table RESP Project Number for SAP Partner RESPT Text/Language Table for SAP Partner Projects RESTO Reservation records for PM technical objects REUL Material stock transfer reservation index RF048 Subseq.BA/PC Adjustmnt: Index/Distributn Vector (Calculate) RF07 Withholding tax in Italy : Modello 770 - additional data RF180 Subsequent BA/PC Adjustment: Posting Runs RFCATTRIB Administration table for RFC destinations RFCCHECK Table for asynchronous RFC administration RFCCMC CMC data for mail RFCDES Destination table for Remote Function Call RFCDESSECU SNC extensions for RFC destinations RFCDOC Description of Possible RFC Connections (->RFCDES) RFCGO RFC stub generation - generation of user parameters RFCLIST RFC Task List RFCSTXTAB RFC statistics administration RFCSYSACL List of permitted trusted systems for the current system RFCTA "RFC stub generation - ABAP/4 data types, RFC data type" RFCTRUST List of existing trusting systems RFCTYPE Type of RFC connection RFDT Accounting Data (INDX Structure) RFRR Accounting data - A/R and A/P information system RFSCASH Cash Book table RFUMSV00_BAL_IT Advance Tax Return Italy: Progressive balances RFVIAUSZUG Test Data for RE Multicash Statement Data RFVIBK01A Bank Procedure Test Data - A-Record RFVIBK01C Bank Procedure Test Data - C-Record RFVIBK01E Bank Procedure Test Data: E-Record RFVIBK01V Bank Procedure Test Data - C-Record - File Extension RFVIUMSATZ Test Data for RE Multicash Sales Data RGGENPROGS Generated Function Groups for Gen. Classification Interface RGOFFICE Regional Tax Office RGOFFICET Name of Regional Tax Office RKOCLMIG Assign field names in CI_AUFK to characteristic names RKPF Document Header: Reservation RKWA Consignment Withdrawals RLB_DB_FV Reuse Library: Table for Storing Favorites RLB_DB_HL Reuse Library: Where-Used List/Hit List RLB_DB_LB Reuse Library: Sublibrary: Data RLB_DB_LBT Reuse Library: Sublibrary: Name RLB_DB_PR Reuse Library: Product: Data RLB_DB_PRT Reuse Library: Product: Name RLB_DB_SC Reuse Library: Statistics RLB_DB_TR Reuse Library: Structure Repository: Nodes RLB_DB_TRR Reuse Library: Structure Repository: References RLB_DB_TRT Reuse Library: Structure Repository: Descriptions RLB_DB_VST Reuse Library: Found Location for TR Documents RLIB_COMPS Nodes and node references for Reuse Library

RLIB_CONT Cluster with contents of the Reuse Library RLIB_DOCU Reuse Library documentation RLIB_OBJS Reuse Library: Objects RLIB_STAT Usage statistics for Reuse Library RLIB_TEXTS Keywords for Reuse library RLIB_TREES Reuse Library trees RMCP8 Archive Materials RMUSER User Settings for REM Backflush Transactions RMUSER_TAV Assigns User a Transaction Variant (for Example) ROAPPL BIW: Application components ROAPPLT BIW: Name of the application components RODCHA BIW: InfoObjects / characteristics RODCHABAS InfoObjects / basic characteristics in the source system RODCHABGEN Generated objects for the basic characteristic RODIOBJ InfoObjects of the source system RODIOBJCMP BIW: InfoObjects / compounding RODIR Released Objects Directory RODKYF BIW: Key figures RODTIM BIW: Time characteristics RODUNI BIW: Units ROHIEBAS Assignment of hierarchy class / domain for basic character. ROHIEOBJ Derivation of hierarchy class and node type -> InfoObject ROIDOCPRMS Control parameters for data transfer from the source system ROIS InfoSources in the source systems ROISGEN Generated objects for the InfoSource ROISIOBJ BIW: Assignemt of InfoSource fields to InfoObjects ROIST Name of the InfoSources ROLE_INAK Inactive roles buffer ROLE_INAKT Inactive roles buffer ROMSDIOBJ BIW: Assignment of master data attributes to InfoObjects ROWA Index table : Chargeable component consumptions RPGRI Texts for grouping of movement types RPSCO "Project info database: Costs, revenues, finances" RPSQT Project info database: quantities RQHD Header record for requirements total records in MRP RQIT Item record for requirements total records in MRP RS38T_VAR Runtime Analysis: Variants for Measurement Restriction RSADD Additional fields for reservation RSADMIN Data import administration settings RSAUPROF Audit: Audit configuration parameters (audit profile) RSBASIDOC Assignment of source systems to BIW systems incl. IDoc type RSBENFTAB Benchmarking: Directory of the callup points RSBENFTABT Benchmarking: Name of the callup points RSBIWBENCH Benchmarking Business Information Warehouse RSCMPTAB R/3 Load Generator: Table of Relevant Components RSCONREL Value table for content releases RSD98 RSD99 Dictionary Test Table with All Data Types (form. FLTP) RSDB Index of the RESB for the Direct Procurement Element RSDBS Index of purchasing documents for individual customer stock RSDCX Exceptions Table for Short Text Statistics RSDSQCAT Catalog of selection views RSDSQGT Functional Group Texts in Selection Views RSDSQOBJ Selection views RSECACHK Table for Controlling ABAP Programs RSECACTB Table for ABAP Access Authorization for Secure Memory RSECTAB Secure Memory: Memory for Encrypted Data RSEG Document Item: Incoming Invoice RSEUINC "Main program for inactive includes, D010INC addition" RSEUMOD Settings for ABAP Workbench

RSEUTAB Use of table in inactive includes addition D010TAB RSFBTYPEIN Possible Type Specifications RSFBTYPEIT Text for RSFBTYPEIN RSHIEOBJ Hierarchies: Directory of the contained InfoObjects RSINFDIR Inactive table for TFDIR and ENLFDIR RSJOBTAB Table for Background Job Control Data (Auto Rescheduling) RSMDDELTA Assignment basic characteristic - change pointer RSMMETYPE Value table for key figure types RSMPCHECK GUI test classifications RSMPCHECKT GUI test classifications RSMPTEXTS Menu Painter: Texts RSMPTEXTSI Menu Painter: Texts RSMPTRNSL Menu Painter: Assignment table for 3.1 > 4.0 conversion RSMREPLED Value table for reporting ledger RSMVTDETL Value table for detailling per value type RSMVTSTAT Value table for statistics indicators per value type RSMVTYPE Value table for value types for reporting RSNORMDB Standards RSNORMTXT Texts for Menu Painter norm suggestions RSNTR Table not Taken into Account for Language Entries RSPSP Index: Reservations for WBS elements/Sales order items RSSE7S Assignment User <-> System for SE07 Display RSSGTPCLA BW generation tool: Program class for generated programs RSSGTPCLAT BW generation tool: Texts for program classes RSSGTPDIR BW generation tool: Directory of the generated programs RSTHIX Cluster Table for Hierarchy Interface RSTMETYPE Texts for key figure types RSTODIRD Table for Storing the Results of Report RSTODIRD RSTREPLED Texts for reporting ledger RSTVTDETL Texts for detailing per value type RSTVTSTAT Texts for statistics indicator per value type RSTVTYPE Texts for value types for reporting RSVEPROFIL RSVEPRUNS RSVEPVALUE RTAB Remote Submit: Programs for Generating Secondary Lists RTXCS Master Data Exits for Report Texts RTXTF Format Table for Report Texts RTXTH Header Table for Report Texts RTXTL Text Lines for Report Texts RTXTT Text Header for Report Texts RUECK Temp. storage for subsystem confirmations RVTXOBJ SD Text Determination: Allowed Text Objects RWSHEADER Report Writer Data for Set Header RWSLINE Report Writer Data for the Set Line RZLLICLASS Logon Group List RZLLITAB Assignments of Logon/Server Groups to Instances RZPT_ACTIONS Archiving: RZPT - permitted actions RZPT_RZ ARchiving: RZPT - Views for Maintenance of Residence Time RZPT_RZT Archiving: RZPT - Text for Maintenance View S001 SIS: Customer Statistics S001BIW1 S001BIW1 * SIS: Customer Statistics S001BIW2 S001BIW2 * SIS: Customer statistics S001E S001 - Structural Information S002 SIS: Sales Office Statistics S002BIW1 S002BIW1 * SIS: Sales office statistics S002BIW2 S002BIW2 * SIS: Sales office statistics S002E S002 - Structural Information S003 SIS: SalesOrg/DistCh/Division/District/Customer/Product

S003BIW1 S003BIW1 * SIS: SaleOrg/Dist.Channel/Divisn/Distrct/Cust/Pro S003BIW2 S003BIW2 * SIS: SaleOrg/Dist.Channel/Divisn/Distrct/Cust/Pro S003E S003 - Structural Information S004 SIS: Product/Sales Organization/Distribution Channel S004BIW1 SIS: Product/Sales Organization/Distribution Channel S004BIW2 SIS: Product/Sales Organization/Distribution Channel S004E S004 - Structural Information S005 SIS: Shipping Point/Route/Forwarding Agent/Receiving Country S005BIW1 S005BIW1 * SIS: Ship.Pnt/Route/Forw.Agent/Recipient Country S005BIW2 S005BIW2 * SIS: Ship.Pnt/Route/Forw.Agent/Recipient Country S005E S005 - Structural Information S006 SIS: Sales Rep/SalesOrg/DistCh/Division/Customer/Product S006BIW1 S006BIW1 * SIS: Sales Rep/SalesOrg/DistCh/Division/Customer/ S006BIW2 S006BIW2 * SIS: Sales Rep/SalesOrg/DistCh/Division/Customer/ S006E S006 - Structural Information S008 Communications Table SD -> CO/Projects S009 CAS: Last Documents S011 PURCHIS: Purchasing Group Statistics S011BIW1 S011BIW1 * PURCHIS: Purchasing Group Statistics S011BIW2 S011BIW2 * PURCHIS: Purchasing Group Statistics S011E S011 - Structural Information S012 Purchasing S012BIW1 S012BIW1 * Purchasing S012BIW2 S012BIW2 * Purchasing S012E S012 - Structural Information S013 PURCHIS: Statistics for Vendor Evaluation S013BIW1 PURCHIS: Statistics for Vendor Evaluation S013BIW2 S013BIW2 * PURCHIS: Statistics for vendor evaluation S013E S013 - Structural Information S014 CAS Document Information S015 Subsequent Settlement: Evaluation S015BIW1 S015BIW1 * Supplementary settlement - Evaluation S015BIW2 S015BIW2 * Supplementary settlement - Evaluation S015E S015 - Structural Information S016 SIS: Sales activities S016E S016 - Structural Information S017 SIS: Sales promotions S017E S017 - Structural Information S018 SIS: Address list for sales promotion S018E S018 - Structural Information S019 SIS: Address counter S019E S019 - Structural Information S020 SIS: Customer Potential Analysis S020E S020 - Structure Information S021 SFIS: Order Item Data for Material S021E S021 - Structure information S022 SFIS: Order Operation Data for Work Center S022E S022 - Structural information S023 SFIS: Totals Records for Material S023E S023 - Structure information S024 Totals Records for Work Center S024E S024 - Structural information S025 SFIS: Run Schedule S026 Material Usage S026E S026 - Structural Information S027 Product Costs S027E S027 - Structural Information S028 Reporting Point Statistics S028E S028 - Structural Information S029 KANBAN

S031 S031E S032 S032E S033 S033E S034 S034E S035 S038 S038E S039 S039E S050 S050E S051 S051E S052 S052E S053 S053E S054 S054E S055 S055E S060 S061 S061E S062 S062E S063 S063E S064 S064E S065 S065E S066 S067 S068 S068E S069 S069E S070 S070E S071 S072 S073 S074 S074E S075 S075E S076 S076E S077 S077E S078 S078E S079 S079E S080

Statistics: Movements for current stocks S031 - Structure Information Statistics: Current Stock and Grouping Terms S032 - Structural information Statistics: Movements for Current Stock (Individual Records) S033 - Structural information INVCO: Movements (Batches) S034 - Structure Information Statistics: Batch Stocks All Key Figures for Batch Analysis S038 - Structural information Statistics: Inventory Controlling S039 - Structural Information Shipment S050 - Structural Information Shipment routes S051 - Structural Information Means of transportation S052 - Structural Information Shipment: shipping data S053 - Structural Information Stages of shipment S054 - Structural Information Shipment: materials S055 - Structural Information Model Structure for Info Structures with Initial VAKEY Location and planning S061 - Structural Information Object type and manufacturer S062 - Structural Information Damage Analysis 30 . S063 - Structural Information Single object - damage analysis S064 - Structural information Object statistics S065 - Structural Information Open orders: credit management Open deliveries/billing documents (KM) Vendor statistics S068 - Structural Information Material Statistics (QM) S069 - Structural Information Breakdown Statistics S070 - Structural Information Condition Update Individual Records for Inspection Lot Cumulative Delivered Quantities Subsequent Settlement: Operative S074 - Structural Information DRP node information S075 - Structural Information Sales & Operations Planning S076 - Structural Information STRPS: Movements S077 - Structural Information STRPS: Stock S078 - Structural Informaton STRPS: Movements + Stock S079 - Structural Information Purchasing: Movements

S080E S080 - Structural Information S081 Purchasing: Stock S081E S081 - Structural Information S082 Purchasing: Movements + Stock S082E S082 - Structural Information S083 Material: Movements S083E S083 - Structural Information S084 Material: Stock S084E S084 - Structural Information S085 Material: Movements + Stock S085E S085 - Structural Information S086 Promotion S086E S086 - Structural Information S087 Material/add-on S087E S087 - Structural Information S090 WM: Stock placements/removals S090E S090 - Structural Information S091 WM: Quantity flows S091BIW1 S091BIW1 * WM: Quantity flows S091BIW2 S091BIW2 * WM: Quantity Flows S091E S091 - Structural Information S092 Resource Requirements: Material S092E S092 - Structural Information S093 Resource Requirements: Material S093E S093 - Structural Information S094 Stock/Requirements Analysis S094E S094 - Structural Information S096 Distribution Scenario S096E S096 - Structural Information S097 QM notifications: material analysis S097E S097 - Structural Information S098 QM notifications: vendor analysis S098E S098 - Structural Information S099 QM notifications: customer analysis S099E S099 - Structural Information S100 Problems: Material Analysis S100E S100 - Structural Information S102 Problems: Vendor Analysis S102E S102 - Structural Information S103 Problems: Customer Analysis S103E S103 - Structural Information S104 Customer Statistics S104E S104 - Structural Information S105 Season: Movements S105E S105 - Structural Information S106 Season: Stock S106E S106 - Structural Information S107 Season: Movements + Stock S107E S107 - Structural Information S108 Additionals S108E S108 - Structural Information S110 OTB S110E S110 - Structural Information S111 Index: Subsequent Settlement S111E S111 - Structure Information S115 Cost Evaluation S115E S115 - Structural Information S116 Customer Analysis S116E S116 - Structural information S117 Receipt/article

S117E S117 - Structural Information S119 Transaction Number (Till Receipt) S119E S119 - Structural Information S120 Sales as per receipts S120BIW1 S120BIW1 * Sales as Per Receipts S120BIW2 S120BIW2 * Sales as Per Receipts S120E S120 - Structural Information S121 Material aggregation - POS S121E S121 - Structural Information S122 Cashier S122BIW1 S122BIW1 * Cashier S122BIW2 S122BIW2 * Cashier S122E S122 - Structural Information S123 Customer / material group S123E S123 - Structural Information S124 Customer / material S124E S124 - Structural Information S125 Forecast history for ex. system S125E S125 - Structural information S126 Open Variants - Basis 1 S126E S126 - Structural information S127 Open Variants - Basis 2 S127E S127 - Structural information S128 Open Variants - SIS S128E S128 - Structural information S129 Open Variants - Planning S129E S129 - Structural information S130 Replenishment S130E S130 - Structural Information S131 Doc. Payment Guarantee: Update Letter of Credit Values (LIS) S135 "Value contract, target/release order value" S136 Index: conditions in document S136E S136 - Structural Information S137 Variants: Basis 2 S137E S137 -Structural Information S138 Variants: SIS & planning S138E S138 - Structural Information S140 Product Allocations S140E S140 - Structural Information S150 W&S: Rough Workload Estimate S150E S150 - Structural Information S152 W&S: Rough Workload Estimate - Goods Issue S152E S152 - Structural Information S159 W&S: Picking Waves S159E S159 - Structural Information S160 Perishables S160E S160 - Structural Information S161 Inspection Results: General S161E S161 - Structural information S162 Quantitative Inspection Results S162E S162 - Structural information S163 Quantitative Inspection Result: Vendor S163E S163 - Structural information S164 Quantitative Inspection Result: Vendor S164E S164 - Structural information S165 Inspection Results (General): Customers S165E S165 - Structural information S166 Quantitative Inspection Results: Customer S166E S166 - Structural information S170 Payment document data

S170E S170 - Structural Information S171 Payment item data S171E S171 - Structural Information S172 Vendor billing document data S172E S172 - Structural Information S173 Vendor billing document item S173E S173 - Structural Information S174 Services S174BIW1 S174BIW1 * Activities S174BIW2 S174BIW2 * Activities S174E S174 - Structural Information S194 MRP: Business Info Warehouse S194BIW1 S194BIW1 * MRP: Business Info Warehouse S195 Material movements: storage location S195BIW1 S195BIW1 * Goods Movement: Storage Location S195BIW2 S195BIW2 * Goods Movement: Storage Location S195E S195 - Structural Information S196 Goods movement: Plant S196BIW1 S196BIW1 * Material Movements: Plant S196BIW2 S196BIW2 * Goods Movement: Plant S196E S196 - Structural Information S197 Periodic storage location stock S197BIW1 Periodic storage location stock S197BIW2 S197BIW2 * Periodic Storage Location Stock S197E S197 - Structural Information S198 Periodic plant stock S198BIW1 S198BIW1 * Periodic Plant Stocks S198BIW2 S198BIW2 * Periodic Plant Stock S198E S198 - Structural Information S200 Inventory Controlling Stores S200E S200 - Structural Information S202 MAP: Merchandise Planning Structure S202E S202 - Structural Information S203 MAP: Merchandise Planning Stock S203E S203 - Structural Information S204 MAP: Merchandise Planning Movements S204E S204 - Structural Information S205 MAP: Store Planning Movements S205E S205 - Structure Information S206 MAP: Store Planning Stocks S206E S206 - Structural Information S207 MAP: Store Planning Structure S207E S207 - Structural Information S208 MAP: Assortment Planning S208E S208 - Structural Information S209 MAP: OTB Movements S209E S209 - Structural Information S210 MAP: OTB Stock S210E S210 - Structural Information S211 MAP: OTB Evaluation Structure S211E S211 - Structural Information S216 MAP: Average Retail WOC S216E S216 - Structural Information S217 MAP: AvgRetail MON S217E S217 - Structural Information S218 MAP: AvgRetail BUP S218E S218 - Structural Information S225 Goods receipts: repetitive manufacturing S225E S225 - Structural Information S226 Material usage: repetitive manufacturing

S226E S226 - Structural Information S227 Product costs: repetitive manufacturing S227E S227 - Structural Information S260 SD - Sales order S260BIW1 SD - Sales order S260BIW2 SD - Sales order S261 SD - Delivery note S261BIW1 SD - Delivery note S261BIW2 SD - Delivery note S262 SD - Billing document S262BIW1 SD - Billing document S262BIW2 SD - Billing document S263 SD - Sales order/delivery note S263BIW1 SD - Sales order/delivery note S263BIW2 SD - Sales order/delivery note S270 Do not use! S270BIW1 Do not use! S270BIW2 Do not use! S270E S270 - Structural Information S271 Do not use! S271BIW1 Do not use! S271BIW2 Do not use! S271E S271 - Structural Information S272 Do not use! S272BIW1 Do not use! S272BIW2 Do not use! S272E S272 - Structural Information S273 Do not use! S273BIW1 Do not use! S273BIW2 Do not use! S273E S273 - Structure information S274 Do not use! S274BIW1 Do not use! S274BIW2 Do not use! S274E S274 - structure information S300 WIS: Organization view S300E S300 - Structural Information S301 WIS: Process view S301E S301 - Structural Information S302 WIS: Object view S302E S302 - Structural Information S303 WIS: Group view S303E S303 - Structural Information S304 WIS: Sample scenario S304E S304 - Structural Information S305 WIS: Applicatons PM/QM/SM S305E S305 - Structure Information S401 RE standard analysis partner S402 Business entities S404 Properties S405 Building S406 Rental units S407 Rental agreements S408 Land registers S621 sample info structure S621E S621 - Structural information S711 sales info structure S711E S711 - Structural information S722 sales S722E S722 - Structural information

S800 Sales Order by Material S800E S800 - Structural information S801 Sales by Brand - Month S801E S801 - Structural information S802 Sales by Customer - Month S802E S802 - Structural information S803 Sales by Division -Broad Month S803E S803 - Structural information S804 Delivery by Plant Material S804E S804 - Structural information S805 Sales by partner Function S805E S805 - Structural information S806 test partner function S806E S806 - Structural information S809 test partner function enduser S809E S809 - Structural information S810 test sale employee S810E S810 - Structural information S813 Sales by Customer - Month S813E S813 - Structural information S814 Sales by Brand - Month S814E S814 - Structural information S815 Sales by Division -Broad Month S815E S815 - Structural information S880 test S880E S880 - Structural information S888 Train Config S888E S888 - Structural information S890 test day S890E S890 - Structural information S900 sales overview S900E S900 - Structural information S901 Sales by Customer/End-user S901E S901 - Structural information S902 Sales by Employee S902E S902 - Structural information S903 List Billing S903E S903 - Structural information S904 Sales by customer group S904E S904 - Structural information S905 Sales by zone S905E S905 - Structural information S906 Sales by Division S906E S906 - Structural information S907 Sales by cust grp/cust/enduser S907E S907 - Structural information S908 Sales by storage S908E S908 - Structural information S909 Sales by Country S909E S909 - Structural information S910 Sales by Partner Function Exp. S910E S910 - Structural information S990 Test Info - Copy from S001 S990E S990 - Structural information S999 Test S999E S999 - Structural information SAACOMP Valid components for System Administration Assistant SAACOMPT Valid components for System Administration Assistant SAACONT Container for Structure of System Administration Assistant SAACONTA Alert Determined for System Administration Assistant

SAACONTC Customizing for System Administration Assistant SAACONTC2 Customizing for more system administration (SSAA) SAACONTS Status information for System Administration Assistant SAACONTT System Administration Assistant: Description SAAHELP Help Assistant SAAHELPT Help Assistant (short text) SAAMONSET Test SAASWO Keyword assignment for System Administration Assistant SAASWOT Keywords for System Administration Assistant SAASYST Systems used (System Administration Assistant) SAASYSTT Description of systems used (System Admin. Assistant) SAAURL URL System Administration SADLSTADM Administrative Data - Address List SADLSTDIR1 Address List Directory SADLSTDIR2 Referenced Distribution List SADLSTFILE Managing Address List Files SADLSTIAD Administration Table for Address Lists SADLSTRECB Dynamic Part of Address List (Record Body) SADLSTRECH Static Part of an Address List (Record Header) SADLSTSORT Sort Fields for Address List SADLSTWU Where-used List: Address Lists SADR Address Management: Company Data SADR10 Address Management: Reserve table for communication numbers SADR11 Address Management: Reserve table with communications number SADR12 Address Management: Reserve table for communications numbers SADR13 Address Management: Reserve table for communications numbers SADR14 Address Management: Reserve table for communications numbers SADR2 Address Management: Telephone Numbers SADR3 Address Management: Fax Numbers SADR4 Address Management: Teletext Numbers SADR5 Address Management: Telex Numbers SADR6 Address Management: EDI Table SADR7 Address Management: Mail Fields SADR8 Address management: X.400 addresses SADR9 Address management: Soft*Switch numbers SADRF Fax addresses with cover sheet SADRO SAPoffice: Table for storing UNIX addresses SADRP Address Management: Personal Data SADRU SAPoffice: Table for storing UNIX addresses SADRX5 X.500 Directory Entries SAFK Run schedule master data SAIN Central Address File: Address where-used list SAIRPORT Airports SALESTEST SAMT SAMT: Information and Results for ABAP/4 Mass Tests SAMTE SAMT: Information about tasks SAMT_PSINF SAMT: Administrative information for program quantities SAMTT SAMT: Texts for Results of ABAP/4 Mass Tests SAMTX SAMT: (Language-specific) texts about tasks SANO1 Address-object relationship SANS1 Address table SAPBWPRFLS BW Workload: Relation of Workload Profile and Class Names /SAPDMC/LSCDOCU Docu-elements /SAPDMC/LSCDOCUT Docu-elements: description /SAPDMC/LSCPROGS Parameter names of the BI/DI programs /SAPDMC/LSCRULE Rule categories /SAPDMC/LSCRULET Rule categories /SAPDMC/LSCSTEPS Migration steps /SAPDMC/LSCSTEPT Migration steps: Description /SAPDMC/LSCVERSN Version numbers of LSMW

/SAPDMC/LSGBDC "BI-recording: ""Coding""" /SAPDMC/LSGBDCA BI-recording: attributes /SAPDMC/LSGBDCS Bi-recording: structures (name=prefix+recording+hlevel) /SAPDMC/LSGBDCT BI-recording: Description /SAPDMC/LSGCUST Server dependent settings /SAPDMC/LSGPRO Projects /SAPDMC/LSGPROT Projects: Description /SAPDMC/LSGSUB Subprojects /SAPDMC/LSGSUBT Subprojects: Description /SAPDMC/LSMCUST Client-dependant entries (IDoc inbound processing) /SAPDMC/LSOALG Action log /SAPDMC/LSOATT Object attributes /SAPDMC/LSOCOD ABAP-Coding for conversion rules /SAPDMC/LSODOC Documentation /SAPDMC/LSOFIL File paths and file names /SAPDMC/LSOFIS file names in the R/3 system /SAPDMC/LSOFIW Files: values for wildcard '*' /SAPDMC/LSOFLD Source fields /SAPDMC/LSOINF Legacy data: not used /SAPDMC/LSOINP Legacy data: files /SAPDMC/LSOINS Legacy data: File assignment to source structures /SAPDMC/LSOLOG Log-Info for object and migration step /SAPDMC/LSOMAP Fieldmapping /SAPDMC/LSOPAR Parameters /SAPDMC/LSOPRT Processing and message log /SAPDMC/LSOREC Recordings per object /SAPDMC/LSOREL Structure relations /SAPDMC/LSORUL Rule type /SAPDMC/LSOSTR Source structures /SAPDMC/LSOTXT Objects: Description /SAPDMC/LSRATT Central rules: Definition and attributes /SAPDMC/LSRCOD Central rules: Coding /SAPDMC/LSRTXT Central rules: Description /SAPDMC/LSRVLI Central Rules: Interval translation values /SAPDMC/LSRVLO Central rules: 1:1 translation values /SAPDMC/LSUCUST Personal settings /SAPDMC/LSUMENU Personal menu /SAPDMC/LSUPROF User profile SAPLANE Plane /SAPSMOSS/ADDID Add-On ID /SAPSMOSS/ADDIDT Texts for Add-On ID /SAPSMOSS/ADDRL Add-on Release /SAPSMOSS/ADDRLT Texts for Add-On Release /SAPSMOSS/DBSY Databases /SAPSMOSS/DBSYT Texts for Databases /SAPSMOSS/FRNT Frontend /SAPSMOSS/FRNTT Texts for Frontend /SAPSMOSS/INSTN Table of Installation Numbers /SAPSMOSS/INSTNT Texts for Installation Numbers /SAPSMOSS/OSYS Operating systems /SAPSMOSS/OSYST Texts for Operating Systems /SAPSMOSS/REL SAP release /SAPSMOSS/RELT Texts for Releases /SAPSMOSS/STAT Status /SAPSMOSS/STATT Texts for Status /SAPSMOSS/SYST System types /SAPSMOSS/SYSTT Texts for System Types /SAPSMOSS/TURL URL Addresses for R/3 OSS Notification Interface /SAPSMOSS/UPDATE Table for Updating Locked Notifications and Time Stamp SAPWLDMTHD SAP Workload: Dynamically-Called Method for Events

SAPWLMOIDX SAPWLPRFLS SAP Workload: Relation of Workload Profile and Class Names SAPWLREORG SAP Workload: Reorganization control SAPWLROLED SAP Workload: Storage of User-Specific ST03N Role SAPWLSERV SAP Workload: Table of active servers SAPWLSFIDX SAP Workload: Stats. record: index for statistics files SAPWLSFIHD SAP Workload: stat. record: starts of the statistics files SAPWLT000 SAP workload: statistics data SAPWLT001 SAP workload: Table statistics SAPWLT002 SAP workload: RFC statistics data SAPWLTREED SAP Workload: Node Table for All ST03 Trees SAPWLTREEG SAP Workload: Nodes for ST03G tree controls SAPWLTREET SAP Workload: Text field for ST03G trees SAPWLWAMAI Table to dynam. output fields in Trans. STAD - main list SASAPIA Implementation Assistant - ALV Grid Structure SASAPIALP User Parameters for ASAP Transactions SASAPIAPD Implementation Assistant: Project Duration SASAPIAPP Implementation Assistant: Project Precursors SATTEXIT Exit Modules for the General Attribute Store SATTUSE Attribute Types Included in Object Types SAUF SOP Orders SBAON_CCHK SBCDESTPRM SAP Business Connector Customizing Table for Parameters SBCGLOBPRM SAP Business Connector Server Parameters SBCLOG Logging Table SBCROLES Shows the dependency of loglevel from roles SBM132 Industry short text proposal pool SBM20 Industry text proposal pool SBM60 Industry text proposal pool SBM80 Industry text proposal pool SBOOK Flight booking SBPT_CMNDS FWWP: Command Definitions for Class SBRANCHEEX Attribute Repository for Ref. Objects: Invalid Ind. Values SBRANCHEIN Attribute Store for Reference Objects: Valid Industry Values SBSE Stock Mngmt Levels for Inventory Sampling SBUSPART Airline partner SCAPPT user-specific appointments SCAPPTINDX INDX table for appointment long texts SCAPPTTYPE Appointment type SCAPTTXT Appointment type name SCARPLAN Plane-airline assignment SCARR Airline SCDEST Destination for Scheduler and Mail SCDTMAPFLD Cross System Customizing Object: Table/Field Mapping SCDTOBJECT Cross System Customizing Object SCDTOBJMAP Cross System Customizing Object: Mapping Type SCDTOBJSEL Cross System Customizing Object SCDTSOURCE Cross System Customizing Object: Source Tables SCDTSYNC Synchronization Settings SCDTTARGET Cross System Customizing Object: Target Tables SCECHADEP Assignment: Classic Dependencies to Chars of Classes SCECHAINP No User Entry for Characteristic of Class SCECHAPOS Position of Characteristic in Class SCECHARAC Characteristics SCECHAREF Reference of Reference Characteristic SCECHATX Language-Dependent Description of Characteristic SCECHAVIS Characteristic of Class Hidden/Shown SCECLACOM Compilation for Classic Dependencies SCECLNDOM Allowed Values for Numeric Characteristic of Class SCECLPREC Precedence List for OO Classes

SCECLSDOM Allowed Values of Alphanumeric Characteristic of Class SCECLVAL Values Assigned to Characteristics of a Class SCECLVTX Lang.-Dependent Descs of Vals of Alphanum. Chars of Classes SCECNT Control Knowledge (Tasks and Events) SCECNTDEP Assignment of Dependencies to Control Knowledge SCECNTTX Language-Dependent Descriptions of Control Knowledge SCECONFPR Configuration Profiles SCECUCO Interface Design - Sequence of Characteristics in a Group SCECUHD Interface Design - Header Data SCECUSD Interface Design - Grouping Structure SCECUSDT Interface Design - Description of Groupings SCEDECOMP Decomposition (BOM and so on) SCEDEP Dependencies (Basic Data) SCEDEPCOM Compilation of Dependency Nets SCEDEPDNN DNNs of Dependency SCEDEPDOC Documentation for Dependencies SCEDEPPAT Pattern of Dependency SCEDEPSPN SPNs of Dependency SCEDEPSRC Source Code of Dependency SCEDEPTX Language-Dependent Descriptions for Dependencies SCEDEPVAR Variables of Dependencies SCEDESCR Language-Dependent Descriptions of KB Object/Task/Event SCEDOCKEY Storage Location of Document Key SCEDOCOBJ Link Between Documents and Objects SCEEVENT Events (SCE) SCEHASCHA Characteristics of OO Class SCEHASDEC Assignment of Decomposition to OO Class SCEHASPRT Components of Decomposition (BOM and so on) SCEINVIEW Allocation of Characteristic of Class to Org. Area SCEKB Runtime Version of SCE Knowledge Base SCEKBOBJ Knowledge-Base Object (SCE) SCEKBTX Language-Dependent Description for SCE Knowledge Base SCEKMTDEP Assignment: Dependencies for Configurable Materials SCELNGTXT Storage Location for Long Texts SCEMAT Materials SCENUM Numeric Characteristics SCENUMDOM Allowed Values of Numeric Characteristic SCEOCLASS OO Classes of SCE Knowledge Base SCEOCLTX Language-Dependent Descriptions of OO Classes SCEPROF Profile of Knowledge Base (Starting Point of Configuration) SCEPROFILE Knowledge-Base Profiles (SCE) SCEPROFTX Language-Dependent Description of Knowledge-Base Profile SCEPRTDEP Assignment of Dependencies to Components (of BOM) SCESTRDOM Allowed Values for Alphanumeric Characteristics SCESTRING Alphanumeric Characteristics SCESUPER Class Hierarchy of Knowledge Base SCETABFUN Value Assignment Alternatives for Variant Table and Functs SCETASK Tasks (SCE) SCEVACOND Assignment of Variant Condition to Char. Value in SCE KB SCEVALDEP Assignment of Dependencies to Char. Values of Classes SCEVALSYM Symbol Table for Characteristic Values SCEVALTX Language-Dependent Descriptions of Values of Alphanum. Chars SCEVARVAL Values in Variant Tables SCGENAPPT generated appointments (regular or group appointments) SCITAIRP City-Airport assignment SCLASTUSED Last user whose calendar was displayed SCMA_CALL_TRANS Schedule Manager: Transactions to Call Up For Task SCMA_CALL_TRANSB Schedule Manager: Transactions to Call Up For Task SCMA_CONT Schedule Manager: TVARV Variable in Workflow Container SCMA_CONT_ELEMS Elements of Schedule Manager Container (TVARV Variable)

SCMAOFFICE Schedule Manager: Office Integration SCMAPROG_CUST Schedule Manager: Customer Registered Programs SCMAPROGRAMS Schedule Manager: Index of Registered SAP Programs SCMASEQUENCES Schedule Manager: Index of Flow Definitions SCMATRANSACT Schedule Manager: Registered SAP Transactions SCMATRANSACT_CUS Schedule Manager: Customer Registered Transactions SCMATREE Table: Tree Structure and Entries for Task List SCMATREED Table for Entries that are Dependent on Time and Date SCMATREET Schedule Manager: Texts in the ALV Tree SCMAUPDLOG Update Log for Schedule Manager SCMSCACHE Cache Properties SCMSCACHT KPRO CMS: Cache Descriptions SCMSCSPL Proxy for Content Server - Additional Locations SCMSCSPX Proxy for Content Server Accesses SCMSHOST Attributes of Hosts SCMSHOSTT KPRO CMS Descriptoin of Hosts SCMSIPNET Location for Subnets SCMSIPNTT Description of IP Subnets SCMSLOPA Location Paths for Multistep Caching SCMS_SERCA Monitored Cache Servers SCMS_SERCS Monitored Content Servers SCMS_SERPX Monitored Aliases SCMS_STACA Status of Monitored Cache Servers SCMS_STACS Status of Monitored Content Servers SCMS_STAPX Status of Monitored Aliases SCOUNTER Sales counter SCOUNTRYEX Attribute Rep. for Reference Objects: Invalid Country Values SCOUNTRYIN Attribute Store for Reference Objects: Valid Country Values SCOWNER Owner of an appointment calendar SCPARTICIP Group appointment participants table SCPLANE SCPRACPM BC Sets: Activation Logs (Messages) SCPRACPP BC Sets: Activation Logs (BC Set Name) SCPRACPR BC Set: Activation Logs (Activated Data Records) SCPRACTP BC Set: Activated in local system SCPRACTR BC Set: Active records in Local System SCPRACTST BC Set: Activation Status SCPRACTV BC Sets: Activated in local system (old) SCPRACTW BC Set: Active Values in Local System SCPRACTX BC Set: Activated in local system SCPRACTXL BC Sets: Language-specific activation links for variable SCPRATTR BC Set: Attributes SCPRCCSV BC Set: Values SCPRCOBJ BC Set: Manually maintained cust. object tables SCPRCSVV BC Sets: Variable proposal values for Cross System Viewer SCPRDATA BC Set: Values SCPRDATAC BC Set: Values SCPRDOCU BC Set: BC Set key document keys SCPRENTY BC Set: Organizational units SCPRFAVO BC Sets: Favorites SCPRFLAG BC Sets: Specially flagged BC Sets SCPRFLDV BC Set: Replacement of Field Text for Variable Fields SCPRIO Priorities SCPRIOT Priorites with Description SCPROXY Appointments diary substitute SCPRPFIX BC Set: Allowed prefixes in BC Set name SAP namespace SCPRPIMG BC Set: SCPRPPRL BC Sets: Hierarchical BC Sets SCPRRECA BC Set: BC Set record attributes SCPRSTAM BC Set: Master data exception table

SCPRSTAT BC Sets: Update Status for Background Activation View Inter SCPRTEXT BC Set: Short texts SCPRUSRC BC Set: Last Entered SW Component of User SCPRUSRV BC Set: Last variable entered per user (activ.) SCPRVALL BC Set: Values (language-dependent) SCPRVALS BC Set: Values SCPRVVAR "BC Set: Assignment activity, view" > view variant SCPRXTAB BC Set: Tables unsuitable for BC Sets SCRULEDATE Appointments for periodic appointments SCRULES Periodic appointments: Rule SCRULESREF Application References to Rules SCSTATUS Appointment status information SCURR Exchange rates for Workbench training model BC_Travel SCURX Currency for Workbench training data model BC_Travel SCUS_HIER Replacements table for hierarchies SCUS_HIERT Text table for table SCUS_HIER SCUSTOM Flight customers SCWB_HIST History of Delta Copies in the Correction Workbench SCWB_INDX Dummy Table for Packing Data SDBAADAUPD SAP DB: Log Table for Update Statistics and Checks SDBAC DBA Action Table SDBAD Detail Table for DBA Logs SDBADDB2 Detail Table for DBA Logs SDBAH Header Table for DBA Logs SDBAP DBA Planning Table SDBAR DBA Resource Table SDBCTRL SAP DB: CCMS Control table SDBDBMRFC SAP DB: DBMRFC Control Table SDBMON Permanent Storage for the Database Monitor SDBPAHI SAP DB: Parameter history SDBUSRSET User Settings for Transactions LC10 and DB50 SDESSERT Inflight meal/Dessert SDINVOICE Worklist for SDVPRSUPDATE SDMONICHAR Key Figures for SD Application Monitor SDMONICHAT SD Monitor: Texts for Key Figures SDMONITRES Threashold Values for Key Figures of the SD Applic. Monitor SDOKCHKF SDOK: File name of last checkout SDOKCHKO SDOK: Checkout data for physical information object SDOKCLPROP SDOK: Assessable attributes dependent on document class SDOKCONT1 SDOK: Table for document contents (import/export) SDOKCONT2 SDOK: Table for document contents (select/insert/update) SDOKDIDJOB SDOK: Request-Table for De-Indexing (Client-Dependent) SDOKDISTR Distribution of Categories SDOKDOCSP SDOK: Document Management Areas (System Setting) SDOKDOCSPC SDOK: Document Management Areas (Web Server) SDOKDOCSPH SDOK: Document Management Areas SDOKDOCSPT SDOK: Descriptions for document administration areas SDOKFORM *** Out-of-Date Table (to be deleted shortly) *** SDOKFORMT SDOK: Descriptions of formats SDOKIDXATR SDOK: Attributes for Identifying Index Categories SDOKIDXJOB SDOK: Request-Table for De-Indexing Documents SDOKIDXSP SDOK: Header Table Index Space SDOKIDXSPA SDOK: Index Space: Delivery Flag SDOKIDXSPT SDOK: Index Space Descriptions SDOKIDXSPW SDOK: Index Space: Indexing Flag SDOKIDXSTA SDOK: Status Table for Indexing Documents SDOKIOCL SDOK: Information object classes SDOKIOCLPR SDOK: Document class attribute features SDOKIOCLRC SDOK: Relationships between classes and info objects

SDOKIOCLRE SDOK: Relationships between classes and info objects SDOKIOCLT SDOK: Information object class descriptions SDOKIOTYPE SDOK: BOR object types for information object classes SDOKLNPR SDOK: Attributes for logical ref. points (target anchor) SDOKLOC SDOK: Locations as Distribution Criterion SDOKLOCL SDOK: Logical information object classes SDOKLOCL_C SDOK: Local entries for logical info object classes SDOKLOCT SDOK: Location Descriptions SDOKLOIO SDOK: Logical information object instances SDOKLOIOT SDOK: Logical information object descriptions SDOKLONM SDOK: Instances for logical ref. points (target anchor) SDOKLOPR SDOK: Logical information object attribute values SDOKLORE SDOK: Logical information object outgoing relationships SDOKLORI SDOK: Incoming relationships for logical info objects SDOKLOTAB SDOK: Tables for logical information objects SDOKMCLCL SDOK/Model: Virtual IO Classes for Real IO Classes SDOKME SDOK/Model: Model Entities SDOKMEP SDOK/Model: Model Entity Properties SDOKMEPC SDOK/Model/Customizing: Model Entity Properties SDOKMESA SDOK/Model: Model Entity Standad Attributes SDOKMET SDOK/Model: Model Entity Descriptions SDOKMEXT SDOK/Model: Model Enhancements SDOKMEXTT SDOK/Model: Model Entity Descriptions SDOKMIA SDOK/Model: IO Classes Instance Attributes SDOKMIAP SDOK/Model: IO Classes Instance Attribute Properties SDOKMIME MIME content type for file name enhancement SDOKMIME_C MIME content type for file name enhancement (customer table) SDOKMITAB SDOK/Model: Instance Tables for IO Classes SDOKMREL SDOK/Model: Relation Links SDOKMSRC SDOK/Model: Source Links SDOKMTAR SDOK/Model: Target Links SDOKMXA SDOK/Model: Context Class Attributes SDOKMXAP SDOK/Model: Context Class Attribute Properties SDOKNODE SDOK: Node table for general structure repository SDOKNODER General Structure Storage References SDOKNODET SDOK: Name of Nodes for General Structure Repository SDOKPHCBUF SDOK: Table for document contents (import/export) SDOKPHCL SDOK: Physical information object classes SDOKPHCL_C SDOK: Local Definitions for Classes of Physical Info Objects SDOKPHF SDOK: Files of Physical Information Objects SDOKPHFCD "SDOK: Files of Physical Information Objects, Client-Specific" SDOKPHHR SDOK: Outgoing hyperlinks from physical objects SDOKPHIO SDOK: Physical information object instances SDOKPHNM SDOK: Use of target anchors in physical objects SDOKPHPR SDOK: Attributes of Physical Information Objects SDOKPHRE SDOK: Outgoing Links of Physical Information Objects SDOKPHRI SDOK: Physical information object incoming relationships SDOKPHTAB SDOK: Tables for physical information objects SDOKPHVBUF SDOK: Table for Contents of Virtual (Generated) Documents SDOKPROF SDOK: Profiles SDOKPROP SDOK: Information object attributes SDOKPROPCL SDOK: Assessable document class attributes SDOKPROPT SDOK: Texts for information object attributes SDOKPRVL SDOK: Valid attribute features SDOKPRVLT SDOK: Attribute feature descriptions SDOKRE SDOK: Relationship instances SDOKRECL SDOK: Relationship classes SDOKRELOC SDOK: Table for location requests SDOKREPOS SDOK: Permissibility of relationships SDOKREPR SDOK: Relationship attributes

SDOKRETAB SDOK: Relationship tables SDOKST SDOK: Structure object instances SDOKSTCA SDOK: Physical information object memory categories SDOKSTCAT SDOK: Descriptions of memory categories SDOKSTCDSP SDOK: Document Management Areas for Storage Categories SDOKSTCL SDOK: Structure object classes SDOKSTPR SDOK: Structure object attributes SDOKSTPROP SDOK: Attribute conditions for structure objects (folders) SDOKSTRE SDOK: Physical storage locations (Storage Repository) SDOKSTRET SDOK: Descriptions of physical storage locations SDOKSTT SDOK: Descriptions of structure objects SDOKSTTAB SDOK: Structure object tables SDPROTCAL SD Monitor: Value Table for Protocol Callers SDPROTCALT SD Monitor: Value Table for Protocol Callers SDPROTTYP Value Table for SD Log Types SDPROTTYPT Value table for SD protocol types: Texts SE16N_CD_DATA Table Display: Change Documents - Data SE16N_CD_KEY Table Display: Change Documents - Header SE16N_LT "SE16N: Initial Screen for Layouts, Basic Data (Table)" SE16N_LTD "SE16N: Initial Screen for Layouts, Data" SEATBOOK Links a booking to a seat on the plane SECCODE Section Code SECCODET Name of Section Code SEGEXTCONV IDoc Basis Conversion of External Segment IDs 3.0-4.0 SEGSYB Segment Names as Permitted Values SELARTDEF Selection Type: Definition SELARTDEFT Selection type: Definition (text table) SEND_REC_REL Screen Variants for Manual Actual Postings in CO SEND_REC_REL_DEF Definition of Screen Variants for Manual Actual Postings SEND_REC_RELT Text for Screen Variants for Manual Actual Postings in CO SEOCLASS Class/Interface SEOCLASSDF Definition of class/interface SEOCLASSEX Remote info classes/interfaces SEOCLASSTX Short description class/interface SEOCOMPO Class/Interface component SEOCOMPODF Definition class/interface component SEOCOMPOEX Remote info class/interface component SEOCOMPOTX Short description class/interface component SEOFRIENDS Friend relationship SEOIMPLREL Implementation-based instance relationship SEOMAPATT Relational Mapping Attributes SEOMAPCLS Relational Mapping Classes SEOMETAREL Meta relationship SEOREDEF Redefined methods for each inheritance relationship SEOREFPROT Refactoring log for changes to classes/interfaces SEOREFTODO Refactoring worklist for classes/interfaces SEORELAT Relationship type SEORELATTX Relationship type short description SEORELCOMP Relationship type component SEORLCMPTX Relationship type component short description SEOSPECTYP "Specialization type (inheriting, implementing, comprising)" SEOSUBCO Class/interface subcomponent SEOSUBCODF Definition class/interface subcomponent SEOSUBCOEX Class/interface subcomponent SEOSUBCOTX Class/interface subcomponent short description SEOTYPEPLS Type group application SEOUSER User settings SER00 General Header Table for Serial Number Management SER01 Document Header for Serial Numbers for Delivery SER02 Document Header for Serial Nos for Maint.Contract (SD Order)

SER03 Document Header for Serial Numbers for Goods Movements SER04 Document Header for Serial Numbers for Inspection Lot SER05 Document Header for Serial Numbers for PP Order SER06 Document Header for Serial Numbers for Handling Unit-Content SER07 Document Header for Serial Numbers in Physical Inventory SER08 Document Header for Purchase Order Item Serial Numbers SERBL Plant Maintenance Object List SERI Serial Numbers SERPATTR Tree attributes SERPENTR Reporting: Initial Position and Sub-trees (User-specific) SERPENVAR Reporting: Intial screen variants (user-dependent) SERPLISTS Reporting: Lists SERPT Reporting: Texts for Tree Structure SERPTREE Reporting: Tree Structure SERPTUSER Reporting: User trees SERVTYPE Application Servers Selected for Parallel Generation SETCLS Set Classes SETCLS_CD Change document indicator per set class SETCLST Set Class Descriptions SETDATA Sets - Contents (before Release 4.0) SETDTEL Sets: Representative data elements SETHEADER Set Header and Directory SETHEADERT Short Description of Sets SETLEAF Values in Sets SETLINET Short Description of Set Line SETNODE Lower-level sets in sets SETO2N Tables and Set Names for Sets in New Storage Form SETS Sets - Contents (before Release 2.2) SETUSE_BER Set Use in Authorizations (Area of Responsibility) SETUSE_REP Set Use in Reports and Libraries SEUDEPEND Object dependencies SEUDEPENTX Text for object dependencies SEUDEPTOBJ Permitted object types for dependency SEUDEPTTX Texts for dependency types SEUDEPTYPE Types of object dependency SEWAARFC EWA: Receives Sent tRFCs SEWACUSMAI EWA: List of All Customizing Groups SEWACUSTOM EWA: Control of Function Modules for Execution SEWACUSTXT EWA: Customizing Texts SEWADATCOL Daten Container for Performance Data (Earlywatch Alert) SEWAFUBA Function Modules To Be Executed SEWAFUBDAT Parameters/Tables To Be Returned SEWAFUBEXP Parameters/Tables To Be Returned SEWAFUBIMP Values of Import Parameters SEWAFUBINL Interface of Function Module (EWA)/Local in System SEWAFUBINT Interface of Function Module (EWA)/Original from OSS SEWAFUBTYP Parameters/Tables To Be Returned SEWALASTGE Last check of current functions SEWALOG EWA: Log Table SFDG DSYS: Postscript File Lines SFHG SAPfind Graphics SFHH SAPfind: Header Data SFHI "SAPfind: Administration, Source Language, Versions" SFHIM SAPfind: Master Lang. and Version SFHO SAPfind: Structures SFHOT SAPfind: Active Structures SFHT Hypertext: Do not use this table SFHX Hypertext: Do not use this table SFIA Attribute Table for SAPfind SFIAT Attribute Text Table

SFICD Class Description Table for SAPfind SFICL Class Table for SAPfind SFICT SAPfind: Language-dependent Class Description SFINO SAPfind: Pointer Administration/Assignment (annually) SFITH SAPfind: Terms for CUA Access to FIND SFIWN Negative Word Table (Transparent) SFIWP Positive Word List (Transparent) SFLAVOR IA: Roadmap Flavor SFLAVORT IA: Text table for Roadmap Flavor SFLAW Release Notes: Statutory Changes SFLAWT Release notes: Texts for law changes SFLIGHT Flight SFLIMEAL Flight-Meal assignment SFREAC Assign Release notes to application components SFRECOU Country assignment for release notes SFREIM Links: Release Notes - IMG SFRELN SAPfind: Attributes of the Release Notes SFRETREE Structure ID for complete release information list SFSYSP SAPfind: system profile parameter attributes SGEOCITY Geographical position of a city SGOSATTR SGOS: Attribute of Generic Services SGOSHIST Generic Object Services: Object History SGOSSTXT SGOS: Texts for Generic Services SGOSSUB Settings for Subscribe/Unsubscribe SGOSSUBT Text Table for SGOSSUB SHDC Heidelberg: check tables for global fields SHDCF Global values 3.1: Candidates for domains and fields SHDDC Global values 3.1: Assignment of domains to components SHDDCDE Global values: Assign data elements to components SHDDCDO Global values: Assignment of domains to components SHDDF Global values 3.1: Assgnmt of depend. text fields to domains SHDDFDE Global values: Assign dependent fields to data elements SHDDFDO Global values: Assign dependent fields to domains SHDFOLTREE "Folder structure, image archive" SHDFV Transaction variants: Field contents SHDFVCI Transaction variants: Field contents (cross-client) SHDFVGUI Transaction variants: Deactivated function codes SHDFVGUICI Transaction variants: Deactivated function codes SHDFVGUICU Transaction variants: Deactivated function codes SHDFVGUIU Transaction variants: Deactivated function codes SHDG Heidelberg: Global field pre-assignments SHDGUIXT Screen variants < > GuiXT scripts (attribu tes) SHDGV Global values SHDGVDE Global values: Values and flags for data elements SHDGVDO Global values: Values and flags for domains SHDGXTCODE Screen variants < > GuiXT scripts (code) SHDIPICATR Image attributes SHDIRSCRD Resource raw data SHDSCCI Standard variants (screen variants) SHDST Standard variants (TABLE MAY NOT BE CHANGED!!) SHDSTCI Cross-client standard variants (TABLE CANNOT BE CHANGED) SHDSTCIU Active cross-client standard variants SHDSTU Active standard variants SHDSVCI Screen variants SHDSVFVCI Screen variants: Field contents SHDSVTXCI Screen variants: Texts SHDTT Transaction variants: Texts SHDTTCI Transaction variants: Texts (cross-client) SHDTTCIU Transaction variants: Texts (independent)

SHDTTU Transaction variants: Texts SHDTV Transaction variants SHDTVCI Cross-client transaction variants SHDTVCIU Transaction variants independent SHDTVSV Transaction variant - Screen variant assignment SHDTVSVCI Transaction variant - Screen variant assignment SHDTVSVCIU Transaction variant - Screen variant assignment SHDTVSVU Transaction variant - Screen variant assignment SHDTVU Transaction Variants SHELPTYPE SHELPTYPET SHIE_PROP SHIE_PROPN domain value table SHIE_PROPT Text table for table SHIE_PROP SHLPADM1 SHLPADM2T SHLPUSRVAL SIAROLE IA: Role for Roadmap SIAROLEEX Attribute Repository for Ref. Objects: Invalid Role Values SIAROLEIN Attribute Rep. for Reference Objects: Valid Role Values SIAROLET IA: Text Table for Roadmap Role SIN_T_INI Workplace: Classes Involved at Workplace SIN_T_LANG Workplace Classes: Language-dependent Descriptions SIN_T_LINK Navigation Area of SAPBPT Workplace SKA1 G/L Account Master (Chart of Accounts) SKAS G/L account master (chart of accounts: key word list) SKAT G/L Account Master Record (Chart of Accounts: Description) SKB1 G/L account master (company code) SKBTUNI Unicode Conversion Table SKBTXPE XML Predefined Entity SKM1 Sample G/L accounts SKMT Sample Account Names SKPF Header Data: Inventory Sampling SKTADEVC Automatic Distribution: Development Classes SKTAHEAD Automatic Distribution: Header SKTAOBJ Automatic Distribution: Object Types SKTYREMK Remarks Relating to Translation Objects SKWPLTF SLGH Elements of Stock Population SLGSK System Log Statistics by Log Type SLGSM System Log Statistics by Message SLGSR Unused! System Log Statistics by Reports SLGST System Log Statistics by Transaction SLGSY Unused! System Log Statistics by Time Stamp SLIBUVAL SLINCACHE SLIN cache (table like INDX) SLS_CEMAIL PEW Result Evaluation: Pre-settings of the email flags SLS_CONTAC Contact Data of Location SLS_CSIGN PEW Result Evaluation: Pre-settings of the signals SLS_EVENT PAW - Testing Events (related to TEM Events) SLS_IESS1 PAW - Item Essay 1 SLS_IESS2 PAW - Item Essay 2 SLS_IEVAL PAW - Item Evaluation SLS_IFILL PAW - Item Fillin SLS_ILC1 PAW - Item LC1 SLS_ILC2 PAW - Item LC2 SLS_IMC PAW - Item Multiple Choice SLS_IOASGN Learningscape assignment testtype - infoobjects SLS_IOASGT Learningscape assignment testtype - infoobjects SLS_IRATE PAW - Item Rate SLS_ITEM PAW - Item Description

SLS_LOC Learningscape Locations SLS_LOCT Learningscape Locations temp SLS_LOCTTY PAW - Location - Test Type SLS_LOG Learningscape logging SLS_LOGL Learningscape logging error SLS_LOOKU PAW - Lookup Types SLS_LOOKV PAW - Lookup Values SLS_PARTIC Learningscape Participants SLS_PET PAW - Person/Event/Test Relationship Table SLS_PU PAW - Performance Unit SLS_PUTEST PAW - Performance Unit of a test SLS_RCTRL Learningscape Result - Release Control SLS_RESS1 Result for Item Essay 1 SLS_RESS2 Result for Item Essay 2 SLS_RFILL Result Item Fillin SLS_RITEM Result on Item SLS_RLC Result for Item Listchoice SLS_RMC Result for Item Multiple Choice SLS_RRATE Result for Item RATE SLS_RTEST PAW - Participant's Aggregated Test Results SLSSO Sort criteria for form tree structure SLSST Texts of sort criteria for form tree structure SLS_SUTEST PAW - Subtest SLS_TEST PAW - Test Description SLS_TEXT Text Table SLS_TSTRU Learningscape Test Structure SLS_TTYIO Learning Architecture - Info Objects of Test Type SLS_TTYPE Learningscape test types SLS_TTYPET Learningscape test types temp SLS_TTYQU PAW - Test Type Qualifications SLS_TTYQUT PAW - Test Type Qualifications (temp) SLS_UTIL Learningscape utility table SLS_XET PAW - Tests per Event SMACOURSE Inflight meal/Main course SMANAPPLVAR Schedule Manager TVARV Variables SMANVAR Schedule Manager TVARV Variables SMANVART Schedule Manager TVARV Variables: Text Table SMANWFVARVAL Schedule Manager: Values for Schedule Manager Variable SMAPBP0 Solution Map: Best Practice SMAPBP0APP Solution Map: Best Practice - Applicability SMAPBP0T Solution Map: Best Practice (Text) SMAPCOMP0 Solution Map: Component SMAPCOMP0T Solution Map: Component (Text) SMAPDOCNO Solution Map: Doc. ID number status SMAPPA0 Solution Map: Partner product SMAPPA0T Solution Map: Partner product (text) SMAPPD0 Solution Map: Product information SMAPPD0T Solution Map: Product information (text) SMAPPI0 Solution Map: Performance Indicator (Header) SMAPPI0T Solution Map: Performance Indicator (Text) SMAPPL Schedule Manager: Data for the Application SMAPPR0 "Solution Map: Process category, main process, process" SMAPPR0COV Solution Map: Process - % coverage (SAP/Partner) SMAPPR0T "Solution Map: Process category, main process, process (txt)" SMAPTNODE Solution Map: Node table SMAPTNODER Solution Map: Node references SMAPTNODET Solution Map: Node texts SMBATCH Batch Information for an Entry in the Monitor SMCOOM Specific CO-OM Data in Monitor (See Schedman_specific_coom) SMCOPA Special CO-PA Data in Monitor

SMCOPC Specific CO-OM Data in Monitor (See Schedman_specific_coom) SMCOPCPCP CO-PC-PCP Data in Monitor (see Schedman_specific_copc_pcp) SMCUSTOMER Specific User-Defined Data in the Monitor SMDC Description of the Tasks in the Schedule Manager SMDT Date-Dependent Entries in the Schedule Manager SMEAL Inflight meal SMEALT Inflight meal/Description SMENAKTNEW Nodes of the active company menu Session Manager SMENAKTT Text of the active company menu Session Manager SMEN_BUFF Buffer table SMEN_BUFFC Table for Storing Favorites SMEN_BUFFI Links for Favorites SMENCA Assign Transaction/Report -> Application Function SMENCA_DEL Table for deletions from SMENCA_NEW SMENCA_DUP Assign Transaction/Report -> Application Function SMENCA_NEW Assign Transaction/Report -> Application Function SMEN_CONEW Menu: country-dependent transactions/reports/... SMEN_COUNT Menu: country-dependent transactions/reports/... SMENCUSNEW File Structure for Hierarchical Menu - Customer SMENCUST Menu Texts - Customer SMEN_DATEC Date of Last Menu Generation SMEN_DATES Date of Last Menu Generation SMEN_DATEU Date of Last Menu Generation SMENENTNEW File Structure for Hierarchical Menu - Customer SMENENTT Menu Texts - Customer SMENF Activity in Company: Entity Table SMENFAVDAT Date of Last Change to Favorites SMENFT Activity in Company: Text Table SMENINTNEW Internet menu nodes of the Internet Session Manager SMENINTT Internet Session Manager Internet menu texts SMENLONG File Structure for Hierarchical Menu - SAP SMENMANUAL File Structure for Hierarchical Menu - Customer SMEN_MIGRA Migration table for area menu - SAP share SMEN_OBLIG Menu: List of obligatory transactions/reports/... SMEN_OBNEW Menu: List of obligatory transactions/reports/... SMENSAP File Structure for Hierarchical Menu - SAP SMENSAPNEW File Structure for Hierarchical Menu - SAP SMENSAPT Texts for Menu - SAP SMENSAPV Release History of Complete SAP Menu SMENSELAKT Save the selected menu entries in the Session Manager SMENSELECT Save the selected menu entries in the Session Manager SMENU Menu SMEN_UPGR New nodes that were added to the company menu SMENUSEDAT Date of Last Menu Generation SMENUSEFLA File for the User Menu SMENUSELNG File for the User Menu SMENUSELNT Text of the Active Company Menu Session Manager SMENUSENEW File for the User Menu SMENUSER File for the User Menu SMESGT Message collector with time stamp SMET01 Metrics: Shared buffer table SMEXT Information on Results Lists That Have Been Saved SMFIAA Spec. FI-AA Data in Monitor (see Schedman_specific_fiaa) SMFIAP Spec. FI-SL Data in Monitor (See Schedman_specific_fisl) SMFIAR Spec. FI-SL Data in Monitor (See Schedman_specific_fisl) SMFIBL Spec. FI-BL Data in Monitor SMFISL Spec. FI-SL Data in Monitor (See Schedman_specific_fisl) SMGT Milestone group description SMLG Standard milestone group SMLS Standard milestone

SMLT Standard milestone description SMMAIN Main Information for an Entry in the Monitor SMMESSAGE Messages Saved for Monitor SMODILOG Log of Customer Modifications to Dev. Env. Objects SMODILOGI Log for Inactive Customer Modifications to WB Objects SMODISRC Customer modification log: Object data SMPARAM Schedule Manager Monitor: Processing Parameters SMPS Specific PS Data in Monitor SMRL Information on Saved Basic Lists SMRTA Runtime Analysis of Scheduler Jobs SMSCMAID Changing the Key for Scheduler ID <-> Monitor ID SMSELKRIT Schedule Manager Monitor: Selection Criteria SMSPOOL Batch Information for an Entry in the Monitor SMST Node Structure and Task Name in the Schedule Manager SMSTATUS Status Information of an Entry in the Monitor SMTEXTDET Logic for Determination of Text in the Monitor SMWF Information on Workflow Worklists SMZB_BINREL Object Relationship Service: Generic Binary Links SNAP ABAP Snapshot for Runtime Errors SNAPT ABAP Runtime Error Texts SNCSYSACL SNC Access Control List (ACL): Systems SNUC Changed revision levels (for creating MRP records RM61SR00) SNUM BOM explosion number SNVOICE SOADRBUF SAPoffice: DB for objects (import/export) SOATT SAPoffice: Attachments for BOR objects SOC3 SAPoffice: DB for objects (import/export) SOCS SAPoffice: table for storage of an Office ID (SAPcomm) SOCVPC SAPoffice: Conversion Table for PC Documents SOCX SAPoffice: table for storing SAPcomm IDs SOCY SAPoffice: inverse table for SOCX (SAPcomm ID table) SODEST SAPoffice: Destinations SODM SAPoffice: distribution list contents SODSAT SAPoffice: User-friendly LDAP attribute names SODSATST LDAP Attributes for Office Transmission Methods SODSPROF Presettings for access to LDAP service SODSPROF2 LDAP Profile (New 4.6C) SOEMSREP SAPoffice: Control table for emergency sys. return transport SOEP SAPoffice: Table for data transfer during express handling SOER SAPoffice: receive externally SOES SAPoffice: External send operation SOFA SAPoffice: user-specific authorization for shared folders SOFD SAPoffice: Object Definition SOFFCHKF SOFF: File Name of Last Checkout SOFFCHKO SOFF: Checkout Data to a Physical Information Object SOFFCONT1 SOFF: Table for Document Contents (import/export) SOFFLOIO SOFF: Instances of Logical Information Objects SOFFLOIOT SOFF: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects SOFFLOPR SOFF: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects SOFFLORE SOFF: Outgoing Links for Logical Information Objects SOFFLORI SOFF: Incoming Links for Logical Information Objects SOFFPHF SOFF: Files of Physical Information Objects SOFFPHHR SOFF: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects SOFFPHIO SOFF: Instances of Physical Information Objects SOFFPHNM SOFF: Use of Target Anchor in Physical Objects SOFFPHPR SOFF: Attributes of Physical Information Objects SOFFPHRE SOFF: Outgoing Links for Physical Information Objects SOFFPHRI SOFF: Incoming Links for Physical Information Objects SOFFRE SOFF: Instances of Links SOFFREPR SOFF: Attributes of Links

SOFIND SAPoffice: Search table via SOFD SOFM SAPoffice: Folder contents SOFR SAPoffice: Distribution List Table for Incoming Faxes SOGR SAPoffice: Recipient determination during inbound distrib. SOHS SAPoffice: DB for Home System (Shared Buffer) SOID SAPoffice: Inverse record for distribution list SOIMAP SAPoffice: Mapping Table IMAP UID - API2 ID SOMF SAPoffice: Address tables for fax screen SOMFT SAPoffice: SOMF language table SOMG Table for persistence of objects MESSAGE/RECIPIENT SOML SAPoffice: Multiple MLP: List of relevant systems /SOMO/INPUTTAB /SOMO/JOSCHEDL /SOMO/JOSCHEDLT /SOMO/MA_UPD_ERR SOOC SAPoffice: object counter (per object type and year) SOOD SAPoffice: Object definition SOOF SAPoffice: object folder SOOS SAPoffice: send process SOPCPATH Path + File Name for Deleting PC Work Files SOPR SAPoffice: System-wide profile SOQUOTA Quota: Number and Size of Documents in Private Folders SORAMON Oracle: Permanent Storage for the Oracle Database Monitor SORD SAPoffice: Viewed Records for Shared Folders SOREORG SAPoffice: Reorganization table for interim storage of keys SORF SAPoffice: Replication Table SORP SAPoffice: Replication Table SORS SAPoffice: Resubmission of user SORTSUBF SAPoffice: User-specific sort of folders subscribed to SOSC SAPoffice: Connection table to SAPcomm and SAPconnect SOST SAPoffice: Status log table SOSTAT SAPoffice: Statistics SOSU SAPoffice: Substitute for a user SOSUBUT Workplace: Private Sort of Folders Subscribed to SOSXTEST SAPoffice/SAPconnect: Temporary folder for test results SOTR_ALIA SOTR_CATEG SOTR_HEAD SOTR_STSK SOTR_SYS SOTR_TEXT SOTR_TPACK SOTR_USE SOUB SAPoffice: Inverse user (SAPoffice user) SOUC SAPoffice: Inverse user (SAP user) SOUD SAPoffice: user definition SOUR SAPoffice: Set of Regulations for User Agent SOUXA SAPoffice: Address ID for System User without USR02 SOXP SAPoffice: Table for data transfer during express handling SPAR_ASS Parameter Storage: Assignment of Object to Parameter SPAR_DATA Parameter Storage: Persistent Data Container SPAR_GKDB Parameter Storage: GUIDs and Keys SPAR_METH Parameter Storage: Assignment Parameter->Method SPAR_NTDB Parameter Storage: Persistent Nametab Container SPAR_SDAT Parameter Storage: Short data SPBB1 Partner-Bank relationship SPERS_EXT External table integration example SPERS_LTYP Personalization object type SPERS_OBJ Personalization object repository SPERS_REG Personalization registration table

SPERS_REGT Personalization key text table SPFLI Flight schedule SPH_AGREXT SAPphone: Numbers of Authorization Groups SPH_AGRKYS SAPphone: Internal Key for Authorization Groups SPH_AGRUSR SAPphone: Users of Authorization Groups SPH_ATIC SAPphone: Address data areas for incoming caller search SPH_ATICT SAPphone: Address data areas - Text table for SPH_ATIC SPH_DEFLCT SAPphone: Language-dependent texts for SPH_DEFLEC SPH_DEFLEC SAPphone: Permitted numbers for deflect SPH_DEFLGP SAPphone: Language-dependent texts for SPH_DEFLGR SPH_DEFLGR SAPphone: Deflect groups SPH_EXTENS SAPphone: Extensions / Ext. Groups Combinations SPH_EXTGRP SAPphone: Extension Numbers Groups SPH_EXTGRT SAPphone: Language-dependent Texts for SPH_EXTGRP SPH_EXTNSN SAPphone: Extensions per Work Center SPH_PCTONO SAPphone: Work center settings SPH_SERVER SAPphone: Telephony server settings SPH_SERVT SAPphone: Telephony server - Text table for SPH_SERVER SPH_SITES SAPphone: Site Attributes SPH_STEAGR SAPphone: Authorization Groups of Sites SPH_STEEXC SAPphone: F_ALLOTHNO=(' ') X =>For All (Non)Allowed Numbers SPH_STESRV SAPphone: Server in Sites SPH_TELUSR SAPphone: User settings SPH_TERMNL SAPphone: Work center settings SPH_USNOLI SAPphone: Telephone number list for each user SPH_USTOAT SAPphone: Assign address data areas to user SPKR1 Partner-Vendor relationship SPPLANE SPRELEASE Possible Project Management Release SPRELEASET Possible Project Management Release Text Table SPROCHKF Project documentation: File name of last checkout SPROCHKO Project documentation: Physical info object checkout data SPROIDXSTA Project documentation: Document index status table SPROLOIO Project documentation: Logical information object instances SPROLOIOT Project documentation: Logical info object descriptions SPROLOPR Project documentation: Logical info object attribute values SPROLORE Project doc: Logical info object outgoing relationships SPROLORI Project doc: Physical info object incoming relationships SPROPHF Project documentation: Physical info object files SPROPHHR Project doc: Outgoing hyperlinks from physical info objects SPROPHIO Project documentation: Physical info object instances SPROPHNM Project doc: Use of target anchors in physical info objects SPROPHPR Project documentation: Physiscal info object attributes SPROPHRE Project doc: Outgoing relationships of physical info objects SPROPHRI Project doc: Physical info object incoming relationships SPTH Path ID for backup and authorization SPTHB Check table for file system authorization groups SPTHT Texts for file system authorization groups SQ1000_DB4 SQL Information (DB2/400 DBMon) SQ1000_RST SQL Information (DB2/400 DBMon) SQ3000_DB4 Arrival Sequence (DB2/400 DBMon) SQ3001_DB4 Index Used (DB2/400 DBMon) SQ3002_DB4 Index Created (DB2/400 DBMon) SQ3003_DB4 Sorts (DB2/400 DBMon) SQ3004_DB4 Temporary File (DB2/400 DBMon) SQ3007_DB4 Optimizer Timed Out (DB2/400 DBMon) SQ3008_DB4 Subqueries (DB2/400 DBMon) SQABRANCH Industry sector values table SQABRANCHT Industry sector table table SQACITF CI template project to filter assignment

SQACITOT CI template object type assignment SQADB01 Questions SQADB01A Assignment of R/3 Question ID to ASAP ID SQADB01CAT Assignment of Categories to Questions SQADB01CON Validity of Questions: +/- sign SQADB01COV Validity of Questions: Single values SQADB01S Glossary Search Terms for Questions SQADB01T Question short text SQADB02CH Decision selections SQADB02CHT Selection short text SQADB03CH Decision Question Answers SQADB04 Answers SQADB04CH Decision question answers SQADB04PRO Project - Answer set assignment SQADBCAT Question Categories SQADBCATT Category Short Texts SQADBCON Question Contexts SQADBCONT Context Short Texts SQAKONF Question Repository Configuration Groups SQAKONFC Configuration Group Contents SQAKONFG Configuration Subgroups SQAKONFT Configuration Group Texts SQHVAR_DB4 Hostvariable Values for most expensive Stmt. (DB2/400 DBMon) SQLRRELE SAP R/3 releases SQLRTAB Customizing table for SQL Trace Interpreter SQLRTEXT1 text table for groups for SQL trace interpreter SQLRTEXT2 text table for function for SQL trace interpreter SQLRUSER Customizing Table for SQL Trace Interpreter SQLRUSER1 User Table for Groups for SQL Trace Interpreter SQLRUSER2 User Table for Function for SQL Trace Interpreter SQLT_INDX System table INDX (shared buffer) for ST05 initial screen SQTEXT_DB4 SQL Statement Text (DB2/400 DBMon) SRABRELSD Object relationship: attribute position assignment logistics SRCICREL Object Relationship Service: generic binary links SREPOATH Authorization groups SREPOCNTR Reporting: Country-specific HR reports SREPOLIST Reporting: Lists SREPORTEXT Texts in Reporting Tree SREPOTTYPE Reporting: Report Type Texts SREPOTYPES Reporting: Report Types SREPOUSER Reporting: Visible Reports and Variants (User-specific) SREPOVARI Reporting: Reports and Variants SRETAPEXIT Assignment of Exit Modules to Applications SRETCLASS Storage of Classes for Categorizing Documentation SRETDIDJOB Job Table for Indexing Non-KPRO Applications SRETDIDSTA Status Table for Indexing: Non-KPRO Applications SRETGELOG Log-In Information SRETIDATTR Document attributes of index category SRETIDCAT Index Category Definition SRETIDCATT Index Category - Short Text SRETIDCON Content of Index Category from Type Container SRETIDCTAT Category Attributes of Index Category SRETIDLACD Indexes of client-specific applications SRETIDLACI Indexes of cross-client applications SRETIDX Management Data of Application for Indexing SRETIDXADM Table for Customizing for Indexing SRETIDXJOB Job Table Indexing of Non-KPRO Applications Cross-Client SRETIDXSTA Status Table for Indexing: Non-KPRO Applications SRETSRFCD RFC Destinations for a Search Server Relation SRETSRFCL Info on RFC Destinations for Search Server Relation (Long)

SRETSRSVR Search Server Relation Definition (RFC Alias) SRETSRSVRT Search Server Relation - Short Text SRGBINREL Object Relationship Service: generic binary links SROADMAP IA: Roadmap With Type and Flavor SROADMAPEX Attribute Rep. for Reference Objects: Valid Role Values SROADMAPIN Attribute Rep. for Reference Objects: Valid Role Values SROADMAPT IA: Text Table for Roadmap With Type and Flavor SROADROLE IA: Valid Roles for Roadmap SROADSUBJ IA: Valid Roles for Roadmap SROADTYP IA: Roadmap Types SROADTYPT IA: Text Table for Roadmap Types SROBJGROUP Object Relationship Service object group SROBJINGRP Object Relationship Service table objects in group SRPROCESS Object Relationship Service: generic binary links SRPSO Sort Criterion for Tree Structure SRPST Sort Criteria Texts for Tree Structure SRRELROLES Object Relationship Service : roles SRT2RTTY Report Types in Area Menu SRTAPPL Assignment of Report Tree IDs to Application IDs SRTMEXTID Text Retrieval: External document identifiers (client spec.) SRTMLEXENT Text Retrieval: Lexicon entries (client-specific) SRTMLEXICO Text Retrieval: Lexicon (client-specific) SRTMOCCUR Text Retrieval: Occurence of lex.entry in doc. (client spec) SRTVCLIENT Text Retrieval: Clients SRTVCORPAR Text Retrieval: Language spec. control parameter of a corpus SRTVCORPUS Text Retrieval: Corpora SRTVEXTID Text Retrieval: External document identifiers SRTVLEXENT Text Retrieval: Lexicon entries SRTVLEXICO Text Retrieval: Lexicon SRTVOCCUR Text Retrieval: Occurence of lexicon entry in documents SSCH Strata of Inventory Sampling SSFAPPLIC SSF Applications: Options Used SSFAPPLICT SSF Applications: Long Text SSFARGS Application-Dependent Parameters for SSF Functions (SSFG) SSF_PSE_D SSF: Storage for Personal Security Environment Data SSF_PSE_H SSF: Personel Security Environment SSFSET SAP Smart Forms: Settings SSM_COL Set Values for Menu Tree Display SSM_CUST Set Values for the Session Manager / Profile Generator SSM_LANGU Choose Language for the Session Manager / Business Explorer SSM_LINKS Table to enter links for the Session Manager SSM_LOAD Assignment of roles to users SSM_RELE Session Manager status table SSM_RFC Variables for RFC Destinations in the Workplace SSM_START Table for specifying the initial menu in the Session Manager SSM_STAT Session Manager status table SSM_STAT_H Status Table for the Session Manager SSM_STAT_P Status table for the HTML Session Manager SSM_SYST Set workplace values SSM_USR Allowed menus for the Session Manager SSM_VAR Variable Definitions for URLs SSPUMK SAPscript: punctuation mark SSTARTER Inflight meal/Appetizer SSUBJECT IA: Subject Areas for Roadmap SSUBJECTEX Attribute Rep. for Ref. Objects: Invalid Subj. Areas Values SSUBJECTIN Attribute Rep. for Ref. Objects: Valid Subject Area Values SSUBJECTT IA: Text Table for Roadmap Subject Areas ST05RESULT Temporarily Filled Result Table for ST05 Explain STACUST "Customizing for IDoc status (status groups, archive, procg)" STALIGHT Traffic Light Assignment to Status Groups for IDoc Display

START_GUID Set Values for the Session Manager / Profile Generator STAS BOMs - Item Selection STERM_COMM Table with Comment Entries for Terms STERM_COMP Additional Components for Term Entry STERM_DWN1 MultiTerm Download: Field Label STERM_DWN2 MultiTerm Download: Attribute Values STERM_EXTD Enhancement Information: Add-On and Customer STERM_HEAD Header Table for STERM (SAPterm): Concept Attributes STERM_INDX INDX-Style Tables for Saving Possible Entry Tables STERM_LINK Link Between Concept and Associated Terms STERM_MULT Control Table for Data Transfer from MultiTerm STERM_REF References to Term Entries STERM_RQST STERM_SYS Distributed Terminology Maintenance: STERM_TEXT Terminology Text Table STERM_TXTC Terminology Text Table (Canonical Form) STERM_USER User-Specific Settings in SAPterm STERM_XTND Enhancement Information: Add-On and Customer STERM_XTNT Enhancement Information - Text Table STEUMM_TMP File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input STEU_TMP File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input STGLTRAN Transparent table for STGL tests STICKET STKO BOM Header STM132 Translation Memory STM20 Translation Memory STM60 Translation Memory STM80 Translation Memory STMATTMD STMATTMH STMPERS STMPICS STMPRIO STMPRODUCT STMPRRO STMROLE STMROPE STMSTAT STMTARO STMTONLI STMTTASK STMTUNIT STMTYPE STMUSER STMWARN STPF Structure tree of the exploded BOM STPN BOM Follow-Up Control STPO BOM item STPU BOM Sub-Item STRAVELAG Travel agency STSLEVNTSV STSLNOTESV STSLSETTNG STSLTOBJSV STSLTRANSV STST Standard BOM Link STU3COTABC Definition of DB2 OS/390 and OS/390 Commands(Customer Table) STU3COTABS Definition of DB2 for OS/390 and OS/390 Commands (SAP Table) STVB Bills of Material - Serialization of Posting STWB_SET Central Settings

STXB SAPscript: Texts in non-SAPscript format STXBITMAPS SAPscript graphics management STXFADM SAPscript Smart Forms: Administration STXFADMI SAPscript Smart Forms: Administration - Interal information STXFADMT SAPscript Smart Forms: Administration - Textual description STXFCONT SAPscript Smart Forms: Form subobjects (active) STXFCONTR SAPscript Smart Forms: Runtime Objects STXFCONTS SAPscript Smart Forms: Form subobjects (saved) STXFCONTV SAPscript Smart Forms: Form subobjects - Versions STXFOBJT SAPscript Smart Forms: Subobject long texts STXFSTDFLD SAPscript Smart Forms: Default Parameters STXFSTDPAR SAPscript Smart Forms: Default Parameters STXFTXT SAPscript Smart Forms: Texts STXFTXTA SAPscript Smart Forms: Texts - Administration STXFTXTV SAPscript Smart Forms: Texts - Versions STXFVAR SAPscript Smart Forms: Variants STXFVARI SAPscript Smart Forms: Variants - Internal information STXFVART SAPscript Smart Forms: Variants - Textual description STXH STXD SAPscript text file header STXITFD SAPscript Verification: ITF data table STXITFR SAPscript Verification: ITF reference table STXL STXD SAPscript text file lines STXOTFD SAPscript verification: OTF data table STXOTFR SAPscript verification: OTF reference table STXRDID SAPscript: Raw Data Interface - Data Table STXRDIR SAPscript: RDI - Reference Table for Test Mode STXSADM SAPscript Smart Styles: Administration STXSADMT SAPscript Smart Styles: Admimstration -Description of styles STXSCHAR SAPscript Smart Styles: Character formats STXSFPATT Smart Forms: Pattern for Tables STXSHEAD SAPscript Smart Styles: Style Header STXSOBJT SAPscript Smart Styles: Texts for para. and charac. formats STXSPARA SAPscript Smart Styles: Paragraph formats STXSTAB SAPscript Smart Styles: Tabs STXSVAR SAPscript Smart Styles: Variants STXSVARL SAPscript Smart Styles: Language Assignment of Variants STXSVART SAPscript Smart Styles: Variants - Textual Description STXTRACE SAPscript Smart Forms: Trace (data) STXTRACEHD SAP Smart Forms: Trace (administration) STXTRCUSR SAP Smart Forms: User-dependent Trace Settings STZU Permanent BOM data SUKRI Transaction Combinations Critical for Security SUKRIT Text table for SUKRI (crit. comb. of trans. authoriz.) SUMS New key assignment: BOM explosion no.->New BOM explosion no. SURAPPLFIELD Survey: SAP field: header SURAPPLFIELDT Text table: Survey: SAP field: header SUR_APPLICATION Survey: Application SURAPPLINT "Survey: Application interface: read data, write" SUR_APPL_T "Survey: application, text table" SURAPPLVECTOR Survey: SAP fields: body (posting arrays) SURAPPLVECTORT "Survey: SAP field: short array, text table" SURDDICREF Assignment of data elements to survey fields SURDOCHEADER Survey documents: header information SURDOCLINES Survey documents: rows SURFIELDSF4HELP Survey: assignment of find help to fields SURLOGSYS Survey: assignment of application and posting system SURPLUGIN Survey Plugins SURQUESEXT Survey: Enhancement of table T7EHS00_FKATALOG SURQUESTQEXT Survey: Supplements to individual questions of questionnaire SURREFS Survey: Array references

SUR_SSM_BUFFER Survey Status Manager: buffer table for status changes SUR_SSM_WL Survey Status Manager: assigning survey/worklist SURTARGETS Survey: Target groups SURVEY Survey Master Table SURVEYPATH System customising Web-Survey (ITS-Path entry) SURVEYT Survey Master Table: Text SVALT Test Data for POPUP_GET_VALUES... SVERS SAP Release SVKO Allocation Rule / IS-R Allocation SVPOS Allocation Rule Items / SAP IS-R Allocation SVUP Allocation Rule Sub-Item (Stores) SW3M_ADMIN Administration Table for MiniApp Catalog SW3M_ADMT Short Texts for MiniApp Catalog SW3M_ATTR MiniApp Attributes SW3M_ATTRC Customizing Data for Web Applications SW3M_PARAM MiniApp Parameters SW3M_PARAT Parameter Description for a MiniApp SWASYSTFLD WF: List of system fields with categorization SWBRULEBIN WF: Runtime Representation of a Rule SWBRULECOM WF: Client-specific start conditions SWBRULECOU WF: Connecting Condition/Context to Event Linkage SWBRULEHDR WF: Header Table for Managing a Rule System SWBRULETXT WF: Language-Dependent Texts for Rules and Rule Systems SWBSAPDFLT SAP Default Values for Prog./Trans./FMs (Applic.-Specific) SWBTESTCUR Test Table for Currency Translation SWBUSRDFLT Default Values of SAP User for Prog./Trans./FMs SWDAAGNTS Ad Hoc Agents SWDAHEAD Ad Hoc Agents - Header Table SWDANOTES References to Notes for Ad Hoc Agents SWDAOBJCTS Relationship Between Object Type and Task Groups SWD_BINDEF Workflow Definition: Binding (Runtime+Definition) SWD_CONDEF Workflow definition: Binding (runtime+definition) SWD_CUSTOM WF: Customizing SWD_EXPR Workflow definition: Node table (definition) SWD_HEADER Workflow Definition: Basic Data (Runtime+Definition) SWD_LINES Workflow Definition: Lines (Runtime) SWD_METHOD Workflow Definition: Secondary Methods (Runtime+Definition) SWD_MLINES Workflow definition: Lines (definition) SWD_MNODES Workflow Definition: Node Table (Definition) SWD_NODES Workflow Definition: Node Table (Runtime) SWDPHEADER Web Activity: Transmission Protocol Header Data SWDPOPERS Web Activity: Transmission Protocol Operations SWD_PRDYNP Control Table for Redefinition of WF Editor Screen SWD_PREXNO WF: Excluded node types for application-specific profiles SWD_PRHEAD WF: DB: Header data for application profile for WF editor SWDPTEXTS Web Activity: Long Texts for Transmission Protocols SWD_RECUSD WF Definition : WF Templates Last Used by a User SWD_RUSED WF Definition : WF Templates Last Used by a User SWDSBINDEF Workflow definition: Binding (runtime+definition) SWDSCONDEF Workflow definition: Binding (runtime+definition) SWDSEXPR Workflow definition: Node table (definition) SWDSHEADER Workflow definition: Basic data (definition) SWDSMETHOD Workflow definition: Secondary methods (runtime+definition) SWDSMLINES Workflow definition: Lines (definition) SWDSMNODES Workflow definition: Node table (definition) SWDSSTEPS Workflow definition: Steps (definition) SWD_STEPS Workflow Definition: Steps (Runtime+Definition) SWDSTEXT Workflow definition: Language-dependent texts SWDSWFCONT Workflow definition: Container SWDSWFCTXT Workflow definition: Container texts

SWD_TEXT WF definition: Language-dependent texts SWD_TSTC SAP Transaction Codes SWD_WFCONT Workflow definition: Container SWD_WFCTXT Workflow definition: Container texts SWECDFIELD Combined field restrictions for change document SWECDOBJ Events for Change Document SWECDOBTYP Assignment change document/workflow object types SWE_CD_TST Test of Event Triggering via Change Documents SWECDVALUE Field (Values) for Event Linkage SWEINSTCOU Instance Linkage Event - Receiver SWELCF Selection Criteria for Selective Logging SWELCFG (Switch On/Off) Administration Data Event Log SWELOG Table for entries of the event log SWELTS UTC Data for Event Log SWEQADM Administration Data for Event Queue SWEQCAND Table of Events with Delivery via Event Queue SWEQCONT Collection of persistent event containers SWEQENABLE Administration Data for Event Queue SWEQJOB Event Queue: Administration Data for Background Jobs SWEQUEUE Event Queue for Temporary Storage of Triggered Events SWETYPECOU Type Linkage Events - Receiver SWETYPEENA Type Linkage Events - Receiver: Activation Table SWF_POPCON "WF: Control table for display of ""What's new?"" dialogs" SWF_POPORD "Sequence of ""Tips & Tricks"" Popups" SWF_POPUP1 "Popups for ""What's new?"" Display" SWF_WFPCON WF: Control table for single actions in a release SWF_WFPDSC WFP: Language-dependent description texts SWF_WFPREC WF: Recovery information for Workflow Wizards SWF_WFPTAB WF: Basis information about Workflow Wizards SWLCREMABO WLC: Table for remote worklist subscription SWL_CTITLE WLC: Column title for task-specific inbox SWL_CUSTOM WLC: Task-specific columns in inbox SWLFBASHOW Display of WIM log entries in workflow log SWLIAG Workflow Inbox Setting for Role SWLICLS Workflow Inbox: Classes for Work Item Selection SWLICLST Workflow Inbox: Classes for Work Item Selection / Texts SWLIGL Workflow Inbox: Logical Systems for All Users SWLIR Workflow Inbox: User Refresh Runtime SWL_ST_TRA WLC: Transition of work item SWL_ST_TRN WLC: Transition of work item SWL_SYSTEM WLC: System-specific parameters SWOR Classification System: Keywords SWOT21 Parameter Object Types 2.1 SWOTDI Definition Interfaces SWOTDO Aggregated Objects in Object Type SWOTDQ "Verb Parameters, Exceptions" SWOTDV Object Type Verbs Definition SWOTICE Index of Frozen DDIC Structures SWOTIP Index Parent Object Types SWOTLI Object Load Interfaces SWOTLQ "Runtime Table Parameters, Exceptions" SWOTLV Runtime Table Verbs SWOTOL Relationships SWOTOLE Workflow Object Types: OLE Applications SWOTOO Verbs of Aggregated Objects SWOTTO Short Texts for Aggregated Objects SWOTTOLE Workflow Object Types: Texts OLE Applications SWOTTQ Verbs Parameters Texts SWOTTV Texts for Verbs SWP_ADMIN Customizing Workflow Runtime System

SWP_ADM_US WFM: Administrator(s) for a workflow instance SWP_HEADER Workflow Instances: Header Data of a Workflow Execution SWP_JOIN Workflow instances: Join node of a workflow execution SWPNODELOG Workflow: Instance Data of Nodes of a Workflow Execution SWP_NODEWI WF: Work items for nodes in a workflow definition SWPSTEPLOG Workflow: Instance Data of Steps of a Workflow Execution SWP_SUSPEN Workflow instances: Suspended work item callbacks SWRURLRT URL at Runtime (Header Data) SWRURLSG URL at Runtime (Segments) SWRWEBSERV Customizing Web Server SWT_ACT Actions that can be carried out in workflow trace SWT_ACTT Description of actions in workflow trace SWT_LOGCAT Workflow trace catalog SWT_LOGENT Workflow: Selections in a workflow trace SWU5_DYNP Chronology of generated program objects SWU_CHKF SDOK: File Name of Last Checkout SWU_CHKO SDOK: Checkout Data for Physical Information Object SWU_CONT1 SDOK: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export) SWUFORMTRC SAPforms: Trace management SWU_LOIO_D Logical Info Objects in Workflow SWU_LOPR Workflow: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects SWUOCHKF SWUO: File Name of Last Checkout SWUOCHKO SWUO: Checkout Data for a Physical Information Object SWUOCONT1 SWUO: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export) SWUOLOIO SWUO: Instances of Logical Information Objects SWUOLOIOT SWUO: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects SWUOLOPR SWUO: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects SWUOLORE SWUO: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information Objects SWUOLORI SWUO: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information Objects SWUOPHF SWUO: Files of Physical Information Objects SWUOPHHR SWUO: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects SWUOPHIO SWUO: Instances of Physical Information Objects SWUOPHNM SWUO: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects SWUOPHPR SWUO: Attributes of Physical Information Objects SWUOPHRE SWUO: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information Objects SWUOPHRI SWUO: Incoming Relationships of Physical Information Objects SWUORE SWUO: Instances of Relationships SWUOREPR SWUO: Attributes of Relationships SWU_PHF SDOK: Files of Physical Information Objects SWU_PHIO_D Physical Info Objects in Workflow SWU_PHPR SDOK: Attributes of Physical Information Objects SWU_PHRE SDOK: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information Objects SWUTYP2ADR SAP Forms: Map form type to proxy mail address SWU_WLSCAN Date and time of last work list scan for R3F transmission SWWBINDEF Workflow runtime - Save binding definitions SWW_CONT Container Contents for Work Item Data Container SWW_CONTOB Container Cont. for Work Item Data Container (Only Objects) SWWCUSTOM Table for WIM customizing data SWWDHMIN (Single-line) Table for Storing DH Date SWWDHSTEXT Status texts for work item deadline status SWWEI Special Attributes for Work Items of Type E (Event Items) SWWERRESTA Administration table for monitoring WIs w/temporary errors SWWFBATEXT Short texts for WIM history for FMs from SWWA SWWHRINDEX Time Stamp for Indices in OrgManagement Workflow Environment SWWINDX INDX Table for SWW Internal Runtime Constructs SWWLOGHIST History of a Work Item SWWLOGPARA WIM Log Table: Actions on WIs - Parameters SWWORGTASK Assignment of WIs to Org.Units and Tasks SWWRUNMETH Workflow runtime - Save methods for work item SWWSTATEXT Status Texts for Work Item Status

SWWSWPRET Workflow runtime - Save modeled return codes SWWTYPTEXT Type Texts for Work Item Types SWWUSERWI Current Work Items Assigned to a User SWWWIAGENT Agents for Execution of a Work Item SWWWIDEADL Deadline Data for Work Items SWWWIDH Table for Deadline Monitoring of Work Items SWWWIHEAD Header Table for all Work Item Types SWWWILIST Work item list for collective execution (mass execution) SWWWIRET Table for Return Values of Method Call of a Work Item SWXFORMABS Form: Notification of Absence SWZAI Header Table for all Properties of a Work Queue SWZAIENTRY Object Table for Work Queues (Entries) SWZAIRET Return Values of Method Call of a WQ Line SXADDRTYPE SAPconnect: Address types SXADMINTAB SAPconnect and SAPphone: Administration SXBNFNODE XBNF Nodes SXBNFROLE XBNF roles SXBNFRULE XBNF rules SXC_ATTR Exit: Implementation side: Attributes SXC_ATTRT Exit: Implementation side: Text table SXC_CLASS "Exit, implementation side: Class assignment (multiple)" SXC_EXIT Exit: Implementation side: Assignment: Exit - Implementation SXC_FCODE "Exit: Implementation side: Function codes, lang. independent" SXC_FCODET "Exit: Implementation side: Function codes, lang. dependent" SXCONVERT SAPconnect: Conversion functions SXCOS SAPconnect: Send attribute classes SXCOS_T SAPconnect: Text table for send classes SXC_SCRN Exit: Implementation side: Subscreens SXDA0 SAPDXfer: Data Transfer Object SXDA0T SAPDXfer: Description of Data Transfer Object SXDA1 SAPDXfer: Data Transfer Objects and Sub-Category SXDA1T SAPDXfer: Text for Sub-Category of Data Transfer Object SXDA2 SAPDXfer: Structure Info for Data Transfer Object SXDA2T SAPDXfer: Text for Structures Used SXDA3 SAPDXfer: Field Info for Data Transfer Object SXDOMAINS SAPconnect: Management of Internet Mail Addresses Domains SXFORMATG SAPconnect: Format groups SXNODES SAPconnect: Communication nodes SXPGBTCINF Who will get the data of an asynchronous command execution SXPGCOSTAB Definition of logical OS commands(customer table) SXPGCOTABE Definition of logical operating system commands(SAP table) SXPGHISTOR History of Logical Commands SXRETRY SAPconnect: Disruptions in RFC connections to node SXRFC SAPconnect: Assignment of RFC address to node SXROUTE SAPconnect: Routing table SXS_ATTR Exit: Definition side: Attributes for an enhancement SXS_ATTRT "Exit: Definition side: Attributes, Text table" SXSERV SAPconnect: Node capabilities SXS_FCODE Exit: Definition side: Component function codes SXS_FCODET "Exit, definition side: component function codes, text table" SXS_INTER Exit: Definition side: Interfaces SXS_SCRN Exit: Definition side: Component subscreens SXS_SCRNT "Exit: Definition side: Component subscreens, Text table" SXS_STAT Exit: Definition side: UUID assignment for statistics SXS_TABLE Exit: Definition side: Tables SXS_TABLET "Exit: Definition side: Tables, Text table" SXTELMOIN SAPconnect: Telephone number modification (incoming) SXTELMOOUT SAPconnect: Telephone number modification (outgoing) SYNTA SYNTB

SYNTC SYS_MENU Start Area Menu for SAP Initial Navigation T000 Clients T000C Table for Installing FI-SL Customizing T000CM Client-specific FI-AR-CR settings T000F Cross-Client FI Settings T000G Cross-Client FI-SL Postings T000GL Flexible general ledger: Customizing check and activation T000K Group T000MD MRP at MRP Area Level T001 Company Codes T001A Additional Local Currencies Control for Company Code T001_ARCH Archive contents short description T001B Permitted Posting Periods T001C Valid Posting Periods for Global Companies T001CM Permitted Credit Control Areas per Company Code T001_CONV Company codes affected by currency conversions T001D Validation of Accounting Documents T001E Company Code-Dependent Address Data T001F Company code-dependent form selection T001G Company Code-Dependent Standard Texts T001I Company Code - Parameter Types T001J Company Code - Parameter Type Names T001K Valuation area T001L Storage Locations T001M "Data on Z5A Foreign Trade Regulations Report, Germany" T001N Company Code - EC Tax Numbers / Notifications T001O Cross-System Company Codes T001P Personnel Area/Subarea T001Q Substitution in Accounting Documents T001R Rounding Rules for Company Code and Currency T001RWT "Rounding rules for company code, type and curr." T001S Accounting Clerks T001T Company code-dependent texts T001U Clearing Between Company Codes T001URL Company Code-Dependent URLs T001W Plants/Branches T001WT Company code-specific information per withholding tax type T001X Configuration of External Receiving Comp.Codes T001Y Valuation Levels for LIFO Inventory Valuation T001Z Additional Specifications for Company Code T002 Language keys T002C Customizing data for T002 T002T Language Key Texts T003 Document Types T003A Document Types for Posting with Clearing T003B Object Types for Early Entry in Financial Acctng T003D Document Types for Enjoy Transactions T003_I Document types T003L Transaction Type for Material Ledger T003M Transaction/Event Types for SAPMM07M/SAPMM07I T003N Number Ranges for Order Types T003O Order Types T003P Order Type Descriptions T003R Number Ranges RE_BELEG (Logistics Invoice Verification) T003S Document Types for Storing Documents (Log. IV) T003T Document Type Texts T004 Directory of Charts of Accounts T004F Field status definition groups T004G Field Status Definition Group Texts

T004M T004R T004S T004T T004V T004W T005 T005A T005B T005BU T005BUT T005E T005F T005G T005H T005I T005J T005K T005N T005O T005P T005Q T005R T005S T005T T005U T005X T006 T006A T006B T006C T006D T006I T006J T006M T006T T007A T007AC T007B T007C T007D T007F T007G T007H T007I T007_IT T007J T007K T007L T007R T007S T007V T007X T008 T008T T009 T009B T009C T009T T009Y

Rules for Sample Accounts Rules index for sample accounts Texts for sample account rules Chart of Account Names Field Status Variant Text Table for T004V Countries Address routines Name of address routines Table for Transferring Bank Data Table for Transferring Bank Data County County: Texts City City: Texts Communication: Country dialling code exceptions (Telex) Communication: country dialling code exceptions (Telephone) Communication: country dialling code Name formats Name format fields Validation of tax keys Country Keys for Withholding Tax Calculation Country Keys for the Withholding Tax: Names Taxes: Region (Province) Key Country Names Taxes: Region Key: Texts Countries - decimal point and date format (SET COUNTRY) Units of Measurement Assign Internal to Language-Dependent Unit Assignment of commercial to internal unit of measurement Assignment of external technical to internal unit of measure Dimensions ISO codes for units of measurement ISO Codes for Unit of Measure Texts Units of Measure Groups Dimension Texts Tax Keys Tax Code Selection for Transactions Tax Processing in Accounting Groupings for tax codes Texts for Tax Groups Taxes on Sales/Purchases Groups Table no Longer Used -> T007K/L Table no Longer Used -> T007K/L "Tax Advance Return, Tax Group and Calendar Year Group Nos" Retail Value-Added Tax Settings Tax Advance Payment per Taxes on Sls/Pur.Grp and Cal.Yr Table for Grouping Tax Basis Balances Table for Grouping Tax Balances External Group Number for Tax Amounts Tax Code Names Tax Codes to be Transported Text for Grouping Tax Amounts Blocking Reasons for Automatic Payment Transcations Blocking Reason Names in Automatic Payment Trans. Fiscal year variants Fiscal year variant periods Period names Fiscal year variant names Shortened fiscal years in Asset Accounting

T010O T010P T011 T011A T011B T011E T011F T011P T011Q T011T T011V T011Z T012 T012A T012B T012C T012D T012E T012K T012O T012T T014 T014N T014T T015L T015M T015V T015VT T015W T015W0 T015W1 T015W1T T015WT T015Z T016 T016T T018C T018D T018P T018V T019 T019W T020 T020A T020R T021 T021A T021B T021C T021D T021F T021G T021H T021I T021J T021K T021M T021N T021P T021Q

Posting Period Variants Posting Period Variant Names Financial Statement Versions Calendar - task description FI financial calendar - job text table Calendar of person responsible for unit FI fin.calendar - person responsible for unit text table Table no longer in use Table no longer in use Financial statement version names FI financial calendar task-schedule link Table no longer in use House Banks Allocation pmnt methods -> Bank trans. Description of trans. types Terms for bank transactions Parameters for DMEs and foreign pmnt transactions EDI-compatible house banks and payment methods House Bank Accounts ORBIAN Details: Bank Accounts and Other Data House Bank Account Names Credit control areas New credit control areas to be set up Credit control area names SCB Ratios Names of the months Application Area for Instructions in Payment Transactions Long text for application areas Instruction keys Allocate application areas to instruction fields Instructions Instructions (explanatory text) Explanation of Instruction Key Digits and numbers in words Industries Industry Names Cash Concentration: Intermediate Acct and Amt Stipulations Forms for Cash Management and Forecast Post office bank branches Acct Transfer: Determine Receiving Bank's Clearing Account Financial Accounting Screen Selection Financial Accounting Window Selection FI/AM Transaction Control Acc: Single-Screen Transactions: Existing Tabs Per Transacn Program Selection for Program Transactions Fields for Line Item and Document Line Layout Forms for Additional Information Line Item Total Variants Summary Variant Short Names Line Layout Fast Entry: Administration Line Layout Fast Entry: Variants Line Layout Fast Entry: Description of Variants Line Layout Fast Entry: Screen Variants Line Layout Fast Entry: Variant Fields Fast Entry: Inactive Standard Variants Fields for Line Layout Variants Sort Variants Name of Sort Variants Default Val.Parametrizatn f.Line Layout/Total var. Fast Entry Line Layout: Control

T021R Field Selection for Special Functions (List Display) T021S Line Layout Variant Special Fields T021STDF Fast Entry: Standard Variant Fields T021STDT Fast Entry: Standard Variants (Texts) T021STDV Fast Entry: Standard Variants T021T Line Layout Variant Texts T021V Default Values for Display Variants T021Z Line Layout Variants T022 FI-SL Activity: Fixed Data T022A Spool: Indirect printer selection T022B Spool allocation for logical/physical destination T022D Spool: Print control translation T022F Format Table (Grouping of the Sender Tables) T022FT Texts for Formats used in FI-SL T022Q Table for logical databases T022T FI-SL Activities: Text T023 Mat. groups T023S Base Material Group/Hierarchy Material Assignment T023T Material Group Descriptions T023W Control Table for Value-Only Material Determination T023X Exception Table for Value-Only Material Determination T024 Purchasing Groups T024A Planner group T024B Credit management: Credit representative groups T024C Planner Group for CAPP T024D MRP controllers T024E Purchasing Organizations T024F Production scheduler T024I Maintenance planner groups T024L Laboratory/office for material T024P Credit Management: Credit Representatives T024W Valid Purchasing Organizations for Plant T024X Laboratory/Office Texts T024Z Purchasing Organizations T025 Valuation Classes T025K Account Category Reference T025L Account Category Reference Description T025T Valuation Class Descriptions T026 Purchasing Area T026T Language-dependent purchasing area T026Z Assignement of purchasing group to purchasing area T027A "Shipping Instructions, Purchasing" T027B Texts: Shipping Instructions T027C Codes for Compliance with Shipping Instructions T027D Compliance with Shipping Instructions: Texts T028A Bank Statement Table T028B Transaction Type of Sender Bank T028D Define Internal Transactions in Electronic Banking T028E Text Table for T028D T028G Allocate External to Internal Transactions T028H Allocate Manual to Internal Transactions T028I Text Table for T028H T028L EB: Sender Bank - CM Data T028M Class for alternative currency keys T028N Currency class descriptions T028O Currency classes T028P Assign Search Strings to Bank Statement Transactions T028R Repetitive Funds Transfer Types T028RS Repetitive Funds Transfer Type Names T028RTRANS Repetitive Transfer Transactions

T028V T028W T030 T030A T030B T030C T030D T030E T030F T030G T030H T030HB T030I T030K T030Q T030R T030S T030U T030V T030W T030X T030Y T031 T031S T031T T033 T033A T033B T033C T033D T033E T033F T033G T033I T033J T033O T033P T033T T033U T035 T035D T035T T035U T035V T035Z T036 T036O T036P T036Q T036R T036S T036T T036V T037 T037A T037R T037S T037T T038 T038P

Transaction Types Transaction Types: Names Standard Accounts Table Transaction Keys and Assignment to Groups Standard Posting Keys Global Standard Account Table Acct Determ.for Open Item Exch.Rate Differences Acct Determ.for Open Item Exch.Rate Differences Provision Method for Doubtful Receivables Standard Accounts Table - Business Area Breakdown Acct Determ.for Open Item Exch.Rate Differences Acct Determ.for Open Item Exch.Rate Differences Acct Determination for Intercompany Cost Flow (CE Ledger) Tax Accounts Determination Clearing Accounts for Distributed Systems Rules for Determination of Standard Accounts Accts for Foreign Currency Assets Exchange Rate Differences Account Determ.for Balance Sheet Transfer Postings Account Conversion Tables for Distributed Systems Transaction Key Names Groups of Transaction Keys Transaction Group Names Bill Discount Note Bill of Exchange Status Name of Bill of Exchange Status FI Depreciation Area Account Determination: Applications Account Determination: Name of Applications Account Determination: Administration Data Account Determination: Account Determination Key Names Account Determination: Control Data Account Determination: Posting Rules Acct determination: Replacing the account symbols Acct Determination: Account Symbols Account Determination: Account Symbol Descriptions Account Determination: Account Determination Key Values Accout Determination: Name of Acct Determination Key Values FI Depreciation Area Account Determ.for Balance Sheet Transfer Postings Planning groups Cash Management Account Names Planning Group Texts Texts for Cash Management Account Names Allocate G/L Account to Segmentation (temporarily not used) Liquidity Forecast: Payment Date Determinations/Assignments Planning levels Symbols for Allocating Levels for Updating Texts for Level Symbols in T0360 Allocating Levels for T0360 Payment Request Levels Planning Levels with Payment Blocks Planning Level Texts Allocation of planning levels for Financial Assets Mgmt Planning Types Archiving Categories Texts for T037S Account Assignment References acc. to Transaction Type Planning Type Texts Cash Management: Grouping Structure Cash Management: Groupings (Checking Table)

T038T Texts for Groupings T038V Distribution for Cash Mgmt Position and Liquidity Forecast T039 Source Symbols for Cash Management T039T Source Symbol Texts T040 Dunning keys T040A Dunning key names T040S Blocking reasons for dunning notices T040T Dunning block reason names T041A Clearing Transactions T041B Company Codes for Manual Payments T041C Reasons for Reverse Posting T041CT Reasons for Reverse Posting (Name) T041T Clearing Transaction Names T042 Parameters for payment transactions T042A Bank selection for payment program T042B Details on the company codes that must pay T042C Technical Settings For The Payment Program T042D Available amounts for payment program T042E Company Code-Specific Specifications for Payment Methods T042EA Payment method capability for ALE distribution T042F Payment method supplements T042FSL Last additional selections used T042G Groups of company codes ( payment program ) T042H Text table for additional payment methods T042I Account determination for payment program T042J Bank charges determination T042K Accounts for bank charges T042L Bank transaction code names T042M User numbers with the bank T042N Bank transaction codes T042OFI Events for MT100 and other DME Formats T042OFIT Events for MT100 and other DME Formats T042P Bank selection by postal code T042R Name of account holder (ref.specifications on bk.details) T042S Charges/expenses for automatic pmnt transactions T042T Text modules for payment forms T042V Value date for automatic payments T042W Permitted currency keys for payment method T042X Company Codes Blocked by the Payment Program T042Y Account Determination for Bank to Bank Payments T042Z Payment Methods for Automatic Payment T042ZA Additional specifications for payment method T042ZD Screen Control when Creating Payment Methods in the Country T042ZDT Screen Control when Creating Payment Methods in the Country T042ZF Allocation: Branch - (Paying) Company Code T042ZFCL Additional Payment Method Classifications for Payment Progm T043 Assign Accounting Clerks > Tolerance Group T043G Tolerances for Groups of Customers/Vendors T043GT Name of Business Partner's Tolerance Groups T043I Tolerance Groups for Persons Processing Inventory Diff. T043K Control of Payment Notices to Customers/Vendors T043S Tolerances for Groups of G/L Accounts T043ST Name of Business Partner's Tolerance Groups T043T FI tolerance groups for employees T044A Foreign Currency Valuation Methods T044B Valuation method names T044D Work Files for the Extract of the Accum.Balance Audit Trail T044E Foreign Currency Valuation: Items with Special Cover T044G Valuation Adjustment Key

T044HT T044I T044J T044KT T044L T044LH T044LT T044Z T045B T045D T045DTA T045E T045F T045G T045K T045L T045P T045T T045W T046 T046A T046R T046S T046T T047 T047A T047B T047C T047D T047E T047F T047FSL T047H T047I T047M T047N T047R T047S T047T T048 T048A T048B T048I T048K T048L T048T T048V T048W T048X T048Y T048Z T049A T049B T049C T049E T049F T049L T050T T051A T052

Flat-rate Value Adjustment of Individual Documents (Text) FI Valuation: Determine Base Value Preference Key for Reading Valuation Results Further Specifications for Sorted List Sorted List of Open Items Sort Methods Sorted List of Open Items Customer/Vendor Accounts with Changed Reconciliation Account Expense/Bank Accounts and Tax Codes for Bill Presentation Available amounts for bill of exchange presentation DME file check table for bill of exchange presentation Presentation to Bank Bank selection for bill of exchange presentation Bank charges table for bill of exchange presentation Bill of Exchange Portfolios Charges table for bill/ex.presentation (country-specific) Bill of Exchange Portfolios User ID for bank transactions Bank Subaccounts for Bill of Exchange Usage Bill of Exchange Tax Assignment:1 Bank Cmmt Acct - diverse Bill of Ex.Return Acts Texts for the exceptions from cashed bills/ Exceptions from cashed bills of exchange paid to vendors Bill of Exchange Tax Code Names Company Code Dunning Control Account Level Dunning Control Dunning level control Dunning charges Form selection for legal dunning proceedings Form selection for dunning notices Sorting of dunning letters Last-Used Additional Selection for Dunning Marginal amounts Standard texts for dunning notices Dunning areas Dunning area texts Grouping rules for dunning notices Name of grouping rules Dunning procedure names Correspondence Types Company Code Data Report Assignment for Automatic Correspondence Correspondence type properties Indicator for Periodic Account Statements Indicator Texts for Periodic Bank Statements Correspondence texts Correspondence procedures Name of correspondence procedure Attached payment medium: Function modules Company Code Data on Attached Payment Mediums Text for attached payment mediums Posting Data For Autocash With Lockbox Control Parameters for Autocash Evaluation of the Autocash Tapes Control Data for Swiss POR Procedure Cashed Checks Control Table Lockboxes at our House Banks General texts Account Balances for Statutory Reporting Terms of Payment

T052A Known/Negotiated Leave T052R Rules for Issuing Invoices T052S Terms of Payment for Holdback/Retainage T052T Negotiated Leave Name T052U Own Explanations for Terms of Payment T053 Line Item Texts T053A Selection Rules for Payment Advices T053B Selection Rules for Payment Advices (Texts) T053C Selection Sequence for Payment Advices T053D Reason Codes Assigned as Fixed for Clearing Pmnt Adv. T053E Reason Code Conversion T053G Payment Advice Types T053R Classification of Payment Differences T053S Classification of Payment Differences (Texts) T053V Reason Code Conversion Version T053W Reason Code Conversion Version Names T054 Run Schedule for Recurring Documents T054A Settlement Data for Recurring Entry Schedules T054T Name of Run Schedules for Recurring Documents T055 Field group fields (master data) T055F Field Group Fields (Master Data) T055G Field groups (master data) T055T Field group names T056 Interest settlement T056A Time-dependent conditions T056B Transaction types T056D Form names for interest for days overdue T056F Reference interest rates T056L Function modules for int.transaction types T056P Reference interest table T056R Interest reference definition T056S Interest scale interest terms (acct T056T Text table for transaction types(int.calc.reports) T056U Control table for calculation of interest on arrears T056X Text table for interest indicators T056Y Assign special G/L indicator to interest indicator T056Z Interest Rates T057 Preference Indicator T057T Subsidy indicator names T058A Japanese Stamp Tax T058B Number Range Assignment for Receipts T058T Group Receipt Names T059A Type of Recipient For Vendors T059B Withholding Tax Classes for Vendors: Names T059C Types of Recipient: Vendors per Withholding Tax Type T059D Types of Recipient: Vendors per Withholding Tax Type T059E Income Types T059F Formulas for Calculating Withholding Tax T059FB Formulae for calculating withholding tax (new functions) T059FBH W/tax formulae: Header T059G Income Types: Names T059ID01 Withholding Tax Output Group Description T059ID01T Texts in Withholding Tax Output Group T059K Withholding tax code and processing key T059L Regional tax minimum amounts for 1099 reporting T059M Minority Indicators T059MINMAX Minimum and maximum amounts for withholding tax T059O Official withholding tax key - Descriptions T059OT Text table: Official withholding tax key descriptions T059P Withholding tax types

T059Q Withholding Tax T059R Recipient Code T059REXT Reporting key (new withholding tax) T059T Texts for Minority Indicators T059U Text Table: Withholding Tax Types T059V Reasons for exemption per withholding tax type T059W Reasons for exemption per withholding tax type T059Z Withholding tax code (enhanced functions) T059ZT Text table: Withholding tax codes T059ZZINS Withholding tax code for interest calculation T060 Rules for A/R and A/P information system T060A Evaluation types in A/R and A/P information system T060B Texts for T060A - evaluatn types in A/R and A/P info system T060K FI constants T060L FI constant name T060M FI constant values T060O Evaluation views for A/R and A/P information system T060S Evaluation views for A/R and A/P information system T060T Evaluation names in the FI information system T060U Description of evaluation views for A/R and A/P info system T061A Development Partner T061P FI-ARI: External partner products T061Q FI-ARI: External partner products (texts) T061R FI-ARI: Active external partner products T061S FI-ARI: Functions for external partners T061V FI-ARI: Texts for external partner functions T063 Screen Control: Inventory Management T063C Call-Screen Control: Inventory Management T063D Screen Control: View in Inventory Management T063F Function Codes: Inventory Management T063O OK Codes in Inventory Management T063T Transactions Called Up From Inventory Management T064A Physical Inventory Stock Types T064B Stock Types and Texts for Physical Inventory T064F Function Codes: Physical Inventory T064S Stock Mngmt Levels for Inventory Sampling T064T Physical Inventory: Texts T066 "Screen Selection, Invoice Verification" T066K "Window Coordinates, Invoice Verification/Valuation" T068A Rate types T068B Text table for T068A T069 Certificate Categories T069Q Control Data for Source Determination and Checking T069T Certificate Categories: Text Description T070 FI Document Archiving - Document Lives T071 FI Document Archiving - Account Lives T074 Special G/L Accounts T074A Special G/L Transaction Type Names T074T Special G/L Indicator Names T074U Special G/L Indicator Properties T076A Assign Payment Advice Notes to Posting Rules T076B EDI: Assign Name in the Invoice <-> Company Code T076E FI-EDI: Assignment Pymt Method - External Pymt Method (Bank) T076I FI-EDI: G/L Accounts T076K FI-EDI: Additional Account Assignments T076M EDI: Conversion of External Tax Rate <-> Tax Code T076S EDI-INVOIC: Program Parameters T077D Customer account groups T077K Vendor account groups T077S G/L account groups

T077T Table no longer in use T077X Account Group Names (Table T077D) T077Y Account Group Names (Table T077K) T077Z Account Group Names (Table T077S) T078D Trans.-dependent screen selection for cust.master T078K Transaction-dependent screen selection for vendor master T078S Action Type Screen Selection for G/L Acct Master Data T078W Transaction-dependent screen selection Plant Master T079D Company code-dependent screen sel.for cust.master T079K Company code-dependent screen sel.for vend.master T079M Vendor master data screen selection ( T079V Customers: Screen Selection according to Sales Org. T080A Structure definition work list suffix T082 Field group authorization assets T082A Field string asset master record maintenance T082AVIEW0 Entity Table for Asset Views T082AVIEW0T Text Tables for Asset Views T082AVIEW1 View Authorization for Asset Master Data Fields T082AVIEW2 View Authorization for Asset Depreciation Area Fields T082AVIEWB View Authorization for Depreciation Areas T082AVIEWTRANSG Assignment of Transaction Group to Asset View T082B Field groups assets definition T082E Description asset views T082F Field groups asset data T082G Field strings for screen selection asset master data. T082H Field string name: Asset master data maintenance T082I Create takeover rules from transfer for master data T082J Create takeover rules from transfer for master data: areas T082L Summary of logical field groups T082M Description for logical field groups T082S Dynpro control of the views T082T Names For Field Groups T083L Leasing types T083S Leasing types-Description T083T Description of leasing cycle T084 Incorrect assets T084A Restart information for takeover of old assets data T085 Investment support measures T085P Investment support: Default and check table T085S Description of individual investment support measures T085Z Capital investment grants with time-dependent percentages T086 Sort version Reporting T086A Call up of AM reports per transaction function T086T Names for Reporting Sort Versions T087 Evaluation groups T087G Evaluation group 8 places T087I Reason for investment T087J Text T087K Reason for investment protecting the environment T087L Text table for reasons for environmental investments T087S Test table for evaluation group 8 places T087T Description of Evaluation Groups T087U Asset group number / asset group T087V Text table asset group number / asset group T088 Selection Table for Italian Asset Register T089 One-Time Revaluation on Key Date T089T Text table for T089 (appreciations) T090 Depreciation calculation keys T090A Period control dep. calculation T090C External depreciation keys

T090I Depreciation simulation (Reporting) T090L Unit-of-production method of depreciation T090M Table for maximum depreciation amounts T090MIG FI-AA: Calculation Methods Were Migrated T090NA Depreciation Keys T090NAT Names of Depreciation Keys T090NAZ Depreciation Keys - Method Assignment T090ND Declining-Balance Method T090NDT Name for Declining-Balance Method T090NH Maximum Amount Method T090NH_METH Maximum Amount Method T090NHT Name for Maximum Amount Method T090NP Period Control Method T090NPT Name of Period Control Method T090NR Base Method T090NRT Base Method T090NS Multilevel Method T090NSG Multi-Level Method - Start of Validity T090NSK Multilevel Method T090NST Name of Multi-Level Methods T090P Dep. calc. key percentage records T090R Period control rules for transactions T090S Names For Internal Calculation Keys T090T Names For External Depreciation Keys T090U Texts on depreciation simulation versions T090V Name for period control in transactions T090W Short Texts for Depreciation Trace T090X Simulation Versions T090Y Weighting of depreciation periods T090Z Period control for transactions T091 Cut-off value key T091C Translation methods for Asset Management T091P Cut-off val. percent. rates T091S Text for translation methods T091T Names for Cut-Off Value Keys T092 Property classification key T092T Description of the Property Classification Key T093 Real and derived depreciation areas T093A Real depreciation area T093B Company code-related depreciation area specifications T093B_RSL Company Code-Related Depreciation Area Specifications T093C Company codes in Asset Accounting T093CE Block posting for certain fiscal years T093C_RSL Default Values for Depreciation Key in Company Code T093D Control dep. posting T093F Check rules dep. calc. T093G Cross-System Depreciation Areas T093GT Texts for Cross-System Depreciation Areas T093H Assignment of FI-AA Line Item Schema T093N Number assignment alloc. AA T093R Control Table for Archiving in Asset Accounting T093S Value Field Names for Depreciation Areas T093SB Substitution for Asset Management / Company Code T093T Names for real and derived depreciation areas T093U Options old assets data t/o assets T093V Validation for Asset Management / Company Code T093Y Shortened fiscal year T094 Index numbers for replacement values T094A Index series for replacement values T094B Allowed base years per index series

T094C T094P T094S T094T T095 T095A T095B T095C T095P T095T T096 T096T T097 T097JP T097T T098 T098T T099 T099A T099B T099T T099U T099V T0KBA T0KBAT T0KBB T0KBBT T0KBC T0KBCT T0KBD T0KBDT T0KBE T0KBET T0KBF T0KBFT T0KBN T0KBOB T100 T100A T100C T100O T100S T100SA T100T T100U T100V T100W T100X T130A T130C T130D T130F T130FT T130G T130M T130O T130P T130Q T130R T130S

Index class Index numbers for replacement values Names for Index Classes Index series names Balance sheet accounts for depreciation areas Account allocation G/L accounts value adjustment FI-AA Standard Account Determination Reconcil.accts. derived dep. areas Name for account groups Chart of depreciation Chart of depreciation texts Property indicator FI-AA: Percentage rates for property valuation Japan Description of the Property Indicator Basis manual property evaluation Description of the reasons for manual property values Insurance types Insurance companies Insurance premiums Description of Insurance Types Insurance Companies Description Insurance Tariff Description SDB: Customizing Symptom Type SDB: Customizing Symptom Type Text SDB: Customizing Solution Type SDB: Customizing Solution Type Text SDB: Customizing Symptom Category SDB: Customizing Symptom Category Text SDB: Customizing Application Area SDB: Customizing Application Area SDB: Customizing Validation Category SDB: Customizing Validation Category SDB: Customizing Solution Category SDB: Customizing Solution Category Text SDB: Customizing Number ranges SDB: Customizing Object table Messages Message IDs for T100 Message Control by User Assignment of message to object Configurable system messages Application Areas for Configurable Messages Table T100A text Last person to change messages Assignment of messages to tables/views Assign Messages to Workflow Error Messages: Supplements Material master field selection Definition of required tables Screen data Field attributes Texts for ALE Field Groups Selection group and its tables Transaction control parameters: material master maintenance SAP components for material master record maintenance Status and table Reduced status and its tables Table and key field General Control Indicators in Master Data Maintenance

T130W T130Z T131A T131T T131V T131X T132 T132T T133A T133B T133C T133D T133E T133F T133K T133P T133Q T133R T133S T133T T134 T134G T134H T134K T134M T134T T134W T135A T136 T136A T136E T136F T136T T136V T137 T137T T138A T138B T138C T138M T138V T139A T139B T141 T141T T142 T142T T143 T143T T144 T144T T147 T147A T147B T147C T147D T147E T147F T147G T147H

Plant parameters for master data maintenance Use of material master views "Change code, selection group, and material master table" Screen Descriptions Change code plus maintenance status Change Codes with Descriptions Status definition Definition of Valid Statuses Logical Screens: Attributes Descriptions of Logical Screens Assignment of Screen Modules to Logical Screens Sequence Control for Logical Screens Function-Oriented Masking for Table T133D Field Selection: Material Master (Part 2) Influencing Factors: Screen Sequence No. Retail: Status and Table Retail: Status and Relevant RMMW1 Fields Retail: Table and Key Field Screen Sequences Screen Sequence Descriptions Material Types Organization Unit: Business Area Determination Organiz. Unit: Business Area Determ. - MM View Configurable Material Types Control of Qty/Value Update Material Type Descriptions Initial Status of Batch Field Selection: Initial Screen Stock Display: Basic List/Breakdown List Display Version: Stock Overview Fields for stock display: individual list Fields for stock display: basic list/detail list Descriptions of Stock Overview Display Versions Assignment of Stock Line to Version for Segregated List Industries for materials Industry Descriptions Fields for Mass Change: Material Master Records Material master screen sequence control Individual Transaction Code for Mass Change Masking of the entries in table T138B Versions for Mass Change: Material Master Records Exception Messages: Period Closing Program Exception Messages: Period Closing Program Material Status from Materials Management/PPC View Descriptions of Material Status from MM/PP View Storage Conditions for Materials Storage Condition Texts Temperature Conditions for Storing Materials Temperature Condition Texts Container Requirements for Storing Materials Container Requirement Texts Control Table for Vendor Evaluation Definition for Main Criteria for Vendor Evaluation Texts for Main Criteria in Vendor Evaluation Definition for Subcriteria for Vendor Evaluation Texts for Subcriteria in Vendor Evaluation Definition of Weighting Keys by Main Criterion Description of Weighting Keys in Vendor Evaluation Main Criteria in Vendor Evaluation Intervals for Delivery Time Statistics

T147I T147J T147K T147L T147M T147N T147O T148 T148A T148B T148F T148G T148K T148M T148T T148W T148Z T148ZT T149 T149A T149B T149C T149D T149E T149T T150 T150F T151 T151T T156 T156B T156C T156F T156H T156K T156M T156N T156Q T156S T156SC T156SY T156T T156V T156W T156X T157B T157D T157E T157F T157H T157N T157O T157P T157Q T157R T157T T158 T158B T158G T158I

Definition for Subcriteria for Main Criterion Weighting Keys in Vendor Evaluation Vendor Evaluation: Assignment Percentages - Points Scores Intervals for Quantity Reliability Statistics Definition of Scope of List: Vendor Evaluation Texts for Scope of List in Vendor Evaluation Scope of List: Vendor Evaluation Special Stock Indicator Field selection on initial screen of special stock maint. Screen sequence: special stock maintenance Fields for special stock maintenance Field selection: special stocks Lower stock balance indicator for individual segments Transaction control parameters: special stocks Special Stock Descriptions Plant parameters for special stock maintenance Value table for domain ZUSCH (deactivated) Text table for value table T148Z (deactivated) Valuation type/valuation class Valuation types for valuation area Valuation Category/Valuation type Global Valuation Categories Global Valuation Types Global Valuat.Type/Valuat.Categ. Combinations Global Valuation Category Descriptions Physical Inventory Stock Types and Allocated Movement Types Stock Types and Allocated Fields in Physical Inventory Customers: Customer Groups Customers: Customer groups: Texts Movement Type Movement Types: Screen Selection Stock Types and Their Values Fields in Quantity String "Help Texts for Movement Type (up to Rel. 2.0, then T157H)" Account Assignment Fields in Field Selection (up to 2.1) Posting String: Quantity Next Movement Type Movement Type: Material-Independent Control Movement Type: Quantities/Value Posting (Until Rel. 4.5B) Mvt Type: Qty/Value Posting: Customer Table; as of Rel. 4.6A Mvt Type: Qty/Value Update: System Table; Rel. 4.6A Movement Type Text Availability Table Posting string values Trans./Event Key Modification "Descr. of Qty Fields (Plant Stock Avail., Stock Display)" Reason for Movement Text Table: Reason for Movement Display Fields: Plant Availability Help Texts for Movement Types Fields in Stock Balance Display (Inventory Management) Routine Selection for Plant Availability Display Rules Inventory Mgmt.: Display Rules for Plant Stock Availability Display Rule for Availability Block Description of Fields in Availability Block Transaction Control: Inventory Management Check Table: Movement Type for Transaction Code MMIM: Possible Codes for BAPI Goods Movement Transaction Control: Physical Inventory

T158N Next Transaction Code in Inventory Management T158T Inv. Management: Text Table for Trans./Event Types Allowed T158V Inv. Mngmt - General: Transaction/Event Types Allowed T158W Long Text for Transaction/Event Type T159A Test Data for Batch Input in Inventory Management T159B Parameters for Batch Inputs in Inventory Management T159C Value table for counting cycles in cycle counting T159E IM Print Func.:Determ.No.of Copies f. Label Print. T159F MMIM: Error Messages Resulting From Blocked Objects T159G Default Values for Inventory Sampling Profile T159H Long Text for Inv. Sampling Profile T159I Test Data for Batch Input in Inventory Management (Phys.Inv) T159L Default values for inventory management and physical invent. T159M "Inv. Managmt Print Function: Active Form Version, Labels" T159N Invent. Mgmt Print Function: Active Form Versions T159O Inv. Mngmt Print Function: Maintain Text Name for Labels T159P Parameters for Printing GR/GI Slips T159Q Inventory Management Print Function: Value Table for KZDRU T159R IM Document Reorganization - Life of Documents T159S Inventory Mgmt Print Function: Printer Combination T159T Invntry Mgmt. Printing: Text Table for Table T159Q T159V Text table for T159w T159W Foundation transactions and corresponding posting keys T159X Inventory Management: XAB numer range determination T159Z Inventory Management: XAB number range T160 "SAP Transaction Control, Purchasing" T160B "SAP Transaction Control, List Displays, Purchasing" T160C SAP Transaction Control for List Displays in CALL T160D Function Authorizations: Purchase Order T160E Function Authorizations: Purchasing: Descriptions T160I Control of Intrastat Reports T160J Text Table for Intrastat Reports T160L Scope of Purchasing Lists T160M Message Control: Purchasing (System Messages) T160MVAL Message category restriction for T160M T160O Description of Scope of List T160P Entities Table Routines T160Q Scope of List: Buyer's Negotiation Sheet: Routines T160R Routines for Buyer's Negotiation Sheet T160S Selection Parameters for Purchasing Lists T160T Description of Selection Parameters T160V Default Values for Purchasing T160W Description for Default Values for Purchasing Operations T160X Scope of List: Buyer's Negotiation Sheet T160Y Scope of List: Buyer's Negotiation Sheet: Description T161 Purchasing Document Types T161A Linkage of Requisition Doc. Type to Purchasing Document Type T161B Default Business Transaction Type for Import T161E Release Codes T161F Release Point Assignment for Purchase Requisition Release T161G "Release Prerequisite, Purchase Requisition" T161H "Fields for Release Procedure, Purchase Requisition" T161I Determination of Release Strategy T161M Fine-Tuned Control: Message Types T161N Message Determination Schemas: Assignment T161P "Check of Document Type, Document Category, Item Category" T161R "REORG Control, Purchasing" T161S "Release Indicator, Purchase Requisition" T161T Texts for Purchasing Document Types T161U Texts for Release Indicator

T161V T161W T161Z T162 T162B T162F T162G T162K T162S T162T T162V T162X T162Y T163 T163A T163B T163C T163D T163E T163F T163G T163I T163K T163KS T163L T163LV T163M T163P T163S T163X T163Y T164A T164C T164O T164P T164U T164Y T165 T165A T165E T165F T165K T165M T165P T165R T165S T165T T165U T166A T166C T166K T166P T166T T166U T167 T167B T167C T167F T167T T167V

Shipping-Specific Data for Stock Tfr. for Purch. Doc. Type Order Types for Stock Transfer Additional Checks for Outline Agreements on Reorganization "Field Selection, Purchasing Document" SRV: Names of Field Selection Reference Keys SRV: Names of Fields and Assignment to Group SRV: Groups: Field Selection "Field Selection, Account Assignment Fields, Purchasing" Field Selection for External Services Management Description of Field Selection Reference Key Display Variant for Service Overview Description of Field Groups from T162/T162K Groups: Field Selection Item Categories in Purchasing Document Check Item Category/Account Assignment Category Purchase Order History Categories Texts for Purchase Order History Categories Assignment Internal/External Confirmation Category Confirmation Categories Confirmation Categories: Descriptions Confirmation Control Texts for Account Assignment Categories Account Assignment Categories in Purchasing Document Assignment of Tax Indicator to Account Assignment Category Confirmation Control Keys Determination of Confirmation Control Key Confirmation Control Keys: Description Release Creation Profile Description for Release Creation Profile Zombie T163X Texts for Item Categories SAPcomm: System Parameters SAPcomm: Destination server assignment SAPcomm: Server location SAPcomm: Server selection Regional subscriber number characteristic SAPcomm: Incoming Mail Recipients Default Values for Purchasing/Services Condition Schema for Services Default Values: Service per Purchasing Organization Descriptions for User Fields per Purchasing Organization Copying Options: Header Texts Reasons for Cancellation: Short Descriptions Copying Options: Item texts Reason for Cancellation Default Initial Screen: External Services Management Text Name: External Services Management Transactions/Events Labels for User Fields and Formula Variables Supplement Text in Purchasing Document Printouts Print-Relevant Purchasing Document Changes Header Texts in Purchasing Document Printouts Item Texts in Purchasing Document Printouts Change Texts in Purchasing Document Printouts Headings in Purchasing Document Printout Number Range Management for Purchasing Master Data Name of Formula Label for the Variables of a Formula Formulas for Service Lines Transaction Description Variables of a Formula

T168 "Screen Control, Purchasing" T168F "Function Codes, Purchasing" T168T Screen Titles T169 "SAP Transaction Control, Invoice Verification/Valuation" T169A Posting String for Invoice Verification T169B Notifiable PO Supplement Types T169D Invoice Verification: Amount Check T169E Tolerance Limit Keys T169F Transaction-Dependent Defaults: Invoice Verification T169G "Tolerance Limits, Invoice Verification" T169H Entry Profile T169HT "Entry Profile Description, Logistics Invoice Verification" T169K "Default Values, Account Maintenance" T169L Vendor-Specific Parameters for Invoice Verification T169O Account Assignment Block: Fields To Be Excluded from IV T169P "Parameters, Invoice Verification" T169R MR Document Reorganization - Document Validity Period T169S Tolerance Limit Keys T169T Text Table for Tolerance Limits T169TC Logistics Invoice Verification: Item List Variants T169TCDATA Logistics Invoice Verification: Item List Variants T169TCTEXT To be deleted! T169V "Default Values, Invoice Verification" T169W Posting Strings (Values) for SAPMM08R T169WF01 IV Workflow: Amounts for Release in Invoice Parking T169X Transaction Texts: Invoice Verification T169Y Default Setting of Aggregation for Screen Variant T16FB Release Indicators: Purchasing Document T16FC Release Codes T16FD Description of Release Codes T16FE Descriptions of Release Indicators: Purchasing Documents T16FG Release Groups T16FH Descriptions of Release Groups T16FK Release Statuses T16FL Release Indicators: Service Entry Sheet T16FM Descriptions of Release Indicators for Services T16FS Release Strategies T16FT Descriptions of Release Strategies T16FV Release Prerequisites T16FW Assignment of Role to Release Code T16LA Texts on Status of Requisition Processing T16LB Scope of List: Purchase Requisitions T16LC Description of Scope of List: Purchase Requisitions T16LD Routines for Structure of Requisition Lists T16LE Texts for Routines for Structure of Requisition Lists T16LF Routines for Data Retrieval in Requisition Lists T16LG Texts for Routines for Data Retrieval in Requisition Lists T16LH Default List Scope for Requisitions in Transactions T16LI Data Retrieval for List Scope: Purchase Requisitions T16LL Routines for List Scope: Purchase Requisitions T16SA External Services Management: Routines for Scope of List T16SB External Services Management: Routines for Scope of List T16SC Scope of List for External Services Management T170 Copying Control: Texts in Purchasing T171 Customers: Sales Districts T171T Customers: Sales districts: Texts T173 Routes: Mode of Transport for Each Shipping Type T173T Routes: Mode of Transport by Shipping Type: Texts T176 Sales Documents: Customer Order Types T176T Sales Documents: Customer Order Types: Texts

T178 T178T T179 T179T T180 T180A T180B T180C T180G T180L T180M T180P T180S T180T T180U T180V T180W T180Z T181D T181F T181G T181O T181S T181T T181V T181Z T182A T182B T182BT T182C T182D T182E T184 T184D T184L T185 T185D T185E T185F T185T T185V T185W T186 T186C T186CT T186E T186F T186T T186V T186VT T188 T188T T189 T189T T190 T190H T190HT T190O T190OT T190S

Conditions: Groups for Materials Conditions: Groups for Materials: Texts Materials: Product Hierarchies Materials: Product hierarchies: Texts Screen Sequence Control: Transaction Default Values Reporting: Access Types according to Field Reporting: Totals Variants Reporting: Totals Variants: Texts Reporting: Totals Variants for each Display Variant SD: Valid Logical Databases for Extended Search Help Customizing List: Modification Reporting: Display Variants: Selection Fields per Variant(s) Reporting: Display Variants: Fields Reporting: Display Variants - Texts Reporting: Display Variants - Headings Reporting: Default Values Reporting: Window Selection Reporting: Display Variants Customizing List: Assign Work Structure Customizing Lists: Inactive Functions Generation Specifications Customizing Lists: Assign Transaction and Report Customizing List: Possible Display Groups Reporting: Screen Texts for Sales Customizing List: Default Values Customizing Lists: Reasonable Accesses Allocate Reporting Edit Routines to SAPscript Elements Structure of Info View in SD Reporting Structure of an Info View in Reporting "Allocate Report > (User, View)" "Allocate Report > (View, Form)" Control Table for Customer Statistics Sales Documents: Item Category Determination Table for Items not Relevant for Distribution Sales Documents: Item Category Determination Screen sequence control: Paths between processing locations Screen Control: Dialog Screen Control Control: Development Support Screen Control: Function Codes Screen Sequence Control: Dialogs: Texts Screen sequence control: Processing location(s) Screen Sequence Control: Processing Locations: Texts Delivery List Profile Profile in Deliveries Environment Texts for 'Create Delivery' Profile Exclude/Include F Codes from the Current GUI Status Functions in the Shipping Due List Texts for 'Shipping Due List' List Profile Link between Scenario and Profile Texts for 'Shipping Due List' List Profile Conditions: Groups for Customer Classifications Conditions: Groups for Customer Classes: Texts Conditions: Price List Categories Conditions: Price List Categories: Texts Product Allocation: Controlling Product Allocation: Planning Structure for this Step Product Allocation: Text for Planning Hierarchy Product Allocation: Definition of Product Allocation Object Product Allocation: Text for Product Allocation Object Product Allocation: Definition Procedure

T190ST T190V T2207 T2208 T2209 T2210 T2211 T2212 T2213 T2214 T2215 T2216 T2246 T2247 T2248 T2249 T22A7 T22A8 T22A9 T22B0 T22B1 T22B2 T22B3 T22B4 T22B5 T22B6 T22E6 T22E7 T22E8 T22E9 T237 T237A T237T T239 T239T T2410 T2411 T241B T241E T241H T241Q T241S T241V T241W T241Y T241Z T2420 T2421 T242A T242B T242D T242E T242H T242I T242N T242P T242Q T242S T242T T242V

Product Allocation: Definition Product allocations: Consumption period in an info structure "Values for Characteristic ""IATA Season """ "Values for Characteristic ""Day of Operation """ "Values for Characteristic ""Aircraft Type """ "Values for Characteristic ""Rotation """ "Values for Characteristic ""Destination """ "Values for Characteristic ""Departure Location """ "Values for Characteristic ""Flight Segment """ "Values for Characteristic ""Region """ "Values for Characteristic ""Flight Number """ "Values for Characteristic ""Flight Type """ "Values for Characteristic ""Main Product Group """ "Values for Characteristic ""Strategy Business Unit.""" "Values for Characteristic ""Category """ "Values for Characteristic ""Brand """ Text Table for Characteristic Values Text Table for Characteristic Values Text Table for Characteristic Values Text Table for Characteristic Values Text Table for Characteristic Values Text Table for Characteristic Values Text Table for Characteristic Values Text Table for Characteristic Values Text Table for Characteristic Values Text Table for Characteristic Values Text Table for Characteristic Values Text Table for Characteristic Values Text Table for Characteristic Values Text Table for Characteristic Values Name of report structure Display control for T237 Text table for T237 Report version table Text table for T239 Language table system control parameters Description of parameter groups Description of Characteristic Values Text to sort reports into report portfolio Text for report portfolio hierarchy Text table for currency translation type Sender field description Data Area Text Description of value type Texts for transfer parameters User profile text table System control parameters Parameter groups for system control parameters in SAP-EIS Aspects Characteristic values per characteristic Data transfer control Sort reports into report portfolio Hierarchies in report portfolio Sender information Report composed of individual windows Window management Currency translation type SAP-EIS: Collection programs and sender structures Texts Data area (previously version)

T242W T242X T242Y T242Z T243A T243B T243C T243D T243LS T243S T243X T246 T247 T248 T2512 T2513 T2514 T2538 T255 T258A T258E T258F T258I T258K T258M T258T T258W T258Z T25B2 T25B3 T25B4 T25D8 T25T T260 T260H T260S T260T T260U T265 T27NN T28NN T300 T300T T301 T301T T302 T302T T303 T303T T304 T304T T305 T305T T306 T306T T307 T307T T308 T308T T309

Value types SAP-EIS: Data Transfer: Origin Parameters Transfer parameters Hierarchy index Set R/3 TR-CM Subsystems and Company Codes Convert Sender Planning Group Convert Sender Planning Level Convert Sender Business Areas Logging Table for Distributed CM Data TRCM Link: Transmission Status Table for Logical Systems Table documentation Month name and short text "Week in a month (first, ..., last)" Table of characteristic values Table of Characteristic Values Table of characteristic values Table of Characteristic Values "Values for Characteristic ""&""" Determining the costing sheet for condition access Table for managing external data transfer CO-PA access control for Product Costing Assignment: Condition types -> CO-PA value fields Assignment of Cost Components to CO-PA Value Fields Assignment: SD qty. fields -> CO-PA qty. fields Description of assignment group Assignment: DDIC structures -> CO-PA structures Definition of allocation groups Text table for characteristics Text table for characteristic values Text table for characteristic values Text table for characteristic values Text table for characteristic values Standard Service Catalog: Structure Definition Text Module Description Structure Description of Service Type Description for Structure Definition of Service Type Split Structure of Text Module Transaction Control: External Services Management Master Data Table: & Master Data Texts: & WM Warehouse Numbers Warehouse Number Descriptions WM Storage Types Storage Type Descriptions WM Storage Sections Storage Section Names WM Storage Bin Types WM Names of Storage Bin Types Storage Section Indicators Text for Storage Section Indicator Storage Type Indicators Text for Storage Type Indicator Special Movement Indicators Texts for Special Movement Indicators Storage Unit Types Text for Storage Unit Type Requirements Categories Texts for Requirement Types Fire-Containment Sections

T309T Names for Fire-Containment Sections T30A WM Picking Areas T30AT Picking Area Descriptions T30B WM Gates T30BT Zone Descriptions T30C WM Materials Staging Zones T30CT Description for Materials Staging Zones T310 Pre-Allocated Stock T311 Definition of WM Groups T311A Cross-Reference WM Group for Documents T311L Definition of Run Within a WM Group T312 Control Performance Data and TO Split T312A Profile for performance data T312B Profile for Transfer Order Split T312R Setup Time for Planned Processing in Transfer Order T312S Profile for Sorting T312W Time for Planned TO Processing T3130A Dynamic Menu Management T3130B Dynamic Menu Management - Text Table T3130C Screen Management T3130D Screen Management (Text Table for Logical Screen Names) T3130E Screen Management (Text Table for Logical Screen Names) T3130F Control for Enter on RF Screens: Categorization T3130G Control for Enter on RF Screens: Function Code Sequence T313A Determination of Verification Profile T313B Definition of Verification Profile T313C Assignment of application identifier type T313D Definition of Application Identification T313E Descriptions of the AI Definition T313F Definition User Profile for Mobile Data Entry T313G General Parameters for Bar Code Type Definition T313H Bar Code Profile: Header T313I Description of an EAN128 Profile T313J Bar Code Profile: Items T313K Allocation of Layout and Bar Code Profile to Output Type T313Y ILN for SSCC Generation at Storage Location Level T313Z ILN for SSCC Generation at Warehouse Number Level T318 Picking waves profile T318T Texts for Picking Waves Profiles T319 Control of Automatic Pick HU Creation T319A Assignment Automatic Pick-HU Creation T320 Assignment IM Storage Location to WM Warehouse Number T320A WM: Storage Location Control T321 Assignment MM Movement Type > MM-WM Movement Type T321B Stock Types and Special Stocks for External Systems T321D Assignment Movement Type RM-LVS Dec. R/3 > HOST Act. (R/2) T321K Definition of Accumulated Messages to HOST (R/2) T322 RM Movement Types for Clearing Inventory T323 Controlling Mail if Error Occurs During Decentral.Shipping T323M Log. Error Handling Host R/2 - Decentr. WMS R/3 (Mail Def.) T323P Parameters for Generating Logs and Mail Messages (R/2->R/3) T323V Error handling (Host)- Decentralized SD (Definition of mail) T324 Storage Loc. Ref. T324T Descriptions for Storage Loc. Reference T325 WM: QM Interface for Handling Insptection Samples T325T Description for Control WM-QM Interface T326 Control Table for 2-Step Picking T327 Control of Link between WM and Warehouse Control Unit (WCU)

T327A T327B T327T T327V T328 T328A T328B T328C T329A T329D T329F T329P T329S T329T T330 T330T T331 T331B T331C T331L T333 T333A T333B T333M T333N T333O T333T T333U T334B T334E T334P T334T T334U T335 T336 T336T T337A T337B T337C T337D T337Z T338 T338T T339 T339T T340 T340D T341 T342 T342T T343 T343I T343J T344 T345 T346 T346L T346T T346X T350

Control of link WM - subsystem Definition of function modules for IDOC setup: Link WM - sub Variant description for link WM -> subsystem Variants for WM Link -> Subsystem Warehouse Activity Monitor: Defin. of Critical Parameters Activate Whse Act. Monitor Objects Whse Act.Monitor: Display Variants for Hierarchy Display Whse Act.Monitor: Description of Display Variants Printer Pool Definition Transfer Order Printer Control Print Control Table Transfer Order Print Parameters Print Control Table for Multiple Processing Procedures Texts for Setting Formats for Printing Transfer Orders Blocking Reasons Text for Blocking Reason Storage Type Control Storage Type Control for Bulk Storage Control of storage type for putaway strategy K Storage Classes Allowed per Storage Type WM Movement Types Shipment Types Texts for Transfer Types Mail control for background processing Control for automatic transfer order creation Texts for automatic TO creation Texts for WM Movement Types WM Movement Types for Transf.Posting in WM and IM Storage Section Search Storage Unit Type Check Storage Bin Type Search Storage Type Search Access Strategy for Storage Type Search Default Values for Inventory Difference Indicators Texts for Difference Indicators Division of Storage Bins into Sections Bulk Storage Sectioning Search Range per Level for Stock Placement Strategy K Assignment Aisle to Shelf for Stock Placement Strategy K Bin Sectioning per Storage Bin Type/Storage Unit Type Bulk Storage Indicators Texts for Bulk Storage Indicators Definition of Comment for TO Execution Text Table for Comment for TO Execution WM Transactions WM Default Values WM Screen Selection Control of Screen Sequence in WM Assignment of Title Bar to PF Status Storage Bin Structure for Automatic Creation of Storage Bins Definition of Sort Field in Storage Bin Definition of Sequence Field in Storage Bin Client-Specific Control Table for MM-WM Client-Dependent Control Table for WM->PP Staging RF Queue Definition Assignment Sections and Activities to Queue RF Queue Descriptions Exceptions: Queue Forwarding Maintenance Control Parameters: Client/Order Type

T350E Access sequence addresses for address proposal purch. data T350I Combination of order type and PM activity type allowed T350W Maintenance control parameters: Order type plant T351 Maintenance strategy T351P Maintenance packages T351T Maintenance strategy texts T351X Maintenance strategy package texts T352B Technical report T352B_T Catalog profile texts T352C Catalog types for each catalog profile T352R Maintenance revisions T352T Permit Categories T352T_T Text for Permit Categories T353I Maintenance activity types T353I_T Maintenance activity type description T354A Define business operation for authorization check T354B Business transactions for authorization check T354S Set parameter for calling master data transactions T354T Transaction branching by dynpro field T355E Response time monitor T355E_T Response profile text T355E_W Response times T355R Service window T355R_T Service window text T355R_W Service window T356 Priorities T356A Priority type table T356A_T Priority type texts T356_T Priority text T357 Plant Section T357A Effect of malfunction on the system T357A_T Texts for effect of malfunction on the system T357G Permits T357G_GR PM: Permit groups T357G_T Text for Table 357GT T357M Machine operating condition T357M_T Operating condition texts T357Z System condition T357Z_T System condition - Text table T362 Service Categories T362O Org. Status: Service Category T362T Service Category Names T362U Name of Org. Status: Service Category T365 Initial values for PM notification transactions T365A Start values for notification transactions - Customizing T370 Start Values for PM Master Data Transactions T370A Activity Category for PM Lists T370B Technical object authorization group T370B_T Language-dependent texts for authorization group T370C ABC indicator for technical objects T370CLC Fleet Consumption Calculation Keys T370CLC_T Text for Fleet Consumption Calculation Keys T370CON Fleet Consumption Unit Group T370CON_T Short Text For Fleet Consumption Unit Groups T370CONV Fleet Consumption Units T370C_T Language-dependent texts for ABC indicator T370DMP Default Measuring Point For Technical Object T370ENG Engine Type T370ENG_T Engine Type: Multilingual Short Texts T370F Functional Location Category

T370FLD Fluid Types T370FLD_T Fluid Types: Multilingual Short Texts T370FLT Fleet Types T370FLT_R Fleet Types: Reference to Technical Object Types (Equi/FL) T370F_T Language-Dependent Texts for T370F T370K Type of technical object T370K_T Language-Dependent Texts for Object Type T370L Default value type for start transactions (two-character) T370M Category default value for start transactions T370N Object link category T370N_T Language dependent texts for T370N T370O Object Categories Allowed for MeasPoints and MeasDocuments T370P Measuring Point Category T370POS Valid Measuring Point Positions (Sort Field) T370POS_T Valid Measuring Point Positions (Sort Field) - Short Texts T370POS_USG Fleet Objects: Counter Usage T370P_T Language-Dependent Texts for T370P T370R Reference Functional Location Category T370R_T Language-Dependent Texts for T370R T370S Functional Location Structure Indicators T370S_T Language-Dependent Texts for T370S T370T Equipment categories T370U Language-dependent texts for T370T T370USG Fleet Usage T370USG_T Fleet Usage: Multilingual Short Texts T370Z History-related fields T371A IB: Installed base type T371A_T IB: Text table for T371A T371B IB: Views for database access T371C IBase Authorization Group T371C_T IB: Text Tables for T371C T371D IB: Component Reservation Object Type T371F IB: Object Types for User (Owner/Observer) T371F_T IB: Text Tables for T371F T371G IB: Object types for structure references T371G_T IB: Text Tables for T371G T371I IB: Classes for Installation Rules T371S IB: Screens Per IBase Component Type T371U IB: Permitted Component Types per IBase Type T371X IB: Function Modules Per IBase Component Type T371Z IB: Assignment of IBase Component Types to Function Codes T372I Network identification T372I_T Language-dependent texts for network ID T372M Medium T372M_T Language-dependent texts for link medium (T372)M T377 Criteria for Material Serial Number Management T377G Criteria for Serial Number Management (Group) T377P Serial Number Management Profiles T377P_T Texts for Serial Number Management Profiles T377X Documents Allowed for Serial Number Management T377X_T Texts for Serial Number Management Documents T390 PM: Shop papers for print control T390D PM: Destinations and database names for download T390_O PM: Shop paper control by order type T390_OT Description of shop papers per document type selection T390_T PM: Shop paper description T390_U Print control by user T392 PM: DDIC structures for print diversion T392_V PM: Detailed selection for print diversion T399A Control: Automatic Order Creation

T399C T399D T399G T399G_T T399I T399J T399P T399Q T399U T399W T399W_T T399X T401A T401I T401M T401T T401Z T405 T409 T410 T410T T411 T411T T412 T412T T413 T413T T414 T414T T415A T415B T415M T415S T415T T416 T416K T416T T416V T417 T417T T418 T418D T418F T418G T418T T418V T419S T419T T421 T421T T423 T423T T425 T425T T426 T426T T428 T428T T429 T429T

Control: Service Assembly Processing Control Parameters for MRP Maintenance Plan Sort Field Descriptions for Maintenance Plan Sort Fields Planning plant parameters Maintenance parameters (client) Maintenance item category parameter Default values for maintaining independent requirements Control: General PM/SM settings Maintenance plan type parameter Maintenance plan category descriptions Parameters dependent on order type Material: MRP profiles (definition) Fields in MRP profile that can be initial Transaction control paramters: MRP profiles MRP Profile Descriptions Collection of changed profiles for batch framework Purchasing value key Relationships between task list types and material types Engineering Workbench: Working area Engineering Workbench: Working environment (text) Task list usage Language-dependent texts for T411: Task list usages Task list status Language-dependent texts for T412: Task list status Spare Part Indicators Spare part indicator description Explosion Types Explosion type description Alternative BOM Determination Alternative Determination by Unit of Measure Material Types Allowed in BOM BOM status BOM Status Texts BOM Usage - Item Statuses Copying Defaults For Item Status BOM Usage Texts Copy defaults for BOM usage - item statuses Material Provision Indicators Materials Provided Indicator Texts Item Categories Definition of Variables for T418F Variable-Size Item Formulas Formula Texts Item Category Texts Item category proposal for component assignment Change Master Status Change Master Status Texts Wage groups Language-dependent texts for T421: Wage groups Wage group qualification Language-dependent texts for T423: Qualifications/Wage grp. Setup group keys Language-dependent texts for T425: Setup group keys Setup group categories Language-dependent texts for T426: Setup group categories Setup type key Language-dependent texts for T428: Setup type key Types of standard value determination Lang.-depend. texts for Tab. T429: Types of std. val. determ

T430 T430T T433 T433T T434G T434H T434K T434L T434P T434R T434S T435 T435C T435I T435T T435W T436A T437A T437D T437E T437L T437P T437R T437S T437T T437U T437V T437W T437X T437Z T438A T438M T438R T438S T438T T438U T438V T438W T438X T438Y T439A T439B T439C T439F T439G T439H T439I T439J T439L T439P T439T T440A T440B T440C T440F T440G T440L T440P T440X T440Y

Operation/Activity control key Language-dependent text table for the control key T430 Milestone Indicator Milestone texts Stock determination group Texts for stock determination rule (T434G) Stock determination: Header table Texts for stock determination - header table Stock determination: FS item table Stock determination rule Texts for stock determination rule (T434R) Standard texts for routing/ref. op set items Configuration Information for a Table Control ID for Program - Table Control - TC Context Language-dependent texts for T435: Standard text key Pull list control Floats for scheduling Table for Field Selection: Repetitive Manufacturing Control Parameter Plant for Repetitive Mfg Withdrawal Sequence Linking Production Version and Cost Estimate Version Planning IDs for Repetitive Manufacturing Description of the Repetitive Manufacturing Profile Repetitive Manufacturing Profile Table Documentation Element for Repetitive Manufacturing Control Table for Further Processing of Goods Receipts Distribution key in MRP MRP distribution key (texts) Cost Collector Strategy Row Texts for Maintaining Run Schedule Headers MRP Type Control Parameter for MRP -Material LevelRange of coverage profile Text describing the range of coverage profile MRP description Absolute Intervals for Range of Coverage Profile Period Profile for Safety Time Text on Period Profile for Safety Time MRP group text Absolute Periods for Period Profile for Safety Time MRP Lot Sizes Scope of Planning MRP Unit: Header Scope of Planning MRP Unit: Sequence Handling of planning flag at abnormal termination PPplanning periods: header table PP planning periods: long texts PP planning periods: schedule lines (periods) PP planning periods: calculation rule Warehouse costs for MRP lot size Split-up for forecast requirements Texts for lot-sizing procedures Change fields for MRP Control table for creating MRP record Planning file entries for goods movements Exception messages for the forecast Weighting Groups for Finding the Moving Average Value Correction Factors: Forecast Profiles for Function Module PROGNOSE_DIALOG Allocation of forecast model to model groups Forecast weighting factor

T440Z T441A T441C T441CT T441G T441I T441M T441R T441T T441V T441W T442B T442C T444A T444B T444C T444K T444M T444P T444S T444T T444V T445A T445B T445C T445C1 T445C2 T445E T445F T445G T445I T445L T445M T445N T445NK T445O T445OT T445P T445Q T445QK T445R T445S T445T T445U T445V T445Y T445Z T445Z1 T445ZT T446F T446H T449A T449B T449F T449S T449T T449U T449V T450 T450A

Allocate error -> error class in the forecast Forecast profiles Profile - availability check "Texts for Profile ""Display Availability Check""" Checking Group Values Fields in forecast profile that can be initial fields Forecast transaction control Values Table for Checking Rule Texts for Material Forecasting Profiles Availability Check Control Checking Rule Texts Start times for MRP background programs Control: activity reqmts transfer MRP/SOP -> CO Navigation Profile for Flexible Transaction Calls Settings for Flexible Transaction Calls Settings for Flexible Transaction Calls for each MRP Element LIS Planning: Screen Sequence Control Table Planning: Control Table - Key Matrix Screen LIS Planning: Key Matrix Selection Control Table Text Table for T444A Text Table for T444B Text Table for T444C Planning Configuration for Info Structure User Parameters for Planning Type Assign Time Bar - Technical Period Allocation of Permitted Periods for Planning Planning Period Units of Info Structure Units for LIS Planning Texts for Line Definitions (SOP) Texts of LIS Planning Macros Planning Attributes: Information Structure SOP Planning Table Definitions Macro Definitions: LIS Planning Executable Macros Storage of decimal points Operations for LIS Planning Functions Short Description of LIS Operations Planning Types: LIS/SOP Prices for Price Band Categories Prices for Price Band Categories (Key) Characteristic Fields per Info Structure for Table T445Q Collision Matrix for Locking Product Groups Texts: Definitions for Planning Table (SOP) Sales and Operations Planning/Initial Settings per User Plant Distribution Profile for SOP Transfer to Demand Management Period Split for Display of Time Axis Period Split for Planning Text for Period Split Assignment of Data Elements to Hierarchies Hierarchies for LIS Statistics and Planning Period split Period split: language-dependent description Control of sequence of the extended header in the MRP list User Settings: Sort for Table User-Setting For Field Sequence To Display A Table Settings for Collective Display of MRP List User Parameters for Traffic Lights Settings in MD04/MD05 MRP transaction control Control Table of PF Status for Run Schedule Modification

T450C T450F T450N T450P T450U T457A T457C T457G T457H T457I T457J T457K T457L T457P T457S T457T T458A T458B T458C T458D T459 T459A T459C T459K T459R T459S T459T T459U T459V T459W T459X T459Y T460A T460B T460C T460D T460P T460Q T460T T461P T461S T461T T461X T462 T462A T462T T463 T463T T46AC T46AS T46AT T46PR T476 T476T T482 T482T T488 T488A T488B T488C

Table for Controlling the PF Status for Repet.Manufacturing Field selection maintaining independent requirements Transaction Control MRP With Object Transaction control for maintaining ind. requirements User exit material selection - MRP Processing key for planning run Transaction calls control MPS evaluation: evaluation profile MPS evaluation: hierarchy of MRP elements MPS evaluations: long texts MPS evaluation: user-specific layout MPS evaluation: user-specific schedule lines MPS evaluation: receipts/issues texts Text Table for Order Types in the Planned Order Block table for MRP and forecast run Description of MRP elements Exception Messages in Material Requirements Planning Description of exception messages Selection Group for Exception Messages Texts for Selection Group Availability Check: Requirements and Planning Types External requirements types Default values for independent requirements Control table for customer requirements Reference requirements table Period splitting Availability Check: Requirement and Planning Types: Texts Settings for maintaining independent requirements Version table Texts for requirements types Text table for ind. reqmts reference table Reqmts types for sales and distribution: texts Special procurement key Special Procurement Key Conversion Order/Purchase order types for planned order Order/Purchase order types for planned order Procurement and Special Procurement Check Special Procurement Types per Procurement Type Texts for special procurement keys Planning strategy group Planning strategies Planning strategy text Planning strategy group text Customizing Table Selection Rule / Display Filter Logical destination for parallel processing Text Table for T462: Customizing Selection Rule Customizing Table Display Filter - Settings Text_table for T463 : Customizing Display Filter Action control Action code text Action code description List layout and print parameters Parameterization of the Configuration Editor Parameterization of the Configuration Editor Table of scheduling types Texts for scheduling types Assignment of Table Fields to Groups Language-dependent texts for Table T488 "Value table for T488: ""Option types for routing history""" Texts for Table T488B

T488T Texts for the fields of Table T488 T490 Transactions PP - orders - order category T496B CIM order: Assigning document types to reference doc. types T496D CIM: Destination/lists/spool parameters per user/plant T496F CIM order: Form description of the list T496K CIM order: Entity table of possible table identifiers T496N CIM order: List descriptions T496P Print PP documents: Determination of output device T496R Print PP shop papers: Report control T496T Print PP shop papers: Transaction control T496V PP Print: Default Value for Printing Online or Background T496Z CIM order: Table-controlled table access T498 Distribution function T498T Distribution Function Texts T499P Reduction strategies - texts T499Q Reduction strategies T499R Reduction levels for reduction strategies T499S Location T500C Currency for Public Service Sector T500L Personnel Country Grouping T500L_CUST Customer View of Table T500L T500P Personnel Areas T500T HR Country Groupings T500W Valid Country Currencies T501 Employee Group T501T Employee Group Names T502T Marital Status Designators T503 Employee Group/Subgroup T503K Employee subgroup T503T Employee Subgroup Names T503Z Country Assignment for Employee Group/Subgroup T504R To be deleted - no longer used! T504S To be deleted - no longer used! T504T To be deleted - no longer used! T504U To be deleted - no longer used! T504V To be deleted - no longer used! T504W To be deleted - no longer used! T504X To be deleted - no longer used! T504Y To be deleted - no longer used! T504Z To be deleted - no longer used! T505K Grievance Levels (NA) T505L Grievance Level Texts T505M Military status T505N Military Status Texts T505O Grievance Reasons (NA) T505P Grievance Reason Texts T505R Ethnic Origin T505S Ethnic Origin Texts T505U Residence Status T505V Residence Status Texts T505X Tax Authority Table T505Y Tax Authority Texts T505Z Bonds (NA) T506A Loan Categories T506C Controlling Loan Allocation T506D Conditions for Employee Loans T506L Loan Wage Types T506P Assignment of Wage Types to Loan Payments T506R National Reports and Screens for HR Loans T506S HR Loans: Value Date for Each Payroll Area

T506T Loan Condition Texts T506W Technical Characteristics of Loan Wage Types T507A RWH Delimitation of Employees Affected T508A Work Schedule Rules T508S Text Table for Work Schedule Rules (T508A) T508T Texts for Employee Subgroup Groupings for Work Schedules T508Z Assignment of PS Grouping for Work Schedules to Daily WS T509F ID type T509G ID type text T509H Type of work permit T509I Work permit type text T50F0 HR-FORMS: Assignment of Standard Texts to Forms T50X1 Type of Expatriate T50X2 Type of Expatriate Text T510 Pay Scale Groups T510A Pay Scale Types T510B Appraisal Constants T510C Adjust Bases for Calculating PScale T510D Dynamic Standard Pay Increase T510E Dynamic Standard Pay Increase II T510F Assign Pay Scale > Currency T510G Pay Scale Areas T510H Payroll Parameters for Time Unit T510I Standard Working Hours T510J Constant Valuations T510K Constant Valuations T510L Step Table T510M Valuation of pay scale groups acc. to hiring date T510N Pay Scales for Annual Salaries (NA) T510O Local Allowances BAT (D) T510P Premium Table T510Q Family-Related Bonuses T510R Pay Scale Reclassification T510S Time Wage Type Selection T510T Premium Texts T510U Pay Scale Groups T510V Check Table For Processing Types in T510S (WT Generation) T510W Pay Scale > Period Parameter Assignment T510X WTs Permitted for Transfer from Time Evaluation to MMS T510Y Special Rules for Wage Type Generation T510Z Texts for Time Wage Type Selection Rules T511 Wage Types T511A Calculation Rules for Averages T511B Cumulation Rules for Bases for Calculating Average Values T511C Adjustment Rules for Bases for Calculating Average Values T511IV_M Indirect Evaluation Module T511IV_MT Indirect Evaluation Module Text T511K Payroll Constants T511M Wage Type Models T511P International Payroll Constants T511T Designation of Payroll Constant Amounts T512C Wage Types to be Broken Down T512D Line Layout in Window T512E Form-Related Control of Wage Types T512F Form Windows T512G Supplementary Group Texts T512H Assignment of Text Elements to Forms T512I System Documentation - Kwic Index T512J Objects in T512U (Not Language Dependent) T512K Text for Payroll Constants Regarding Time Units

T512L Payroll Constant Designations T512N Rule Table for Form T512P Form Background T512Q Information in Fixed Positions T512R Cumulation Wage Types in Forms T512S Texts for Cumulation Wage Types in Forms T512T Wage Type Texts T512U HR System Documentation T512V RPDSYS00 - Cross References T512W Wage Type Valuation T512X HR Interface: Permitted Wage Types T512Z Permissibility of Wage Types per Infotype T512Z_ESSEX ESS: Deactivate Wage Types per Infotype T513 Jobs T513A User-related Values T513C Jobs With Other/Previous Employers T513D Job Groups T513F Appraisal Criteria Texts T513G Appraisal Groups T513H Appraisal Criteria T513I RPDSYS00 - KWIC Index T513J RPDSYS00 - Default Values T513K RPDSYS00 - Relations T513L RPDSYS00 - Exploding Functions T513M RPDSYS00 - Origin of Documentation T513N RPDSYS00 - Supplementary Information T513O RPDSYS00 - Structure of DLIB Docu T513P Pension Reserve Groups T513PAPD PA-PD: Assign Appraisal Models to EE (sub)area/(sub)group T513Q RPDSYS00 - Print Control for Chapters T513S Job Titles T513U Secondary System Documentation T513V RPDSYS00 - Cross References T514B Page Types for From Classes T514C Allowed Conversions for Forms T514D Form Index T514F Form Class Attributes T514K Allowed Table Names / Short IDs for Forms T514N Allowed Field Names for Forms T514R Page Type Texts T514S Table Name Texts T514T Field Name Texts T514U Conversion Texts T514V Form Name Texts T514X Input Help Routines for Identifiers in PE51 T514Z Screen Control for Transaction PE51 T515A Fund Types T515R Tables in Payroll Results T515S Relationships between Tables in Payroll Results T515T Splits in Payroll Results T515U Hierarchy of Tables in Payroll Results T515V Element Tables in Payroll Results Tables T515W Group Together Table Fields in the Payroll Results T515Y Sign Reversal for Table Fields in the Payroll Results T516T Religious Denomination Texts T517A Educational Establishment Types/Final Certificates T517T Educational Establishment Type Designations T517X Branches of Study T517Y Specialty validation table T517Z School Types/Branches of Study

T518A Vocation Check Table T518B Vocation Descriptions T518C Education/Training Categories T518D Education/Training Categories Check Table T518E Education/Training Categories/E&T T519T Final Certificates T51A1 HR: Final Date for HR Postings (Accruals) T51AV_2P Assignment of Partial Period Parameters to Average Bases T51AV_2W Assignment of Primary Wage Types to Average Bases T51AV_A Calculation Rules for Averages T51AV_AT Text for Calculation Rules for Averages T51AV_B Cumulation Rules for Bases for Calculating Average Values T51AV_BT Text for Cumulation Rule for Average Calculation Bases T51AV_C Adjustment Rules for Bases for Calculating Average Values T51AV_CT Text for Calculation Rules for Averages T51AV_E Final Processing Rules for Averages T51AV_E_BR Final Processing Rules for Averages (Brazil) T51AV_P Assignment of Wage Types to Average Calculation Rules T51AV_R Relevance Rule for Calculating Averages T51AV_ROC Off-cycle reasons not relevant for calculation of averages T51AV_RT Text for Relevance Rules for Averages T51AV_W Comparison Rules for Calculating Averages T51B1 HR-ARC: Global Characteristics of Archiving Group T51B2 HR-ARC: Special Attributes of the Archiving Group T51B3 HR-ARC: Archiving Groups That Currently Archive Logically T51C1 Car factory definition table T51C2 Car factory text table T51C3 Car model definition table T51C4 Car model text table T51C5 Country specific attributes T51C8 Car maintenance rule T51C9 Car maintenance rule texttable T51CA Wagetypes for payrollfunction P0442 T51CC Company car unavailability reason T51CD Company car unavailability reason - text table T51D1 Limits for Deductions T51D2 Wage Type Classes T51D3 Reduction Rules T51D4 Cumulation rules T51D5 Start Point T51D6 Interval Definitions T51DS Text for Time Intervals T51DT Wage Type Class Texts T51G1 Off-Cycle Batch Table T51G2 Off-Cycle Batch Table T51P1 Wage Type Assignment T51P3 Indicator for Wage Type Assignment T51P4 Text: Indicator for Wage Type Assignment T51P6 Characteristics of wage types for arrears processing T51R1 Bank Transfer Request T51R2 Transfer ID T51R3 Payment ID T51R4 Indivual Bank Transfer T51R5 Cumulated Remittances T51R6 Offsetting Entry for Remittance T51R8 Transfer Request - Payroll Result - Grouping T51RA Derivation of HR Creditor from the Wage Type T51RD Rule Derivation per HR Accumulator and Amount T51RH Define HR payee link to FI vendor T51RJ Description of Remittance Rules

T51RK T51RL T51RM T51RN T51RS T51RT T51RV T51T0 T51T1 T51T2 T51T3 T51T4 T51T5 T51T6 T51T7 T51T8 T51T9 T51TA T51TB T51TC T51TD T51TE T51TX T51TY T520M T520S T521B T521C T521T T522 T522F T522G T522N T522T T523T T525A T525B T525C T525D T525E T525F T525G T525H T525I T525J T525K T525L T525M T525N T525NT T525O T525P T525PT T525Q T525R T525RT T525S T525T T525TT T525U

Remittance Rule HR Creditor link HR Accumulator HR Accumulator Text Derivation of HR creditor rule HR payee text Number Ranges Retained Evaluation of wage types for tax reporting "Tax Types, which has to be reported in the tax forms" "Definitions, how tax datas will be reported" Fields for tax information on magnetic media Evaluated tax form reporting periods "Events, on which form will be issued" Evaluated payroll time units Text for tax forms Definitions of a tax form Tax pay dates Wage or tax form group for tax reporter Text of attributes for tax Tax attributes Tax attributes Text table for subjects of tax calculation and reporting Transfer to be Evaluated Transferred Employees Cash Breakdown List Text Key for Data Carrier Payee Keys Check Table for Payees Institution Texts - No longer used Title Keys Format for HR Name Format Title Keys HR Name Format Forms of Address Challenge Types Selection Rules for Employee Data Selection Rule for Employee Data - Short Text Definition of Valuation Models for Employee Data Valuation Models for Employee Data Rounding Rule for Time Intervals Rounding Rule for Time Intervals - Short Text Calculation Rule for Time Specifications (Obs. as of 4.6A) Calculation Rule - Short Text (Obsolete as of Rel. 4.6A) Infotype Selection Condition Infotype Selection Condition - Short Text Definition of Infotype Selection Condition Valuation Models for Employee Data Assignment of Selection Rules to Selection Classes Selection Class Selection Class - Short Text Assignment of Selection Classes to Valuation Models Calculation Process for Employment Period Calculation Calculation Process for Employment Period Calculation (Text) Calculation Process Empl. Period Calculation (Customer) Process Step for Employment Period Calculation Process Step for Employment Period Calculation (Text) Assignment of Valuation Model and Rounding Rule Time Specification Type for Employment Period Calculation Time Specifications Type - Text Conversion Rules for Employment Period Calculation

T525UT Conversion Rules - Text Tables T525V Selection Exit T525VT Selection Exit Text T525Z Permissibility of Infotype Selection in Empl.Period Calc. T526 Administrators T527 Organizational Key: Control T527A Organizational Key Creation Rules T527O Organizational Key Validation T527X Organizational Units T528B Positions T528C Wage Type Catalog T528T Position Texts T529A Personnel Action Types T529A_ESSEX ESS: Deactivation of Personnel Action Types T529F Fast Data Entry for Actions T529T Personnel Action Texts T529U Status Values T52A0 Internal Object Number T52A0_T Texts for Objects in T52A0 T52B1 Object Classes T52B2 Object Attributes T52B3 Valid Object Class Attributes T52B4 Valid Attribute Values T52B5 Assignment of Values to Objects T52B6 Function Parameters T52B7 Valid Function Parameter Values T52B8 Function Parameter Texts T52B9 Use of Infotypes for Objects T52BA Assignment of Values to Customer Objects T52BB Texts on Function Parameter Values T52BM Operation Models T52BN Assigning Models to Operations T52BO Operation Parameters T52BP Texts For Operation Parameters T52BR Texts For Attribute Values T52BS Texts for Attributes of HR Objects T52BT Texts For HR Objects T52BW Input/Output Parameter T52BX Valid Special Payroll Runs for Countries T52C0 Payroll Schemas T52C1 Payroll Schemas T52C2 Texts for Personnel Calculation Schemas T52C3 Texts for Personnel Calculation Schemas T52C5 Personnel Calculation Rules T52CC Schema Directory T52CC_T Text table for schema directory T52CD Schema Directory T52CD_T Text table for schema directory T52CE Directory of Personnel Calculation Rules T52CE_T Text table for PCR directory T52CLST Display Order for Payroll Tables in PC_PAYRESULT T52CT Text Elements T52CX Cross References via Generated Schemas T52D1 Valid Processing Classes T52D2 Valid Values for Processing Classes T52D3 Valid Evaluation Classes T52D4 Permitted Values for Evaluation Classes T52D5 Wage Type Groups T52D6 Wage Type Group Texts T52D7 Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Groups

T52D8 Valid Processing Classes - Texts T52D9 Valid Values for Processing Classes - Texts T52DA Valid Evaluation Classes - Texts T52DB Valid Evaluation Classes - Texts T52DN Name Range for Processing and Evaluation Classes T52DZ Assignment: Customizing - Model Wage Type T52E1 HR: Sort Sequence RPCIPO00 T52E2 Posting to Accounting: Posting Variants T52E2T Transfer to Accounting: Posting Variants - Texts T52EK Symbolic Accounts T52EKT Texts for Symbolic Accounts T52EL Posting of Payroll Wage Types T52EM Valid Values for Employee Grouping Account Determination T52EMT Texts for Employee Grouping Account Determination T52EP Account Assignment Type T52EPT Texts for Account Assignment Type T52EV Payroll Reporting Types T52EVT Texts for Payroll Reporting Types T52EX Transfer to Accounting: External Company Codes 3.X T52EZ Time-Dependency of Wage Type Posting T52G0 Jurisdiction T52G1 Description of the jurisdiction T52G2 Garnishment category T52G3 Description of the garnishment category T52G4 Agency T52G5 Description of the agency T52G6 Remittance rule T52G7 Debt T52G8 Description of the debt T52G9 Model for the gross/net T52GA Description of the model for the gross/net T52GB Model for the non-exempt amount T52GC Description of the model for the non-exempt amount T52GD Model for the relationship to other debts T52GE Description of the model for the relationship to other debts T52GF Calculation rule T52GG Description of the calculation rule T52GH Calculation rule characteristics T52GI Garnishee fee T52GJ Description of garnishee fee T52IA Payroll Infotypes T52IB Assignment of Evaluation Wage Types T52IC Evaluation Wage Types T52ID Texts for Evaluation Wage Types T52IE Assignment for Evaluation Wage Types T52IF Assignment for Payroll T52MCW HR Payroll: Matchcode W T52OCA Off-Cycle Reasons for Absence Types T52OCAP Payroll in Advance - Default Values for Number of Periods T52OCB Default Value for Payment Method - Off-Cycle Workbench T52OCC Categories for Off-Cycle Reasons T52OCCT Categories for off-cycle reasons - texts T52OCF Permitted Functions for the Off-Cycle Workbench Per Country T52OCG "Off-Cycle: Flags for Batch: Payroll, Subsequent Program" T52OCL Off-cycle: Bank Transfer Replaced by Check or Reversed T52OCP Default Wage Types For Displaying Payroll Results T52OCP1 Check Management Groupings T52OCP1T Check Management Groupings - Text T52OCP2 Check Management Grouping - Assigned Administrators T52OCP3 Check Management Grouping - Assign Report and Variants

T52OCP4 Check Management Grouping - REGUH Information for R T52OCR Reasons for Off-Cycle Payroll Runs T52OCRT Reasons for Off-Cycle Payroll Texts T52OCV Variants for Off-Cycle Payroll Runs T52OCW Default Wage Types for Bonus Run - Off-Cycle Workbench T52OCZ Off-Cycle: Payment Methods for Transfer and Check T52RELID HR: Description of cluster in table PCLx T52RELIDT HR: Texts for clusters in table PCLx T52RIC Retroactive Changes to Off-Cycle Infotypes T52SE HRPAY-Status Management: Program Categories T52SES HRPAY-Status Management: Default Values for Categories T52SES_C HRPAY Status Management:Default Values for Customer Category T52SESC HRPAY Process Manager: Override Consistency Check T52SET HRPAY-Status Management: Text for Program Category T52SM HRPAY-Status Management: Attributes of a Process Model T52SMBID Filter Value for Determination of BAdI for Set Creation T52SMP HRPAY-Status Management: Default Values T52SMP_C HRPAY-Status Management: Default Values T52SMPC HRPAY-Status Management: Categories for Default Values T52SMPM HRPAY-Status Management: Default Values with Clients T52SMPM_C HRPAY-Status Management:Default Values with Clients/Customer T52SMS HRPAY-Status Management: Steps in a Process Model T52SMSC HRPAY-Status Management: Info on Communication per Step T52SMST Process Manager: Text for a Step T52SMT HRPAY-Status Management: Text for Process Model T52SP HRPAY-Status Management: Process ID T52SPS HRPAY-Status Management: Process Status T52SPT HRPAY-Status Management: Process Text T52ST HRPAY-Status Management: Status Table T52STH HRPAY-Status Management: Status Table T530 Reasons for Actions T530B Payment Condition (Special Payments) T530C Control Table for Special Payments T530D Special Payments (Emp.Per.-Dependent Factors) T530E Reasons for Changes T530F Reasons for Changes T530L Wage Types for Special Payments T530T Reason for Action Texts T531 Deadline Types T531S Deadline Type Texts T532A HR: Connection to Third-Party Payroll: Choice of Data T532B HR: Connection to Third-Party Payroll: Choice of Wage Types T532C HR: Connection to Third-Party Payroll: ABAP/4 Conversion T532D HR: Connection to Third-Party Payroll: Symbolic Conversion T532E HR: Connection to Third-Party Payroll: Semantic Conversion T532F HR: Connection to Third-Party Payroll: Profiles/Free Format T532K HR PU12: Version Management Cluster IF - Exported Tables T532L HR PU12: Version Management Cluster IF - Fields Structure T532R PU12: Registration of Interface Formats Used T533 Leave Types T533T Leave Type Texts T535N Name affixes T535Q HR Test Cases: no longer supported T535R PI Area Numbers T535T Occupational status (DEUEV) T535V ASB Texts T535W ASB Reporting Schema T536A Addresses T536B Communication Keys T536C Addresses via Address Management

T536CT T536D T536DT T536T T538A T538B T538C T538D T538T T538Z T539A T539J T539R T539S T539U T53G0 T53G0T T53G1 T53G1T T53G2 T53G2T T53G4 T53G4T T53G5 T53G6 T53G7 T53G8 T53G9 T53GA T53GB T53GC T53GD T53GE T53GF T53GG T53GH T53GI T53GJ T53GK T53GL T53GM T53GN T53GO T53GP T53GQ T53GR T53GS T53GT T53GU T53GV T53GW T53GX T53GX1 T53GX2 T53GY T541A T541N T541T T542A T542C

Text Table for Addresses Entity Table for Address Types Text Table for Address Types Education and Training (DUEVO) HR Time/Measurement Units Units of Time/Measurement Permissibility of Time/Measurement Units for Infotypes Units of Time/Measurement Units of Time/Measurement Texts Permissibility of Time/Measurement Units for Infotypes Planned Remuneration Specification Base Wage Type Valuation Actions for Standard Wage Maintenance Wage Types for Standard Wage Maintenance Yearly wage calculation in Basic Payments (Infotype 0008) Jurisdiction Description of the jurisdiction Garnishment Category Description of the garnishment category Agency Description of the agency Debt Types for Garnishments Description of the debt Model for the basis amount Description of the basis model Characteristics of the basis model Model for the gross amount Description of the Model for the gross amount Characteristics Model for the gross amount Model for the net amount Description of the Model for the net amount Characteristics Model for the net amount Model for the non-exempt amount Description of the Model for the non-exempt amount Characteristics Model for the non exempt amount Non Exempt: Special rules Non Exempt: Description of special rule Non Exempt: Characteristics Special rule Non Exempt: Level Systems Non Exempt: Description of Level Systems Non Exempt: Characteristics Level Systems Non Exempt: Level Systems Dependents Model for the relationship to other debts Description of the model for the relationship to other debts Service Charge Service Charge Description Service Charge Characterisitics Priority of debts Calculation Model Description of the calculation model Characteristics of the Calculation Rule Basis Model Rounding Description Basis Model Rounding Characteristics Basis Model Rounding Garnishments Elements Types of Guaranteed Net Amount Guaranteed Net Amounts Texts for Types of Guaranteed Net Amounts Work Contract Work Contract - Other/Previous Employers

T542S T542T T543 T543A T543B T543C T543D T543S T544A T544B T545 T545T T546 T546A T546T T547S T547T T547V T548S T548T T548Y T549A T549B T549BT T549C T549CT T549D T549L T549M T549N T549O T549P T549Q T549R T549S T549T T549U T549V T549W T549X T549Y T549Z T54C0 T54C1 T54C2 T54C3 T54C4 T54C5 T54C6 T54C9 T54CA T54CC T54CT T550A T550P T550S T550X T551A T551C T551S

Description of Work Contract - Other Employers Employment Contracts Challenge Groups Statistics Assignment of Exceptions to Statistics Statistics Text Exception text Challenge Groups Car rule Car rule Corporation Keys Corporation Texts Employee Subgroup for PersCalcRule/CollAgreemProvision Employee Subgroup Grouping for Payroll EE Subgroup Groupings for Personnel Calculation Rules Contract Type Texts Periods of Notice Contract Types Date Conversion Date Types Date Types Payroll Accounting Areas Company Features Title of SAP Features Decision Trees for Features (Customers) Title of Customer Features Features Directory Date Modifiers Monthly Assignment: Payroll Period (no longer used) Period Modifiers Text for date modifier Valid Time Units for Payroll Payroll Periods Period Parameters Personnel Date Specifications Per Payroll Period Payroll Accounting Areas Recurr. Pymts/Deducs: Payment Periods per Payment Interval Recurr. Pymts/Deds: Default Values for Payment Model Recurr. Pymts/Deducs: Payment Models Recurr. Pymts/Deducs: Payment Periods Recurr. Pymts/Deducs: Payment Models (Texts) Calendar for payment model Start of the tax year for payroll periods Calendar for Cumulation Calendar Type Cumulation of Wage Types Valid Calendar Types Date Identifier Cumulation Periods Functions Grouping Function Grouping (Texts) Date Identifier (Texts) Calendar Types (Texts) Daily Work Schedule Break Schedules Daily Work Schedule Texts Daily Work Schedule Selection Rules Period Work Schedules Period Work Schedule Valuation Period Work Schedule Texts

T552A Monthly Work Schedule T552V Dynamic Daily Work Schedule Assignment T552W Dynamic Daily WS Assignment: Planned/Actual Overlap T553A Definition Rules for Day Types T553S Day Types for Special Days T553T Day Type Texts T554A Breakdown of Absences After Quota Deduction T554C Absence Valuation T554D Military Service Ranks T554E Counting Classes for Absence Valuation T554F Counting Classes for Absence Valuation T554G Types of Birth T554H Evaluation Type for Attendances/Absences T554HT Evaluation Type for Attendances/Absences: Texts (for T554H) T554L Absence Valuation Rules T554M Absences for Maternity Protection: Rule Table T554N Texts for Day Rules T554O Valuation Classes T554P Symbols for Attendances and Absences (Calendar) T554Q Assignment of Valuation of Absences T554R Day Rules for Absence Valuation T554S Attendance and Absence Types T554S_ESSEX ESS: Deactivation of Attendance/Absence types T554T Attendance and Absence Texts T554V Defaults for Absence Types T554W Periods of Military Service T554X Rules for Attendance/Absence Counting and Leave Deduction T554Y Time Constraints in HR TIME T5550 [OBSOLETE; NOW USE T705Q] Ext. Wage Types from Subsystem Txt T555A Time Types T555B Time Type Texts T555C Permitted PDC PIN Codes T555D [OBSOLETE; NOW USE T705A] Abs./Attendance Reasons Subsystem T555E Time Evaluation Messages T555F Time Evaluation Error Texts T555G [OBSOLETE; NOW USE T705H] Att./Absence Reasons Subssys. Text T555H Site-Restricted Access Control Groups T555I PDC Master Record Information T555J Transfer to Time Types T555K Transfer to Time Wage Types T555L Transfer to Absence Quotas T555M PDC Accounting Types T555N Employee Grouping for the Time Evaluation Rule T555O Access Control Groups (time-restricted) T555P Employee Time Transfer Type T555Q Texts for Time Transfer Type T555R Overtime Compensation Types T555S PDC Record Type Conversion T555T Overtime Compensation Type Texts T555U Employee Time Management status T555V Employee Status for Time Management: Texts T555W [OBSOLETE; NOW USE T705K] Ext. Wages Types from Subsystem T555X Texts for Access Control Groups (time-restricted) T555Y Processing Type/Time Type According to Att./Absence Class T555Z Time Type Determination T556 Substitution Types T556A Absence Quota Types T556B Absence Quota Type Texts T556C Counting Rule for Attendances and Absences T556D Absence Counting With/Without Quotas Texts

T556E T556F T556G T556H T556P T556Q T556R T556S T556T T556U T556V T556W T557 T557A T557B T557CU T557D T557E T557G T557H T557I T557J T557K T557L T557M T557T T557V T557W T558A T558B T558C T558D T558E T558S T559A T559B T559D T559E T559F T559G T559H T559J T559L T559M T559N T559P T559Q T559QT T559R T559S T559T T559U T559V T559W T559X T559Y T559Z T564T T569B T569R

Rule Group (Coverage Package) Texts for Rule Group (Coverage Package) Rule for Selecting Day in Coverage History Texts for Rule on Determining the Coverage History Attendance Quotas Attendance Quota Type Texts Rules for Deduction Sequence for Absence Quotas Texts for Deduction Sequence Rules for Absence Quotas Substitution Type Texts Attendance/Absence Quota Compensation Types Texts for Attendance/Absence Quota Compensation Types Wage Type Assignment for Att./Absence Quota Compensations Availability Types Reporting Time Types Time Type Descriptions for Reporting Reporting Time Types Reporting Quota Types Quota Type Descriptions for Reporting Relation Table: Absence/Attendance Accumulation Relation Table: Time Types Accumulation Relation Table: Time Wage Types Accumulation Relation Table: Quota Types for Reporting Relation Table: Quota Types for Reporting Relation Table: Quota Types for Reporting Time Types Relationships Table (from Period Totals Table) Availability Types Texts Membership Function Text for Membership Function Old Payroll Account Transfer Payroll Account Transfer: Payroll Periods Payroll Account Transfer: Old Wage Types Transfer Wage Types with Split Indicator Transfer External Payroll-Arrears Results (International) Payroll table type Working Weeks Working Week Texts Validity/Deduction Interval for Absence Quotas Base Entitlement for Leave Accrual Processing of Absence Quota Remainders Quota Generation: Rule for Transfer Times Quota Generation: Text for Transfer Times Rule Convert Leave Types to Quota Types Automatic Absence Quota Generation Reduction Rules for Absence Quota Generation Texts for Reduction Rules for Leave Accrual Limits for Time Balances Texts for Time Balance Limits Transfer Remaining Quota to New Quotas Rounding Rules Texts for Rounding Rules Texts for Leave Accrual Rule Overtime rules Validity Period: Absence Quotas for Default Values Text Table for Time Evaluation Classes Evaluation Classes for Times (Internal Table TIP) Text Table for Conditions for Employee Times Conditions for Employee Times in Time Evaluation Insurance Company Texts Archiving Information for Cluster B2 Earliest Recalculation Dates for Time Management

T569T T569U T569V T569W T56C1 T56C1T T56C2 T56C3 T56C4 T56C5 T56C7 T56C8 T572B T572E T572F T572G T572H T574A T574B T577 T577S T578A T578T T578W T578X T578Y T578Z T582A T582B T582C T582L T582S T582V T582W T582Z T584A T585A T585B T585C T585O T588A T588B T588C T588D T588F T588G T588H T588I T588J T588K T588L T588M T588N T588O T588Q T588R T588S T588T T588V T588W

Control Record Texts Logs for Control Records Control Records Texts for Recalculation Categories Parameter for Cumulation Types Parameter for Cumulation Types - Texts Permitted Cumulation Types Date for the Cumulation Intervals Period Date Relevant for Cumulations Time-Based Window for Cumulation Table Entries HR-PAY: Country Exits for Cumulations HR-PAY: Country-Specific Cumulation Tables Illness Texts Control table for additional absence data Event Texts Permitted Values for Events Event Value Texts Qualification Keys Qualification Names Family Characteristics Family Characteristics Texts Medical Doctors Areas Of Examination Texts On Values For Areas Of Examination Permissible Values for Areas of Examination Examination Results Control Table for Internal Medical Service Infotypes: Customer-Specific Settings Infotypes That Are Created Automatically Include Screens for Infotypes Infotypes - country-specific settings Infotype Texts Assignment of Infotypes to Views Assigns Infotype View to Primary Infotype Control Table for PA Time Management Test Procedures - Infotype Assignment Infotypes with Documents Field Group Definition Field Group Characteristics HR Optical Archiving: Configuration Table for PREL and PAPL Transaction Codes Infotype Menus Infotype Menus/Info Groups Infogroups for Actions - is no longer used (now T588G) Field-Specific Retroactive Accounting Recognition Infotype Header Data Selection Control Assignment of Header ID/Country Grouping to Header Modifier Infotype Header Definition Field names for screens different from DDIC Field names for screens different from DDIC entry Infotype Screen Control Screen Modification for Account Assignment Block Screen Modification for Assignment Data Screen Types for Fast Entry Selection Reports for Fast Data Entry Screen Types for Fast Entry Menu and Infogroup Designations Business Object Type Determination Event types for infotype operations

T588X Cust. composite definition of event types for IT operations T588YS Additional Info on Screens Generated from TMYPA42 T588Z Dynamic Actions T589A Status and Input Mode in Screen Painter Screens T589Z F Status of Each Module Pool and Screen T591A Subtype Characteristics T591A_ESSEX ESS: Deactivation of Subtypes T591B Time Constraints for Wage Types T591C Recipient Type for Communication Type T591S Subtype Texts T5961 Area T5962 Area Text T5963 Assignment of Subapplications to Areas T596A Subapplication T596B Texts for Subapplications T596C Validity Interval for Statutory Subapplications T596D Validity Intervals for Non-Statutory Subapplications T596F HR Subroutines T596G Cumulation Wage Types T596H Texts on Cumulation Wage Types T596I Calculation Rules for Cumulation Wage Types T596J Calculation guideline for cum. wage types (customer table) T596L Determination of Personnel Area Reporting T596M Data Personnel Area Reporting T596MD Screens/Structures of subscreens from T596M T596N Summary Personnel Area Reporting T596U Conversion Table T599B Report Categories T599C Report Categories T599C_PY PNP900 Time Selections and Further Options T599D Report Category Names T599D_PY Report Category Names T599F Report Categories - Select Options T599F_PY Report Categories - Select Options T599I IMG Transaction: Dynamic Parameter T599J IMG Transaction: Dynamic Parameters - Texts T599R HR Report Attributes T599T Field Control for Report Categories T599U Universal HR Tables T599V Universal HR Tables T599W HR Report Categories T599X Field Control for Report Categories T599Y Convert External Wage Types T599Z Time Wage Types to Third-Party Systems T59_PROTE RPDSYS-SE61 Conversion: Log Table Error T59_PROTL RPDSYS-SE61 Conversion: Log Table Reference T59_PROTM RPDSYS-SE61 Conversion: Log Table Modules T5A03 Employee Groups/Subgroups T5A09 Subapplications for Austria T5A0A Employer Administration Assignments T5A0P Personnel Area/Subarea AT T5A1A SI Groups (Austria) T5A1B SI Contribution Group T5A1C SI Contr./Assessment T5A1D SI Characteristics for Contribution Groups T5A1E Characteristics for Contribution Groups T5A1F Details for Characteristic Types of Contribution Groups T5A1G Texts for Characteristic Types of Contribution Groups T5A1H Texts for Details of Characteristics of Contribution Groups T5A1I Assignment of Technical Contr. Grps. to Official Contr. Grps

T5A1J T5A1K T5A1L T5A1M T5A1N T5A1O T5A1P T5A1Q T5A1R T5A1S T5A1T T5A1X T5A2A T5A2C T5A2D T5A2E T5A2F T5A2G T5A2L T5A2M T5A2S T5A2T T5A3A T5A3T T5A4 T5A4A T5A4B T5A4C T5A4D T5A4F T5A4G T5A4H T5A4I T5A4O T5A4P T5A4Q T5A4T T5A4U T5A4V T5A4W T5A5D T5A5F T5A5K T5A5T T5A5U T5A5Z T5A6A T5A6B T5A6C T5A6D T5A6E T5A6F T5A6H T5A9A T5A9B T5A9C T5A9G T5B01 T5B02 T5B03

Texts for Contribution Groups ELDA: Record versions ELDA: Record structures ELDA: Field conversion ELDA: Value conversion ELDA: Created data records ELDA: Data carrier management ELDA: Confirmed data records ELDA: SAP internal fields Employer Account Numbers with Social Insurance Institutions Social Insurance Institutes Control for Determining SI Contributions (A) Linear calculation of the general deduction amount Texts for Tax Exemption Tax Procedure / Reasons for Tax Exemption Income Tax Rates Tax Offices (A) Municipalities Additional Information for Annual Data Carrier L16 Damage Events / Reasons Tax Deductions (A) Tax Procedures (A) Family allowance Family Allowance Texts Flow Control for Continued Pay General Data for Absences Seniority Entitlement Quota Absence Categories f. CollContract / Plant Bargaining Agmt Use of Absence Categories Date Specification (Contd Pay) Absence Categories with Special Significance Description of Attendence/Absence Types Attendance/Absence Types Characteristics of Attendance/Absence Types Valuation acc. to Length of Absence Entitlement Quota Entitlement per Absence Entitlements in Observation Period Print Position for Sickness Cert. Technical Control for Sickness Certificates Forms for Domestic Sickness Certificates Print position texts for sickness certificates Forms for Holiday Sickness Certs. System Reactions in Master Data Maintenance Compensation Types Equalization Reasons Special Garnishment Cases Fields for Special Garnishment Cases Garnishment Group Text Table for Garnishments Rulings for a garnishment group Created Statement of Employment (A) Pay Attributes for Subapplications Export Wage Types for Subapplications Union Company Number SI Categories Employees (B) SI Categories Employers (B) SI Specifications Employees (B)

T5B04 T5B05 T5B06 T5B07 T5B08 T5B09 T5B0A T5B0B T5B0C T5B0D T5B0E T5B0F T5B0G T5B0H T5B0I T5B0J T5B0K T5B11 T5B12 T5B13 T5B14 T5B15 T5B16 T5B16T T5B17 T5B17T T5B1A T5B1B T5B1C T5B1D T5B21 T5B22 T5B23 T5B24 T5B25 T5B26 T5B27 T5B28 T5B29 T5B2A T5B2B T5B2C T5B2D T5B2E T5B2F T5B2G T5B2H T5B2I T5B31 T5B32 T5B51 T5B52 T5B53 T5B5A T5B5B T5B5C T5B62 T5B63 T5B6B T5B6C

SI Notifications Employees (B) Function SI Hourly Paid Employee without Regulation (B) "Text Table Country Codes SI/""BELCOTAX"" (B)" Profession Groups (B) Nationalities (B) Type Deduction of SI Contribution Employer (B) Text Table SI Categories Employees (B) Text Table SI Categories Employers (B) Text Table SI Specifications Employees (B) Text Table SI Notifications Employees (B) Text Table Function SI Hourly Paid without Regulation (B) Country Codes & Nationalities (B) Profession Groups (B) Text Table Nationalities (B) Text Table Deduction of SI Contribution Employer (B) Usage for SI Category Employee Mapping of country ISO code to the NIS country code - Belg. Tax Calculation Type (B) Spouse's Professions (B) Leave Regulation Taxes (B) Marital Status (B) Translation Table: Marital Status Reason for Exemption Reason for Exemption (Text) Fiche 281.## Fiche 281.## text Text Table Type Tax Calculation (B) Text Table Spouse's Professions (B) Text Table Leave Regulation Taxes (B) Text Table Marital Status (B) Kind of Pension Periodicity Juridical Statute Pension Code of Pension Advantage Special Rules Pension Origin of Advantage Code Sickness and Invalidity Insurance Type of Index Pension Codes Kind of Calculation Pension Kind of Pension Text Periodicity Text Juridical Statute Pension Text Code of Pension Advantage Special Rules Pension Text Origin of Advantage Sickness and Invalidity Insurance Text Type of Index Pension Text Kind of Calculation Pension Translation Table BE Educational Leave Quotums History Table Declared Courses Educational Leave Text Table - Postal Codes (B) "Text Table - Postal Codes ""NIS"" (B)" Postal Codes for Taxes (B) Fusion Postal Codes Text Table - Fusion Postal Codes (B) Postal Codes Villages (B) Text Table Collective Agreements (B) Labour Commissions (B) Pay Scale Agreements (B) Labour Commissions (B)


Work Schedule Systems (B) "Weekly Workdays ""Regime"" (B)" Regulations Work Schedules (B) Text Table Systems Work Schedules (B) "Text Table Weekly Workdays ""regime"" (B)" Text Table for Work Schedule Regulations (B) Institutional Groups (B) HR legal documents variations HR legal document Form for legal document Institutions (B) Institutional Groups (B) Texttable legal document variation Texttable legal document Employee Groups/Subgroups (B) Plant/Plant Section (B) Rail Tariff for Commuting Expenses (B) Levels of garnishment Types of Garnishment Assignment Mapping Table Event Type - Reason of Event Control of Personal Calendar (B) Grace period and regulations (B) Responses personnel calendar Exceptional tax scales Exemption for dependent children Reduction for dependent children Rules for the BELCOTAX file Sheet labels for the BELCOTAX fields Texttable sheet labels for the BELCOTAX fields Monthly salaries - deduction in advance Advance deductions for non-resident people Reduction for children Regular salaries pay scales Reduction on taxable base (normal) Personnel numbers for AHP process model SI rate by contribution part Percentages SI-part per category employer/employee Total SI per employer/employee category Factory shutdown fundraising (FFE/FSO) Rate for existance insurance fund Parts in social insurance contribution Rates for wage moderation Actives for factory shutdown fund (FFE/FSO) Contribution for financing groups with risks Texttable parts in social insurance contribution Contract Type Belgium Special contributions SI Mapping Table Educational Type SI reductions for low wages Reduction for minimum wages (CA 50) Employers SI reduction for the hiring of young workers Social Balance Data Sequence of SI-tape structure Levels and legal amounts for SI reductions Additional reductions on employer's SI contributions SI special contributions 1996 Quarterly control ticket SI declaration Definition of SI periods Maribel reduction Additional reductions on employer's SI contributions

T5BVS T5BVT T5BVU T5BVV T5BVZ T5C03 T5C0P T5C10 T5C11 T5C12 T5C13 T5C14 T5C15 T5C16 T5C17 T5C18 T5C19 T5C1A T5C1B T5C1C T5C1D T5C1E T5C1F T5C1G T5C1H T5C1I T5C1J T5C1K T5C1L T5C1M T5C1N T5C1O T5C1P T5C1Q T5C1R T5C1S T5C1T T5C1U T5C1V T5C1W T5C1X T5C1Y T5C1Z T5C2A T5C2B T5C2C T5C2D T5C2E T5C2F T5C2G T5C2H T5C2I T5C2J T5C2K T5C2L T5C2M T5C2MT T5C2N T5C2NB T5C2NT

Social insurance tape format Logic of the social security payments Logic of the social security reductions Level/block sequence of the social insurance declaration Contribution to factory shutdown fund Employee Group/Subgroup HR CH: Personnel Subarea Supplements FAK Contributions (CH) Training allowances Bonus Paid After Birth of Child HR-CH: Additional jobs HR-CH: RWH number of public holidays HR-CH: RWH vacation and public holidays reimbursement HR-CH: Exception Events for Reduced Hours Texts for Pension Funds Pension Funds - Insurance Types Family Equalization Fund AHV Key Texts for AHV Keys Pension funds Texts for Pension Funds Transaction types Total transaction types Percentages Pension Types Texts for Pension Types Pension Rates (CH) HR-CH: insurance contributions SUVA plant sections Family-related bonuses Family Equalization Fund Cantons/Municipalities (CH) EO Compensation (CH) HR-CH: Company department short-time work Text for Company Department Withholding Tax Rates (CH) Texts for Withholding Tax Profession Categories Texts for Profession Categories Texts for ASM Statistics Paying Offices (CH) Fee for Withholding Tax Company Pension Fund Factors Text on Tax Liability Withholding Tax Base Withholding Tax Liability Withholding Tax Calculation Special Table 13th Monthly Wages Tax Cantons Texts for Withholding Tax WhT Tax Records WhT Accounting Number Withholding Tax Liability WhT Table Structure Withholding tax - payroll number Payroll unit - withholding tax Payroll unit: Withholding tax texts Payroll unit - wage statement Remarks for Payroll Unit Wage Statement Payroll unit - wage statement texts


HR-CH: PF: Total transaction types HR-CH: PF: Total wage types - texts HR-CH: Share of Hourly Wages HR-CH: UVG/SUVA premiums HR-CH: plant section text internal/UVG HR-CH: Valuation of Absences HR-CH: Reduced Working Hours Grace Days HR-CH: Control of End of Year Bonus (13th Wage) HR-CH: Application Key Switzerland HR-CH: Application key Switzerland HR-CH: Assignment of Application Keys to Payroll Units Assignment Name AHV Number Municipality Employee Attributes Texts for EE Attributes PC Value Types HR-CH: Value type descriptions Processing Schedules Processing Schedule Names PC Method Types PC Method Type Names PC Method Determination PC Method Variant Determination Parameter Areas Parameter Area Name Parameter Range Determination PC Parameter Values PC Operations Operation Descriptions PC Method Definitions Schedule Value Types EE Groupings for PC Method Assignment Name of EE Groupings for PC Method Assignment PC: Text Templates for Operation Conditions PC: Text Templates for Operation Conditions PC: Operation Parameter Descriptions Operation Parameter Names Text Templates for Line Types Line Selection of Processing Schedules EE Attribute Classes HR-CH: Identification of EE attribute classes Message for Employee Attribute Combination Assignment of EE Attr.classes to IT Entry Fields PC Value Type Attributes Texts for PC Value Type Attributes Value Type Attribute Assignment Parameter Range Determination Groupings Parameter Range Determination Grouping Texts PC Activities Texts for PC Activities PC Value Sets Texts for PC Value Sets PC Data Type Value Sets PC Parameter Attributes PC Schemas Texts for PC Schemas PC Forms Texts for PC Forms PC Evaluation Types Texts for PC Evaluation Types

T5CBA PC Schema of PC Evaluation Type T5CBB PC Output Sequences of a PC Evaluation Type T5CBC Compatibility of PC Schemas and Output Sequences T5CBD PC Form Attributes T5CBE Value Type Field Assignment T5CBF Individual Processing of a PC Schema T5CBG Output Sequences T5CBH Texts for Output Sequences T5CBI Group Formation Types T5CBJ Texts for Group Formation Types T5CBK Output Assignment Types T5CBL Texts for Output Assignment Types T5CBM Output Sequence Steps T5CBN Messages for PC Operation Conditions T5CBO Additional Selection Parameters for Reports T5CBP PC Calculations T5CBQ PC Calculation Names T5CBR Views for PC Online Evaluation T5CBS Texts for PC Online Evaluation Views T5CBT Control of PC Calculation T5CBU Field Selection for PC Online Evaluation View T5CBW Value Type Attributes for Dialog T5CBX Settings for PC Schema T5CBY Processing Contexts T5CBZ Processing Context Name T5CC0 PC Method Steps Add-Ons T5CC1 Characteristics of Output Sequences T5CE0 HR-CH: Master Data Sheets T5CE0T HR-CH: Master Data Sheet Names T5CE1 HR-CH: Data Origins for Master Data Sheet T5CE1T HR-CH: Data Origin Names T5CE2 HR-CH: Read Control for Master Data Sheets T5CE3 HR-CH: Order of Text Elements for Master Data Sheet T5CEA HR-CH: Output Procedure for Master Data Sheet T5CEAT HR-CH: Name of Output Procedure for Master Data Sheet T5CEB HR-CH: Derived Intotype Values T5CEBT HR-CH: Names of Derived Infotype Values T5CEI HR-CH: Infotype Output for Master Data Sheet T5CEJ HR-CH: Infotype Output for Master Data Sheet T5CEK HR-CH: Derived Infotype Values for Master Data Sheet T5CEL HR-CH: Values from Infotype 0279 for Master Data Sheet T5CEM HR-CH: Attribute Classes for Master Data Sheet T5CEN HR-CH: Payroll Units for Master Data Sheet T5CEO HR-CH: Data from Payroll Units T5CEP HR-CH: Data from Infotype 0041 for Master Data Sheet T5CP0 HR-CH: Pension funds T5CP1 HR-CH: Texts for pension funds T5CP2 HR-CH: Control of pension funds T5CP3 HR-CH: Field assignment for infotype 279 T5CP4 HR-CH: Value assignment for fields (BI) T5CP5 HR-CH: Infotypes for BI T5CP6 HR-CH: Employee groupings for field assignment infotype 0279 T5CP7 HR-CH: Texts on EE groupings for field assignment It 0279 T5CP8 HR-CH: Frame texts for infotype 0279 T5CP9 HR-CH: Infotypes for Overview in Administrator Interface T5CPA HR-CH: Determination of Wage Types for PF Value Types T5CPB HR-CH: Pension fund postings T5CPBS01 Employee Activity Key T5CPBS01T Employee Activity Text (Male/Female) T5CPBS04 Assgt Municipality (Distr) -> Cost-of-Living Level Allow.Lvl

T5CPBS05 Cost-of-Living Allowance Levels and Amounts T5CPC PF Calculations T5CPD PF Calculation Texts T5CPE Control of PF Calculations T5CPF Fund Function View T5CPFT Fund Function Names T5CPG HR-CH: Authorization groups for PF accounts T5CPH HR-CH: Texts on authorization groups for PF accounts T5CPI HR-CH: Settings for PC Schemata for PF T5CPJ Fund Function View Categories T5CPJT Fund Function View Category Names T5CPK HR-CH: PF account index T5CPL HR-CH: Column Headings for Infotype 0279 List T5CPM Infotype 0279 Fund and Employee Grouping Data T5CPN PF Functions in Fund Function View Category T5CPO HR-CH: Quantities of Input Parameters for PF Calculations T5CPP Input Parameter Texts for PF Calculations T5CPQ Input Parameter Quantity Value Types for PF Calulation T5CPR Additional PF Re-Calculation Infotypes T5CPS Additional Infotype Field Values for PF Calculation T5CPT Parallel processing variants T5CPTT Parallel Processing Variants Text T5CPU PF Functions T5CPUT PF Functions T5CPV Control of PF Functions T5CPW Ad Hoc Query Field Assignment T5CPX RFC Destinations for the Distributed Execution of Reports T5CPY Individual PF Account Views T5CPYT PF Account View Texts T5CPZ HR-CH: Personnel number account number assignment (PF) T5CQ0 Account View Control T5CQ1 Account View Posting Value Types T5CQ2 Account View Arrangement T5CQ3 Account View Result Value Types T5CR0 HR-CH: Rules for Determining the Pension Start T5CS1 HR-CH: Control of SI T5CS2 HR-CH: Application Key Switzerland T5CS3 HR-CH: Creation of Wage Types for SI T5CS4 HR-CH: Application Key Switzerland T5CS5 HR-CH: Creation of Wage Types for SI T5CS6 HR-CH: Period Wage Types for Gross/Net Iteration T5CS7 HR-CH: Premium Rates for Insurance T5CS8 HR-CH: Texts for Contribution Rates for Insurance T5CS9 HR-CH: Payroll unit - AHV/UI T5CS9T HR-CH: Payroll unit - AHV/UI T5CSA HR-CH: Payroll unit UVG T5CSAT HR-CH: Payroll unit UVG T5CSB HR-CH: Payroll unit: Social Funds T5CSBT HR-CH: Payroll unit: Social Funds T5CSC HR-CH: Payroll Unit: Voluntary Accident Insurance T5CSCT HR-CH: Payroll Unit: Voluntary Accident Insurance T5CSD HR-CH: Payroll Unit - Sickness Indemnity Insurance T5CSDT HR-CH: Payroll Unit - Sickness Indemnity Insurance T5CSE HR-CH: Payroll unit: NBU additional insurance T5CSET HR-CH: Payroll unit: NBU additional insurance T5CSF HR-CH: Payroll Unit - ASM T5CSFT HR-CH: Payroll Unit - ASM T5CSG HR-CH: Payroll Unit BFS T5CSGT HR-CH: Payroll Unit BFS Text T5CSH Grouping for Social Insurance


Grouping for Social Insurance Switzerland Grouping for Insurances Grouping for Social Insurance Switzerland HR-CH: Payroll unit: Customer insurance 1 HR-CH: Payroll unit: Customer insurance 1 HR-CH: Payroll unit: Customer insurance 2 HR-CH: Payroll unit: Customer insurance 2 HR-CH: Payroll unit: Customer insurance 3 HR-CH: Payroll unit: Customer insurance 3 HR-CH: Payroll Unit: Family-Related Bonuses HR-CH: Payroll Unit: Family-Related Bonuses HR-CH: Scope of Validity of Child Benefit/Training Bonus HR-CH: Code for Calculating Age of Child HR-CH: Counting Class for Children for Fam.Allow. HR-CH: FAK Reduction Rules HR-CH: FAK Reduction Rules HR-CH: Amount of Child Benefit HR-CH: Amount of Bonus Paid after Birth of Child HR-CH: Calculation Rule for Child Benefit HR-CH: Calculation Rule for Bonus Paid after Birth of Child HR-CH: Calculation Rule for Household Allowance HR-CH: FAK Contribution HR-CH: Different Payment of Family-Related Bonuses HR-CH: Differing Reduction Rules Employee Group/Subgroup Absence Attributes Absence breakdown (Germany) Fictitious Run Controls Fictitious Run Contol Texts Fictitious Runs Fictitious Run Texts Assign Fictitious Run Control to Fictitious Run Fictitious Run Control: Wage Type Assignment HR: Derivation of Characters of Wage Types dep. on Process. HR: Processing Routines for the Derivation of Wage Types HR: Texts on Processing Routines for T5D0M Processing Classes for Absences (Germany) Personnel Area / Personnel Subarea (D) Grouping of Absences (Germany) Pay Scale Area Grouping Assignment to pay scale area groups Wage type (national qualities) Assign Pension Organization to Personnel Area Cal. Procedures and Indicators for Health Insurance Funds Reason for Exemption from Insurance Liability Jobs (D) Features of Earnings Survey for Statistical Purposes (D) Tele. Funds Advanced Payment - Statement of Contributions Paid Subsequent Administration of Locked HI Funds SI contributions Special SI Rules Texts for Special SI Rules Help View for SI Attribute Combinations (Germany) Social Insurance Attributes and their Various Combinations Reasons for Exemption from SI Contributions Contribution Classes for Supplementary Insurance Supplementary Insurances Compulsory Health Insurance Contributions (D) Branch Offices


SI Withholding Deductions (D) "HI Contributions, Voluntarily Reduced" Calculation of HI Amt. (D) "Health Insurance Funds, Voluntary Contributions" Social Insurance Keys "Special Rules (Suppl. Insurance, D)" Special Rules Supplementary Insurance Texts SI Gross Amount SI Assessment Limit (Germany) SI Processing SI Processing Routines Supplementary pensions Supplementary pension (D) percentage rates Social Insurance Divisions w/ Valid SAP Contribution Groups Voluntary Nursing Insurance Contributions Tax Offices (Germany) Municipality Code (D) Tax Validation I (D) Taxation Features (D) Tax Validation II (D) Gross Taxable Amount (D) Tax Procedure (D) Church Tax Rates (D) Family funds (D) Church Tax Areas (D) Month of issue: Employment tax statement (Tax Ger.) Tax-paying Denominations (D) Derived Tax Wage Types Texts Taxation Characteristics (D) Workers' Compensation Associations Mutual indem.society - Increased Risk Areas Workers' Compensation Associations Workers' Compensation Associations Hazard Pay Jobs Reduced Hours/Winter Compensation: Approval Periods Pension Institutions (D) Capital Formation (D) Types of Investments for Capital Formation Variants for Reduced Hours Compensation (D) RHC Variants Texts Capital Formation Variants Capital Formation Savings Payments-Special Rules Table-Texts Assignment of a Valuation of Pay Scales for Statistics Valuation of Pay Scales for Statistics Capital formation constants DEUEV Activity Keys DEUEV Activity Key Texts DEUEV Pensioners/Claimants Texts for Pensioners/Applicants DEUEV Nationality Keys DEUEV Activity Keys for Miners' and Mine Employees' Ins. DEUEV Activity Key Text for Miners' and Mine EEs' Ins. DEUEV Text on Reason for Change of Miners' & Mine EEs' Ins. Special Key: Miners' and Mine Employees' Insurance Special Key: Miners' and Mine Employees' Insurance

T5D4L T5D4M T5D4O T5D4P T5D4Q T5D4R T5D4S T5D5A T5D5B T5D5C T5D5D T5D5E T5D5F T5D5G T5D5GT T5D5K T5D5L T5D5N T5D5R T5D5S T5D5T T5D5Z T5D6A T5D6B T5D6C T5D6D T5D6E T5D6F T5D6G T5D71 T5D71T T5D72 T5D73 T5D74 T5D75 T5D76 T5D77 T5D78 T5D79 T5D7A T5D7B T5D7C T5D7D T5D7E T5D7F T5D7G T5D7H T5D7I T5D7J T5D7K T5D7L T5D7M T5D7N T5D7O T5D7Q T5D7QT T5D7R T5D7RT T5D7S T5D7T

Special Key: Miners' and Mine Employees' Insurance Official social insurance key DEUEV permissible name extension Person Groups Key SI Texts for Person Groups Key DUEVO. Assignment to Recipient Funds DUEVO: File Counter Local Allowance Level/Partnership Key Checklist (D) Supplementary Benefits for Civil Service: Employer Table Supplementary Benefits for Civil Service (D): Payroll Table Supplementary Benefits for Civil Service: Message Fields Supplemenary Bens. for Civil Service: Message Reason Table Case Groups Suppl. Benefits for Civil Service (D): Combination Table Pension Types for Supplementary Pension in PSG Case Group Catalog Local Allowance Classes and Career Assignment Supplementary pensions PSG: Account number table PSG Supplementary Pension:Customizing Contribution Statement Case Group Catalog - Texts Supplementary Pension Public Sector: SPF Data Compensation Types Equalization Reasons Special Garnishment Cases Fields for Special Garnishment Cases Execution rules for special case garnishment Text Table for Garnishments Employer costs - garnishment Calculation of qualifying period Function model text for calculation of qualification period Houses Official housing Employee Accommodations Employee Accommodations-Price per Square Metre Official Housing Rule-Modifiers Maximum Remuneration for Official Housing Official Housing Rule Wage Type Control for Official Housing Gross Amount Catalogs of service types Texts on catalog for service types Service types Service type texts Service categories Service category texts Variants for various pay scale elements Spousal element - exception and reason Spousal Element -TextControl PSen and CoLA relevance (basic pay) Parameters to determine proposed pay seniority Utility table for higher grouping and promotion Value of compensation groups Determine hiring level model 8 Company code grouping/Service type catalog Model for Controlling Contributions -PSGFunction Model Text for Special Bonus Model for controlling vacation bonus Function Model Text for Vacation Bonus Evaluation Areas in Statistics Evaluation Areas-Texts -PSG

T5D7U T5D7V T5D7W T5D7X T5D7Y T5D7Z T5D80 T5D81 T5D82 T5D82T T5D83 T5D84 T5D84T T5D85 T5D86 T5D86T T5D87 T5D88 T5D88T T5D89 T5D89T T5D8A T5D8B T5D8C T5D8D T5D8E T5D8F T5D8G T5D8H T5D8I T5D8J T5D8K T5D8L T5D8M T5D8N T5D8O T5D8P T5D8PT T5D8Q T5D8R T5D8S T5D90 T5D90T T5D91 T5D92 T5D92T T5D93 T5D93T T5D94 T5D95 T5D96 T5D97 T5DA1 T5DA1T T5DA2 T5DA3 T5DA4 T5DA4T T5DA5 T5DA5T

Assignment of Evaluation Area to Internal Key Definition of Exceptions in Statistics Exception Indicator Texts in Statistics -PSG Assignment of Exception Indicator to Variable Key Assignment of Exception Indicator to Service Types Assignment of Exception Indicator to Job Control Table for Pension Payments Control Indicator Pensions - Texts Pay Scale Information for Calculating Minimum Pensions Function model text for minimum pension Payroll number (post) - Pension insurance institution (D) Model for Maternity Pay Supplement Function model text for maternity pay supplement Wage Types for One-Off Payments of Maternity Pay Supplement Public Sector Functions Public Sector Functions (Texts) Assign Public Sector Function Model Function Model for Leave and Sickness Pay Premium Function model text for leave and sickness premium Wage Type Model for Leave and Sickness Premium Wage type model for leave and sickness premium (texts) Name of Activity Use of Furnishings Subject to Approval Work Indicator "Accommodations, Infotype 0330 (Non-Monetary Remuneration)" "Non-Mon. Remuneration Meals, Infotype 0330," "Non-Mon. Remuneration Meals, Infotype 0330," Universities/Colleges Assignment of Exception Indicator to Position Assignment of Exception Indicatot to Org. Key Assignment of Exception Indicator to Organizational Unit Assignment of Exception Indicator to Supervisor Area Position Table for University/College Statistics Table of Employment Offices Regional Body Programs for Rehabilitation Programs for Rehabilitation (Texts) Characteristics of Rehabilitation Programs Log of Technical Conversions Payroll Numbers Events at Start of Calculation Period for Leave/Sick.Prem. Events at Start of Calculation Period for Leave/Sick.Prem. Model Events for Start of Premium Calculation Period Model for start of new calculation period for premium calc. Model Events for Start of Premium Calculation Period Employment Locations Employment Locations (Texts) Assignment of Country Level to Employment Location Foreign Service Bonus Basic Amounts for Supplement to Foreign Service Bonus Allowance for child abroad Semiretirement Model SR Model Text Supplemental Percentage Rates for SR Model Assessment Bases for SR Model Semiretirement special rule Text for Semiretirement Special Rule SR: Semiretirement Work Phases SR: Phase Name

T5DB0 Construct.ind: work cooperatives T5DB1 Training Remuneration T5DB2 External data for breakdown of trade tax (construction ind.) T5DB4 HR construction site file T5DB5 Construction site file work breakdown structure element T5DB6 Construction site file order T5DB7 Gang description T5DB8 Construct.ind: Gang assignment to place of employment T5DB9 Construction pay evaluation records for SI fund procedure T5DBA SI fund in the building sector T5DBB Contributions SI fund - building trade T5DBC BTrade-Partner of working associations T5DBD "Construct.ind: Meals allow., separation allow., travel costs" T5DBE Constr.ind. company number assignment to SI funds T5DBF Leave for the construction industry T5DBG Texts for Building Trade Wages Expenses T5DBH Building trade attributes T5DBI Building trade - effect of indicator on transaction data T5DBJ Texts for Construction Pay Constants T5DBK Wage type for the building trade - constants T5DBL Building trade - short indicator transaction data T5DBM Building trade expenses - taxable valuation T5DBN Work Key for Construction Industry T5DBO Building trade expenses: Permissible entries T5DBP WType for 13th. months income (construction industry) T5DBQ Texts for Construction Keys T5DBR Construction industry: Model for working hours flexibility T5DB_REISEZIEL Destination of Expenses Construction Industry T5DB_REISEZIELT PY-DE-CI:Text Table Destination/ Expenses Const. Industry T5DBS Flexiblity model for working time - texts T5DBT Building trade - short indicator texts - transaction data T5DBU Construct.ind: stmnt.wg.types (expenses) T5DBV Building trade WType cost assign. - hostel T5DBW Construct.ind: Hostel administration T5DBX BTrade - Incentive wages connection T5DBY Construction Pay Data Processing Center / Data Medium SKV T5DBZ cancellation recs. for data carrier SKV T5DC0 Control Screen Types for Entitlements T5DC1 Constants for Company Pension Scheme T5DC2 Texts for Constants in Company Pension Schemes T5DC3 Pension Organization for Company Pension Scheme T5DC4 Control Increase (Increase and Attribution Time) T5DC5 Process Control Pension Calculation T5DC5T Text for Processing Triggers T5DC6 Processing Steps for Pension Calculation T5DC7 Groupings CPS T5DC7T Text For CPS Groupings T5DC9 Grouping Texts T5DCA Entitlements / Benefit Types T5DCB Monitor Contribution Reimbursement T5DCC Text on Benefit Types T5DCD Control Information Entitlements T5DCE Pension type control T5DCF Method for Calculation of Conversion Amount T5DCFT Text Table for Conversion Method T5DCG Indicator CPS T5DCGT Text for CPS indicator T5DCH Assignment of Statement Data Type to CPS Table Name T5DCI Administration of Reduction for Surviving Dependants T5DCJ Pension Adjustment Table

T5DCK Dynamic Field Text T5DCL Transfer Basic Data (Income) T5DCM Calculation Method for Calculated/Actual Contributions T5DCN Calculation Method Employment Period/Income T5DCO Income Areas for Working Time Valuation T5DCP Valuation Using Working Time Scales T5DCQ Working Time Calculation Method T5DCR ONE-OFF PAYMENT Calculation Method T5DCS Contribution Calculation Rules T5DCST Contribution Calculation Rules T5DCU Account Assignment Basic Pension Payments T5DCV Entitlement Status T5DCVT Entitlement Status Text T5DCW Pension Plans CPS T5DCWT Text on Pension Plans CPS T5DCX Interest Calculation for Contribution Reimbursements T5DCY Company Pension Scheme Parameters T5DCZ Imputation Rules for Company Pension Scheme T5DF0 Statement Parameters Basic Settings T5DF0T Statement Parameter Basic Settings - Text Table T5DF1 Statement Wage Types T5DF1T Statement Wage Types - Text Table T5DF2 Control of Statement Functions T5DF3 Table Assignment and Window/Element Control for Form T5DF4 Control Statement Wage Types T5DF5 Functional Areas for Statements T5DF5T Functional Areas for Statements - Text Tables T5DF6 Statement Parameters - Customer Settings T5DF7 Wage Type Bases T5DF7T Wage Type Bases - Text Tables T5DF8 Statement Functions T5DF8T Statement Functions - Text Tables T5DF9 Permitted Tables T5DF9T Permitted Tables - Text Tables T5DFB Assignment of Wage Type Bases to Wage Types T5DL1 Absence Events T5DL2 Text on absence events T5DL3 Rules on absence events T5DL4 Text on rules for absence events T5DL5 Rule type for absence events T5DP1 Interface PAISY T5DP2 Conversion of Infotype Fields -> PAISY T5DP3 Conversion of Wage Type Infotypes 0008/0011/0014 -> PAISY T5DP4 Assignment PAISY Company - Superordinate Company T5DP5 Conversion of Wage Type Infotype 0010 -> PAISY T5DP6 Conversion of Infotype 0013 -> PAISY T5DP7 Conversion of Infotype 0079 -> PAISY T5DP8 Conversion of Infotype 0026 -> PAISY T5DP9 Conversion of HI Fund Infotypes 0013/0079 -> PAISY T5DPS PAISY Sequential Record Numbers for Subrecord Type 15 T5DTM_URL Absence Quota Types: Germany-Specific T5DW0 Special Functions for Calculating Contributions T5DW1 Identification Feature CPS T5DW1T Text for CPS Identification Features T5DW3 Pension Organizations for CPS Statement Information T5DW4 Administration of Basic Calculation (Income/Contributions) T5DW5 Processing Types for Pension Calculations T5DW5T Processing Types for Pension Calculations T5DW6 Wage Type Filter for Calculation of Basis Amount T5DW7 Permissibility of Pension Calculation Actions


Bonus/Deduction Rules Text on Bonus/Deduction Rules Assignment of Benefit Types to CPS Imputation Groups Pension Plans CPS Primary Entitlements of Pension Plan Entitlements/Benefit Types for Entitlement Group Deductions/Payments for Reimbursements Calculation Variants per Entitlement Text on Calculation Variants per Entitlement/Benefit Type CPS Currency Key CPS Currency Key (Texts) Entitlement Control for Salary Conversion Control Continued Payment of Surviving Dependant Pay Assignment of Text Elements to Statements Permitted Structure Names in CPS Statements Control Logical Pages in CPS Statements Payroll Control of Income Calculation "Statement Structure Fields (Conversion, Status...)" Pension Table Pension Table Rules for Final Processing Texts for Final Processing Rules Transfer Basic Data (Contributions) Pension Adjustment Control Control Table for Statements CPS Text Modules for Calculation of Pensions Validation for Method in Salary Conversion Infotype Member Status Membership Status Text Wage Type Control Payment Control Texts for Payment Control Company Pension Scheme Functions Bonus for Company Pension Scheme Personnel areas and subareas Company fiscal data Companies for Nursing and Medical Services Registered company and work center names Social Insurance Offices Social Insurance contributing company First-aid services amounts for company contributing to S.I. Extension of pay scale agreement Assignment of head office to corporate group Assignment of Social Insurance center Corporate group texts Provinces Contract type keys for Social insurance Adapt Social Insurance reasons and actions Actions and situations for registration messages Healthcare company codes - Social Insurance Assign countries to Social Insurance key (RED System) Pay scale codes Estimation of annual income Reasons for IRPF percentage change Check digit for specifying tax number Keys for Social insurance contribution groups Employment tax deduction percentages Payment subkeys Social insurance contract types (Spain) Contribution bases for non-industrial risks

T5E44 T5E45 T5E46 T5E48 T5E4T T5E50 T5E51 T5E52 T5E53 T5E55 T5E57 T5E5T T5E60 T5E61 T5E64 T5E65 T5E66 T5E67 T5E68 T5E6A T5E6B T5E6C T5E6D T5E6F T5E6I T5E6J T5E6K T5E6L T5E6M T5E6T T5E70 T5E7I T5E8M T5E8S T5E8T T5E8U T5E91 T5EA0 T5EA0T T5EA1 T5EA1T T5EA2 T5EA2T T5EA3 T5EA3T T5EA4 T5EA5 T5EA6 T5EAE T5ECP T5EDH T5EFI T5EG0 T5EG1 T5EG2 T5EG3 T5EG4 T5EG5 T5EG6 T5EG9

Contribution bases for IAID quota Social Insurance contribution types Social Insurance epigraphs Groups of professional categories Description of Social Insurance branch-office types Minimum bases for part-time contracts Seniority bonuses Seniority calculation methods Amounts of seniority bonuses Social Insurance office types Union dues Texts of Social Insurance contribution types Contract entity according to the company Contract transformations allowed Length of temporary contracts according to Soc. Ins. Admin. Work schedule in part-time contracts according Soc. Ins. Ad. "Contract validity acc. to Soc. Insurance, laws and decrees" Special contracts according to Social Insurance Assignment of contracts to groups Contract groups Contract groupers Sets of contracts and associated wage types Contribution calculation for sets of contracts Calculation methods Contract texts according to the company Contract texts according to Social Insurance Admin Contract grouper texts Calculation method texts Contract group texts Task denomination SI (Spain) INEM offices INEM office texts Reasons for IRPF percentage change Professional categories asignment to modifiers Modifiers for professional categories Texts of professional categories modifiers Allocation customer subtypes to legal classes Seniority calculation procedures Calculation procedure texts Seniority payment methods Payment methods texts Seniority payment symbols Payment symbol texts Valuation method definition Valuation methods texts Associate valuation wage type with valuation method Calculation sequences for payment method Actions and reasons with an effect on seniority Business Activities Generate personal calendar Local Tax Offices/Administration Severance payment calculation Gross / Net model features Special Rule Special rule description Special rule calculation Features of non-exempt amount model Features of relationship with other debts model Default values Garnishee fee

T5EI1 Income tax percentage rates T5EI2 Wage exempt of employment tax deduction T5EI3 Control constants of employment tax T5EI4 Amount constants of employment tax T5EI5 Valid wage types for evaluations of Internal Revenue Service T5EI6 Type of deduction for arrears T5EI7 Default behaviour for arrears groupers T5EI8 Retention type deduction for challenged people T5EIA Payment keys T5EII Control constants texts of employment tax T5EIJ Amounts constants texts of employment tax T5EMUPROT Log table for currency translation EMU T5EP1 Form management T5EP2 Forms management 2 T5EPT Forms management: Description of form T5ES1 Marine workers: Canary Is. register T5EU1 Containers of payroll results T5EUR HR-EMU: Conversion Table for Legal Constants T5EVP Street identifiers T5F03 Employee Groups/Subgroups - Special Features (France) T5F1A SI Organizations (France) T5F1B SI Contributions (France) T5F1C Social Insurance Contributions (France) T5F1D Membership of SI Organizations (France) T5F1E SI Organizations - Addresses T5F1F Assignment to Health Insurance Model - SI (France) T5F1G SI Assessment Thresholds - France T5F1H Change Basis for Calculating Amounts (HR-F) T5F1I Fund Model T5F1J Assessment Threshold Texts T5F1P Personnel Area/Subarea (FR) T5F1Q TDS: Industrial Accident Indicators T5F1R HR-F: Supplementary Pension Fund Data T5F1S HR-F: Social Insurance Data Transfer Information T5F1T Texts for Social Insurance Fund Models T5F1U CRC-TDS : Links between Wage Types and Fields T5F20 T5F21 T5F22 T5F2A Processing of Continued Pay Methods T5F2B Payroll Calculation Methods T5F2C Waiting Period and Continued Pay T5F2D Process Waiting Period for Continued Pay T5F2E General Modifier for Continued Pay Processing T5F2F Wage Types for IJSS Calculation T5F2G Process Change of Continued Pay Modifier T5F2M Periods of Continued Pay T5F2P Procedures and Reduction Indicators for Continued Pay T5F2T T5F30 T5F31 T5F3A Payment Reasons for Profit Sharing T5F3B Calculation Bases for Profit Sharing T5F3C Contributions and Profit Sharing Agencies T5F3G T5F3S Garnishment (FR) T5F41 Challenged T5F42 Work Contract T5F43 T5F44

T5F45 T5F4A T5F4B T5F4C T5F4D T5F4E T5F4N T5F4P T5F4Q T5F4R T5F4S T5F4T T5F5A T5F5B T5F5C T5F5D T5F5E T5F5F T5F5G T5F5H T5F5I T5F5J T5F5K T5F5L T5F5M T5F5N T5F5O T5F5P T5F5Q T5F5T T5F60 T5F61 T5F62 T5F63 T5F64 T5F67 T5F68 T5F69 T5F6A T5F6B T5F6C T5F6E T5F6G T5F6H T5F6J T5F6K T5F6L T5F6M T5F6N T5F6NN T5F6P T5F6R T5F6T T5F6U T5G01 T5G02 T5G03 T5G05 T5G06 T5G08

INSEE Code INSEE Code Youth training Further Training Texts DDTEFP Agency Indicator Check Table Agency Indicator Text Employee Group Check Table Employee Group Designations Employee Groups Associated with SI Contribution models Employee Group Wage Types Description of 'Bilan Social' Employee Groups (FR) Description of 'Bilan Social' Tables Details of 'Bilan Social' Tables (F) Description of 'Bilan Social' Indicators (FR) Description of Selection Criteria for BS indicators (FR) Settings for 'Bilan Social' Indicator Selection Criteria 'Bilan Social' Employee Groups (FR) 'Bilan Social' Tables (FR) 'Bilan Social' Indicators Selection Criteria for 'Bilan Social' Indicators (FR) Employee Group Codes for 'Bilan Social' (FR) 'Bilan Social' Types (FR) Description of 'Bilan Social' Types (FR) 'Bilan Social' Business Areas (FR) Description of 'Bilan Social' Business Areas (FR) Codes for Numeric Data Numeric Data Description of Numeric Data Codes Dynamic Mapping for Interface: Infotypes Dynamic Mapping for Interface: Clusters. Dynamic Mapping for Interface: Wage Types as Master Data Dynamic Mapping for Interface: Interfaced Wage Types Coding Table Interface Interface : Link PAC Payroll Area TEDC TDT TEDC DDT TEDC VR Dynamic Mapping for Interface: DDIC ADP (309FF) ITF TEDC Funds Code Free Format 409 Incident Codes List of Employer Banks List of Individual Transfers Send Table (TDE) Send Details (DDE) Returns Table (TDR) Global Error Messages. Communication of Error Messages (ADP Interface) Table for Communication and Language of Services ITF Table for Reporting Purposes Interface ADP Text Table for PAC Interface : Link PAC Processing Type Tax Rates Special Tax Code Tax Increase and Limit NIC Limits NIC Percentages NI Control Data Texts

T5G09 NI Categories (GB) T5G0A Employee Group/Subgroup T5G10 Pension Fund T5G15 Court Order Deductions T5G16 Court Order Indicator T5G1T Pension Fund Texts T5G20 SSP System Data (GB) T5G21 SMP System Data T5G22 SSP Qualifying Day Pattern T5G23 Time Models for SSP Qualifying Day Patterns T5G24 SSP Qualifying Day Pattern Calendars T5G25 Occupational Sick Pay Schemes T5G26 OSP-Related Data for SSP Offsetting T5G27 SSP Rates Payable (GB) T5G28 SMP Rates Payable T5G2E SSP/SMP Exclusion Reason Texts T5G2F SSP/SMP Exclusion Reasons T5G2T Text for Occupational Sick Pay Schemes T5G30 Pension Schemes T5G31 Pension Contribution Calculation Rules T5G32 Pension Holidays T5G33 Pension Contribution Calculation Rule Bands T5G34 Pension Contribution Calculation Rule - Flat Rates T5G35 Pension Contribution Calculation Rule - Percentages T5G36 Pension Contribution Calculation Rule - Mix T5G37 Pension Scheme Types T5G3T Pension Scheme Names T5G40 National Insurance Earnings Ranges T5G41 National Insurance Percentage Rates T5G4T Text for Court Order Indicator T5G50 Tax Districts T5G51 Payroll Area PAYE Reference T5G52 Tax District and Reference Details T5G53 Permit Numbers T5G54 End Of Year Processing Stamp T5G55 HR-GB: Default Tax Code T5G56 HR-GB: Offshore employer details T5G5T Tax District Name T5G61 Business Mileage Bands T5G62 Payment of Petrol Costs (Based on Engine Size) T5G63 Payments for Private Fuel (Basis: Car List Price) T5G64 Unavailability Reasons T5G6T Unavailability Reasons Text T5G70 Official Rates for Beneficial Loans T5G71 Loan Categories T5G80 HR-GB: Payee Keys T5G9A Gross to net control report options T5G_CONVNI NI Conversion: Mapping customer wage types T5G_NICLIM NIC Limits T5G_NICPCT NIC Percentages T5G_NIDTO National Insurance data take on T5GPBS1 CLASS CPX Pension Scheme Cross Reference T5GPBS20 Absence Evaluation: Check Window End Definition T5GPBS20T Absence Evaluation: Texts for Check Window End Definition T5GPBS21 Absence Evaluation: Check Window Start Definition T5GPBS21T Absence Evaluation: Texts for Check Window Start Definition T5GPBS22 Absence Evaluation: Non-Qualifying Day Rule Definition T5GPBS22T Absence Evaluation: Texts for Qualifying Day Rule Definition T5GPBS23 Absence Evaluation: Cover Package Rule Definition T5GPBS23T Absence Evaluation: Cover Package Rule Definition

T5GPBS24 Absence Evaluation: Time Unit Factors T5GPBS24T Absence Evaluation: Texts for Time Unit Factor Definition T5GPBS25 Absence Evaluation: Part Day Evaluation Classes T5GPBS26 Absence Evaluation: Payment Day Rule Definition T5GPBS26T Absence Evaluation: Texts for Qualifying Payment Days T5GPBS27 Absence Evaluation: Valuation Rule Grouping Definition T5GPBS28 Absence Evaluation: Time Unit Grouping T5GPBS29 Absence Evaluation: Scheme Switches T5GPBS30 Absence Evaluation: Limit Rule T5GPBS30T Absence Evaluation: Texts for Limit Rules T5GPBS31 Absence Evaluation Cross Reference (T554S Extension) T5GPBS_USS Absence Evaluation: Scheme Switches T5I30 Events and Reasons for Italy T5IT1P HR area/sub-area grouping - HR Italy T5ITA1 Family allowance calculation type T5ITA2 Family allowance values T5ITA3 Family member indicator for family allowance T5ITA9 Family allowance treatment T5ITAA Recalculation type (not used any more) T5ITAB Current and previous year management - Italy only T5ITAC Recalculation period management T5ITAD Wage types to recalculate (not used any more) T5ITAE Cumulation wage types of recalculated differences T5ITAF Documents which can be linked to family ind. for fam.allow. T5ITAI Cumulation wage types of recalculated differences T5ITAO Wage types to be recalculated T5ITAT Family indicator T5ITAW Wage types to recalculate T5ITAX Family memeber indicator text for family allowance T5ITAY Family allowance type text T5ITAZ Family allowance indicator text T5ITC1 Contributions T5ITC2 Negative taxable amounts T5ITC3 Lowest rate management T5ITC4 Lowest rate amounts T5ITC5 Tax scale rounding T5ITC6 Contribution table extention for settlement T5ITCG Settlement request for contributions T5ITCH Contrib.settlement type T5ITCI WT which form the tax base T5ITCJ Taxation type text T5ITCN T5ITCS Contribution indicator T5ITCT Taxation type T5ITCW Contribution indicator text T5ITCX Settlement request text for contributions T5ITCY Contribution settlement type text T5ITCZ T5ITD1 Family dependent deduction T5ITD2 Direct employment deduction T5ITD3 Family member indicator for tax deduction T5ITD4 Document types T5ITD6 Deduction expected income table T5ITDA Miscellaneous data deductions T5ITDC Min. and max. number admitted for element type T5ITDG Settlement request for deductions T5ITDH Document type texts T5ITDJ Deduct.expenses type text T5ITDK Deduction type text T5ITDQ Deduct.expenses type


Employment deduction expenses type Family member type Deduction indicator description Tax deduction indicator text Family member indicator text for tax deduction Settlement request text for deductions Family member type text Definitions Exposure and attributes indicators for tape Exposure indicator attribute for print Calculation rules of exposure indicators ? Calculation rules for Totals 770 770 form: heir management Pay Scale Indicator 770 Activity area 770 Relation type 770 Exposure indicator description from 770 Accrual indicator Provision accrual Severance indemnity revaluation table - (IT) Severance indemnity revaluation percentage table-HR Italy Severance indemnity pay Accrual settlement Accrual settlement indicators Provision indicator Severance indemnity provision indicator description Provision indicator description Accrual indicator text EEF final archive Assign EEF Grouping Table of public holidays calculations on company behalf Define EEF groupings EEF extra monthly pay table Table of general data for EEF INPS authorization table Highest rate table Authorization grouping table EEF grouping texts Standard period table INPS general data table Percentage table Nursing table Marriage leave table Blood donation table Absence indicators Ordinary days/hours table Table for sickness treatment chargeable to Social Security Sickness handling c/company Accident handling table Maternity table Sickness treatment brackets chargeable to company Other taxations table Different taxation Monthly decontribution Decontribution settlement Table for SI taxation calculation Min. and/or exempt amount management - Italy only Text table other taxations Decontribution settlement texts WT grouping indicators for overviews District indicator table


District tax indicators table District taxes District tax settlement District tax settlement referred to previous year District tax payment steps Payment phases calendar Transfer of employees from one employer to a different one WT grouping indicators for overviews Local sections WT grouping indicators for overviews District tax indicator description District indicator descriptions ASL local section indicator text District tax settlement text table Print parameters for section indicators Condition table for contribution indicator evaluation 01/M period data Text table for special remunerations INPS contract indicator Text table Frame entry table History archive of DM forms + 101 form data INPS registration numbers table Additional data table at company level for DM and 01/M Place of work table Local offices table Text table - Places of work 01/M data table - section B Local offices text table CUD:heirs processing Special remunerations table Form indicators text table 01/M data history Form indicators table Exposure indicator table linked to WT for form/section Form history at personnel number level Table for print contribution Form section indicator table Calculation rules table Special status regions and provinces Table for exposure / contribution indicators INPS rank table Assignment table of INPS levels text table for exposure / contribution indicators Special status regions and districts table INPS rank indicator text table Form indicators text table Social Security fund Payments to social security funds Payment schedule Payments to fund management Regional tax indicators table Regional taxes Regional tax settlements Regional tax settlements with reference to previous year Regional taxes payment phases Evaluation of calculation base - Italy only CAAF table Company activity indicator table Fund indicator description


Regional tax indicator descriptions Regional tax settlements text table Rounding table Net pay rounding table - Italy only Processing conditions Table for ICOMP Indirect Valuation form Taxation types to be highlighted in the payroll INAIL status and taxation indicators Settlement indicator Settlement indicator text Description of administrative data indicators for the user Local tax indicator table Local tax Taxation formula Local tax settlements Local tax settlement with reference to previous year Local tax payment steps User administrative data qualification Local tax indicators description Description of administrative data indicators for the user Data text for administrative fields District tax settlement text table Pay scale jumps to max.amount percentage in percentage Pay scale jumps to max.amount to number/amount Pay scale jumps accord. to max. amount in Pay scale jumps according to max.amount in number Insurance pay scale jumps - class changes Expiration dates management Seniority pay scale jumps indicators Pay scale jump evaluation type Seniority pay scale jump indicators text Pay scale jumps evaluation type description IRPEF table IRPEF negative taxable amount table IRPEF tax base rounding table Data settlement according to 730 Previous years arrears IRPEF miscellaneous data settlement IRPEF contribution indicator IRPEF contribution indicator description Collective Labour Agreement coefficients Table to create modules for forms Text table to create module for forms Table to create sections for the modules of the forms Description of the Sections Characteristics of the sections Rounding Characteristics of the modules Table to map codes and regions of the F24 HR Union JP HR Union texts JP HR Union Member Category JP Person Group/Subgroup JP HR Union Member Category Text JP HR Union due calculation master JP Personnel Area / Personnel Subarea JP HR Appraisal Main Feature JPN

T5J11 T5J12 T5J13 T5J14 T5J15 T5J16 T5J17 T5J18 T5J19 T5J1A T5J1C T5J1CT T5J1D T5J1E T5J1F T5J20 T5J21 T5J22 T5J23 T5J24 T5J25 T5J26 T5J27 T5J28 T5J29 T5J30 T5J31 T5J32 T5J33 T5J34 T5J35 T5J36 T5J37 T5J38 T5J39 T5J40 T5J41 T5J42 T5J43 T5J44 T5J46 T5J47 T5J50 T5J51 T5J52 T5J53 T5J54 T5J55 T5J56 T5J57 T5J58 T5J59 T5J60 T5J61 T5J62 T5J63 T5J64 T5J65 T5J66 T5J67

HR Text for Appraisal Main Feature JPN HR Appraisal Detail Feature JPN HR Text for Appraisal Detail Feature JPN HR Pay Scale Level for Appraisal Point Criteria JPN HR Pay Scale Level for Appraisal Rank Criteria JPN HR Text for Appraisal Rank Criteria JPN HR Combination for Income Tax Deduction JPN HR Amount for Income Tax Deduction JPN HR Combination for Family Dependant Tax Deduction JPN HR-J: Overseas pay payment rate HR-J: Car type HR-J: Car type text HR Nursing Insurance cost JP HR Grade No. of standard compensation for health ins. JP HR Grade No. of standard compensation for EE's pension JP HR Amount for Famliy Dependent Tax Deduction JPN HR Insurance Company Key Master JPN HR Insurance Company Name JPN HR Indicator SI Insured JPN HR Text for Indicator SI Insured JPN HR Indicator of Labour Insurance Premium Rate JPN HR Text for Indicator of Labour Insurance Premium Rate JPN HR Indicator of Social Insurance Premium Rate JPN HR Text for Indicator of Social Insurance Premium Rate JPN HR SI Entitlement Acquired/Lost JPN HR Text for SI Entitlement Acquired/Lost JPN HR SI Entitlement JPN HR Social Insurance Entitlement JPN HR Insurance company type JPN HR Insurance company type text JPN HR Indicator of Taxation JPN HR Tax Indicator Text JPN HR Indicator Year End Adjustment JPN HR Year End Adjustment Indicator Text JPN HR Standard Annual Income Y.E.A. JPN HR Tax Deduction Amount Y.E.A. JPN HR Rate of Income Tax for Syoyo JPN HR Payroll Income Tax - Monthly Chart JPN HR Payroll Income Tax - Daily KOU JPN HR Payroll Income Tax - Daily OTSU JPN HR Appraisal Rank Criteria JPN HR Combination Insurance Type/Insurance Company JPN HR Residence Tax Change Reason JPN HR Text for Residence Tax Change Reason JPN HR Residence Tax Collection Indicator JPN HR Text for Residence Tax Collection Indicator JPN HR Insurance Product Type JPN HR Text for Insurance Product Type JPN HR Weighting for Appraisal Main Feature JPN HR Special Tax Table for Retirement Income (Pension) JPN HR Combination Insurance Company Type/Product JPN HR Job promotion - pay scale level ordering JPN HR Parameters for pay scale recreation JPN HR Address Information of Pers. Subarea for Residence Tax HR Address Information of Personnel Subarea for Income Tax HR Municipal City Codes JP HR Commuting Allowance - Non-taxable Amounts JPN HR School Japan HR Institution/school type JPN HR Institution/school type text JP

T5J68 T5J69 T5J70 T5J71 T5J72 T5J73 T5J74 T5J75 T5J76 T5J77 T5J78 T5J79 T5J80 T5J81 T5J82 T5J83 T5J84 T5J86 T5J87 T5J88 T5J89 T5J98 T5J99 T5JA1 T5JA2 T5JA3 T5JA4 T5JAD T5JBK T5JC1 T5JC2 T5JC3 T5JC4 T5JIC T5JII T5JIR T5JL1 T5JL2 T5JLR T5JOCC T5JRA T5JSA T5JSC T5JSE T5JSI T5JSR T5JSY T5JT1 T5JT2 T5JT3 T5JTD T5JTI T5JTX T5JTY T5K0C T5K0P T5K0Q T5K0S T5K13 T5K14

HR Faculty JP HR Attributes to SYOYO payroll run JP HR Retirement Reason Category JP HR Retirement Reason Category JP HR Supplements to Reason for Events JP HR Retirement Allowance Modifier JP HR Retirement Allowance Unit Amount JP HR Santei/Geppen Form remarks column text ID JP HR Santei/Geppen Form remarks column text JP HR Katakana writing for Country Names JP HR Taxable amount reduction for retirement allowance JP HR Syoyo payemnt rate per pay scale JP HR Definition of Service Years - Factor - Patterns JP HR Associate retirement reason category to service years JP HR Associate pay scale to service years JP HR Service Years - Factor - Patterns for Retirement JP HR Service Years - Factor - Patterns for Retirement JP HR-J: Taxation Type Indicator JPN HR-J: Taxation type text HR-J: Payment class HR-J: Payment class text HR Conversion IT0144 to IT0169 JP Wagetype correspond Table. Text of appraisal feature JP HR Weighting for Appraisal Detail Feature JPN Appraisal-Payscale regrading constants JP Text of rank value of appraisal JP & check table HR company office address JP HR Bank key for Property accumulation savings JP HR check table for income tax deduction JP HR check table for family dependant tax deduction JP HR Standard annual income for Y.E.A. JPN HR Tax Deduction Amount for Y.E.A. JPN HR Insurance company key master JP HR Indicator for Social Insurance insured JP Indicator for Premium Rate HR Address Infomation 1 of Personnel Subarea for LI JP HR Address Infomation 2 of Personnel Subarea for LI JP HR Rate of Premium for Labour Insurance JPN Payroll Category for Payroll Reason HR Collector Number for Residence Tax JP HR Indicator for Acquired/lost JP HR SI Grade of standard compensation JP HR Reason for Acuired/lost JP HR Branch Office Information for Social Insurance JP HR Rate of Premium for Social Insurance JPN HR Rate of Income Tax for Syoyo JPN Payroll income tax table - monthly chart Payroll income tax table - daily KOU Payroll income tax table - daily OTSU HR Deduction indicator text JP HR Insurance company type JP HR Text of indicator for taxation JP Text of indicator for Year End Adjustment Absence Breakdown Personnel Area/Sub Area (Canada) Industry Sector Texts Sickness grouping for absence types Jobs Assignment Positions to NOC


Absence type reason relevant to ROE (Canada) Event reason relevant to ROE (Canada) Master data reason relevant to ROE Reason code for issuing a ROE (Canada) Reason code text for issuing a ROE (CA) Year-end amendment wage-type selection Transfer ext. payroll results into Canadian specific tables Tax key data for transfer of old payroll results HR-CA: Transfer additional external payroll results Tax area / tax model Canada Other tax area Tax areas - texts - Canada Work tax area - Canada Canadian Business Number Address Assignment Canadian Business Numbers Canadian tax reporting units Tax claim code - federal Tax claim code - Qubec Tax types - texts - Canada Tax claim codes - federal - texts - Canada Gross/net model characteristics Special rule Description of special rule Special rule calculation scheme Non-exempt amount model characteristics Relationship to other debts model characteristics Default values Garnishee fee Tax indicators - Canada Tax indicator texts - Canada Tax models - texts - Canada Tax model / Taxation authorities - Canada National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes - text Taxing authorities - texts - Canada Tax claim codes QC - texts Link HR tax payees to wage types via tax attributes Canadian Tax Remittance Form PD7A Data Tax types for employer - texts - Canada Directory for short / long term disability plans Short / long term disability: Assign absences to illnesses ROE Serial Number Short/long term disability plan Short / long term disability plans texts Fields of a tax form Tax areas (Canada) Wage Type Tax Classifications (Canada) Tax types for employee BSI Tax area - Canada Tax models Taxation authorities - Canada Tax types Employer BSI - Canada Tax types description Tax types Canada Tax level Vacation pay: Accrual and Payout Vacation pay: Wage Types for Special Events Vacation pay: Accrual Years Vacation pay: Absence types without corresp. entitlements Vacation pay: Automatic Payouts


Include/exclude indicator for wage type processing Tax levels - texts - Canada Workers' Compensation accounts table Classification groups assignment for WCB Classification groups for WCB Employee Grouping for workers compensation Classification groups for WCB - Text table Year end reporting history table Year end reporting History table "Association of wage type with registration number, Canada" Assignment of Business Number to Company Name and Address Employee Subgroup grouping for Malaysia Personnel Areas/Subareas for Malaysia BIK code table BIK (EA form) text table Malaysia Employees' eligibility categories Text table for Employees' eligibility categories Employee Provident fund for Malaysia Employee Provident Fund rates (Malaysia) Text for employee Subgroup grouping for tax (Malaysia) Text for Employee subgroup grouping SOCSO Malaysia Text for employee subgroup grouping EPF (Malaysia) Employee subgroup grouping EPF (Malaysia) Employee subgroup grouping SOCSO Malaysia Employee Subgroup grouping for Tax Malaysia Text for Personnel Area grouping for tax (Malaysia) Text for Personnel Area grouping for SOCSO (Malaysia) Text for Personnel Area grouping for EPF (Malaysia) Text for Tax office grouping for Malaysia Personnel Area grouping for EPF (Malaysia) Tax office grouping for Malaysia Personnel Area grouping for SOCSO (Malaysia) Personnel Area grouping for tax (Malaysia) Tax Reporting Receipt no table Employer reference for SOCSO (Malaysia) Serial no Table for EA form - Malaysia SOCSO contributions for Malaysia Additional tax table - Malaysia Table for Tax Receipt Entry Additional tax - text table (Malaysia) Tax relief information on Education (Malaysia) Reference Number output attributes Tax office table for Malaysia Employer reference for tax Tax rates for Malaysia Tax office text table Malaysia Employee Groups/Subgroups (Denmark) !Not Used: Jobs (Denmark) Default Values for DA Job Keys (DK) Official DA Statistics - Job Keys (DK) DA Statistics - Job Descriptions (DK) Official DA Statistics - Training Keys (DK) DA Statistics - Training Descriptions (DK) Place of Employment Keys for Tax Information S74 DK Place of Employment Keys for DA Statistics DK Place of Employment Keys for DS Statistics DK No longer used !! [Municipality Number] Client/Plant/Plant Section (Denmark) !Not used: Field 27 Texts !Not Used: Default Values for Infotype 0073

T5M2P !Not Used: Pension Type (Denmark) T5M2S !Not Used: ATP Records T5M2T !Not Used: Pension Texts (Denmark) T5M3O !Not Used: OSI Bank Transfer Information T5M3T Texts for Transfer Types (Denmark) T5M3U Bank Transfer Types (Denmark) T5M49 Date Identifiers for Special Payroll T5M49W Feriekonto: Transfer Models T5M4F !Not Used: Default Values for Leave T5M4S !Not Used: Default Values for SH T5M58 SAP-PBS Interface: Transfer Payroll Account (DK) T5M58_OLD !!Do Not Use (Copy of T5M58) T5M5B SAP-PBS Interface: Definition of Wage Type Intervals DK T5M5C SAP-PBS Interface: Wage Type Interval Names DK T5M5D SAP-PBS Interface: PBS Form Names (DK) T5M5E SAP-PBS Interface: Forms (DK) T5M5F SAP-PBS Interface: Entry Values for Forms (DK) T5M5G SAP-PBS Interface: Designation of Entry Values (DK) T5M5H SAP-PBS Interface: Company (DK) T5M5I SAP-PBS Interface: Company (DK) T5M5J SAP-PBS Interface: AGRUPPE (DK) T5M5K SAP-PBS Interface: AGRUPPE Designations (DK) T5M5L "SAP-PBS Interface: Leave Schema, OF-CODES (DK)" T5M5M SAP-PBS Interface: Leave Schema Descriptions OF-CODES (DK) T5M5N SAP-PBS Interface: SE# (DK) T5M5O SAP-PBS Interface: SE# Designations (DK) T5M5P HR_DK: Companies Defined in the PBS System T5M5Q HR_DK: Names of Companies Defined in the PBS System T5M5R HR_DK: Transfer of PBS Companies in Send/Import Programs T5M5S Information to PBS for Remuneration Statement T5M5T Field Conversions for Fields to PBS T5M5U Description of Field Conversions T5M5X Customer Description of a PBS Interval T5M5Z Wage Types for Processing Retroactive Difference T5M6A Assignment of Leave Types to Wage Types T5M6P Default Values for Leave Accumulation T5M6Q Description of a Default Value for Leave Accumulation T5M71 Files T5M7A Processing Possibilities in Danish Payroll Steps T5M7B Company Variant Sets for Payroll Variants T5M7C Danish Payroll - Step as of Person Listed in mc W T5M7D Status Line for Payroll Run T5M7E User Variant Sets for Payroll Report Variants T5M7F Text Table for 'Single Step' Execution Type in Payroll T5M7G Tax Table Processing T5M7H Text Table for Single Steps in Processing T5M7I Tax Table for Single Steps in Payroll T5M7J Danish Payroll: Error Code Table for PBS T5M7K Person Selection for Payroll Run from T5M7D T5M7L Payroll acct. area selections for payroll run from T5M7D T5M7M Single Step Control in User Variant Set T5M7N Special Wage Type Definition Elements for Pensions (DK) T5M7O AMP Institutions (Danish Pension Institutions) T5M7P Garnishment Types in Danish Payroll (IT 200) T5M7Q Text Table for Garnishment Types (T5M7P) T5M7R Text Table - Pension Types T5M7S Results of a Step in the Payroll Run (HR DK) T5M7T PBS File Entries (HR DK Payroll) T5M7U Retrieval of DA-DS Statistics T5M7V Form Entries for PBS File

T5M7W File Entries Assignment from T5M7V T5M7X Entries for Form X1 - Special Payment Days T5M7Y User Codes for User Variant Sets T5M7Z Field Values from Last Payroll T5M8A Entry Fields for Own Statistics IT0204 (DK) T5M8B Input Field Names for Own Statistics IT0204 (DK) T5M8C Input values for own statistics IT0204 (DK) T5M8D Designate Input Values for Own Statistics IT0204 (DK) T5M8E Verify Changes to Wage Type Texts T5M8F SAP-PBS interface: Assign SAP PBS wage types (DK) T5M8G Matchcode W Specifically for Payroll Step (DK) T5M8H PBS error table for importing error file T5M8I PBS error codes T5M8J File entries for PBS file T5M8K Log of report calls for Danish payroll accounting T5M8L Text table for company variant sets T5M8M Text table for user variant sets T5M8N Company-specific RFC destinations for PBS links T5M8O Pension institutions T5M8P SAP-PBS interface: Transfer year-end values T5M8Q Assign PBS-SAP leave entitlement and deduction T5M8R Name assignment of PBS-SAP leave entitlement and deduction T5M8S Employer assignment in original period T5M8T Danish Postal Codes T5M8U Hierarchy Structure for DA Statistics Job Key T5M8V Hierarchy Structure Texts for DA Statistics Job Key T5M8W Year End Corrections for PBS Accumulators (HR-DK) T5M8X Interface: PBS Constants as T511K Constants T5M8Z Employer Assignment in Original Period T5M9A SAP-PBS Interface: Transfer of New Year Values T5M9B SAP-PBS: Year End Values (Revision) T5M9C SAP-PBS Interface: New Year Values (Revision) T5M9D PBS wage types that need activating. T5M9E Standard Account Assignment for PBS Wage Types T5M9F PBS Accumulator T5M9G PBS Accumulator T5M9H Split Indicators for Wage Types Sent to PBS T5M9I Texts for End of Year Runs (Payroll) T5M9J Texts for New Year Runs (Payroll) T5M9K Hierarchy Structure for DA Statistics Job Key T5M9L Hierarchy Structure Texts for DA Statistics Job Key T5M9M Hierarchy Structure for DS Statistics Training Key T5M9N Hierarchy Structure Texts for DS Statistics Work Center Key T5M_ABSCD Absence Codes for PBS T5M_ABS_TREATMNT Absence Processing T5M_ABSTY_ABSCD Link: Absence Types and Employer Org. to Absence Codes T5MAH File Access Path T5MCC Cluster Memory Table T5MF0 FA Place of Employment (Employer Association Financ.Sector) T5MF1 Work Functions for FA Statistics T5MF2 FA Statistics: Position According to Collective Agreement T5MF3 Training for FA Statistics T5MF4 Pay Scale Group for FA T5MF5 Pay Scale Level for FA T5MF6 Conversion of R/3 Pay Scale Structure to FA PS Structure T5MF7 SAP-PBS Interface: Entry Values for Forms (DK) T5MF8 "FA: Default Work Function, Work Level, Management Level" T5MF9 Default Value for DA/DS Statistics DK IT (204) is Hiring/Lea T5MFA Error Areas in the Validation Routines for FA Statistics T5MFB FA Statistics: Values for Validation

T5MFD Retrieval of Official Statistics for DA/DS and FA T5MFE Pay Scale Types for FA Statistics T5MFF Pay Scale Group for FA T5MFG Pay Scale Level for FA T5MFH Special Transfer Days for Wage Types T5MFI FA Statistics: Bonus Types T5MFJ Correct FA Absence Statistics T5M_LO_INTERFACE Loans: Relationship: WT & Pseudo-Split and Generated WT T5MP1 General Messages for the PBS Remuneration Statement T5MRE !Not Used: Garnishment DK T5M_SUMMER_PER Extra Vacation Days due to Vacation in the Summer Period T5M_VASTA Leave Accumulation Status (Entity) T5M_VASTA_TXT Names of Leave Accumulation Statuses T5MY0 HR-DK: Year End Activities for PBS T5N05 Reg.of countries of birth (Act stimul.labor part.ethn.min.) T5N0A General data (NL) T5N11 Short and long texts - social insurance (NL) T5N12 Social insurance groups (NL) T5N1A Social insurance indicator (NL) T5N1B Social insurance indicator texts (NL) T5N1C Health insurance companies (NL) T5N1D Employer's HI contrib. for privately insured employees (NL) T5N1E Health insurance contr. for privately insured employees (NL) T5N1F Texts - health insur. funds for voluntarily insured EEs (NL) T5N1G PY NL: Valuation of absences T5N1M Texts - social insurance groups (NL) T5N1N Texts - social insurance branches (NL) T5N1O Industrial Insurance Board (bedrijfsvereniging) data (NL) T5N1P Insurance contributions (NL) T5N1Q Data for pension accounting (NL) T5N1R Texts - pensions (NL) T5N1S T5N1T T5N2A Wage tax [loonheffing] conversion rule indicators (NL) T5N2B Texts - conversion rules (NL) T5N2C Marital Status for Wage Tax [Loonheffing] (NL) T5N2D Type of tax table (NL) T5N2E Texts - Wage Tax [Loonheffing] Table (NL) T5N2F Income indicators (NL) T5N2G Tax classes for wage tax [loonheffing] (NL) T5N2H Special payments [bijzondere beloningen] (NL) T5N2I Special payments compens. allowance [overhevel.toeslag] (NL) T5N2J Conversion rules for wage tax [loonheffing] (NL) T5N2K Text type premium reduction (NL) T5N2L Text type period (NL) T5N2M Tax table periods (NL) T5N2N Texts - Tax Table Periods (NL) T5N2O Premium reductions (NL) T5N2P Type of period T5N2Q Wage tax exemptions (NL) T5N2R Texts - special wage tax groups (NL) T5N2S Special tax indicator codes (Tax Authority) T5N2T Special tax indicator text (Tax Authority) T5N2U Type of premium reduction T5N2V National Insurance contributions T5N2X Percentage final levy T5N2Y Conversion table for final levy T5N2Z Table for taxable allowance child care T5N3A Social fund decisions (NL) T5N4A Fixed commuter allowances (NL)

T5N4B T5N4C T5N4D T5N5A T5N5B T5N5C T5N5D T5N5E T5N5F T5N5S T5N5T T5N5U T5N9A T5N9B T5N9C T5N9D T5N9E T5N9F T5N9G T5N9H T5N9I T5N9J T5N9O T5N9P T5N9R T5ND1 T5P03 T5P0P T5P1F T5P1J T5P1R T5P1S T5P1T T5P1U T5P1W T5P2A T5P2B T5P2C T5P2E T5P2I T5P2J T5P2L T5P2M T5P2P T5P2Q T5P2R T5P2S T5P2W T5P2X T5P2Y T5P3E T5P3L T5P4G T5P4Y T5P5T T5P6C T5P6D T5P6P T5PA0 T5PA1

Texts - Commuter transportation method indicator (NL) Transport method indicators for commuters (NL) Commuter allowance (NL) Basis for insurance/capacity of insured (NL) Professional group indicator (NL) Collective labor agreement (CAO) indicator NSI: created data records Special tax indicator code (UVI) Special tax indicator text (UVI) Text professional group indicator (NL) Basis for insurance/capacity of insured text Text collective labor agreement (CAO) indicator Addresses of authorities (NL) Texts - description of authorities (NL) Texts - authorities (NL) Notification executive authority and tax office (NL) Texts - notifications of authorities (NL) Tab. f. comb. of pers. actions and reasons for pers. actions Text table for comb. of type of pers. action and reason Linking events to pers. actions and reasons f. pers. actions


Pension fund postings Employee Groups / Subgroups - Classification Personnel Subarea Supplements Tax offices Grouping and characteristics of legal entity (JUPER Tax rates table Tax status table Text table for the relation of wts in tax calc. Relation of reference amount wts for tax calculation Relation of wage types in tax calculation Social Security Infotype Subtypes Social Security Infotype Subtypes Contract Types Social Security Contributor Social Security Institutions Social Security Subregional Services Voluntary Social Insurance Levels Social Security - Wage Types for 13th/14th Month Social Security Regimes - Payroll Processing Social Security Regimes - Contribution Parameters Social Security - Master Data Regimes Assignment to Social Security Regimes Voluntary Social Insurance Levels Social Security - Master Data Regimes Contract Types Legal entities for issuing disability documents Disability levels Vacation and Christmas allowance groupings Text table for vacation and Christmas all. groupings Text table for the Functional Structure designation Councils Districts Parishes Assignment of coverage rules Coverage rules


Splitting rules Counting rules Influence of absence types in counting rules Map WTs in absence evaluation rule Coverage rule texts Counting rule texts Splitting rule texts Splits in splitting rules Absence/Attendance types - Reporting classification Type of National Service and Unit Text For Type of National Service And Unit National Service Status Text For National Service Status RANK at ORD / Reservist Text For Rank at ORD / Reservist Vocation Text For Vocation Commendation Text For Commendation Performance rating for national service Text For Performance Rating Conduct rating for national service Text For Conduct Rating Mobilisation Code Text For Mobilisation Level Of Clearance Text For Level Of Clearance Status Of Clearance Text For Status Of Clearance Types Of Voluntary Services / ECA Text For Voluntary Services / ECA Position Held In Voluntary Service / ECA Text For Position Held In Voluntary Service / ECA Representation Text For Representation Subject Text For Subject Code Asset Type Text For Asset Type Dialect Group Text For Dialect Group Link table for absence and NS Type (No longer in use) Stores the employer MediSave reference number SI contr. table for Govt Pensionable Employees. PR contr. table for govt. pensionable employees. SI contr. table for Govt Non-pensionable Employees PR contr. table for Govt. non-pensionable employees. Special MSO Calculation Rules Leave scheme types Text table for leave schemes Leave entitlement Group identifier for leave entilement Text for group identifier for leave entilement Leave Quota Entitlement Group for leave quota Text for group for leave quota Leave allowance and daily rate of make up vac lv - scheme 73 Group for leave allowance Text for group for leave allowance Division

T5PBSR3GT Division text T5PBSR3H Salary Grouping T5PBSR3I Define the maximum number of absence days w/o proration T5PBSR3J Guideline for proration T5PBSR4A Appointment type T5PBSR4AT Appointment type description T5PBSR4B Tenure of office T5PBSR4BT Tenure of office description T5PBSR6A Scheme of Services T5PBSR6AT Text for Scheme of Services T5PBSR6B Salary Code T5PBSR6BT Text for Salary Code T5PBSR6C Assignment between Scheme Code and Salary Code T5PBSR6D "(Not used, will be deleted in 4.6)" T5PBSR6E Annual Wage Adjustment for Basic Component T5PBSR6F Monthly Salary Scale T5PBSR6G Basic Component T5PBSR6H NPVP Increment Detail T5PBSR6HI NPVP Increment Eligibility Group T5PBSR6HIT Text for Eligibility Group for NPVP Adjustment T5PBSR6I Guideline for Salary Components T5PBSR6J Annual Wage Adjustment for MVC Component T5PBSR6M Assignment between Pay Scale Types and Scheme Code T5PBSR6N Assignment between Pay scale area and division T5PCE HR-PT: Contract Elements T5PCP HR-PT: Postal codes T5PEA HR-PT: Economical Activity Classification (CAE) T5PED HR-PT: Education Levels T5PFN HR-PT: (Entities) Properties T5PFT HR-PT: (Entities) Valid Properties Texts T5PFV HR-PT: (Entities) Valid Properties T5PIT HR-PT: Infotype subtype - Classification T5PLA HR-PT: Lunch allowance valuation rules T5PNC HR-PT: Nationality Codes T5PP1 HR-PT: Professional categories assignment T5PP2 HR-PT: Professional categories T5PP3 HR-PT: National professional classification (CNP) T5PP4 HR-PT: Professional Category designation T5PP5 HR-PT: Functional Structure designation T5PPS HR-PT: Pay scale types additional information T5PPT HR-PT: Professional category designations T5PRA HR-PT: Legal reasons for actions T5PRC HR-PT: Reasons for changes - Mapping to legal reasons T5PRM HR-PT: Reasons for actions - Mapping to legal reasons T5PRT HR-PT: Legal reasons for actions texts T5PTC HR-PT: Time objects classification T5PTT HR-PT: Time object value texts T5PTV HR-PT: Time object values T5PWS HR-PT: Work Schedules - Classification T5Q0P "Personnel area, business subsection (Australia)" T5QGM Payroll Highlight Messages Australia T5QGO Group Certificate Overrides T5QGT Messages Area Check Table Australia T5QIA PS Specific Characteristic for absence type T5QIG Leave Quota Grouping T5QIT Calculation rule for transfer frequency T5QLA Australian Leave Accrual Unpaid Absence Rules T5QLG Leave Type Grouping Australia T5QLH Leave Type Grouping text Australia T5QLL Australian Leave Loading - international leave

T5QLP Leave Provisions - Australia T5QLR Leave Accrual Rules Australia T5QLT Leave Accrual-Id description Australia T5QPR Aust. Leave Provision for international leave T5QRA Redundancy LWOP Absences Australia T5QRB Taxation - Rebates (Australia) T5QRL Taxation Australia - Rebate language table T5QRP Redundancy Packages Australia T5QRR Term. Rules for Long Serv. Leave & Leave Loading Australia T5QRS Terminations Redundancy Payments Australia T5QRT Term. Rules for Long Serv-Leave & Leave Loading Australia T5QRX Taxation Australia - Rebates T5QSD Superannuation Fund Designation Australia T5QSF Superannuation Fund Code Designation Australia T5QSG Superannuation Guarantee Contribution Admin Australia T5QSM Superannuation Highlight Messages Australia T5QSR Superannuation Restriction Rules Australia T5QSS Superannuation Defined Salary Australia T5QSW Superannuation Wage Type Assignment T5QSZ Superannuation Modifiers Australia T5QTC Tax Scale Australia T5QTD Tax Scale Designation Australia T5QTM Taxation Australia Medicare Levy T5QTR Term. Rules for Long Serv. Leave & Leave Loading Australia T5QTT Termination Taxation of Leave Australia T5QTX Tax Scale Australia T5R01 Award types T5R02 Award type texts T5R03 Residency type T5R04 Residency type text T5R05 Types of Identification T5R06 Types of Identification - Texts T5R0P Plant section/Singapore T5R13 Occupational group T5R1A Institution of Soc. Provident Funds SG T5R1B Fund Indicator for Social Insurance/SG T5R1C CPF Contribution rate of Soc. Insurance / SG T5R1D Types of foreign workers T5R1E The rates of levy for foreign worker T5R1F Additional Funds/SG T5R1G Contr. rates for convers. to CPF scheme on change of PR T5R1H Rate for Other Social Fund (Employer) - SDF T5R1M HR-SG: Memberships T5R1P Rate for lump payment and CPF in case of semimonthly payroll T5R1S Text for fund indicator /SG T5R1T Text for Institution of Soc. Insurance SG T5R2A Pro-rate types for AWS T5R2B NRS Allowance averages calculation setting (SGP) T5R2C Rate for CPF deduction by festival advance payment T5R3A HR-SG: AWS Union Subscription Rates T5RPBS1P Staff Suggestion Category T5RPBS1PT Text Table for Staff Suggestion Category T5RPBS1Q Evaluator Identification T5RPBS1R Evaluation Criteria For Staff Suggestion Scheme T5RPBS1RT Text Table for Evaluation Criteria in SSS T5RPBS1T Weighting of Evaluation Criteria T5RPBS1U Evaluation Status in Staff Suggestion Scheme T5RPBS1UT Text Table for Evaluation Status in SSS T5RPBS1W Evaluation Authority and Weighting Based on Evaluator T5RPBS1X Staff Suggestion Scheme Ranking Table

T5RPBS1XT Text Table for Staff Suggestion Ranking Table T5RPBS1Y Definition of Rank Table T5RPBS8A Pensions Scheme Type T5RPBS8AT Text Table for Pensions Scheme Type T5RPBS8B Pensions Scheme Payment Option Type T5RPBS8BT Text Table for Pensions Scheme Type T5RPBS8C Pensions Scheme Payment Option Eligibility Criteria T5RPBS8D Absences not counted as Pensionable Service T5RPBS8E SG Public Sector Pensions Scheme Constants Table T5RPBS8ET Text Table for Pensions Scheme Constants Table T5RPBS8F Pay Changes Reasons to be considered for Averaging of APE T5RPBS8G Specify Calculation Process for LOS Calculation T5S03 Employee Group/Subgroup (SE) T5S0A Leave year periods - SE T5S0C Absence conditions - SE T5S0P Swedish attributes of org. structure (level pers. subarea) T5S0Q Unpaid leave parameters - SE T5S0R Absence category (SE) T5S0S Messages for sickness administration (SE) T5S1C Period Work Schedule Valuation - SE(Leave) T5S1S Statistic codes Leave - SE T5S1T Statistic codes Leave - SE T5S3A Tax Table (SE) T5S3B Tax Column (SE) T5S3C EE Tax Type Texts - SE T5S3D Tax Adjustment Texts - SE T5S3E Extra Taxes Texts - SE T5S3H One-off Tax (SE) T5S3I Extra Taxes (SE) T5S3J Tax Adjustment (SE) T5S3L Employer's Contribution Type (SE) T5S3M Employer's Contribution Type Texts - SE T5S3Q EE Tax Type (SE) T5S4A Insurance rule (SE) T5S4B Insurance rule text (SE) T5S5A Order of deduction Garnishment (SE) T5S6A OPIS Cover master (SE) T5S6B OPIS Scale Master (SE) T5S6C OPIS Scale Detail - SE T5S6D OPIS Scale Master (SE) T5S6E OPIS cover master - text (SE) T5S7A Absence Exception Rule - SE T5S7B Absence exception rule text - SE T5S8A Education/training T5S8B ISCO + SSYK codes T5SC3 Swedish specific car attributes T5SIA ISCO code definition table T5SIT ISCO code text table T5SKS Annual tax statement - Specifikation fields T5SKT Annual tax statement - Specifikation fields (text) T5SPA Pension code definition table T5SPT Pension code text table T5SUA SUN code definition table T5SUT SUN code text table T5SVA Vacation and Compensation debt T5SVT Payroll Account Transfer for Capacity utilization level T5SYA SSYK code definition table T5SYT SSYK code text table T5U0E Equal Employment Opportunity Record T5U0P Personnel Areas/Subareas

T5U13 Jobs T5U25 WC: Job Attributes T5U26 WC: Assignment of WC to Organizational Units T5U27 EEO/AAP: Organizational Unit attributes T5U28 WC: Position Attributes T5U29 EEO/AAP: Position Attributes for US T5U8A Transfer ext.payroll result: Tax cumulation data (USA) T5U8C Transfer external payroll results (USA) T5U94 Document ID - Personal ID and Work Permit (USA) T5UAA AAP Occupational Categories T5UAC Alaska Workers Compensation Area Code T5UAD Address for US Reporting Units T5UB1 Benefit plan type T5UB2 Benefit plan status T5UB3 Benefit area T5UB4 Benefit eligibility grouping T5UB5 Benefit cost grouping T5UB6 Benefit Standard Health Selection T5UB7 Benefit standard insurance selection T5UB8 Benefits Payment Model Assignment T5UB9 Benefit second program grouping T5UBA Benefit plan T5UBB Benefit health option/dependent coverage assignment T5UBC To be deleted - no longer used! T5UBD To be deleted - no longer used! T5UBE Benefit Health Plan Option T5UBF Benefit dependent coverage T5UBG Benefit Flexible Spending Account T5UBH Benefit cost rule variant T5UBI Benefit cost rule T5UBJ Benefit age group for calculating imputed income T5UBK Benefit Salary Group T5UBL Benefit age group T5UBM Benefit seniority group T5UBN Benefit investment T5UBO Benefit investment group T5UBP Benefits investment/investment group assignment T5UBQ Benefit calculation factor for imputed income T5UBR Benefit vesting rule T5UBS Benefit vested portion T5UBT Benefit first program grouping T5UBU Benefit program T5UBV Benefit eligibility rule T5UBW Benefit provider T5UBX To be deleted - no longer used! T5UBX_GTL_AWART Processing group for absence types T5UBX_GTL_SUBTY Processing group definition for Beneficiaries T5UBY Benefit parameter group T5UBZ To be deleted - no longer used! T5UC1 Benefit plan type texts T5UC2 Benefit plan status texts T5UC3 Benefit area texts T5UC4 Benefit eligibility grouping texts T5UC5 Benefits cost grouping texts T5UC9 Benefit Second Program Grouping Texts T5UCA Benefit plan texts T5UCC To be deleted - no longer used! T5UCE Benefit health plan option texts T5UCF Benefit dependent coverage texts T5UCH Benefit cost rule variant texts


Benefit imputed income age group texts Benefit salary group texts Benefit age group texts Benefit seniority group texts Benefit investment texts Benefit investment group texts Benefit vesting rule texts Benefit first program grouping texts Benefit eligibility rules texts To be deleted - no longer used! Benefit parameter group texts Benefit area currency COBRA beneficiary COBRA maximum coverage period COBRA administrative data COBRA events / personnel action assignment COBRA early termination reason Benefit receipt type To be deleted - no longer used! To be deleted - no longer used! Benefit credit grouping To be deleted - no longer used! Benefits Allowed Dependents/Beneficiaries Benefit termination rule Benefit termination grouping Benefit Termination Rule Variant Benefit Eligibility Rule Variant EEO Occupational Categories COBRA early termination reason Benefit payment receipt type texts To be deleted - no longer used! Benefit credit grouping texts Benefits Termination Type Texts Benefit termination rule variant texts HR-US: ADP Interface "HR-US: ADP Interface, ADP Fields" "HR-US: ADP Interface, used fields per Interface" "HR-US: ADP Interface, field sort" "HR-US: ADP Interface, Record type" "HR-US: ADP Interface, fields per record type" "HR-US: ADP Interface, Mapping Information" ADP Interface: Mapping Table between SAP and ADP Wage Types SAP to ADP tax authority mapping table ADP Company Codes Variables for ADP company set up ADP system variables Personnel area to ADP company code mapping (US ADP only) HR: Garnishment Order Types HR: Garnishment Document Category Adjustment to the Disposable Net Model for Calculation of the Non-Exempt Amount Rules for Calculation of the Non-Exempt Amount Model of the Disposable Net Government Service Charge Government Remittance Rule Company Remittance Rule Garnishment Default Values Special Rule for Calculation of the Non-Exempt Amount Calculation Scheme for Special Rule Service Charge


Filing Status Determining Amount Exempt from Levy Determining Additional Exempt Amount Company Service Charge Levy Statement Garnishment Letters Print Request of Notification Letters Print Request of Answer Letters Function Exit for Garnishment Letters HR: Garnishment Originator HR-US: NC-9901 Major Activity Code Check Table Minimum and cash wages for tip credit Establishment/stores for tip processing Establishment text Establishment level adjusted gross receipts Cross quarter retro-calculations Link HR payees to wage types via ZIP code Link HR payees to wage types via organizational assignment Link HR tax payees to wage types via tax attributes US Establishment/Work Unit for Reporting Priority for tax wagetypes U.S. Standard Industrial Classification Codes WC: Standard Occupational Code SAP Taxability Matrix Table Tax Interface Table: Payroll results "Deposited taxes, that have to be reported in tax forms" Data to be printed in a tax form Text form Class Description Tax Form Class Tax form class table Tax Form Class Relations Tax Form Class Relations - Customer table User Variants Resident Tax Areas Work Tax Areas States of operation or residency Default Tax Type (US) Tax Authority / Tax Calculation Model ZIP Codes for Residence Tax Areas ZIP Code Ranges for Work Tax Areas Tax Identification Numbers <-> BSI Tax Company Tax Identification Numbers Tax Ceilings and rates Marital Status Tax Company Tax Model BSI Authority Numbers with Sequential Number per State Assignment of technical wage types to tax types Assignment of tax amounts to tax form groups Tax Authority Combination for Local Reciprocity Tax Authorities per Resident Tax Area States without withholding tax Tax Types (US) Wage Base Continuity for Tax Authorities Unemployment Insurance Work Sites/NC-9901 Locations Tax Authorities per Work Tax Area Tax Type Combinations Tax Authorities SAP Taxability Customized Table


WC: Classification Code WC: Experience rate assignment WC: Officer wage limit WC: Manual rate assignment WC: Workers' Comp. Wage Type Assignment per WC State WC: Classification Code Text WC: WC Wage per state (Obsolete since 4.5A/4.0C) WC: Experience modifier / Account Number assignment Evaluated tax form reporting periods Tax Reporter Control Record Transaction table to keep track of background jobs TR Monitor Zip Code Areas Table of postal codes (postal code/city) Employee group/subgrouping for employment contracts (NO) Attributes of the Norwegian organisational structure SSB Positions code assignment Period Work Schedules Codes Municipality Numbers Union table Norwegian <trygdekontor> Norwegian tax table numbers Norwegian Organizational Attributes Norwegian organizational attributes - text Connection org. numbers and rep. org. number Assessment limit (bunnfradrag) per legal org. no. Reporting organisational number for tax and ERC reporting NACE codes (Business area codes; Nringskoder) Entity table for legal org. unit (juridisk nummer) Entity table for Bedriftsnummer Entity table for the legal org. no. (juridisk nummer) Connection rep. org. no and status for ERC reporting Text table for NACE codes Vacation allowance calculation Types of Vacation Allowance Calculation Units (DK/N) Texts for T5V3C (DK/N) Holiday allowance: Payment Text for T5V3E Leave quota types Check table for infotype 0057 Control table for garnishments and union dues Occupation code Assignment of job to occupation code Messages sent electronically to AA-registeret Business sectors "Business sector (""Bransje"") - Text" SSB Positional Codes SSB Position Code Description Messages sent to employees/emplyoers register Warnings for self-declared illnesses - Norway Dynamic event recording earliest master data changes Norwegian absence evaluation segment definition Norwegian absence valuation segment definition - text Norwegian absence classification Norwegian absence evaluation rules Contract types for annual tax statements Contract types for annual tax statements - texts Tax code granularity - Check table Tax code granularity - Text table Tax codes with direct attributes

T5VS5 T5VS6 T5VS7 T5VS8 T5VSA T5VST T5VT0 T5VT1 T5W10 T5W11 T5W13 T5W1F T5W1G T5W1H T5W1K T5W1M T5W1N T5W1O T5W1P T5W1Q T5W1R T5W1U T5W1V T5W1X T5W1Y T5W2A T5W2B T5W2C T5W2D T5W2E T5W2F T5W2G T5W2H T5W2I T5W2M T5W2N T5W2O T5W2P T5W2Q T5W2R T5W2S T5W2T T5W2U T5W30 T5W3A T5W4A T5W4B T5W5A T5W5B T5W5C T5W61 T5W62 T5W63 T5W64 T5W65 T5W66 T5W67 T5W68 T5W7A T5W7AT

Tax codes - text table Fields for tax codes Assignment of additional wagetypes to tax code columns Assignment of wage types to tax codes Cumulation category of wage types for annual tax reporting Assignment of granularity to EE status/travel tax key Annual tax statements - Reporting status AA-Register file table. Link pay scale groups to occupational level. - Equity Link pay scale groups to occupational level. - Equity Link job category occupational level Employment equity. RSA SI Exemption Reasons RSA SI Exemption Reasons Medical Aid Payment model Assignment Pension Funds and Medical Aid Schemes (RSA) Social insurance companies Social insurance schemes Contributions for Social Insurances RSA Definitions of Social Insurances Social insurance indicator Social Insurance schemes ZA Text Contribution class for social insurances ZA Contribution class for social insurances ZA text Social Insurance Contributions ZA Medical Aid contribution (as of 01.01.2000) (Old) Tax Revenue Offices (South Africa) (Old) Tax Status Indicators (South Africa) (Old) Tax Age Group Indiciators (South Africa) (Old) Employment Indicators (South Africa) (Old) Tax Regions (South Africa) (Old) RSA Tax Procedures (Old) Income Tax Rates (South Africa) (Old) Tax Rebates (South Africa) (Old) RSA Tax Year Specifications (Old) Tax status indicators ZA text (Old) Age Indicator ZA text (Old) Employment Indicators (South Africa) Text South African Revenue Service Offices South African Tax Year Status South African Tax Rates South African Tax Rebates South African Employment Indicators - Text South African Employment Indicators Termination categories Wagetypes to Subtype relation Leave parameter table - Southern Africa Leave entitlement (IT0005) parameter table - Southern Africa Bank check digit verification table for South Africa Account Type Recognition for ZA South African Bank Names SARS Interface : Status Check Table SARS Interface : Status Description SARS Interface : Run Attributes SARS Interface : Employee Status SARS Interface : Certificates Issued SARS Interface : PAYE Reference Number Attributes SARS Interface : Definition of Electronic Tax Certificate SARS Interface : Record Types Salary components Salary component text

T5W7B Predefined attributes of salary components T5W7C Eligibility of salary components T5W7E Salary packaging categories T5W7ET Salary packaging Categories T5W7F Salary packaging: ZA receiver rates T5W7G Salary packaging: package variant data T5W7H Salary packaging: Categories of salary components T5W7HT Salary packaging: Text table Categories T5W7I Salary packaging: package variants T5W81 Regional Services Councils T5WA Electronic fund transfer codes T5WAT Elctronic fund transfer texts T604 Foreign Trade: Commodity Code / Import Code Number T604A Preference: Tariff alternation T604B Preference: Preference Zone Description T604C Preference: Preference Procedure Code T604D Preference: Description of Preference Procedure Code T604F Import Processing: Control Code T604G Preference: Preference Zone T604I Input Table for Collective Calculation for Goods Origin T604L Foreign Trade: Preference: Single-plant control data VD T604N Import Processing: Control Code Description T604O Foreign Trade: Sections With Regard to Customs Law - Descr. T604P Preference: Preference Zone/Rule T604_PREF_MTART Preference: Material Exemption Parameters T604_PREF_PARAM Preference: Preference determination parameters T604R Preference: Preference Rule / Percentages T604S Preference: Determine Preference Zone in Export T604STW Foreign Trade: Keywords for commodity codes T604T Foreign Trade: Commodity Code/Import Code No. Description T604U Foreign Trade: Convert Commodity Code/Import Code No. T604V Preference: Preference Determination / Procedure T604W Foreign Trade: Sections With Regard to Customs Law T604WG Preference determination: Cross-plant grouping T604WGG Preference determination: Assignment of plants T604WGT Preference determination: Cross-plant grouping - Description T604X Preference: Procedure - Description T604Y Foreign Trade: Sections/Chapters With Regard to Customs Law T604Z Foreign Trade: Chapter - Descriptions T605 Foreign Trade: Business Transaction Type T605K Foreign Trade: Bus. Transaction Type - Procedure Combination T605T Foreign Trade: Business Transaction Type - Descriptions T605U Foreign Trade: Convert Export/Import Bus. Trans. Type T605Z Foreign Trade: Proposal for Bus. Transaction Type in Export T606 Legal Control: License Types T606A Legal Control: Departure Country / Legal Regulations T606AS Legal Control: Export Control Class - Commodity Code T606B Legal Control: Grouping Materials T606C Legal Control: Import code numbers for license T606D Legal Control: Special Characteristic Code for Goods T606DT Legal Control: Special Char. Code for Goods - Description T606E Legal Control: Grouping Destination Countries T606G Legal Control: Legal Regulations T606H Legal Control: Export Control Classes T606I Legal Control: Export Control Class / Grouping T606K Legal Control: Control Situation of Dest.Ctry. T606L Legal Control: Country Classification by Destination Ctry T606M Legal Control: Product Classification by Destinat. Ctry T606N Legal Control: Product Classification by Country Grouping T606O Legal Control: Embargo - Dependent on Departure Country

T606P T606PG T606PT T606R T606S T606T T606U T606V T606W T606X T606Y T606Z T606ZK T607A T607AT T607B T607BT T607D T607DT T607E T607F T607FT T607G T607GT T607I T607K T607KT T607S T608 T608A T608D T608E T608L T608LT T608N T608P T608R T608RT T608T T609A T609AT T609B T609BT T609F T609G T609GP T609I T609II T609IS T609L T609LT T609P T609PO T609PP T609PPT T609R T609S T609UK T609V T609VT

Legal Control: Grouping Partners Legal Control: Partner Functions for Grouping Partners Legal Control: Grouping Partners - Descriptions Legal Control: Legal Regulation Descriptions Legal Control: Grouping of Dest. Countries - Descriptions Legal Control: License Type Descriptions Legal Control: Grouping Descriptions Legal Control: Export Control Class Descriptions Legal Control: Materials for license Legal Control: Destination Countries for License Legal Control: Export Control Classes for License Legal Control: Partners - Customers for License Legal Control: Partners - Vendors License Documentary Payments: Financial Document Type Documentary Payments: Financial Document Type Descriptions Documentary Payments: Bank Functions Documentary Payments: Bank Function Descriptions Documentary Payments: Documents to be Presented Documentary Payments: Descr. for Documents to be Presented Documentary Payments: Control Documents per Indicator Documentary Payments: Indicators - Field Ctrl/Doc.Check Doc. Payments: Indicators: Field Ctrl/Doc.Check-Descriptions Documentary Payments: Reasons for Change Documentary Payments: Reasons for Change - Descriptions Documentary Payments: Financial Document Control Documentary Payments: Bank Indicators Documentary Payments: Bank Function ID Descriptions Documentary Payments: Fld Ctrl for Banks in Financial Doc. Legal Control: Sanctioned Party Lists - Type of Check Legal Control: Sanctioned Party Lists - Aliases Legal Control: Sanctioned Party Lists: Delimiter Legal Control: Sanctioned Party Lists - Exclusion Texts Legal Control: Sanctioned Party Lists - List Type Legal Control: Sanctioned Party Lists - List Type Descript. Legal Control: Sanctioned Party Lists: Normalizations Legal Control: Sanctioned Party Lists: Phonetic Search Legal Control: Sanctioned Party Lists - Reference Type Legal Control: Sanct. Party Lists - Reference Type - Descr. Legal Control: Sanctioned Party Lists - Type of Check Foreign Trade: Declarations to Authorities - Exclusion Ind. Foreign Trade: Decl. to Auth.: Exclusion Ind. - Descriptions FT: Incompleteness: Doc.Pric.Procedure - Header and Item FT: Incompl.: Doc.Pric.Proced. - Header and Item - Descript. Foreign Trade: Incompletion Procedure - Document Fields Foreign Trade: PRODCOM/GP Number (Production Statistics) Foreign Trade: PRODCOM/GP Number (Prod.Stat.) - Descriptions Foreign Trade: Declarations to Auth.: Control/Incompleteness FT: Declara. to auth.: Special rules country/region Foreign Trade: Declarations to Auth.: Data Selection Control Foreign Trade: Incompleteness: Country procedure Foreign Trade: Incompleteness: Country proced. - Descript. Foreign Trade: Communication: Control Printing of FT Docs FT: Communication: Assignment form fields - Characteristics FT: Communication: Control Change of FT documents Foreign Trade: Communication: Characteristics texts Foreign Trade: Export/Import Conversion - Reference Country Foreign Trade: Control Export/Import Data in SD/MM Document Foreign Trade: Incompleteness: Combination WR - L - L - B Foreign Trade: Incompletion Procedures for Document Data Foreign Trade: Incompletion Procedures in Docs - Descript.

T610A T610AT T610B T610BT T610C T610CT T610D T610DT T610FA T610FD T610FE T610FK T610FL T610FP T610FS T610K T610KP T610KPT T610KT T610LG T610LGT T610LGZ T610NA T610NAT T610O T610OT T610PA T610PAT T610R T610U T610VA T610VAT T610W T610Z T612A T612AT T612B T612BT T612G T612GT T612K T612N T612NT T612P T612PT T612S T612ST T612V T612VT T615 T615T T615U T616 T616T T616U T616Z T617 T618 T618EM T618G

Import Processing: Anti-dumping Code Import Processing: Anti-dumping Code Descriptions Foreign Trade: Customs Approval Numbers Foreign Trade: Customs Approval Number Descriptions Import Processing: CAS Number for Pharmaceutical Products Import Processing: CAS No. for Pharmaceut.Products - Descr. Import Processing: Pharmaceutical Products Code Import Processing: Pharmaceutical Products Code Descriptions Import Processing: Anti-dumping Code Determination Import Processing: Pharmaceut. Products Code Determination Import Processing: Import Verification Doc. Determination Import Processing: Customs Quota Code Determination Import Processing: Third-country Duty Rate Determination Import Processing: Preferential Duty Rate Determination Import Processing: Customs Exemption Determination Import Processing: Customs Quota Codes Foreign Trade: Import Processing: Quota or Ceiling Number Foreign Trade: Import Processing: Quota or Ceiling Number Import Processing: Customs Quota Code Descriptions Foreign Trade: Country Groups for Import Processing Foreign Trade: Country Groups for Import Processing - Descr. Foreign Trade: Assignment of Countries to Country Groups Import Processing: Verification Documents Import Processing: Verification Document Descriptions Foreign Trade: Authorities Foreign Trade: Authorities - Descriptions Foreign Trade: Preference Type Foreign Trade: Preference Type - Description Import Processing: Reference Countries "Foreign Trade: Upload: Duty Rate Types, Legal Regulations" Foreign Trade: Preliminary Import Docs / Export Docs Foreign Trade: Preliminary Imp. Docs/Exp.Docs - Descriptions Foreign Trade: Customs Approval Numbers per Plant Foreign Trade: Customs Identification Nos - Vendor/Customer Foreign Trade/Customs: Electronic Procedure: Duty Types FT/Customs: Elect. Procedure: Duty Type - Means of Transport FT/Customs: Electr. Procedure: Type of means of transport FT/Customs: Elect. Procedure: Type of Means of Transport - D Foreign Trade/Customs: Electr. procedures: Duty type group. Foreign Trade/Customs: Electr. procedures: Duty type group. FT/Customs: Electr. Procedure: Duty Type - Condition type FT/Customs: Electr. procedures: Type of identity of goods FT/Customs: Electr. Proced.: Type of ident. of goods - descr FT/Customs: Electr. Procedure: Type of Shipping Unit FT/Customs: Electr. procedure: Shp. unit type - Description Foreign Trade/Customs: Electr. Procedure: Status FT/Customs: Electr. procedure: Status - Description Foreign Trade/Customs: Electr. Procedure FT/Customs: Electr. procedure - Description Foreign Trade: Customs Offices Foreign Trade: Customs Offices - Descriptions Foreign Trade: Import/Export Customs Office Conversion Foreign Trade: Procedure Foreign Trade: Procedures - Descriptions Foreign Trade: Import/Export Procedure Conversion Foreign Trade: Proposal for Procedure in Export Foreign Trade: Proposal for Foreign Trade Header Data Foreign Trade: Modes of Transport BOM of CAP material components EU Market: EU Market Products Group

T618GT T618K T618M T618ME T618MET T618MS T618MT T618O T618OT T618T T618U T618W T618WT T620 T620T T621 T621T T622 T622T T623 T624 T625 T625S T625T T626 T626T T627 T627T T628 T628T T629 T629T T630 T630L T630R T630T T633K T644 T646A T646B T646G T646H T646L T646M T646R T646S T646V T646W T661K T661T T661W T663 T663A T664A T665A T671 T671T T672 T680M T680MT

EU Market: EU Market Products Group - Descriptions Foreign Trade: Valid Comb. f. Mode of Transp./Customs Office CAP: Number of CAP products list CAP-relevant material components Material Component Texts (EU Market Products) Components of EU Market Products EU Market: EU Market Products List No. - Descriptions EU Market: Market organizations EU Market: Market Organization Descriptions Foreign Trade: Mode of Transport Descriptions Foreign Trade: Conversion of Import/Export Mode of Transport EU Market: Market Organization Number EU Market: Market Organization Number - Descriptions Allocation Table Document Types Texts for Alloc. Tbl Doc. Types Item Categories for Allocation Tables Texts for Alloc. Tbl Item categories Allocation Rule Document Types Texts for Allocation Rule Document Types "Transaction Control, Standard Distribution" "Control Table, Allocation Rule Determination" Field Relationship for Info Structure Key Figure Category Texts for Field Rel. for Info Structure Allocation Table Notification Categories Texts for Allocation Table Notification Categories Allocation Strategy: Allocation Table Texts for Allocation Strategies Split Criteria for Alloc Tbl Follow-on Document Generation Texts for Split Criteria Indicators Allocation Table Rejection Reasons Alloc Tbl: Blocking Reasons: Texts Distribution of Over/Underdeliveries in Allocation Tables Shipping Determination: Loading Times Delivery Scheduling: Pick/Pack Time for Materials Texts for Table T630 (Allocation of Over/Underdelivery) R/2-R/3 Link: One-Time Customer Determination Routes: Transit Route(s) (Country Sequence) Aggregate States Texts for Aggregate States Hazardous Material Warnings Texts for Hazardous Material Warnings Storage Classes Texts for Storage Classes Region Codes Texts for Region Codes Hazardous Material Warnings Texts for Hazardous Material Warnings Internal and External Conditions Assignment Difference Tolerances for External and Internal Conditions Determination of Sold-to Party for EDI DlvSched/JIT Delivery interval:Sched.agreements for component suppliers Dealing with errors:Scheduling agreements with rel.orders Special processing for deliveries for ext.agents Special Processing for Self-Billing Conditions: Views Conditions: Views (Text) Conditions: View Sequence Condition: Tree Control: Features Condition: Tree Control: Features: Texts?

T680N Condition: Tree Control: Nodes T680NF Condition: Tree Control: Nodes: Fields T680V Condition: Tree Control: Variants T680VL Condition: Tree Control: Tree Variants T680VT Condition: Tree Control: Variants: Texts T680VU Condition: Tree Control: User-dependent Variants T681 Conditions: Structures T681A Conditions: Applications T681B Conditions: Applications: Texts T681COMP "Cond.: Fig. (KVEWE, KAPPL)" > DF14L (Component Hierarchy) T681D Condition: Tables used per Application T681E Conditions: Fast-Entry Fields T681F Conditions: Allowed Fields Per Usage and Application T681H Conditions: Usage/Application with Client T681O Permitted Document Categories for the Index to Conditions T681OT Object Category Texts for Index to Conditions T681S Conditions: Fast Entry Types T681T Conditions: Fast Entry: Texts T681U Parameters for creating pricing reports T681V Conditions: Usages T681W Conditions: Usage: Texts T681X Condition tables for lists T681Y Conditions: List Variants T681Y_BMEN Condition Maintenance to Area Menu T681YF Pricing Report: Fields Used T681YT Pricing Report: Texts T681Z Conditions: Dependent Data for Application/Usage T682 Conditions: Access Sequences T682I Conditions: Access Sequences (Generated Form) T682T Conditions: Access Sequences: Texts T682V Conditions: Condition Type/Access (Execute Header Check) T682Z Conditions: Access Sequences (Fields) T683 Pricing procedures T683C Batch Search Procedure: Determination in Sales Docs T683S Pricing Procedure: Data T683T Pricing Procedures: Texts T683U Conditions: Procedure (Text) T683V Pricing Procedures: Determination in Sales Docs. T684 Condition Exclusion Groups T684G Condition Exclusion Groups: Condition Types T684S Condition Exclusion: Procedure Assignment T684T Condition exclusion: Texts T685 Conditions: Types T685A Conditions: Types: Additional Price Element Data T685B Condition Types: Additional Data for Sending Output T685H Conditions: Batches => Default Values T685N "Conditions: Types, Additional Data for Free-Goods Discount" T685P WFMC: Valid printing parameters of an application T685R Conditions: Derivation => default values T685S Condition Types: Scales for Conditions T685T Conditions: Types: Texts T685Z Condition Types: Lower/Higher Limits for Pricing Elements T686A Conditions: Exclusion Indicator T686B Conditions: Exclusion Indicator: Texts T686C Contact Person: Responsibilities in Sales and Distribution T686D Contact Person: Responsibilities in SD: Texts T686E Conditions: Processing Status T686F Conditions: Processing Status: Texts T687 Account Determination: Account Key

T687T T688 T688K T688T T689 T689K T689T T691A T691B T691C T691D T691E T691F T691G T691H T691I T691J T691K T691L T691M T691N T691O T691P T691Q T691R T691S T691T T691U T6B1 T6B1T T6B2 T6B2F T6B2T T6B3 T6B3T T6B4 T6B4T T6B5 T6I1 T6WL1 T6WL4 T6WL5 T6WP1 T6WP1T T6WP2 T6WP2T T6WP3 T6WP4 T6WP5 T6WSA T6WSAT T6WSP T6WST T702A T702B T702C T702E T702G T702H T702I

Account Determination: Account Key Texts Condition: Copying Rules for Condition Tables Condition: Copying Rules for Condition Types Condition: Copying Rules for Condition Tables Download Profile for the Conditions Reference: Download Profile - Pricing Procedures Text Table for T689 Credit management risk categories Credit Management Groups Credit management group names Credit groups for document types Credit Groups Document Type Description Control of Automatic Credit Control Control of Automatic Credit Control: Description Document Value Class (Credit Management) Document Value Class for Credit Management Document Value Class Description for Credit Management Forms of payment guarantee Description of payment guarantee forms Payment guarantee procedure Description of payment guarantee procedure Control for payment guarantee procedure Customer payment guarantee procedure Description of customer payment guarantee procedure Document payment guarantee procedure Description of document guarantee procedure Credit management risk classes text Determination of payment guarantee procedure Rebate : Rebate Agreement Types Rebate: Agreement Types : Texts Rebate : Group of permitted Condition Types/Tables Rebate : Permitted Condition Types/Tables per Group Rebates : Group of Allowed Condition Types/Tables : Texts Business Volume Comparison and Agreement Type "Subsequent Settlement: BV Comparison/Agreement Types, Texts" Business Volume Tolerance Group "Subsequent Settlement: Business Vol.Comparison Groups, Texts" User Parameters Subsequent Settlement Document Index: Allowed Condition Types/Tables Standard Delivery Cycles Check table - label form Check Table - Label Type "Check table, supply source entry" "Check table, supply source entry" "Check table, supply source keys (no longer used)" "Check table, supply source keys" Check Table for Labelling Type Check Table for Label Shape Check Table for Waste Disposal Type Categories of seasonal materials Texts for seasonal material categories Check Table for Season Indicator Texts to describe season indicators Employee grouping for trip expense type Credit Card Clearing Assignment Table Name: Employee grouping for trip expense type Vehicle Types Statutory trip types Caculation Guide Lines: Meals PD/Max.Amounts Scaled by Time Statutory Reimbursement Groups for Meals/Accommodations

T702J T702K T702L T702N T702O T702P T702Q T702R T702V T702W T702X T702Y T703 T7031 T7032 T7033 T7034 T7036 T703A T703B T703C T703D T703E T703F T703G T703H T703J T703K T703L T703M T703N T703O T703P T703Q T703R T703S T703T T703U T703W T703X T703Z T704E T704M T704N T704O T7050 T705A T705B T705C T705D T705E T705F T705G T705H T705I T705J T705K T705L T705M T705O

Enterprise-spec.Reimbursement Groups for Meals/Accomm. Service provider Name of Service Provider Trip Provision Variants Trip country/Trip region/Trip country group Reimbursement Groups for Travel Costs/Add.Flat Rate Types Name: Reimburs.Group for Travel Costs/Add.Flat Rate Types Trip Activity Types Calc.Guide Lines for Scaling Meals PD/Max.Amounts by Hours Vehicle Classes Enterprise-specific Trip Types Employee Groupings for Travel Management Incentive Wages: Operation Features Incentive Wages: Incentive Wages Parameters Incentive Wages: Transaction Parameters Incentive Wages: User Data for Recording Incentive Wages Incentive Wages: User Exits for Incentive Wages Incentive Wages: Assignment of List Screen Types to TT Types Incentive Wages: Replaced by T703H Incentive Wages: Parameter Texts Incentive Wages: Parameters Incentive Wages: Data for Entry Screens Incentive Wages: Convert Activity Types to Result Types Incentive Wages: Calculation Rules for Premium Formulas Incentive Wages: Groups Incentive Wages: Parameters for Premium Formulas Incentive Wages: Cumulation Rules Incentive Wages: Wage Types Permitted for Each TT Type Incentive Wages: Time Ticket Types Incentive Wages: Texts for Time Ticket Types Incentive Wages: Allowed Wage Types Incentive Wages: Convert Wage Types to Result Types Incentive Wages: Simple Functions Incentive Wages: Premium Formulas Incentive Wages: Text for Premium Formula/Premium Result Incentive Wages: Premium Formulas Incentive Wages: Premium Formula Texts Incentive Wages: Table Control Fields for List Screen Types Incentive Wages: Result Types Incentive Wages: Texts for Result Types Incentive Wages:Admissibility of Parameters and Result Types Entity Table for Statements Control Table for Statements Statement Text Table Batch Requests for Statements Time Management: Communication Times Attendance/Absence Reasons for Subsystem PDC Processing Statuses Internal Record Types Function Codes Reaction to Error Transaction Work Time Event Type Groups Texts for Work Time Event Type Groups Attendance/Absence Reason Texts for Subsystem Absence/Attendance Reason Grouping Grouping for External Wage Types External Wage Types for Subsystem Indicator: Attendance/Absence Reason Indicator: External Wage Types Grouping Personal PDC Modifiers

T705P Work Time Event Type Groups T705Q External Wage Types Long Texts from Subsystem T705R Assignment of work center to subsystem link group T705S Assignment of Control Station Group -> PDC Group T705T Groupings for Subsystem Connection T705U Additional Texts for Record Types T705V Function Code Texts T705W PDC Communication Parameters T705X Names of Groupings for Subsystem Connection T705Z Communication Times T706A Trip Provision Deduction Amount/Percentage T706B Trip Expense Types T706B1 Trip Expense Types T706B2 Trip Expense Types: Default Value/Maximum Amounts T706B3 Trip Expense Type Grouping T706B4 Trip Expense Types: Assignment of Wage Types T706B5 Names for Travel Expense Types T706C Names for Travel Expense Types T706_CONST PA parameters: Travel Management T706_CONSTTEXT Names of Accounting Constants for Trip Costs T706D Default Values for Dialog T706_DEFAULTTEXT Names of Reference Texts for Trip Data Entry T706E Names for vehicle types T706ESS1 FI-TV: Customizing Table Intranet Scenario T706ESS2 Trip Costs Customizing for ESS Scenario T706ESS3 Mapping table for docu in Excel sheet T706F Trip Provision: Flat Rates for Travel Costs T706F1 Cumulation Procedure Dependent on Vehicle Type/Class T706FORM_BCKGRND Form background T706FORM_BLKATTR Form block attributes T706FORM_BLK_HDL Form block titles T706FORM_BLKHDLS Form block titles T706FORM_CLMATTR Suppressable columns per block T706FORM_FIXTXT Fixed texts T706FORM_FIXTXTS Fixed texts (language-dependent) T706FORM_FLDS Information in fixed positions T706FORM_VAR Form variant T706FORM_VARFLD Variable fields T706FORM_VARFLDS Variable fields (language-dependent) T706FORM_VAR_TXT Form variant (language-dependent) T706G Names for statutory trip types T706H Trip Provision:Per-diem/Maximum Amount for Meals by Time T706I Name for statutory reimbursement group for meals/accomm. T706J Name for enterprise-specific for meals/acc. T706K Initial Account Assignment for FI T706L Assignment of Trip Country - Country Group - Region T706M Input Tax for International Per Diems T706N Names for trip provision variants T706O Names for trip country/trip country group/trip region T706P Date Interval for Miles/Kms Accumulation T706Q Names for period indicator for miles/kms accumulation T706R Names for trip activity types T706S Trip Schema T706T Names for trip schema T706U Trip Provision: Per Diem for Accommodations T706V Trip Provision: Meals Per-diem/Maximum Amount by Hours T706W Names for vehicle classes T706WWW HTML Links and File Paths T706WWW_TXT Text Table HTML Links and File Paths T706X Names for enterprise-specific trip types

T706Y Names for Employee Groupings for Travel Management T706Z Individual Field Control for Dialog T706Z1 Individual Field Control for Dialog T706Z1_TXT Text table: Individual Field Control for Dialog T710 Pay Grade Levels T710A Pay Grade T710F Units of Time T710FT Texts for Units of Time T710G Evaluation Group T710GT Valuation Type Text T710S Survey Data T710ST Survey Texts T71C0 Compensation Component T71C01 Fixed Compensation Components T71C02 Variable Compensation Components T71C03 Stock Components T71C0T Compensation Component Type Texts T71C1 Compensation Group T71C1T Compensation Group Texts T71C2 Compensation Package T71C3 Compensation Area T71C3T Compensation Area Texts T71C4 Planning Period T71C5 Eligibility Rule for Compensation T71C5R Compensation Eligibility Rule Variant T71C5T Compensation Eligibility Rule Texts T71C6 Compensation Eligibility Group T71C6T Compensation Eligibility Group Texts T71C7 Compensation Adjustment Details T71C8 Compensation Adjustment Reason T71C8T Compensation Adjustment Reason Text T71C9 To be deleted - no longer used! T71CA Compensation Adjustment Type T71CAT Compensation Adjustment Type Texts T71CB Compensation Adjustment T71CC To be deleted - no longer used! T71CD To be deleted - no longer used! T71D1 Pay Grade Rule T71D1R Pay Grade Rule Variant T71D1T Pay Grade Rule Variant Texts T71D2 Pay Scale Group Rule T71D2R Pay Scale Group Rule Variant T71D2T Pay Scale Group Rule Variants Texts T71D3 Job Rule T71D3R Job Rule Variant T71D3T Job Rule Variant Texts T71D4 Salary Rule T71D4R Salary Rule Variant T71D4T Salary Rule Variant Texts T71D5 Employee Appraisal Rule T71D5R Employee Appraisal Rule Variant T71D5T Employee Appraisal Rule Variant Texts T71D6 User-Defined Rule T71D6R User-Defined Rule Variant T71D6T User-Defined Rule Variant Texts T71E0 Guidelines T71E0R Guideline Variants T71E0T Guideline Variant Texts T71E1 Guideline Group T71E1T Guideline Group Texts

T71F0 Wage Types for Compensation Adjustments T71F1 Wage Type Model for Compensation Adjustments T71G0 Compensation Matrix T71G0T Text Table for Compensation Matrices T71GD Dimension Table T71GDT Text Table for Dimensions T71GM Methods for Matrix Dimensions T71GMT Text Table for Dimension Method T71GS Segment Table for Dimensions T71GST Text Table for Dimension Segments T71GT Calculation Variants for Compensation Matrix T71GTT Text Table for Calculation Variants T71GV Value Table for Compensation Matrix T71LA1 Award type (check table) T71LA1T Text table for award type T71LA2 Award type T71LB1 Award T71LB2 Country-dependent award attributes T71LB3 Pricing information for awards T71LC1 Change event T71LC1T Text table for change events T71LE1 Exercise methods T71LE1T Text tables for exercise methods T71LE2 Exercise methods allowed T71LL1 Life event types (check table) T71LL1T Text table for life event type T71LL2 Life event type T71LP1 Long-term incentive plans T71LV1 Vesting rule (check table) T71LV1T Text table for vesting rule T71LV2 Vesting rule T71LV3 Life event vesting T71SS1 Web control survey data T71TCS1 TCS category T71TCS1A TCS category attribute T71TCS1T TCS category text T71TCS2 TCS subcategories T71TCS2A TCS subcategory attributes T71TCS2T TCS subcategory text T71TCS3 Assignment of TCS subcategory - wage types T71WL1 Web links T71WL1T Web links text T71WL2 Parameter for link structure T731 Key Figures in Info Library (Transport Table) T731N Info Sets in LIL (Transport Table) T731O Info Set Texts in LIL (Transport Table) T731P Info Set Assignment in LIL (Transport Table) T731T Key Figure Texts (Transport Table) T74AA COBRA-qualified dependent/plan type assignment T74AB COBRA dependent of qualified beneficiary T74F1 Benefit adjustment grouping T74F2 Benefits insurance coverage grouping T74F3 Benefit employer contribution grouping T74F4 Benefit employee contribution grouping T74FA Benefit insurance plan T74FB Benefits Coverage Rule Variant T74FC Benefits Insurance Coverage Rule T74FD Benefit Savings Plan T74FE Benefit employer contribution rule variant T74FF Benefit employer contribution rule

T74FG T74FH T74FI T74FJ T74FK T74FL T74FM T74FN T74FO T74FP T74FQ T74FR T74FS T74FT T74FU T74FV T74FW T74FX T74FY T74FZ T74G1 T74G2 T74G3 T74G4 T74GA T74GB T74GE T74GG T74GJ T74GL T74GU T74GW T74HA T74HB T74HC T74HD T74HE T74HF T74HG T74HH T74HI T74HJ T74HK T74HL T74HM T74HN T74HO T74HP T74HQ T74IA T74IG T74IJ T74IM T74IP T750A T750B T750C T750D T750E T750F

Benefit employee contribution rule variant Benefit employee contribution rule Benefit credit plan Benefit credit rule variant Benefit credit rule Benefit miscellaneous plan Benefit Standard Savings Selection Benefit Standard Spending Account Selection Benefit standard credit selection Benefit Standard Miscellaneous Selection Benefit standard stock purchase selection Benefit evidence of insurability Benefit evidence of insurability option assignment Benefit evidence of insurability option jump assignment Benefit combined coverage limit Benefit combined coverage limit expression Benefit combined contribution limit Benefit combined contribution limit expression Benefit prerequisite plan Benefit corequisite plan Benefit adjustment grouping text Benefit insurance coverage grouping texts Benefit employer contribution grouping texts Benefit employee contribution grouping texts Benefit insurance plan texts Benefit insurance coverage rule variant texts Benefit employer contribution rule variant texts Benefit employee contribution rule variant texts Benefit credit rule variant texts Benefit miscellaneous plan texts Benefit combined coverage limit text Benefit combined contribution limit text Benefit adjustment reason Benefit adjustment authorization Benefit adjustment reason/workflow event assignment Benefit stock purchase plan Benefit payment model assignment Benefit Date Types for Dynamic Eligibility Benefit dependent/beneficiary group Benefit dependent/beneficiary group assignment Benefit reasons for off-cycle payroll assignment Benefit zip code group Benefit zip code group assignment Benefit forms Benefit Compensation Model Benefits Assignment of Wage Types to Compensation Model Benefit Equivalent Length of Service Benefits Uniform Resource Locator (URL) Benefit Information on Doctor Search via Internet Benefit adjustment reason text Benefit dependent/beneficiary group Benefit zip code group text Benefit Compensation Model Text Benefits Uniform Resource Locator (URL) Text Vacancy published in advertisement Advertisement Recruitment instrument Medium Text for applicant group Text for applicant range

T750G Unsolicited application group T750H Text for medium T750I Text for unsolicited application group T750J Applicant Activity Type T750K Applicant group T750P Text for action type T750R Permitted document formats for internet applications T750X Vacancy T751A Applicant Status T751B Text for applicant status T751C Applicant status reason T751D Allowed Combination of Status and Status Reason T751E Applicant Action Type T751F Text for applicant event type T752A Last Transmission Date for Object IDs T752B Default Values for the SAP-Resumix Interface T752C SAP-Resumix: Imported Fields T752D SAP-Resumix: Exported Fields T752E SAP-Resumix: Transferred Applicants T752F Employee data from non-SAP systems (temporary storage) T770A Day Segments T770AF HR Query: Function Modules for Customer's Additional Fields T770B Assignment of Day Segments to Day Schedules T770C Restrictions T770P Infotypes with Repeat Field Groups for RP Query T770Q Additional Fields and Table Fields HR Query T770R Table Accesses for HR Query T770S Module Calls for HR Query T770T Function modules providing texts for special fields T770U Text field information on table fields T772S Subtypes of Infotype 1002 with SAPscript T777A Building Addresses T777ACTION Activities for special personnel actions T777B Appraisal Types T777BIRTH Exrend relationship maintenance until birthday T777C Texts Restrictions T777D Infotypes - Dialog/Database Assignment T777E Allowed Relationships T777F Function Code Assignment to Planning Status T777G Health Examinations T777GUID1 HR: Global Object ID for HR Objects T777H Object Type Hierarchy T777I Infotypes per Object Type T777IBO Allowed Business Object Types per Object Type/Infotype/Subt. T777L Conversion Factors T777M Definition of Actions T777N Name Format T777O Object Types T777P Plan Versions T777Q Proficiency Texts T777R Request - Server - Table T777S Planning Status T777T Infotypes T777U Subtype Texts T777V Relationship Texts T777W Authorities/Resources Texts T777X Reasons Texts T777Z Infotype Time Constraint T778A Evaluation Paths T778B Appraisal Types

T778C Restrictions T778G Health Examinations T778L Languages Supported in HR-PD T778M Actions T778O Object Types T778P Plan Versions T778P2 Plan versions T778Q Proficiencies T778S Planning Status T778T Infotypes T778U Subtypes T778V Relationships T778W Authorities/Resources T778X Reasons T7791 Assignment to SAP Organizational Object Type T779M Matrix Types T779O Object Types Allowed for Role Resolution T779T Texts for Matrix Types T779W HR-CA: Event Linkage T779X HR-CA: Event Linkage for Customer T77AB Day Schedule Texts T77ACOL Column Framework: Columns in a Column Group T77ACOLC Column Framework: Columns in a Column Group T77ACOLINI Intial Settings for Array Type Column T77AD DB Tables for Additional Data T77ALECOMB Distributable Relationship Between Original and Replication T77ALE_DEF Interface Characteristics T77ALE_IF HR Interfaces to FI/LO T77ALE_IFT HR Interfaces to FI/LO: Texts T77ALERELA Distributable Relationship Direction T77AM Time Schedule T77AP Aspects T77AR Additional Data on Relationships T77ARRAYTP Column Framework: Definition of Column Groups T77ARRAYTT Text Table for t77arraytp T77AS Aspects T77AT Evaluation Path Texts T77AU Bottom-up T77AW Definition of Evaluation Paths T77AW_SCEN Assignment of Eval. Paths (MDT)->OrgPub Scenario (Customer) T77AW_SCEN_SYST Assignment of Eval. Paths (from MDT)->OrgPub Scenario (SAP) T77BA Appraisals T77BB Appraisal Criteria Texts T77BF PA-PD: Form of Appraisal T77BG PA-PD: Form of Appraisal (Possible Relationships) T77BK Appraisal Criteria T77BR Criterion Values T77BT Criterion Values T77BW Development Plans: State Keys T77BWT Development Plans: State Key Texts T77BX Further Processing of Development Plans T77BY Texts for Development Plan States T77BZ Development Plan States T77CAR Reason for Cancellation of Attendance T77CART Reason for Cancellation of Attendance T77CD Infotypes - Customer-Specific Settings T77CNOD_EX Excluding Nodes from Search Range T77CNODORD Scenario-Specific Definition of Nodes in Search Range T77CNODO_T Text Table for Table T77CNODORD T77CO User Interface

T77COL Column Framework: Definition of Columns T77COLFIELD Translation of Column Name(Column Concept)/Field Name/Query T77COLH_C HR-OM: Customer-Specific Overwriting of Column Headers T77COLHEAD Column Framework: Composite Definition for Column Headers T77COLHTYP Column Framework: Defining Column Header Types T77COLOTYP Column Framework: Column-Object Type Assignment T77COLT HR-OM: Texts on Column Definition for Structures T77CR Reasons for Cancellation of Business Event T77CREATED_QUERY OM: Queries Already Generated in the System (Local) T77CRT Reasons for Cancellation of Business Event T77CS Suitability Ranges for Career and Succession Planning T77CSEAT_E Exclude Search Tools from Search Range T77CSEATGB Scenario-Specific Definition of Search Range T77CSEAT_O Scenario-Specific Definition of Search Range T77CSEATTO Text Table for T77CSEAT_O T77DB Shift Groups for Organizational Units T77DT Texts for Shift Groups T77EB Shift Planning: Entry Profile Texts for Table T77EP T77EC Shift Planning: Definition of Profiles T77ED Shift Planning: Definition of Shifts T77EDAYCUST Select Subscreens from Detail Dialog Box T77EDAYCUST_E Entity Table for Tab Pages in Detail Dialog Box T77EDAYCUST_T Text for Subscreen Selection from Detail Dialog Box T77EH Shift Planning: Proposal Lists for Assignments T77EHT Shift Planning: Proposal Lists for T77EH Text Table T77EI Contents of Info Column for Shift Planning T77EIT Text Table for T77EI (Info Column for Shift Planning) T77EJ Info Column: Pre-sets T77EO External Object Types T77EOPT Shift Planning: Assignment Options Setting T77EP Shift Planning: Entry Profiles T77ER Substitution Types in Shift Plans T77ET Shift Planning: Descriptions of Shift Abbreviations T77EV External Relationships T77EVOPT Shift Planning: Proposal Determination Options T77EZOPT Shift Planning: Assignment Options T77EZOPT_T Shift Planning: Assignment Options Texts T77FB Forms of Further Training (France) T77FC PD Function Codes T77FD PD Function Code Texts T77FL Logical Function Codes T77FLC Allowed Logical Function Codes per Object-/Info-/Subtype T77FLT Name: Logical Function Code T77FNODORD Scenario-Specific Definition of Nodes in Search Range T77FNODORT Text Table for T77FNODORD T77FOBJMAN Definition of Object Manager Scenario T77FRIEND Column Framework: Definition of Coherence Relationships T77FRIENDT HR-OM: Text on Column Groupings T77FSEAA Definition of Interaction Tools T77FSEAN Description of Search Node in Search Range T77FSEANT Text table for T77FSEAN T77FSEAS Definition of Search Tools T77FSEAST Text table for T77FSEAS T77FSEAT Scenario-Specific Definition of Search Range T77FSEATGB Scenario-Specific Definition of Search Range T77FSEATT Text Table for T77FSEAT T77FUNC Functions T77FUNC_TEXT Function Texts T77GA Design description (status-oriented) T77GB Toolbox Description

T77GC Contexts for Graphics Applications T77GD Data Set Description (Objects) T77GE Tool groups T77GF Definition of Object Data T77GG Designs for Graphical Structure Display T77GI Data Sets for Graphical Structure Display T77GL Design Description (Type-Oriented/Relationships) T77GO Toolboxes for Graphical Structure Maintenance T77GR Data Set Description (Relationships) T77GS Tool Set Description T77GT Definition of Tools T77GU User-Specific Graphical Editing T77GV Definition of Relationship Data T77GX Design Description (Type-Oriented/Objects) T77HIERATC Column Framework: Hierarchical Column Groups T77HIERATP Column Framework: Hierarchical Column Groups T77I1 Views with Grouping T77I2 Areas Texts T77I3 Task Functions T77I4 Data Collection T77I5 Task Function Texts T77I6 Views T77I7 View Texts T77I8 Assignment of Users to User Groups T77I9 User Groups for HRIS T77IA Areas per View T77IB Areas T77IC Data Views with Grouping T77ID Infotypes: Enhancements to T777D T77INT Flagged for Master Data Integration T77ITEX Hierarchy Framework: Copy Object: Exclude Infotypes T77ITEX_C Hierarchy Framework: Copy Object: Exclude Infotypes T77IV Number Assignment T77KA Incompatible Attendances/Absences T77KB Cost Items T77KC Texts for Cost Items T77KD Admin.of Cost Planning Scenarios in Personnel Cost Planning T77KE Assignment of Cost Planning Scenarios to CO Plan Versions T77KF Transfer of Business Event Costs to Controlling T77KL Wage Elements in Personnel Cost Planning T77KM Business Event Notifications T77KT Plan Scenario Texts for Personnel Cost Planning T77KU User Groups for Correspondence T77KV Attendance Procedure T77LA Address Types with Long Addresses T77LC Application Context Names T77LE Tool Set Names T77LF Names for Object Data T77LG Design Names T77LI Names for Data Sets T77LO Tool Box Names T77LT Tool Names T77LV Texts for Relationship Data T77MB Action Texts T77MC Restrictions Related to Object Type in Search Function T77MT Cross-Module Texts T77MWBBWS BW: System Data for Manager's Desktop T77MWBD Evaluation Paths in Manager's Desktop Framework T77MWBDT Texts for Evaluation Paths in Manager's Desktop Application T77MWBDTC Customer-Specific Texts for Evaluation Paths in MDT

T77MWBFCC Customer-Specific Override for Manager's DT Function Codes T77MWBFCD Function Codes for Manager's Desktop T77MWBFCH Function Code Hierarchies for Manager's Desktop T77MWBFCO Object Type-Dependent Function Codes for Manager's Desktop T77MWBFCT Texts for Manager's Desktop Function Codes T77MWBFHC Customer-Specific Arrangement of FCodes in MDT T77MWBFTC Customer-Specific Text for Manager's Desktop Function Codes T77MWBK Customer-Specific Evaluation Paths per Category for MDT T77MWBKS Evaluation Paths per Category for Manager's Desktop T77MWBS Manager's Desktop Scenarios T77MWBSC Manager's Desktop: Scenario-Specific Settings T77MWBT Text Table for Manager's Desktop Applications T77NI Country-Specific Infotypes T77NT HRMS-TEM: Notes for Infotypes T77OA Object Types and Infotypes per Aspect T77OBJDEF OM: Definition of Interface Objects T77OBJSER Definition of Service of an Interface Object T77OC Catalogs T77OCTABST Adjust Tab Page Texts Customer-Specifically T77OCTABUS Scenario-Specific Tab Page Usage T77OD Catalog Definition T77OF Editing Functions for Catalogs T77OMAHQ_FUNCAR "OM-Search Function ""Free Search"": Obj. Type InfoSet (Cust.)" T77OMAHQ_FUNCARS "OM-Search Function ""Free Search"": Obj. Type InfoSet ( Std.)" T77OMAHQ_GARBAGE Table with Selections/Queries to be Deleted T77OMATGT Attributes of General Tree-Overview Object T77OMATGTC Attributes of General Tree-Overview Object T77OMATTOT Gen. Attribute Maintenance:Attributes per Obj.Type/Scenario T77OMATTR General attribute maintenance: Definition of attribute T77OMATTRT General Attribute Maintenance: Text Tables for Attributes T77OMATTSC General Attribute Maintenance: Application Scenarios T77OMATTST General Attribute Maintenance: Texts on Scenarios T77OMATTUS General Attribute Maintenance: Attributes per Scenario T77OMBUFEV Times in OM Buffer T77OMFRAM Hierarchy Framework Scenario: Scenario Attributes T77OMFRAMC Hierarchy Framework Scenario: Scenario Attributes T77OMFRAS Hierarchy Framework Scenario: Definition T77OMFRAST HR Navigation Framework Scenario: Definition Texts T77OMGTJ DELETE T77OMGTJ_C DELETE T77OMGTJF DELETE T77OMIA Hierarchy Framework: Interaction Tool Attributes T77OMIA_C Hierarchy Framework: Interaction Tool Attributes T77OMICON Hierarchy Framework: Icons to be Displayed in Icon Legend T77OMICONT Icon Texts to be Displayed in Icon Legend T77OMIFDET Hierarchy Framework: Interface for Detail Objects T77OMIFGT Interface of General Tree-Overview Object T77OMIFGTC Composite Definition: Interface of a Tree-Overview Object T77OMIFOVE Hierarchy Framework: Overview Object Interface T77OMIFSTA Hierarchy Framework: Status Object Interface T77OMIFTIM Hierarchy Framework: Period Object Interface T77OMKEY_A HR-OM: Genrating Array Types for Column Concept T77OMKEY_C HR-OM: Generating Column Names for Column Concept T77OMREG_C Composite Definition: Requests in Hierarchy Framework Scen. T77OMREGIS Definition of Requests in Hierarchy Framework Scenario T77OMREG_T Text Table for T77OMREGIS T77OMSCEN Service for Organizational Management T77OMSCENF Definition of Scenario Groups T77OMSCENT Service for Organizational Management

T77OMTABS Hierarchy Framework: Definition of Tab Pages T77OMTABST Tab Index Texts T77OMTABUS Scenario-Specific Tab Page Usage T77OS Structure Search T77OT Catalog Texts T77PA Plan Versions per Aspect T77PC Structural Graphics: PD Object Data Control (old) T77PD SAP Structural Graphics: PD Profiles T77PH HR-PD: Profile Maintenance - Header Data T77POSBUD Basic Data for Quota Planning T77PP HR-PD: Profile Maintenance - Sub-profile Names T77PP_HEAD PA-PD: Profile - Header T77PP_HEAD_TEXT PA-PD: Profile - Header (Name) T77PP_HEADT_WWW Advanced HR: Profile Maintenance->Configure Obj. Header Text T77PP_HEAD_WWW Advanced HR: Profile Maintenance -> Configure Object Header T77PP_PART PA-PD: Profile - Subprofiles T77PP_PART_TEXT PA-PD: Profile - Subprofiles (Names) T77PP_PARTT_WWW Advanced HR: Profile Maintenance ->Configure Subprofile Text T77PP_PART_WWW Advanced HR: Profile Maintenance -> Configure Subprofile T77PP_VIEW PA-PD: Profile - View T77PP_VIEW_TEXT PA-PD: Profile - View (Name) T77PQ Authorization Profiles T77PR Definition of Authorization Profiles T77PR_V_H PA-PD: Profile - Assign Views to Headers T77PR_V_H_P PA-PD: Profile - Assign Views to Headers to Subprofiles T77PS Authorization Profile Texts T77QA Qualifications Catalog Structure T77QB Qualifications Catalog Texts T77QP HR-PD: Selection Criteria for Employees and Applicants T77QUERY_FIELDS OM: Desired Output Fields of a Query (Transportable) T77R1 Room Reservation Type T77R2 Lunch Times T77R3 Attendee Type Control T77R4 Check Path Individual Attendee - Attendee T77R5 Name Tags T77RB Requirement Types per Shift Group of Organizational Unit T77RD Shift Planning: Requirements Types for Reqmnts Definition T77REFDOC Reference Document Table: Training and Event Management T77RO Definition of Proxy Profiles T77RP Substitute Profile T77RQ Text for Substitute Profile T77RQ_ICON Icon Settings for Requirements Matchup - Shift Planning T77RQ_ICON_T Icon Settings for Requirements Matchup - Status Text T77RT Requirements Type Description for Requirements Definition T77S0 System Table T77S1 Menu: Functions T77S2 Menu: Services T77S3 Menu: Screen Modifications T77S4 Menu: Dynamic Menu Texts T77S5 Menu: Dynamic Menu Functions T77SC Customizing: Grouping Entries in T77S0 T77SCEN_AW Default scenario for Org. chart data retrieval (customer) T77SCEN_AW_SYST Default Scenarios for Org. Chart Data Retrieval (SAP) T77SCENQY Queries per scenario and object type (customer) T77SCENQY_SYST Queries per Scenario and Object Type (SAP) T77SK HR-PD: Scales T77SN HR-PD: Quantity Scale Proficiencies T77SO Structurally-Dependent Object Types T77SP HR-PD: Quality Scale Proficiencies T77SP_CD Shift Planning: Rules for Abbreviation Sequence

T77SP_CDT Shift Planning: Names for Abbreviation Sequence Rules T77SP_CE Shift Planning: Rules for Abbreviation Sequences T77SP_DESCR PA-PD: Proficiency Descriptions for a Quality Scale T77SP_DESCRIPT PA-PD: Proficiency Descriptions for a Quality Scale (Text) T77SP_STYLE Color and Character Formatting for Shift Planning T77ST System Tables T77T0 Profiles for RHDESC20 T77TC Classification of Tasks T77TD Texts for Task Classification T77TF PA-PD: Form of Appraisal (Name) T77TG HR-PD: Profile Maintenance - Sub-profiles T77TH HR-PD: Profile Maintenance - Header Data Names T77TN HR-PD: Proficiency Texts for Quantity Scale T77TP HR-PD: Proficiency Texts for Quality Scale T77TR Transport Lock for Infotypes and Subtypes per Object T77TS HR-PD: Scale Names T77TT Profiles for RHDESC20 Texts T77UA User Authorizations T77UU User Table for Batch Input T77VA Relationship Characteristics T77VB Output Sequence of Text Elements T77VC Text Variable Editing T77VD Output Control: Correspondence T77VE Notification Abbreviation T77VF Notification Abbreviations T77VG Check table: Recipient Group T77VH Recipient group texts T77VI Assignment: Triggering Activity - Notification Abbreviation T77VP Log File: Correspondence in Training and Event Management T77WS Person Group/Subgroup per Work Schedule Group T77WT Employee Group/Subgroup Assignment to Work Schedule Groups T77WWW_CD ESS Country-Specific Services T77WWW_CDE ESS Deactivate Catalog and Change Menu Item T77WWW_CT ESS Service Catalog T77WWW_CTP ESS Service Catalog Item T77WWW_CTT ESS Name of Catalog T77WWW_INFTY ESS Infotypes for Exclude Table T77WWW_LECC Color codes for life event menu T77WWW_LECCP Color code allocation to service T77WWW_LECCT Color codes long texts for life event menu T77WWW_LEDATA Life Event Specific Settings T77WWW_LE_EP Provider Configuration for External Services T77WWW_LESTATUS Status Information for Life Event Service T77WWW_MN ESS Menu T77WWW_MNP ESS Menu Item T77WWW_MNT ESS Name of Menu T77WWW_REP ESS Report names T77WWW_SC Control Table for Country-Specific Screens in Web Services T77WWW_SDATA Required Data for External Services T77WWW_SDE ESS Deactivate Service and Change Catalog Item T77WWW_SMAP ESS Application / Content Service Mapping T77WWW_SRV ESS Service T77WWW_SRVN ESS Name of Service T77WWW_WHO Control Table for Selection and Output Fields in Who's Who T77WWW_WHO_PARA ESS Who's Who: Parameters per Country Grpg and Appl. Type T77WWW_WHO_SRD ESS Who's Who: Field Selection per Country Grpg & Appl.Type T77ZA Additional Conditions for Time Constraint 3 T77ZC Check Table: Additional Conditions for Time Constraint 3 T77ZR Infotype 1001 Time Constraint (Target Object Type-Dependent) T77ZT Text Table for Additional Conditions - Time Constraint 3

T77ZZ T787I T787O T787T T787U T787V T788E T788O T788T T788U T788V T78NR T790 T790_C T790G T790G_T T790T T790T_C T791Z T7AR01 T7AR02 T7AR03 T7AR04 T7AR05 T7AR06 T7AR07 T7AR0P T7AR10 T7AR11 T7AR1P T7AR20 T7AR21 T7AR22 T7AR23 T7AR24 T7AR25 T7AR26 T7AR27 T7AR2P T7AR30 T7AR31 T7AR32 T7AR33 T7AR34 T7AR35 T7AR36 T7AR37 T7AR38 T7AR39 T7AR3P T7AR40 T7AR41 T7AR42 T7AR43 T7AR44 T7AR45 T7AR46 T7AR4P T7AR50 T7AR51

PD XPRA Control Infotypes for Standard Object Types Text Table: Standard Object Types Text Table: Infotypes for Standard Object Types Text Table: Subtypes for Standard Objects Text Table: Relationships for Standard Objects Check Table for Allowed Standard Relationships Check Table for SAP Standard Object Types Check Table for Standard Object Infotypes Check Table Subtypes for Standard Objects Check Table for Standard Relationships Prefix Numbers for Standard Object Types Warranty Transaction - Initial Values Warranty Default Values - Initial Transactions Warranty Type Warranty Type Text Warranty Category Functions Warranty Category Default Values Permitted Warranty Counters - General Activity code (CIIU) Additional data by Company Activity code (CIIU): T7AR01 Texts Workplace Health Insurers (ART) code Additional information by Company Ministry of Labor activity code Ministry of Labor activity code: T7AR06 texts Personnel area/subarea additional information Allocation special schooling assistance by establishmnt type Additional information by subtype Contribution reduction area Date for final settlement of income for financial year Contract category code for SIJP Contract category code for SIJP: Texts T7AR21 Assignment of contract category to contract type AR Locality code for SIJP Locality code for SIJP: T7AR24 texts Employee grouping for Social Insurance contributions Employee groupings for contributions to SI: Texts T7AR26 Percentage of contribution reduction to Internal Rev. (DGI) Types of work contract in Argentina Social Insurance employee subgroups: Allocations Percentage of contribution reduction by contract type Contribution reduction percentage by employee subgroups Welfare Fund code Social Project code: T7AR34 texts Private Pension Fund Companies (AFJP) code Private Pension Fund Companies (AFJP) code: T7AR36 texts Employee activity code Employee activity code: T7AR38 texts Contribution reduction zone: T7AR1P texts Contract types in Argentina Contract types in Argentina: T7AR40 texts Social Insurance employee subgroup grouping Social Insurance employee subgroup grouping: T7AR42 texts Scale for Welfare Fund distribution percentages Additional information for absences Welfare Fund plans Personnel area/subarea: Social Ins. and family allow. data Income tax categories Income tax categories: T7AR50 texts

T7AR52 T7AR53 T7AR54 T7AR55 T7AR56 T7AR5P T7AR60 T7AR61 T7AR62 T7AR63 T7AR64 T7AR65 T7AR66 T7AR67 T7AR68 T7AR69 T7AR6P T7AR70 T7AR71 T7AR72 T7AR73 T7AR74 T7AR75 T7AR76 T7AR80 T7AR81 T7AR82 T7AR83 T7AR84 T7AR85 T7AR86 T7AR87 T7AR88 T7AR89 T7AR90 T7AR91 T7AR92 T7AR93 T7AR94 T7AR95 T7AR96 T7AR97 T7AR98 T7AR99 T7BR0A T7BR0F T7BR0P T7BR1B T7BR20 T7BR7B T7BR7C T7BR7T T7BR7U T7BRAB T7BRAE T7BRAG T7BRAI T7BRAP T7BRAS T7BRAT

Wage type allocation to income tax category Limits and values by income tax category Income scale for income tax calculation Income tax deduction destination entities Income Tax - Deductions reduction Family allowance areas: Codes Relationship between fam. mem type and family allowance type Rules for generating family allowance wage types Grouping for Social Insurance contribution factoring Text for grouping of Social Insurance contribution factoring Conversion of currency values Pay scale agreement category identification Internal Revenue Service (DGI) agency code Internal Revenue Service (DGI) agency code: T7AR66 texts Guaranteed net amounts - Groups of deduction rules Vacation provision: Calculation wage types Family allowance areas: Codes and texts Social Insurance contribution percentages Internal Revenue (DGI) area category for contributn reductns Internal Revenue (DGI) Area Category - Texts Assignment of Contribution reduction area to category Contribution percentage by Category and Soc. Ins. Type Annual Extra Payment (SAC): Off-cycle payroll run data Guaranteed net amounts - Wage types transfer of differences Employer data according to ANSeS Census Report Named person/family member data accord. to ANSeS Census rep. Assignment of ANSeS document type Assignment of ANSeS province code Assignment of ANSeS nationality code Assignment of ANSeS marital status code Number of employees and Company accord. ANSeS Census selectn Reasons for action additional information Service character Service character: T7AR88 texts Rules for calculation of severance pay Assign collective agreement to pay scale type Collective agreement Collective agreement: T7AR92 text Basic wage limit agreement for seniority compensation Severance pay code Severance pay code: Texts T7AR95 Assign. sev. pay code to grouping of sev. pay legal norms Employee grouping for Severance pay calculation Employee grouping for Severance pay calculation: Text Split of absence valuation periods Third-party payment assignment Personnel areas assignment to branches/c.sites groups Union Brazilian Job Occupation Code School grade Education Education description School grade description Additional information for absences Economic activity Harmful agent exposure codes (FCSWI) Inflation adjustment Branches and/or construction sites grouping IAI percentage for special retirement Economic activity description

T7BRAX Description of harmful agent exposure codes (FCSWI) T7BRB1 Branch - general information T7BRB2 Branch - Social insurance body T7BRB3 "Branch, Social Information Annual List report" T7BRB4 Branch - Withholding Income Tax Declaration T7BRC0 Construction site code T7BRC1 Construction site information T7BRCB Brazilian Job Occupation Code (by position) T7BRCS HBRRAIS table for the salary type T7BRCT Worker categories description (FCSWI) T7BRCX Worker categories (FCSWI) T7BRD0 Transfer of payroll external results: PRS T7BRDE Dependents eligibility for income tax T7BRDR Withholding Income Tax Declaration withholding code T7BRDT Withholding Income Tax Decl.withholding code description T7BRE1 Complete description of marital status T7BREC Marital status description T7BRES Schools T7BRFM Employee movement code for FGTS T7BRFP SAWF code T7BRFT SAWF code description T7BRGR SI table - Self-employed T7BRMP Employment relationship T7BRMT Description of employment relationship T7BRNA HBRRAIS table for the nationality T7BRNJ Legal nature of establishment T7BRNT Description of establishment legal nature T7BRPP Wage types for planned period T7BRPZ Wage types for planned period T7BRQC Quota compensation types T7BRQT Absence quota type T7BRRA Employee's movement code to SIAL T7BRRK Hazard and health risk grouping T7BRRT Description of movement code to SIAL T7BRSA Movement code for FGTS withdrawal T7BRSF Child allowance T7BRSI SI table T7BRST Description of movement code for FGTS withdrawal T7BRT0 Legal rights associated with employee situation T7BRT1 T7BRT2 Transportation type T7BRT3 Transportation type description T7BRTA Union dues T7BRTF Description of FGTS movement code T7BRTH Third-party code T7BRTP Transportation ticket description T7BRTR Transportation ticket T7BRTT Third-party code description T7BRTX WIT table T7EHS00_AGENT Agents T7EHS00_AGENTREF Reference values for agent T7EHS00_AGENTREG Laws / regulations for agent T7EHS00_AGENTT Agent text table T7EHS00_ANSWTYP Unique Number of Answer Type T7EHS00_ANSWTYPT Language-Dependent Text Table for Table t7ehs00_answtyp T7EHS00_ATYPE Agent categories T7EHS00_ATYPET Text table for agent categories T7EHS00_CATALOG Question Catalog T7EHS00_CATALOGT Language-Specific Text Table for Table T7ehs00_catalog T7EHS00_EGROUP Examination type

T7EHS00_EGROUPT Text table for examination types T7EHS00_EXAM Examination categories T7EHS00_EXAMT Text table for examination categories T7EHS00_FKATALOG Administration Data EH&S Question Catalog T7EHS00_FORMTYP Form Type T7EHS00_FORMTYPT Text Table Form Type T7EHS00_FREQTYP Frequency type T7EHS00_FREQTYPT Text table for frequency type T7EHS00_PGROUP Protocol types T7EHS00_PGROUPT Text table for protocol types T7EHS00_POWNER Protocol owner T7EHS00_POWNERT Protocol owner name T7EHS00_PROT Protocols T7EHS00_PROTAGNT Agents for protocol T7EHS00_PROTEXAM Examination categories for protocol T7EHS00_PROTFREQ Frequency of protocol T7EHS00_PROTREG Regulations for protocol T7EHS00_PROTT Protocol text table T7EHS00_QAGEN General Answer Type T7EHS00_QAGENT General Answer Type T7EHS00_QASPC Answer Type Application Components T7EHS00_QASPCT Answer Type Application Component T7EHS00_QCATFORM Question Catalog: Assign Form and Program T7EHS00_QCRIT Criterion Text EH&S Question Catalog (Language-Specific) T7EHS00_QCUSREX Registered User Exit Function Module for Question Catalog T7EHS00_QEDITOR Question Text EH&S Question Catalog (Language-Specific) T7EHS00_QFORM Specific Questionnaire: Assign Form and Program T7EHS00_QFORMSPC General Questionnaire: Assign Form and Program T7EHS00_QGROUP Unique Number of Question Group T7EHS00_QGROUPT Language-Dependent Text Table for Question Group T7EHS00_QREL Questionnaire Assignment T7EHS00_QRELTYP Object Type for Questionnaire Assignment T7EHS00_QRELTYPT Text Table for Object Type for Assigning a Function Modu le T7EHS00_QTFIELDG Text Fields for the General Questionnaire T7EHS00_QTFIELDS Text Fields for Specific Questionnaire T7EHS00_QTOPIC Subject Area of Questionnaire (General) T7EHS00_QTOPICT Subject Area of Questionnaire (General) Text Table T7EHS00_QTOP_REL Subject Area Assignment of Questionnaire T7EHS00_QTYPE Catalog Entry Type T7EHS00_QTYPET Description Catalog Entry Type T7EHS00_QUEST Questionnaire Definition T7EHS00_QUESTQ Individual Questions in Questionnaire T7EHS00_QUESTT Language-Dependent Text Table for Table T7EHS00_QUEST T7EHS00_QUSREX Registered User Exit Function Modules for Questionnaire T7EHS00RA Long-term average rating A - E T7EHS00RAT Long-term average rating: A - E -> Language-dependent texts T7EHS00RN Exposure frequency rating T7EHS00RNT Exposure frequency rating -> Language-dependent texts T7EHS00RVB Agent assessment basis T7EHS00RVBT Agent assessment basis -> Language-dependent texts T7EHS00RVS Reference value source T7EHS00RVST Reference value source -> Language-dependent texts T7EHS00_RVTYP Ref. value type T7EHS00_RVTYPT Text table for ref. value type T7EHS00_SCHED Protocol category T7EHS00_SCHEDT Text table for protocol category T7EHS00_STATUS Status T7EHS00_STATUST Language-Specific Text Table for Status T7FI01 FInnsih tax offices


Pension insurance table for Finland Pension insurance groups for Finland Pension insurance departments for Finland Insurance codes for Finland Risc groups for accident insurance in Finland Accident insurance table for Finland Finnish Unemployment Percentages Addtional information to Finnish Personnel area/subarea Time dependent information for personnel area/subarea Financing Types (France) Texts: Financing Types Forms of Further Training (France) Texts: Forms of Education (France) Occupations for familiy members Text for familiy members's occupation Notice period in time units Control table for EOY Payment Extension of T001P Nature of Quarter Text for Nature of Quarter Tax grouping for report Tax year control table Contribution plan Retirement paln status Contribution plan attributes Contribution plan eligibility rules Contribution plan transfer rules Assigning contribution rules for Contribution Plans Contribution plan special rules Nature of contribution/entitlement plan Provider Attributes Contribution plan eligibility grouping Rule details for each contribution rule grouping Contribution rules for Retirement Plans Contribution Rule Texts for Retirement Plans Source of pre-prorated calc. base for retirement plan Output Format for Length of Service(LOS) - Text Output Format for Length of Service(LOS) Salary Grouping for Retirement plan Length of Service Grouping for Retirement plan Age Grouping for Retirement plan Provider Name Salary Grouping Texts for Retirement plan LOS grouping Texts for Retirement plan Age Group Texts for Retirement Plan Employee Group Criteria ID Texts for Retirement Plan Employee Group Criteria ID for Retirement Plan Contribution Rule Criteria for Each Contribution Rule Entitlement plan Entitlement plan attributes Entitlement plan eligibility rules Entitlement plan transfer rules Withdrawal type for entitlement plan Scheme type for entitlement plan Vesting Schedule and multiplier Entitlement plan eligibility grouping Entitlement plan withdrawal attributes Entitlement output texts Benefit Plan Status Texts Wage type for entitlement plan


Text for scheme type for entitlement plan Events & reasons for LSP/Severance payments Factor & constants for LSP/severance payments Maximum amounts and reckonable YOS for LSP/severance payment Proration for long service payment Appraisal Type Appraisal main criteria Text for appraisal main criteria Appraisal detail criteria Text for appraisal detail criteria Appraisal main and detail citeria assignment Weighting of appraisal types Weighting of appraisal detail criteria Weighting of appraiser Weighting of appraisal main criteria Conversion of appraisal points to ranking per main criteria Conversion of appraisal point to ranking per appraiser Conversion of appraisal point to ranking per appraisal type Conversion of appraisal point to ranking per detail criteria Appraisal ranking Text for appraisal ranking Appraiser Appraiser Type Text Text for Apraisal Type Entitlement plan name Contribution plan name Jamsostek Modifiers for Personnel Area/Subarea Tax Modifiers for Personnel Area/Subarea Absence Split Assignment Identity Types Indonesia Loan Category Continued Absence Linking Personnel Area/Subarea Indonesia Values Social Insurance Types - Indonesia Social Insurance Types - Indonesia - Text Insurance Scheme Levels and Contributions (Indonesia) Text Table for Insurance Levels "Entity table for Calculation Rules for Insurances, Indonesia" "Text table for Entity Calculation Rule for Insurances, ID" Jamsostek office address (Indonesia) Personnel Subarea grouping for Jamsostek purposes Text for Personnel Subarea grouping for the ASTEK office Bracket type ID Indonesian Tax Deduction Constants Tax and Grsup grouping Tax Constant Amounts (Indonesia) Personnel Subarea grouping for the tax office Indonesian Tax Rates Text for Personnel Subarea grouping for the tax office Text For Tax Levels (Indonesia) Jamsostek Office Descriptions (Indonesia) Irish Tax Table Irish PRSI Table Emergency Tax Table Employer Registered Numbers (HR-IE) Irish Health Insurance Group Details SIPTU Pension schemes Ireland Additional Company Informaton


Mexican reasons for personnel actions Assignment tax table to employee group/subgroup Personnel area/subarea additional information Tax table types Tax tables Tax allowance table Wage credit table State tax Company tax allowance Tax table texts IMSS occupational hazard Employer and Employee contributions Wage integration exemptions Employer and Employee contribution types IMSS Employer Regis. nos. Employer and Employee contribution texts Annual bonus modifiers Additional information for absences Administration of investment period for savings fund Minimum wages of economic zones Municipalities Economic zones for municipalities Exemptions for tax calculation Work termination reason Texts for work termination reasons Payments to be carried out in work termination Texts for payment types for work termination Payments corresponding to work termination reasons Compensation types time quota for work termination Maintenance payment debt Mexico Model gross/net Default values Payroll Highlight Messages NZ Inland Revenue Certificates NZ Leave Accrual Id Table - NZ Leave Accrual Id Description - NZ Leave Payment Calculation Table - NZ Related Leave Type - NZ Related Leave Types Description - NZ Leave Type Grouping - NZ Leave Type Grouping Description - NZ Leave Payment Calculation Table - NZ Leave Payment Rule Table - NZ Leave Rule Table - NZ Country Specific Attendance and Absence Types Termination Wage Types for Leave NZ Leave Unpaid Absence Rules - NZ Leave accrual payout rules on termination A/A types with absence quotas affected by parental leave Superannuation Fund Code Designation NZ Superannuation Highlight Messages NZ Superannuation Wage Type Assignment Tax Code Check table NZ Tax Code Designation NZ Taxation Earner Premium NZ Taxation Student Loan Deduction NZ National Superannuiant Surcharge Designation NZ National Superannuiant Surcharge Check Table NZ Taxation Rebates NZ National Superannuitant Surcharge Codes NZ

T7NZTX Tax Codes NZ T7NZXL Termination Wage Types for Leave NZ T7PH0A Personnel area and personnel sub area groupings T7PH0P Company\Employer Details T7PHCD Business Details T7PHCH Pag-Ibig Grouping T7PHCP Pag-Ibig Grouping T7PHCS SSS Grouping T7PHCT Tax Grouping T7PHRS Receipt number and Issue dates-Company Grouping. T7PHSC SSS Contributions T7PHSM SSS Sickness and Maternity Benefits T7PHTA Tax installment amounts per salary bracket T7PHTB Tax Brackets Philippines T7PHTC Tax Status Check Table T7PHTE Tax Exemptions per status T7PHTW Period Tax Withheld T7PM0 Section of budget T7PM1 Names of sections of budget T7PM2 Section of Budget: Currency T7PM3 Budget Structure Element Types T7PM3_H Hierarchy of Budget Structure Element Types T7PM4 Budget Units T7PM5 Budget Unit Names T7PM6 Expenditure Types T7PM6_MO Definition of Employee Grouping for Finding Commitment Item T7PM6_MOT Names of Employee Groupings for Finding Commitment Item T7PM6_RFI Determination of Commitment Item T7PM7 Names of Expenditure Types T7PM8 Names of Budget Structure Element Types T7PM9 Financial Year T7PMA Allowance Catalog T7PMB Allowance Catalog Name T7PMC Allowances T7PMD Allowance Name T7PM_DIKEY HR-FPM: Definition of Distribution Key for Default Value T7PM_DIKEY_T HR-FPM: Texts for Distribution Key for Default Value T7PME Dialog Control T7PMF Special Pay Scale Groups T7PMG Average Amounts for Collective Agreements (PSG) T7PMG_2 HR-FPM: Distribution Keys for Default Values T7PMH Career Groups T7PMI Time base T7PMJ Texts for Time Reference T7PMK Names of Budget Structure Elements T7PML Determine Financing Unit per Object Type T7PMM Combinations of Rules and Budget Structure Element Types T7PM_MOINT HR-FPM: 'Involved in Integration with FI-FM' Grouping T7PM_MOINT_T HR-FPM: 'Involved in Integration with FI-FM' Grouping Text T7PM_MOREQ HR-FPM: Definition of Grouping for Origin of Funds Required T7PM_MOREQ_T HR-FPM: Texts for Origin of Funds Required Groupings T7PMN Valuation of Absence Types T7PMO Career Group Names T7PMP Budget Carry-Forward Method T7PM_PM003 HR-FPM: Origin of Funds Required for Groupings T7PMQ Budget Status T7PMR Name of Budget Status T7PMS Budget Status Changeover T7PMS_PM005 Table for Feature PM005 T7PMT1 System Reactions in HR Funds and Position Management

T7PMT2 Name of Results for System Reactions T7PMU Default Values for Teaching Hours T7PMV Reasons for Reducing Teaching Hours T7PMVT Text of Reason for Reducing Teaching Hours T7PMW Conversion Factors for Pay Scale Classification T7PMX FTE Ranges (Maximum) T7PMXT Names of Maximum FTE Ranges T7PMY1 Combinations of BS Element Types and Budget Positions T7PMY2 Integration of FM and HR-FPM T7PMY3 Commit Handling: Integration of FM and HR-FPM T7PMY3A Commit Handling Activities T7PMY3AT Names of Commit Handling Activities T7PMY4 HR-FPM: Involved in Integration T7RSM00AC External personnel action types T7RSM00ACT Texts for external personnel action types T7RSM00AP Process external personnel action types T7RSM00PAR External employee data: Communication parameters T7TH03 Employee Group/Subgrouping for PF THAILAND T7TH0P PA/PSA Grouping for Social Security and Tax T7THCT Personal Area/Subarea groupings for SS Branches Text Table T7THMC Social Security Modifier table for Branches T7THMP Providend Fund Modifier Table for Personal Area/Subarea T7THMS Social Security Modifier table for Branches T7THMT Provident Fund EG/ESG Modifier Text for PF THAILAND T7THMX Personal Area/Subarea for Tax Calculation Method T7THPC Provident Fund Company Rates TH T7THPM Provident Fund EG/ESG Modifier for PF TH T7THPT Modifier Text Table for PA/PSA for Provident Fund T7THSB Social Security Branches T7THSC Social Security Company Rates TH T7THSR Social Security Contribution Rates Statutory and Company TH T7THSS Social Security Statutory Rates TH T7THST Personal Area/Subarea groupings for SS Branches Text Table T7THTE Termination Tax Rates TH T7THTM Tax Calculation Method - TH T7THTR Tax Rates TH T7THTT Personal Area/Subarea Grping for Tax Calc Method Text Table T7TW0A ZIP code T7TW0B Retirement Central Fund Contribution T7TW0P Personal Areas/Subareas (Taiwan) T7TW10 System table for VB Up/download T7TW1A Insurance Type T7TW1B Insurance Amount Category T7TW1C Insurance Subsidy Percentage T7TW1D NHI Exempt Reason T7TW1E NHI Status T7TW1F NHI Status Reason T7TW1G Insurer Name and Address T7TW1H NHI Dependent s Relationship T7TW1I LI Occupational Risk Percentage T7TW1J NHI Contribution Percentage T7TW1K LI Occupational Risk Percentage T7TW1L Last rported data of LI/NHI reports T7TW1M Reason for insurance permium change T7TW1N Sequence number of LI/NHI reporting T7TW1O Allowable status change for NHI T7TW1S "Reason for insurance permium change, Text" T7TW1T NHI Insuree Group Text T7TW1U LI Occupational Risk Text T7TW1V NHI Dependent s Relationship Text

T7TW1W NHI Status Reason Text T7TW1X NHI Status Text T7TW1Y NHI Exempt Reason Text T7TW1Z Insurance Type Text T7TW2A Tax Withholding Table T7TW2B Tax Withholding Fast Formula T7TW2C Tax Withholding Category T7TW2D Tax Authority Code T7TW2E Wage type dependent tax rate (Taiwan) T7TW2F Sequence number of income tax return reporting T7TW2G Tax media filing sequence number reservation T7TW2I Reported data of Tax withdrawal report T7TW2Z Tax Withholding Category Text T7TW3A Employment Stabilization Fund T7TW3B Employee Welfare Fund Contribution T7TW3C Retirement Pay Calculation Rule T7TW3D Retirement Pay Method T7TW3E Severance Pay Calculation Rule T7TW3F Severance Pay Method T7TW3G Resignation Pay Calculation Rule T7TW3H Resignation Pay Method T7TW3I Part Month Factor T7TW3J Part Year Factor T7TW3T Part Year Factor Text T7TW3U Part Month Factor Text T7TW3V Resignation Pay Method Text T7TW3W Severance Pay Method Text T7TW3X Retirement Pay Method Text T7TW3Z Employment Stabilization Fund Text T7TW4A Disability Class T7TW4Z Disability Class Text T7TW50 Rate for multiple payment T7TW6A Mapping Overtime Wage Types T7TW6B Deduction priority of overtime wage types T7TWAB Absence Split Assignment T7USBEN01 Model for saving plans compensation T7USBEN01T Text for saving plans compensation T7USBEN02 Adjustment to saving plans compensation T7USBENH1 For saving records of issued HIPAA certificates T7USBENH2 For savings records of on-demand printing of HIPAA certs. T7USBENPE US pension related data (e.g. Soc. Sec. wages and taxes) T7VE01 Additional Company Data T7VE02 Additional Data on Company (Time-dependent) T7VE0P Additional Information on Personnel Area/Subarea T7VE90 Rules for severance pay calculation T7VE95 Severance pay code T7VE96 Severance pay key: Texts from T7VE95 T7VE97 Calculation rules for severance pay code T7VE98 Employee grouping for Severance pay calculation T7VE99 Employee grouping for severance pay calculation: Text T7VEA1 Transfer of External Payroll Results: Vacations T7VEA2 Transfer of external payroll results: Absence T7VEAB Absence Type Attributes T7VEDI Reserved SAP T7VEDP Dates for calculation of profit share adjustment T7VEEC Marital Status in Venezuela T7VEEV Venezuelan events T7VEI1 Transfer of External Payroll results: Interest T7VEI2 Transfer of external payroll results: INC contribution T7VEIN Interest rates

T7VEL1 Transfer of external payroll results: LP contributions T7VEP1 Transfer of External Payroll Results: Profit Share T7VEPA Risk in Personnel Area/Subarea T7VEPN Notice or seniority days T7VEPS Percentages for Calculating Profit Share T7VEQP Absence quota attributes T7VES1 Percentages of SSO Contribution and Deduction T7VES2 IVSS Classification of Occupations T7VES3 Function code relationship (Company/IVSS) T7VES4 Transfer of External Payroll Results: SSO/SPF T7VES5 Transfer of External Payroll Results: Seniority T7VEST Description of Risks T7VET1 Transfer of External Payroll Results: Income Tax T7VETX Taxable income T7XAS0 Wage Type Assignment to Claim Plan T7XAS2 Assignment of Claim formula to Program T7XAS3 Claim variant for Program T7XAS4 Text tabla for Claim formula for Program T7XAS5 Claim rule for Program T7XAS6 Claim variant for Plan T7XAS7 Text table for claim formula for Plan T7XAS8 Claim rule for Plan T7XAS9 Assignment of Claim formula and Panel doctors to Claim Plan T7XASA Dependent Cover for Claims T7XASB Dependent Cover Texts T7XASC Assign family member to dependent coverage for claims T7XASD Doctors details T7XASE Text table for Panel of Doctors T7XASF Grouping of Doctors to Panel T7XASG Claims processing Balance table T7XASH Panel of Doctors T7XASI Claims groupingss for plan T7XASJ Texts Claims groups for plan T7XASK Claims groupings for program T7XASL Texts Claims groups for program T7XAST Claims processing transaction table T800 Report Writer: Reports T800A FI-SL tables T800AIS Directory of InfoSource structures for FI-SL tables T800A_KEYFIG FI-SL: Key Figures for Table Group T800B Generated Archive and Database Reports for FI-SL Tables T800D Fields for Master Data Validation T800DOM Fixed exits T800F Conversion table for flexible general ledger fields T800G Flexible general ledger installation check T800M FI-SL: Fixed Field Movements T800O Object management FI-GL/FI-SL T800S FI-SL Set Table (before Release 4.0) T800T Report Writer: Texts for reports T800V RW: Variables T800W RW: Texts for Parameter Contents T800X FI-SL Set Line Texts (before Release 4.0) T800Y FI-SL Set Texts (before Release 4.0) T801A Report Writer: Exceptions in Row/Column Coordinates T801B Report Writer: Texts for Logical Rows T801C Report Writer: Parallel Report Windows T801D Report Writer: Row/Column Characteristics T801E Report Writer: Selection Sets T801F "Report Writer: Rest Blocks (Rows, Columns)" T801G Report Writer: Sections

T801H Report Writer: Parallel Reports T801K Report Writer: Libraries T801L Report Writer: Library Fields T801M Report Writer: Rows/Columns T801N Report Writer: Library Texts T801P Report Writer: Key Figures for Libraries T801Q Report Writer: Key Figures for Libraries T801R Report Writer: Standard Layouts (Language-Dependent Part) T801S Report Writer: Cell Assignment T801T Report Writer: Texts for Parallel Reports T801U Report Writer: Standard Layouts (Language-Independent Part) T801V Report Writer: Standard Layout Texts T801W Report Writer: Standard Layout - Lang.-Dependent (new) T801X Report Writer: Standard Layout - Lang. Independent (new) T802A Report Writer: Definition of Receiver Reports T802B Report Writer: Receiver Report Control ( part 1 ) T802C Report Writer: Receiver Report Control (part 2) T802D ABAP Receiver Programs for Report Writer T802G Sets: Variables T802GU_SET Use of Variables in Sets T802GU_VAR Use of Variables in Formula Variables T802T Sets: Short description of variables T803A Report Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Header) T803B Report Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Descriptions) T803C Report Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Rows) T803D Report Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Row/Column Texts) T803E Report Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Columns) T803F Report Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Formulas) T803G Report Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Cells in Formulas) T803H Report Writer: Row Formulas T803I Report Writer: Row Formulas / Texts T803J Report Writer: Report Groups T803L Report Writer: Entries in Report Groups T803T Report Writer: Report Group Texts T803V Report Writer: Generated program versions T803VP Report Writer: Generated program versions T803Z Report Writer: Report Usage T804A Report Writer: File Description T804B Report Writer: Key figures T804BT Report Writer: Texts for basic key figures T804C Report Writer: Special Fields T804D Report Writer: Texts of Data Field Descriptions T804E Report Writer: Summary of Tables T804F Report Writer: Key Figures T804FU_SET Use of Key Figures in Key Figure Sets T804G Report Writer: Texts for Key Figures T804H Report Writer: Database fields for exits T804I Report Writer: Supported Languages T804J Report Writer: Read module for table class S T804T Texts for reporting table T807 Rollup Sequence T807H Rollup Header Information T807R FI-SL Rollup: History of Executions T807T FI-SL Rollup texts T80D FI-SL: Control table for client-specific user exits T80DT FI-SL: Control table for client-specific user exits T80I FI-SL: Control table for cross-client user exits T80IT FI-SL: Control table for cross-client user exits T80U FI-SL: Control Table for User Exits T80UT FI-SL: Control Table for User Exits

T810A T811C T811D T811DA T811DH T811DS T811E T811ED T811ED2 T811F T811G T811H T811I T811IA T811J T811K T811L T811M T811P T811PC T811PT T811R T811S T811T T811U T811X T811Z T811ZC T811ZT T820 T820F T820T T821S T821T T821V T822 T822T T823C T823D T823K T823P T823T T823Z T830A T830B T830D T831A T831B T831D T850 T850A T850B T850C T850D T850F T850G T850H T850I T850K T850S

Set usage in sets (before Release 4.0) Allocations: Cycles Allocations: Document Numbers Allocations: Dependent Document Numbers Allocations: Header Fields Allocations: Document Numbers for Segment Reverse/Rebook Allocations: Save Results List and Names Allocations: Extract Generation Data Allocations: All Internal Tables and Structures Allocations: Element Table Field Groups for Allocation Cycle Allocations Data Field Descriptions Allocation Information for key field Allocations: Customizing Allocations: Information for Field Groups Allocations: Key Fields Assessments/Distributions: Long Text Allocations: Text for Field Groups Cycle Run Group Results of Checks of Assignments for Cycle Run Groups Cycle Processing Group: Texts Allocation table for receiver assignments Allocations: Segments Allocations: Table Information Table Information Allocation Sender/Receiver Relationship Allocations: Fixed Selection Values Allocations: Data for Runtime Analysis Cycles for Runtime Analysis Cycles for Runtime Analysis Planning Parameters Planning Parameters: Field Group Information Planning Parameter Descriptions Distribution keys G/L Distribution Key Description User distribution key Planning Parameter Classes Planning Parameter Class Descriptions Revaluation groups Revaluation document numbers Revaluation key fields Revaluation percentages (plan) Revaluation-descriptions Revaluation percentages (plan) FI-SL Master Record Table FI-SL Master Record Table FI-SL Master Record Table FI-SL Master data text FI-GLX Master Record Table FI-SL Master data text Company data for Consolidation Company sort criteria Business segments Business segments: texts Assignment of business segment Upload methods Upload Methods: Texts Upload Methods: Field Catalogs Version-dependent assignment: Company/data import + validtn Company correspondence data Tax rates

T850Z T851 T852 T852G T852N T852O T852P T852U T852V T853 T853K T854 T854S T854T T854U T855 T855T T856 T856T T856X T856Y T857 T857A T857D T857E T857F T857N T857O T857P T857S T857T T857X T857Y T858 T858I T858T T859 T859T T85A T85AT T85B T85BT T85C T85CT T85S1 T85S2 T85Y T85YT T862K T862L T862Q T862R T862S T862T T862X T862Y T862Z T863 T863B T863C

Layout: FS chart of accounts Changes in Investments Subgroups Subgroup companies Consolidation frequencies Consolidation frequencies: Texts Consolidation Periods Subgroup companies Version-dependent subgroup characteristics Company status Subgroup status Financial statement items for consolidation Selected FS items Financial statement item texts FS item short texts Reasons for inclusion in consolidation Reasons for inclusion in consolidation Transaction Types Transaction type texts Transaction type groups Transaction type groups: Texts Line layout of data entry forms Column layout of data entry form Data entry form groups: Names Data entry form groups: Texts Data entry form bundling Validation groups Validation groups: Texts Validation rules Column layout for data entry form: Names Column layout for data entry form: Text Line layout for data entry form: Name Line layout for data entry form: Text Consolidation versions Versions for Consolidation integration Consolidation version texts Data entry forms Data entry form title First additional field First additional field: Texts Second additional field Second additional field: Texts Third additional field Third additional field: Texts FI-LC: Assignment of first add. fld to second add. fld FI-LC: Assignment of second add. fld to third add. fld Additional Field Type Additional field type: Texts Standard reports: Headings Standard reports: Header texts Standard reports: Column layout Standard reports: Column layout texts Standard reports: Column layout Standard reports: Headers Standard reports: Line layout Standard reports: Line layout texts Standard reports: Line layouts Consolidation standard reports Report groups Report groups: Names

T863D Report groups: Texts T863I Reports for Interactive Reporting T863T Report titles T863V Valuations: Texts T863W Valuations T863X Selections for reporting T863Y INDX datasets T863Z Selection: Document status T864 Reclassifications T865 Intercompany Elimination T866 Elimination of IC profit/loss: FS items T866Z Elimination of IC P/L: Assignment of additional fields T867 Product groups T867T Product group texts T868 Elimination of IC profit and loss T868B Elimination of IC profit/loss: Inventory management co.s T868L Elimination of IC profit/loss: Vendor data T869 Consolidation methods T869T Consolidation of investments methods T870 Consolidation method assignment T871 Changes in investee equity T872 Equity Holdings Adjustments T872I Periodic entry for affiliated companies T873 Hidden reserves T874 Elimination of hidden reserves T875 Asset transfers within the group T875C Changes in depreciation T875D Asset transfers T875E Change in depreciation of asset transfers T876 Consolidation document types T876B Document types T876T Consolidation document type texts T876V Validation of Consolidation document T877 Consolidation activity groups T877K Consolidation activity groups: Names T877L Consolidation activity groups: Texts T879 Standard texts T879P Data transfer directories T880 Global Company Data (for KONS Ledger) T880B Valuation methods T880G Consolidation companies T881 FI-SL Ledger T881IS FI-SL Ledger T881_KEYFIG FI-SL: Key Figures per Ledger T881T FI-SL Ledger text T881W Possible Combinations of Currency Keys in FI-SL T881Z Additional Ledger with Special Calculation Type T882 Company Code/Ledger Assignment T882C Global Company-Ledger Assignment in FI-SL T882G Company code - ledger assignment T883 User Table Fields T883S FI-SL User Tables T883T Descriptions of FI-SL user tables T884 Currency translation T884B Assignment valuation methods to company codes T884C Control Balance Carried Forward T884F Translation Differences: Additional Account Assignment T884H Historical currency translation T884K Exchange rate indicator for currency translation T884M Currency translation methods used in Consolidation

T884R Exchange rate indicator references T884S Sets used in currency translation T884T Currency translation method table: Texts T886 FI-SL Activities T886A Activity/Ledger Information T886B Activity/Ledger/CCode Information T886C Activity/Ledger/Company Information T886G Flexible general ledger: Interface information T886PCA EC-PCA: Activities T886TCODE FI-SL: Monitor Procedure - Transaction T887 Activity/Ledger/CCode Information T887C Activity/Ledger/Company Information T888 Field Movement Header Table T888G Customer fields for flexible general ledger T888M FI-SL Field Assignments T888S Update flexible general ledger: Standard scenarios T888T FI-SL Field Assignment Texts T889 FI-SL Document Types T889A Number Ranges for Document Types for Local Objects T889B Number Ranges for Document Types for Global Objects T889C FI-SL Document Types - Global Company IDs T889G Document types for the flexible general ledger T889GO Number range for document types T889GT Document type texts T889T Document Type Texts T889TE Document Type Texts T890 FI-SL: Boolean Formulas T891B Validation for Special Purpose Ledger / Company Code T891C Validation for Special Purpose Ledger / Global Company T892B Substitution for Special Purpose Ledger / Company Code T892C Substitution for Special Purpose Ledger / Global Company T892U Rollup Substitution T893 Ledger Selection Conditions T894 FI-SL and FI-LC Versions T894T FI-SL and FI-LC Version Texts T894TPCA EC-PCA: Texts for plan versions T895 Local Fiscal Year-Dependent Version Parameters T895C Global Fiscal Year-Dependent Version Parameters T895PCA EC-PCA: Fiscal-Year Dependent Version Parameters T8A00 Account Determination for Profit Center Accounting T8A10 EC-PCA: Substitution for SD: Dependency T8A20 Special handling for goods movements between profit centers T8A30 EC-PCA: Define Additional Accounts T8A40 EC-PCA: Transfer Statistical Key Figures T8A50 Acct determination of P+L acct for chrg off valuation diff. T8A60 Representative Materials T8A62 Activate Representative Material T8A_COMPRESS EC-PCA: Summarization fields for EC-PCA document T8A_NO_COMPRESS EC-PCA: Fields that cannot be summarized T8APP_ACCT EC-PCA: Acct Determination in Planning (Derive or Valuate) T8APP_GLPCM EC-PCA: Plan Costs from Material Costing for Rep. Material T8APP_HRKFT Value of field HRKFT in profit center planning T8APP_HRKFTT Texts for values of field HRFKT in profit center planning T8APP_KALK EC-PCA: Costing Key T8APP_KALKT Texts for Costing Keys EC-PCA T8G01 Splitting method T8G01T Splitting method T8G02 Item categories T8G02T Item categories T8G03 Business transaction

T8G031 Accounting transaction variant T8G031T Accounting transaction variant T8G03T Business transaction T8G10 Assignment: Transaction code- accounting transaction variant T8G11 Assignment: MM movement type- accounting transaction variant T8G12 Assignment: FI doc.type - accounting transaction variant T8G16 Allocation: internal key - item category (SAP) T8G17 Allocation: acct number - item type T8G20 Splitting Rule: Header Data T8G21 Splitting rule: Item categories to be processed T8G21A Splitting rule: Base item categories T8G22 Splitting rule: Additional items T8G28 Item categories permitted per accounting transaction variant T8G29 Item categories permitted for each business transaction T8G30A Acct determination key for doc splitting T8G30AT Account determination key description for doc splitting T8G30B Acct determination for document splitting - accounts T8G40 Account assignment objects for document splitting T8G41A Constants T8G41AT Constants T8G41B Values of constants T8J0C Billing Methods T8J6A JIB/JIBE Class T8J6B JIB/JIBE Class Text T8J6C JIB/JIBE Subclass T8J6D JIB/JIBE Subclass Text T8J7D JV project type information T8J7E JV cost centre type information T8J7F JV order type information T8J7G JV Project Type Description T8J7H JV Cost Centre Type Description T8J7I JV Order Type Description T8JA Billing Indicator T8JAT Billing Indicator Name T8JE Equity type T8JET Equity Type Description T8JF Equity group T8JFT Equity group description T8JG Valid Equity Group T8JJ Recovery Indicator T8JJT Recovery Indicator Description T8JL Penalty Category Table T8JL1 Joint Venture: Manipulation Rules for Recovery Indicator T8JT Venture class T8JV Joint venture T8JVT Joint Venture Description T8JW Intrnl Rcvry Indctr T8JWT Internal Recovery Indicator Description T8JX JV Conditional Code T8PL00 FI Planning: Installed Plan Tables T8PL01 FI-Planning: Summary Table Dimensions to be Planned T8PL01DD FI Planning: Dimensions Table Index - Dictionary Information T8PL01DP FI Planning : Field Dependency for Validation T8PL01S FI-Planning: Dimensions that Allow Sets T8PL01SF FI Planning: Special Handling of Dimensions T8PL01SV FI-Planning: Comb. fixed values/attr. for key fig. and dim. T8PL02 FI-Planning: User attributes T8PL02CC FI Planning: Currency Translation T8PL03 FI Planning: Configuration of Plan Tasks T8PLUATTR FI-Planning: Key Figures for Planning

T9COM Components T9DEV Assignment of Components to Development Classes T9PRO Products TA1M Line Item Schema TA1MT Text Table for Line Item Schema TA1MZ Line Item Schema TA1TV Asset Transfer Variant TA1TVB Determination of the Asset Transfer Method TA1TVT Asset Transfer Variant TA20A API Server Access Parameters TA20B User Grouping for Travel Planning TA20B1 User Grouping-Travel Planning (Language-Dependent) TA20BA Access Parameters of User Groups per Reservation System TA20BH Displayable Hotel Rates of User Groups TA20BPR Provider-Specific Reservation Systems TA20C Enterprise-Specific Travel Service Categories TA20C1 Enterprise-Spec. Travel Service Categories (Language-Dep.) TA20DB Access Parameters for German Railway via API TA20K Reasons TA20K1 Reasons (Language-Dependent) TA20LB Trees (Current Settings for Travel Planning) TA20LB1 "Trees (Current Settings for Travel Planning, Lang.-Depend.)" TA20LBEZ Tree Structure (Current Settings for Travel Planning) TA20LE Tree Node (Current Settings for Travel Planning) TA20LE1 Tree Node (Language-Dependent) TA20LT Current Settings for User Groups TA20LT1 Current Settings for User Groups (Language-Dependent) TA20NC Negotiated rental car rates (corporate nego rates) TA20NC1 Negotiated rental car rates (language-dependent) TA20NCR Negotiated Car Rental Rates TA20NCR1 Negotiated Car Rental Rates (Language-Dependent) TA20NEGOF Negotiated Flight Fares (Corporate Nego Fares) TA20NEGOF1 Negotiated Flight Fares (Language-Dependent) TA20NF Negotiated Flight Fares (Corporate Nego Fares) TA20NF1 Negotiated flight fares (language-dependent) TA20NH Negotiated hotel rates (corporate nego rates) TA20NH1 Negotiated hotel rates (language-dependent) TA20NHC Negotiated Hotel Rates TA20NHC1 Negotiated Hotel Rates (Language-Dependent) TA20NHS Negotiated Hotel Rates (Nego Rates) with Catalog Hotel TA20NRADD Additional Info for Negotiated Rates and Discounts TA20NRC Discount Agreement for Rental Car Usage TA20NREX Exceptions to Negotiated Rates TA20NRF Discount Agreement for Flights TA20NRH Discount Agreement for Hotel Accommodations TA20NRHS Discount Agreement for Hotels (Individual Hotel) TA20O Sales offices TA20O1 Sales offices (language-dependent) TA20OZ Resubmission (queue) of sales offices TA20P Travel profiles TA20P1 Travel Profiles (Language-Dependent) TA20PF Travel Profiles - Methods of Payment TA20PHC Assignment Table of Hotel Catalog Items for Travel Profiles TA20PI Trip Rule TA20PI1 Trip Rule (Language-Dependent) TA20PIC Car Rental Trip Rule TA20PIF Flight Trip Rule TA20PIH Hotel Trip Rule TA20PPI Assignment Table of Trip Rules for Travel Profiles TA20PPP Priority of Trip Rules

TA20PPP1 Priorities of Trip Rules (Language-Dependent) TA20PPT Assignment Table of Trip Rules for Travel Profiles TA20PPZ Message handling: chosen priority with top priority TA20PPZ1 Message handling (language-dependent) TA20PS Class Rule TA20PS1 Class Rule (Language-Dependent) TA20PSC Class Rule for a Trip Rule (Car Rental) TA20PSF Class Rule for a Trip Rule (Flight) TA20PSH Class Rule for a Trip Rule (Hotel) TA20PST Class Rule for a Trip Rule (Train) TA20PVP Setting for Price-Controlled Availability TA20R Trip activity type - Travel Planning TA20R1 Trip activity type - Travel Planning (language-dependent) TA20REBF Discount Agreement for Flights TA20RMRK Company-Specific PNR Elements TA20RTG Routing TA20RTG_G Geographical Description of a Route Segment TA20RTG_P Route Segment Provider TA20RTG_R Booking Classes for Route Segment TA20WWW WWW Link Catalog for Information Sources TA20WWW1 WWW LInk Catalog for Information Sources (Language-Depend.) TA21CA Rental Car Classes TA21CA1 Rental Car Classes (Language-Dependent) TA21CAR Rental Car Rate TA21CAR1 Car Rental Rates (Language-Dependent) TA21CAZ Assignment car rental classes - booking specifications TA21H Hotel Rates TA21H1 Hotel Rates (Language-Dependent) TA21HO Room category TA21HO1 Room category (language-dependent) TA21HOZ Assignment Room Category - Class Rule TA21L IATA Locations TA21L1 IATA Locations (Language-Dependent) TA21P Travel Service Providers TA21PF Provider-Specific Customer Programs TA21PFA Assignment of Customer Programs to Additional Providers TA21PH Customer-Specific Hotel Catalog TA21R Regions TA21R1 Regions (Language-Dependent) TA21RH Region Hierarchy TA21RZC Assignment: Country-Subdividing Region to Location TA21RZL Assignment: Region of Several Countries to Country TA22A Assignment table expense code - service category TA22B Assignment trip schema - travel plan type TA22C IATA RBD assignment TA22CE RBD assignment of airline exceptions TA22CEXC RBD Assignment of Airline Exceptions TA22PRFR Pricing Functionality Restrictions TA22RSA START: Train Attributes TA22RSA1 START: Train Attributes (Lang.-Dependent) TA22RSF START: Error Messages TA22RSF1 START: Error Messages (Language-Dependent) TA22RSS START: Train Stations TA22RSSY START: Train Station Synonyms TA22ST Amadeus: status flight/car rental/hotel TAAPM1 Assignment for Field Link between FI-AA and PM TAAPM1T Assignment for Field Link between FI-AA and PM TAAPM2 Link from FI-AA to PM: Assignment of Fields TABA Depreciation posting documents TABAS Logging of periodic posting runs in AM

TABBR Rules for determining asset value date TABBT Names of the rules for determining the asset value date TABDIRDEVC Assignment of Development Class to Table Entries TABDIRLANG Assignment of Original Language to Table Entries TABDIRORIG Assignment of Original Language to Table Entries TABDYNPS List of Table Screens TABKT Automatic Accounts for End-Year Closing/Opening Postings ITA TABLO Assignment table-orders to activities TABREFINE Determines Granularity for Originality Attributes TABS1_VER DD Verification: Includes TABS2_VER DD Verification: Includes TABS_DEFB Customizing: Definition of Pages of a Tab TABS_DEFS Customizing: Definition of Views of a Tab TABS_DEFST Customizing: Description of Pages of a View TABS_FGRP Fields Groups in a Tab TABS_FGRPT Text Table for Field Groups in a Tab TABS_KART Tabs TABS_KARTT Text Table for TABS_KART TABS_SB Default View for User TABS_SYSB Developer Table Definition of Pages of a Tab TABS_SYSS Developer Table: Definition of Views of a Tab TABS_SYSST Developer Table: Description of Pages of a View TABVA Variants for determining asset value date TABVAT Names of variants for determining asset value date TABVO Determine asset value date in Asset Accounting transactions TABW Asset transaction types TABWA Transaction types/dep. areas TABWB Transaction types AuC (no longer used) TABWD Default transaction types for FI-AA posting transactions TABWD_FTC Fields Used for Table Controls on Asset Postings TABWD_VID Entity Table for Table TABWD TABWD_VIT Text Table for Table TABWD_VID TABWG Transaction type groups TABWH Name for asset transaction type groups TABWI Allowed asset classes per transaction type group TABWK Trans. types for posting prop. values and depreciation TABWM Asgnmt. hist. sheet (sub)groups to asset history sheet item TABWN Item Titles in the Asset History Sheet TABWO Names for the asset history sheet versions TABWP Entity table for asset history sheet versions TABWQ Asset hist. sheet group TABWR Name of asset hist. sheet group TABWT Asset transaction types texts TABWU Special Treatment of Retirements TABWV Default transaction types TACO1 Table for activating DD objects TACOB Table for activating DD objects TACOPA TACOPAB TACOPAC TACOPAD TACOPB TACOPBA TACOPC TACOPCA TACT Activities which can be Protected TACTT Activities that can be protected TACTZ Valid activities for each authorization object TADB2 DB2/390: TABART <-> Table storage parameters TADB6 DB6: Current DB2 UDB Tablespaces (Mapp.: Table Type->Table C

TADBM Table Activation Program: Allowed Database Modifications TADIR Directory of Repository Objects TADIR_MOD Newly Created Repository Objects TADIR_TMP Newly Created Repository Objects TADMI Foreign key table for values of object S_ADMI_FCD TADMT Texts for table TADMI TAETS Warehouse Sub-Process (Procedure for Warehouse Processes) TAFLD Assignment of Application Fields to Components TAFWD CORU: Messages that are not interpreted as errors TAI01 CI Program Position Editing Mask: Control TAI02 Editing Masks for CI Program Positions TAI03 Texts for CI Program Position Editing Masks TAI05 CI Program Types TAI06 CI Program Type Texts TAI07 Operative objects for inv. programs that can be allocated TAI08 Budget categories for capital investment programs TAI09 Texts for IM budget categories TAI10 Use of capital investment program budget categories TAI11 Group shares in Inv. Program Info System TAI12 Type of organizational unit TAI12T Description: Type of organizational unit TAI13 Allowed values of user-defined organizational units TAI13T Texts for allowed values of user-defined org. units TAI14 Levels in investment program for automatic creation TAI15 Select-options for org. units TAIC0 IM Summarization: Characteristics that can be summarized TAIC1 IM Summarization: Characteristics w/ detail display indic. TAIC2 IM Summarization: Summarization version TAIC2T IM Summarization: Text for summarization version TAIC3 IM Summarization: Conversion of Investment Program Name TAIF IM Drilldown: Characteristic Catalog TAIF1 Appropriation request types TAIF10 Dropdown Box Tool: Assignment of Applkey/Subscrno < > Trans TAIF11 Default Settings for the Selection Tool TAIF1C Coding Masks for Appropriation Requests and for Projects TAIF1L Long text control for approp. request type for req. header TAIF1T Text table for appropriation request types TAIF1V Long text control for approp. request type for variants TAIF1W Partn. functions for approval workflow TAIF2 Plan versions per approval year and program type TAIF3 System control for appropriation requests TAIF4 Approp. requests - alternative maintenance languages TAIF5 Scale of investment objects TAIF51 Scale of Investment Objects (Value Limits) TAIF5T Scale of investment objects TAIF6 Scores for variants TAIF6T Scores for variants TAIF7 Approval levels for plan versions TAIF7T Approval levels for plan versions TAIF9 Value table for user fields TAIF9T Value table for user fields TAIFD IM Drilldown: Characteristic Dependencies TAIGD Scale of investment objects TAIGK Key figure key for scale TAIGM Possible key figures keys for scale TAIGS Key figure key for scale (language-dependent) TAIGW Definition of the scale of investment measures TAINF Current INFORMIX Database Spaces TAKOF Reconciliation Accounts with Exception Handling

TALIM Alert Thresholds and Parameters TALLG Help Structure for Pool MSTTALLG TAM0T Application Monitor: Texts TAME0 Application Monitor: Table - Event TAMLAY0 Tab pages in master data: Tab layouts TAMLAY0T Tab pages in master data: Tab layout descriptions TAMLAY1 Tab pages in master data: Tab titles of layout TAMLAY1T Tabs in Master Data: Tab Index Titles TAMLAY2 Tab pages in master data: Assignment of group boxes TAMLAYA Tabs in master data: Applications TAMLAYAT Tab pages in master data: Descript. of master data objects TAMLAYB Tab pages in master data: Group boxes TAMLAYBT Tab pages in master data: Descriptions of group boxes TAMPSP Manufacturer/Part Combinations: Blocking Reasons TAMPSPT Manufacturer/Part Combinations: Texts for Blocking Reasons TAMSS Table Type-Table Memory Parameter Assignment for MSS TAOBJTYP Object Types (Worklist) TAOBJTYPT Text for Object Type (Worklist) TAOBJVWD Allowed Object Usages per Object Type (Worklist) TAOBJVWDT Allowed Object Usages per Object Type (Worklist) TAORA Current ORACLE tablespaces TAPGPCB TAPL Allocation of task lists to functional locations TAPLP "Applications Directory for Programs, Function Modules, DBs" TAPLT Program Application Long Texts TAPOL Automatic Allocation of Materials to LIFO Pools TAPOPA TAPOPB TAPOPBA TAPOPCB TAPPL R/3-DDIC: Application classes TAPPLCLASS Application Classes in Drilldown Reporting TAPPLCLASSHIE Application Classes in the Hierarchy Interface TAPPLCLASSHIET Text Table for the Hierarchy Application Classes TAPPLCLAST Text Table for Application Classes in Drilldown Reporting TAPPLIC Application ID TAPPLIC_CUST Assignment of Customizing Transaction to Application Key TAPPPA TAPPPB TAPPPBA TAPPPCB TAPRF Cap. inv. measure profile for AuC and dep. simulation TAPRFT Text tab. for investment profile TAPRG Cap.Inv.Measure Profile - Source assgnmt per source struct. TAPVPA TAPVPB TAPVPBA TAPVPCB TAQTS "SAP Query: Transprt of Queries, Functn. Areas and User Grps" TARCH01 Node Table for General Structure Storage TARCH01R General Structure Storage References TARCH01T General Structure Storage Node Names TAREF Table References of the Transportable Object Types TASYB Current SYBASE Segments TASYS "OBSOLETE: Do not use, see TCEDELI" TATAF Program for implementing ADD FIELDS TATGPA TATGPC TATGPCA TATOPA

TATOPAB TATOPB TATOPBA TATOPC TATOPCA TATPPA TATPPB TATPPBA TATPPC TATPPCA TATVPA TATVPB TATVPBA TATVPC TATVPCA TAUTL List of tables AUTH (authorization fields) TAUUM Sales Documents:Types: Language-Dependent Conversion TAVG Warehouse Activities (Operations in Warehouse) TAVGT Decsription of Warehouse Activities TAX_APPLI Applications for Tax Services TAXITABS Tab control: Dyn. tab label control table TAXITABSTXT Tab control: Tab label for table TAXITABS TAXMSD "Tax Interface Manager Status Diagram ""Tax Per document""" TAXOFFICE Tax Office TAXOFFICET Name of Tax Office TAX_SERVICES Tax Services TB001 BP groupings TB002 BP grouping: Texts TB004 BP types TB004T BP Types: Texts TB005 BP data sources TB006 BP data sources: Text TB008 BP role cat. -> BP address type allocation TB009 BP address types TB010 BP address types: Texts TB018 BDT Object Usage: Variants TB018T "BDT Object Usage: Variants, Texts" TB018V BDT Object Usage: Variant Table TB019 BP legal forms TB019A BDT Object Usage: Assign Context-View Variant TB019AT BDT Object Usage: Assign Context-View Variant TB020 BP legal forms: Texts TB023 BP industries TB024 BP industries: Texts TB025 BP group types TB026 BP group types: Texts TB027 BP marital status TB027T BP marital status: Texts TB028 Occupations TB028T BP occupations/groups: Texts TB029 BP legitimation types TB029T BP legitimation types: Texts TB030 BP authorization types TB030T BP authorization types: Texts TB031 BP Field Groups for Authorization TB032 BP Legal Entity TB032T BP Legal Entity: Texts TB033 Payment Cards: Type TB033T BP Payment Cards: Texts Card Types TB034 BP: Payment Card Category

TB034T BP: Texts Payment Card Categories TB035 BP: Blocking Reason for Payment Cards TB035T BP: Texts for Blocking Payment Cards TB040 BP: Database Tables of Evaluation TB040B BP: Link Tables for Indirect Join Relationships TB040F BP: Selection and Display Fields of Evaluation TB041 BP: Entry Variants for Evaluation Generator TB041T BP: Texts for Variants of Evaluation Generator TB050 Screen Config. TB050_S Screen Configuration (Shadow Table) TB060 BDT: Transaction Entry TB060R BDT: Transaction Entry Via Search Screen for Object Parts TB103 BDT: Field Grouping for each Object Part TB104 BDT-Field grouping per external application TB105 BDT Field Grouping for each Activity Category TB200 BP Addresses: Seq. Numbers for Planned Commun. Data TB201 BP: Scheduled Changes for each Role (Time-Dependency) TB210 Business Partner: Assigned Objects (Entities) TB210A Business Partner: Assigned Objects TB210T Business Partner: Names of Assigned Objects TB2BA Trading Contract: Application Status TB2BAT Trading Contract: Application Status Description TB2BB Trading Contract: Status Group Definition TB2BBT Trading Contract: Status Group Description TB2BC Trading Contract: Purchasing Grouping TB2BCT Trading Contract: Purchasing Grouping Description TB2BD Trading Contract: Sales Grouping TB2BDT Trading Contract: Sales Grouping Description TB2BE Trading Contract: Trading Contract Type TB2BET Trading Contract: Trading Contract Type Description TB2BF Trading Contract: Status Group/Application Stat. Link TB2BG Trading Contract: Incompleteness Group TB2BGT "Trading Contract: Text Table, Incompleteness Group" TB2BH Trading Contract: Incompleteness Fields TB2BI Trading Contract: Communication Tables for Trading Contract TB2BJ Trading Contract: Item Categories TB2BJT Trading Contract: Item Category Descriptions TB2BK Trading Contract: Item Categories for Document Type TB2BL Trading Contract: Allowed Field Changes Trading Contract TB2BM Trading Contract: Assignment of Incid. Cost Type to CondType TB2BMAPSTATUS Trading Contract - Mapping of Appl. to Web status values TB2BN Trading Contract: Assignm. Incidental Cost Type CondType Grp TB2BO Trading Contract: Assignment of Incid. Cost Type to Applic. TB2BP Trading Contract: Assignment of Contract Type to Condit.Grp TB2BR TC: Item Texts Types Whose Changes are to be Saved TB2BS TC: Header Text Types Whose Changes are to be Saved TB2BT Text Types for Display of Changes (Header) TB2BU Text Types for Display of Changes (Item) TB2BWEBPROFILE Trading Contract Web Profile Table TB2BWEBST Trading Contract Web Status TB2BWEBSTT Trading Contract Web Status Text Table TB900 Field grouping using BP relationship category TB905 BP Relationship Types TB905T BP Relationship Types: Texts TB910 Contact person in standard departments TB911 Contact person in standard departments: Texts TB912 Positions of contact persons TB913 Positions of contact person: Texts TB914 Contact person authority TB915 Contact person authority: Texts

TB916 Contact person VIP indicator TB917 Contact person VIP indicator: Texts TB930 Business Partner: Marital Property Regime TB930T Business Partner: Marital Property Regime: Texts TB990 Differentiation Type Element Like Company Code TB990T Differentiation Type Element Like Company Code: Texts TB991 Differentiation Type Element Like Sales Organization TB991T Differentiation Type Element Like Sales Organization: Texts TB992 Diff. Type Element Like Distribution Channel TB992T Diff. Type Element Like Distribution Channel: Texts TB993 Differentiation Type Element Like Division TB993T Diff. Type Element Like Division: Texts TB994 Differentiation Type Like Sales Area TBACN Bank EDI file version numbers TBAER Rules for Changing Documents TBALK Screen sequence control: paths between processing locations TBATG Control table for batch table conversion TBCA Chart types in bar chart TBCAT Text on Chart Types in the Bar Chart TBCC Color types in bar chart TBCCT Text on Color Types in the Bar Chart TBCF Form types in Gantt chart TBCFT Texts on form types in the bar chart TBCG Graphics profile of bar chart TBCGT Texts on graphics profiles of the bar chart TBCHAIN0 Definition bank chains TBCHAIN1 Bank chains TBCHAIN2 Bank Chains per Business Partner Account TBCHAIN21 Bank chains per business partner account (allocation) TBCHAINC0 Assign Scenario for Bank Chain Determination to Client TBCHAINE0 Definition of the scenarios for bank chain determination TBCHAINE0T Definition of scenarios for bank chain determination (texts) TBCHAINE1 Character. value of scenarios for determining bank chain TBCL Layer types in bar chart TBCLT Texts on Layer Types in the Bar Chart TBCO Options in bar chart TBCOT Texts on options for bar chart TBCR Ribbon Attributes Generated with Time Scale Wizard TBD00 Views of customer model TBD00T Short Description of View of Distribution Model TBD03 Communication relation between systems TBD05 Distribution model for message types TBD06 Distribution model for methods TBD10 ALE: IDoc fields in ALE object TBD11 ALE object type TBD12 Mapping message type -> serialization and link type TBD13 Organizational units to be converted in IDoc fields TBD14 Message type -> object type TBD16 Filter objects for methods TBD17 Dependencies between message types TBD18 Object type: Attributes for receiver determination TBD19 Hierarchical dependencies between BAPI tables TBD20 ALE: data for IDoc projection filter TBD21 ALE: IDoc reduction TBD22 ALE: mapping IDoc fields to change document fields TBD23 ALE: definition of mandatory segments/fields TBD24 ALE: IDOC reduction flagged with positive logic TBD30 ALE: Conversion rules for IDoc segments TBD32 Dependencies between methods TBD33 Dependencies between methods and message types

TBD40 Assign Message Types to Serialization Group TBD41 Inbound processing of serialization group TBD51 Attributes of IDoc inbound function modules TBD52 Function modules for inbound ALE-EDI TBD53 ALE: Object Channel Serialization: Message Type of Bus. Obj. TBD54 AALE: Object Channel Serialization: Object Types Supported TBD55 ALE: Object type serialization : Inbound control TBD56 ALE: Object type serialization : Outbound control TBD62 Assignment of change document field to message type TBD71 ALE Customizing Distribution: Distribution Groups TBD71T ALE Customizing Distribution: Distribution Group Description TBD72 ALE Customizing Distribution: Objects in Distribution Group TBD73 ALE Customizing Distribution: Outbound Log TBD74 ALE Customizing Distribution: Inbound Log TBDA1 ALE active TBDA2 ALE message active TBDBA Mapping BAPIs to ALE TBDBANK Define consolidation system for bank data distribution TBDBE BAPI-ALE Interface for Inbound Processing TBDBH Mapping Single BAPI Parameters to Header Segment Types TBDBR Distribution Model: BAPI Reduction TBDBRF Distribution Model: Fields in Reduced Parameter TBDBRMF BAPI Reduction: Mandatory Fields in Parameters TBDBS Mapping BAPI structure to segment types TBDLI Lists for a logical system TBDLS Logical system TBDLST Text for logical system TBDLT Lists for a logical system for ALE distribution TBDME ALE supplement data for EDI message type TBDMO ALE/ CCMS Monitoring Connection: Group Definition TBDMO_DET ALE/ CCMS Monitoring Connection: Group Definition Details TBDMS Assignment of message type to IDoc type TBDRCSTATE Objects in recovery environment (ALE) TBDSE Serialization groups TBDSET Text of serialization group TBDTP Template Views of Distribution Model TBDTPB Template for BAPIs TBDTPBDF Parameter Filtering for Methods TBDTPBDR Reduction of Methods TBDTPBDRF Distribution Model: Fields in Reduced Parameter TBDTPBR Receiver Determination for Methods TBDTPM Template for Message Type TBDTPMD Data Filters for Message Types TBDTPP PARTNER Systems - Template TBDTPPT Short Description of Partner System for ALE Templates TBDTPT Short Description of View of Distribution Model TBDTPV Variables for Template-Based Maintenance of Distrib. Model TBDTPVT Variables for Maintenance of Distrib. Model Using Templates TBE00 BTE: Switch Off Check for Previous Data Element TBE01 Business Transaction Events: Publish & Subscribe Interfaces TBE01T Texts on Publish & Subscribe Interfaces TBE02 Publish & Subscribe: Allocation of Additional Components TBE11 Application indicator TBE12 Business Framework: Provider of Additional Components TBE22 Business Framework: Partner Products TBE22T Business Framework: Texts on Partner Products TBE23 Business Framework: Partner's Active Products TBE24 Additional Components developed by Customers TBE24T Additional products developed by customers: Texts TBE31 Application components per Publish & Subscribe interface

TBE32 Partner function modules per Publish & Subscribe interface TBE32T Partner function modules: Texts TBE34 Customer function modules per Publish & Subscribe interface TBERG Authorization Check in DDIC TBEST Selection attributes for Business Transaction Events TBESTT TBEST texts TBICCF Selection Fields in BIC - Conversion for Aggregation TBICF Selection Fields for Batch Information Cockpit - Standard TBICFM Cross-Table Selection Fields from BIC TBICFT Texts Selection Fields Batch Information Cockpit TBICFU Selection Fields for Batch Information Cockpit TBICS Selection Tab Titles for Batch Info. Cockpit - Standard TBICST Texts for BIC Selection Tab Titles - Standard TBICSU Selection Tab Titles for Batch Information Cockpit TBICSUT Texts for Batch Information Cockpit Selection Tab Titles TBICU Direct Input Customizing: Job Names for Data Transfer TBICUG Batch Information Cockpit User Groups TBICUGT Texts for Batch Information Cockpit User Groups TBICUT Texts for TBICU: Job names for data copying TBIER Direct Input (DI): Results Table TBIG Transparent table for mass data generation TBILOG Direct Input: Historical Data TBIST Direct Input (DI) Control: Restart Capability TBIZU Job ID to job name assignments TBKDC Day Difference betw. House Bank and Beneficiary Value Dates TBKFK Factory Calendar Identification Using Currency TBKOW Valuation Difference Temporary Storage TBKPV Time Between Payment Run and Value Date at House Bank TBLSYSDEST RFC Destination of Logical System TBMOT Accounting indicators TBMOTX Accounting indicator description TBO00 Object type control parameters TBO01 Language-specific values for object type TBO02 Language-dependent values for the object class TBP0L Budget/Planning Ledger TBP1A Budget/Plan Profile TBP1B Budget / Plan Profile Texts TBP1C Budget/Plan Profile TBP1T Budget / Plan Profile Texts TBP2A Budget/Plan Versions TBP2B Budget / Plan Version Texts TBP3A Budget / plan versions from rel.3.0 TBP3B Texts for planning / budgeting versions TBPFC Availability Control: Tolerance Limits TBPFD Cost Budget Availability Control: Tolerance Limits TBPFE Commitment Budget Availability Control: Tolerance Limits TBPFK Availability Control: Cost Elements Exempted TBPFM Active availability control on commitment budget TBPFPV Commitment Types: Control TBPROGREF Reference table - program TBPW1 User Workflow IS-PS TBRC Industry Code (Customer Master) TBRCT Industry code text (customer master) TBRG Authorization groups TBRGT Description of the authorization groups TBSG Purchasing Documents: Reasons for Ordering TBSGT Purchasing Documents: Reasons for Ordering: Texts TBSL Posting keys TBSLT Posting Key Names TBSP1 Test Terminology Database

TBSPECDEST Special RFC destinations for synchronous calls TBTCA Subsequent relationship in batch job scheduling TBTCB Preceding relationship in batch job scheduling TBTCCNTXT Information for Assignment of Jobs to Components/Creators TBTCCTXTT Description of Reference Types for Background Jobs TBTCCTXTTP Check Table: Valid Job Reference Types TBTCI Usage counter for the job's internal report TBTCJSTEP Batch job step overview TBTCO Job status overview table TBTCP Batch job step overview TBTCR Batch scheduler execution time TBTCS Batch schedule table TBUVTX Transfer Posting of Tax in a Cross-Company Code Transaction TBVIEWER Table for locking with table indicator TBVZ CO-PA report library (no longer used) TBVZT CO-PA Report library TBXG1 VERI table: Suppression and reorganization (TBX buffer) TBXG2 VERI table: Suppression and reorganization (TBX buffer) TBXG3 VERI table: Suppression and reorganization (TBX buffer) TBXG4 VERI table: Suppression and reorganization (TBX buffer) TBXH1 VERI table: Suppression and reorganization (TBX buffer) TBXH2 VERI table: Suppression and reorganization (TBX buffer) TBZ0 BDT Object Parts TBZ0A BDT Applications TBZ0B BDT Applications: Texts TBZ0C Assign BDT Object Part -> BDT Applications TBZ0D BDT Differentiation Types TBZ0E BDT Differentiation Types: Texts TBZ0F Assign BDT Object Part -> BDT Views TBZ0G BDT Object Part Grouping TBZ0H BDT Object Part Grouping: Texts TBZ0I Assign BDT Object Part -> BDT Object Part Grouping TBZ0K BDT Activity Categories TBZ0L BDT Activity Categories: Texts TBZ0M BDT Activities TBZ0N BDT Activities: Texts TBZ0O BDT Field Grouping for Each Activity (Control) TBZ0Q BDT Data Sets TBZ0R BDT Data Sets: Texts TBZ0S BDT Object Part -> BDT Data Sets Assignment TBZ0T BDT Object Parts: Texts TBZ1 BDT Application Objects TBZ1A BDT Events TBZ1B BDT Events: Texts TBZ1C Assign BDT Screen Fields -> BDT Database Fields TBZ1D BDT Setting Transactions TBZ1E BDT Application Transactions TBZ1F Assign BDT Events -> Function Modules TBZ1G Assign BDT Application Object-> BDT Differentiation Type TBZ1H BDT Tables TBZ1I BDT-External applications TBZ1J BDT-External applications: Texts TBZ1K Assign BDT Direct Input Fields -> BDT Database Fields TBZ1T BDT Application Objects: Texts TBZ3 BDT Screen Sequences TBZ3A BDT Screens TBZ3B BDT Screens: Texts TBZ3C BDT Sections TBZ3D BDT Sections: Texts TBZ3E BDT Views

TBZ3F BDT Views: Texts TBZ3G BDT-Views: Further checks TBZ3H Assign BDT Section -> BDT View TBZ3I Assign BDT Screen -> BDT Sections TBZ3K Assign BDT Screen Sequence -> BDT Screen TBZ3L BDT-Screen Sequence Categories TBZ3M BDT-Screen Sequence Categories: Texts TBZ3N BDT-Screen Sequence Category -> BDT-Screen Seq. Assignment TBZ3O BDT Field Grouping Criteria: Texts TBZ3P BP field grouping: BP cat. TBZ3Q BDT Field Grouping Criteria TBZ3R Assign BDT Field Group -> BDT Field TBZ3R_C Assign BDT Field Group -> BDT Field TBZ3S Assign BDT View -> BDT Field Groups TBZ3T BDT Screen Sequence Variants: Texts TBZ3U BDT Screen Containers TBZ3V BDT Screen Containers: Texts TBZ3W BDT Field Groups TBZ3X BDT Field Groups: Texts TBZ3Y BDT Field Grouping: Link Rules for Same Objects TBZ3Y_01 BDT Field Grouping: Link rules for Different Objects TBZ3Z BDT Field Grouping: Link Rules with Activity TBZ4 BDT GUI Functions TBZ4A BDT GUI Functions Active for Each View TBZ4B BDT GUI Functions: Active for each View/Screen Seq.Variant TBZ4C BDT-GUI Functions: Active for Each View/Screen Sequence Cat. TBZ4T BDT GUI functions: Texts TBZ5 BDT: Where-Used List - Structure Table TBZ5A BDT Object Usage: Assign Context-View Variant TBZ5AT BDT Object Usage: Assign Context-View Variant TBZ5B BDT Where-Used List: Application Objects TBZ5BT BDT Where-Used List: Application Object Texts TBZ5D BDT Setting Transactions TBZ5E BDT Object Usage: Variants TBZ5ET "BDT Object Usage: Variants, Texts" TBZ5F BDT Object Usage: Variant Table TBZ5T BDT: Where-Used List - Structure Texts TBZ6 BDT: VCT Uses TBZ6S BDT: VCT Uses (Shadow Table) TBZ9 BP relationship categories TBZ9A BP relationship categories: Texts TBZ9B BP relationship cat. -> resp. BP application allocation TBZ9C BDT Differentiation Type Elements TBZ9_CD BPR: Control for Reading Change Document Relationships TBZ9D BDT Differentiation Type Elements: Texts TBZ9E Assign BDT Differentiation Type -> BDT Diff.Type Element TBZ9F BPR: Generic diff.type element per relationship category TBZ9G BP Relationship Category -> Text for Relationship Overview TBZ9I BP relationship cat -> calling application allocation TBZ9J BP relationship cat. -> BP view allocation TBZS1 BDT Search Help: Tables with Alias Names TBZS2 BDT Search Help: Join Conditions TBZS3 BDT Search Help: Views TBZS4 BDT Search Help: Search Fields TBZS5 BDT Search Help: Tree of Tables Containing Search Fields TC01 CUA status table TC01A Set type of function TC02 Check whether an FCode is permitted TC03 Control of dynamically suppressed function codes TC04 Applic-Specific Criteria for Alternative Determination

TC04T TC10 TC20 TC20T TC21 TC21T TC22 TC22T TC23 TC23A TC23T TC24 TC25 TC25T TC26 TC26D TC26T TC27 TC27T TC28 TC28A TC28T TC29 TC29F TC29L TC29R TC29S TC29T TC29V TC30 TC30A TC30C TC30D TC30T TC31 TC31A TC31T TC32 TC33 TC34 TC35 TC35A TC35T TC36 TC36T TC37A TC37P TC37S TC37T TC38A TC38T TC39A TC39T TC50 TC50A TC50C TC50D TC50E TC50P TC50T

Application Texts Initial values for CIM screen sequence Formula Parameters Text for parameter ID Standard value key Language-dependent texts for TC21: Standard value key Field Name of Value from Transport Structure Field Name of Value from Transport Structure Key for use of the work center in the task lists Valid types for the work center Language-dependent texts for TC23: Usage key Person responsible for the work center Work center formulas Short text for the formula Capacity category Default values for capacity Description of the capacity category Capacity planner groups Text for the capacity planner group Location groups Move time matrix Description of the location group Distribution key for capacity load Distribution function for capacity planning Description of distribution keys Descriptions of distribution strategy Distribution strategy Descriptions of distribution functions Distribution function Work center category Work center categories Work center category screen selection Defaults for the work center Text for the work center category Performance Efficiency Rate Key Key for performance efficiency rate Text for the performance efficiency rate key Assigning subscreen to processing location Allocation of function code to the operation to be checked Allocating operation to object type for the check routine Period pattern key Definition of period pattern Text for period pattern key Available capacity version Text for this version of available capacity Shift definition Break schedule Texts for break plans Texts for shift definitions Shift sequence Texts for shift groupings Grouping shift definitions and shift sequences Texts for grouping shift definition and shift sequence PP-PI: Proc.Message Categories/ Proc.Instruction Categories Assignment of Message Charact. to Dest.-Spec. Target Fields Characteristics for Process Messages / Process Instructions Process Management: Message Destinations Process Management: Process Characteristics Message Characteristics for Dest.-Specific Target Fields Process Message/Instr. Categories: Lang.-Dependent Texts

TC51 TC51T TC52 TC52A TC53 TC54T TC55 TC55T TC56 TC56T TC57 TC58 TC58T TC59 TC59T TC60 TC62 TC70 TC71 TC71D TC72 TC73 TC74 TC75 TC76 TC77 TC78 TC81 TC82 TC83 TC84 TC85 TC86 TC87 TC88 TC89 TC90 TC91 TCA01 TCA01A TCA01B TCA02 TCA03 TCA04 TCA05 TCA07 TCA08 TCA09 TCA09T TCA10 TCA11 TCA12 TCA13 TCA14 TCA15 TCA16 TCA17 TCA18 TCA19 TCA20

Process Management: Destinations Message Destinatiosn: Language-Dependent Texts Control Recipe Destinations Customizing of Process Instruction Positions in PI Sheet Characteristics Groups for Process Messages and Instructions Language dependent texts for TCN54: Simulation profile Destination-Specific Target Fields for Message Destinations Destination-Specific Target Fields: Language-Dependent Texts Process Instruction Groups Process Instruction Groups: Language-Dependent Texts Assignment of Process Instructions to Ctrl Recipe Destinatns PP-PI: Definition of Operator Cockpits PP-PI: Language-Dependent Short Texts for Operator Cockpits PP-PI: Assignment of Proc. Instructions to Operator Cockpit PP-PI: Process Instruction Short Texts for Operator Cockpit PP-PI: Assignment of PI Characteristics to Operator Cockpit Sequence of detail screens when processing header externally Digital signature: SSF information about the user Digital Signature Signed Document for Signature Digital Signature for Engineering Change Order Digital Signature for Inspection Lot Digital Signature for PI Sheet Digital Signature for Batch Record Digital Signature for Object Management Record Digital Signature for Document Digital Signature for Physical-Sample Drawing Authorization Group for Digital Signatures Short Text for Authorization Group for Digital Signatures Individual Signature Short Text for Individual Signature Signature Strategy Short Text for Signature Strategy Signature Sequence Release Statuses for Signature Strategy Strategy/Individual Signature Assignment Release Status/Individual Signature Assignment Setting Up Signature Method for Individual Signature Task list types SAP Table for Task List Types Task List Types Language-dependent texts for TCA01: Task list types Customer Table for Task List Types (Language Dependent) Task list types permitted for creating task lists by copying Transaction parameters for routings Sequence categories Language-dependent texts for sequence categories Task list applications Language-dependent table for TCA09: Task list applications Task lists: Messages depending on the task list type Object selection for object overviews Lang-depend. texts for TCA11: Obj. selection for obj. overv. Layouts of object overview versions Object overview versions Lang.-dependent texts for TCA14: Object overview versions Layout of lines in object overview versions Language-dependent key word alternatives Objects in routings Language-dependent texts for TCA18: Objects for routings Grouping categories for object overview versions

TCA21 Lang.-depend. texts for TCA20: Grouping cat. for obj. overv. TCA22 Value tab. for the layout of lines in obj. overview versions TCA23 Permissible tables and structures for grouping categories TCA31 Add.criteria for controlng. of screen sequence in task lists TCA33 Verification / input facility in task lists TCA34 Task list type table: SAP area TCA35 General control data TCA36 Task lists: for callng. popups from functn.modules TCA41 Default values for standard networks and profiles TCA42 Sub-object Versions TCA43 Automatic selection of task lists (alternatives) TCA44 User exit for selection of task lists (alternatives) TCA4T Lang-dep. text table for profile table TCA41 TCA50 Relationship key for ref. operations of parallel sequences TCA51 Lang-dependent texts for TCA50: Relationship keys for schd. TCA52 Alignment key used for scheduling parallel sequences TCA53 Language-dependent texts for TCA52: Alignment keys TCA54 Key for reference dates used in offset scheduling TCA55 Language-dependent texts for reference dates in offset schd. TCA60 Sequence keys for input facility and verification TCA61 Sequence key text for entry tool TCA62 Defining screen sequences for entry tool TCA64 Sequence key for validation TCA65 Sequence key for validation TCA66 Screen sequence definition TCA71 Task lists: Verification of function modules TCA72 Task lists: Verification level of the function modules TCA9T Language-dependent table for TCA09: Task list applications TCACS_CONTRACT Partner Contract Categories TCACS_CONTRACT_T Partner Contract Categories TCADUSR Table with CAD User Logons TCAFI Additional Customer Fields in CATS TCALA Object overview TCALS Central entry for factory calendar TCAM1 "CAPP menus, level 1" TCAM2 "CAPP menus, level 2: header lines" TCAM3 "CAPP menus, level 3: menu components" TCAO Object ID in Product Structure Explosion TCAOT Language-Dependent Object Identification TCAPI CAPP status TCAPM Date of the last mini reorg TCAPR Rounding rules TCAPS Files that can be read in CAPP TCAPT Tables used in CAPP formulas and methods TCARA Rounding categories TCART Rounding categories (Text) TCATP Allowed Print Reports for CATS TCATPT Texts for Allowed Print Reports for CATS TCATR Dynamic Function Module Calls from Tree Structure TCATS CATS: Data Entry Profiles TCATSA CATS: Profile Authorization Groups TCATSAT CATS: Text for Profile Authorization Group TCATSD CATS: Rejection Reasons TCATSDLIST CATS: Profile for Reporting (List Display) TCATSDT CATS: Text Table for Rejection Reasons TCATS_ITS Time Sheet: Data Entry Profile ESS Scenario TCATS_SHLP_ITS Time Sheet: Possible Entries Help in Internet TCATST CATS: Text Table for Variants TCATTGROUPS TCATTS

TCATX_ACCOBJ Next Screen Processing: Account Assignment Object TCATX_COCONV CATX: Conversion of CO Fields into CATS Fields TCATX_COMP2TYPE CATX: Assignment of Task Components to Task Type TCATX_COMPONENTS CATX: Task Components TCATX_COMPONENTT CATX: Text Table for Task Components TCATX_DEDUC CATX: Data Derived from Type/Component/Level TCATX_GRID CATX: Column Assignment for Data Entry Table TCATX_LEVEL2TYPE CATX: Assignment of Task Levels to Components TCATX_LEVELS CATX: Task Levels TCATX_LEVELST CATX: Text Table for Task Levels TCATX_SCR CATX: Subscreen Control TCATX_SCRT CATX: Texts for Subscreen Area Control TCATX_TASKTYPES CATX: Task Types TCATX_TASKTYPEST CATX: Text Table for Task Types TCATX_TCR CATX: Tabstrip Control TCATX_TCRT CATX: Texts for Tabstrip Control TCAURL Carrier-URL-Connection TCAVAR Carrier-URL-Connection: Substitution of Variables TCB01 Process Instruction Types TCB01T Process Instruction Types: Language-Dependent Texts TCB02 Types of Message Destination TCB02T Types of Message Destination: Language-Dependent Texts TCB03 Internal Charac. Numbers for PP-PI/Batch Characteristics TCB04 Status for Control Recipes TCB04T Control Recipe Status: Language-Dependent Texts TCB06 Dummy Table for External Key Assignment Betw. ATNAM & ATINN TCB07 Int.Table: Conversion Report RCOCBX02 was Executed TCB10 Predefined Proc. Message Categories/Proc. Instr. Categories TCB10T Predefined Message Categories: Language-Dependent texts TCB11 Assignment of Characteristics to Predefined Messages TCB12 Predefined Destinations TCB12T Predefined Message Destinations: Language-Dependent Texts TCB13 Target Fields for Predefined Message Destinations TCB13T Target Fields for Predef. Message Destin.: Lang-Dep. Texts TCB14 Predefined Assignments of Destinations to Message Categories TCB15 Predefined Assignmts of Charact. to Dest-Spec. Target Fields TCB16 Predefined Charact. Groups for Message and Instruction Cat. TCB17 Addresses of Mess.Destinations with Individual Processing TCB18 PP-PI-PMA: System Settings for Process Message Processing TCB19 Control Table for PI Sheet Header TCBP Gantt chart settings TCBPF Field Assignment PPB Structure -> DB Structure TCB_PIE1 PI Assistant: Assigning Screen ID to Calling Function Module TCB_PIE2 PI Assitant: Screen Control TCBP_MLG General logical model data TCBP_MLS General model data for SOP TCBP_MOD Contains all supply chain planning models TCBP_MODT Texts for models TCBP_MRPFLAGS Flags that control CBMRP planning TCBP_MSV SOP versions TCBP_MTG General technical model data TCBP_MTV Version specific data TCBP_PARDEF Planning Parameters TCBP_PLACT Contains the definition of planning actions TCBP_PLACTT Texts for planning actions TCBP_PLCONF Planning configuration definition table TCBP_PLIST CBP Planning List TCBP_PLSTEPS Contains the definition of planning action steps TCBP_PROBCAT Problem Categories TCBP_PROBCATT Texts for problem categories

TCBP_SOPROF Supply Chain Planning Interface Profile Table TCBP_SOPROFT Texts for SCPI Planning Profile TCBP_SYS List of active systems TCBPT Text for settings in Gantt chart TCC01 ECH: Object types TCC02 ECH: Object Type Texts TCC03 Engineering Change Management: Objects TCC04 Engineering Change Management: Object Type Texts TCC05 Transaction-Specific Initial Values for EC Management TCC07 Field Selection for Engineering Change Management TCC08 Engineering Change Management: Control Data TCC09 ECH: Revision Level Sequence TCC1 Payment Cards: Verification Rules for Card Numbers TCC10 Engineering change management: release key TCC10T Description for release key TCC11 Change Types TCC12 Change Type Texts TCC13 ECM: change types (object management record) TCC14 Object Change Type Texts TCC15 ECM profile TCC16 Profile description TCC17 Object type profile data TCC18 ECH: Object types for profile TCC19 Object type description TCC1T Payment Cards: Texts for Verification Rules TCC20 ECM: digital signature network - change master TCC20T ECM: description of digital signature network - chg. master TCC21 ECM: digital signature network - object management record TCC21T ECM: description of digital signature network - object TCC22 ECH: Effectivity Profile TCC22T ECM: Descriptions for Effectivity Profile TCCAA Payment cards: Clearing account/external functions TCCEP Effectivity parameters TCCEPT Effectivity parameters - texts TCCER Links Between Effectivity Types and Parameters TCCERT Descriptions of Links Between Effect. Types and Parameters TCCET Effectivity types TCCETT Effectivity types - texts TCCFI Payment cards: Central FI settings TCCL Payment cards: Point of receipt for the transaction TCCLG Payment Cards: Settlement Run Log TCCLGT Payment cards: Settlement run log (texts) TCCLT Payment cards: Points of receipt for the transaction (text) TCCM Payment cards: Merchant ID TCCMT Payment cards: Merchant ID (text) TCCPR User-specific values for engineering change management TCCRC Payment Cards: Check Results TCCRCT Payment cards: Results of checks (texts) TCCS01 ECH (System): Deactivate Basic Functions TCD_COUPLE Check on S_TCODE at call transaction TCDCOUPLES Check on S_TCODE at call transaction TCDIR Control Directory TCD_NUMBER Internal Counter for Assigning of Transactions TCDOB Objects for change document creation TCDOBT Texts for objects for change document creation TCDRP Information on Include programs generated by RSSCD000 TCDRS Information on DDIC structures generated by RSSCD000 TCECLILY Standard Transport Layer for Clients TCECPSTAT System Status: Distributed/Activated TCEDELI Deliveries

TCEDP21 EDI Partner Profile: Help Structure Table Control edp21 TCEH Characteristic origins for formulas and methods TCEHT Characteristic origins for formulas and methods (text) TCEIT CAPP status (text) TCEQUAS TMS: Quality Clients and Systems TCER1 Parameter ID for rounding and additional value keys TCERELE Consolidation Routes TCERS Rounding & additional values keys TCERT Keys for rounding categories & additional values (text) TCESSION Accounts Receivable Pledging TCESSIONT Texts for Accounts Receivable Pledging TCESYST System List TCESYSTT Text for System Table TCETARG Definition of Target Groups for Transports TCETARGHDR Valid Target Groups for Transports TCETARGT Short Texts for Valid Target Groups for Transports TCETRAL Transport Layer TCETRALT Texts for Transport Layers TCETV Indicator for rules (text) TCEVC Control table for CAPP-based calculation of std. values TCEVERS Version Information TCEVERST Short Texts for Versions TCEVV Rule indicators for characteristics in methods TCEVVT Indicator for rules (text) TCF02 PRT categories TCF03 Texts for the production resources/tools category TCF04 Status of the PRT master TCF05 Language-dependent text table for PRT status TCF06 Field groups in the PRT master for reference TCF07 Language-dependent texts for field groups in PRT master TCF08 Assignment of PRT master fields to field groups TCF10 PRT control key TCF11 Language-dependent text table for PRT control keys TCF12 Key for grouping production resources/tools TCF13 Language-dependent text table for PRT group keys TCG01 EHS: Substance characteristic type (system table) TCG02 EHS: Description - substance characteristic type TCG03 EHS: DDIC objects - names TCG04 EHS: Names of son-type DDIC objects TCG11 EHS: Substance characteristic category TCG12 EHS: Language-dependent labels for subs. char. categories TCG13 EHS: Substance char. cat. - substance cat. allocations TCG21 EHS: Identification type TCG22 EHS: Language-dependent labels for identification types TCG23 EHS: Identification category TCG24 EHS: Language-Dependent Descr. for Identification Categories TCG26 EHS: Identification listings TCG27 EHS: Language-dependent labels for identification listings TCG28 EHS: Definition of identification listings TCG29 EHS: Override for identification listing definitions TCG31 EHS: Substance category TCG32 EHS: Language-dependent labels for substance categories TCG36 EHS: Substance authorization objects TCG37 EHS: Language-dependent label for subs. authorization object TCG41 EHS: Characteristic text category TCG42 EHS: Language-dependent labels for characteristic text cat. TCG46 EHS: Source TCG47 EHS: Source category TCG48 EHS: Language-dependent labels for source categories TCG51 EHS: Properties tree

TCG52 EHS: Language-dependent labels for properties trees TCG53 EHS: Properties tree - characteristic category - allocations TCG56 EHS: Source system TCG61 EHS: Phrase library TCG62 EHS: Language-dependent labels for phrase libraries TCG63 EHS: Phrase group TCG64 EHS: Language-dependent labels for phrase groups TCG65 EHS: Phrase language (languages supported by phrase library) TCG66 EHS: Substance characteristic category class characteristic TCG71 EHS: Characteristic assessment TCG72 EHS: Language-dependent labels - characteristic assessment TCG76 EHS: Component category TCG77 EHS: Language-depedent labels for component category TCG81 EHS: Substance list TCG82 EHS: Language-dependent labels for substance lists TCG86 EHS: Characteristic rating TCG87 EHS: Language-dependent labels for characteristic rating TCG91 EHS: Validity area TCG92 EHS: Language-dependent labels for validity areas TCG93 EHS: Validity area - country - region - allocations TCG96 EHS: Usage profile TCG97 EHS: Language-dependent labels for usage profile TCG98 EHS: Usage profile-rating-validity area - allocations TCGA1 EHS: Substance report symbol group TCGA2 EHS: Language-dependent labels for subs. report symbol grp. TCGA6 EHS: Substance report symbol TCGA7 EHS: Language-dependent label for substance report symbol TCGA8 EHS: Source for symbol generation TCGA9 EHS: Limiting criteria for symbol generation source TCGB1 EHS: Substance report syntax TCGB3 EHS: Report environment TCGB5 EHS: Definition of syntax graph (environment transition grp) TCGC0 EHS: Import/Export - Key Transfer Table TCGC1 EHS: Import/export - cluster table for parameters TCGC2 EHS: Import/Export - File - Table TCGC3 EHS: Exchange profile TCGC4 EHS: Language-Dependent Label Exchange Profile TCGENV EH&S: General Environment Parameters TCGENVNA EHS: language-dependent label for environment parameters TCGK1 EHS: Name range for characteristics TCGL1 EHS: Report types TCGL2 EHS: Report type - language-dependent label TCGR1 EHS: Condition structure for SRGV selection - table 1 TCGR2 EHS: Condition structure for SRGV selection - table 2 TCGR3 EHS: Condition structure for SRGV selection - table 3 TCGR4 EHS: Condition structure for SRGV selection - table 4 TCGRC "EHS: MSDS distribution - check fct. assign. country, region" TCGRL EHS: Allocation of languages and ref. times to countries TCGRP EHS: Key date for report generation and shipping TCGRV EHS: MSDS shipping - valid key date reference times TCGS1 EHS: WWI spool cluster Spool dest. <-> RFC dest. TCGS2 EHS: Allocation EHS doc. cat. < > DMS doc. cat. TCGS3 EHS: WWI destinations TCGS4 EHS: Language-dependent labels for WWI destinations TCGS5 EHS: Assignment of WWI destinations to PCs used for gen. TCGS6 EHS: Definition of WWI printer types TCGS7 EHS: Language-dependent labels for WWi printer types TCGS8 EHS: Definition of PCs used for WWI document generation TCGS9 EHS: Language-dependent labels for WWI PCs TCGSGP EHS: Search parameter (reproduction from SET/GET memory)

TCGUEEN EHS: User Exit Parameters in User Exit Management TCGUEENNA EHS: Obsolete! Lang-dependent label for user exit parameters TCGUEFU EHS: User Exits in User Exit Management with FM Allocation TCGUENA EHS: Language-Dependent User Exit Names in U E Management TCGUEPA EHS: Allocation user exist function module to parameter TCGUEPANA EHS: Language-dependent label for FM parameters TCGUETY EHS: User Exit Types in User Exit Management TCH01 Specification system: control data TCH02 Specification system: Profile for unit of measure conversion TCH02T Specification system: Text for conversion profiles TCHAINS TCHLP Help: Assignment of Books to Development Classes TCHTR CHT: Change Trigger for PDM Data TCHUS Specification system: user-specific values TCHW1 Batch-Specific Units of Measure (Proportion/Product Un) TCHW2 Units of Measurement for Batch-Specific Units of Measure TCIA Table Field Name < > Screen Field Name Link TCIC CAD Process and Sub-process Codes TCID CAD Field Parameters for Download TCIM Set Parameters for CAD Transfer Strings TCIQ CAD Control Table for Screens and Field Sets and Tables TCIQT CAD Interface Function Texts TCIR Definition of User-defined Functions TCIS Control Parameters for the CAD Dialog Interface TCIT Conversion Table: Table Field Name < > Screen Field Name TCIU CAD Field Parameters for Upload TCJ01 Project Management Control Parameters TCJ04 Person in Responsible for Project TCJ05 Project applicant TCJ1 Project Types TCJ1T Project Types TCJ41 Default Values for Work Breakdown Structure TCJ4T Supplies Texts for Project Profiles TCJ_BALANCE FI Cash Journal: Totals Records TCJ_CHECK_STACKS Check Lists in Cash Journal TCJ_CJ_NAMES Cash Journal Names TCJ_C_JOURNALS Cash Journals TCJ_CPD FBCJ: OTA Data for Cash Journal Document Items TCJ_DOCUMENTS Cash Journal Documents (Header Data) TCJED Table for Project Number Editing TCJET Texts for Project Number Editing TCJO1 Parameters for Transferring Totals Records TCJO2 Parameters for Transferring Texts of Totals Records TCJO3 Assigning Networks and Orders to the WBS TCJO5 Transfer of planned data from sales document TCJ_POSITIONS Cash Journal Document Items TCJ_PRINT Cash Journal Print Parameters TCJ_TRANSACTIONS Cash Journal Business Transactions TCJ_TRANS_NAMES Cash Journal Business Transaction Names TCJ_WTAX_ITEMS Withholding Tax Items for Cash Journal Document Items TCK01 Costing Types TCK02 Costing Types - Texts TCK03 Costing Variants TCK04 Costing Variants - Texts TCK05 Valuation Variants in Costing TCK06 Valuation Variants in Costing - Texts TCK07 Costing Variants for Organizational Units TCK08 Indicator for Relevancy to Costing TCK09 Text Table for Relevancy to Costing

TCK10 Price Factors for Relevancy to Costing TCK12 Product Costing: Object for Number Assignment TCK13 Product Costing: Texts for No. Assignment Object TCK14 Overhead Groups TCK15 Descriptions for Overhead Groups TCK16 Date Control TCK17 Date Control - Descriptions TCK18 Deactivating Functions in Screen Sequence Control TCK19 Quantity Structure Control (Single-Plant) TCK19A Quantity Structure Control (Cross-Plant) TCK19AT Text Table Quantity Structure Control (Cross-Plant) TCK19T Text Table Quantity Structure Control (Single-Plant) TCK20 Quantity Structure Control for Costing TCK21 CO Object Functions TCK22 Reference objects for costing TCK23 Product Costing: Texts for No. Assignment Object TCK24 Transfer Control Table from Customizing TCK25 Text Table for Transfer Control in Customizing TCK26 Text Table for Quantity Structure Control TCK27 Cost Component Split in Different Currency TCK28 CO Area Based Costing TCK29 Partner versions for group costing TCK29T Texts for partner version TCK30 Cost component transfer TCK31 Reference Cost Estimate TCK31T Reference Cost Estimate Texts TCK32 Costing versions TCK32T Costing Version Texts TCK33 Assignment of condition types to origin group TCK35 Valuation Variants in Costing TCK36 Valuation Variants in Costing - Texts TCK37 Assignment of Costing Variants with Multiple Valuation TCK38 Costing Variants for Costing with Multiple Valuation TCK39 Costing Variants for Costing with Multiple Valuation TCK40 Base Planning Object Group TCK40T Texts Base Planning Object Group TCKH1 Cost Components - Texts TCKH2 Assignment: Cost Element Interval - Cost Component Layout TCKH3 Cost components TCKH4 Cost Component Structure for Cost of Goods Manufactured TCKH5 Cost Component Structure - Texts TCKH6 Cost Component Groups - Texts TCKH7 Cost Component Groups TCKH8 Cost Component Views in Display TCKH9 Texts for Cost Component Views in Display TCKHA Cost Element/Origin Assignment with Additive Costs TCKM1 Material Ledger Table TCKM2 Valuation area control table TCKMHD Description of material ledger type TCKMIT "Currency type, valuation category for material ledger type" TCKMLBNKS Assignment of another account key if not to activate TCKMLBNKSZ Assignment of delivery costs structure TCKMLPR_EB Customizing for Bal. Sheet Valuation: Define Valuation Areas TCKMLPR_EBT Customizing Bal. Sheet Valuation Procedures (Descriptions) TCKMT Material Ledger Type (Text Table) TCLA Class Types TCLAO Several Objects in one Class Type TCLAT Class Type Texts TCL_ATINN_IDENT Identification Table for Characteristics for Data Transfer TCLAU Subscreen for Additional Data of Class

TCLAUT Tab Text for Additional Class Maintenance Screen TCLAX CLASSIFICATION: TCLC Classification Status TCLCAT Catalogs for Finding Objects in Classes TCL_CLINT_IDENT Identification Table for Classes for Data Transfer TCL_CUOBJ_IDENT Identification Table for Object Keys for Data Transfer TCLD Characteristic Data from Standard TCLFM Control Table Include Screen Module Pool for Classification TCLG Class Groups TCLGT Class Groups (Texts) TCL_KLART_IDENT Identification Table for Class Types for Data Transfer TCL_MENU_BUTTON Menu Options and Buttons in the Classification System TCLO Key Fields of Objects TCL_OBTAB_IDENT Identification Table of Object Tables for Data Transfer TCLOI1 Usage Filter for Task List Selection TCLOI10 Control key definition for POI Download TCLOI2 Status Filter for Task List Selection TCLOI3 Usage Filter for BOM Selection TCLOI4 Status Filter for BOM Selection TCLOI5 Method for Planned Order Selection by Work Centers TCLOI6 Target System with Destination and Function for Data Upload TCLOI6T Text table for TCLOI6 TCLOI7 Define general parameters for data transfer TCLOI8 Capacity version for download of available capacity TCLOI9 Selection profile for orders / operations TCLOKCODE OK Code Control for Classification System TCLR Object-Specific Reports and Transactions TCLS Classes: Organizational areas TCLST Classes: Org. Areas (Texts) TCLT Classifiable Objects TCLTT Classifiable Objects: Texts TCLU Class Status TCLUT Class Status (Texts) TCLX Class Text IDs TCLXT "Class Text IDs, Language-Dependent" TCLZM Administr. of Object Characteristics in Class SAP_KKR_CLASS TCM01 Display Type of Preview List in Process Data Evaluation TCM_BASELINE Baseline data (Configuration Management) TCM_BASELINET Text table for Baseline description TCM_CUS_APPL Customizing parameter CM application TCM_CUS_CBAS Customizing parameter Baseline TCM_CUS_CDEF Customizing parameter configuration definition TCM_CUS_CFOL Customizing parameter configuration folder TCM_DYNPPARTS CM: For each activity - Cumulation of current screen TCME Validity for Global Characteristics TCM_ECN List of Change Numbers (Configuration Management) TCMEMO "Transport Collector, Memo of Last Run" TCMES Settings for External Scheduling of Order TCMF1 Assignment: Area of Responsibility <-> Message TCMF3 Areas of Responsibility TCMF4 Names of Responsibility Areas TCMF5 Object IDs (SAP) for error management TCMF6 Error Management IDs (SAP) TCMF7 Breakpoints TCMF8 Name of Error Management IDs (SAP) TCMF9 Minimum Message Type (SAP) TCMFA User-Defined Messages TCMFOLDERS Table for sending CM folders TCMFUL Screen Layout for Completion Confirmations TCMG Characteristics Groups

TCMGT Characteristic Group Texts TCM_LC_PHASE CM: Life cycle phase TCM_LC_PHASET CM: multi-lingual text for the life cycle phases of a cycle TCM_LC_PH_TRANS CM: Link between the phases of a life cycle TCM_LC_PH_USAGE CM: LC-Phase: Selected usage TCM_LIFECYCLE Life cycle for product under Configuration Management TCM_LIFECYCLET CM: multi-lingual text for the life cycle TCM_PF_CONT Table for data container for product folder (Conf. Mgmt) TCM_PF_CONTT Text table for description for configuration folders TCM_PFOLDER Product folder (Configuration Management) TCM_PFREL Data storage for generic object links TCM_PMASTER CM: Header data for product TCM_PMASTERT Text table for language dependent description TCMRECEIVERS Receiver of the CM folder TCMS Characteristic Status TCMST Characteristic Status Texts TCM_TB_PROFILE CM: Control of the selection of tabstrip index in Workbench TCM_USER_PROFILE CM: Definition of the user layouts TCMV Default Values for Characteristics Management TCM_WORKLIST Worklist for the CM user TCN00 Key Word ID for PS User Fields TCN01 Key Word Text for PS User Fields TCN02 Key for the Relationship Type (TCN2T) TCN03 PS Text Types TCN04 PS Text Types TCN05 Distinguishing Item Groups for Network Screen Sequence TCN06 Activity status that can trigger a workflow process TCN07 Priority TCN08 Strategies for determining a settlement rule TCN2T Text Table for TCN02 TCN41 Network Defaults TCN4T Language-dependent Texts for TCN41: Network Profiles TCN51 Version profile for PS versions TCN52 Valid user status for version profile TCN53 Valid system status for version profile TCN54 Simualtion control TCN5T Language-dependent texts for TCN51: Version profiles TCN61 Parameter: Create network from sales order TCN7T Text table for priorities (TCN07) TCN8T Text table for TCN08 TCNA Project Information System: Summarization Criteria (Aggr.) TCNAT Texts for project information system summarization criteria TCNB Information System Profile: Graphic Options TCNBT Texts for Information System Profile: Graphic Options TCNC Profiles for clusters in network/hierarchy graphics TCNCT Network/Hierarchy Graphics: Texts on Frame Profiles TCND Project Info System: Overview Settings TCNDB Profile: Database parameters in Project Info System TCNDB_PSJT "Profile: as TCNDB, only for verification of LDB PSJ!!" TCNDBT Texts for profile settings - Database parameters TCNDS Structure overview - Project Info System TCNDST Texts for structure overview - Project Info System TCNDT Texts for Overview Settings in Project Info System TCNE PS Info System: Object Table for Reporting Structures TCNEG Project Information System: Field Selecton for Graphic TCNEGT Texts for Fields Displayed in the Project Info System TCNET Texts: Object Table for Reporting Structures in PS System TCNF Project Information System: Displayed Fields TCNFT Texts for Fields Displayed in the Project Info System TCNG Network/hierarchy graphics: graphics profile

TCNGT Network/Hierarchy Graphics: Texts for Profiles TCNIF Assembly item/WBS element assignment BOM transfer TCNIFP Profile for BOM transfer TCNIFPT Language Dependent Text for BOM Transfer Profile TCNIP Reference field for PDM-PS allocation TCNIP01 Control stock/account assignment for interface EBOM/PS TCNIPT Language-dependent texts for reference field TCNL Network/hierarchy graphics: profile for links TCNLT Network/Hierarchy Graphics: Texts for Link Profiles TCNMF Material flow in the network TCNMFT Language dependent text table for TCNMF TCNN Network/hierarchy graphics: profiles for nodes TCNNT Network/Hierarchy Graphics: Texts for Node Profiles TCNO Network/hierarchy graphics: options profile TCNOT Network/Hierarchy Graphics: Texts for Options Profiles TCNP Project Info System: Grouping Criteria TCNPRRL Assignment of Users to Roles for Monitoring Dates TCNPT Text for Grouping Criteria in Project Info System TCNRFP Reference Point for BOM transfer TCNRFPT Language Dependent Description of Reference Point TCNROLE Roles in Monitoring Dates TCNRT Texts for RMCS0F00 (Project Information System) TCNS Project Info System: Sort Criteria TCNST Texts for Sort Criteria in Project Info System TCNT Project Information System: PS Info Profile TCNTM01 Date type TCNTM01F Reference Dates for Date Types of an Event TCNTM01T Language dependent description of date types TCNTM02 Group for monitoring dates TCNTM03 Assignment of date type/milestone to group TCNTM04 Status of Event in Monitoring Dates TCNTM04T Language Dependent Description of Status TCNTM05 Assignment Components to Groups TCNTM06 "Dates for Components, Events and Date Type" TCNTM07 Status of a Date Type for a Component TCNTMPR Profile for Monitoring Dates TCNTMPRT Language Dependent Description of the Profile TCNTMSCHD Suggestions for Scheduling Events TCNTMSPR Scenarios for Scheduling in Monitoring Dates TCNTMSPRT Language Dependent Description of the Scheduling Profile TCNTS Permissible subscrrens per object TCNTT Texts for Overall Profile in Project Info System TCNTX Information System: Key Texts for Data Elements TCNU Project Information System: Unit Conversion TCNUT Texts for Project Information System Unit Conversion TCNV Conversion Table for Logging the Conversion Steps TCNVA Variable overviews: Applications TCNVAT Variable overviews: Texts for applications TCNVD Variable overviews: Data fields TCNVDATA Additional Information about Conversion TCNVDT Variable overviews: Data field texts TCNVF Variable overviews: Displayed fields TCNVFT Variable overviews: Texts for displayed fields TCNVG Project Information System: Version Comparison Criteria TCNVGT Texts for Project Info System Version Comparision Criteria TCNVL Variable overviews: List versions TCNVLT Variable overviews: Texts for list variants TCNVO Variable overviews: Objects TCNVOT Variable overviews: Texts for objects TCNVS Variable overviews: Sub-applications

TCNVSC Customizing: Possible version number per version category TCNVSCT Customizing: Short description of possible version numbers TCNVST Variable overviews: Texts for sub-applications TCNVZ Variable overviews: Displayed objects (lines) TCO01 Sequence/operations control in logicstics orders TCO03 "CIM order: Texts for TCO01, Description of order categories" TCO04 Table for controlling the screen sequence group TCO05 "CUA status depending on panel, trans. type, funct. type etc." TCO06 Exclusive functions for PP orders TCO09 CIM order: Text IDs of objects in orders TCO10 Valuation variant for order costing TCO11 Control table for production orders - availability check TCO12 Control table production orders - stock determination TCO36 PP orders: Control table for calling up pop-up windows TCO41 CIM order: Default values for generating operations TCO43 PP-SFC order profile TCO43T Description of production scheduler profile TCO47 Change profile for Order Change Management TCO47T Description of change profile for PP/PS TCO48 Total change profile for order change management TCO48T Description of total change profile TCO60 Sequence keys for input facility and verification TCO61 Sequence key for PP orders TCO62 Defining screen sequences for input facility and verificatn. TCO63 Sequence of detail screens when maintaining components TCOA Overall profile for order information system TCOAD Object profile - detail list - order information system TCOADT Texts for object profile - order information system TCOAF Profile order progress report TCOAFT Texts for order progress report TCOAO Order info system: Object type table reporting structures TCOAOB Profile order progress report: Displayed fields objects TCOAOBT Profile order progress report: Displayed fields objs (Text) TCOAOT Texts for Object Type Table Structures in Order Info System TCOAT Texts for Overall Profile in Order Information System TCOB Configuration: Configurable Objects TCOBA Coding block: Customer Subscreens (Header) TCOBALE Coding Block: Replicated Fields TCOBB Coding block: Customer Subscreens (Text) TCOBC Coding block: Customer Subscreens (Fields) TCOBD "Coding Block: Field Name BSEG/COBL, if not the same" TCOBF Coding Block: Assignment of Modif and Field Names from COBL TCOBFIELDS Coding Blocks: Field Characteristics TCOBJ Help table for optimization reports (INTERNAL USE ONLY!) TCOBK Coding block: Components per field TCOBL Coding block: Include screens selection table TCOBM Coding block: Modification numbers TCOBN Coding block: Customer Fields TCOBT Configuration: Configurable Objects -TextsTCOBX Coding Block: Assignment of Field Properties TCODB Database fields development class CO per order category TCODE_MOD Transaction codes to upgrade the Profile Generator TCOF Profile for missing parts info system TCOFF Profile for Missing Parts Info System: Displayed Fields TCOFFT Texts for Missing Parts Info System: Displayed Fields TCOFG Profile for missing parts info system: criteria for grouping TCOFGT Texts for Missing Parts Info System: Criteria for Grouping TCOFK Texts for functions in milestones/trigger points TCOFP FORM subscreen for functions in milestone/trigger point TCOFS Profile for Missing Parts Info System: Sort Criteria

TCOFST Texts for Missing Parts Info System: Sort Criteria TCOFT Texts for Missing Parts Info System TCOINF Displaying Info. in Message Monitor / Ctrl Recipe Monitor TCOIS Structure table logical database IOC TCOKO Constants for PP orders TCOKT Account assignment categories for order TCOLL Configuration: Data collection for performance monitoring TCONT Timestamp for context buffer TCONUSE Usage of condition types TCONV_ADR Conversion of Old Address Fields to CAM Address Fields TCOP Field selection profile TCOPC Application-Specific Passwords TCOPS Field selection profile TCOPSFI Ranges for Fields in Table TCOPS TCOPT Description of Profile for Field Selection TCORD Table for field-dependent check routines TCORU Parameters for Order Confirmation TCORUPBTXT Customizing Single Screen Entry Confirmat.: Status Interface TCORUSSDEF Customizing for Single Screen Entry of a Confirmation TCORV Table with Routines for structureing variable loop lines TCORW Confirmation: Window Control TCOTK Order information system: Selection table fields TCOTX Order Information System: Key Texts for Data Elements TCP00 SAP code page catalog TCP01 SAP Character Catalog TCP02 Character Set Definitions (Simple Hex Codes) TCP03 Character Set Definitions (Multiple Hex Codes) TCP04 Translation Table for Uppercase Letters TCP05 Manufacturer Identifications TCP06 Character Replacements TCP07 Code page definitions (very long codes) TCP08 Character description TCP09 Correspondence between language and character set TCP0A Adjustment between language and char. set (internal) TCP0C Locale names for setting up C-libraries TCP0D Localizing the database TCP0F Relationship Between System Codepage and Frontend Codepage TCP0I Supported languages TCP11 List of all characters TCP13 Code page definition (chars with 1..4 bytes) using unicode TCP17 Code page definition (chars with 5..126 bytes) using unicode TCPA Templates for Characteristics Management TCPAT Templates for Characteristics TCPDB Code page used in this database TCPFS1 Organization of data adjustment for external planning tool TCPFS2 "Planning Tool, Physical System" TCPFS3 External planning tool: lock table TCPFS4 External planning tool TCPFS4T Planning tool description TCPFS5 External planning tool: start parameters for Windows NT TCPIC CPIC test TCPS Define Characters in Templates TCPT1 Code pages: Table 1 for tests and messages TCPT2 Code Page Texts: Help Table 2 TCPT_ASI TCPT_DIO TCPT_EUR TCPT_NAG TCPT_SAP TCPT_SIL

TCPT_TRA TCPT_WAS TCPT_WDI TCPT_WEU TCPT_WNA TCPT_WSA TCPT_WSI TCPT_WTR TCR00 Installation constants for work center TCRBF Determination of Staging Area via Customer/Storage Condition TCRCOT Alternative Texts for Describing an Activity TCREP CATT-Test Reporting - Check of logical databases TCRH0 Graphic profile for the hierarchy TCS01 Screen Sequence Control for Item Detail Screens TCS03 Modification Parameters/Defaults for BOMs TCS05 Transaction-Specific Defaults for BOMs TCS07 Default Sort Sequence for BOM items TCS09 BOM Control Depending on Category and Usage TCS11 BOM Objects TCS13 Object Status for BOM Layout Variants TCS15 BOMs with History Requirement TCS17 BOMs with History Requirement TCS19 BOM Item Object Types TCS20 Texts for BOM Item Object Types TCS21 BOM Item Object Types: internal > external TCS22 BOM Item Object Types: external > internal TCS31 BOM Field Selection - Usage (T416) TCS32 BOM to Plant Allocation - Field Selection TCS33 BOM Field Selection (SAP) TCS34 BOM Field Selection - Control Data (TCS03) TCS41 Automatic alternative BOM determination TCSCP_COMP_LVL Material completion levels (including their sequence) TCSCP_COMP_LVLT Material completion level (Description) TCSCP_CONV_TYPE Conversion types for production figures TCSCP_CONV_TYPET Conversion type for production figures TCSCP_TDSV Activate period dependent operation parameters TCSCR Settings table for tabs in flexible detail display TCSCRK Key table for flexible detail display TCSCRT Language dependent text table for flexible detail display TCSFG Field group definition - BOMs TCSFGF Allocation of fields to field groups - BOMs TCSFGT Field group texts for BOMs TCSP Cross-Selling Profile: Definition TCSPF Cross-Selling: Profile Determination TCSPR User Profile for BOMs TCSPT Cross-Selling Profile: Definition: Texts TCSTC Documentation: Copy of TSTCT TCSTR Communication strategy TCSTRP Communication methods in communication strategy TCSTRT Description of communication strategies TCSUB Subscreen table for flexible detail display TCSVL User defaults list display (variable lists) TCTBF Determine gate and picked item zone via customer TCTH Settings for hierarchy graphic (schedule maint.) TCTHT Texts for settings in hierarchy graphic (schedule maint.) TCTRW Reserved Characteristic Names TCUA Configuration: Find Layout for Configuration Result TCUAU Authorizations for Maintaining Dependencies

TCUAX Organizational Areas Control Table TCUB Authorizations for Maintaining Dependencies TCUBT Authorizations for Maintaining Dependencies TCUCD Customizing for Batch Documents for Rel. 4.6C TCUCH Customizing: Batch Configuration for Rel.3.0 TCUD Dependency Maintenance - Allowed Dependency Types per Object TCUG Dependency Maintenance - Groups TCUGT Dependency Groups - Texts TCUHUWA Customizing HU in Production Environment TCUIBSPECIAL CUIB: Object types with special treatment TCUL Configuration: Configuration Result Layout TCULIV Customizing: Direct Posting in Log. Invoice Verification TCUMI Customizing for material identification TCUO Dependencies - Objects TCUOS Statuses for Configurable Objects TCUOT Dependencies - Object Texts TCUPOSN Position Structure for Graphic TCUQ Configuration: Configurable Objects TCUQD Configuration Parameter Defaults TCUQT Text Table for TCUQ TCURB Exchange Rate Calculation Indicator TCURC Currency Codes TCURC_ROUND Clearing of Rounding Diffs per Local Currency: Temporary TCURD Max.Exch.Rate Differences for Postings in Foreign Currency TCURE Expiring Currencies TCURF Conversion Factors TCURK Currency Code Table Supplements TCURL Leading Currency TCURM Customizing: MM Configuration TCURN Quotations TCURO Object Type for Expiring Currencies TCUROT Text Table for Objects for Expiring Currencies TCURP Direct/Indirect Quotation Prefixes for Exchange Rate TCURR Exchange Rates TCURS Rate Spreads TCURT Currency Code Names TCURU Superuser for Expiring Currencies TCURV Exchange rate types for currency translation TCURW Usage of Exchange Rate Types TCURX Decimal Places in Currencies TCURY Warning Period for Expiring Currencies TCURY1 Reasons for Expiring Currencies TCURY1T Texts for Expiry Reasons TCUSC "CUSC: Customizing Country Version, New Field Contents" TCUSCUST Customizing table for SCUI TCUSDAT Coll. table for system data TCUSF Country version external routines TCUSFUBA Summary table of FMs to determine system-specific data TCUSG Country versions global table TCUSGENINF General information display: Assignment of structures TCUSGLOB40 Global settings for Rel. 4.0 Customizing TCUSGLOBAL Global Switches for Customizing TCUSHIST Data transfer history TCUSI Country version customizing - new field contents TCUSINF Customizing hot news list TCUSINFT Customizing hot news title TCUSINFU List of hot news already read by user TCUSK Country Installation: Tables to be Copied TCUSLNTCUST Length of Bitmap Fields for Function Group CUSLNT TCUSNOTES Old activity -> new activity assignment

TCUSP Customizing: Implementation project profile TCUSP40 Customizing: Implementation project profile TCUSP40T Customizing: Implementation project profile TCUSPT Customizing: Implementation project profile TCUSPXREF Relevant projects for where-used list TCUSPXREF4 Relevant projects for where-used list TCUSQ Customizing: Assignment of note type to project TCUSR Assignment of view to project TCUSR40 Assignment of view to project TCUSS Customizing: Implementation project - name TCUSSYSL Summary table of message types read from the system log TCUSTEMP Customizing templates entity table TCUSTEMPC Template country assignment TCUSTEMPT Template text TCUSTYPTXT Texts for value type in tcusdat TCUSU User-specific customizing name TCUSX Customizing Country Versions TCUS_XREF Cross reference for objects in IMG projects TCUS_XREF4 Cross reference for objects in IMG projects TCUWS Customizing: Batch Configuration for Rel.3.0 TCUX Dependency Maintenance - Statuses TCUXT Dependency Maintenance Statuses - Texts TCUZ Configuration: Configuration Result Layout -LineTCVAL Currency and Valuation Types TCVARID Table for Storing Variable ID Types TCVIEW Table control views (user settings) TCVPROF Currency and Valuation Profiles TCVPROFD Currency and Valuation Profiles - Detail TCVPROFT Currency and Valuation Profiles - Texts TCX00 Scheduling: Planning Levels and Control Parameters TCX01 Control Table for Scheduling TCX02 Scheduling parameters for scheduling - planned orders TCX03 Control Parameters for Scheduling: SOP Orders TCX0L Scheduling long term planning: Levels and control parameters TCXPS Control parameters for WBS scheduling TCXPT Text table for TCXPS (WBS scheduling) TCY01 Combination of selection sets TCY02 Combinations of selection sets - descriptions TCY03 Kombinations of sel. sets - assignment of sets to combin. TCY05 Classification of fields as primary or secondary sel. fields TCY06 Overall profiles for capacity planning TCY07 Sel. profiles (Sets for sel. screens & interv. for display) TCY08 Option profiles TCY09 List profiles (standard settings for lists) TCY10 Descriptions of overall profiles (Table TCY06) TCY11 Texts for selection profile-table TCY07 TCY12 Descriptions of option profiles (Table TCY08) TCY13 Descriptions of list profiles (Table TCY09) TCY14 Variable overview - column names TCY15 Variable overview - column description TCY16 Variable overview - column definition TCY17 List version - keys TCY18 Variable overview - description of overview versions TCY19 Variable overview - definition of overview versions TCY20 Variable overview - column headings for overview vers. TCY21 Graphics profiles TCY22 Descriptions of graphics profiles (Table TCY21) TCY23 Max. no. of data records to be read in capacity planning TCY30 Overall profile for capacity leveling TCY30T Texts for the overall profiles for capacity leveling


Standard requirements groupings for resource planning Definition of charts for layout Text table for definitions of charts Description of a grouping per layout and chart Text table for groupings per layout and chart Definition of a grouping per layout and chart Description of a sort per layout and chart Text table for sorts per layout and chart Definition of layouts Text table for layout table TCY31_G Definition of a sort per layout and chart Definition of the groups in a requirements grouping Description of a group within a requirements grouping Text table for TCY31 (standard requirements groupings) Selection profile for capacity leveling Texts for selection profiles for capacity leveling Time profile for capacity leveling Text table for time profiles for capacity leveling Evaluation profile for capacity leveling Texts for TCY34 (Evaluation profiles for capacity leveling) Period profile for capacity leveling Texts for period profiles for capacity leveling Table with selection fields with structure and original name Strategy profile for capacity leveling Texts for TCY37 (strategy profiles for capacity leveling) Layout key for requirements groupings "Structures, fields and details for a format key" Sort key for the planning table Sort key for the planning table Layout key for requirements groupings Selected fields for a layout key Selected fields for a layout key /TEXTS) Control tables for flow control Definition of control Texts defining a control Statuses of the flow control Texts defining the statuses of the flow control Actions in flow control Texts for actions in flow control Messages for flow control Texts for messages for flow control Graphical object type: Fields Graphical element category Object representation - header Object representation - text Graphical object type selection: Decision steps Graphic object type selection: Header Selection of graphic object type: Texts Object display selection Selection of object representation: Header Selection of object representation: Texts Profile for the planning table Text table for TCY48 (planning table profile) Control profile for capacity leveling Texts for the control profiles for capacity leveling Chart sequence in planning table Chart sequence: Header Chart sequence - text Chart sequence: Title Line representation in table section

TCY52T Text for line representation in section of table TCY53 Drag and drop in planning table TCY54D Measure - planning table TCY54T Measure texts - planning table TCY55 Graphic object type: Header TCY55T Graphic object type: Texts TCY56 Profile for planning table (tabular form) in cap. leveling TCY56T Texts for profiles for pln. tab.(tab. form) in cap. leveling TCY57 Active/inactive dispatching function per strategy profile TCY58 Time scale profile in planning table TCY58T Time scale - texts TCY60 List profile for capacity leveling TCY60T Texts for list profiles in capacity leveling TCY61 Line representation selection in table section TCY61K Selection of line representation - header TCY61T Selection of line representation - texts TCY62 Representation profile for selection of graphic object type TCY62K Representation profile - header TCY62T Representation profile - texts TCY63 Axis representation selection TCY63K Axis representation selection - header TCY63T Axis representation selection - texts TCY64 Axis representation TCY64T Axis representation - texts TCY65 Curve representation selection TCY65K Curve representation selection - header TCY65T Curve representation selection - texts TCY66 Curve representation TCY66T Curve representation - texts TCYD Profile for detailed capacity list TCYDT Texts for overall profile detailed list TCYE Capacity planning: Object type table for detailed cap. list TCYET Capacity planning: Object table for detail list TCYF Profile detailed list: Displayed fields TCYFT Texts for displayed fields profile TCYMI Matrix identifications TCYMIT Definition of transition matrix TCYMPP Customizing Settings for Workforce Planning TCYMPP_PERIODS Period Split for Workforce Planning TCYMPPT Texts for Workforce Planning Profiles TCYP Profile detailed list: Criteria grouping TCYPT Texts for criteria grouping TCYS Profile detailed list: Sort criteria TCYST Texts for sort criteria profile TCYTM Transition matrix TCZ01 Source Files for Application TCZ02 Language-dependent source for original application files TCZ02T Descriptions for laguage dependent source for originals TCZGL Global DMS Settings TD01 Table for collateral keys TD01T Text elements for TD01 Collat.sec.type TD02 Table of Loan Classes TD02T Text Table for TD02 Loan Classes TD03 Assign Loan Type -> Product Type TD03A Define Loan Type TD03T Texts for Table TD03 security types TD04 Reason for notice TD04T Text table for TD04 (notice types) TD05 Target group table TD05_AT IS-IS: NB-Target groups

TD05T Texts for table TD05 target groups TD05T_AT IS-IS: Texts for TD05_AT TD06 Document type TD061 Value table for type of file TD06A Text table for TD061 Type of File TD06F Texts for document groups TD06G Document groups TD06T Text table for TD06 document types TD06U Document groups dependent on statuses of transaction types TD07 Purpose of loan TD07T Purpose of loan (Texts for table TD07) TD09 Loan Maturity TD09T Term of loan (texts) TD10 Indicator for special treatment of loan TD10T Indicator for special treatment of loan (texts) TD11 Home statement TD11T Home statement (texts) TD12 Storage location indicator for file original documents TD12T Filing indicator name for file original documents TD13 Type of offer or contract acceptance TD13T Text table for TD13 (Contact/offer acceptance type) TD14 Value table for tax preferential treatment ID TD14T Text table for TD14 (Tax preferential treatment ID) TD15 Residential development financing types TD15T Residential development financing types (text table) TD16 Borrower's note security value table TD16T Texts for borrower's note loan securities TD17 Branch office TD17T Branch office text table TD18 Business regions TD18T Business region text table TD20 Allocation of key for wording / Order TD20T Texts for TD20 TD21 Reasons for generating incoming payments immediately TD21T Reasons for generating incom.pmnts immed. (texts) TD22 Special arrangement indicators TD22T Texts for special arrangement indicators TD27 Loan notice types TD27T Loan notice type TD28 Notice arrangements (lender) TD28T Notice arrangements (lender) TD29 Borrower notice arrangement TD29T Notice arrangements (borrower) TD47D Form selection legal dunning procedure in loans TD47E Form selection for dunning notices TDA10 Alloc. of to ok-codes and screen overview TDA11 Allocation of OK-codes to the TDA12 Loans master data field control TDA5 Reason for non-acceptance TDA5T Reason for non-acceptance (texts for TDA5) TDATAGROUPS TDATASET TDATS R/3 DD: Control for Generating Data Interfaces TDB08 Flow Types per Posting Application Additional Data TDB1 Flow types for incoming payment rejections TDB23 Activity Type - Control of Requirements TDBBB Allocation of program-internal flow types TDBL "Form line items (credit stnd.check, doc.values, csh budget)" TDBLT Text table for TDBL (debit and income types) TDCLD Hypertext: control table

TDCLT Hypertext: text on control table TDCREDIT_CUSTOM Customer-Specific Solution for Borrowing TDCT Dialog Modules TDDAT Maintenance Areas for Tables TDDG1 Value table 1 User-specific loans key TDDG2 Value table 2 User-specific loans key TDDG3 Value table 3 User-specific loans key TDDG4 Value table 4 User-specific loans key TDDGA User-specific loans key 1 text table TDDGB User-specific loans key 2 text table TDDGC User-specific loan key 3 text tables TDDGD User-specific loan key 4 texts TDDIR Active field exits for data elements TDDIRS Field exits on particular screens TDEPEND TDEVC Development Classes TDEVCT Texts for Development Classes TDG03 DG: Specify Transport Category TDG04 DG: Short Description for Transport Category TDG09 DG: Define dangerous goods classes TDG10 DG: Label for dangerous goods classes TDG11 DG: Define DG letters (risk potential) TDG12 DG: Label for dangerous goods letter TDG15 Water pollution classes TDG16 DG: Label for water pollution class TDG17 DG: Define danger label TDG18 DG: Description for danger label number TDG21 DG: Link table to text IDs TDG22 DG: Description for user-defined texts TDG27 DG: Hazard notes TDG28 Descriptions for hazard notes TDG29 DG: Labels for Printing TDG30 DG: Text table for printing labels TDG31 DG: Hazard Identification Numbers TDG32 Text table for hazard identification numbers TDG33 DG: Hazard-inducing substances TDG34 DG: Description for hazard-inducing substances TDG35 DG: VbF Classes TDG36 DG: Description for VbF classes TDG37 DG: Dangerous Goods Storage Class TDG38 DG: Description for dangerous goods storage classes TDG39 DG: Processing status for DG master data TDG40 DG: Description for processing status TDG41 DG: DG indicator profiles for material master TDG42 DG: Label DG indicator profile for material master TDG43 DG: Selection date for DG papers and DG checks TDG47 DG: Text names for DG material-master independent texts TDG48 DG: Description for DG material-independent texts TDG49 DG: Permitted Primary Languages TDG51 DG: Derivation of Secondary Language TDG61 DG: Regulations TDG63 DG: Derivation of Regulations TDG65 DG: Dangerous goods mode of transport category (dummy) TDG66 DG-Mat: Text table for mode of transport categories TDG67 DG: Define UN numbers (new) TDG68 DG: Text table for UN number (new) TDGA1 DG: Activating Dangerous Goods Checks TDGA3 DG: Dangerous goods - check schema - determination routine TDGA5 DG: Dangerous goods - check methods TDGA6 DG: Labels for dangerous goods check routines

TDGA7 DG: Usage profile for dangerous goods check routines TDGA9 DG: Check Schema Determination Routines for Shipment Docs TDGB1 DG: Defining dangerous goods check schema TDGB2 DG: Description for dangerous goods check schema TDGB3 DG: Assignment DG check schema/DG check methods/reaction TDGB5 DG: Allocate DG check schemas for shipping documents TDGB7 DG: Assign DG check schemata for transport documents TDGC1 DG: Output Conditions for Material Master Fields TDGC3 DG: Output Conditions for DG-Independent Texts TDGC5 DG: Indicator profile for delivery documents TDGC6 Text table for DG indicator profiles in the delivery header TDGC7 DG: Controlling EDI processing TDGS1 DG: Table fields for long texts in DGTMD TDGT1 "DG: Alloc. route, dep. country, dest. country a. RoRo ind." TDGT2 "DG: Transit countries, leg indicator, indicator sea/air" TDI01 Entity Type - View Assignment TDIBP DDS: context TDIBP_T DDS: context - language-dependent description TDICO DDS: type of copy TDICO_T Language-dependent description of copy type TDICT DDS: communication type TDICT_T Language-dependent description of communication type TDIEV DDS: context - event allocation TDIEX DDS: user exits for the distribution types TDIM DDS: medium TDIMCT DDS: possible media for communication type TDIM_T DDS: language-dependent texts for medium TDIPR DDS: definition of plotters TDKK1 Definition of Correspondence Class TDKK2 Predefine Correspondence Class Assignment for Partner TDKKT Correspondence Class Texts TDKWG GBA control table-Output TDKZ "Exception Table for DE, DO, TB in Customer Res. with ""Y""/""Z""" TDL1 Collat.securities preferential treatment ID table TDL1T Collat.securities special treatment ID text table TDL2 Guarantee type indicator table TDL21 Indicator Table Guarantee Type 1 TDL21T Text Table Indicator Guarantee Type 2 TDL2T Text Table for Guarantee Type Indicator TDL3 Pledge status indicator table TDL3T Pledge status indicator text table TDLO Loan report layout parameters TDLOANFUNC Flow Types per Application Subfunction for Loans TDM01 Data Model Conversion Log TDM02 Assignment of Entities to SAP Tables TDM03 Entity Short/Long Name TDM04 Entity Type TDM05 Data Model Short/Long Name TDM06 Data Model TDM07 Assignment of Entities to Data Models TDM08 Relationships Between Entities TDM09 Entity Attributes TDM10 Assignment Synonyms-Entity TDM11 Assignment Entity - Alias Name TDM12 Attribute Short/Long Name TDM13 "Attributes of entity types, assignment of data elements" TDM14 Customizing attributes of entity types TDM19 Specialization category TDM20 Specialization TDM21 Entity Specialization Category

TDM22 Entity Specialization Category Text TDM23 Assign Specialization Category to Target Entity TDM25 Assign Entities to Data Element TDM26 Specialization Category: Short/Long Name TDM27 EDM Cluster: Short/Long Name TDM28 EDM Clusters TDM29 EDM Cluster Assignment: Data Model-Entity Type TDM30 User Directory TDM31 Check Table for Owner TDM99 User Authorization for EDM Tool TDMAHNS_MAN Loans: Manual Dunning Level TDMAHNS_MANT Loans: Text for Manual Dunning Level TDMFC ADW Data with Incorrect Code TDMV1 EDM varchart positions TDO1 Object construction methods table TDO10 Indicator for Condition of Object TDO10T Indicator for Condition of Object (Description) TDO11 Indicator for Collateral Object Fixtures and Fittings TDO11T Indicator for Collateral Object Features (Description) TDO12 Object Area Description Indicator TDO12T Object Area Description Indicator (Description) TDO1T Texts for TD01 Object Construction Methods TDO2 Part of building name TDO2T Text table for TD02 part of building name TDO3 Valuation qualification indicator TDO3T Valuation qualification ID// Text for TD03 TDO4 Type of valuation procedure TDO4T Type of valuation procedure// Texts for TDO4 TDO5 Valuation rating base TDO5T Rating base valuation// Texts for TDO5 TDO6 Land register type indicator TDO6T Text table for land registry indicator TDO7 Administration cost types TDO7T Text table for administration cost elements TDO8 Property Conditions for Collateral Objects TDO8T Property Conditions for Collateral Objects (Description) TDO9 Heritable Building Right Indicator for Collateral Objects TDO9T Type of Heritable Building Right (Descriptions) TDOCU Control Table for the Document Manager TDOKU Documentation: Class Table TDOKUIMG Node Table for General Structure Storage TDOKUIMGR General Structure Storage References TDOKUIMGT General Structure Storage Node Names TDP0 "Selection, Modification- and Reference Fields" TDP0T "Selection, Modification and Reference Field Texts" TDP1 File register definition TDP1T File register definition texts TDP2 File functions TDP2T File Functions Texts TDP3 File register/function allocation TDP4 Alloc. of activity type and flow category to condition type TDP6 File categories TDP6T File categories TDPZB IS-IS Loans installation parameters for company codes TDPZZ IS-IS Loans: Installation parameters on client level TDR01 Valuation of loan contract TDRVEV Search Procedures per Derivation Time Point TDRXX Foreign currency loan with special coverage TDS1 Possible assignees TDSGH Hypertext: Do not use this table

TDSGL Hypertext: Do not use this table TDSIU SAPfind - IMG Users TDSOB Hypertext: Do not use this table TDSOD Special interest indicators text table TDSOF Hypertext: Do not use this table TDSOT Hypertext: Do not use this table TDSOZ Special interest indicator for loans TDSP01 ALE Distribution Packet : Message Types to be Controlled TDSP02 ALE Distribution Packet : Types TDSP02T ALE Distribution Packet : Text Table of Packet Type TDSP03 ALE Distribution Packet : Status TDSP03P ALE Distribution Packet : Status Sequence of Profile TDSP03T ALE Distribution Packet : Text Table of Status TDSP04 ALE Distribution Packet : Status Profile TDST Texts for possible assignees TDSUBROLE BP: Business Partner - Role Type TDSUBROLET BP: Business Partner - Name of Role Type TDSYH Hypertext: Do not use this table TDSYI Hypertext: Do not use this table TDSYL Hypertext: Do not use this table TDSYT Hypertext: Do not use this table TDUMMY Dummy structure of a table for READ with VERSION TDUMY Dummy table for READ VERSION TDUSEREXIT14T Pushbutton Text for Loans Master Data Tabstrip(User Exit 14) TDUV156 Movement Types That Play a Role in Distribution TDV07 Alloc.of application/role category/dunning parameters TDV08 Alloc.of application/role category/dunning parameters TDVK Accts to be summarized during data transfer from R/3 -> R/2 TDVZL Dunnable payment methods for incoming payments in loans TDWA Document Types TDWAI Internal SAP Document Types TDWAT Document Type Texts TDWC CAD - Systems TDWD Data Carrier/Network Nodes TDWE Data Carrier Type TDWF Document Management Data Formats TDWI Selection table - document search via internet TDWIU User allocation - document search via internet TDWN Mount Points and Logical Drives in Network TDWO Document Management Object Link TDWOD Screen for DMS Object Link TDWOT Texts for Object Links in Document Management TDWP Workstation Applications TDWS Document Status TDWSEXIT Find Document: Function Module for User Exits TDWSEXITT Find Document: Texts to TDWEXIT TDWST Document Status Texts TDWX Workstation Applications in Network TDWX_HELP Help for predefined applications TDWX_HELPT Help for predefined applications TDXBL Documents not updated which are sent to the R/2 system TDXLOADP Programs to Load Data into R/3 TDXTTPT Interfaces for DX Workbench Tasks TDXTTPT_T Texts for Program Types and Task Types TDZW IS-IS: Payment terms with adjustment days TDZWT IS-IS: Payment terms with adjustment days TE07F Releasable Correction Transports with Special Functions TEBCO CO/SD Interface: Product Number Determination from CO TEBO "Volume Rebate Groups, Purchasing" TEBOT Volume Rebate Groups (Purchasing): Texts

TECN Effectivity object: change numbers TECPPS CO Versions for Project Preliminary Costing TECS Master Effectivity Object TECT Description of Effectivity Object TEDCT SAP-EDI: Test table for CPIC TEDE1 EDI process types (outbound) TEDE2 EDI process types (inbound) TEDE3 "Function module, which displays EDIDS record" TEDE5 EDI Process codes for error handling TEDE6 IDOC process codes for inbound statuses TEDEF Assign proc. type to funct. module that processes proc. type TEDS1 IDoc status values TEDS2 Short description of IDoc status values TEDS3 "EDI Status: Assignment to Sts Grps, Suitability f. Archiving" TEDST SAP EDI Form routines to read master data TEDTT Partner Types - Language-dependent Name TEDWL Channel definition for transceiver TEE000 Easy Execution Profile TEE000P Execution services TEE000PT Text Table Execution Services TEE000T Text Table Easy Execution TEE000Z Assignment of Execution Profile and Permitted Services TEE001 Purchase Requisition from Easy Execution TEE002 Reservation from Easy Execution TEE003 Customizing Purchase Order from Easy Execution TEMSG System Messages TEMSI Central ID assignment for Express messages TENABP Assignment of Projects to Enablement Map Nodes TEPSCUS EPS Client: Customizing TEPSDELI EPS Client: Delivery Requests TEPSIN EPS Client: Inbox TEPSNUM EPS Client: Current Parcel Number TEPSOUT EPS Client: Outbox TEQUIVDOM Domains with Same Semantic TEQUIVDOMT Comments on Equivalent Domains TER10 Terminology Database Print Area TER11 Terminology Protocol TER12 Reductions of Terminology Entries TER13 List of Stop Words for Terminology TER14 Search objects TER15 Spell check table TER16 Assign Development Class to Path TER17 Additional info TERKR CO-PA structure TERKT Texts for operating concern structures TERM Terminology Table TERM1 TERM Application Hierarchy TERM2 Node and Scroll Texts TERM3 Glossary Terms TERM4 Non-Application-Specific Header Entries TERM5 Non-Application-Specific Inverse Header Table TERM6 Header for Individual Entries TERM7 Link Table for Terminology Entries TERM8 Link Management TERM9 Terminology Authorizations TERMB Authorizations for Transaction TERM TERMC1 "Terminology entries, definitions" TERMC2 "Glossary terms, definitions" TERMC3 "Terminology entries, cross-references" TERMP Parameters of Transaction TERM

TERMU Terminology Data Base Users TERRD DI: INDX-Like Table for Temporary Storage of Error Data TERRF Erroneous Data for First Data Transfer TERTINERKO Header Information for Executing Security Rights TERTVWBWER TRTM-PM: Flow Table for Executable Rights TERTVWERKO Executable Rights (Header) TERTVWERPO Executable Rights (Items) TERVH Allowed Packaging Materials for each Mat.Group f. Pckg.Matls TESTDIDSTA SDOK: Status Table for Indexing Documents TESTFB TETYP Workflow definition: Node types TETYT Workflow editor: Node types (texts) TEUBWA Allowed transaction types BEFORE euro changeover TEUDB Comments for Table EUDB TEUDES Configuration of upload files TEUPL Configuration of upload files TEUPLT Name of configuration IDoc for transceiver TEURA Reports Supporting Alternative Local Currencies TEURB Altern. Local Currency and Exch.Rate Type for a Company Code TEVEN Time Events TEVEN_MORE Additional Data for Time Events TEXC_DE Text ID: Exception Definiton using Data Element TEXC_DE_C Text ID: Exception Definiton using Data Element TEXC_DOM Text ID: Exception Definition using Domains TEXC_DOM_C Text ID: Exception Definition using Domains TEXC_FLD Text ID: Exception Definition using Table/Field TEXC_FLD_C Text ID: Exception Definition using Table/Field TEXLGA Employee Expenditures TEXTLOG Log of text changes in DW TEXTTRL Assignment table: Developer > translator TF001 SAP Cons.: Global Specifications TF002 SAP Cons.: Assignment of Sets -> Items TF003 SAP Cons.: Assignments of Items > Sets TF010 Generate Request Screen: Control Information TF011 Generate Request Screen: Formating Instructions TF020 Textinformation for Domains TF030 Dimension and Version-Dependent Settings TF040 Default Values for Subassignments TF080 List Directory of MCDX TF090 Interactive Excel Attributes TF100 Financial Statement Items TF101 FS Items: Short and Medium Texts TF102 FS Items: Long Texts TF103 Breakdown Categories TF103A Breakdown Categories: Breakdown Info per Subassignment TF104 Breakdown Categories: Name TF105 FS Item Categories TF106 FS Item Categories: Description TF110 Subitem Categories TF111 Subitem Categories: Description TF115 Subitems TF116 Subitems: Short and Medium Texts TF117 Subitems: Long Texts TF120 Consolidation Charts of Accounts TF121 Consolidation Charts of Accounts: Description TF123 Additional Rules for Running Program SAPF124 (Clearing) TF130 FS Item Hierarchies TF131 Item Hierarchies: Name

TF140 TF141 TF150 TF151 TF152 TF153 TF154 TF155 TF160 TF161 TF162 TF163 TF164 TF165 TF166 TF167 TF168 TF169 TF170 TF171 TF172 TF173 TF174 TF175 TF180 TF181 TF182 TF183 TF183A TF184 TF187 TF188 TF189 TF190 TF191 TF192 TF193 TF194 TF195 TF196 TF197 TF198 TF199A TF199B TF199C TF199D TF199E TF200 TF201 TF202 TF203 TF204 TF205 TF206 TF207 TF208 TF209 TF210 TF211 TF212

Selected FS Items Selected FS Items Dimensions Dimensions: Texts and User-Specific Names "Dimensions, Screen List, Consolidation Units" "Dimensions, Screen List, Consolidation Groups" Dimensions year- and period-dependent Dimensions: Assign Task Groups Consolidation Units Consolidation Units: Texts Consolidation Unit Correspondence "Consolidation Units, Version/Period-Based Attributes" Consolidation Unit Year-Dependent Consolidation Units Version-Dependent Consolidation Units Version- and Period Category-Dependent Consolidation Units Version- and Period-Dependent Consolidation Units Ledger-Dependent Version/Period-Dependent Cons. Units: Tax Rates Position of Contact Person Position of Contact Person: Description Contact Person Assignments Reasons for Inclusion Reasons for Inclusion: Short and Medium Texts Reasons for Inclusion: Long Texts Consolidation Groups Consolidation Groups: Texts "Consolidation Groups, Version-Dependent" "Consolidation Groups, Version- and Period Categ.-Dependent" Consolidation Groups - Restricted Task Groups "Consolidation Groups, Version- and Year-Dependent" Consolidation Group Set Assignments Consolidation Group Assignment of Task Group "Assignment of CG/CU, Version- and Period-Dependent" Hierarchies Hierarchies: texts "Hierarchies, Period-Dependent" "Hierarchies, Version-Dependent" "Hierarchies, Version- and Period Category-Dependent" Hierarchy Levels Hierarchy Levels: Texts Hierarchy Levels Used Hierarchy Level Relationships Organizational Elements Organizational Elements: Texts Characteristic Values of Organizational Elements Char. Values of Organizational Elements: Texts Organizational Element Relationships Consolidation Versions Versions: Name Structure Versions Structure Versions: Name Data Entry Versions Data Entry Versions: Name Translation Method Versions Translation Method Versions: Name Exchange Rate Versions Exchange Rate Versions: Name Ledger Versions Ledger Versions: Name Versions for Selected FS Items

TF213 TF214 TF215 TF216 TF217 TF218 TF219 TF220 TF221 TF222 TF223 TF224 TF225 TF226 TF227 TF228 TF229 TF230 TF231 TF232 TF233 TF234 TF235 TF236 TF237 TF240 TF241 TF242 TF245 TF246 TF247 TF248 TF250 TF260 TF261 TF262 TF270 TF271 TF280 TF285 TF290 TF291 TF292 TF293 TF310 TF311 TF320 TF321 TF325 TF326 TF330 TF335 TF340 TF350 TF360 TF361 TF362 TF370 TF371 TF372

Selected Item Versions: Description Tax Rate Versions Tax Rate Versions: Name Consolidation of Investment Method Versions Consolidation of Investment Method Versions: Name Investment Versions Investment Versions: Name Equity Versions Equity Versions: Name Hidden Reserve (Fair Value Adjustment) Versions Hidden Reserve Versions: Name Versions of Eliminated Hidden Reserves (FVA) Versions of Eliminated Hidden Reserves: Name Retained Earnings Versions Retained Earnings Versions: Name Versions of Goodwill Versions of goodwill: Description Task Versions Task Versions: Names Reclassifications Version Reclassification Versions: Description Versions for Elimination of IU Profit/Loss in Inventory Versions for Elim. IU Profit/Loss in Inventory: Descriptions Versions: Attributes Attribute Versions: Description Consolidation Frequencies Consolidation Frequencies: Name Consolidation Periods Consolidation Cycle Consolidation Cycles - Texts Assignment of Consolidation Cycles to Versions Assignment of Consolidation Cycles to Versions "Periods, Opened/Closed" Overall Status of CG/CU - Data Monitor CG/CU: Detail Status of Tasks - Data Monitor History of Data Entry Layouts CG/CU Overall Status of Consolidation Monitor CG/CU: Detail Status of Tasks - Consolidation Monitor User-Defined Tasks Log Archiving Copy Tasks Cons Groups to be Copied Cons Units to be Copied Assignment of Source Tasks to Copy Task Data Entry Groups Data Entry Groups: Name Financial Data Types Financial Data Types: Description Period Categories Period Categories: Name Data Entry Groups: Layout Assignments Scaling Factor for Online Entry Data Entry Profiles Download: Assign CG PC Path Download: Selection Parameters for Special Download Download: Selection Parameters for General Download Download: Selection Parameters for Downloading Fin. Data Equivalency Table in MC Validations Time Stamps for Parsing of Validations Time Stamps for Parsing of Rules

TF373 TF374 TF375 TF380 TF381 TF382 TF390 TF400 TF401 TF410 TF411 TF415 TF420 TF421 TF425 TF500 TF501 TF502 TF503 TF505 TF506 TF510 TF515 TF516 TF517 TF530 TF531 TF532 TF533 TF540 TF541 TF542 TF543 TF544 TF545 TF550 TF551 TF555 TF556 TF556A TF557 TF558 TF560 TF560A TF562 TF570 TF575 TF580 TF581 TF583 TF584 TF584A TF585 TF586 TF590 TF591 TF592 TF592A TF593 TF595

Nested Validation Rules Fields Used in Validation Rules Validation Steps: Node Structure SAP Cons.: Upload Methods Upload Methods: Texts Upload Methods: Field Catalogs Selected Items for Carryforwards Currency Translation Methods Translation Methods: Name Currency Translation Methods: Entries Translation Methods: Entries for Subassignments FS Items for Posting Trans. Diffs with Effect on Earnings Exchange Rate Indicators Exchange Rate Indicators: Description Exchange Rate Indicators: ER Type Assignments Document Types Document Types: Name Postable Item Categories Chart-Based Document Type Attributes Version-Based Document Type Attributes Document Types: Field-Dependent Properties Validation of Consolidation Documents Journal Entry Layout: Field Names Journal Entry Layout: Description Journal Entry Layout: Field Names Task Groups Task Groups: Name Task Groups: Task Assignments Task Groups: Preceding Tasks Consolidation Tasks Consolidation Tasks: Name "Consolidation Tasks, Version-Dependent" Consolidation Tasks: Assignments of Methods and Doc.Types Tasks: Task Group Exceptions Consolidation Tasks: Exceptions for Cons Units Methods Methods: Name Methods for Interunit Elimination Methods for IU Elimination: Item Set Assignments IU Elimination Methods: Allocation of Addtl Acct Assignments Methods: Threshold Value for Posting Differences IU Elimination Methods: Reclassi. for Proportional Cons. Methods for Reclassification Reclassification Methods: Fields Assignment of Method/Doc. Type to Task in Reclassification Tasks for Manual Posting - Document Type Assignments Tasks for CG Changes: Document Type Assignments Product Groups Product Groups: Description "Dimension-Dep.Assignmt of CoA, Prod. Group to in(NOT USED)" Assignment of Inventory Item to Product Group Assignment of Inventory Item to Product Group (NOT USED) Inventory Data Supplier Data Elim. of IU P/L in Inventory: Selected Items (NOT IN USE!) Elim of IU Profit/Loss in Inventory: FS Items (NOT USED) Elimination of IU Profit/Loss in Inventory: FS Items Elimination of IU Profit/Loss in Inventory: FS Items Subassignments of Inventory Items Elimination of IU Profit/Loss in Inventory: Tasks

TF599 TF600 TF602 TF605 TF610 TF615 TF616 TF620 TF625 TF630 TF635 TF640 TF641 TF642 TF643 TF644 TF645 TF646 TF650 TF651 TF655 TF656 TF658 TF660 TF661 TF665 TF666 TF667 TF690 TF691 TF692 TF693 TF695 TF696 TF90F TF90FD TF90Q TF90QD TF90QS TF90S TF90SD TF91F TF91FD TF91Q TF9N1 TF9N2 TFACD TFACS TFACT TFAG TFAGM TFAGS TFAGT TFAIN TFAIT TFAT TFATT TFAV TFAVA TFAVT

Global Settings for Elim. of IU P/L in Inventory Consolidation of Investments Methods C/I Methods: Cons Chart of Accounts-Based Settings C/I Methods: Assignments Tasks for the Consolidation of Investments C/I Tasks: Assignment of Document Types C/I Activities/Acctg Techniques: Document Type Assignments Changes in Investments Group Shares Changes in Investee Equity Goodwill/Neg.Goodwill Fair Value Adjustments Fair Value Adjustments: Subnumber Fair Value Adjustments: Name Fair Value Adjustments: Version/Date-Sensitive Fair Value Adjustments: Cons Chart of Accounts-Sensitive Reporting Fair Value Adjustment Data Recorded Fair Value Adjustments C/I Activity Numbers Activity Numbers - Sequence C/I Entry of Activities: Default Values Activities - Default Sequence Activities: Reported Items - Equity Equity Holdings Adjustments Equity Holdings Adjustments by Upper Unit Scope of Reported Data for the Equity Method Scope of Reported Data for Equity Method - Descriptions Reported Items for Equity Holdings Adjustments C/I - System Utilization C/I - Global Settings Global Chart of Accounts-Based Settings for C/I Subitems for Equity Aging Report Selected Items for Consolidation of Investments Posting Items for the Equity Method "Active Field Catalog, Consolidation" "Active Field Catalog - Consolidation, Char. Dependencies" Active Attributes in Consolidation Consolidation: Levels of Multilevel Attributes Attributes Basis Field Catalog Consolidation (Fixed Fields) Basis Field Catalog Consolidation (Fixed Fields) "Basis Field Catalog - Consolidation, Char. Dependencies" "Field Catalog, Consolidation" "Field Catalog - Consolidation, Characteristic Dependencies" Attributes in Consolidation Master Data Table: & Master Data Texts: & Factory calendar definition Factory calendar (display) Factory calendar texts FI Clearing Rules (Entity Table) Allocate Clients and Account Type to Clearing Rule Definition of FI clearing rules Texts on FI clearing rules "Calendar: Intervals for company holidays, special shifts" Calendar: Text for factory calendar intervals Field Attributes in VarChart Graphics VarChart Graphics: Texts for Field Attributes FI: Worklists FI: Details of Automatically Generated Worklists Worklist Names

TFAVW FI: Work list values TFAVZ FI Archiving: Transaction Figures (Object Data) TFAW Field selection: Influencing fields TFAWA Tables assigned to program and screen group TFAWC Field Selection: Field Attribute Changes (User Definition) TFAWF Field selection: Modifiable fields TFAWG Field selection: Group texts TFAWL Field selection: Definitions of field attribute changes TFAWT Screens: Screen Groups for Programs TFAWX Field selection: Influencing/influenced field pairs TFAWY Feld selection: pairs influencing/changed fields (End user) TFAX1 Fax information extendable sample TFAXD TFB03T Names of Financial Transactions TFB05 Free Financial Transactions TFB06 Financial Transaction Reporting TFBKT Function blocks in the SAP system TFBLK Function blocks for price list TFBUF Table for FI Data Puffers TFBW0 Destination and Target InfoCube for Data Transfer into BW TFBW1 Data streams into BW TFBW2 Mapping InfoObjects -> Field Names TFBW3 Data streams from BW TFBW4 Additional selections TFBWD Personal Customizing for Transaction FBWD TFBWE Personal Customizing for Transaction FBWE TFCA Permitted Field Catalogs for Each Application TFCF Fields in Field Catalogs TFCG Fields Catalogs for Statistics Fields TFCS Permissible Source Tables per Application TFCT Field Catalog Description TFDIR Function Module TFDIR_INIM Function Module TFE01 BDF: Currency Key TFE02 BDF: Countries TFE05 BDF: State CB Indic. TFE18 BDF: Identif. of Offsett. Accounts TFE19 BDF: Accts Subj. to Report. TFELD Assignment of Table Fields to Field Selection TFI01 Open FI: Events TFI01T Open FI: Name of Events TFI02 Open FI: Function Modules for Each Call Event TFI02T Open FI: Function Key Text for Each Call Event TFIA Attribute Table for SAPfind TFIAT Attribute Text Table TFIBLHBG Group of House Bank Accounts TFIBLHBG1 Group of House Bank Accounts: Details TFIBLHBGT Name of the House Bank Groups TFIBLORIGIN Origin Indicators TFIBLORIGINC Origin Settings TFIBLORIGIND Assignment of Origin to Overriding Origin TFIBLORIGINT Meaning of an Origin Indicator TFIBLSCREEN Control of Output of Screen Fields TFIBLSCREEN0 Register Programs for Screen Control TFIBLSCREEN1 Define Contents of Screen Groups TFIBLSCREEN1T Define Contents of Screen Groups TFIC Class Table for SAPfind TFICT SAPfind: Language-dependent Class Description TFIN000 Independent Characteristic Values for Consolidation Type TFIN001 ID Combination Rules for Cons Type and Cons Org. Unit

TFIN002 Assignment of Consolidation Types and Dimensions TFIN002L Lock Mode During Rollup per Int. Cons Type and Dimension TFIN003 Consolidation Types TFIN004 Consolidation Types: Description TFIN010 Consolidation Unit Integration TFIN011 Mapping of Profit Centers to Profit Center Groups TFIN020 Assignment of Business Areas to Company Codes TFIN200 Mapping of G/L Charts of Accounts and Target Cons C/As TFIN201 Mapping of Secondary Cost Elements to FS Items: Details TFIND SAPscript: Search and replace strings in text modules TFIND2 "SAPscript: Search for strings, copy modules, replace in copy" TFIREV Reversal Document Checks in FI TFIT SAPfind: Terms for CUA access in FIND (search interfaces) TFITH SAPfind: Terms for CUA Access to FIND TFITT SAPfind: Terms for CUA access: Language-dependent Texts TFKB Functional areas TFKBT Name of the functional areas TFKT Formulas TFKTAXNUMTYPE Tax Number Categories of Business Partner TFKTAXNUMTYPE_C Customer Selection: Business Partner Tax Number Categories TFKTAXNUMTYPE_T Name: Business Partner Tax Number Categories TFKY3 Serves as check table (for issuer help-view structure) TFKY4 Serves as check table for depos. bank help-view structure TFLOATCONV Test Rounding of Floating Point Numbers at Start of Verif. TFM01 Process TFM02 Process Long Name TFM03 Basic Function TFM04 Function Long Name TFM05 Process-Function Assignment TFM06 Process-Function-Entity Assignment TFM07 Event Type TFM08 Event Type Long Name TFM09 Process-Function-Event Type Assignment TFM10 Entity-Event Type Assignment TFM11 Relationships Between Functions TFM12 Function Relationships of a Hierarchy Type TFM13 EFM Function Hierarchies TFM14 Hierarchy - Short and Long Name TFM16 Function-Entity Assignment TFM18 Assignment of functions to IMG chapters TFM18X Assignment of IMG chapters to functions TFMA Adjustment Profiles per Processing Method TFMAT Adjustment Profiles per Processing Method TFMC Matchcode Fields for Database Index TFMIG01 Allocation: Ledger -> Ledger TFMIG02 Allocation: Company -> Consolidation Unit TFMIG03 Allocation: Subgroup -> Consolidation Group TFMIG04 Allocation: FS Item -> FS Item TFMIG05 Allocation: Transaction Type -> Subitem TFMIG06 Assignment: Version -> Legacy Data Version TFMIG10 Migration: Processing Options TFMIG11 Migration: Control for Cons Charts of Accounts TFMIG12 Migration: Control for Subitem Categories TFMIG13 Migration: Control Sets TFMIG15 Migration: Status TFMT Format attributes in VarChart graphics TFMTT VarChart Graphics: Format Attribute Texts TFO01 Entity table of font families in SAPscript TFO02 SAPscript system fonts TFO03 SAPscript printer fonts

TFO04 AFM fontmetrics for SAPscript font maintenance TFO05 SAP bar codes TFO06 Printer bar codes TFO07 Table with default font family for language TFO08 "Assignment of font family, language -> replacement family" TFO09 Assignment of font family to language TFO10 Font replacement for special device type TFO11 PDF converter: Adobe type 1 font file TFO12 Adobe type 1 font file attributes for PDF converter TFO13 Graphic: font families->PDF fonts for PDF converter TFO14 PDF converter: Encoding vector for Adobe type 1 font TFO15 PDF converter: Adobe font data TFO16 Corresponding RTF form for a font family in SAPscript TFO17 Replacement for font familiy (table TFO16) TFO18 Configuration Table for OTF PDF Converter TFORM01 Node Table for SAPscript Form Tree TFORM01R SAPscript Form Tree: References TFORM01T SAPscript Form Tree: Node Names TFPLA Billing Plan Type TFPLB Billing Plan Type: Description TFPLT Date Type for Billing Plan Type TFPLU Date Type in Billing Plan: Description TFPM042F Payment medium formats: General attributes TFPM042FB Payment medium formats: Events TFPM042FBC Payment medium formats: Customer events TFPM042FD Payment Medium Formats: Preassignment of Format Parameters TFPM042FDC Payt Medium Formats: Cust. Preassignm. of Format Parameters TFPM042FF Payment medium formats: Format parameters TFPM042FFC Payment medium formats: Customer format parameters TFPM042FG Payment medium formats: Level of detail of payment medium TFPM042FGC Payt. medium formats: Cust. level of det. of payment mediums TFPM042FM Payment medium formats: Reqd fields for format parameters TFPM042FMC Payment medium formats: Cust. reqd. fields for format para. TFPM042FPB Payment medium formats: modules for payment doc. validation TFPM042FSB Payment Medium Formats: Modules for Writing/Sending Files TFPM042FT Payment medium formats: Texts TFPM042FV Payment medium formats: Note to payee fields TFPM042FZ Payment medium formats: Supplements TFPM042FZT Payment medium formats: Supplement text TFPM042VA Payment medium: Note to payee TFPM042VAT Payment medium: Note to payee texts TFPM042VI Payment medium: Note to payee contents TFPM042VJ Payment Media: Lang.-Indep. Content of Note to Payee TFPROF_CEP CEP Customizing Table: Profile for Field Selection TFPROFT_CEP CEP Customizing Table: Profile for Field Selection TFRC1 VOFM Cusomizing: Group and Number Ranges TFRC2 VOFM Customizing: Characteristic Errors of a Group TFRC3 Application Assignments TFREP Reports with Form Details and Sender Details TFRM Form Routines for Requirements/Formulas/Data Transports TFRMT FORM Routines for Reqs./Formulae/Data Transports: Texts TFRPT VarChart Graphics: Texts on Frame Form TFRSP Frame Form in VarChart TFSAVE DI: INDX-Like Table for Temporarily Storing the Files TFSBD Sequence of Procedure for Batch Determination TFSEL_CEP CEP Customizing table: Fields for display in CEP control TFTBT VarChart Graphics: Texts on Font Type TFTBY Font Type in VarChart TFTIT Function Module Short Text TFTMP Table for Time Stamp Comparison

TFTMV Table for Program Versions TGAF Freight Code Determination TGAR Freight Codes TGART Freight codes:descriptions TGAV Freight Code Sets TGAVF Determine Freight Code Set TGAVT Freight code set: descriptions TGDB2 DB2/390: TABKAT <-> Table storage parameters TGFT Cashflow types TGFTT Texts for cashflow types TGINF Assignment of INFORMIX Storage Params to Table Categories TGLIF Internal/external assignment for fields in global interface TGLOBALCUST_CEP CEP Customizing Table: Gloabal Fields TGMF Files for Inclusion as Symbol TGMFT Texts for GMF File for Logo TGMSS Table Category-Table Memory Parameter Assignment for MSS TGORA Assigning ORACLE Storage Parameters to Table Categories TGPM Graphic control: Platform-specific product control TGPMT Product management for graphic control: Name TGPN Graphic control: Platform-specific product control TGPNT Name in product management for graphic control TGRAPH Translation Graphs: General TGRAPHDEVC Translation Graphs: General TGSB Business Areas TGSB_CUS Additional Settings for Business Area Financial Statements TGSB_CUST Additional Settings for Business Area Financial Statements TGSBG Cross-system business areas TGSBH Texts for table TGSBG TGSBK Consolidation business areas TGSBL Text table for TGSBK TGSBT Business Area Names TGSU0 SAP Structural Graphics: Log Description TGSU1 SAP Structural Graphics: Check Table for Export Filter TGSU2 SAP Structural Graphics: Check Table Page Sizes TGSU3 SAP Structural Graphics: Check Table for Postscript Fonts TGSU4 SAP Structural Graphics: Check Table for Screen Fonts TGSU5 SAP Structural Graphics: Check Table for Colors TGSU6 SAP Structural Graphics: Check Table for Forms TGSU7 SAP Structural Graphics: Check Table for Line Types TGSUF SAP Structural Graphics: Check Table for Forms TGSUI SAP Structural Graphics: Check Table Reserved Toolbox Entr. TGSUO SAP Structural Graphics: User-Specific Settings TGSUS SAP Structural Graphics: User-Specific Task Sizes TGSUT SAP Structural Graphics: Check Table for Separators TGSUV SAP Structural Graphics: User-Specific Settings TGSUX SAP Structural Graphics: User-Specific Task Sizes TGSYB Assignment of SYSBASE Parameters to Table Categories TGTB Control table for table converter TGTY Graphic types TGTYT Graphic types: Name TGUI Local Text of the SAP GUI TGUMS FI-SL: Convert Tables THELP SAP User Settings for the Help Processor THELPI Index for Generating Secondary Language Access THERK Price source THEXC Exception Goto destinations for F1 Help customer entries THEXS Exception Goto destinations for F1 Help THIOZ Customer Hierarchies: Allowed Organizational Assignments THIT Customer Hierarchy Types THITT Texts for Customer Hierarchy Types

THIZU Customer Hierarchy: Allowed Account Group Assignments THKON Permitted Alternative G/L Accounts THLDYNS Standard Erhi on Listtynps override table THLPC Customizing development classes for help THLPF Assignment: Field - Field-specific Supplement THLPG Help: Assignment of Books to Development Classes THLPV Interface to Extended Help THLPX Documentation: Transactions Without Links to Books THLT VarChart Graphics: Color Attributes THLTT VarChart Graphics: Texts for Color Attributes THM003 DG: Specify Transport Category THM004 DG: Short Description for Transport Category THM009 Dangerous goods classes THM010 DG: Short Description for Dangerous Goods Classes THM011 Dangerous goods letter THM012 Short Description for Dangerous Goods Letter THM017 DG Danger Label THM018 DG: Short Description for Danger Label THM031 DG: Hazard Identification Numbers THM032 DG: Short Description for Hazard Identification Number THM039 DG: Processing status for dangerous goods basic data THM040 DG: Short Description of Processing Status for DG Basic Data THM063 DG: Dangerous Goods Regulation THM071 DG: Risk potential THM072 Risk potential description THM073 DG: Packaging code specific to dangerous goods regulations THM074 Descr. for packaging code specific to DG regulations THM075 DG: Packaging Regulation THM076 DG: Packaging regulation descr. THOC Public Holiday Calendar THOCD Public holiday definitions THOCI Public holiday calendar index THOCS Public holiday calendar (display) THOCT Public holiday calendar texts THOL Public Holidays THOLT Public holiday texts THOLU Dates of movable public holidays THOST SAP host table THRFORMS_01 HR Forms: Form Directory THSTC Documentation: Copy of TSTCT THSTT Hierarchy Levels: Texts THTTP HTTP proxy configuration THUBEW2 HU: Movement Types for Stock Category Posting Change THUBEW3 HU Movement Types for Packing and Unpacking with Posting Chg THUCONTROL Handling Unit Control THUWBBWART Movement Type per HU Goods Movement Event THUWBEVENT Definition of Possible Events for HU Goods Movements TIA01 Settlement variants TIA02 Settlement periods TIA1T Texts for acct settlement variants TIANP Minimum amounts for adjustment of advance pmnts/flat-rates TIARS Archiving Control Shipment Costs TIBAN IBAN TIBAN_ACTIVE Activation of the IBAN Functions TIBSEL IBRT: Settings for IBase Search TICNV DD: Status of Incremental Conversions TICNVDB4 AS/400: Defined Trigger for Tables TICOL Index fields for system tables TIDIMATTRIB_01 HR Forms: Attribute Fields in InfoDimensions TIH01 Display Fields for PM Reporting

TIH02 Field Selection for Partner Addresses TIK01 Condition types additional data for DARWIN Real Estate TIK02 Condition categories TIK03 Condition type - Condition category allocation TIK04 Excluded condition types TIK05 Alternative reference areas for condition types TIK0B Texts for terms types (TIK02) TILG1 Vacancy reason TILGA Texte TILG1 vacancy reasons TIMG1 Status Fields for Customizing Transaction TIMG2 Resource Allocation for IMG Transaction TIMG3 Status Definition for Status Administration TIMG4 Status Field Descriptions TIMGIR IMG and activity text IR link table TIMGLOIO LOIO buffer for HTML generation TINC Customers: Incoterms TINCT Customers: Incoterms: Texts TINETISTARS_01 HR Forms: Relation of Infonet to Infostar TINFODIM_01 HR Forms: InfoDimensions TINFONET_01 HR Forms: InfoNets TINFONET_T_01 HR Forms: InfoNet Short Text TINFOSTAR_01 HR Forms: InfoStars TINFOSTAR_T_01 HR Forms: InfoStar Short Text TINGU Rules for updating the index in SD documents TINPA Sales Documents: Index Updating for Business Partner TINSB Alternative Bank Accounts for Program RFBITB01 TINSO Failed Payment Transactions and Charges TINTERFACE TIPA1 FI-FVVI: Parameters for tenancy law and adjustment type TIPAB Darwin Real Est.: Comp.code-depend. parameters for rent adj. TIPAL RE: Tenancy Law/Country-Dependent Parameters for Rent Adj. TIPAR Rent Adjustment: Rounding Parameters TIPAZ Table was replaced by TIPA1 TIPZB "General real estate installation parameters," TIPZBSR Installation Parameters for Real Estate: Sales Settlement TIPZZ "Real estate installation parameters, comp.code-independent" TIS01 Control of business activities: Real estate depend. activit. TIS02 Real estate status control: Set status and subsequent status TISCRFIELDS_01 HR Forms: Fields on Selection Screen TISIS_APPL Applications TISIS_APPL_T Application Texts TISIS_CNT_TYPE Contract Categories TISIS_CNT_TYPE_T Contract Category Texts TISR1 Asset Type Acc. to the Regulatory Accounting Requirements TISTARFIG_01 HR Forms: Relation of InfoStar to Data Fields TISTARIDIM_01 HR Forms: Relation of InfoStar to InfoDimension TITEMS TITLE GUI Title TITOBPROF Technical Objects: View Profiles for Tab Index Customizing TITOBPROF_SUB Technical Objects: Customizing Tab Index in View Profiles TITOBPROFT Technical Objects: Texts for Profiles from Table TITOBPROF TITOBSUB Technical Objects: Subscreens with Customizable Assignment TITOBSUBT Technical Objects: Texts for Subscreens from Table TITOBSUB TITOBTABS Technical Objects: Customizing (Tabstrip) Buttons TITOBTABST Technical Objects: Customizing Texts (Tabstrip) Buttons TITVAR "Line Items: Line Layout Variants, Assignment Old-New" TIV00 Field status definitions for Real Estate object mgmt TIV01 External usage types of rental unit TIV02 Debit types TIV03 Country-specific tenancy law


Repr.list of rents surcharge/reductions features Definition of incidental expenses keys Incidental expenses key-Attributes for each tenancy law Apportionment unit ID Area types Room Types RU Usage type ID's Description of country-specific tenancy law Settlement factor name Texts for TIV08 Area types Texts for TIV09 Room types Bus. entity location Real Estate direct input: Non-transferable fields Adjustment Method for Rent Adjustments Parts of building Internal usage types for rental unit Reasons for Adjustment Blocks Regional management - no longer used Maintenance district Darwin Real Estate: Storey names and storeys Security deposit types Repres.list of rents size classes Text Table for TIV11 (Adjustment Method for Rent Adjustment) Texts for building parts table (TIV12) Internal usage types for rental unit: Texts Reasons for adjustment blocks: Texts Language table for security deposit types view Rep.list of rents master data Building age classes Representative list of rents location classes Fixtures/Fittings Categories Surch./Reduct. for each Charact.Category and Area Interval Value table / Representative list of rents Real Estate Contract Type (Entities) Value Table for Lease-Out Adjustment Type Corporate group type - Table no longer used Combination of adjustment type - usage cat./ext. usage type Location classes of representative list of rents - texts Characteristics classes - Names Text table for Real Estate Contract Type (table TIV26) Text Table for Lease-Out Adjustment Type (TIV27) Representative list of rents master texts Text table for debit types Tenant service in a company Occupancy obligation Elevator installation types for rental units-no longer used Water mains connection types Regional locations Main Usage Types Floor Location in floor Reason for notice Occupancy commitment texts Texts for table TIV32: Types of elevator installation in RU Out-of-date texts for TIV33: Media reception Texts for TIV34: Water mains connection types Predominant usage types texts Language table for floors (TIV37) Location in storey - Texts Reason for notice texts


Asset class assignment - Main usage type Lease-out notice rejection reason Rental agreement offer status Reasons for reduced percentage rate increase Transport connections District Location Tax code for administration costs surcharge on IEA Posting rules for owner settlement Allocation of condition types to settlement factors Rental agreement notice rejection reason texts Rental agreement offer status texts Texts for TIV43: Reasons for reduced percent. rate increase Traffic links - Texts Site texts Heating costs / heating systems accountancy firm Cost elements according to accountancy firm/ heating systems Key conversion accountancy firm <-> partner cost elements Accountancy firm fuel types Fuel type + incidental expenses key as well (internal) Key conversion fuel type DARWIN <-> Accountancy firm Property types Quality of property location Property ground type Overall condition of property Classification of real estate objects Cost elements text table TIV51 Accountancy firms fuel types - Texts Texts for fuel types (Darwin) Text table for property types Texts for the quality of property location Property ground type texts Texts for overall condition of property Classification of real estate objects (Text for TIV5A) Real estate tax indicator Source of credit information - Institution providing info. Credit standing for real estate application Reasons for input tax option Periods of notice - replaced by TIVKUE2 and TIVKUE3 Non-deductible input tax acct allocation Surcharge/reduction reasons for expert opinion Transaction types for incidental expenses key Flow types/SCKey for vacancy with tenant serv. charge sett. %-rates for index forwarding(depend.on tenancy law and loc.) Names of institutions supplying credit information Credit standing of real estate applicant - Texts Reasons for input tax opting text table Surcharge/reduction types for expert report texts TIV60 Names Surcharge/reduction categories Surch./reduction classes - Texts language-dep. Fixtures and fittings characteristics Fixtures and fittings objects Characteristics of fixtures/fittings objects Groups of fixture and fittings objects Usage of heating days for heating costs settlement Area types for each external usage type Additional info. from SAP PS component per object type Additional info. from SAP PM component per object type Allocation of input tax correction accts in chart of accts Fixture and fitting feature texts

TIV7B Names of fixtures and fittings objects TIV7C Descriptions of fixture and fitting object characteristics TIV7D Names of fixture and fitting object groups TIV80 Allocation of clearing accounts to cost accounts TIV81 Real estate object type - Status profile allocation TIV82 Allocate Cost Element Sets to RW Report Groups TIV83 Condition of a real estate object TIV84 Alloc.of non-ded.inp tax rev.acct to net rev.acct (SCS) TIV85 G/L acct/transaction category alloc. for down pmnts made TIV86 Allocation of periodic fee types to condition types TIV87 Allocation of calculation base for select.type/admin.cntrct TIV88 no longer used TIV89 CH Rent adjustment: Adjustment to changed mortgage rate int. TIV8A Assignment Cost Type - Flow Type Directly Assigned Costs TIV8C "Condition of a real estate object, texts" TIV8Z Allocate Events Management Contract to Fee Types TIV90 Default-condition types for adjustment type TIV91 Internal fee types TIV92 External fee types TIV93 Calculation types for calculating fees TIV94 Calculation base for calculating fees TIV95 Selection types for calculating fees TIV96 Calculation forms for management contracts TIV97 Events For Management Contract TIV98 Default values for business entities TIV99 Allocation of Event-Oriented Fees to Transaction Types TIV9A Text table for internal fee types TIV9B Text table for external fee types TIV9C Text table for calculation types TIV9D Text table for calculation bases TIV9E Text table for selection types TIV9F Text table for calculation forms TIV9G Events for administration contracts text table TIV9H Default Value Texts for Business Entities TIV9I RE: Owner POR Data (Switzerland) TIV9J RE: Control Data for POR Clearing Entries (Switzerland) TIVA1 Allocat.of rounding differences from incid.exp. sttlmnt TIVA2 Regional Location Key for Heating Value Days TIVA3 Tenancy law-dependent data TIVA4 Heating value days for heating costs settlement TIVA5 REst. objects for IMKEY (as from Rel.3.0) client-independant TIVA6 Table No Longer Used (Replaced by T001R) TIVA7 Definition of correspondence applications TIVA7_CUST_FUNC Corresp.Applic.: Assigned FMs for Differ. Characteristics TIVA7_HELP_INFO Definition of Correspondence Applications TIVA7_SAP_FUNC Corresp.Applic.: Assigned FMs for Differ. Characteristics TIVA8 Correspondence/Letter assignment TIVA9 Land Register Sect. II Type of Charges and Restrictions TIVAB Regional Location Key- Heating Value Days - Texts TIVAE "Real est. objects for IMKEY, texts" TIVAF Correspondence area texts TIVAG RE authorization groups TIVAGT Text Table for TIVAG (RE Authorization Groups) TIVAI Text reg. Sect.II Type of charges and restrictions TIVAR01 RE: REse@rch - Object Category TIVAR01T RE: REse@rch - Text Table for TIVAR01 TIVAR02 RE: REse@rch - Group of a Rental Object TIVAR02T RE: REse@rch - Text Table for TIVAR02 TIVAR03 RE: REse@rch - Characteristics TIVAR03T RE: REse@rch - Text Table for TIVAR03

TIVAR04 RE: REse@rch - Type of Parking Space for RE Object TIVAR04T RE: REse@rch - Text Table for TIVAR04T TIVAR05 RE: REse@rch - District Location (Rental Request) TIVAR05T RE: REse@rch - Text Table for TIVAR05 TIVAR06 RE: REse@rch - Transport Connection TIVAR06T RE: REse@rch - Text Table for TIVAR06 TIVAR07 RE: REsearch - Conversion of RU-feature->Offer obj. -Feature TIVAR08 RE: REsearch - Preassignment For Offer Object/Rental Request TIVAR09 RE: REsearch - Set Status for Permitted Processes TIVAR1 Real Estate archiving residence times TIVAR10 RE: REsearch - Relationship Status of Rental Request - Offer TIVAR10T RE: REsearch - Text Table for TIVAR10 TIVAR11 RE: REsearch - Transactions For Rental Request TIVAR11T RE: REsearch - Text Table for TIVAR11 TIVAR12 RE: REsearch - Parking Space Group of a Parking Space TIVAR12T RE: REsearch - Text Table for TIVAR12 TIVAR13 RE: REsearch - Types of REsearch Users TIVAR13T RE: REsearch - Text table for TIVAR13 TIVAR14 RE:REsearch - District Loc.Group (Req. Dist. Loc. Details) TIVAR14T RE: REsearch - Text Table for TIVAR14T TIVAR15 RE: REsearch - Permitted Keys for Fixture/Fittings Charact. TIVAR16 RE: REsearch - Parameters With Approximate Evaluation TIVAR16T RE: REsearch - Text Table For TIVAR16 TIVAR17 REsearch: Constants For Similar Evaluation Calculation TIVAR18 REsearch: Constants For Similar Evaluation Calculation TIVAR2 Executed Real Estate archiving TIVAR99 Application: Fields Status Control with Category Criterium TIVB1 Day shift TIVB2 Correspondence application - Correspondence activity alloc. TIVB3 Usage Types acc. to Development plan TIVB4 Print control classes fix./fitting charact. TIVB5 Default Values for Selection acc. to Status of Object TIVB7 Priority for accommodation entitlement certificate TIVB8 Accomm.entitlemnt certif.: Special groups of people TIVB9 Additional information for accomm.entitlemnt certif. TIVBA Day shift (text for TIVB1) TIVBC Usage type per development plan (texts) TIVBD Print control classes fi