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M.S.S. vikram Kaur Rhalsa
Akasha Kaur I<halsa
Dya1 Singh
April, 1989
Q1rurattan Kam: I<halsa
& Ann Marie Maxwell

We are grateful to Mark Lamn (and others whose names 'Ne donIt know)
their graphic and intelligent notes, and to Dyal Singh (Harvey)
and Steve Milberger for their support and encouragement. We also
thank our brothers and sisters on the spiritual path who dedicate
time and effort in learning and sharing this for a better
We are also indebted to the Kundalini Research tnstitute and the
3HO Foundation for pexmi.ssion to use their previously published
material. And we are especially grateful to M.S.S. Vikram Kaur
Khalsa and Ci1ann tarshan Kaur Khalsa for the use of '!he Venus Kriyas.
May you all be blessed with the love, peace, happiness and prosperity
of the Aquarian Age, and with the happy, healthy and holy lives
of the I:t1arma.
'!hese sets and meditations, with their titles, o::mnents and claims
have been transcribed as accurately as '[X)ssible fran the original
notes. We do not offer them in substitution for o:mpetent medical
advice or treatment. Best results will be obt:a.i.ped by exercising
ccmt'On sense and body awareness in the practice of Kundalini Yoga,
in conjunction with a regular exercise program.
Addi. tional copies of this manual can be obtained by writing to
y T ec'hl101o5'1 Press
Gururattan K. Khalsa
913 DA-..enue
Coronado, CA 92118
(afterAugust 1999check address by phoneoremail)
(619)435-3390 email:
Your carments and suggestions are welcane1


Sexuality and Spirituality 10
Introduction to Kundalini Yoga 12
Tuning In 16
Warm Up set 17
Concluding a set 18
A powerful set that raises Kundalini energy and is- excellent
preparation for meditation
glands, brings navel energy to sex nerve.
and excellent preparation for meditation
detennine the sex of a child
Wakeup series (HEART) Bare minimum daily essentials 21
15 Minute Morning set (RELAX) 22
sexuality &Spirituality (NOTES) 23
Sexual Nerve Strength (YCG) Circulates sexual energy 24
For the Sex Nerve (NOTES) Stimulates sex nerve, drains lymph 25
Kriya for the Instinctual self (KEEP) Balances lower triangle 26
Raise Kundalini inQ.,lick Order(RELAX) Raises Kundalini energy 28
Kundalini set #2 (NC1I'ES) Raises Kundalini energy to Heart 30
Kundalini set #3 (NOTES) Great beginners set 32
Kundalini set #4 (NC1I'ES) 34
Kundalini set #5 (NC1I'ES) 35
Meditative Kundalini set (#6) (NOI'ES) 36
Kundalini Kriya #7 (NC1I'ESJ 37
Sex Energy Transformation (SAnA) For female (and male) potency 38
Guraka Kriya (NOI'ES & MARR) For potency to 70-80 years old 41
Potency & Potentiality (NOI'ES) 42
Stimulating Kundalini &Male Potency (NOTES) 44
Killer Potency set (NOI'ES) Olallenging! 45
Potency & Male Energy (NOl'ES) To convert semen to Ojas and to 46
Kriya to Levitate - to be practiced with caution (NOI'ES) 46
To Develop Clccul t Powers (NOTES) 5S
Exercise of Lord Krishna (NC1I'ES) 5S
Kopri Kriya (NOTES) For the Brain. 'lhis unusual set is fun! 47
For the Head centers (NOI'ES) 48
Pituitary Gland set (#1) (NC1I'ES) 49
Pituitary Gland set #2 (NOI'ES) 50
Pituitary set #3 (NC1I'ES) 51
Pituitary set #4 (NC1I'ES) 52
Pineal Gland Kriya (NOTES) 53
Bridge series - Power to the Heart (NarES) 54
Elimination & Circulation Kriya (NOI'FS) This challenging set was 56
taught (in the early 70's) as itappears here, by Yogi Bhajan.
Ithas been combined with running in place and the serabandanda
Kriya (see Transitions to a Heart-<:entered World) to canprise
"The Warrior Workout" in Kundalini Yoga (by Ravi Singh). As it
hasn't been published as taught by Yogiji, W"e include ithere.
need is to be able to do the first three exercises."
Basic Human capacity Workout (NOI'ES) "Every individual's basic 58
Preparation for Meditation (KEEP) 60
complexion and much more.
grace and strength
thyroid gland is responsible for keeping us young and beautiful!
Beauty series (NarES) 65
Gheranda-5arnhita (Head) set (RELAX) For facial muscles, eyes, 66
For the Skin (NarES) 68
To Avoid Aging and Grey Hair (NarES) 69
Wcmen's Daily Exercises for Beauty, Radiance & Grace (NarES) 70
Kriya for Pelvic Balance, Energy & Potency (KEEP) To walk with 72
Young and Beautiful in 3 minutes! (BEADS) 74
Keeping the Body Beautiful (YOG) 75
Thyroid & Throat center (NarES) Yo;i Bhajan says that the 76
Neck series (NarES) 78
Thyroid Kriya (Notes)
Neck & Thyroid (NarES)
Thyroid/Parathyroid (NarES)
Siam Kriya (RELAX) For thyroid & parathyroid
Aerobics set (HEARl')
Weight Control (NarES)
Kundalini Meditation for Beauty & Relaxation (NarES) 89
For the nervous and glandular systems
C1atachya Kriya (NarES) To make you relax, feel good and happy, 90
extend your age and rrake your face innocently charming
Also, good for sleeping
growth and energy.
Radiance (MEl)) -The radiance and beauty of a person depends on the
clarity and glitterof his circumvent force field
Medi tation to becane Young, Powerful and Special (NO+ES) 90
eng Meditation for Power, Beauty & Youth (NOI'ES) 91
Meditation to rrake one Younger and stop the Cycle of Decay (NarES) 92
Meditation for Reversal of Age (NarES) 92
Kriya to Stop Aging (NarES) 93
Meditation for longevity (NOI'ES) 93
Thyroid/Parathyroid Meditation (NarES) A tonic for individual 94
Mantra Jap for Throat center (NarES) 95
Meditation to Develop Vach Siddhi (NarES) 95
Sitali Pranayarn - Extends lifespan, overccmes sickness (ALL BCX)KS) 96
FOR Self-Regeneration (RELAX) 96
Rejuvenation M.edLtation (RELAX) Simple, powerful, spacey 97
2 Pranayarns to Balance Mental Energy and Increase Magnetic 98

Venus Kriyas sending Frana
Beginning Steps 102 Touching Fingertips
Venus Life-Nerve Stretch 103 Tantric Venus Kriya
Shiva-Shakti Pose 104 Venus Triangle
Venus Lotus 104 Pushing Palms
Life-Current Kriya 105 Venus Back Rolls

Kundalini Class for Partners, Groups
Power for Partners & Groups (NOrES) 112
113 Transfer Pranic Energy (NarES)

(NOTES) 110
Kirtan Kriya for Couples and Groups (SAnA, NOl'ES) For Emotional 114
Balance and Healing
can be achieved in3-5 minutes!
Spinning the Kundalini Energy - Laya Yoga #6 (NOI'ES) 115
MA.tiAN OR LINKED JAP (MID) '!he effect of a few million repetitions 116
Meditation in Kundalini yoga 119
and for persons without religion
better for the cenb:al nervous system and the Sushmana Nadi
for raising sexual energy
My person in a non-improved state can do this C'nd rise to
any stateof con:sciousne-ss.
of kno....ledge. For telepathy.
For control of the senses, improving health, prana & apana
satKriya (SAOA) 122
r-brning call (IDng Ek eng Kars) (NOI'ES) 123
Laya Yoga #1 (SADA) 124
Laya Yoga #3 (NOI'ES) For the Heart Olakra 125
Laya Yoga #5 (NOI'ES) 126
Meditation in Hero Pose (NOI'ES) 126
Laya yoga #7 (RELAX) Emerse yourself in Blissl 127
Laya yoga on Stillnes & Projection (NarES) To Soar beyond all 128
Sex Meditation (NOI'ES) 129
Laya Yoga on Ecstacy (SADA)
Mother Principle Meditation (NOI'ES) For courage, connectedness
r-bther Power (NOI'ES)
Hcmeh Bandana Kriya (NOl'ES) Sacred, simple, p:7Werful 131
Meditation for Glidance (MED) rb this when clarity is loS: 132
ra:litation for the Central Nervous System Nothing is 133
Energy & Relaxation for the Nerves (RELAx) Good for beginners & 133
Breat."'ling to Olange Nostrils atWill (SURV) 134
Pet Ardas Meditation with the Mul (NOI'ES) 135
rbi Shabd Meditation for Spiritual Growth (NOI'ES) 136
For Psychic Develot=met1t (NOI'ES) For lif,a nerve inshoulder 137
Meditation to Realize your Own Essence inl-i Minutes (NOI'ES)
El,avation of COnscioosness Ma:litati\JI1 (Sahaj Yoga) (NOI'ES) 138
Ad Ned Kriya (OOI'ES) For "Gupt C::ian Shakti", the secret power of
Maha Shakti Olalnee Indra Mudra (Transcendental Meditation)(NOI'ESl 140
'balance. (Original version)
Mars Transcendental Meditation
Meditation to Lighten the Body (NOI'FS) You may levitate - take

Power & Projection - TrishoulKriya (NOI'ES) To stirup Kundalini,
and for power over life, iJTmuni.ty fran death
the stars are poorly aspected
Olanges the pattern 'balance effecting the imprints on the
Eastern (right) hemisphere of the brain.
experience t.'le expanded self
First Shakti Mantra - Kundalini rising (NOI'ES) can be used when
Meditation to Ol.ange an Imperfect Natal Olart (NOI'ES)
Full z.b:m Glided Meditation (NOI'ES) For cosmic projection, and to
Meditation with Rare, secret Cremation Mantra (NOI'ES) Takes the rned- 147
itator to a high consciousness, develops a happy personality and
the ability to comnand lower consciousness to higher consciousness
Secret, sacred Ancient Egyptian Teaching for Supernatural Powers 148
(NOI'ES) For supernatural powers
Tattva Siddhi Kriya (NOI'ES) For control of the elements 149
Kumbag Yapa (NOI'ES) Gives power to know all life, go beyond time 149
and space, to know past, present and future
For Healing Power in the Hands (NOl'ES) 150
QJruda Mudra For self-Identification (NOI'ES) - QJruda Mudra on 150
which God sits to do miracles. this when you need to know
who you are.
Tantric Circular 153
Yogi Bhaj an on sexual Intercourse
Eleven Moon centers
Avatara Yoga
SUpplementary Exercises
sexual Energy & Potency 168
Beauty, Youth & Rejuvenation 170
Thyroid & 'It1roat center 176
Head centers 178
Fc:ods for Potency, Youth & Beauty
Fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini 184
Focus, Imaging, Proj ection 186
Prana & 184 Bhandas 187
Kriyas 185 Bhanda Exercise 187
Asanas 185 Chakras 188
Pranayama 186 Mantras 190
Meditation 186 Mudras 192
Benefits of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation 193
Meditation Facilitators 195
Bibliography 198
Authors 203
Man is... 20 You are the Universe 97
The human tcdy 20 Men & wanen 100
We are not to be celibate 25 Householders 105
Man is God when - 35 Be a friend to your own soul 118
sexuality 40 Mantra is a telephone 121
Peace 51 A man of God 128
Experiment 52 Highest Yoga 131
You are incarnation of God 59 Marriage 131
Intercourse 61 Astrology 132
You are Beautiful 64 saints & satans 135
CO You Believe in God? 67 Universal Consciousness 139
Beauty 68, 69, 89 Third Eye 141
WC1fl 94 Sin 14a
Love 152
sexual energy is the nost powerful
form of energy kna.m to us. It creates
In the Judeo-C1ristian tradition,
sexuality and spirituality are regarded
as polar opposites and sexuality is
seen as a stumbling block to spiritual
Not so in Kundalini and Tantric
Yoga. Instead of contending,
repressing or defeating our procreative
instinct, we accept and rejoice in
our sexuality and are then able, thru
yoga exercise, pranayama and meditation
to harness and tra.nsIm.lte that ~ u l
energy for healing, rejuvenation,
longevity, spiritua.l developnent ,and
improving our human caliber.
1'We are rot to be celibate", says
Yogi Bhajan. In the 'art and science
of Kundalini yoga, sexuality is a
requisite for spirituality.
Kundalini Yoga was developed to
raise sexual energy to the higher
chakras, transforming it into spiritual
energy and preparing us for higher
levels of consciousness as well as
for a healthy, balanced, physical,
mental, atOtional and sexual life.
!hese, in turn, open up new possibil-
ities for sexual relationships. With
a vital body, and a soul-conscious
mind, 'He can attract and cultivate
meaningful relationships that vibrate
in higher frequencies of love, joy
and peace, and that are nore fun and
nore exciting than before.
Tc:x:lay, many of us are experiencing
an urge to 11'erge God wi.thin,
and Q:ld in another person. 'Ihis
impulse to identify higher cons-
ciousness is part of a rapidly e"
ing hLJInan evolution 'He are now partici-
pating in at the dawn of New Age.
Not only is there a deep desire to
consciously connect mind, soul
and Universal Energy and to experience
"God in me", but there is a simultan-
eous urge to experience 1IGcd. in ~
in an intimate relationship.
!here is now abundant planetary
love energy to support each of us
going inside and finding our own purity
light, hannony and peace inplementing
the sharing of unconditional love
wi. th another human being wi.thout fear,
restriction or wi.thholding
0Jr attitudes towards relationships
are changing, not on!y J:::ecause 'He
feel the new possibilities "in the
air", but also because we realize
that finding and loving curselves is
the first step in finding and loving
a partner. !he basis for happiness,
security and peace in a relationship
is finding it wi.thin curselves. Having
\lIOrked on ourselves and grown, we
are then ready to share love wi. th
a partner.
New relationships go beyond need
fulfillment, ccmpanionship and sexual
gratification. No longer are we look-
ing for a ec:ok. or bread winner. We
are attracting partners in destiny,
rej oicing in the experience of being
male or female and sharing our yin or
yang energy wi. th a partner.
The new relationships include rrore
meaningful se.'rua1 rapport than simple
physical orgasm. !he 11'erging of t\110
souls in deep, joyeous, penetrating,
and radiant sexual pleasure, magnetiz-
ing their bodies and integrating human
and divine energies in pure love is
what 'He are seeking.
Transcendent love in tantric unio-r.
is what we are looking for. To enjoy
this type of union, sane basic skills
and qualities are useful.
1. A healthy and attractive physical
enhances sexual union and ability.
With a strong nervous system we can
handle the increased energy. Both
men and wc:men need strong pelvic and
abdanin'3.l muscles for satisfaction
and endurance. A balanced and well-
functioning thyroid gland keeps us
attractive and slender, in addition
to regulating the function of all
the other glands. '!he pituitary and
pineal glands control physical growth
and developnent, and the associated
energy centers prcm::>te psychic growth
and developnent.
2. Activated and open energy centers
(chakras) enhance the unimpeded flow
of subtle, psychic energy. In addit-
ion to the lower chakras which 'We
must activate to generate and raise
sexual energy, the navel chakra must
be strong to join that energy with
higher energies. '!he opened heart
chakra amplifies the power of love,
attraction, ccmpassion and rejuvenation
allowing us to becane "super-humanly
human" as energy rises to the higher
3. 'Ihe ability to control and move
energy is one of the fruits of Kunda-
lini Yoga practice. To enjoy tantric
union, we must be in touch with our
subtle energy and able to manipulate
it at will.
4. A meditative mind is aware of and
able to rrove energy, and through med-
itation and focus we are able to per-
ceive the electromagnetic forces flow-
ing in and around our bodies.
5. Em:>tional balance sustains healthy,
satisfying and nurturing relationships.
A couple should make love only when
they are serene and clear. Upset,
worry and other negative m:x::ds are
imprinted on the aura and in the psyche
and can be transferred, causing depres-
sion and unhealthy mental states.
Stress drains energy and gr.-adually
wears down magnetic forces until the
initial strong attraction between
the partners disappears and "the chem-
iStry" isgdle. en the other hand,
self-esteem and the feeling of personal
fulfillment amplifies one's own and
one I s partner I s energy.
6. Spiritual balance, and an atm:::lsphere
of calm and peace enables partners
to feel and help IrOve each other I s
energy. IDv'e is shared and cultivated
in an atmosphere of joy, kindness,
canpassion, gentleness, respect
an J:i
'!he techniques presented in this
manual produce the talents and qualit-
ies necessary for evolved human relat-
ionships. But they are equally impor-
tant for those of us not currently
engaged in such relationships, to
raise kundalini energy, elevate cons-
ciousness and attain evolved states of
awareness and being. '!hey are offered
in the spirit of love. Practice and
share them in that spirit.
as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Master of Hatha, Tantric & Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini Yoga is the science, art
and technology that enables one to ac-
cess and utilize his own creative en-
ergy for purposes in addition to repro-
duction. '!his power ( "shakti" ) is
thought to lie oormant in the l<::l'lNer
end of the spine and is often pictured
as a COiled, sleeping sP-rperlt ("kundal-
ini", meaning "coiled") until it is
awakened, spontaneously or by yogic
techniques and arises to unite with
universal energy ("prana") , empowering
an individual with consciousness expan-
ded beyond ordinary awareness and
perception, and powers ("siddhis")
beyond ordinary abilities. (See ''Bene-
fits of Kundalini yoga".)
Kundalini Yoga, as practiced
by Yogij i 's students, consists of
exercises or postures (Asanas) with
special breathing (Pranayama) , hand
and finger gestures (Mudras), bcx:1y
locks (Bhandas), chanting )
and meditation (see Canponents of
Kundalini Yoga - Appendix), together or
in sequence to create exact, specific
effects. This science has been studied
in the rronasteries of India and Tibet
for thousands of Years, and if we
practice it exactly as taught by the
master, we will achieve the powerful,
precise effects predicted. A kriya
is an exercise or group of them, with
one or rrore of the other canponents,
whose total impact is greater than
the sum of the parts. The sets taught
by Yogi Bhajan are kriyas, rather
than simply calesthenic series.
Kundalini Yoga is the rrost power-
ful and inclusive of There
are many other schools of yoga: Hatha
Yoqa, the best known school in the
in the West, is mainly, but not exclus-
ively physical. Raja Yoga claims
to be the highest Yoga (Raja means
"royal") but emits the physicaL
Mantra, Japa and Nad Yoga concentrate
on sound and meaning, Swara Yoga on
breathing, Bhakti Yoga on devotional
prayer and meditation, Karma Yoga
on and service, and Tantric Yoga
attains enlightenment through the
union and balance of male and female
energy, either in sexual intercourse
(Red Tantra or the Left Hand Path),
or in non-sexual union (White Tantra
or the right hand path, as taught
by Yogi Bhajan).
All yoga aims at the same goal -
union with the Universal, Divine Source
or GcxJ. It has been said that the
practice of Hatha Yoga leads to libera-
tion in 16 years, but that time can be
greatly reduced according to the dedi-
cation of the practitioner, by prac-
ticing Kundalini yoqa, (a a:xnbination
of raja and hatha yoga, according to
Yogi Bhajan.)
Kundalini Yoga is addictive1
Once the results are experienced.
we want IIOre! 'logi Bhaj an has taught
thousands of sets and medi tations,
(an embarassment of wealth, really, for
students with access to class notes),
an abundance covering every phase
of human and super-human experience,
(and attesting to the tireless dedica-
tion of Yogi Bhajan. nus material
can only be given by a master like
Yogi Bhajan.) Luckily the notes have
been preserved, fran his earliest
classes here in 1969, through the
later, video-taped material. We are
honored to be able to 1ranscribe and
prepare it for the general public
for the very first time.
Many of the kriyas are venerable
and ancient, having been passed down
by of rrouth from guru to initiated
chela (protege-student), and are there-
fore sacred and secret. Yogiji has
at last made them available to the
public, saying that knowledge belongs
to everyone!
Practicing Kundalini Ym at Home
cnce you try it, you probably won 't be
satisfied with just a weekly class
and will begin to practice at hone.
Optimum results are obtained by prac-
ticing 115adhana", early rrorning (4:00
ish) ~ hour exercise and meditation.
lwbst beginners -,.;ill not ccmnit to
practicing in the lIambrosial hoursII
until they discover its benefits.
A new student may simply wish to add
a Sunday session to his weekly class,
and build practice slowly fran there.
others may do it only when they have
the chance, and of course, sane will
do it every rrorning!
It is generally best to choose
and do the same set daily until it
is mastered (when the poses can be
held for the specified tines), but
it isnI t necessary to do a set for
40 days (as it is reccmnended for
meditations) sare sets, however ,
do specify 40 days in a row, and if
you are working on a particular talent
or problem, you may wish to do a set
daily, tmtil the desired effects are
. Reccmnended Procedure
1) Wake Up Series (in bed).
2) Cold
3) Tune in with the Mi Mantra
4) Warm ups (see page 17 ) ani.t
those that appear in prop:::>sed set.
5) Perform chosen set
6) Relax a few m:xnents
7) Meditate
8) Grounding exercises (see page 18 )
If you wish to meditate later,
but haven I t time for a set, warm up
the spine first with spinal flexes,
and try one or rrore of the "Meditation
A session can be as
long as 3 hours and as brief as 15
Always practice at least 2 hours
after eating in a clean, quiet place,
with the hair pinned on top of the
head (in a "rishi knotII , or at least
confined) and feet bare for maximum
effectiveness. Like the yoga classes
you may be attending, at-heme yoga
practice should be approached with
reverence, dedication, resolve and
gratitude. (So, take the phone off
the hook and really slow down for
this precious time with yourself.)
After you establish regular at-
hone practice, try to attend regular or
occasional classes, too, for the group
energy and that passed frc::rn teacher
to students, as 'Nell as to keep the
~ l and tempo of the discipline. (To
locate local Kundalini Yoga classes, as
taught by the master, look up 113HO"
Healthy, Happy & Holy Organization) in
the nearest large town and call them
for information.
After each exercise, it is import-
ant to pause a rranent to observe its
effects and the altered flow of energy.
Each exercise generates its own spec-
ific effects, unlike calesthenics,
so relax and take a breath or two
before going on to the next one. An
important adj unct of Kundalini Yoga
practice is body awareness. If you
becane sensitive to your own body,
aligning the spine, and making neces-
sary adj ustments, knowing when to stop
or press on, feeling the urge to rrove
a certain way, you will multiply the
benefits and prevent possible inj uries.
(A teacher cannot see everything to
correct your errors, so you must rely
on your own sensitivity For example,
if the spine is misaligned and you
perform Plow Pose, you will not achieve
the benefits and you might aggravate
the problem, but if you nove it as
awareness indicates, you can also
adjust it). Close your eyes and visu-
alize the spine, and see if you can
make adj ustments to align it, especial-
ly before meditation. (see Relax
and Renew for sets to adj ust the spine
and neck.)
All of us carry physiCal tension
in various places, like shoulders,
groin or neck. Exercise or massage
can often alleviate that problem.
But if the intestines are in knots,
energy cannot pass fran the lower
chakras up the spine, and it is dif-
ficult to Perform or appreciate Root
I.Dck (Mulbhand) We can relax the
intestines by simply corcmanding them
to relax, in a kind and gentle marmer
with the eyes closed and the breathing
slowed down.
Many of us find it alroost impos-
sible to relax the heart, which can
be constricted by negativity, self-
hate and fear (see Transitions to
a Heart-centered World) and this muscle
can also be relaxed by a simple, kind
camand, allOWing energy to flow to
the higher centers. If you exper-
ience these problems, take a nanent
or two for internal relaxation before
yoga practice, and learn to "tune in"
to your body rrore often.
If you simply cannot perform
an exercise as given, after doing
your best, it is helpful to visualize
doing it, which benefits
the body almost as much as the act
itself, and also facilitates actually
doding the exercise. COncentration
on a mantra or the breath can make
holding a pose easier. Flexibility
can be attained slowly, by holding
the ends of a towel looped Oller the
feet in forward bends. Q:)n 't force
anything. Everyone was a beginner
once, and with consistent' practice
improvement will be much faster than
t-bst beginning students find
it easier to pull Mulbhand during
inhale, but with practice it can be
done with the breath held out or in.
Some of us find that attention (on
the Crown Olakra, for example) or
projection, or raised energy can be
held only on the inhale. But with
practic'2!, you can pull it up (or pro-
j ect it out) and keep it there, and
infact, therein lies the magic of
Kundalini Yoga! loDst of us have dif-
iculty gazing at the nose while prO-
j ecting out of the Brow Point. Prac-
tice obtains all these abilities and
Raising Kundalini
Central to the practice of Kundalini
Yoga is the raising of
'I11is can be done, quite simply by
practicing the kundalini sets, in
of the legendary difficulty
in doing it. 'I11e trick is in keeping
it up. In the Fast there is so much
tradition about the phenanenon that
we 'NOnder why neither Jesus Olrist,
Gautama Buddha nor M::>harrmed ever men-
tioned it. It has been postulated
(by Bhagwan Rhajneesh - see Meditation
the Art of Ecstasy) that when the
central channel is clear, the ascent
of Kundalini energy is imperceptible,
and it is only in piercing through
blocked chakras (subtle energy centers)
along the spine - see Appendix) that
it is felt.
A few people have spontaneous Kundal-
ini arousals that sanetimes result
in trauma, and even psycho/physical
inj ury and or mental disturbance,
(which explains why Kundalini Yoga
is considered a dangerous practice
by sane uninformed individuals). Such
traumatic, spontaneous Kundalini arous-
als occur arrong the practitioners
of 'IM and other disciplines that try
to raise psychic energy, without pre-
paring the physical body which results
in high voltage blow out. 'nUs never
happens to those who practice Kundalini
Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, because
the body and nervous systewm are pre':'
pared for this potent energy. This
regular practice not only raises Kunda-
lini energy safely, it keeps it up
for life on a higher plane (see "Bene-
fits of Kundalini Yoga").
We have been told by female yogis
that raising Kundalini is very muCh
like experienci ng orgasm. (Men,
unfortunately, have no such reference.)
Apparently it is unique for each person
(like an orgasm or an LSD trip).
some experience it as heat along the
spine, and others see it as brilliant
light. It is described as spiralling
up the spine by sane, and as shooting
straight up the spine by others.
Whatever the individual perception,
it is definitely a pleasant, delightful
and euphoric sensation, often attended
by extraordinary phenerrona, and leading
to raised consciousness.

The following are exerpts frem
lectures and conversations by Yogi
Bhajan in 1969, borrowed fran Kundalini
Medi tation Manual.
"I have recognized, by the bless-
ing of my Master, that it is possible
to be Healthy, to be Happy and to
be Holy while living in this society.
But you must have energy so that your
dead computer rray live and pass on
the signal to you, and canpute all
that you want to do in this society.
We call this energy, in the olden
science, Kundalini (which has been
blocked in the Muladhara, the lowest
of' all chakras or lotuses). '!hough
these are all imaginary things, there
is a way of setting our computers
to be in direct contact with Him,
the biggest canputer, and all things
must then \VOrk autanatically. '!hat
cannot \VOrk until the Kundalini (the
spiritual nerve) breaks through the
blockage and travels up to the stage
of Superconsciousness in consciousness.
\Vhen the Soui is (thus) awakened,
this vehicle of yours will be chauffer-
ed by the soul instead of the negative
ego and you will have found Gocl in you.
You must generate the pressure
of Prana (spiritual, life-force energy)
and mix it with Apana (eliminating
energy), and when the two join, you
get heat in the Pramc center (at
the 8th vertibra). With this heat,
you put pressure (or a charge) on
the Soul Nerve, or Kundalini, which
is coiled in ~ circles on Muladhara,
and this will awaken it so that it
rray pierce through the chakras and
pass through Jalandhara Bhanda (Neck
!Dek), the final blockage in the spine
before the energy reaches the head.
Prana is the life force of the
atan, and Apana is the eliminating
force. When these t\VO forces, positive
and negative, are joined the pressure
brings Kundalini up the central nerve
channel, Sushurrana, and when it reaches
the higher chakras, man can look into
his future, his psychic power is activ-
ated, he knows the totality of his sur-
roundings, and he is a blessed being.
Under the 8th vertibra, there
is a cavity called the "Pranic center"
Where prana is s ~ o r e d Yogis create
pranic energy reservoirs in that cavity
and live on the reserve. ALL IT IS
one inhales prana deep down to the
navel point, and pulls apana up to
the navel point (with Root Lock) prana
and apana mix at the navel (Nabhi)
chakra at the 4th vertibra. Heat is
felt during Kundalini awakening. That
heat is the filament of the Sushumana
being Iit by the joining of prana and
apana. Energy leaves t.i-J.e navel and
goes to the rectum and then it rises.
There are six IlOre chakras through
which Kundalini must rise and it will
happen all at once. Once you have
raised it, thehardest job is to keep it
up &keep the channels clean and clear.
Fran the rectum to the vocal
cord is known as the Silver Cord.
FRan the neck. to the top of the head
is the passage. Fran the 3rd Eye
(between the brows) to the Pineal
Gland (Crown Olakra) is the Golden Cord
To make energy rise through these cords
and passages, you apply hydraulic locks
just as YOU do to bring oil out of the
ground. Mulabhanda (Root Lock) brings
Apana up to the navel at the 4th verti-
bra, the central seat of Kundalini.
Uddiyana Bhanda (Diaphragm Lock) takes
it up to the neck and Jalandhara Bhanda
(Neck !Dek) takes it up the rest of
the way. '!he Pineal Gland (seat of the
Soul) does not work when the 1Oth Gate
(Crown Olakra) is sealed. But the Pin-
eal Gland will secrete when Kundalini
Heat comes and your Pituitary will act
as radar, keeping the mind fran nega-
tivity Kundalini is known as the Soul
Nerve. Your Soul is to be awakened!
Is it difficult? '!here I s no
secret. In 20-30 days of honest prac-
tice you can do it.
CAUTICN: You are playing with
energy that is the life force of the
atan! But with proper preparation
(tuning in, warming up) and following
directions carefully, AND ALWAYS APPLY-
ING NECK LCX:K (neck perfectly straight)
there is no danger."
Before begiMing Kundalini Yoc;a prac-
tice, always "tune in" by chanting
the ADI MANTRA as follows:
Sit in meditation posture with a
straight spine and center' yourself
....i th long, deep breathing. Then
place the palms together in Prayer
Mudra at the Heart Center, fingers
pointed up at 60
, base of thumbs
pressing against the sternum.
Inhale, fOCUSing at the 3rd Eye
Point and chant,
Ong na mo
(ItI C'\ll on Infinite Creative Consciousness'') while e.'Cha.ling and ex-
tending tho! sound, vibrating it in the cranium. Ta..t:.e a sip of air and

Inhale and repeat 2
chant _protects and
dey namo
("I call on Divine Wisdcm".>
- ,.,.
i, m Ii g
-- - ... ,.
J J i ''-=-2. _iF] in j
ucre times. 'lhis
connects us tNith
our higher selves. Properly done,
it stimulates the pituitary and auto-
matically tunes us in to higher COl'1S-

The effects of the sets and medita-
tions is er.hanc:ed by thoroughly 1olaJ:m-
ing up the spine and stretching before
practice (see following rage).
During each exercise, focus at the
3rd eye (b:'O'.l) point unless otherwise
specified, without blocking out other
(breath, posture, etc.)

Unless otherwise directed, inhale,
and hold the breath (still
the posture) and apply "Mul Bha.t'l4"
( root lock - see apperrlix) either
with the breath held in or out.

Relax a m::ment afterwards, and go deep
within to observe the effects of each
exercise (making each exercise a
mini.-med:i tation)
If yeu are unable to Co the exercise
for the specified time, cut them
all proportionately (ie. in half) and
then repeat the set if tlOssible.
Always follO\ol directions as precisely
as possible. Neither anit nor add
an exercise, and Con't skip around,
but Co them in order, without inter-
uption for maximum benefits.

Conclude each set with adequate relax-
ation follo-oed by "grounding exer-
cises" (see "Concluding a set").


September 7, 1974

j. <:N1EL RIDE: Sitting on heels,
flex the spine back and forth, inhal-
ing as it arches forward, exhaling
as itcaltracts back, for 2-3 minutes.

(Also known as SPINAL FLEXES)
'2 '!WIST: Sitting a'1 heels, with
hands on shoulders, fingers in front

and thumbs in back, twist spine back

and forth for 2-3 minutes.

::3 Relax hands down on knees, and

inhale .raising shoulders to ears,
exhale relaxing them down again and
repeat for 2-3 minutes

4 NECK RJLLS: Place chin a'1 chest,

and then circle the head right, .so
that the right ear touches the right
shoulder, then circle back, arc:hing
the neck, then to the left (left
ear to left shoulder), and then
forward again. Continue lIBking' slaw,

soooth circles, ira1i.n9 out any kinks
~ ~

as you go, and reverse directia'lS

for 2-3 minutes. ~

5 CAT-<:oi: en all It4"s , with thighs
directly under hips, ams directly
under shoulders, thighs and cmas
parallel to each other, arch the
back up with the exhale, lowering
the head to the chest. en the inhale,
press the tunmy towards the floor

as the neck arches.back, and continue,

increasing speed as you go for 2-
3 minutes.

A. Both legs stretched out in front,

bend at the hips and grab toes, and
exhaling pull the head down to the
knees, allowing it to rise on the
inhale, for '-2minutes.

B. Place l f ~ heel in right

and repeat, pulling head to right
knee a'1 the exhale for ,-2 minutes.
Switch legs and repeat.

7 Spread legs wide apart, grabbing

onto to toes, and inhale, exhale
head down to alternate knees for
,-2 minutes. (Times added by G.K.)

After a long relaxation, particularly one that follows a series of
exercises, you will find that doing the concluding exercises below
helps to ground you and bring you back to reality:
1) On your back, begin rotating
your feet and hands in small
circles. Continue in one direction
for 30 seconds, then in the other

direction for another 30 seconds.
2) Cat Stretch: Keeping both
shoulders and the left leg flat OU
the groun.d, bring the right arm ..........
back behind the head and the nght
knee over th.e left" leg till it .
touches the floor on the fa.r side --4:.,;;
of the body. Switch legs and arms
and repeat the exercise. {\
3) Still on your back, bring the \
knees up and to the sides, and rub
the soles of the feet and the palms
of the hands together briskly,
creating a sensation of heat.
Continue for 1 minute.
, -
" -'.
, ,
4) Clasping knees to chest with
both hands, begin rolling on the
spine. Roll all the way back till
the feet touch the ground behind
the head, and all the way forward
till you're sitting up. Do this 3
or 4 times at least.
(5) Sit up in easy pose, palms
together in prayer mudra at the
heart center. Eyes are closed.
Inhale completely and say a prayer
of thanks. Exhale and let the
thought go.
(6) A happy conclusion is to sing
this song: May the long time sun
shine upon you, all love surround
yoU, and the pure light you,
guide your way on. Repeat.
an is to make his pot-
ential self his acting
self. Then he is a
living god. There are
certain laws in this
ransformation and we
are to discover them
October 14, 1971
(Sermon on 2 Cushions,
Part I)
instrument of divine
experience. It is the
highest gift of God
July 19, 1975
THIS HUMAN BODY is the net earning of the
entire spirituality, the longing of the in-
dividual soul towards this Piltb of God. Now,
we could say that through the grace of Guru,
you have done Bhakti (devotion), and the
result was a human body. The human body is
at just an ordinary state of consciousness
It is the ultimate state of consciousness, in
gain. Gain! The total projected evolution-
ary syste. through which this soul can travel
can only end up in gaining a human body
Human body
gain is the ultimate stage of
July 19, 1975
Yogi Bhajan reccmnends the following series, every rooming upon (or even
before) arising. '!hey can be done while still in bed.
1. Stretch Pose: Lying on back, arms
and legs kept straig. raise feet
head and hands 6" off the ground and
~ ~ ~
hold wi. th Breath of Fire frcm
minutes or as long as possible. Eyes
should look at big toes, and hands
point towards feet. If the waist
canes up, place hands beneath hips
for support. If held less than a
minute, rest and rePeat pose, increas-
ing time daily. sets the navel.
2. Nose to Knees: Bend the knees and
..,,----- - ..........
clasp legs with arms, raising head , .....
., ....
so that nose canes between knees and ./ ~ .......
/ ..:;;;. "
hold wi. th Breath of Fire for 2 minutes.
canbines Prana with JI...pana.
/ '
/ "
3. Spinal Rock: In same position,
rock back and forth on the spine frcm
neck to tailbone for 1 minute. Distri-
butes pranic energy and relaxes spine.
4. Ego-Eradicator: Sit in Easy Pose
and raise arms to 60
out to the sides,
fingertips on pads of fingers, thumbs
extended straight up and hold with
Breath of Fire for 2 minutes. '!hen
deeply inhale and VERY SI.I:!ilLY raise
arms until thtmlbtips touch overhead,
flatten hands and slowly arc them
down, sweeping the aura with the palms,
collecting any darkness, negativity
or sickness, and press and release
it into the earth, to clean and ener-
gize the aura. Feel light around
you and meditate on that light. \
April 9, 1970
, stand and extent1 antIS straight out
and slightly pressed back, pointing
thumbs straight up. Hold with Breath
of Fire for 2 minutes. 'Ihen il''1.'1ale
deeply, slowly raising aJ:mS overllead
'til thumbs meet, arch back, and ex-
haling, slowly bend forward to touch
toes. Olarges electro-magnetic field.
2. Sit, spreading legs wide apart.
Grab left foot and lower head to left
knee, with Breath of Fire for 2 mins.
To end, deeply inhale, ex-
hale and pull Mulbhand, holding as
long as possible. Relax and repeat
on right side.
3. Iocust Pose: en stanach, place
hands palms Cbwn under thighs (Peg'in-
ners use fists) and inhale as you
raise the straight legs as high as
possible. EXhale and apply Mulbhand,
holding as l<X1g as possible. Repeat
and CCI'ltinue for 3 minutes, relax 2.
4. Cobra Pose: Concentrating atthe
3rd eye, arch torso up in Cobra. In-
hale, exhale and pull Mu.l.bhand, hold-
ing as long as possible. Repeat
ing as long as possible. Repeat and
continue for 3 minutes. Relax 2 mins.
5. Shoulderstand: en back, raise legs
and hips perpendicular to the floor ,
supporting them with the hands, weight
on shoulders, neck "and upper arms.
Take 3 deep breaths, and on 3rd exhale
apply Mulbhand, kicking buttocks rap-
idly with alternate heels for as long
as possible. Inhale, repeat and con-
tinue for 3 minutes, resting 2 minutes
6. Sit in Easy Pose, and lie back
down, hands folded in Venus WCk
on the stanach. Meditate at3rd eye.
a::JI1MENl'S: 'Ibis powerful set raises
Kundalini energy and is excellent
preparation for meditation. (113-
6 were designated ", 5 Minute Morning
Set" - II' & 2 increase the time.).G.K.
,.-" \ .f " ....
, b I. ....
: .
/ II
,. ,
I, ,
, \
I; \
i .;
I \

April 16, 1986
1. In Easy or Lotus Pose, make fists
and place them on the floor beside
hips, and lift the body as in body
drops, oot hold the body off the grom'ld
for ~ minutes for many benefits.
2. In Easy Pose, bend anTIS at 90
to sides, palms forward, and with
force, bring the hands to heart center
as if to clap, but do let them rreet.
Repeat and continue for 2-3/4 minutes,
for the nerve/muscle which controls
the digestive system.
3. Repeat #1 for 30 seconds.
4. seated, close the hands except the
first twc> fingers which extend straight
out and bring anTIS overhead and as
far back as possible, and then bring
i\fI'\ \
them all the way down with force,
, tdV,{ I \
as if you are going to hit the ground,
j -.- i . I
but without touching it. Repeat and
continue, powerfully for ~ minutes.
I ,
5. In seated posture, make fists and
circle them around each other in front
of the heart center (DRISHTI TRATKA
KRIYA - for the pineal gland), and
move quickly for 1t minutes.
6. Lock arms holding opposite elbows
and place them on top of the head,
a little towards the back and bow
to Jap sahib for 5 ~ minutes.
7. Arms overhead with palms together,
thtmlbs crossed, sway fran side to
side, pressuring lowest ribs for 3 ~
8. On back, interlace hands behind
the head and rapidly jump the pelvis
up and down (6-9"), tensing the body,
creating a special pranayam for 5
9. Relax in corpse pose, sleep, for
3-1 minutes.
1. a) Shoulder stand. en back, raise
legs straight overhead supporting
weight with hands en ribs, waist or
hips, and kick buttocks with alternate
heels for 3 minutes.
b) IDwer hips to floor and continue
to kick the buttocks with alternate
heels for 3 minutes.
c) Relax for 2 minutes. '!hen repeat
the series, breathing long and deep
during relaxation.
Stimulates the nerve reflex area ,"
in the buttocks Itis a great exercise
for everyone, but especially for men
who need to strengthen the sexual
2. In Rock Pose, sit on heels with
hands in Venus Lock in the lap and
meditate for 2 minutes. For digestion.
3. Q1 back, inhale as you slowly raise
legs to 90 and contract sex organs
in nodified Mu1bhand, and exhale as
you slowly lawer the legs and release
the contractien. Pull and release
the contraction smoothly and evenly.
Repeat 4-10 times.
Adds sustaining energy to the system
and sexual endurance and integrates
the release of sexual energy into
the other tx:x1y systems.
4. Relax canpletely.
c::c:MMENI'S: '!his set circulates sexual
Remember that 90% of sexual energy
is used for creative and regenerative
:. : : . : : : : : . : . : : : : : : : : : : ~ ..:;,
funcions throughout the body. Without
a qocd supply of sexual force the
~ ~ . -..----_... ---.-
nerves are shakey and insensitive,
and aging occurs Irore rapidly. With
regular and frequent practice of such
a kriya while you are young, the body ~ :
~ :
~ ~ --::::::::s=:
will not fail when you are older.
--- -
25 I
I 1. Sitting, spread legs wide apart,
place hands on thighs, and flex the
spine for 2 minutes.
2. In the same position, press palms
down on floor, 18" in front of groin
for 2 minutes. 'Ihese two exercises
drain Lymph Glands in the groin and
thigh and sti.mulate the sex nerve.
3. Lie down flat on the back, with
the legs spread as wide as possible"
hands grasping shoulders, fingers in
front, thumbs in back, elb:1Ns on the
ground. Meditate on all the muscles
as you lift the b:xiy, as slowly as
possible, muscle by muscle, until
the nose is on the ground between
the knees. Hold for 3 minutes and

4. Continue as in #3, bring the

nose to the left knee and hold for
1 minute, inhale up and repeat 3 times
and relax back down. Repeat, nose
to right knee. #3 & #4 opens navel
energy and channels it to the sex
nerves, balancing glandular secretion.

5. Relax.

Kundalini Yoga) One bl issful sexual
union per month is usually plenty. It
is important not to live in the three
lower centers. Children should be care-
fully planned and meditated upon.
Summer 1972

/Is h.na11:eirgs, ...e imtin:::t:s ascD cninBls, hIt...e 1'B've c:tIi1itytodiIa:t,
a"rl to ttEir e<p:eiSim. ltB' c: scrug=st .iIstirIs f:irrl 1:hroJ::j1
t:Dal;;le" (1st, 4rl & 3m 0Bl<Ias anelatin;J to Ied:un, sa< a-g:n cn:1 l'EM:1
{Dint) lo:x:rdin;; to s:isr:e c: H.JrBDlo:;rf, as taJtIt 1:: 'b;i B'BjCl1, di.sflrI:.ticrs of
b::rly are reflertErl in tie mirrl cn:1 vice \E!t'Si. N:lm:tic b:tBvicr cn:1 self
attit:J..d:s cg:ea:r, as:iIri:Blal:esintteJ.a,a:- t:da1;;le. Adim:::tYEf:/ toa::u:e:t s..d1 :iItt:Bl,
CfiES is to st:im.ilate cn:1 g]'xE toalter :irBtin:::.ti\oe cn:1 le:n:n:rl iEosin
kw:!rdBkras, t:hro..J;t1 it is rrssi
e, inrre:Ii.tati\oe se1..f-a::se:aleJt, toeffe:d:s:ir-
eblev.tnljsHe in:t:J:tavicr. 'Ihis kri.ya isCI1 earplec: s..d1 t:edTD1a3Y. RrITEOCim.m
1::a"Efi.ts, l:rin;;ttemirrl tofi:x:lls m vlBt ared::Iin;cn:1 d.Jriz'g Ed1 rrcTB1t..
1. Sit cn:1 s::lles c: feet tcy:tla, l'Eels in
groin, h:rrs graspin; feet, kn:es as to
fla:r as rrssib1e. !rtBle, flecirJ; spi.rE! fi::nmd,
a"rl eMBJe fledn:;; it1RX l<Ee:irg h:irl stra:itj1t,
a"rl a:rJl::inE a:c:rdimt:in] IItMm:!1t:
a"rlJ%eath, fi::r 1-3m:inJtEs. !rtBle,1'D1d l:riefly,
ed"ale cn:1 Ie1ax. Ia:sers loa:'spi.rE! cn:1 stiItu1.-
ates f:1orI c: seo.alEretgy.
2. 01 stcla:h\ 'f'Blm; 01 flcxrU'D:rstn11cPrs,
h:e1s t:t:g::tla:, fa:::i.r.q q>,irta1eintoa:h:a.
R::se, atdli.n:J \Ai:!ttd:xa 1:: 'fertS:!:a, ron rB:K .
to l::a!:E c: spi.rE! u:t:il ams are stra:itj1t, elb:::rws
kd<ai. ad'Ble, .iltale cn:1 b Itt I des to
, .
FimtplatfamR::se, J:x:dy ina stra:itj1t h:irl
to h:e1s. into O::b::a cgain, cn:1
.--' ....
I)'ttmically\ p:w:rlulboeatlti.n:.; fi::r 1-3m:inJtEs

IrtBleintoa:b:a, 1'D1d cn:1 cg:ilyMillia'Db:i.efly,

ed"ale cn:1 relax. Slte13tlss ha:' 1RX cn:1
t:a1=n::es f1.aN c: se.B1 Eretgywithm..eJ.. Eretgy.
3. Sp3t in Q:ol !tee, la'E5 dr:aw:1 into dEst,
s::l1.e; c: feet flat m fla::r, spi.rE! stra:itj1t cn:1
WIaP ams amn::i klEes, :f:in3ets irJt:erJ.cdal in
\eU; Ia:K \ B:eet:h c: Fire fi::r 1-3 m:inJtEs.
CirnJ1ates E!'Egy c: tte la,er 3 cn:1
q:B"S q; tohip; cn:1 la.e:intestin:s.
4. 01 l:a:::k, irta1e cn:1 Iaisa q;l 00, edBle
arrllcw:!rt::h3n, withp:w:rlulb:e:lth-
in] fi:r 1-3 minJtes. Sltaytlss c:bblel,
sett::in; ttel'EM:1 !Dint: &;;xc:ni &
5. 01 sI:cta:h, irJt:er1cd< fiI"g:!rs in 'AnJs Ia:K
01 l::a:k, cn:1 :irtB1e, h:ed, l.s3s cn:1 Brls
as far as p-ssib1e. lbldwith a:-eath ofF.ire fi:r
1-3 minJtes. IriBle, edBle cn:1 relax. Sltaytll-
e'5 l:a:::k, a1.kws E!'Et9Y to f]a,; toIl'Ii.d-spin:
arrlq::a'S rEt've d'B'n=ls inttes:llarp1.eQ.s.
- --

6. iElaX 0'1 ta::::k, aDT5 at sid=s, '(;B1n5 t.p ft:r

1-3 mi.I'JJtE5. 'lh:n p.ill J<n:e; to c:b=st, ams wtap-
p:rl amrd tran, n:sa t:eo.a:n m=es crd ro:X ta:k

CI"d f:a'th en ttE spire fran b:s= to rs::k fer 1
mirute. ~ spin: aD aErgy
ron tte p:evia.5
7. a) Q'll::B:X, Iaise ls:Js in S' s:cm, \Si.r'g

tie emu; fi:r sq::p:::rt, ell::x:ws 01 fl.a%, 50 t:hat.

tie b:rly is p:::t:fB
ar to fla:r D:on ~
to tas, wa:i.9'1t en Sn.Jld:![s, el.b:w; aD IECX,
with d'lin p::::s:x:d d:irIt:o ch:st. H:iliJ with :a:eth of fer 1-3 mirut:es.

b) o::nt::i.ruin; Emlth c F.i.Ie, dttp 1s:J; o.e:Ee:i

to teSt tJ::;s of toes en ttE fla:r, ls;;s st::raiglt,
with tte ams sLtetdErl aJt b:h:irrl ~ p:::lint:irg
arEfi fmn th! t:edt ern tc1d fi:r 1-2 minItes.
SlOOy em cmefully sb:1:! 1s:]5 Lttti e: l::B:X
fi:r a miJd st::ret:ch in '+P=t' !:B:X aD rECk. 'lh:n
cEeply iri'a1e, edBle aD slarlly t.l'lflec tie l.::ecK,

vet t:eb:a 1 ve:td:xa to relax d::w1 en tiE J:::a:X.

cp:m tte ~ spin: cn:1 telat:B:i rerve R5iJES
to flo1 c IO.nElini t:rer.gj cn:1 st:imJ.lab:s the

. thyroid em p:u:at:hymid

8. sat Rdya in Q>Jd-atp R:a:. ~ tiE l<rEes
wid: an sit }:eh-a:n tEels in cletate R:e, ams

SltntdHl o.eieal aD t:s;in ''sat l'nya" (see

''sat !ni< pga 77), d'a't:in:;

(J:iIe; with 'bi:

) ron t h ~ aD

(Itn:s with 'M:m
) reJ..axin;, fa' ~ S minJt:Es.
:rrtale, SJEPZP th! ms:les tictttlY ten bt:tx:d<s

all tie "'8Y 1.P th! l:a:k to JtB'lI:ally alJa,.r the
ffii!I.qj tD fl.a,.r t:htoJ;t1 tie 1:I:p of tre SoJil.
~ a-d J:elax. CimUates IUdilini ~
am integrate:; th! ~ telees=d ten th! 1GJer
3 dBkl:as into the Sj'Stan 50 t::tat tre effects
are ~ ~ Jaq 1asl:::in;.
9. ~ y m1ax fi:r 3-10 miruf:e:;.
(December 9. 1969)
1 - TABLE POSE: Squatting, with feet
1 feet apart, pass upper arms
thighs and calves, inside
thighs & outside calves), and place
hands under heels, thighs resting
on the elb OW5, spine parallel to
the floor. Hold with long, deep,
breathing for 2-5 minutes. 'Iben
inhale, exhale and apply Mulbhand.
(balances the sex glands.)
2 - In EASY POSE, holding onto the
shins, stretch and contract the spine
up and down from the base for 2-3
minutes. (Without back & forward
movements. 'Ibere may be pain near
the kidneys. ) Inhale, exhale and
apply Mulbhand.,
3 _ Spinal twist, using shoulders,
with hands .on shoulders, fingers
forward, thumbs back. Feel it at
the navel p:>int. Continue for 2-
3 minutes.
4 - Spinal t-,.,ist, with palms together
overhead, arms traight up for 2-3
minutes. (For 9th vertebra.) 'Iben
inhale, exhale and pull Mulbhan.i.
5 _ BODY DROPS in LDtus Pose, if
possible, or with legs stretchP.d
out in front. weight is on fists
beside the hips .which lift the butt-
ocks and drop them down again for
2 minutes.
'-"'\\ __I (--_

7 In FAS'i POSE, cross arms and
place hands en opposite knees. Inhale
deeply, pulling the arms and stretch-
ing the shoulders, hold the breath
in, and exhale and relax.
6 . Legs stretched straight out in
front, stretch body foI:Ward and relax
down, head en knees for 2-3 minutes.
Then inhale, exhale and pull Mulbhand.
8 FINGER LCX:K at Heart CEnter ,
with long, deep breathing. Pull

har.d for 2-3 minutes. '!hen inhale,
stretch arms above head and hold,
p.xhale and apply Mulbhand.
9 :scM POSE: en stanach, grab ankles
and arch up, pulling arms and legs
as high as p::>ssible. Inhale, stretch
up even higher, pull Mulbhand, hold,
1 0 _ MEDITATICN: Fix eyes on top
of the skull, and press the tongue
on the roof of the mouth. (There
may be pain in the nose.) Dedicate
self to the Divine.
CCl-1MENTS: '!his is an excellent prep-
aration for deep meditation. G.K.
(Some ti.'T1es were added by G. K. )


.1 ........ '/
1. RUN
IN PLACE for 1 minute,
each direction (1 minute
1 minute East, South
& West, etc.)
2. BODY DROPS with legs stretch-
ed out in front for 1-2 minutes.
ing on buttocks, grasp feet
and raise them, arms
and legs straight (holding on
to big toes, if possible) with
long, deep breathing for 2-
3 minutes.
4. a) SPINAL FLEX in Easy Pose
for 2-3 minutes.
b) Spinal Flex five times
per inhale, and 5 times per
exhale for 2-3 minutes.
5. FROGS, 54 of them. Squat
into Frog Pose, heels raised
and touching each others, fin-
gertips on the floor with arms
straight between legs. Inhale,
lift buttocks, lowering head
to look at knees. Exhale,
returning to original squat,
head looking ahead,
always keeping the heels raised
and touchiI!g.
6. CAMEL POSE with Breath of
Fire for 1 minute. Sit on
Heels, arch pelvis up dropping
head back and grabbing heels.
Press the pelvis forward.
7. CHAIR POSE, wi th long, deep
breathing for 1 minute. (Squat
and pass arms inside thighs,
outside forelegs, hands on feet,
and sit up as much as possible.)
Continue with Breath of Fire for
1 more minute. Then inhale,
exhale and apply Mulbhand.

raise arms to
deep breathing
Then Inhale
to the chest
push ches t up and
lbs. of pressure,
on the Heart
14. ON BACK,
90 with long,
for 1 minute.
and draw tension
and relax.
(Times added by G.!<.)
13. ON BACK,
out with 5-10
Chakra for 2-3
11. CAT/COW: On hands and knees,
arms and thighs parallel to
each other, and press the back
up, dropping the head down (like
a cat) as you exhale, then relax
the back down and arch neck
up on the inhale, 108 times.
12. SPINAL FLEX in Rock Pose,
wi th hands in Venus Lock behind
the neck. On each inhale, press
elbows to chest. 108 times.
10. SPINAL FLEX in Rock Pose,
108 times. Inhale as the spine
arches forward, exhale as it
contracts back.
8. MAHA SHAKTI POSE with left
foot 6" above right foot, with
Breath of Fire for 2 minutes.
9. STRETCH POSE. On back raise
head and hands 6" (arms & legs
straight), and look at toes,
with Breath of Fire for 2 mins.
1 left oostril breathing for 2-3
minutes. '!hen right nostril breathing
for 2-3 minutes.
2. In Easy Pose, extend arms up at 60
with Breath of Fire for 2-3 minutes.
3. a) 26 Frogs, inhaling up, and exhal-
ing Cbwn.
b) 26 Frogs, exhaling up, inhaling
c) Inhale, stand up and stretch arms
overhead, arching the back, then exhale
and bendforward to touch the floor
26 times.
4. a) en back, raise legs 6" with
Breath of Fire for 2 minutes.
b) Raise legs 12" and hold with
Breath of Fire for 2 minutes.
c) Raise legs up to 4S0 and hold
with Breath of Fire for 2 minutes.
d) Raise legs to 60
and hold
with Breath of Fire for 2 minutes.
e) Lift torso in Shoulder Stand
and hold for 2 minutes.
S. a) .; Bow Pose with chin on ground
and left hand holding right ankle
with Breath of Fire for 2 minutes.
b) As above, reversed, with right
hand holding leftankle, for 2 minutes.
c) Bow Pose with ooth hands holding
corresponding ankles for 2 minuteS.
I ......
\ \
[ , \ I
'I:r-l\ i
, I
1',',,'- "I'/(}
~ ~
' I ",,;', .-.:
~ ,'",' /
. ..',- ,
~ ;' ,,""
, ,',,;' -
, /1,- ....)
, , / .-" /
,J /0/ / _---- , 0
;' 1_ ....... _. __ .. ' ,
~ ~ : : - 7 c 1


6. a) Life Nerve stretch, roth legs

stretched out in front, inhale up
and exhale down for 2 minutes.
b)Life Nerve stretch with Breath

of Fire for 2 minutes. To erd" inhale,

exhale and pull M.1lbhand and. hold.

~ : ;
It f.;

, 7. a) Celebate Pose, lying on back

:. I
hips on floor between ankles, with
,: )' ~ Breath of Fire for 2 minutes.
, I
I ,
b) Upright Celebate Pose. Kneeling,
.,. f'

..;" . sit between shins and feet with IDng,

deep breathing for 8 minutes.
c) camel Pose with Breath of Fire
for 2 minutes.

B. sat Kriya in Siddhasana (Perfect

or Accanplished Pose). Sit with left
heel in perineum, and place right
heel on top, tucking toes in between
thigh and calf crease. Raise roth
arms overhead, palms together (or
in Venus lockwith Index Fingers extend

ing up) and chant

pulling on the navel, then chant

relaxing contraction. (see sat Kriya,
pg.112 ) Continue for 5 minutes

9. On back, raise legs to 6" and

hold for 2 minutes. '!hen relax on

the back.
Times ~ e unspecified and added by G.K.

;' " ~ t
,',' ./ ..... \
, ~ I ~ '\
~ ' .
~ _ c :
(1969-70) ~
1. 00 BACK, do Breath of Fire for 5
minutes. '!ben inhale and raise legs
to 18", apply Mulbhand, hold and relax.
Repeat twice.
2. In EASY POSE, alternately shrug
shoulders up to the nose for 1-2 mins.
3. STERNUM ROl'ATICN: Like a Belly
Dancer, circle the upper torso between
shoulders and solar plexus for 2-3
minutes, 1t minutes in each direction.
4. SHOOLDER STAND with long, deep
breathing for 2 minutes. '!ben inhale,
exhale and apply Mulbhand, hold, and
relax dc:7wn.
s. AROi, as though to go up in shoulder
stand, raise legs and place hands
at waist, with thumbs forward, fingers
back, and carefully arch the back,
legs dc:7wn, feet resting on the floor
for 2 minutes.
6. t EO'l POSE, on stanach, with right
ankle in left hand, right hand in
Guyan Mudra at small of the back.
Hold, with long, deep breathing for
6 minutes. Inhale, exhale and apply
Mulbhand and then repeat on opposite
hands and leg.
7. t BOV as above, but with left
hand grasping left foot. Repeat with
right hand and foot, 6 minutes each.
8. MARA SHAKTI POSE: seated, incline
upper torso back 60
, raising legs
to 60, fonning a perfect "V" with
Breath of Fire for 1 minute. Inhale,
hold and apply Mulbhand, and exhale.
Repeat twice.

Ii 1


: I
" ,
I: . r .
hi. :> .
: ~ : ~
- '>
.. ~
~ p t e r n e r 21. lq69
1. In ROCK POSE, wi th knees
apart, inhale, exhale and
pull Mulbhand, concentrating
at the 3rd Eye. Repeat twice
more. "The seed is sown! "
(Yogiji released life force
for 1 second to aid class.)
2. SAT KRIYA for 3 minutes.
Then inhale, exhale and apply
Mulbhand and pull up along
the spine.
3. Push up into COBRA POSE,
inhale, exhale, exhale again
and swivel head left and
right. Inhale and relax.
COMMENTS: Iden"tify with the Creator (Truth, Sat Nam) and you
will become Sat Nam. The grace of the teacher is to plant
the seed; then the Self does the work.
MAN IS GOD when he has faith that he
is a man, but he is a Satan when he doubts
that he is.
December 18, 1970

! I

--"t- .... ,' ..
., ...... ,

6. '!hen raise legs to 90, and reach
up and grab toes, raising head and
shoulders, and hold for 3 minutes.
4. Remain in Rock Pose and punch the
air in front of you, inhaling with left
thrust, exlmng with right for 5 mins.
3. Sit 00. roth heels in Rock Pose,
hands 00 knees, and lower forehead to
the ground 00 exhale, arise 00.
and continue for 3 minutes.
2. In same posture, raise antIS up
to 60 and breathe as in #1 for 3
acre minutes.
5. en back, draw knees to chest, clasp-
ing legs with arms and relax for 3
7. In Easy Pose, cross a:DIIS, right
over left, hands 00. chest and chant
Sa Te. Na. Ma.
for 5 mins.
a. In same pose, chant
c::r. Hands in Qlyan Mudra, tips of teeth
together, look at nose tip and inhale
in 4 equal parts
Sa. Ta Na. Ma.
and exhale in 4 equal parts
Sa. Ta Na. Ma.
for 5 minutes.
March 14, 197? (Austin, Texas)
1. In Virasan, sit 00. left heel, draw
right knee up to chest, foot flat 00
the ground, cross anns 00 right knee.
Inhale in four parts, silentlychanting
Sa. To. Na. Me
and exhale in 4 equal parts silently
Sa. Ta. Na Ma,
for 3 minutes.

7 . Come up into Cobra Pose. supporting
the body with the arms, and say t2
H u.rn . r , ..... ,_
Relax dOlrm and say ,"
Hu.rn ' ,-
contine for 1-2 minutes.
6 a . Or. stomach. raise head and
legs, and leave arms on the
ground stretched out in front of the
body. hands in Venus Lock. Hold \oli th
Breath of Fire for 1 minute.
6 b. Arms straight. hands in Venus
Lock behind back, raise upper body.
stick out curled tongue. and de breath
of fire for 1 minute.
3a. Sitting. one knee t.o
the chest. raise the other outstretch-
ed leg 12" and s\,;ing it in an 180
arc from hip for 1 Switch
legS, and repeat. ?'epeat the exercise - - - - -'
on the first leg, and then a second
time on the 2nd leg. , ..
3b. In Rock Pose, spinal " ------_... -.
for 2 minutes.
3 c . Continue spinal flexes \-;i th A I
out in front for \
4. From rock pose. lean back and _: d C::=:::::::::::"..J
support the weight on the elbo\!s and
and do neck rolls for 1- =-
mlnutes. For thyroid.
5. On back. raise alternate shoulders L" .

J; ... as in #2. at Breath of Fire rate. _
Best exercise for

e. Relax.
1. On back. raise arms to 60

and hold the breath for 1 minute.
Exhale. inhAle. raise legs to 60

for 3 counts. exhale do\o.'Tl. Inhale.
raise beth to 60
and hold for
i minute. Then press toes forward
heels together, exhale, inhale, &hold for
15 seconds, and relax"
2. On back. raise 1 shoulder and
bring it to the ground \lIi thout using
body. and then the other. Repeat
4 times.
Kl.JND.n. L.. I N I
(For e ~ a l e & Male Sexual Potency)
1. On stanach, place hands directly
under the shoulders and arch up into
Cobra Pose. '!ben inhale, raising hips,
into Froot Platform Pose. Exhale to
Q:)bra, inhale to .Platform 26 times,
and then relax for 2 minutes on the
stcmach. To keep the rhythm and mind
focus, the teacher should chant
(Infinite, Creative Consciousness)
on the inhaleand
(I am 'Ihou)
on the exhale. Exercise activates the
2nd (sex) 01akra.
2. In Cl:7 Pose, on hands and knees,
stretch forward, exhaling, touching
chin and hips to the floor, keeping
head up and antIS ~ t Inhale back.
into 0Jw Pose, the teacher chanting
"Ong" on the oo.m UDtion, and "Sohlmg"
on the up, 26 times to activate the
2nd and 3rd (Navel) 01akras.
3. Without pause, lie on back., grab
ankles and inhale, raising the hips,
exhale lowering them 26 times. Rest
for 2 minutes and repeat 26 more times.
For 2nd Olakra, tension in the ovaries
and the lower spine.
4. Without pause, raise b::>th legs 18"
. with long, deep, powerful breathing
for 30 seconds. '!hen alternately
bring knees to the chest, with each
deep inhale, in a push-pull action
for 45 seconds to 1 minute. '!hen inhale
holding roth legs straight out for
5 seconds and relax. l-Dves energy
out of the digestive system.
5. Still on back., l:.:end knees and touch
souls of feet together, clasping them
wi th the hands and rock back and forth
for 30-45 seconds.
6. Deep relaxation for 2 minutes.
~ I
10. O1ant
Ek Ong Kar, Sat Nam,
Sat Siri Wha

EJc 0... &r Sea, Natm Sat Nane 51-rf W1ta G. - ru - u
apply and releasing !'lllhhand while chanting "sat Nam" and "QJru". Gradually
the Mull:lhand will becale so stzoa,q & locked that it willl:e easy to hold throug-
out the entire chant. Cbntinue for 6 minutes, hold for 15 seconds, exhale
and relax or meditate. Uses Kundalini energy to project the mind to Infinity.
a::Mon!Nl'S: In our culture, 'Ne are taught to vie1!7 sex in teJ:mS of pleasure
and reproducticn. we aren't educated in the need for Jl'Clderation in sex in
order to maintain health and nerve balance. sexual experience in c:orrect
consciousness can give you the experience of God and bliss, but before that
can cx:cur, you must charge ycNr sexual batteries and possess a real potency.
SEminal fluids, male and female, CCI'1tain high c:ax:entratioos of minerals
and elements crucial to proper nerve balance and brain functicn. '!he sexual
fluid is reabsorbed by the body if it is allowed mature. Its essence, or
"Ojas" is transported into the spinal fluid. Running ycNr mind with ojas
is like rumi.nq a car without oil - you wear it out quickly. About 90' of
"your sexual energy is used to repair and rejuvenate the organs of the body.
!be normal span of potency for a yogi is equal to the length of his life.
In the United States, potency wanes even in the early forties. 'Ihis kriya
generates sexual energy and transmutes it into ojas and healing force.
SEXUALITY: There is energy in you and you
have to channel it. Highly energetic (in
games, sports) people are not very sexually
desirous. Inactive people are more sexually
oriented, a release for the energy.
August 21, 1972
- --- ----- --- - -- --- -- - -

June 19, 1970
1 Sit with the soles of the feet
together before sex gland, lean forward
and place hands on floor in front,
and bounce buttocks up and dc:Jr"m, feel-
ing homey and thi.nIdng of sex for
15 minutes. ("You will be potent for
70-80 years".)

and relax allowing energy to arise
up and out through the hands, chanting
for 5-11 minutes
4 Iaya Yoga: In meditation pose,
hands in GJyan Mudra resting on knees-,
axms straight, chant the Laya fonn
of the Adi. Shakti Mantra:
Ek On.g Kar A
Sat Nam A.
Siri Wha A
Hey Gl....:lru

.J It 0t\IS ,r....'1 'Ur- If
I@J j
oJ - JIll
Jif Ii J.=Jl
On "EK" sharply contract the navel, visualing navel energy descending
to the rectum and sex organs. On the first "A" (after "Kar"), pull Root
IJ:x::k and hold it, and on the "A" after "Naro", apply Diaphragm Lock, visual
izing energy spiraling up the spine and through the chakras, and on the
"A" after t'Wha", pull Chin I.Dck, seeing energy spiral through neck and
head. Q1 "He", relax the Mulbhand and Diaphragm IDcks and allow the spin-
ning energy to leave through the crown Olakra. '!he mantra is chanted
in one breath. Repeat and continue for 11 minutes or
5_ Relax on the back.
,. CDRPSE POSE CRONe H: en back, crunch knees
into chest with a jerking movement, clasping
them with arms, and then extend them out
straight, , 0-, 5 times. '!his is a man's wake-
up exercise. It will bring the lower back
into a straight line, create heat and correct
the magnetic field.
2. BABY POSE SWING: Sitting on heels, forehead
to the floor, move the buttocks fran side
to side, back and forth for , 5-20 minutes.
It is a wake-up exercise that takes care
of the clearance system.
3. WINtMILL: Standing with legs 3 feet apart,
arms out to sides, parallel to floor, palms
down, inhale (up) and exhale as you touch
alternate hands to opp:>site feet for 3-5
minutes. It adj usts the hip l:xme which is
e-ssential for long life and potency.
4. \\'EIGHTLESS RUN: Place hands on a support

5 . CRCM SCUATS : Feet ,.; feet apart, arms
extended straight out in front, palms down,
allel to floor, inhale (up), and exhale \) .'
, ''t. ,
as you squat down 20-50 times. Stretches .::....
a . meridian nucleus above the knee wi thout ...,' ' ..
you cannot enjoy sexual, sensual or .' .., ....: .....
creative continuity, and you will be bored, ,:.,
dumb and irritated.
(bathroan or kitchen sink), and hold
weight, arch the back as in Cow Pose
run in place for , 0 minutes. Builds
muscles, adj usts the hips and is good
a long, healthy life.
I' I i'... ..
.... , ...""",--....
:<::= g ,..-r
6.FOREHEAD ro KNEE STRE:I'Oi: Stand, feet hip
width apart, knees kept straight, and bend
forward to put your nose between your knees,
wrapping the arms around the legs for 3-5
minutes. '!his exercise measures your age
and sensual, creative productivity If you
can your nose bebleen your knees and
hold it for the given time, your effective
age and capacity is that of an 18 year old.
Halfway denotes about 45, and barely able
to bend is about 65, regardless of chronolog-
ical age.
7MANS y(X;A RUN: Run in place with elbows lifted
and out to the sides a little above shoulder
height, forearms, hands and fingers pointing
straight up to the sky. VERY IMPORl'ANI':
KEEP '!liE EI..BC:MS UP. '!hey must !'rove upward
with the legs, together in hanrony at the
same time. Continue for 11-22 minutes. '!he
movement creates a combination in the merid-
ians. '!he main lines of the sciatica, arms
and legs must !'rove in harm:my. You will
be yelling in time with it. At 22 minutes
your tongue will be out, but there is nothing
which can match this.
8MAHA MUDRA: seated, legs extended out in
front, bend right knee and press right foot
against the inner thigh of the left leg,
close to the groin. Grab the left big toe
with the left hand and pull back, grasping
the heel with the right hand. Keep chin
tucked into chest and eyes fixed on big toe,
spine totally straight, and hold the position
without moving for 3-5 minutes. Repeat on
the right side. D::m't worry about the breath
- it Cbesn't matter. '!his is a stimulant
as the foot pressurizes the sciatica, and
the straight spine stimulates special nucleus
points. "You a pressure and you stretch
and itworks a miracle".
~ EARTHCUAKE: (Stretch Pose) en back,
raise head and heels 6" and stare at toes,
arms pointing towards the feet. Inhale and
hold the or do Breath of Fire until
you shake. '!hen relax. '!he navel point
is the creative nucleus of potency.
10SAT KRIYA for 3-31 minutes. (see page 77.)
'!his is the basic exercise, best for potency
and overall health, the master exercise.
1. Come into FROG POSE, on toes,
wi th heels raised and ouching,
fingertips on ground between
knees, head lifted. Inhale
and raise the buttocks relaxing
forehead toward knees, keeping
the heels raised. Exhale and
return to original position.
Continue with deep breaths 26
times. Relax.
2. Stretch both legs straight out
in front and bend forward to
grasp toes with both hands,
pulling them back for 30 seconds.
Then inhale as you arch up, still
holding toes, and exhale as you
bend forward, 26 times. Inhale
and relax.
3. SAT KRIYA: Sitting on heels,
raise arms straight overhead,
elbows straight, palms together
and chant
as you pull in the Navel point,
and lock Mulbhand, then
as you release the lock, focus-
sing on the Brow Point for 3 min-
utes. Then inhale, hold the
breath and pull Mulbhand, imagin-
ing energy radiating from the
Navel Point and circulating
throughout the body. Relax and
repeat the exercise for 3 minutes
Then inhale, apply Mupbhand, and
mentally draw all the energy to
the top of the fingertips. Relax.
Repeat the entire set. 2-3 times.
1- ,
r. I
... " #.. ,
,"' ,
t/ ,
'. ,
" '
" ,
,1 ,
I' I
., ;
j ,
.,.' , \ ...J
.. '" .,
,,;..... ...

FRCG: In Frog Pose,
on the spot, 52 times.
shakey body, shakey
5. Relax.
hop or jump
Takes away
3. WHEEL POSE: en back, palms
under shoulders, fingers pointing
to toes, heels to buttocks,press
up to feet and hands, arms and
legs straight, waist arched to
ceiling, and drop head back, eyes
on thllllbs. Hold and chant
Ha.r Har Har Hari
4. CN BAC<, raise and lower straight
a.nns up to 45
very fast. Time
July 6, 1984
1. BUaaNG BRCNa:>: In CJ::N Pose, kick
b:>th feet out and land on toes,
bucking, 52 times or more.
liThe mental self cannot be fresh and
unique if all the muscles and glands
are not in exercise. II
o r ~ COIl'-7ert.i ng Semen. to Ojas
~ ~
... ,
January 7, 1972
\ ,
.. .,

en hands and knees, raise the right

hand off the ground, bending the ann,
... ~
and raise the left leg parallel to.
the ground. reeply inhale, hold the
breath and lift the leg high up in the
air, and back to parallel, 8 times,
knee remaining straight. '!hen exhale,
keep_ing the leg parallel and repeat
for a maximum of 11 minutes. Switch
sides and repeat.
c:x::MMENI'S: '!he ancient understanding of manIS 1X>tential was that power was
in his seed or bindu. If a man could prcrluce a conscious 1X>tency in the
bindu and his organs could creatE: enough semen and bindu to reabsorb the
bindu as constituants of the blood, then \\OTIaIl was a willing servant to
that man. (Ancient kings in the rnatriarchial traditions were de1X>sed
or slain when they became impotent.) Besides, with this power, a man
could decide to have a roy or girl child. (If the sperm penetrates the
ovum deeply, itis a boy; otherwise itis a girl.)
'!his is a powerful ability to develop. A woman is no:rmally 16 times
nore powerful than a man, but in her wisdcm, she plays weak. In the same
way she creates a man in her wanb, she creates a man in her astral body.
To restore proper balance, the man must realize he is part of Infinity.
Tkhen a ~ will \IIOrship him and create him to be great.
'!his exercise will develop and circulate the bindu to every 1X>re.
If a man practices fran the time he is 13 years old, he controls binduI s
strength. If you are serious about this practice, begin rroderately doing
itevery day, and b.1i.ld up to 31 minutes on each side for 40 days.
1. Sit on a padded surface in IJotus
Pose (legs crossed, roth feet on top
of thighs. D:> Breath of Fire in t."'U.s
1X>Sition for 3 minutes.
2. Still in IJotus Pose and still on
a padded_surface (take no Chances!),
still with Breath of Fire, do Body
Drops for 3 minutes. Place fists
beside or behind hips and lift the
body, allowing it to drop back down,
rapidly. Continue for 3 minutes.
CAUTICN: <:nce Yogiji allOlN'ed a student to teach class, in his absence,
and the student-teacher taught one of the levitation kriyas, without proper
precautions. 5aneone in class did levitate, fall, and broke her tailbone.
Afterwards, Yogi j i never taught these again. You are again advised of
the power of these teachings and asked to exercise due caution. GK


FO"l"" the Brajn
1. In Celebate Pose, sitting be-
tween heels, flex the spine back
and forth for 5 minutes.
2. Life Nerve Stretch, with both
legs stretched out in front,
hands grasping feet, inhale down,
head to knees, and exhale up
for 2 minutes.
3. Modified Frog Pose, with
palms on the ground, squatting on
toes, lift one leg off the ground
with toes pointed and hold the
position for 2 minutes with nor-
mal breathing. Switch feet and
repeat for 2 more minutes.
4. Yoni with soles ot
feet together, heels pressed into
perineum, support pose with
hands behind legs and hold with
long deep breathing for 3 minutes
S. Balanced Crow variation: From
Crow pose, squatting on soles of
feet, between legs, support
thighs on elbows and tilt forward
lifting feet off the ground until
resting :orehead on the ground.
Hold with normal breathing for
3 minutes.
6. In Easy Pose, clasp hands in
Bear Grip, inhale. hold breath 1n
as you pull the lock for 10 sec-
onds, then exhale and pull Mul-
bhand. Repeat twice more.
7. Chair Pose with long, deep
breathing for 3 minutes. (Squat,
pass arms inside thighs, outside
forelegs, grasping feet,
and sit as erect as possible.)
8. Frog Pose, 30 times.
9. Layout. Relax on back, palms
up beside thighs, and allow your
mental body to rise from - the
navel and float 3-5 feet above
physical body for 5-10 minutes.



1. (a) On back, raise left
leg 6 and flex the foot II
back and forth like on a

gas pedal, inhaling forward
and exhaling back for 4 mins.
(b) With both legs raised
6" , both of

to press sets
toes forward and back as
above for 2 I'lOre minutes.

(c) Legs still raised,
C-. -=--.J
still flexing, put hands
in fists and flex the thumbs
up and back and then down
for 2 rrore minutes, while
mentally chanting
Wha. (He)

Massages spine and nerve centers.
2. (a) In Plow Pose, with
arms stretched out behind
back (clasp hands together
and center them to align
back) raise left leg and
hold for 5 minutes with nonnal
(b) Repeat with right
leg raisad for 5 minutes.
(c) Then raise both legs,
supporting hips with hands,
in Shoul!der Stand for 5 mins.
J. Deeply relax on the back.

- __ -

1. Standing on toes, raise
both arms to 60, spreading
fingers wide, and hold with
Breath of Fire for 3-5 minutes
2. Still standing, bend
right knee, bring left leg
over right thigh and wrap
it around, hooking left toes
on right ankle. Then cross
arms, right over left bending
both arms so that right elbow
is inside and on top of left
elbow and twine forearms
around each other, clasping
hands. Hold the Eagle Pose
for 3-5 minutes with normal
breathing. Switch sides
and repeat.
(Times added by G.K.)
1. Place palms together at
chest, slanted out at 60,
with thumbs pressed into
sternum. Focus eyes on thumbs
with chin pulled in, in Neck
Lock. Inhale, hold the breath
for 1 minute, then exhale.
Repeat 10 times.
2. In celibate Pose (sitting
bet'W'eeI1 heels) , do spinal
flex 107 times.
3. Life Nerve Stretch with
both legs out in front, grab
toes and lower head to knees
on exhale, and inhale up
for 2-3 minutes.
4. Archer Pose: With feet
apart, pivot right, bend
right knee and with weight
on right foot, stretch right
arm out in front as if holding
aWN, drawing left arm back
as if pulling an arrow, and
hold for 2-3 minutes.
Repeat on opposite side.
5. In Easy Pose, hands in
Gyan Mudra on knees, do Breath
of Fire for 3-5 minutes.
Then inhale and hold for
1 minute, exhale.
6. Meditate at the Brow Point
for 5-10 minutes.
7. To end, deeply inhale
and exhale 5 times.


1. Yogi Walk on toes: Raising
knees as high as possible, walk
on tip toes with powerful breath-
ing for 3-5 minutes.
2. Pituitary Bow Series:
a) Bow Pose with hands clasping
opposite ankles. Inhale up,
hold for 10 seconds, and exhale
b) Bow ~ o s clasping corres-
ponding ankles, chin tucked into
sternum, inhale up, hold 10 sec-
onds and exhale down.
c) Regular Bow inhale up,
hold 10 seconds and exhale down.
d) Locust Pose on stomach
place hands (or fists) under pel-
vis, chin on ground, and raise
straight legs as high as possible
and hold with Breath of Fire for
1 minute. This series is also
for the Moon Center on the chin.)
3. Maha Mudra: ("The Great Seal
of Yoga") Si t on left heel, and
stretch the right leg forward,
grabbing the big toe with the
right hand. Pulling back on the
.toe, grasp the heel with the
left hand. Tuck chin into chest
and fix the eyes on the big toe.
Inhale deeply, exhale and holding
the breath out for 8 seconds,
tightly pull Mulbhand and Diaph-
ram Lock. Inhale, repeat and
continue for ~ minutes. Switch
legs and repeat for ~ minutes.
PEACE: You relate to symbols. When born
of a woman, with respect to a woman, there
will be peace on earth.
August 7, 1970
PTTl-TJ"T.n...RV SET #4
1. Focussed at 3rd Eye, deeply
inhale and exhale 4 times. On
the 5th inhale, focus eyes left
and hold the breath for 15-30
seconds. Then, focussing eyes
right, exhale and hold the breath
out for 15-30 seconds. Repeat
and continue for 1-5 minutes.
2. Sit with legs drawn up to
chest clasped by arms. Raise
and lower one foot 50 times,
inhaling up and exhaling down.
Switch legs and repeat 50 times.
3. Standing on toes, bend one
leg and bring it up to chest,
- -. .' - .
clasped in arms. On inhale lower
forehead to knee, and on exhale
lift it, 26 times. Switch legs
and repeat.
~ \
/ ~
. . ~
~ \
EXPERIMENT: For one week, whenever you do
anything, just imagine God is hearing you,
seeing you. Just imagine God is examining
you. From Friday to Friday, make an image of
God and keep it with you.
November 7, 1985
1. In Shakti Pose, clasp
hands in Venus Lock about
4 inches above top of head,
and holding the lock tightly,
try to pull the hands apart
with long, deep breathing
for 2'; minutes.
Then meditate with hands
on knees in Gyan Mudra for
5 minutes.
2. In the same mudra, unclasp
thumbs and press them straight
back and hold wi th long,
deep breathing for 2'; minutes.
Then meditate with hands in
Gyan Mudra on knees for 5
3. In the same posi tion,
thumbs clasped again, raise
index fingers and point them
straight up, pulling on the
Venus Lock, resist and hold
with long, deep breathing
for 2'; minutes.
4. Still sitting, raise arms
up to 60, spread fingers
wide apart and hold with
Breath of Fire, creating
a funnel leading to the 10th
gate (Crown Chakra), for
3-5 minutes.
5. Relax arms down in Gyan
Mudra on the knees and medi-
tate, going out of the top
of the head. Time open.
Cpo\,...:'er to Hea.rt)
october 8, '969
Prayer to begin: Ch G::d, let me
live my life as you wish it; others
are irrelevant. we donI t know
what we need.
,.CRCM SQJATS: Squat with feet flat
on floor, and inhale to stand,
exhale to squat, slowly for 1-2
2. E()DY DOOPS: Legs stretched out in
front, hands at sides on floor,
raise and drop body ,a times for
the heart.
3. BRII:X;E POSE: Bend knees, drawing
them to buttocks, then raise hips,
torso in a straight line fran knees
to shoulders, head dropped back,
weight 00 hands and feet, )-
long, deep breathing for 1-2 minutes ''?
'lhen Inhale, exhale and pull Root \ :,.
!t:lck (Mulbhand). ' .. _ .; 't.

4. In
Easy Pose,
locked in
sit with
front of heart,
fix eyes on sanethinq, inhale and
pullhard a few times.
S. Repeat 112.
6. CDBRA POSE with long, deep breath
inq for 1-2 minutes. 'lhen kick
heels to buttocks Breath of
Fire for 1-2 minutes. '!hen deeply
inhale, relaxihq feet down, and
circulate energy.
7. Inrreditation pose, with straight
spine, meditate on Pineal Gland,
aloud for 5 minutes, then silently
for 3 minutes. ..With silent mantra,
O::tober 13, 1969
1. Sit on heels and fold arms in front.
With long, deep breathing, rock fran
side to side for 2-3 minutes. Inhale,
slowly exhale and apply Mu1bhand while
exhaling, concentrating at the top
of the skull &Yepeat twice acre.
2. Raise legs and incline torso each
to 60, deeply inhale, slowly exhale
and apply Mu1bhand while exhaling,
focus ing on top of skull. :Repeat
twice rrcre.
3. Frog Pose, 26, SI.J:JNLY, concentrating
on spinal vertebrae fran 1000000t to
top, with each repetition. Inhale up,
remain up, exhale pulling Mulbhand and
concentrating on the top of the skull.
~ t
Sit and raise legs to 60, at the
same time inclining the b:x1y back
to 60, forming a perfect triangle.
Hands meet in front in finger lock,
with tension. Roll tongue back and
suck on it. Hold for 5 minutes, with
no:rnal breath.
1 In Fasy Pose, stretch left ann
straight out to the side, palm up,
and hold
and right
knee, for
and repeat.
2. Spread
the spine
2 minutes.
with lang deep breathinq
hand in Gyan Mudra at the
1" minutes. Switch sides
legs wide apart aOO flex
with palms on thighs. for
For sex nerve.
3. Legs still wide apart, press palms
down 18" before groin for 2 minutes.
'2 & 3 drain lymph 9lands in the groin
and thi9h - and stimulate sex nerve.
4. Perform 108 Frogs. (Squatt at toes,
together, arms between knees,
at toes and fin9ertips, head
and lookin9 straight ahead.
and raise buttocks, lowering
to face knees, then squat a'1
toes again, and repeat and CXX1tinue.
Keep the heels raised and together.)
For sexual potency.
5. In Rock Pose, inhale aOO raise
body to kneeling, exhale aOO return
to Rock Pose, , 08 times.
6. Relax in Trianc;le (or tbg) Pose,
hands and feet 2-3 feet fran each
other, hands al:out shoulder width
apart, and feet, hip width, keep:in9
legs and arms straight. 'Ihi.s pose
reflexes to the brain
the nervous system.
7. en stanach, clasp
ux:k behind the back,
torso and legs, hold
and regenerates
hands in Venus
and raise upper Breath of
Ii, "
\11 ; .,
l ~ ~
\ 1'\
\ '"
I I ~
I 'r
,. .... ,_, I;
~ _ ~ ,-.. \ JJ

Fire for 2 minutes. Maintains potency,

strengthens the sex nel:Ve and prevents
breast cancer.
8. en stanach, inhale raising hips
and thighs so that weight is on tops
of toes, palms I sholtlders and chin,
and exhale, lawering pelvis. Continue
at a rapid pace for 2 minutes.
9. Still on stanach, kick buttocks ,
inhaling legs up, exhaling down, at
a rapid pace for 2 minutes.


1O. In Half Bow Pose, grab one leg

with l::oth hands a.'1d rock back and
forth naturally (with the breath)
for 1 minute. Reverse legs for another
minute. '!hen repeat holding both legs.
11. Q1 back, arms at sides, palms
cbwn, inhale and raise arms to 180
then raise legs to 90
, then exhale
low-ering the legz first, and then
- the arms. Repeat ar.d continue rapidly
for 1 minute.
r.. ... -
12. Raise and lower one leg and l::o:h
arms for 1 minute. '!hen switc.h
and repeat one nore minute.
13 Raise both legs to 90
, and l::oth
arms to 180, simultaneously for 1
minute, inhaling up, exhaling down.
'!hen raise and 10lNer legs only, for
one nore minute.
14. Stand and lean backwards, arching
the back and supporting the weight
with the hands on back of the thighs.
'!hen straighten up, cross one leg
over the other .and sit down. Repeat
standing and sitting, quickly, for
2 minutes. (Try not to use arms.)
15. Seated in Easy Pose, raise arms
and clasp hands in Venus IJock, arms
forming a circle before the heart
chakra (as though embracing a barrel),
and twist fran side to side at a rroder-
ate pace, exhaling to the sides and
inhaling facing front, for 2 minutes.
For digestion.
16. In Easy Pose, punch straight ahead,
inhaling as hands pass each other ,
exhaling at forward and back extension
at Breath of Fire pace for 2 minutes.
For digestion and shoulder lymph glands
17. Still in Easy Pose, stick the
tongue out as far as possible and
pant rapidly, breath striking the
tongue and throat, for 2 minutes.
For the glands in the throat and toxin

18. Relax in Shavasan (Corpse Pose

- on back, arms at sides, palms up)
for 15 minutes.
october 16, 1985
my, grasping ankles with hands, raise
torso am legs with Lion Breath (Breath
of Fire through the open rrouth) for 1-:
minutes. Use the ego to make the best
bc::Iw. Pain indicates bad mental health.
(Work to develop this to 3 minutes.)
2. LICN BRFA'm in CAMEL POSE: Kneeling
press pelvis forward, dropping head
and a.nns back to grasp ankles, stick
out the tongue and 00 Singha Pranayam
(Breath of Fire through the open nouth)
'WOrking up to 3 minutes. #1 & 2 work
on the thighs, and #2 takes care of
the stanach.
3. 108 FAST FROGS with LICN BRFA'lli:
Count them, aloud. "If you canIt
do 108 Frogs, you need a medical check-
up. Every individual I s basic need is
to be able to stay 3 minutes in Ec::rw,
3 minutes in camel, and 00 108 Frogs,
all with Lion Breath. If you can
develop these three, your bill of
of health and your bill of mental
health will be quite good, and
you will very rarely fall sick.
hands locked behind the back. cane
down writhing like a snake and then
cane up - disco-dance your spine!
z.DVE! Give your shoulders a chance.
2'; minutes.
5. PAVM.iJ MUKHT ASAN: en back, bring
knees to chest and lock them with
hands (to clarify the digestive system
and keep it healthy) Maintaining
the hand lock, jump like a ball, like
a Mexican jumping, jump up power-
fully! Yogis have been doing this in
caves for centuries for balancing
the mind, the creative power and sex


June 22, 1972
6. 0iANT in EASY POSE, with the
IOClUth closed, the breath creating
the sound (through the nose):
fran the navel to the nostrils.
(Narad/Narayan Kriya). Start with
2 minutes and build to 3.
7. RELAX on the back.. lI'!he purpose
of life is to deal with your Faith
faithfully, and avoid
filth. 'Ihis is the essence of
human life, purpose, the cornerstone
of your soul."
'!hen, without getting up, I'lOVe
up and around like a fish. Disco-
dance lying down. "You all deserve
to be a dianond; den't end up just
being carbon."
DIVINITY: There is nothing quick in this YA:lrld.
Payoff your karma gracefully - the Divine shall
help you. Have no doubt, no duality: YOU ARE 'lEE
INCARNATIOO OF OOD. Every mind has the possibility
of expanding to Infinity.
1. Sit with legs straight out in front,
hands clasped behind the neck with
hands in Venus Lock. under the hair.
Inhale and raise left leg to 60
hold with long, deep breathing for
1-3 minutes. Inhale, hold, exhale
and relax. 'lhi.s is done on the left
side only, creating a cross pressure in
the body that increases the flow of
energy betVJeeIl the two sides, and a
temporary imbalance to correct circul-
ation and flow of energy of the heart.
2. In the same posture do Breath of
Fire for 1-3 minutes to regulate the
flow of sexual energy and strengthen
the fem:>ral branch of the sciatic
3. Q1. the back, place right hand under
small of back, palm down and left
palm against the neck, elbow touching
the ground, and raise right leg to 90
with Breath of Fire for 1-3 minutes.
Inhale, hold, exhale and relax for 1-
3 minutes. Switching pressure to the
right side of the body, this exercise
connects the upper and lower energy
triangles to correct the gall bladder,
he2rt and spleen.
4. en back, bend kI1ees, heels to but-
tocks, grasp ankles and raise the
buttocks on the inhale, lower them on
the exhale for 1-3 minutes. '!hen in-
hale up, hold, exhale down and relax.
Opens the pelvic region, balances the
sex meridian, strengthens the lower
back and prepares you for next exercise
l.g.. 2...
~ h
~ ? ; ; ~
8. Relax.
Summer 1972
Summer 1972
" 5. Sit on heels and lie down in back,
ilf:.'.. resting hands beside thighs with Breath
:: 'J:. of Fire for 1-3 minutes. Inhale, hold,
.5: ~ ~ . ~ \ exhale and deeply relax on back, legs
. \ , ,. stretched out for 1 minute. Stretches
; '. \:' thighs and lawer back, prc:m::ltes mineral
balance by regulating glands. 'Ihe
relaxation allows glandular secretions
to be circulated throughout the b:::dy.
~ __:0
6. Stand with arms extended straight
out in front parallel to the ground,
wrists relaxed, heels lifted off the
ground with long, deep breathing for
1-3 minutes. Makes the mind alert,
stimulates the pituitary gland and
balances the magnetic field, in prep-
aration for deep meditation.
INTERCOURSE: Prepare 72 hours before
intercourse; don't steal it.
SEXUAL CONTACT must be with grace. The
woman must ejaculate.
~ : nus short set is very energizing. It establishes a subtle balance
between the heart, lungs and sex organs. Like so many of the
Yoga kriyas taught by Yogi Bhajan, it is a precious jewel with many benefits
to those who practice it.
------- -- -
Whenever there is a manifest-
ation of what is ordinarily
called supernatural power or
wisdom, a little current of
Kundalini must have found its
way into the Sushumna. When-
ever there is divinity in you,
the Kundalini Power must have
touched the central nerve.
Only, in the vast majority of
such cases, people have ignor-
antly stumbled on some prac-
tice which set free a minute
portion of the coiled up Kun-
dalini. All worship, cons-
cious or unconscious, leads to
this end. '!he man who thinks
he is receiving a response to
his prayer, does not know that
the fulfillment comes from his
own nature, that he has suc-
ceeded by the mental attitude
of prayer, in awakening a
bitof Infinite Power which is
coiled up within himself.
From To. Know God, by Vivekananda
Quoted by Y.B., July 19, 1975
~ _ _
Whatever you are
I am a Truth,
'he world is not
I am not beaut-
June 22, 1972
BEAUTY & GRACE: The only thing you
ave to do is be beautiful & graceful.
en God will find vout
March 21, 1974
GING: A man can be young
as long as he wants to
March 22, 1974
BODY as a gift
from God Inside & OU
october 19, 1969
GRACE The measurement of
God n you is how grace-
you feel, how grace-
f you live, how grace-
ful you act.
March 21, 1974
3. Inhale through left nostril, hold
and apply pressure on the eyes. '!hen
exhale through the eyes.
5. en back, raise legs up to 12" and
hold, mentally vibrating,
I am beauti ~ l ~
8. regs out in front, catch heels and
inhale as head goes down and elbows
touch the floor, then exhale as 'j'CJlJ,
cane up, several times. (To open
capillaries. )
9. Spread legs ~ feet apart. Inhale
wi th beak ITOUth, exhale and pull down,
2-3 times. (For gall bladder.)
6. In Frog Pose, lift buttocks and
10'Wer head, very slowly, 26 times.
7. Spinal Flexes with hands on shins,
inhaling as back arches forward, and
exhaling as it oontracts back. 108 times
10. Relax.
4. Inhale through the left nostril,
hold, 'close all the gates' (pull all
the locks: Mulbhand, Diaphragm Lock
and Neck Lock) and exhale through the
top of the skull.
2. Inhale through left nostril, hold
for as long as p:>S5ible with Mulbhand
and then exhale through the ears. (We
know saneone who claims to be able
to do it, but we visualize it.)
1. 5itUng in Easy Pose, inhale through
left oostril and hold it, with chin
lock for ~ minutes. Visualize the
breath exhaled through the top of
the skull.
January 10, 1970
l-Iead Set
For the brain, mind, intellect, concentration, will-power, rnem:>ry, throat,
eyesight, teeth, facial muscles, halitosis, pimples, & nervous strain
All exercises are done standing up.
1. For clearing the Pharynx: Tilt the
head slightly back, keeping the eyes open
and hold with gentle breathing. Clears
phlegm. Good for singers. 2-3 minutes.
2. Prayer Pose with long, deep
for 2-3 minutes. SUblimates the sexual'
drive and aids concentration.
3. For mind & will power: Feet together,
tilt the head way back with eyes open,
and 00 Breath of Fire for 2-3 minutes.
4. For developing mem::>ry: stand up and
focus the eyes al a spot 5 feet ahead
of the toes, with Breath of Fire. Good
for mental fatigue and improves the merrory.
2-3 minutes.

5. For developing the intellect: Press
chin into the notch in the sternum and
do Breath of Fire. ''By ooing Jalandhara
Blanda, the nectar that drips fran' thp.
,000 l;)etaled lotus is not burnt up .in
the digestive system, and it controls
the life force, kindling the Kundalini".
2-3 minutes.
a::r-1MEm.'S: fl.1 thru 5 are effective in
curing states of mental and nervous strain,

causing nutrition to flow to the brain
tissues and glands. Bending the neck . .......... "
interrupts venous return and stretches

.... "
the spinal cord and the periphP..ra.l nerves.

6. Improving eyesight: With all your

will, stare at a spot between eyebrows,
feet together, and head tilted back.
Stimulates the junction of nerves bet'NeeIl
the eyes and ears, and aids the muscles
that neve the eyeball,.the iris, and the
coordination of those muscles. Prevents
blindness and cures all eye diseases.
Throw away glasses in 40 days practice1
2-11 minutes.

------- -,
7. Rejuvenating the cheeks: Join finger-
tips and close nostrils with thumbs.
With eyes open, inhale through "crow beak"
(puckered lips), hold the breath and close
the eyes, dropping the chin into the stern-
al notch, and puffing cheeks out with
the breath. Hold as long as possible,
then return head to normal, open eyes,
and exhale SI.t:MLY through the nose. nus
aerates the oral cavity, bringing fresh
air where genns breed. Good for facial
muscles, strengthens teeth, cures pyorrehea
caries, halitosis and pimples!!! '
practice makes a man free of old age symp-
tans and gives the longevity of a carnel.
Repeat several times.
NOI'E: Times "-'&e unspecified and have been added by G.K.
we don't accept Him. God created
we don't trust Him. God is with us
never feel it, and so on.
Almighty God and we do it
human beings, and we do it
ions and organizations, but
do it to our relationships.
Do you believe in God?
you feel God? NO! You love God, you know
God, you feel God and you understand all
about God when, in the Name of God you
stand up and BLESS OTHERS! If you cannot
share God with others, you do not what
God is.
Whenever a human shares himself (with
another) it is human and emotional, but
when a human shares himself in the Name of
God, it is divine,
it is forever. If
your God, you never
When you stand
and bless someone in
invi te the Almighty
you forever.
We do
to our
to our
above all, we
Do you? Do
it is sacred, and
you have not shared
got it.
up to any challenge,
the Name of God, you
Infinite God behind
December 29, 1985
us and
us and
and we
this to
February 26,
!. Sit and stretch legs out in front,
arms at sides. "Pedal the legs" ,
alternately rroving the knees up and
down for 3/4 of a minute.
2. Continue same rrotion but nove the
hands and arms up and down as tNell,
5 times per second or faster. To
open the glandular system to full
capacity. Creates a sweat. 5 minutes.
3. Lying on back, arms at sides, bounce
the hips up and down, noving quickly
for 2t minutes.
4. Lying on belly, bounce the pelvis
up and down for 3t minutes.
5. Cat stretch, alternately to the
left and right, Oller and Oller for
1 minute.
6. Lie down on back and relax, breath-
ing slowly. Let yourself go.
Although the total time of exercises on
the tape is less than 13 minutes, this
set shou d take 45 minutes. Expand the
times proportionately, or repeat the set

BEAUTY: Talking in
and living in God,
my friend,
nothing but
August 6, 1975
- --
January 9, 1970
I 1. en back with toes pressed
forward, raise legs into shoulder
stand, supporting hips with hands
and kick buttocks with alternate
heels, with Breath of Fire. '!his
exercise balances sun and m:on
power, clears choked capillaries
in important areas, relaxes the
nervous system, and unites prana.
with apana.
2. InEasy Pose, inhale as needed
and exhale in quick bursts using
only the shoulders to drive the
air out. (Inhale naninally.)
This exercise produces heat with- .
in 15 bursts and burns away bac-
teria and germs, purifies the
blood, washes out cholesterol.
Practice this!
3. In Shoulder Stand aq-c:d.n, hold
the tx'sition for 1 minute, and
then kick buttocks as in #1, with
Breath of Fire for 1 rrore minute.
4. Relax for 5 minutes.
5. Meditate.
a::MMENI'S: Many \OUld give their lives to keep their hair! Relaxation is the
key to Gcx:iliness. Waht is not happening is because you are causing trouble.
Trouble is caused by k.aJ:ma (25%), senskar* (25%), ego (25%) and friends ( 25%)
Get ridof your troubles and live as a relaxed person.
* 5enskara, samskaras:. Patternings in the subconscious of old k.aJ:ma, that
create hardships in the present.
BEAUTY: The greatest beauty and attrac-
tion in you is in your Vibration.
December 20, 1974
It is important and very beneficial for every \OI'Ial1 to exercise daily.
It is this oonscious act of working on ourselves that gives us beauty,
radiance and grace. '!he following exercises should be done regularly
to keep the spine, organs and nervous system strong and healthy.
1. 5it on heels in Rock Pose, palms on
thighs or relax hands on lap, spine
straight and relaxed, with long, deep
breathing, meditating at the Brow
Point for 2 minutes.
2. 5it 00 right heel, left leg extended
straight out and draw forehead to
left knee (Life Nerve Stretch) with
long, deep breathing, holding on to
ankle of extended leg for 2-3 minutes.
O1ange sides and repeat. Variation:
extend both legs straight out in front
and proceed as above for 2-3 minutes.
3. Kneel and arch the back, pressing
pelVis foIWard, head dropping back,
hands grasping heels (in Camel Pose)
wi th long, deep breathing for 2-3
minutes. Adjusts the reproductive
4. en back, raise legs and then torso
to 90
(fonninq a st..-ai.ght line fran
shoulders to toes) supporting the
back with the hands, weight on neck,
shoulders and e1.1x:IWs, chin pressed
into chest (in Shoulder 5tand), for
2-3 minutes" 5t:imu1ates the thyroid
gland and releases pressure on 11
s. Archer Pose. Stand fiJ:Tn1y wi th
right leg forward and supporting weight
of body, knee bent, and stretch left
leg straight out behind, planting
foot firmly. Right ann extends out
in front as if holding a bow, and
left anns is pulled back as if pulling
an arrow, eyes staring straight ahead.
(Feel stretch across the chest.) Hold
with long, deep breathing for 2-3 mins.

6. en heels, bring forehead to floor,
arms relaxed at sides, palms up (in
Baby Pose) and relax with long, deep
breathing for 1-2 minutes.
7. en stanach, grasp ankles, and pull
hands and feet up, raising thighs,
head as high as possible (in Bow Pose),
and hold with long, deep breathing
for 2-3 minutes.
8. en stanach, make fists and place
them under hips just above leg joints.
Wi th heels together and chin on floor,
deeply inhale, raise legs and hold
with long, deep breathing for as long
as possible, (in I.Dcust Pose).
9. en hands and knees, raise head,
allowing spine to relax down, arms
straight and parallel to thighs, and
relax there with long, deep breathing
(in Cow Pose) for 2-3 minutes.
10. en hands and knees as above, allow
head to fall forward, chin to chest,
and arch the spine up and hold with
long, deep breathing (cat Pose) for
2-3 minutes.
11. en back, raise head, ~ l s and
hands 6" fran floor, heels together ,
eyes looking at toes, fingers pointing
to them too, and hold with Breath of
Fire (stretch Pose) for 3 minutes.
12. Relax on back, anns beside body,
palms up (in Cbrpse Pose) for 1 minute.
End with 5 minutes of Sat Kriya (see
page 77.
(Times were unspecified and have been
added by G.K.)
To walk with grace and strength is to
feel connected to the ~ r and ready
to act. Experiencing this is not;. only
a matter of mind but also of physical
balance. When the pelvis and muscles
that shape its posture are out of
balance, many systems of the body
will begin to show signs of stress,
exhaustion, limited endurance and
low back pain. 'Ibis kriya is helpful
for maintaining energy and balance,
and, if apracticed regularly, it helps
maintain potency.
NOI'E: Be sure to warm up the spine,
first, and beginners should proceed
slowly and carefully.
1. Bridge Pose. Hands just behind
hips, palms down, fingers pointing back
bend knees placing feet before buttocks
and inhale, raising torso and thighs
so that they form a straight line,
parallel to the floor, keeping elbows
straight and allowing head to fall
back. Apply Mulbhand and hold with
normal breathing for 1-3 minutes.
Inhale, exhale and relax. strengthens
back and aids metabolism.
2. Wheel Pose: en back, bring soles
of feet to buttocks, and hands behind
shoulders, fingers pointing to feet,
with the tips just under the shoulders.
Inhale and raise torso, straightening
arms, so that J::xxJy forms a continuous
arch fran the heels to the palms of
hands and hold with Breath of Fire for
1-3 minutes. strengthens lower back,
stimulates energy flow through the
spine and chakras and aids metabolism.
3. en the stanach, clasp hands in
Venus ux:k behind the back, inhale
and raise legs and arms as high as
possible, keeping the knees together
and straight, and eJ.bows straight.
Hold with Breath of Fire for 1-3 min-
utes. Inhale, exhale, pull Mulbhand,
hold, and relax down. Aids digestion,
strengthens a1::xianinal muscles and
raises kundalini energy.
4. Standing, with feet wide apart,
and place palms together overhead,
eJ.bows straight, inhale, exhale as you
bend over and touch fingertips to
left foot, inhale up, exhale down
to right foot, and continue rhythmi-
ally with powerful breathing for 1-
3 minutes. Relax. Balances pelvic
ItDVement, corrdinating muscle groups
on opposites sides of the body1
5. Kundalini wtus: Sitting, grasp
big toes of each foot with thumb and
first 2 fingers of corresponding hand,
pressing the toenails, and riase legs
up and apart to 60, balancing on
buttocks, with knees locked, and hold
with Breath of Fire for 1-3 minutes.
Inhale, pull Mulbhand, (or inhale, ex-
hale, pull Mulbhand) hold, and relax
down. Helps channel sexual energy
and maintains potency.
6 CJ:Jw Pose: en hands and knees,
inhale, lifting the head up and raising
the right leg as high as possible
with a straight knee, and exhale,
bringing chin to chest and knee to
head, rePeat and continue rhythmically
with powerful breathing for 1-3 minutes
Inhale, exhale and repeat on the oppo-
site side for 1-3 minutes. Relax.
Balances leg and abdan:inal muscles
and helps maintain sexual potency.
7. Deeply relax.
Precede this set with a 15 minute yoqa warmup (such as 2-3 minutes
of Spinal Flex. Cobra. Bow. Shoulder Stand and Plow Pose.)
1. Lie on back with arms relaxed at
sides. heels together. Keepinq legs
straiqht and heels touchinq. raise leqs
to 45. (The anqle must be right and
it wi11 keep you Y9unq. If the leqs
are too hiqh. it is just another exercise.
Don't let the neck qet tense. In Kunda-
lini yoga. you can be beautiful. renewed
and younq in 3 minutes - other yoga
takes years.) Hold for three minutes
with lonq deep breathinq.
2. Come into Frog Pose. squatting on
the balls of the feet with heels touchinq.
The arms come straiqht down between
the leqs with fingertips on the floor.
Let the head hang down and relax in
this position. (Don't bother with the
head and neck. just let it hanq. because
it has its own system of circulation.
l.Je need to renew and review ourselves.
The purpose of Kundal1n1 Yoga is to
renew the. body and qive you health.
consciousness and spirit. Hold for
3 minutes.
3. FRom Froq Pose. very slowly and rhythm-.
ically. try to raise the hips. keepinq
the neck relaxed and the head hanging
Come into the up position of Frog
Pose. keepinq the finqertips on the
floor. Maintain this position with
lonq deep breathinq. KEEPING NECK AND
HEAD TOTALLY RELAXED. This is to renew
your semen and potency. Hold 2-3 minutes.
4. From this position. very. very slowly
lower yourself down and come sittinq
on the heels. head still bent forward.
neck relaxed. knees toqether. Begin
it very slowly raise the head up and
let itvery slowly fall back while simul-
taneously raisinq the arms (extended
straight. palms facing down) to shoulder
level. parallel to the floor. Eyes
are focused at the 3rd eye point. with
total concentratiot\. Let the head hang
back. See how much concentration can
give you energy. Hold for 2-3 minutes.
5. Then slowly raise the head".
the arms and relax corr.pletely in
Easy Pose or Corpse with

\Jp. 10 minute rcl.:lxation.

- -- -




o::tober 1969

1. In Easy Pose with an erect spine,

breathe long and deep through both ..1..
nostrils, focussing on the l i ~ i ving
flow of the breath for 3 minutes

'!ben inhale, hold the breath a few

seconds andrelax it.
2. Frog Pose, squatting on balls of

the feet, heels touching each other ,

hands on the ground between knees,
spine and arms straight. Press chin
in and d::7..In but not forward, placing

it finnly in the cavity at the top

of the breastbone where collar bones
meet. '!ben inhale as you raise the

buttocks and straighten the legs (still

on the toes), and exhale into original
position, 10 times. en the 1Oth,
stay dc7vm and take 3 deep breaths,

exhaling canpletely on the 3rd and

holding the breath cur as you apply
Mulbhand and feel the energy rise
along the spine, for 10-20 seconds,
without straining. Repeat the exercise
26 times.

3. Life Nerve stretch. Sit with legs

straightout in front and relax forward
holding on to toes, for 3 minutes.
cn1MENl'S: '!be body is a temple of human expression and evolvement. We are
often told by the media and friends that itwears out, has many illnessness

and is extremely fragile. But that is not true. '!he body is sensitive and
self-repairing. As Yogi Bhajan puts it:
"'!his beautiful body cannot be eaten by anything except your own

ego. -God doesnIt kill you. '!bere is no death except your own
ego and your own negativity. '!hat reduces the voltage of your
life force so your circumvent field becanes weak and death creaps
into your body. '!his body is beautiful! It was made by a very
special imagination of the Creator."
VE are creators also, and have some ability to create the environments we

want to live in. We create our bodies with each thought and activity, as
well as with each meal. So we must clean the body and readjust the flow
of energy periodically since we are all products of our habits, and since
few of us are without ego.
This kriya, which is a variation of the standard Frog Pose is very powerful.
You must keep the chin locked in. Itreadjusts the sex energy and the balance
of prana and apana. Itis gcod for digestion and circulation to the head.
Ifdone with powerful breathing, itwill make you quickly sweat.
ROID & T I I R O ~ T
1. HAMMER: Left hand in fist, right
cupping it, raise straight arms to
on inhale, and lOW'er them to 60
fran there,on exhale, repeat and con-
tinue for 5 minutes.
2. Lying on back, legs spread far
apart, hand in Venus Lock under neck,
raise one leg 2 feet, with long, deep
breathing for 1 minute. Switch legs
and repeat. Repeat entire exercise.
3. Breathenaturally through the left
nostril for 3 minutes. '!hen breath
through the right nostril for 3 minutes
'!hen, inhalethrough left, exhale
through right for 3 minutes. '!hen
Inhale through the left, exhale thi:'ough
the right with Breath of Fire for
3 minutes.
4. Stretch Pose, head and feet raised
6 inches, hand pointing at feet, eyes
on big toes, with Breath of Fire for
15 minutes.
5. Life Nerve Stretch. Bring left
heel into perineum and bend over out-
stretched right leg, grasping right
feet with hands, and inhaling up,
exhaling down, touch nose to right
knee for 1; minutes. Swi tch legs
and repeat for 1; minutes.
6. Gas Pose, on back, knees bent,
legs clasped by aIIIl5, with Breath
of Fire for 2 minutes.
~ =.:;:=.?
..- ...
.. ,- ,
". -
7. en back, raise upper torso, stretch
ing arms out parallel to floor and
hold with Breath of Fire for 2 minutes.
8. In Fasy Pose, lower chin into
collar bone notch, with long, deep
breathing for 6 minutes
.9 en knees,. arch pelvis up into
camel Pose, dropping head back, hands
on heels for support and hold with
normal breathing for 3 minutes. Rest a
m::ment and repeat 3 rrore times.
1 o. Breath of Fire in Fasy Pose for
2 minutes. Relax for 1 minute and
11. In Fasy Pose, place hands in Venus
Lock behind the neck, stretching the
eJ.1:xJws. back as you inhale and collapse
eJ.1:xJws forward as you exhale for 2-
3 minutes
-...... --,#
1 I

\, ;..;;..=T
. ,
. .
I ,
__ I.
1. Sitting on heels, stretch arms
out to sides, palms up, and coordinate
inhale with turning the head left,
and raising the foreanns perpendicular
to the upper arms, and exhaling as
the head turns right and arms return
to parallel to the ground. Cbntinue
for 3 minutes.
20 A1ternate shoulder shrugs for
3. Still on heels, stretch the arms
straight out in front and drop head
back, eyes on ceiling, and hold with
Breath of Fire for 3 minutes.
4. Wi th hands in Venus Lock in back,
press chin down into collar bone notch,
as the arms are raised, back remaining
straight, with Breath of Fire for
3 minutes.
5. In Easy Pose, inhale as head turns
left, exhale right 26 times.
6. Legs stretched out in front, place
hands behind the hips, fingers pointing
back, torso inclined to 45, head
dropped back, eyes on ceiling, and
hold with normal breathing for 5 min-
utes. To end, inhale deeply and
exhale ~ a sigh.
In Cow Pose, raise head all the way
up and back, fixing the open eyes
on the ceiling with long, deep breath-
ing. 'lhi.nk of sanething that bothers
you and ponder it deeply. This opens
a section in the brain and allows
a lot of subconscious stuff to ccme
out. Continue for 7 minutes
Relax in Baby Pose for 4-5 minutes,
allowing bleed flow to relax the brain

1 In Easy Pose, hands in Venus I.Dck
behind neck, slowly, deeply inhale
and exhale 8 times. '!hen, in same
position, do Breath of Fire for 1
minute. Inhale, exhale and apply
Mulbhand. Breath of for one
rrore minute.
2. A) Relax in Baby Pose, forehead
on ground, and chant
Or"lg Soh.ung
B) Reposition legs in lDtus Pose
and place forehead on the ground in
Yoga Mudra, hands clasped in Venus
I.Dck on the back, and continue chanting
Ong Sohung
for 3 minutes.
3. en back, bicycle legs for 3 minutes
4. A) In O:::M Pose, look at ceiling
with long, deep breathing for 2 minutes
B) '!hen cat/Ct:1N, arching back
dropping head, alterna.ting with
back and arched head for 1 minute.
1. Sit on left heel, right leg out-
stretched in front, hold right toes
with right hand and turn head to look
over left shoulder, left hand cupped
on neck or behind the back, and hold
with Breath of Fire for 5-10 minutes.
Switch sides and repeat.
2. In Easy Pose, raise both shoulders
up to ears and hold with Breath of
Fire for 2-3 minutes.

3. In Rock Pose, arms outstretched
to sides, hands in Guyan Mudra, palms
up, drop head back with Breath of
Fire for 2-3 minutes.
November 13, 1973
For 'nlyroid & Parathyroid
1. Squat and extend left leg straight
back, tops of toes on the ground in ~
Cobra, ~ Crow. (Right knee is raised.)
Gazing at tipof nose, inhale
and exhale I'll a.
for 11 minutes. 'nlen inhale, sit
down and relax. Your thighs will
tell the story. It is an old Siamese
initiation Kriya, taught by an Indian
i s ~ i , Siama. Siam then OXlSisted of
India, and Siam ('n1ailand) and was
called Sianrlesh. 'nley found the secret
of oothingness and everything.
2. I2gs stretched straight ahead,
bend forward, grab toes, and arch
head back, fixing eyes up without
blinking. 'nlink of God for 11 minutes
'!he parathyroid must be stretched-
no other way1 You will feel sanething
aboormal, but keep up. Entire electro-
charge of the body will change. 'nlis
exercise can save you fran blindness,
doing it honestly. Look up: there
is a God sitting up there, hanging
upside cDwn. A MUST preparation for
serious meclitation.
3. In Fasy or Lotus Pose, focus on
top of head and silently put
Ra. Ma.
on brain for 5 minutes.
4. Aloud, chant
Ra. Ra. Ra. Rca
Ma. Ma. Me I'lla.
Sa. Ta. Na. Me.
Sa. Ta Na. I'll a
for 11 minutes
Enj oy the heritage of knowledge. Learn
to subject yourself to an infinite
object so there will be 00 objection.


I 1a. Stand with feet together, and clap

hands overhead 8 times, with powerful
breathing (or chant "Har" with tipof
tongue) with each clap.
1b. Bend over and pat the gromld hard
with both hands, 8 times, with breath
or "Har" chanted. Knees may bend.
1c. Arms straight out to sides, paral-
lel to gromld, raise and lower them
1 inch (patting the air) 8 times,
chanting "Har" or powerfully breathing.
2. Crisscross arms and legs, chanting
"Har" with each IIc"ement, 8 times
for a total 8 cx:mnts. (Or run inplace
punching air.)
3. Archer Pose with right leg forWard
and bent so knee is over toes, left
leg straight back, foot flat on ground.
Right arm is raised parallel to ground,
and left arms is bent back as if pull-
ing a bow and arrt:M. Feel tension
across the chest and look over the
right arm to fix eyes on horizon,
extending the stretc:h 8 times.
4. Repeat exercise #2.
5. Arms straight up overhead, bend
backwards 8 times.
I 6. Repeat exercise #2.
7. Arms overhead, bend to the left
and right 8 times, each.
8. Repeat exercise #2.
II Repeat the cycle as long as you like
or for 15-31 minutes. Powerful breath-
ing or chanting accanpanies
each movement. .
'Ib end, relax on the back with arms
wrapped around bent legs.
a::MMENl'S: 15 or 20 minutes a day prevents aging and stimulates the 12 glands,
building stamina and exercising the whole body. Try iton a mini-trampoline.
- "
.s:. ....
g. .
The basis of each lesson is one exercise which is done for 5 min-
utes, with 5 minutes of rest, and then the exercise is repeated for
a total of 4 times. Harmonic exercises .... ill be inserted to compliment
the basic exercise. The Camel Ride and the Hip S.... ivel (on back) may
be done to close any session. and finally. a 10 minute relaxation.
part by part.
The emphasis in weight control is to break down the inner layer of
fat through pressure applied in the exercise. thus reducing weight.
A thin person is benefited too. because of the increased circulation
in the inner tissues. which strengthens them, as only the fat tissue
is broken down while healthy tissue becomes stronger.
Diet is an essential component. for you cannot get a valid result with-
out fulfilling all conditions.
(for whole body)
This can be done in bed. Lie on back.
Relax. Like a slow motion movie. tune into
the cosmos. feeling calm. peaceful and graceful.
Curl to the right.keeping legs straight. and put
the right under the head. stretching the left
one back. behind the head. slowly. slowly. slowly.
Keep the left arms stretched back. and slowly stretch
the left leg over and fon.:ard (like straight legc;ed Cat Stretch) in
a diagonal stretch. You will never have a heart attack: Hold position
for 5 minutes and switch sides and repeat.
This gives maximum stretch to the spine and puts pressure under the
.uterus and on the navel point. After 5 minutes, take a long, deep
breath and uncurl slowly, and relax on back for 5 minutes. Relax the
whole body. part by part. Repeat sequence up to 4 times in an hour.
(for waistline &legs)
A. Lie on back, hands at sides. on
floor and raise alternate legs 12"
:::P = :::::=:z
above floor, 10 times each leg.

B. Then lift both legs. heels together,
6"above the ground and hold for 1 minute.
C. Wrists still on floor. raise head and
heels feet above floor (similar to Stretch
Pose but at greater height), and hold up
to 3 minutes.

D. Relax, 5 minutes.
E. Sit u? with legs stretched straight in
front of you. Bend nose to knees, and catch
ankles. Hold for 2 minutes. Relax.

f. Repeat A, B, C, 0, &E.
G. Sit up in Easi' Pose, close right noscril
th anc. breathe deeply
lefc nostri1 fo:- 3 r::inutes with lor-g. deep

H. Relax completelY for 10 r::inutes.

--_ ..
(For back &thighs)
.... ,
/' .. A. Lying on bacK. stretch legs wide
. and sit up and catch heels. returnlng to
a prone position. Repeat 4 times ..
B. lhen sit UP and catch left ankle \oIith
both hands. and lie down.
C. Then right ankle.
D. Then both ankles. again. continuing \oIith
alternating situps for 5 minutes.
E. Relax on back for 5 minutes and
entire series 2 more times .
'to ::=:::::::::::;
(For whole body. arms' legs)
A. Stand legs wide apart. arms and hands
outstretched parallel to ground. Keeping
the arms in place. bend the body forward :C;:';;
as far as possible. Straic;hten UP and bend .... .;1
backwards. Repeat for 5 minutes.
8. Rest for 5 minutes. ... ...
C. Standir.g. legs 18" apart. arms parallel
to the c;:,ound at shoulder leveL tl.:ist to f ;: ...
the left. bringing arms together at left. ! /\"
and bend dOIoo-n and touch left foot. Straighten .........
up with arms outstretched. twist t.o right. i j
bringing arms together at right. and touch il
right foot. Continue, alternating sides .;.'
for 5 minutes. .._._;.\.._.__ .
D. Res t for 5 mi nutes . _-tl'........;. ..
E. Standing, legs 18"' apart. arms outstretch- \!
ed and parallel to the ground, twist left /' ''.
and bend dcwn. touching right foot with left " ',;' \
hand. right arm pointing straight up. and I l\ \
without straighteninq up. twist and bend : / ... \.
to the right. touching. left foot with right ,"Y/ V...
hand (left arm straight up). in windmill':: \
or Glider position. Continue for 5 minutes.;/
F. Rest for 5 minutes
G. Repeat A. C. D. E. , F.
H. Relax on back 10 minutes. 0 -=:::: 41
(For unde:,stomach region)
Crow pose (crouching with feet flat on
9T'ound. 'arms stretched in front) and slo\olly
rise to a standing position, and return to
Crow Pose. Continue up and down, inhaling
as you rise, exhaling as you descend. (Can
be done with partners. or in a group circle.
holding wrists - opposite IooTists for partners).
Crow Pose is very good for the rectUJII and
helps .prevent hemorrhoids. This crouching
position is the most healthy ....ay to evacuate.
Crow Pose strengthens those muscles.

.,. 5. RowING
:., :1
(:or Pelv1c Re910n
Sit le9s stretched in front. Send
. fon:ard and toes. Release toes.lean.

. 60, erms et s1des.
ly as if rowin,; a Continue
5 minutes.
Q4 .:::: . --.?
Relax 5 minutes and repeat.
(For Navel Re9ion)
A. Ly1n9 on back. ra1se one le9 90 and
keep it there. Then lift the other, 6" off
the qround and hold there for up to 1 m1nute.
maximum. !\ext. 100:1 th one le9 up at 90. hold
the other 9" up fer as 10n9 as possible.
up to 1 minute. Then. one le9 at 90, hold
the other t 12" off the 9round.
B. Rest 5 minutes. C. Repeat switchinq
D. Lyin9 on back. br1n9 one knee to chest
and then stretch itout parallel to the qround
while brinqin9 the other knee to the chest.
Al ternate ..... ith a push-pull mot10n. Knees
must touch chest. the arms. if necessary.
to pull knee to chest. Continue for 3 minutes
E. Rest S m1nutes and repeat sequence.

(For d1l;estive system tuninq and wind
to rectum)
Lie flat on back with le;s
stretched stra1ght. Send left le9 and
catch the knee both hands end press
1t to chest for 5-10 seconds. Release and
1t out and r.epeat '.:i th riqht J<nee.
then both knees. Inhale knee 1s bending,
hold breath 1n wh1le knee is pressed. and
exhale as le9 is strai9htened. Repeat 4
,-:.: _ and relax.
.,... ) --'-=:::=:;:
_ --- ------Ly1n9 on back. br1n9 knees to chest. Clasp
hands over knees and keep them pressed and
roll back and forth on the spine all the
..:ay from ta1l bO:'1e up to neck a:ld back. for
minutes. IllIl:Iediately hold k:'1ees to chest
steacily for 5
Rest 5 min'.ltes a:'1d repeat. j;c. -:!!J

9. C09R.a.
(fo, hands. whole body. especially rectum)
lie on stomach. body st:-aight. le9s toc;ether
stretched out as far as possible. Place
pal:r.s of to.ends 0:; c;round close to breasts.
but do not use ther.l for support. Raise the
head slowly. then chest. Legs and navel
re:r.ain 0:; the Try not to use the
hands for support. although you may in the
beg1:;n1ng. Hold the posture as long as pos-
sible up to mlnutes.
Relax and repeat twice.
On third try. accompany with a slow inhalation liftinc; the trunk.
and hold for 2 or 3 seconds. slowly exhaling ".;hile 101.,;ering the body.
forehead should touch the c;round. L1ft three or four times only.
After practice it can be repeated Io:ith long. deep breathing. up to
7 times.
Keeps spine flexible. tones the nerves and muscles of the heart. as
well as those of the abdomen and back. Pelvic nerves and muscles are
rejuvenated. Cures curvature 'of the spine. rejuvenating spinal nerves
and muscles. Aids in curing female troubles like Leucorrhoea. menstrual
up extra fat shapes body.)
A. Ly1:;7 stooach. lock 0: hands
behind back. raise legs off fleer and hold
as long as possible - 1-3 minutes.
9. Lying on stomach. bend knees and catch
the with the hands and raise head.
chest and as far as possible. and hold.
as long as possible. Relax briefly and repeat.
(BOW POSE) minutes total.
C. Relax 5 minutes and repeat sequence.
11. (BOW POSE)
burning extra fat)
lie 'on sto:nach. on c;round. Assume Cobra
pose with ar:r.s off c;ro'.lnd POSE). hold
briefly. and then 90 into BOW POSE. and roll
forward and on stomach. pulling on ankles
to begin rolline;.
on stomach. chin on ;round. Place
fists alon; the of the Raise.
leg as far as possible, keeping it
ly straight. Hold a few seconds and change
le;s. Repeat 3 times (3 lifts each leg).

9. !n sa:l':e position. using clenced fists
for raise both le;s at
least 7 or as high as they Ioli11 ;0. Hold
a repeat twice. (Not
be done by with heart trouble or

lungs. because it creates pressure
5 mb:.:tes.
C. Lyi:o:q 0:'1 stomach. place clenched fists
underneath bocy at Lift alter-
nate le;s slowly in synchronization with

long :er
D. In posi lift le;s
hold, breathing deeply, for

Relax 5 and repeat Co!.'!), relax and

repeat ence :::ore.

13. T POSE:
(For whole body and fingers)
Lying on face, chin on ground, arms

and hugging ears, rallr.S above

With le;s spread cpen, raise arrr.s
legs to

3. With le;s to;ether, arms spread

raise arms and legs to maximum and hold.
C. With legs and arms spread apart, raise

to the and hold. Relax and



(For shoulders &waistline)
Lying on back, flip over onto stomach, turning'
to right, flippin; over and over across the =...._.....;;;
room. Then return, rolling to the left. I
Curl the spine while rolling. (This is similar L\
to a Bundle Roll) Do no: use the hands. ee
Body may c'.Jrve.
9. Lyin; on back, stomach fer 1 minute
L:::p;. ;=:y
and relax. Repeat.

stomach & stomach)
A. Stand. Place right hand behind back at
waist. catching the left hand at the left
side of the ,,;aist. Twist the body left
and right for a little longer than 1 minute.
B. Chanqe hands and twist aqain for
than 1 minute.
C. Place hands on hips at each side of
waist. and twist for another more minute.
D. Lock both hands behind back at waistline
and bend to the left. right and
back. describinq a larqe circle with upper
torso for 1 minute.
E. Relax 5 minutes and repeat.
(To reqain shape after breakinq up fat)
Lyinq back. apply Neck Lock chin
into notch in neck). and p'.lmp ".pply
Mul Pump stomach for 1
apply Ucoayana Bhanda (contractinq stomach
diaphram up) and hold for as lonq as
possible. Relax and repeat.
A. Lyinq on back, bend knees towards chest
and spread them apart. Let leqs danqle
from bent knees. Brinq alternate knees
to,,;ards chest by raisinq alternate hips.
There is no action in the .lower leqs. which haanq limply - the entire
action is in the hips. Continue for 3 minutes. This is especilly qood
for women. It adjusts the hips. All the weiqht of the body is on the
'...aist. It puts the womb in proper position, takes care of the liver
and the lo,,;er system.
B. Lie on the leqs straic;ht and spread
them apart as wide as possible. Spread the above the head. With the weiqht
of the body on heels, hands and head, raise
and lower the body as fast as possible, for
1 minute. Relax 1 to 5 minutes.
C. RIDE: Sit in Easy Pose, -9X"ab the
shins, and beqin a spinal flex, rollinq on
buttocks fon:ard about This will
produce a colc sweat It opens the capillaries.
The hips must roll and you must When
sweat pours cown, you have done it correctly.
3 minutes.
D. Relax on the back, thinkinq of nothinq
but the angel of love who is hugqinq you.
lovinq you.
q ==:::--:.?
vertebra by vertebra,
the thyroid
the burning of calories.
The following exercises were not included in the
set, but are traditional asanas for loss.
lB. \.MEEL POSE. Lie on back, knees bent, feet
against buttocks. Place palms of the floor under
shoulders, fingers pointing towards feet, and inhale,
carefully straightening arms and legs, lifting but-
tocks so that the body forms an arch, and begin
Breath of Fire for 1-3 minutes. This strengthens
the lower back, facllitates the flow of energy thru
the spine. and aids in metabolism.
(From Keeping Up with Kundalini Yoga, "Kriya for
Pelvic Balance".)
19. SHOULDER STAND (& PLOW): Lie on back, and using
the arms for support, raise the body so that
I I it is perpendicular to the floor, from the shoulders
to the toes. (The hands support at the and
, I
as flexibility increases, they are placed farthur
, I
\ up the back. The chin ,should be pressed into the
, \ chest. Begin Breath of for 1-3 minutes. Then
lower the legs behind the head and rest the tops
of the feet on the floor, stretching the arms out
behind, and continue Breath of'Fire for 1-2 minutes.
Inhale, exhale, and slowly come out of the posture,
} and relax on back. Stimulates
gland which regulates metabolism; and
(From Keepi09 ep with KJ;nCa' in; voga,
, I
"Kriya for -the Instinctual Self").

People who cannot control their eating have no
control over' their metabolism. It is a problem
in the Eastern Hemisphere of the brain, which res-
ults in lack of endurance, effectiveness, and self-
respect. To . correct the problem, breathe long
and deep through the left nostril for 31 minutes
a day for 90 days. Once you can control this,
you can control anything.

~ ~



For Beauty & RelaxatLon

May 21 &22, 1979
In Easy Pose, wi th a straight spine,

raise hands to throat level beside

the body, and press the fingertips
and thurnbtip of each hand together ,
pointing them towards the head.

Inhale ~ r u l l y and quickly and

exhale completely as you chant
Ha,1- i N arTl

Sat NarTl
l'iari Narn

11:a. r i ~ l a fn
Sat Nam
Sa.t Narr.
for 11 minutes, building to 31.

(In the second session, on 5/22, the

mantra was repeated 3 times.)
To end, inhale deeply, stretch the hands as high as possible overhead,
hold the breath in for about 1 minute, still stretching to the maximum,
exhale and relax the arms down. Repeat twice acre, holding 10-20 each
a:M1ENI'S: 'Ihi.s is a very relaxing meditation but as the meditator relaxes
the hands will becane painful. After 40 days, the 00dy metabolism will
adjust and pain will go away. This meditation gives the faculty of endurance
takes care of t.'1e nervous and glandular systems and makes the meditator
beautiful and relaxed.
unpolluted as the weather and sky
are in New Mexico? Ask yourself that
question. Have you compared yourself
to a beautiful environment? Is our
within and without the same? If it
is not, why not? Do something!
August 7, 1975
May 24, 1976
InEasy Pose, press heels of hands
together, and cover left fingers with
right fingers, both thumbs gtouching
center section of left Jupiter finger.
Place hands 8-10 inches out fran the
mouth, e1.l::x::Ms at sides, eyes closed.
Inhale through the nose and exhale
through the rrouth, directing the air
through the opening in the thumbs.
Exhale canpletely. Practice until
you fall asleep.
a:MMEN!'S: '!his .."ill make you relax and feel good and happy. Itwill extend
your age and make your face i.nnoce.."1tly channing. to not practice it if
you have work to do, but only if you want to relax after, or to recharge
after work.
AND SPECIAL (And to ~ e e p
September 24, 1979
In Easy Pose, with upper arms relaxed
at sides, elbows bent and foreanns
straight out fran the body, parallel
to the ground and each other, hands.
in fists with thumbs extended straight
up and pulled slightly toward the
Inhale deeply, canpletely exhale and
hold the breath out while the entire
Sa Ta. Na Ma.,
Sa Ta. Na 1"1=,
Sa Ta. Na. Ma.,
Sa. Ta. Na. ]'''1= ,
is mentally vibrated. :nhale and
repeat, eyes 1110 open for 11 minutes.
Cl:M>1ENI'S: To beccxns young, powerful and sanebody special, see that the
fingers are properly attached to the hands, tips nounds, and that the thumbs
are stretched back. Itwill hurt because the ego is being stretched. Begin
with 11 minutes and then extend the time to 22 minutes. Continue extending
up to 31 minutes (the maxi.rnum time). Practice only when you have a long
time with nothing to do upon ccmpletion, because one of the side effectsis
to make you want to. sleep.
, I
For Power, Beauty
& Youth
. I
September 26, 1974
A) In Easy Pose, chant
eng, eng,
eng, ong
6 times in 5 seconds, inhaling quickly
between calls. Make the sound with
the back of the tongue. Itwillbecane
heavier and heavier, and vibrate the
pJ.nea1 and pituitary. When the pituit-
ary starts vibrating, the pineal canes
to help. '!he uanent they startplaying
this game with each other, you go
into an altered state. After about 5
minutes, increase to about 10 repetit-
iCl1S every 5 seo::nis, for about 5
minutes. '!hen chant ~ y for
1 minute.
You will feel a c::hoki.n9 sensation at first as the thyroid is st.imulated.
tbnI t speed up - stay inrhythm.
B) Follow with Sa. Ta. Na. Ma
for 5-7 minutes. '!hen relax and meditate within.
a:r+1EN1'S: "CD;" is the sound of Infinity as itis heard throuqh the conch
when we put in the breath of life. '!he sound of the conch is only an
expanded "eng". When a disciplined yogi practices this at the center
of the nose, his 1::lrain gets a powerful vibratian, and the nectar starts
~ You may start to cough, practicing this, a signal that the thy-
roid is having trouble takinq the pressure of the chant. 'n'le thyroid
gland keeps you young' and beautiful. '!his sound gives a person 3 things:
power, beauty and youth.
NC7!'E: Aslightly different version appears inKundalini Yoga Manual
& Stop the cycle of aecay
June 11, 12 (in New Orleans) 1970?
1) In Rock Pose (or a a:xnfortable
meditatitve arms stretched
out to the sides, parallel to the
------ s=-
- ground, palms down, breathe long
and deep with the eyes 1/1 0 open
for 3 minutes. 'l11en stretch and
rnedi tate a few zroments. This hannon-
izes you with the earth' s magnetic
field, you become 84 times stronger
and experience peace and joy.
2) Now, stiffen the hands very tight-
ly until they shake and the ears
itch, and raise the antIS 60
and up, elbows and fingers straight,
thtm1bs beside fingers, with the
eyes 1/10 oPen. When breath begins
to becane important, one will be
oonneeting with pranic life force.
Allow shoulders to relax. Continue
for 3 minutes (but no more than
5 at first, gradually building to
31 minutes). Then inhale, hold
let go to the universe and relax.
This is "Medi.tation of Prana" and it
eliminates all disease when done
In Rock or meditation pose, press
elbows and upPer antIS tightly against
ribs, and extend forearms up at a
angle, palms facing each other
with thumbs extended and stretched
straight up, while the other fingers
remain relaxed, and meditate on the
Heart Olakra for 5 minutes, rising
above pain. It makes the whole area
NOI'E: These are 3 of a series of
7 beautiful meditations to be published
in Transitions to a Heart-Centered

April 30, 1984
In Easy Pose with a straight spine,
bend the elbows and bring the hands
up near the shoulders, palms facing
forward. ~ l the index and ring
fingers of each hand under the thumbs,
and extend the other fingers. Index
fingers rest on base of thumbs, and
pads of thumbs rest on ring fingers.
In other ';IIOrds, ego and life are
connected while Mercury (mind) and
saturn (Wisdan and Discipline) are
straight up.
Inhale deeply and hold the breath
Wile pumping the stanach, and mental-
Har Gur'\..1
with each purti), for as long as p:>S-
sible. '!hen exhale cc:mpletely, imned-
iately inhale and continue as before.
32 pumps per breath, ~ r l t i n up to 40.
0l-1MfNI'S: '!his kriya shouldbe practiced 108 times in the early eawn, when the
sun is rising and at dusk before the sun is totally set. SCripture says,
if this kriya is cXx1e at the perscr1bed times, with the perscribed pumps,
yoo will stop aging.
september 23, 1976
5it in Easy Pose, focussing on root
of nose, tip of tongue lightly to
upper palate for ~ minutes, rrorning
and evening. 5 minutes and you can
live to be 1001
April 12, 1978
In Easy Pose with a straight spine, or
in any meditative pose, grasp opposite
arms above the e1..bows, thumbs with
fingers (and not hooked around arms).
EXtend the arms straight out in front
fran the shoulders, p r ~ to the
Wi th the eyes a..l.nost closed, inhale
deeply and canpletely ex.'1ale as the
mantra is chanted:
Ek Ong Ka.r
Sat Hari
in seven beats. "Kar" gets three
beats, and all the other 'NOrds get
one. Fach repetition takes 6-8 seconds
Be sure that all the breath has been
canpletely exhaled by the end of the
mantra. Emphasize "Har". D:> it for
as long as you please. '!here are.
no time restrictions.
m1MENl'S: '!his mantra 'NOrks strongly on the thyroid and parathyroid glands
and relaxes all the brain centers. It is a tonic for individual growth
and energy and very pc:7Nerful for the spine. Keep the spine perfectly
straight throughout, without bending forward or back. '!here should be
no pressure on the lower back.
WOW: "Wow" is the sClJIld of Infinity. That
is why we put "wow" wi th "man" - woman!
and relate it to the female, the creative
power, creativity. You must relate to
every situation with both the "wow" and
the man.
Man to Man, XII
OCtober 1971
1. 5it in Fasy Pose, hands in Venus
Lock at base of the spine, applying
Neck Lock and focussing at the 3rd Eye.
Inhaling, chant
Exhaling & bending forward, chant
and continue for 11 minutes. (M:lre
air canes in than goes out.)
2. In Rock Pose, hands in Venus Lock
in lap, focus at 3rd Eye and chant
Hari Har-
(pronounced "Hri Hr") , in 3 tongue
movements: en "Har
tongue is forward,
touching palate, on IIi", tongue is back
and on "Har", tongue is forNard again
touching palate. Tune in to the triple
tongue movement, putting entire oons-
ciousness into itfor 3 minutes.
3. To end, stick the tongue out and inhale, exhale 4 times. D:> not allow
saliva to touch the tongue for a few minutes. Best practiced for 2 hours.
october 19, 1971
A) can be preceeded by sarah Shakti
Mantra , with finger tips together,
clapping, (see page 144>
B) Inhale through the left nostril
and hold for 45 seconds.
Exhale through right nostril in
4 bursts, awhile, then in 8 bursts.
Continue for 15 minutes.
a::t-1MENI'S: You will feel dizzy - bal-
ances SUn & l-Don Energy. It sh<:7.ITS
the stars when the sun is out.

Vach 5iddhi: !he power of truthful sPeeCh - what you say will cane true.
An attribute of a develoPed Throat center, the Vishuddhi Olakra.
Sit in a canfortable meditative posture with a straight
spine. Curl the tongue up on the sides and protrude
it slightly past the lips. Inhale deeply and srooothly
through the rolled tongue and exhale through the nose.
Continue for 5 minutes. Inhale, hold, pull the tongue
in and relax. '!ben repeat for 5 rrore minutes. (Varia-
tions include: 2-3 minutes periods, and the practice
of 52 breaths daily, 26 in the rrorning and 26 in the
evening. )
Sitali Pranayam is a 'Nell-known practice. It sc:x:>thes and cools the spine
near the 4th, 5th and 6th vertebrae, which, in turn, regulates the sexual
and digestive energy. 'Ibis breath is often used for l<:::l'Nering fever (and
it can cool you in warm '.!leather). Daily practice of 26 breaths in the
rrorning and 26 breaths in the evening can extend the lifespan. '!be tongue
may taste bitter at first, a sign of toxification, but as you continue
the tongue will taste sweet and you will have overcane all sickness inside.
It is an excellent kriya to do before chanting the Siri Gaitri Mantra (liRA
It is said that people who practice this kriya have all things that they
need cane to them by planetary ether. In mystical terms, you are served
by the heavens.
(March 7, 1977
InEasy Pose, cross anns over chest as
follows: Place right hand canpletely
under armpit (thumb tc:x:, cross left
arm over right, placing the fingers
only under the armpit (thumb out).
Close the eyes and drop the head
back, making the back of the neck
as short as p:>ssible. The breath
regulates itself as you mentally
Ra Ma. De. Sa.
Sa. Sa.y So Hun.9
~ h ~ ~
for 3 minutes. Self-regenerating.
December 1979
Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. Relax the arms down beside
the body. Keeping the elbows snug against the body, raise the forearms
up and in until the hands meet at the heart level, facing the palms
up. Spread the fingers and thumbs and join the hands by pressing the
sides of the little fingers together. Eyes are focussed at the tip
of the nose and beyond, deeply into the ground.
Inhale deeply,. through a semi-puckered
mouth, and hold the breath in for 4
or 5 seconds, then canpletely exhale
in 4 equal strokes through the nose,
mentally vibrating
Sa Ta Na. Me
Hold the breath out for 2-3 seconds
and resume the cycle for 11 minutes.
When you are canpetent, build time
slowly to 31 minutes. 00 oor 00 BE:iCND
'!his is a powerful meditation, best
done before going to bed. to n::>t over-
tax yourself and exceed limits.
'!his is a very spacey meditation. Be sure to give yourself plenty of
time aftenrcmis to recover. If you push yourself too hard or too fast,
the nervous system may go out of control. Workinq mainly on the glandu-
lar system, this simple but powerful meditation produces strong health
and excellent regenerative capabilities. to it simply be yourself,
and experience. for yourself the virtue of the breath of life.
not beautiful and graceful, there
is nothing beautiful or graceful.
This is a truth for you are the uni-
verse and the universe is you.
October 14, 1971
"Sermon on 2 Cushions"
september 20, 1971 &october 19, 1971
'!be radiance and beauty of a person depends on the clarity and
glitter of his circumvent force field which in depends on the balance
of energy in the left (M:on) and right (Sun) sides of the body. '!be first
pranayam creates this balance and allows the mind to rid itself of doubts.
'!be mind has many stages and states, constantly gnerating the waves of
thought needed to relate to this world. Nonnally meditations are taught
to restrict the flow of thought. But you cannot stop thought production,
you can only alter your relation to them selectively. Most meditations
lead you to a state of suspension or the state of void. Few even teach
you to reach the state of pratyahara. To focus the mindI s meditation
to this state (pratyahara) is the job of the 2nd pranayam.
1. In Easy Pose with an erect spine,
eyes wide open and gazing straight
ahead,. axms straight, hands on knees
in Guyan Mudra, inhale constantly
for 5 seconds, hold the breath for
10 seconds, and exhale constantly
for 5 seconds and continue this rhythme
for 10-1 5 minutes, gradually increasing
inhalation time to 10 seconds, holding
to 15 seconds, and exhaling to 10
seconds. Meditate on the inflow and
outflow of breath, the divine spark
of life.
2. In Easy Pose with a streaight spine, .
focus attention at the Brow Point,
and using right index finger, alter-
nately open and close the nostrils
in the following sequence: Inhale
deeply through the left nostril, hold
45 seconds, exhale through the right
nostril in 4 equal parts or strokes.
Continue this rhythm for 3-4 minutes
and then increase the exhale to 8
equal strtokes and continue for 10
. minutes.
Winter 197
October 14, 1971
(The Sermon on 2 Cushions, Part 1)
MEN & WOMEN: Women a
opposite from men - they
ing in common. It is o n ~ y the
mysterious thing called love which
rings them together. We cannot
know what is going on inside the
other's head. Admit that you do not
know what the other's world is
like - just agree that you have
he right to be you and he/she
has the right to be"'himlher
WOMEN: Men .do not understand woman, what
affects her (the Moon chanqes). Men want
women who do nbt fluctuate. But a woman
's not a woman if she ~ s not fluctuate
June 23, 19.72
WOMEN & MEN: Man is born of woman and you cannot
deny that. However much you. get it together in
life, you owe it to that woman who carried you and
made your body for 9 months and who taught you in
the first 3 years the very basic things of walking
on this earth and talking. So, all desires, enter-
prizes and goals are focussed on woman. You have
sprouted from a womb, one half of you (the lef
side) is polarized female and you seek fulfillment
in sprouting again in a woman. If you can, you
will find your way into every womb on earth. You
learn about yourself through being hurt by a woman
The thing to do is to respect every woman and
try to increase her grace
]:.. Venus Kriya is an exercise
done by a couple - ideally a
male and a female, (but it
may also be done by 2 wanen or
two men). "Kriya" means can-
pleted action, and ''Venus''
refers to the Rcman goddess
of love and beauty.
A Venus Kriya scientifically
and precisely canbines male
and female p:::>lari ties with
asanas, mudras, mantras ,
pranayam and meditation to
generate a strong psycho-
magnetic field, through which
energy is drawn in and direc-
ted p:::>sitively towards subconscious cleansing and the raising of conscious-
ness, through the chakras to higher, di.vine consciousness.
'Ihese kriyas were originally taught for as long as 31 minutes each, in
the early 70's, and have not been taught by Yogi Bhajan since then. How-
ever, in the 80' s , a time lindt of 3 minutes each was set, and must still
be abided by.
Venus Kriyas are similar to Tantric Yoga except that while White Tantric
yOga can be practiced only in the presence of the Mahan Tantric, Yogi
Bhajan, the Venus Kriyas can be done without his supervision if specific
guidelines are followed. They are extremely powerful. It is, therefore,
important to follow the guidelines given below.
1. No Venus Kriya may be done for longer than 3 minutes.
2. A kundalini yogci set should be done in preparation.
3. They should be done in the proper environment, in a quiet, inspiring
and relaxed place, with incense (optional), and in conjunction with yoga
and meditation.
Begi:nning Steps
1. Sitting opposite your partner, tune in with the Adi Mantra (see "Tuninq
In", page16 ), 0 n g N a. m 0 G"U. r 1...l. De"," N a. m 0 _
in prayer mudra, to tune in to your higher self.
2. Then, for divine protection, chant the Guru Gaitri Mantra 3 times:
Ad G'U..ray Narney
J'U..9ud G'U..ray Nameh
Sa.t. G'U..ra.y Nameh
Guru Nameh
(I bow to the Primal Q.lru)
(I bow to the Guru of the ages)
(I bow to the true Q.lru)
(I bow to the great, invisable Guru)
3. Hands still in Prayer Mudra, look into the eyes of your partner and
bow your head in recognition of the God-consciousness in him or her, pro-
jecting love, divine light, loving thoughts and/or positive affirmations.
'!hen proceed with the Venus Kriya of your choice.
1. End each Venus Kriya by stretching the anns up and twisting frcm side
to side.
2. '!hen bring your hands together in Prayer Mudra and look into your part-
ner's eyes and say "'!hank You. satNam", and deeply bow to each other.
3. You may massage each other ifyou like and then relax deeply.
'Ibis is a powerful exercise:
Sit legs outstretched,
soles of feet on partner's,
knees straight. EXtend arms
and clasp partner's hands,
wanen 's palms up, men's down,
keeping the spine straight.
:U:::Ok into your partner's
eyes and proj ect divine love
with nonnaJ. breathing for
minute. Continue with
Breath of Fire for 2 minutes
(originally 2 and 3 minutes).
'!hen inhale, hold the breath in and circulate the energy. '!hen exhale
and apply Mu1bhand (contracting the anus, sex organs and pulling in on
the navel), hold brieflyand relax.
stand and face yvur partner, clasping
left hands, with right arms raised,
right and left antIS parallel to the
ground.>king into each other IS
eyes, lift up your left leg, without
touching it to the right leg, and
balance in this IXlsition. yourself
becc.rne Qxl ( Shiva) or GJddess (Shakti).
Allow your souls to dance. Hold for
3 minutes, chQIlging legs if nec.essary.
(Originally a 31 minute exercise.)
Sit facing partner, soles of
feet against partner I s soles,
hands clasped, and raise legs
between anns to 60. Gaze in-
to partner I S eyes, proj ecting
love and divine light. see
yourself in your partner IS
eyes. Lift his vibrations.
Realize that the two of you
are one. Hold p:>se with
Breath of Fire for 3 minutes.
Then inhale, exhale and relax
down. (can also be done
with normal
breathing. )
or long, deep



In Easy Pose, extend arms out

in front at shoulder level,

touching palms with your

partner. Close the eyes and

concentrate on the arms,
feeling one life current
going through you both.
Hold the position for 30 sec-
onds. '!ben deeply inhale and

exhale 4 times.

'!ben place your own palms

together at the chin and
meditate on your own personal-
i ty, chann and beauty. '!be
fact is that you are living
because God needs you to ful-
fill his purpose; you are a
divine being. Meditate on
this thought for 2"; minutes,
then inhale, exhale and relax.

HOUSEHOLDERS: Whatever you earn,

you exist for, your desire is
to have

a happy home. A householder is

king on
this earth. We are supposed to
live for
each other, support each other.

June 23, 1972

Sit in Rock Pose close enough
to your partner so that palms
touch each other with arms
straight out at shoulder
level. Ia::>k into each other's
eyes without blinking, sending
prana (life force) through the
hands and eyes. Continue for
2 minutes (originally 10).
'!hen close your eyes and vis-
ualize your partner for 1
Siton heels with knees touch-
ing partners knees, fingertips
touching partner's fingertips.
Raise arms up to 60, maintain-
ing fingertip contact, with
eyes fixed in partner's and
proj ect divine love, holding
the position for 2-3 minutes.
'!hen inhale, hold the breath
in for 10 seconds, and exhale,
holding the breath out for
10 seconds. Relax.
Sit in Rock Pose with
touching partner's
Clasp partners hands in Venus
I.Dck at shoulder level, inhale
pulling Mulbhand and
slowly raise hands overhead,
eyes gazing into partner's
eyes. '!ben slowly
and return hands to
position, relaxing the
bhand. Repeat and
for 3 minutes.
For Anger or Ending
an Arg--ument
Standing back to back and 2 feet away fran your partner, with feet about
hip width apart, roth over touching palms to floor, shoulder width
apart and aJ::out 2 feet in front of feet. '!ben assume Triangle Pose by
meeting partners heels with your own, straightening out torso and legs to
form a straight line in each direction fran the buttocks. Gaze into each
other's eyes and hold position for 3 minutes. Ends disputes and estab-
lishes partners as one unit.
==c:-Ci id J I

Hary ing
U,::1a ra.y

Or, you can chant, SaTa N a. M a, wanen chanting "sa", push-
ing palms to left shoulders, men chanting "Ta", pushing palms to right
shoulders, chanting "Na", palms to left shoulders, and men chanting
"Ma", etc.
Sit facing your partner in Fasy Pose,
knees touching knees, eyes looking
into eyes. Place palms against part-
ners palms and chant the Maha Shakti
Mantra, (or the Guru Gaitri MantraJ
or the Panj Shabd, pushing alternate
palms on each \IIOrd. Wcmen begin the
first \110m, and men chant the second,
as palms are alternately pushed to
shoulders on each \110m.
Continue for 3 minutes.
Prepare with the beginning
procedure on page 96. '!hen,
sit back to back with your
partner, aligninq spines
and hips. Inhale, exhale
and row cbwn as your partner
relaxes back on your back.
Inhale, and r ~ x back as
your partner bows down.
'!he vertebrae should relate
to each other like the teeth
of a ,.neel.
COntinue for 3 minutes. 'ntis
was originally given as a
30 minute kriya, but at pres-
ent a three minute time limit
must be abided by.
'Ibis kriya establishes a
j oint rhythm and psych carmun-
ication between partners,
and loosens up the back.
The canplete collectionof 34 Venus Kriyas is published inRELAX & REJOICE:
A Marriage Manual, Volume 1, canpiled by S. S. Vikram Kaur I<ha1sa and ttlarm
Darshan Kaur Khalsa, which also cxmtains Yogi Bhajan' s advice to 1NCltIel'l
and to,men, on love, relationships and ccmnunication. The manual can
be obtained by writing to:

G. T. International
1800 S. Robertson Blvd.
IDs Angeles, ca. 90035
or telephone:
(213) 551-0484
December 20, 1974
1. InEasy Pose, rub palms together
for 1-2 minutes, briskly.
2. '!hen raise arms to 60
, palms
facing each other and hold with
Breath of Fire for 2 minutes.
I Inhale, exhale and bring palms to-
gether at chest.
3. Palms at chest, breathe very
deeply, very long for 3 minutes.
4. Breath of Fire through left
nostril, for 2 minutes. '!hen Breath
of Fire through right nostril for
2 minutes.
5. Rapidly inhale through leftnos-
tril, exhale through right (like
breath of fire) for 1-2 minutes.
6. Spinal flexes in Easy
ha.nOs on knees, e.1boINs
and exhaling
for 2 minutes.
7. Inhale, shrugging shoulders up,
exhale, dropping them down for
2 minutes.
8. Roll the neck slowly, 1 minute
in each direction.

9. In Easy Pose, cup hands and
place them on floor before ankles,
focussing eyes on horizon. Inhale,
exhale and allow lower
relax for 2 minutes.
spine to
'!hen, keeping eyes
horizon, exhale making
fixed on
sound through the nose, inhale,
rePeat and continue for 3 minutes.
'!hen inhale, focus and
mind beyond the horizon. Exhale,
close the eyes.
10. Twist spine once to the left
and once to the right.
11. With hands on knees, slump to
the left and right for 1-2 minutes.
'!hen inhale, raise arms overhead,
clasping hands in inverted Venus
IDck, exhale and relax.
12. MEDITATICN: In Easy Pose, satum
fingers under thumbs, SUn fingers
straight, Jupiter & Mercury fingers
back, (straight), with arms relaxed
at sides, foreaxms perpendicular
to floor. COncentrate at brow, and
inhale through the nose, and exhale
through the mouth, whistling, for
10 minutes. '!hen, w i : l ~ same mudra,
Sa.t Na..rn
rhythmically for 3 minutes. Inhale,
ex..hale, meditate at center of
skull. Twist spine left and right,
stretch arms up and relax.
varos KRIYAS 'IO :rnD: Take partner,
stand, and holding each other I s el-
bows or wrists, keeping chest for-
ward, twist hips back & forth,
breathing porwerfully and deeply.
Be light on the toes. '!hen, eyes in
eyes, holding wrists, do Crow Squats
for 3 minutes, inhaling up and ex-
haling dc.Ywn. (SCXne times added
by G.K.)
------- -
P O W R ~ For Partners
or Gro'
september 30, 1969
,e'-;' .:
1. Sit on left heel, right foot on
, 1 '
thigh, weight on toes and fingers '. ,
with Breath of Fire for 1-3 minutes.
.'''' \1
# J I.
Olange legs and repeat. Repeat again
on left heel. 'Ihen inhale, exhale
apply Mulbhand, hold and relax. Purify!
For solar plexux and liver.
2. Squat on both feet in Crow Pose,
with feet flat on the gromld, all
joining hands, and arise chanting
squat Cbwn again, chanting (nam)
for 2-3 minutes.
3. In Easy Pose, lock index fingers - ~
in front of heart center and pull
with long deep breathing. Inhale,
pull harder, exhale, apply Mulbhand
and pull 11Ore. 2-3 minutes.
4. Straighten arms out in front and
stretch fingers and arms tmtil you
feel itin the heart muscle.
5. Sit on palms, legs out in front.
Sl<::Mly raise legs up, keeping them
straight, without l'lOV'ing hands or
torso, with Breath of Fire. Inhale,
exhale and pull Mulbhand.
6. With partner, hold each other I s
wrists, put soles of feet together ,
lift and straighten legs up' outside
of hands, with Breath of Fire. Inhale,
exhale and pull Mulbhand.
~ ~
--......... .-
... -,...;."" ,.-.,
.... _ .....-Goo-- ,,'
. .,.... -"
7. Frog Pose with feet 1" feet apart,
inhale up and exhale down 2S times.
Inhale up, hold, remain up, exhale
and apply Mulbhand, rolling tongue
back and hold for as long as possible.
8. Standing with hands together over-
head, inhale, and rise to tiptoes,
exhale heels cbm, 30 times fast,
then 30 times again. '!ben run in
place, knees high. Applies pressure
to the toes to stimulate pitUitary.

9 In Easy Pose, bring the energy

(and heat) to the spine and up. Con-
centrate 00 the spine. Apply Mulbhand
to all 26 vertebrae. and apply
Mulbhand a few times. All exercises
were for this!

'0. Olant mantra of your choice for


In Easy Pose,
straight behind
possible, with
out in front,
5 minutes.
,,. Deeply med1tate and
COOcentrate on Pineal
stretch left arm
and up as far as
right arm straight
aimed at, and eyes
fixed on transferee. Concentrate
on energy flcwing fran the pranic
center at the navel, up and out
the hand.
let it go.
and proj ect
"Sa Ta. Na. Ma." medita.tion for
Balance &
'!hi s is an excellent daily practice for couples to renove EiltCtional blocks
and balance their energies. It is also done individually when you are
working al your 0'Nn issues. It is the meditation for w:men to clear out
the psychic effects of past relationships.
Sit back to back with your partner,
spines straight and aligned with each
ot.l}er, and meditate at the Brow Point,
chanting the 5 primal sounds of the
Panj Shabad

("Sa" Infinity, COsrtOs, beginning, "Ta"
life, existence, ''Na'', death, "Ma",
rebirth) the hands on the knees,
elbows straight. en "Sa" touch the
Jupiter (index) finger to the thumb,
on "Ta" the Saturn (middle) finger and thumb, on "Ma", the Mercury (little
finger and thumb of each hand, chanting in the "Three Languages of Cons-
ciousness as follows:


\\. ......

.. ..


x-... .

=3J!!E; .fNlli ;??

For the first 5 minutes, chant in
a normal voice (the language of humans)
and for the next 5 minutes, whisper
( in the language of love-T"S), and for
the next 10 minutes, chant silently
(in the divine language) - J:"or the
next 5 minutes whisper again, and
for the last 5 minutes return to the
normal voice. Meditate on these primal
sounds in an "L" shape: let each "Sa
Ta Na Ma" enter through the Crown
Cdhakra and project itout to Infinity
through the 3rd Eye.
CD1MENl'S: All meditation stops at "Sa Ta Na Ma" - there is nothing beyond
it. Kirtan Kriya is the most important meditation in Kundalini Yoga.
If you oould do only one meditation, this is it! It does everything for
you and in the proper order. Over a period of time it can be your best
friend. Each time you close a mudra by joining the with a finger,
your ego "seals" its effect in your oonsciousness: Guyan Mudra with thumb
and index finqer effects knc:l'Nledge, Shuni Mudra (middle, Saturn finger
and thumb) gives wisdan, patience and discipline, SUrya Mudra (rinq, Slm
finger & thumb) imports vitality and energy, and Bhuddi Mudra (little,
Mercury finger and thumb) gives the ability to camnmicate. Itis import-
ant to do this meditation properly, using the ''L'' fonn so that the sound
follows the "Golden Cord" entering at the 1Oth Gate (top of the head),
and projects out through the 3rd Eye to Infinity. As always, the spine
must be straight and the Olin Wck must be applied.


August 14, 1970
1. 51t in Easy Pose. spine strdqht.
neck locked but not bent. chin almost
touchinq the neck. and beqin lonq.
deep breathinq. This takes away a
life time of neqativity.
2. Men chant O'n<;J ,
&. women chant Sohun<;J for 3 minutes.
3. . Inhale. hold the breath and hear
the chant from the infinite. Exhale.
Now the sound channels have been lIIade
4. In Easy Pose. pull all 3 locks
(Mahabhanda). . As you hold this you
will become liqhter and liqhter. Relate
to Adi Shakti and Shiva for 3 minutes.
If you can do this lock. you can travel
from seed to creativity.
5. Chant the 31i cycle spin chant
EkOn.g Kara.
Sat a Nam a.
Sir- i \A]ha a.
stattinq low and qoinq hiqher for 5 minutes. Inhale and hold. and
exhale slowly. merq1nq into that sound. Suckthe chant from infinity.
6. Slowly continue the 3ls eycle chant with root loc)( ana volce coming
from the SClar Plexus. Inhale and project for world peace. happiness
ana healtho Exhale and inhale. This 1s how you eure pe(')ple anywhere
in the universe throuqh their astral body.
COl'IMNTS: \.loman is IIIan's only hope. The difference between intuition
ana the psychic is that lr.t'Uition is a battery that \oIorks on Cosm1c
Ener;y ;lven by the Solar Centers.Dna the psychic worxs on ind1vidual
ener;y. Awhite m&;ician relates as a humble instrument of Cod Conscious
ness. and a blacx lU;iclan relates to lncUvidual consciousness. If
you want wisdom to reach everyone. you have to serve people and relate
to their heares.
13, 1975 (For Groups)
Sitting in meditation with
st:aght spines, either facing the
teacher or leader, or sitting in a
circle, O1ant the Panj Shabad (sa
Ta Na Ma.) all together for 3-5 minutes.
'!hen, attentively meditating at the
Brow Point, let saneone in the group
chant, alee
Sa. Tea. Na. Ma
(t:.akinc; about 2-!-3 secxnds) 5aneone
else iJrmediately picks up the chant
as the first person ends, not in any
re<;ular order, such as around the circle
but as each responds to the energy
in the g,roup. Each individual will
becx1re sensitized on a new level, becan-
!ling part of the greater energy balance,
and chanting. will happen in resp:mse
to the shift of total group energy and
not as an individual "wants toll chant.
Ultimately, individual activity JiIerqes with group activity and there is
no difference since it is the it is the energy focus of the group that
shifts and causes saneone to chant. sane may chant nore than one time,
while others rray never chant at all. A very delicate and sublime sensitiv-
ity will be developed in the process. '!he effect of the chant is that
of YCXJ, multiplied by the total number of participants, plus twice the
number squared, times each Japa or repetition! '!his means, the effect
of a FD1 MILLICN REPEl'I'nOOS can be achieved in a m:x1era.te size group in
a short time. It requires perfect concentration, and it is better if the
group has already exercised and achieved a meditative state.
NOI'E CN CXXJPLE:S PRACTICE: Joint daily practice of Kundalini Yoga and
medittion synchronizes and nerges merges the energy fields of a couple
and stabilizes their ertr:ltional bodies, making each rrore powerful, magnetic
and attractive. All the yoga sets and meditations in this manual can
be practiced together, not just the ones in this section. An ideal daily
routine, together, consists of a yoga set, one or rrore Venus Kriyas and
a meditation. G.K.
r have practiced religion for SO years and
I have come to conclude one thing. If yo
cannot be a friend to your own soul, if
you cannot be in control of your own mind,
your life is a waste
August 26, 1988
Beads of Truth, Winter t88
meditate, the garbage of
the subconscious starts
floating. Meditation
is not pleasant. Medit-
ation is just cleaning
the house
August 26, 1988
Beads of Truth
Meditate in Maha Bhanda,
the most powerful yogic
kriya. You are one
breath away from God.
He is in your circumvent
force. (Emotions keep
you from him.)
OCtober 14, 1969
ECSTACY exists within always, independen
of the whims of circumstance and person-
ality.. It is an Infinite Pool to refres
the heart, giving strength to create a
better self and a better world.
January 14, 1974
Meditation in conjunction with the
practice of Kundalini yoga is the
most powerful, safe and effective
means of achieving altered states
of consciousness. The practice of
Kundalini yoga strengthens the nervous
system and the entire physical, mental
and emotional being to receive and
utilize the higher frequencies induced
by rreditation. Therefore, practition-
ers of Yogi Bhaj an's technology do
no experience destructive, traumatic,
spontaneous Kundalini arousals, camon
among those who practice other types
of meditation and yogic traditions.
Instead, they experience the gradual,
repeated, safe and alnost imperceptabJe
ascent of Kundalini energy, with
its attendant pleasures and talents
and without the traditional fireworks
and pain.
The Kundalini Yoga/Meditation canbin-
ation brings the meditative mind
into everyday life and elevates day
to day living to a higher plateau.
Yoga without meditation is like cake
without frosting, and meditation
without yoga practice is like the
dessert without the dinner.
These meditations are actually pre-
meditations. Each focuses conscious-
ness to implement specific effects
through the mantras and mudras.
The real meditation begins AFI'ER the
chanting is done. (So be sure to
savour those precious post-chanting
rnanents' to enjoy a conversation with
God or your higher self, or to use
the heightened awareness to survey
the. 00dy and take stock of its needs.)
Most of all, this is the time to
listen and know.
Mantras are the repeated words, sounds
ot' phrases in one of the sacred lang-
uages (sanscrit or Gurmuki - so desig-
nated because in these languages
the sound of the word vibrationally
approximates the concept it repres-
ents) . Yogi Bhaj an has given us
several mantras in English, too.
Though affirmations have a powerful
effect on the mind, taking one from
a negative to a positive mind-set,
mantras take you from the polarities
of the positive-negative mind to
the Universal, neutral mind, and
link the finite self with the Infinite
Prayer is another powerful tool,
but it is usually a one-way affair,
(asking for blessings, or thanking
or praising God for those already
bestowed) . Olanting mantras opens
up a two-way ccmnunication, tuning
us into cosmic frequencies I enabling
us to listen and receive, as well
as press our cause.
The sounds of mantras affect the
cosmic spheres as well as individual
consciousness. '!he meaning, (though
unintelligible to the Western cons-
cious mind), has a powerful impact
on the subconscious mind. '!he touch
of the tongue on the palate, addition-
ally, reflexes to impact the brain
in a scientific and precise manner ,
when the mantras are correctly chant-
ed. Repeated repetition makes the
effect "kick in" despite blocks and
scepticism, too. Lastly, the music
that often the chanting,
touches the heart and opens one's
sensitivities. '!his is called "Nad
yoga" or "the yoga of the mind".
It is of paranount importance to
chant a mantra correctly. To enjoy
its full effect, ask your teacher
for the correct pronounciation, rhythm
and the prescribed breathing, melody
and meaning.
Two ways to empower mantras are (1)
to visualize the mantra written on
a screen before the closed eyes as
it is intoned, and (2) to listen
to the mantra while inhaling bet'tNeeIl
repetitions. You may also feel the
mantra - pulsated at the heart, vibra-
ing in the head, circling up the
spine, or penetrating the body down
to the cellular level.
During the course of chanting, take
your time. Attend to one thing at
a time - if visualizations are spec-
ified, first set the breathing and
chanting on "autanatic pilot". '!hen
add pictures, movements ot energy
or pulsations. After a little prac-
tice you will find it is possible
to hold several things in the mind
at once, and this will be useful
in all phases of life.
1. First, "tune in" (with the Adi.
Shakti Mantra: CNG NM-D, GURU DEV NM-D)
'!hen do warmups, especially spinal
flexes. Fbllow with a Yoga set of
your choice. '!hen relax a few minutes
on the back before meditating.
2. Sit in a clean, quiet place.
Meditating at the same time and in
the same place everyday, gradually
sanctifies the area. But if you
are meditating in a subway, or stand-
ing in line, imagine a sanctified
place and program yourself to tune
out distractions. Nature offers
gc:x:rl settings like under a tree,
beside a .stream or the ocean, and
churches are ideal retreats.
3. '!he very best time to meditate
is in the early rrorning before sunrise
as yogis do. (sadhana! ) 2'; hours
before sunrise is the usual time
to begin - the "primal hours". Other
powerful times are at 4:00 P.M. and
at sunset. Bedtime is a must! Medit-
ation and yoga actually replace sleep,
so you will find you need less sleep
when you do a norning and evening
routine (which processes the subcon-
scious fears and concerns of unsettl-
ing sunrise dreams).
4. A timer of sane sort is useful
to avoid "clock watching", and or
5. '!he hair should be worn up, in
a knot on top of the head (to prevent
energy , leakage' ) , and you should
be seated on a natural surface -
ie. wool, cotton, '!he feet
should be bare.
6. You may wish to begin with short
meditations (sane are as short as
3-5 minutes in this I:x:x:>k) and proceed
to longer ones with Practice. It
is recarmended to practice one medi ta-
tion daily for 40 days to achieve
its effects. 90 days can break a
habit pattern. If you like variety,
sample a different one every evening,
perhaps, but stick to the same one
every norning for at least 40 days.
7. M:>st of Yogi Bhajan's meditations
are designed to attract or deliver
specific results. You can program
yourself with Prayer or visualization
of the desired results, before and
after the meditation, consolidating
the entire effect. But, during the
meditation, concentrate on the speci-
fied techniques and absorb yourself
in the sound and the energy.
8. What you may encounter: Because
of a misconception that one can simply
sit down and quiet the mind for med-
i tation, many people are discouraged
fran meditating. '!he mind generates
one thousand thoughts per wink of
the eye, and when we sit to meditate,
we becane acutely aware of these
thoughts. '!bat is why we use mantras
- to focus the mind. Distractions

are the rule. Just keep going back 10. Have patience with yourself.
to the mantra, the breath and other Perhaps you will achieve only a minute
points of focus. You may feel unccxn- or two of fully focussed consciousness
fortable during meditation, but you during the first attempts. It canes
will feel much better afterwards. with practice.
Since meditation is also a cleansing
process, a lot of "garbage" may ccxne 11 To rePeat, medi tation really
up. '!his is normal, and in fact, begins in the spacious m::xnents after
desireable. Itmeans that the process pranayama. or chanting. Itis rewarding
is working. Don't expect to sit at that time to sit for a few minutes
in bliss every time! When thoughts and experience the effects of the
cane up, donI t reflect or act on previous effort. You may listen to
them. Just let them pass like the the mantra chanting back to you, allow
flow of a river. You may even become physical effects to develop ( like
negative or eaotional. Fine. Exper- watching the energy you have engendered
ience whatever happens and let it pursue its own course) or simply ccm-
go to the universe. '!he process mune with yourself at a cellular or
is working. CNer a period of time,
suPer-conscious level. Enjoy that
you will be pleased at hON much light-
time and space!
er you feel and hON certain things
no longer bother you.
12. ceily practice for only 10-30-
9. Be sure to keep the spine perfectly
minutes can change the course of your
straight and apply Olin Lock (see
life, transfonn your Personality and
Appendix), for the aligrment of the
help you to becane your own best pos-
chakras and to facilitate energy flow,
sible self! Even meditating only
during all meditations unless otherwise
once a week produces a ITOre illumined
and evolving consciousness.

telephone number? A combination of
numbers - first area code, then home
number. It buzzes and a person says,
"Hi!II When nobody picks it up you try
again, right? Then you put in an emer-
gency call. That is an emergency pray-
er. God is nothing but a telephone
company. Keep on dialing. Once you
get the guy on the line, the job is
done forever. What is His number?
There are a lot of lines in my Father's
horne, call any. If he won't answer,
some secretary will. Leave a message.
Morning hours are very good. I'm not
kidding you, that's how it is. CalIon
August 4, 1975
Sit on the heels and stretch arms overhead, ..lS hugging ears, fingers
interlocked, index fingers extended straight up md ch.:mt "sat Nam" in a
constant rhythm about 8 times per 10 seconds. Olant S a. t frcm the navel &
solar plexus, pulling the umbilicus in to the spine, and on N am relax the
belly. Continue for at least 3 minutes. 'n1en inhale and squeeze the muscles
tightly from t.he buttocks all the way up- the back, mentally allowing energy to
flow up the spine and out through the top of the head. Ideally you should
relax for twice the time you practice. ("sat Nam" rhymes with "but M:xn".)
m1MENI'S: sat Kriya is fundamental to Kundalini
Yoga and should be practiced daily for at least 3
minutes. sat Kriya strengthens the entire sexual
system, stimulating its natural energy flow, relax-
ing sexuality phobias, enabling control of the sex-
ual impulse and recharmeling the energy to creative
and healing activities. severely malajusted people
benefit frcm this kriya since mental problems are
a result 'of unbalsanced energy in the lower 3
chakras. General physical health is improved
and the heart is strcmgthened frcm the rhythmic
up/down of blood pressure. Since this exercise
stimulates and channels Kundalini energy, it must
always be practiccYi with the rna:t:ltra "sat Narn".
Time may built to 31 minutes but always
with long, deep relaxation immediately afterwards
A good way to build duration is to start with 3
minutes and rest for 2 and continue for 25 minutes.
(D:> not jump frcm 3 to 31 minutes, even if you are
feeling strong or are a yoga teacher. Respect
the power of the technique and allow this kriya to
properly prepare your body for higher experience.)
'n1is is not just an exercise - it is kriya t.l1at
\YOrks on all levels of being, knor.m and unknown.
You might block the more subtle experiences of
higher energies by pushing the physical body too
much. Or, you could have a huge rush of energy,
an experience of higher consciousness, but be un-
able to integrate it into your psyche.) SO prepare
yourself with constancy, patience and moderation.
'n1e end result is assured.
If you have not taken drugs or have cleared your system of all their
effects, you may choose to practice the kriya with the palms open, pressing
against each other. 'n1e releases more energy but is not generally taught
in a public class because someone may have week nerves frcm drug abuse.
Notice that you emphasize pulling the navel point in - don't try to apply
Mulbhand (which occurs natrually when the navel is pulled). The hips and
spine do not flex and the only iTlOtion is slight up and down of the chest and
arms with each "sat Nam". IF YOO HAVE TIME FOR NamING ELESE, PRAcrICE THIS


Long E'k Ong Kar-s
IMPORTANT OOI'E: '!his is to be chant-
ed only before sunrise!
In meditation pose with a straight
spine, and hands in G.1yan Mudra,
take a deep breath and chant
El< On<;;r Kar
the "EK" being very short, the
and "KAR" long and equal in
length. Take another deep breath,
and chant
Sat !'Tarn Sir-i
"SAT" is short, "NAM" very long, and
"SIRI" justescapes your tongue with
the last bit of breath. Take,
breath, and chant
Wahe G"Uru
''WAHE;'' and "GO" are short, and
"RU" is long. . ('!his is the 2';
breath cycle.)
en "EK", pull Mulbhand, 00 "CNG",
focus at the 2nd (sex) Olakra,
on ''KAR'' focus at the navel. While
inhaling, continue to hold Mulbhand
and chant "SAT" at the heart, ''NAM''
atthe throat, allowing Mulbhand to relax and
is chanted at the 3rd Eye. en ''WHA HE QJRU",
01akra and into the aura. .
a:M-1ENl'S: In the period of 2'; hours before sunrise, .....nen the channels are
lrCSt clear, if this mantra is sung in S\VeE!t hcmrony, you will be one with
the Lord. '!his will open your your solar plexus, charging the solar center,
connecting it with Cosmic energy, and you will liberated fran the cycles
of karma that bind you to the earth. 'Ibis is the mantra for this time
(Kali Yuga), representing the path of spiritual k;no".1ledge of the self No
tongue can tell how bright the light of cosmic energy is, and .....nen you
recite this mantra daily, you will have this light within you. Itis basic
to awakening and regUlating Kundalini energy, the basic evolutionary force
in the human psyche. (Please see sadhana Guidelines for ccmplete text.)
OOI'E on the ADI SHAI<TI MANTRA: Originally chanted for 2'; hours before
sunrise, later reduced to 45 minutes, this mantra is naw part of the sadhana
of Yogi Bhajan's follorwers, the 4th in a series of 7 meditations chanted
beforesunrise.. __ ' _.:.. __ mantracan be chantedanytime, but preferably.
rise (except to teach it, 8 times maximum). Itwas originally given without
the ''HE'' following ''WHA'', in the Ashtang (8 fold) form, but Yogi Bhajan
aQjed the ''HE'' to E!.I11pO'w'er the tnarltra on the physical plane. In the UYA
Wha Gu-ru
energy to flow, and "SIRI"
energy flows out the Crown

YCGA FORM, the syllable "A" (meaning "to cane"}is added to the "KAR,
SAT, NAM & WHA" which rotates the energy of all the chakras and the aura,
and itbeccmes the 3'; cycle Spin Olant. 'ttle long version (above) is custcm-
arily chanted on Yogiji's birthday, August 26, on "Happy-Healt.rl.y-Holy Day".

May18, 1970
1. InEasy Pose with a straight spine,
eyes closed, block the right nostril-
and breathe 10 long, deep breaths
through the left nostril, then block
the lef,t nostril and breathe through
the right 10 long, deep breaths, sur-
veyi..'"lg - the body all the while. Repeat
and continue for 2 minutes.
2. Place palms together at heart level,
applying a slight pressure to the
center of the chest with long, deep
breathing for 2 minutes and then Breath
of Fire for 1 minute.
3. With hands in Guyan Mudra, raise
the anns to 60
and hold with long,
deep breathing for 2 minutes.
4. Lower the anns, handsstill in Guyan
Mudra, resting wrists on knees with
e ~ straight, and chant the ~ c l e
SPUl chant, spinning the sound up
the spine with the breath. Let go and
getlost in the spin.
El--::. On.g Ka.r l\.
Sat A Narn A
Siri Wha. a.
&II< _ -... II _ell
I 6a J;f? !JJ?j:t=ij
01 .,-,., -.,q . ..,,,yO I ~ O
en "EK" sharply contract the navel ,
visualizing navel energy descending
to' the rectum and sex organs. en
the first "A" (after "Kar"), pull
Mul.bhand (Anus and sex Organs), and
on the 2nd "A" (after ''Naro'') pull
diaphragm Ix::k, Visualizing energy
spiraling up the spine and through
the chakras, and on the "A" after
"Wha, pull the chin lock and see the energy spiraling up through the neck.
en ''He'', relax Mul.bhand and diaphragm lock and allow the spinning energy
to leave through the Crown O'lakra. '!his is chanted in one breath. Con-
tinue for 11 to 31 minutes.
<J:M.1ENrS: '!here are two voices within us: Q1e is the voice of the ego,
and the other is the voice of the soul. Justify yourself before the Creat-
or, not before others. Consciously remember the link between you and
your Creator. If you can keep away frc:m negativity, you are a living
god on this earth. 'Ibis meditation enables one to get lost in the sound
current. Meditate.and feel God for 40 days and you will be liberated.
- --::;;:=:--=----=----=- --
Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine,
and inhale pow'erfully, c:cmpressing
both nostrils, exhale, and continue
for 3 minutes. '!'hen inhale, hold
for 4S seconds, and exhale.

'I'he..,. place the left hand or. the back,
at heart level, palm facing out, and
right hand or. the chest, palm in,
and chant the 3-!- cycle P.di Shakti
~ n t r spinning the heart chakra.

Concentrate on the heart to eliminate

ill will. Gradually apply Mulbhar.d
and spin. making a conscious aura
around you.

E1< Ong Kar

Sat Narn
Siri t-1ha.

NOI'E: '!his is an early version of

this mantra. Later, Yogi Ehajan added
"a" to each line. In this version,
"spin" refers to the spinning of the

Heart Lotus, Anahata Olakara, spinning

in place. Bolt the spinning in later
version refers to Kundalini energy
spinning around and up the spine.
See Iaya Yoga 117.

a:::MMENI'S: '!he higher the science, the fewer can make it. Mantra meditation
gives mastery over the air, sight of all the spirits unseen by the naked
eye, ccmrand of thOse thousands of G:Xis W'e call p:::1Wers which are always
around us and they becane helpful friends, messengers and beautiful people

when practiced earnestly as taught by the guru. Effort should l::e made to
reach the heart of people - (you cannot say you had no chance to l::e aware).
With faith in the guru you will be pleased and contented in the trap of
time. CI1e can cross the ocean of time with.such ease by faith in the guru.

Your breath has been given to you as a sacred trust, and you can use
it or abuse it. All that you eX>- to pain others feedsyour animal nature.
'!he guru is a muffled hamer and must strike your ego all the time. "On
Shanti"is on one side of the ocean, and you are on the other, rowing the
boat of knowledge and wisdcm. '!he GJru's pranas will row you across.
'!he mind l::eccmes pure and lighter than air and the b:dy beccxnes lighter

tha..,. air, provided food and habi ts are pure.

LAYA VOG."1:\. #3,

For Anahata..
Hea.rt Chakra
June 3, 1970
August 7, 1970
Sit in a meditative posture, with spine
straight, and place hands in lap, right
on top of left (1NCmeI1, left on top),
and pull on the rectum, focussing at
the base of the spine and chanting the
cycle Adi. Shakti Mantra for 10 minutes:
El< Ong Kar A
Sat A
Nam A
v.1na A
Hey Guru
Please see Laya Yoga #1, Pg. 114
cn+1ENl'S: SCriptures say, "Cb man, go and lie flat at t.h= feet of anyone
who can show you how to relate to the unseen. You are 90% tm.Seen and
10% seen, but we relate to the 10% seen which is "MayaII ( illusion) If
you can relate a little in the m::>rning and a littlein the evening to the
unseen, you can cross the barriers. 'n1e rocrnent you relate to the unseen,
you are energized, within 72 hours your scene Changes and you are on a
higher vibratory level. Ever-changing m::>tion is the principle of life.
cnly God is unchanging. '!he 3rd Eye doesn It see the seen, but the UNseen
fran which we came and will return.
A. Bend both knees, placing left foot be-
side right hip and crossing right thigh
over left, supporting weight with left
hand on right fCX)t, right e1l::low resting on
right knee with forearm raised. IJ:oking
through slittedeyes at finger & Infinity,
point index finger straight ahead and
circle itin rhythm as you chant
Wahe Gur'-1.
Wa.he GUr""\..J
B. In same pose, place right hand in
Guyan Mudra and chant
Hea.lthy Am I
Happy .n..rn I
Holy Am I
(Times \oIere unspecified)
ToRa i.s e K u. n d a 1. i.n i & B 1 i s :s 0 Llt.

August 21, 1970
In MAfIA SUI< MUDRA (sitting with the
left foot under the right thigh,
and the right foot on top of the
left thigh), stretch the neck and
the spine straight. Pull Root Lock
and OWl Lock. Tune into the vibrat-
ion of Yogi Bhaj an and chant:
\ ! 3
J. J niil
.. I'f'l l<AI \<.at .. I\:,} !CAl
Akal means undying, and it frees
you fran death. O1ant itseven times
and on the 5th time, raise the pitch.
Continue for 5 minutes.
SECCtID PARI': For 3 minutes, spin
the J! cycle J.di Shakti Mantra up
the spine:

El< On9 Kar

Sa.t a. Nem
(There is one Creator whose name
Sir:L Wha.
is Truth. Great is the. Ecstacy
He Guru
of that Supreme Wisdan.)

rl J:J':imJ J::J.t1
s, ri .."

en IIEk
pull the Navel Point. en the first IIA" pull Mulbhand (so that
energy descends fran the navel to the rectum), on the 2nd "A", pull Diaph-
ragm Lock (still holding Mulbhand) and visualize energy spiraling up the.

spine. en the 3rd "All pull Neck Lock as the energy qoes fran the 3rd Eye
to the Crown 01akra., and on ''Hey GUru", relax all the Bhandas. Repeat
and (usually for 11 minutes) streagtheninq the energy visualization.
inhale, hold the breath, and feel the energy to spiral up the
spine without any conscious efforton your part, imnersing you inbliss.

TO am: C'lant long "Sat Nam'sll 3 times.

Sa.t Na.rn

and then once, with meaning, chant

are one.
God & Me Me & God

January 10, 1974
1) Interlock 2 Guyan Mudras, right over
left, forming an "8", symbol of infin-
i te creative consciousness, and hold at
heart level, apply neck lock, fixing
eyes on mudra, without blinking, and
breathe naturally for 7 minutes.
2. Deeply inhale and exhale twice,
close eyes and ~ u s at 10th gate
(Crown O'lakra). Shoot out to infinite
star beyond and beyond, to the ecstasy
and beauty beyond this time and space,
across the barrier of time and space.
'!he mind can do it. Try, try, let
the body go. O1ant a breathy
Wahe G"Ur'\...l
and put yourself on the guiding sound
current of Laya Yoga, focussing on
the . sound, and arolmd that sound you
will travel. After 11 minutes, deeply
inhale and exhale several times and
cn-1MENl'S: Laya Yoga is the science of sound, rhythm and consciousness.
It is technical know'-how at the core of yoga. '!here was a time when no man
could qualify as a yogi without mastery of these techniques. '!housands of
years have diluted the teachings of this science. '!he original techniques
have the p:7Ner to project you into the lap of the Infinite. Practice
this rhythm and you will feel a tremendous heat grow in the body. '!he
first part will still the mind - the mind will fight and give you mental
or visual hallucinations after 5 or 6 minutes. stay calm and concentrate
the mind on simply seeing your hands. In the 2nd part, you learn the
art of being anywhere at any time, the bonds are broken and you soar gently
beyond all barriers.
A MAN OF GOD takes you to God. Every (other)
man will take you where he belongs. Your
spiritual teacher is a permanent sign to
lead you to God. He I s like the billboard
along the road. He is not responsible for
whether you accept it or not.
September 25, 1985


september 24, 1971
Sit with right foot flat on the floor,
knee to chest, and right elbow resting
on knee with hand on the side of the
head, fingers p:>inting back. Left leg
is bent flat on the ground, with left
toes against achilles tendon of right
foot, with left hand on the ground behind
hips. Relax. Inhale deeply and chant
for 16 minutes (alternate version 15
CCl-1MENI'S: Siri Singh sahib spent 3 rronths
chasing a yogi in the Himalayas and then
2 days in Baby Pose outside his hcxne to
get this meditation!!!


Sit in Easy Pose, hands in Q.lyan Mudra,
elbows straight, eyes closed, straight
as a king. Olant
\t-] a. h e G u. :r:-u.
for 11 minutes. Inhale, hold 30 sec-
onds focussing on Crown Olakra, exhale
and relax.

CXlo1MENI'S: Ecstasy exists within at

all times, independent of the whims
of circumstance and personality
It is the Infinite Pool to refresh
the heart, giving strength to creating
a better self and ~ r l '!his meditat-
ion leads to that experience.

'l11e rrantra is a triple sound

In stage one, the mind enjoys the
rhythm, but daily thoughts continue
to enter, and you donI t wish to put
all your energy into ecstasy. In stage 2 the self conscious mind
will letyou feel yourself, and the usual, disturbing thoughts slipaway. In
stage 3, you want to get rid of self-consciousness and unconsciously iJrmerse
yourself in ecstasy.
So calm, so sleepy, like the merging of a raindrop into a vast, calm, beaut-

iful lake. You reflect all, cleanse all. If you can cross all, you can
know the extE.nt of living in yourself, with balanced consciousness playing
with the Infinite.
october 20, 1975
Sit straight in an easy pose. Make
fists of both hands at heart level,
the left palm facing up and the right
down. Extending the Mercury finger
of the left hand and hook it under
and around the thumb of the right
hand, pulling to create slight tension.
Close the eyes and focus at the brow
point. Inhale deeply and chant the
''bij'' mantra
in rronotone for 11 minutes. With
practice, extend the time to 31 minutes.
(Pronounced Ah ee mah)
<XM1ENl'S: '!he principle of the nether is primal power, coziness, care
and protection. A person who is in contact "'lith this inner cosmic principle
is without fear and has courage in all circumstances, even at the darkest
times. When you serve the cc:>sIroS as the z.bther, you know it is responsive
to everything and anxiety is reduced, as you feel connected, personal
and in tooch. '!his is gcxxi for a person without religion; it connects
that person to the cc:>sIros.
January 1972
In Easy Pose and Guyan Mudra, with a
straight spine, chant
8 times per breath for 3-11 minutes.
Then sit quietly and expand the
light at the hea...-t. Go through
you life, starting with the first
year and remember everything.
Strange things may cane up.


September 1, 1978
'Ibis is a very sacred, very simple but very powerful meditation. It takes
away a person's self-pride and vanity. If the maximum repititions of
the mantra are done, another person should be present because the meditator
may be rocketed so far into the ethers that he may find it difficult to
cane back down.
Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine,
upper antIS relaxed at sides with e.lbows
bent, forearms raised, hands in fists
with thumbs extended and meeting each
other with about 25 pounds of pressure
at heart level. None of the fingers
touch opposite finqers at any time.
Inhale deeply and chant 4 repetitions
of the mantra as you ccmpletely exhale,
as follows


Wa.he v.Iahe
in a ItDnotone. '!he repetitions may
be gradually increased from 4 to 8
with a ccmpan:i.on ItDnitering. Cbntinue
for a maximum of 31 minutes. End
with several deep inhalations and
exhalations for a minute.
(Bandana means union of Shiva & Shakti)

HIGHEST YOGA: Marriage is the highest
yoga. The Shiva-Shakti union on earth
is the counterpart of Divine union.
Summer 1972
MARRIAGE: God is not fool enough
to live without a woman, because that
is not the way God is. The law of
polari ty governs life. Each male has
a "fe" and each "fe" has a male.
August 7, 1975
May 27, 1974
A) In Easy Pose or IDtus Pose, make
hands into cUps, palms facing up,
leaving a little fish-like hole between
sides of little fingers. Bow head
forward, with eyes barely open and
look into palms. Inhale in , 0 strokes
or sniffs, each time mentally vibrating
& exhale in 10 parts, mentally chanting
for 11 minutes. 'Ib end, inhale and
exhale powerfully.
B) Sit up and chant aloud in ncnotone
8 times, and
8 times, for 5-1 1 minutes. Build to
31 minutes and then 2" hours.
D::> this meditation when clarity is lost, to calm yourself and
still your mind. '!ben the path will cc:me to you. Bow the head so that
if it were cut off, it 'WOuld fall into the hands, to be given to God and
Guru. Strengthens nental direction' and alleviates blood disease.
ASTROLOGY: The rays of the planets mix
wi th pranas (life pattern, destiny).
If you are in tune with the Cosmos,
planets cannot have a negative effect.
October 19, 1969



october 16, 1979

Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. Relax

the arms down with the elbows bent and raise
the foreaImS until the hands are near the
shoulders, facing the palms forward and in
G.1yan Mudra. Eyes are 9/10 closed. Inhale,
exhale, and with the breath held out, mentally
Waa.he Guroo
as you first pull Root Lock, then Diaph-
ram U:x:k and then Neck Ia:::k in a continuous
wave-like IIOtioo, with each repetition of
the mantra. 'lhe whole spine will undulate.
Repeat a total of 9 times (9 mantra repetitions
and 9 undulations) 00 the held out breath.
Inhale, exhale and repeat. Begin practicing for
11 minutes and slowly build time toa maximum of
31 minutes.
d::MMENrs: Noth.ing15 better than this for the Sushmana Nadi and the Cen-
tral Nervous System. It will bring elaborate changes in an individual
who practices it.
october 12, 1969
1. InEasy Pose, inhale, hold, pull and
release Mulbhand 3 times, exhale,
ltdrepeat for 1 minute. '!hen stretch
the legs.
2. Inhale, exhale, hold the breath out
and pull and relax Mulbhand 3 times,
inhale and repeat for 1 minute. Relax
the legs, stretching them out.
3. Unite with the Universal Spirit
(current). Let go, if only for an
instant. Union cleanses negativity.
a::MMEm'S: Try 40 days without negativity. Ofter all action, all thought
to the Creator. Energy that is drawn fran the navel is that given by
the rrother, and not paid back. Use nourishing channels of the navel as
when inthe 'WCXTlb.
June 7,197(67)
HC1.J to J It: sit in a c:mfortable
meditative posture with yOJr spine
straight. Interlace ycur fin;ers
with yoor right thumb on top.
Place yoor han:is at the center of

your diap1ragm line, tooc:h.iIq yoor
Close yr:ur eyes. COncentrate on
your breath at the tip of yOJr
nose. see fran W'hich nostril you
are;. Within 3 minutes I
you shcW.d laxlw. '!hen change it.
If ycu are breathin; prinarily
through your left nostril,
conscioosly change to YOJr right
nostril. Be sure to keep yOJr
shoulders c:arpletely relaxed. You
should have a pressure at your
han:js, but none at yoor shc:W.ders.

Practice d'1an;ing this breath back

an:3. forth for as long as you like.
1 minute is a good time. Ycu can do
up to 31 minutes.
What it will do for you: nus exercise will alter your energy by changing
the active nostril. If you are thinking sanething neurotic, and find
that you're breathing through your right nostril, start breathing through
the left nostril, instead. (nus changes the energy fran fire to cool).
If you cannot relax or sleep, change to the left nostril. But if you
are irritated, depressed, or in a wierd nental state, start breathing
through the right nostril. If you are tired and need extra energy, change
to the right nostril. In 3 minutes you will be a different person.
nus ability to change nostrils should be taught to children within their
first 3 years. Exercising this ability can prevent nervous breakdowns.
NOI'E: With practice, you can switch nostrils simply by concentrating
and shifting the gaze to the side you want to breathe. through. Another
technique is to lie <bm on the side of the operating nostril and put
a small cushion under that annpit, pressing it with the weight of the I
body. '!he science of the nostrils is called Swara Yoga. It teaches that
when one nostril is daninant, the opposite hemisphere of the brain domin-
ates. '!he left nostril and right hemisphere of the brain are considered
lunar, and the right nostril (and left hemisphere), solar. It is recan-
mended to change nostrils at the first sign of disease.
of hands pulling the shoulders
straight. Be sure to push the
lower spine forward.
Inhale deeply and chant the Mu1
mantra as you exhale ccmpletely,
eyes 9/10 closed:



May 20, 1980
InFasy Pose, with a straight spine,
place the hands behind the lower
back in a relaxed manner, and inter-
lace the fingers, palms up, weight
God is Cl1e, Truth isHis Name,
Creator, Fearless, Without Emnity,

InIlr;:)rtal, unborn, Self-Illuminated
by Guru I S Grace, Meditate.
True inthe Beqi.nning, True through


the h;es, True atPresent,
Nana.k shall ever be true.

C!M1ENl'S: In this meditation, you sit like a criminal, with the hands tied
behind you. resistance, keep your body straight, and when you
chant, the divinity and grace of God's Hand shall uplift you.

(Time not specified)

SAINTS & SATANS: Be neither a loving saint
nor a loving thief. Then you are a human
being with the instinct of righteousness.
In the company of the holy, you become
holy; in the company of satans, you become
less holy.
May 3, 1973
November 5, 1971
In Easy Pose, hands in Guyan Mudra,
inhale and chant the mantra
Sat Na.rn Wa. (he) Guru
With "sat" pull Mulbhand and navel
point. Olant "Naro" at the heart,
pulling diaphragm lock and tightening
Mulbhand, wi. th Wha He, release the
lock.:; .; way, with "Guru", relax the
locks canpletely and .lirect the sound
out of the 3rd Eye and the tip of
the nose. '1hi.s is an individual tone
that becanes a sound current creating
a rhythm, oscillating between the
finite and the infinite.

you can do in 2 hours 55 minutes and 7 seconds cannot be described.
Your breath will be autcmatic. You will go through turmoil's (it' s O.K.)
the 4th and 6th rib area will get tight. (It's O.K.) If the breath canes
or n::>t, it I s O.K. o:mtinue for 31 minutes.
To end: Inhale, hold for 1 minute, focussing at Pineal Gland, and exhale,
following with Ufe Nerve stretch.
a::M1ENrS: Stimulates all 9 glands Co secrete and mix in blood. Bij man-
tras penetrate sub-conscious, allowing you to tune into Universal Sound
OJ.rrent. Takes you beyond this 'NOrld. Relax on the sound current. It
becanes one unit and that is where the p::Mer lies. '!his is the best way
to master the Bij Mantra, and it will accelerate your spiritual growth.
Sit in meditative pose, both
hands in Gyan Mudra, right
arm raised straight overhead,
hugging ear, left on knee.
Keep both arms straight and
hold with long, light breath-
ing for " minutes.
COMMENTS: Works on life
nerve in shoulder for psychic
In Easy Pose with a straight spine,
raise forearms until they cross at
heart level, the right ann touching
the bod'] and the left crossing over
it just above the wrists, palms facing
the body, both hands in Guyan Mudra,
the other fingers perfectly straight.
Inhale deeply, exhale ccmpletely and
with the breath held out, mentally
chant the mantra three times
Ha.:ri 'f-lar i H a..:ri
i H a..:ri H a.:ri

while vigorously pumping the navel.
Inhale, exhale and repeat, chanting
the mantra 4 times. 'n1en inhale,
exhale and chant it 5 times. This is
only to be practiced for 3 breaths.
<:.'a1MENTS: 'n1is meditation is an initiation to relate to our own essence.
Practice it to realize how much you can change in a minute and a half.
January 12, 1976
1. Sit very relaxed in a meditation
posture, with a straight spine, hands
resting in lap in Buddha Mudra, right
in left, thtmlbs touching lightly, with
eyes almost closed.
Inhale and mentally chant
Maha.n. Kal
and raise the mantra frc:m the tail-
bone to the head and then down the
nose to its tip. Exhale, mentally
running energy back down the spine to
the tailbone, envisioning a whi te
radiance in the spine, imagining Adi
Shakti (Goddess Power) o:ming in.
Continue for 11 minutes. 'It> end,
raise hands overhead and shake them.
m1MENl'S: Any person in a non-improved state can do this and can rise to
any state of consciousness. ("Mahan Kalil is 'great death' and "Kalka
is a
name for Kundali.n:i.)
2. Then place hands with fingers bent
sharply at right angles to palms,
right on top of left, palms down (like
a hut) frc:m collar bones, inhale and
"t-Jane G'
12 times, increasing to 16 times on
each inhale. Time unspecified.
'Ihese meditations may be done together
or separately.
April 23, 24, 1978
Sit in Easy Pose with a straight
spine and interlock fin9ers with
ri9ht index finger on top and join
the thumbs stretching them back
so they !=Oint straight up. Hold
the hands in front of the chest
between the solar plexus and the
heart. Heels of hands are joined,
and axms are relaxed. AllCM the
eyes to close. Focus on the breath
and on the chanted mantra.
Inhale deeply, and canpletely exhale
as the entire mantra is chanted
g; ; J !=il J$; t:@ :g::gs
R,A-AA-AA -AA MAt(J- -
('the April 24 version 9Sve Itsat" on the same pitch as ji : ;-; i
". :.'s.
a:M1ENl'S; '!his Nad, this secret language or technique existed \ a very
sect of yogis, ca.lld Al Panthis. Very few still exist today. It
will clear your language even if you mumble If you practice this for a
long time, you will be clearly heard by another person. It is called Gt1PI'
GIAN SHAKTI, the secret power of know'ledge. If you perfect this, you need
not speak - you can just send a thought, mentally, and the other person will
know about it.
is limiting (rather than "welt). The whole
world is with you, you are Vibrating with
the whole world. Achieve Universal Cons-
ciousness through Group Consciousness.
June 23, 1972

jV\ "L.1d y' a
1'" a h a. S [-1. a. k t-_ j C 11.a 1. n.e e T n d .r a

1. In Easy Pose, inhale through the

mouth \-lith a long even whistle, and
. .

exhale through the nose, concentrating

on the sound at the 3 rd Eye Point "'-'
for 5 minutes, and listening to just
the pure sound. Continue for 2 more <:>

minutes, inhaling and mentally chanting
(whistling), &exhale mentally chanting
The tongue pressure causes the thyroid
and parathyroid to secrete. If you
extend this to 15 minutes, there may
be pain in the ears, and after 31
minute::;, pain in the upper chest,
signs that the glands are secreting
and re balancing.
2. In Cobra Pose, arching the neck
back, 3I1d looking up, fix eyesight
on 3 point on the ceiling, inhaling
t..1'rruugh the nose, and whistling out
the mouth for 3-5 minutes
for 2 minutes.
3. en back, clasp knees to chest,
allowing head to remain on the floor,
and with the mouth closed, vibrate +.
the sound
H"L.ln n n rlTnmmrrl
for 3 minutes, feeli:lg it in the nose
and throat.
4. Legs in .;. lotus Pose, relax on
back for 5 minutes. Creates a delicate
pressure in lower spine.
5. Ashtang Mantra: In ::leditative
pose.. chant the
EJ.:::: Ong Kar
Sa t:: N arn
Si.r L Wha He Guru
for 5-31 minutes. (See page 124.)
CCJ.1MENTS: This is a real transcendental meditation as itwas taught cent-
uries ago. meditations ahyays have a breath rhythm and
a hand mudra linked to the mantra. In yhogic scriptures there are 6 pages
written to tell the benefits of this single kriya. It gives ontrol of
the senses ano thougnts and balances prana and apal, improving health.
I..ung capacity is increased. Once lung capacity for normal breathing in-
creases beyond 700cc's personality changes increased vital force
to the nerves. NOTE: A variation of this appears in Sadhana Guidelines.
December 8, 1970
The symbol for the 1.quarian Age is "I
Know" Man must know all secrets.
1. In Easy Pose or a meditative posture
make a circle of the thumb and saturn
(2nd) finger, keeping the others fin-
gers straight. (saturn is wisdan,
"knowledge and discipline.) Raise arms
to the sides of the body at a right
angle. Inhale through the ltCUth,
whistling, and exhale through the nose
silently, deeply, for 10 minutes.
Inhale, hold, then meditating on the
center of the skull, chant
Sa."t Na.m
in a haamering way for 10 minutes. Be
passionate. serve others and you will
be served. Humility and sweet language
is.the greatest gift. Start dwelling
in the upper triangle. Tolerance
is Godliness, patience pays.
2. In meditation pose, lock the Jupiter
(index) fingers together at the mind
nerve (heart center), arms parallel to
the floor. Close the eyes and chant
for 5 minutes. Then inhale through the
mouth and exhale through the nose
: ~ _
THIRD EYE is dreaming, hallucination.
It should be open only when we want to
see the universe. Shutters must be under
out control. We need to see through these
two eyes. Live normally, simply. Be you!
June 22, 1972
Given 5/8/78
Sit in easy pose with a straight
spine, on a padded surface.
Face the left palm straight
away from the body and face
the riqht palm down toward the
floor. the thumbs
and appl}.' at least 50 lbs. of
pressure per square inch on
the locked thumbs. Hold the
hand position at the level of
the heart right in front of
the chest. Arms are relaxed.
Deeply inhale and
exhale as the mantra is chanted.
Ra. rna de. sa., Sa say so
Ra rna da. sa. , Sa sa.y so .

MNA ,sAS. .sOHU....
Repeat the mantra CRA MA DP. SA, SA SAY SO HUNG) 8 times per
breath. It will be necessary to establish a very fast rhythm
in order to chant the mantra 8 times (or the line, 4xs). Eight
repetitions should take 17seconds. Be sure to keep the rhythm
constant at all times.
Eleven repetitions is the maximum permitted for the meditation.
Eiqht repetitions is recommended. It
groups of 2 or 3 before bedtime. Do
like. After a little while, you will
is, what space it is.
should be practiced in
it for as long as you
not know what time it
You may almost feel that you are being lifted from the ground.
Therefore, si t on a padded place, and avoid taking a risk.
you inhale. itstimulates you quite heavily and you start
absorbing,carbon dioxide back into your system. That is called
apana. {..;hen apana starts being absorbed in the system the
body becomes super-liqht and it becomes very powerful.




To St i r "\..lp
Povver over
January 23, 1978

Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine,

and bend saturn and Sun fingers of
each hand (2nd & ring fingers) and
press them together fran the 2nd to
3rd knuckle, interlacing the other
fingers, and pressing thumbs against

the nearest Jupiter (index) finger

Hold the mudra before the Heart Cllakra.
Breathe as necessary in quick, short
sips in order to maintain the o:>ntinu-

ous rhythm of the

the eyes 1/10 open,

_ . q ~ ~
.--. C ~ 1
..1--' ~ \--. 1
. ~ ~

mantra, keeping
and chant in a
ina continuous, unbroken rhythm at a fast clip,
with strong emphasis on the first syllable. Olant
only with the lips and not with the lIDUth. Proper
pronunciation is vitally imPortant to experience
the effects of the mantra in this meditation. E:<tend
and pucker the lips on "Go" and smile on "bind a".
Begin with 7 minutes, and build to 31.
COSMIC PROJECrIOO ro END: Relax hands and imagine
the o:lsmos - expand yourself so that you feel as
vast as the cosmos, and as peaceful. Feel your pulse
and merge it with the cosmic pulse. See self above
the earth and beyond.
CCMMENl'S: '!his medi.tation stirs up Kundalini, and gives power over life,
and i.Imtunity fran death!
When the Stars are Poorly Aspected
Sit in Easy Pose with a straight
spine, hands in Q.1yan Mudra. While
chanting the mantra, meditate on
the whole spine, linking the navel
point to the pineal gland. O1ant,
Adi Shakti
Adi. Shal<ti
Adi Shal<ti
Namo, Namo.
Sarah ShaJ<:.ti
Sarah ShaJ<:.ti
Sarah ShaJ<:.ti, Name.
Prithum, Namo.
Kundal. ini,
Mata Sha1<:ti
Mata Shakti

. Ali i "'... J!: to". Ad : t1 "'0.
110 L air, tl .. .., Col' L
r:n.o. \to.... .... P'"- YiJ,', t: 101&""'0
""" """ll' ai, U ti. """ c, HL 1'0
108 times, to canpletely open the channels.
You are to visualize yourself sitting before millions upon millions of people
getting them to chant the mantra. You, yourself, are not chanting, but
the whole being should chant and you should hear the mantra as a vast, cosmic
flow, rather than a vibrating ego. Experience a C'.Jrrent of energy from
the base of the spine to the top of the head, like a brilliant beam of light.
'This mantra also has a special use. It can be used when the stars are poorly
aspected. "Adi Shakti" is the primal power, "sarah Shakti" is all power,
"Prithurn Bhagawati" - which creates through God, and "Kundalini Mata Shakti"
is Kundalini, the r-bther Power, and "Name" means I bow down to, recoqnize.
::his is a heavy, hea-"Y mantra. When a woman cha'1ts the mantra, the Universal
:energy will serve her. a man chants it, goodt:sses \-1ill serve him.
Break the barrier of intellect - give your heart to praise of the Lord, and
the four comers of the world will bow down to. God is not more powerful
than you. God is weaker than you if you realize him. Nothing can come
between A'IMA and PARAMA'IMA, (soul and Universal Soul) when theD! is love.

Q:tober 5, 1978

In Easy Pose with a straight spine,
extend right aDlI straight out to the

right side of the body at an angle

of 60
, with the elbow locked holding
the arm perfectly straight. Extend
and join all the fingers and thumb
in line with the arm. Bend the left
arm, drawing forearm into chest until
it rests directly in front at heart
level, keeping the forearm parallel
to the ground, with the thumb and
fingers spread as far apart as possible
Eyes focus at tip of the nose, and
hold the posture for 1 minutes,
keeping the breath under your will
at all times. For the last 30 seconds,
deeply inhale and canpletely exhale
in a p::1Werful and continuous unbroken
'!hen rest the hands in a meditative
position and go into the deepest pos-
sible meditation for about 2 minutes,
then inhale deeply, and exhale caoplet-

lyas theIrBI1tra is chanted (once).
Naraya.n lIari Na.rayan
Na.ra.yan Ha..ri Nara.yan
Narayan. Hari Na.rayan
Naraya.n Ha.ri Narayan
Na.rayan I-Ia.ri Na.rayan.
Narayan Ha.ri Na.ra.yan
CXM1ENI'S:You should feel heat in the fingers of the left hanri if they are
spread to the maximum. (After a short while the fingers will have a tendency
to close. You must go through this and keep them wide open. The breath, too,
will want to fall under itsown pattern but you must control itat all times.)
If the b:x1y becanes uncanfortable, meditate on the breath and not on the
This meditation changes the pattern balance of the zodiac sign under which
you were bom, and any in it cause defects in the earthI S electro-
magnetic field \mch are imprinted into the initial or Eastern (right) hemis-
phere of the brain. This meditation changes it.
Fo.r Cosm:i.c
Projection., to
the Self
.. ,.. 1
}f )#- ..... ".

In Easy Pose, rest hands in lap, v;i th

long, deep breathing fran the navel,
eyes closed, and listen as saneone
reads the following (or open eyes
briefly to read snatches).
L"w1AGE: You are on a rrountain, and
looking down on the town or city in

To end: Inhale deeply and exhale canplete1y 3 times. '!hen inhale, hold and
<:.'01MENl'S: Concentrate very humbly, because when there is concentration the
glands overwork and oversecrete. Due to this stimulation of the Endocrine
System, this is a good meditation for practising on the day of the full moon
as itwill enhance your inner radiance.
am! I a.m, I
which you live. Understand that what
you are seeing is really inside of
you, and imagine how big your head
must be and how rmJch it can contain.
Now, go up in the air until you can
look at the.entire continent, and
go beyond this and see the entire
earth. Understand that the entire
planet is in your head and expand
it to see the entire solar system,
then the entire universe. BEC:X:ME
the entire universe, bJt still be
in the body. Feel the vast arrount of
energy flowing through the body and and expand the little "I" into the big
"I". Go beyond time and try to grab Infinity. Just expand into the vastness
of yourself. In this vastness, see the light of purity - itis glittering,
soft and simple. Now imagine that this glittering, soft, beautiful, pure
light is in the center of your head. Focus on it. 'l11at is where the Pineal
Gland is located. It is the rrost precious gem which Q:ld has put there. see
nothing bJt light. It is blue light. It is subtle. It is warm and itis
pure. It is in your head bJt it is as big as the COsnos. BEXX:ME the pure
light, understand

Med:l ta. t j.on. v.J:l th
21, 1978
Sit in Easy Pose a straight spine.
Relax the arms down with the hands
in the lap. Grasp the left thumb
wi th the right hand and wrap the left .'
fingers around the back of the right =
fingers. ('!his is a very relaxed
position, with littleifany tension in
the hands.) Eyes remain 1/10 open.
Inhale, and as the breath is ccmpletely
exhaled, chant:
Har:L Nam Tat Sat
Tat Sat Hari.
Har:i Nam Ta.t Sat
Tat Sat Har:L
Har:L Nam Tat Sat
Tat Sat Har:!.
for 31 minutes. "Tat sat" means "'Itlat
which is".
Fh:=e iil J11:= n iJ"i'$f?-t iillm
N::m 'l::It SIt'l::It SItHi :d. Hi :d. N:m 'nitSIt 'l::It SItHi Ii
Upon canpletion, begin chanting in a mnotone, at a fairly rapid pace,
the following mantra (optional):
Sat Nam Sa.t Nam...
Sat Nam sa.t Na.m...
Sat Nam Sa.t Nam...
Wahe G'
<XM1ENI'S: Itis very rare that this mantra is taught. It is a very secret
mantra usually only given by a great Brahmin to his great student. '!be
mantra is chanted at the time that a body is being creamated. 'lhe medita-
tion stimulates the meridians, relaxes the rneditater and takes him to
a high consciousness, developing a happy persv:ality within him. SUch a
person can develop the ability to cc::mnand his lower consciousness to his
higher consciousness.
NOI'E: It can be chanted during the cremation of a relative or friend to
help their transition, and to comfort oneself. G.K.

February 22, 1979
In Easy Pose with a straight spine,
extend the arms straight out in front,
bending the e1..l:x7s and raising the
forearms up and in towards the chest
until they poirit up at the ceiling.
Close hands into fists with thumbs
poir.ting straight up, firmly pressing
the forearms together fran the elbows
to tops of fists. Lock the thumbs
firmly in place and hold them there,
stiffly. (This will probably becane
uncanfortable. Just go through the
r_ '
pain and don't qive an inch.) Eyes
focussed at tip of nose.
Deeply inhale, in a long, slOW' breath,
and hold the breath in as long as
possible. '!hen totally exhale in
a long, slOW' breath, and with the
breath held out, mentally vibrate
the mantra
True in the Beginning
HAI BHEE SUCri True through the ages
NAANAK HOSI True at present
BHEE SUCH. Nanak shall ever be true
for as long as p:>5sible. Begin practicing for 5-11 minutes, and slOW'ly
build to 30 minutes.
CXl-1MEN1'S: D;yptians used to do this meditation for supernatural powers.
These are very secret and sacred teachings. sane, out of sheer devotion
and love, nak.e pick them up and master them.
Your elOOws will want to separate, your thumbs will want to be loose, your
breath will want to revolt, and you are going to fight atevery odd.
SIN: It is my individual experience
that the only sin we commit is when
we put ourselves down. Whenever we
put ourselves down we are actually
making a mockery of God and His gift.
July 19, 1975

c:n-.1MENI'S: Gives the power to know all life, go beyond time and space, to
know past, present and future. D:J not talk about it! (Divine silence.)
Each inhale must be complete, filling the lower, mid and upper lungs. Exhale
fran the navel point first, while holding breath in the chest, and deflating
chest last. NCJI'E: When spoken rapidly, ''Wha he Guru" sounds like ''Why Guru"
G"l..l r"t...l. (he)
In Easy Pose, lift the weight up off
the buttocks, sitUng very lightly,
and feel you are pulling yourself
up in the air, stretching the lower
spine up, wi th the hands in Guyan
Mudra, and the eyes closed.
Inhale, pulling the body weight up
with the breath, and lift this energy
to the head, allowing it to completely
fill the brain and then slowly flow
out during the very slow exhale, let-
ing the body weiqht out through the
breath. '!hen inhale and loudly chant
Guru Ram
In Easy Pose and Qlyan Mudra, chant
in one breath. Q1 "Pritvi Hai',
pull Mulbhand and focus on the anus
and the earth. en "Akash Hai" release
lock and focus on Pineal Gland,
and on "Guru Ram ras Hai", keep focus
on Pineal, and gently rotate the
trunk, allowing head to follow, and
then straighten.
16 times on the exhale (can slowly be
increased to 27 times, maximum), with
each exhale for 2-3 minutes. '!hen continue as before, whispering the rrantra
for 2-3 minutes, and then silently for 2-3 minutes, for a total of about
11 minutes, building to 31. '!his is "Pran Japa".
Tattva Siddhi Krya
(For Control of the Elements)
September 28, 1971 II

February 19, 1976
Repeat and continue (time unspecified). A variation brings forearms together
before face on 1st repetition of mantra, and out to first IX'sition on 2nd.
May 25, 1974
(Hands face in) Wahe
(hands face out) Guru
in . Wahe
in v.1a.he
out Wahe
in Wahe
out G"\
For Self-Identificatj.oT"l
Sit in Butterfly Posture (with soles of
\' feet together before the sex organs) or
Easy Pose, both hands raised to the
sides, forearms at right angles to the
upper arms, which are parallel to the
ground. Place hands in Surya Mudra
(thumbs touching ring or Sun fingers,
other fingers straight up) and sharply
rotate hands ( "in a snappy action" )
fonvards and backwards as the mantra is
chanted, twice on each breath
In Easy or meditative pose, raise
right hand to side betW'een chin and
shoulder, hand in Gyan Mudra, palm down
fingers parallel to ground with left
forearm parallel to ground, left hand
in Gyan Mudra, palm up, straight out
fran the ribs. With eyes .; open, chant
aloud as you inhale, a long, light
and (still in.'1aling) wave or jiggle
Then exhale with a long, light

and j or wave (still exhaling)
Repeat & con;:inue - time unspecified.
october 1974
CCM1ENl'S: Gives healing poINel- in the hands. First you'll feel heat in the
hands, then the lower arms, then upper arms, back of neck and finally at the
Rishi Knot at top of head.
D:> this meditation when you need to
know who you are. Guruda Mudra "on
which God. sits to do miracles".
WHAT IS LOVE? Love is between you and you.
It is an experience of oneself in oneself. Your
"soul mate" is your own sou
Quoted in sadhana Guidelines
START LOVING YOURSELF: God gave you the gift
of life - fall in love with it. Go crazy for
it! Value it, feel it, have it, understand!
There is no God, no divinity, no reli9ioD,
nothing if yoU cannot fall in love ~ t yourself
Your problem is that you love somebody else
Do you want to be like God? It's not difficult
Love yourself!
Manto Man XII
VENUS-LOVE: (It is) no
physical - (it is) a
projection, a vibratio
There is nothing beyond
ove. Understand this
and rule, be not ruled.
Auqust 22, 1969
LOVE: The beginning and
end of man is love
Love is an experience
of selflessness withi
oneself. You must
relax to love
October 14, 197
'!he artand science of breath awareness
and breath calt:col is part of Tantric
sex. In most tantric systems,
circ::ular breathing (also known as the
c:cbra breath,) is employed to raise
f!!!t'S:q'J upthe spine, stinulati.nq
the chakras for the experi.en::e of inner
orgasm ineach of them.
As there areJrBrrf c;p:d l::ooks CI'l Tantric

sex,_our cart:ribIti.a1 isto awaken
stlXient's peIceptioo ani ability to
o::alb:ol kundalini ererqy. * Here W1e
integrate for the first time the
circ::ular breathirq frem the Taoist
tradition of sexuality with the
practice of kundalini yoga and
As we )t;nc::M frail our sttX!y ot kun:!alini
ax:e ererqy is generated . and
m:M!d.up thespine, itenergi:zes organs
am glands which release lifeenhancin;}
,. hol1laleS, revitalizirq the nervous
system forhealth, anihealirq anieven
tr"ansforming negative into
p::sitive aleS. M:reover, this enerqy
circulated to the higher centers
develops higher consciousness and
spiritual sexual energy is
tr"ansformed tospiritual erergy.
'!he goal of all yoga is m"lion of the
iIxlividual consciousness with SUprerre
or universa! CCX'ISCiOJSneSS. Tantra is
a form of yoga. Its unique goal is
conscious union withthe Oivine thrc:u;h
deep union \dth a part:ner of the
opposite sex.
Circular breathin; is a natural way to
breathe. Itwill become autanatic
afterpractice. Itisimportant topay
attentioo, relax and allow the energy
to mJVe up the spine. It cannot te
torcej: it lIIJSt be felt. 10Jnjalini
energy begins inthe sex organs and in
the base of the spine. Itisneved by
brea1:hi.rq, meditatiCl'l and exercise, and
by l'::lein;J oonsciaJS of the connection
between the third eye and the l:ase of
the spine.
sgr.t1l\RY; MJVIN:i '!HE EmRiY
1) Center arg Generate Energy
Feel "jOIr center 2-3 inches below
the navel. With 1009 deep
breathing or breath of fire, mve
energy in the sex organs ani chi
p'int. Be aware of sensaticns in
ycur la.werspine.
2) M:Ne the Energy1&
With deep breaths, lICW the energy
up the spine to the c:::rown, while
slightly contracti.n; the l::ase.of
the spine with the root lock
(tighteni.rq the anus, sex organ and
3) Mgye the Energy Back tocenter
on the exhale, relax the root lock
am bringthe energy doNn the front
of the l:xx:iy back tothe chi point.
Reestablish ya:Ir feeling of being
centered and grourx1ed.
1) Synchronization of M:irrlc Feeling
ani Breath
'!he CXlIDJeCtion of the breath,
feelin; the spine anivisualization
help guide the energy up.
*Kundalini energy is "Ching" in the Taoist tradition, a powerful, sexual
manifestation of "01.i" (which equates with yogic "Prana").
2) Man'tras-Diyine Vj hrati
Mentally c:::hanti.n; a divine m:mt:ra
helps cleanse the sub::onscioos am
bril'g in higher energies. Inhale
"SAT", exhale ''lWr', affi.rmir'q that
ycur: identity isuniversal truth.
3) Cleorjm
To start, exhale completely,
forcirg air out thrcugh the lII:lUth.
'Ibis clears the of stale air
that has been sitti.n; there a len;
tinedue toshallcwbreathirg.
'!ben inhale and exhale CClDpletely,
sendin;alltheairand enel:gy back
into the earth. Feel ycurself
.CleariJ'g out old energy, 1:hcu;hts
am em:::7ti.alS. 'lhis is test done
standi.n; up and the old
ers:gj goirq down to the center of
the earth. '!hen bri..nq innew life
force fran the center of the earth
am feel CCI'lneCted tomt:her earth.
4) a:serve Your Breath
Notice W'here itcaDeS fran before
starti.n;. (we.US''81Jybreathe fran
the upper chest.) '!his is
em::Jtional breathirg. To calm.
ourselves, \ole should breathe slcwly
fran the belly. Breathinq more
than 10 breaths per minute is
characteristic of a state of
stress, 8 or fewer is qett.inq it
urx3er cultrol am sti.:tlW.ates the
pituitarytoopen up intuiticm, am
4 or fawer is conscious breat:hi.rq
ard activates the pineal glard or
seatof higher consciousness.)
5) Eyes Closed
Keep yr:xJr eyes clcsed, go deep
inside, feel yocIr natural flCM of
energy am open ycm-self to YfXJr
own sensitivities. True
comes from experiencing inner
peace. Begin to open yourself to
this experien:e.
6) Yoga Exercises
'!he yoga exercises activate the
energy am done as a medi.tation
W'ith the kx:dy relaxed, allaws the
energy to flow freely. Experien:e
what each one does to facilitate
the m:::wement of energy. For
exanple, spinal flexes p.JmP rore
cerebral fluids into the spine,
webcarries the energy up. Side
twistsopen the heart center.
.A. CE:r\"'TER
'!he center of gravity of aIr
physical b::ldy is 3 inches below the
navel . 'Ibis is called the
.. d1i center or;the tan tien in the
Taoisttradition. .Althoughnotthe
navel , it is the navel center.
Major meridians o::me together at
this p:>int. ...Ch:e \ole have centered
at this our energy
flows autanatically. Itisatthis
point, the sexual am the pranic
energy are mixed to form the chi
enerqy. cne of the main :PJrPCSeS
of the l:Ireathi.nq is to establish
To locate your center and to
bllance the I'dses atthe navel, do
stretch p:se, leg lifts, sat kriya
or breath of fire 112,186)
for 1-3 minutes. Begin to feel a
plll or liquid enerqy at the chi
point. '!here W'ill be a feeli.n:;r of
coming together am em::rt:ional
balance. Afterthe exercise, relax
and place your forefin;er on the
navel to feel if the p..1lse is
If not, repeat the
exercise until itis.
0Jr b:xlies are ff!!l"eI'q'f, bItwe m.JSt
be in tcu::h with itto amplify and
control it. Firstwe stimJlate the
energy by fran the l<7w1er
ata:ainal area. To locate the
area, place yt::r t:huIii:s at the
navel am bri.nq the f.i.n;ers down
tc:7lIl7ard the groin area fonnirg a
trian;le. '!he area to breathe in
and cut of eI nAil asses the navel,
the chi. center and the area below
thatwhere the ovaries are locate;i.
Men will feel this area connecting
to am lICVi.n;; the in the
testicles. Breathing in this area 4)
releases the _sexual energy
<XIltained in the ovaries. and the
sperm, lrin;sthepranicand se>"ta
energies toqether at the chi.
center, and stimulates the
kun:ialini. erergy inthebase of the
spine arxl sacrum. 'Ihi.s is dale
withlagdeepbrea1:hi.rq and1:D:eath
of fire.
__:- ........ 6)

Lors Dee.P Breathing

1) Practice first on yt::r back,
then; up 9)

2 ) Place ":fOJr bards on your

belly, lcx:at.inq the chi center
anj ovaries (for'INCIDeI'l)
As slowly inhale, expa.rd
yoJr belly, yoJr haOOs
up am apart. As you continue
the breath an::l fill up the
dlest am shcW.der area, the
aJ::daren will 90 l:ack down.
First cx:n:entrate on fillirg
up the al:xXJni.nal area. and
later, make the breath
c:auplete. We rarely breathe
below the navel and this is
what we JlIJSt get used to and
learn to incorporate in our
natural brea:t:hin;.
As exhale, let the belly
sinkback in.
Continue inhaling and
e>chalirg, the belly in
an::l cut. Feel the warmth an::l
the generation of energy
WcIDen can massage the ovaries
first to start the flow of
erergy. ('!be ovaries should
bemassaged every day.)
Relax the exhale out
cx:mplet:ely, then the inhale
will naturally flow back in.
eart:ract the belly to force
Keep the diaphragm and
ab:1ominal lIIJSC1es relaxed.
'!his isiJDport:ant tooot block
the erergy. need topay
special attention to this
sirx::e they have the habit of
holdin;J in their stomaCh.
'!his is usually a saJrCe of
chronic blocked energy and is
a habit that we must
conscioosly choose tochange.
Be aware of the feelirg in the
lawer part of the spine and
Use the breath to help brin:J
focus to the chi center. It
is a feelin:J of porwer thatyou
will learn to tune into am
desire tonaintain.
Breath ofFire
Breath of fire is a fast
breath, p.uuping the navel. Start
sla..rly pressing the belly up and
navel out enthe inhale and
them in en the exhale. '!hen
gradually speed up the pace.
Ccu:::entlate althe exhale and the
inhale will autaDatically.
It seem difficult atfirstand
might even hurt or cause soreness.
'!his isjust because the llI:M!!Den't
isnew. 'lb start, practice a'lly a
minute or and relax inl::ebveen.
Gradlm)ly itwill teo,ne easy and
very pleasurable. Make sure to
keep the restof thel:cdy relaxed.
D:> full circular breat:hi.rx; after
each posture. Even ale
or.'blo caaplete breaths, followed
by ale or two relaxed breaths will .
prodI.Da results and.alla..r
yo.t to enjoy the energy charge
'!he m::M!!IDent of the ererqy is up
the1::eck of thespinetothe topof
the head am down the frart of the
l:xxiy, back to the chi center. '!he
enerq'J. flOW'S fran "the sex organs
to the perineum (just l=ebIeen the
anus am the sex organ atthe base
of the l:xxiy), to the coccyx (the
very base of the spine), to the
sacrum (the lo-Jer part of the
spine, the fused IClrXJ }:x)ne) tothe
navel, to the heart, the back of
the neck or throat, to the center
back of thehead opposite the third
eye or brow, up to the top of the
head or c:rorwn chakra.)
the energy back down the
fraItof thebcdybrings the energy
to the glarxis arXl organs for
healing arx:i general nai.ntenarx:e.
The energy can be brought
S1x:cessively toeach of the chakras
or directed to a specific part of
the lxdy that needs It
can be l:Jrcu;ht tothehearttogive
extra energf to healing frau the
heart. It can be lJrc:u:3ht to the
hands to give extra erergy to
with thehands.
Hq.i toD:> CimJ1ar Breathing
1) Inhale
Inhale deeply, alla..ring the breath
to begin ll'OVin; the energy up the
spine fran one center to the next,
to the top of the head. Inhale
several nore til'lles until you. can
inhale 00 nore. '!he last breath
will lock in, a shift will take
place, am will feel you. can
hold thebreath a Ion;time.
'!he inhale can be done with
powerful sniffsof air (t:hr'ou;h the
nose) orseveral lagdeep breaths.
Feel the energy cane up the spine
as a spiral arourxi the spine or as
a light or thin thread up the
center ofthe spine.
2) Root Lock
As you inhale you will
automatically start p.Uli.n:J the
root lock (tight:.eni.n1 the sex
organ, anus arrl perineum lightly.)
'Ibis is a delicate novement which
closes off the t:ase of the spine so
the energy does not leak out an::l
help:; ease the energy up the spine. 4 )
Also, press the tongue to the roof
of the nouth, arrl press the eyes up
as though looking out the top of
the head. To help the energy flow
up the followin; gentle novements
Can te used: .. ~
To IlOVe the energy fran the
t:ase of the spine, tilt the
sacrum down as you ~ your
hip:; in a bit.
- To IlOVe the energy to the 6 )
navel, straighten the spinal
.curve slightly, which pills
thenavel in slightly, an::l the
al:xXmen in, tack an::l up.
'Ihese two light m::wements will
create a vao.IUm, to pJSh the
energy up to the higher
- To al.low the energy up to the
head, relax the neck, briJ"g
the chin down slightly,
pullirq the tack of the neck
, 'n1e curve in the neck
3) HQJ,g
~ the energy is in the top of
the head, mld the breath am enjoy
the experien=e of ecstasy an::l the
rush of energy. Yoo nay feel heat
in the head or dizziness. stay
with it arrl allow the space to
exparx:l. Each ~ gets his own

rthigh". While] the breath,
listen inside, mentally repeat a
rrantra such as SA TA NA HA, or
enjoy the sourrls arrl lights.
E:Kterrl the hold.i.n; pericx:i as lon;}
as you like.
Exhale slowly, releasirq the energy
down the front of the b:xly to the
thirdeye, throat, heart, navel an::l
Relax arrl let the breath c::ane in
naturally. ct:serve the breath ani
how it carries the energy in the
patternyou set.
Exparrl the Circle
As you practice, yoo can expanj the
circle outside the body. 'Ibis is
also done ~ a meditation calls
for releasj,n; energy out the top of
the head. '!he energy isnot lost,
the circular m::wement just becarEs
larger. Feel the energy go out to
the 006l0ClS arrl then CCIDe mck many
fold, in spirals or larger am
larger circles. Breathe tack in
fran the universe, let the whole
c:oEiilOOS noJrish yoo. letthe fla.r
be infinite am expansive. Let
yoor aura be filled with am
attract light ani love.
cn:e circular breathing beo:UES
automatic for you, yoo will be able
to use it in tantric "sex to
experience more explosions of
energy arrl orgasm anihigher levels
of mergirg arrl ecstasy with your
For the energy to flow up the spine, the c:hakras nust l::e open. '!his inclOOes
release of mental an:! euotional blocks that correspord to each of the centers.
Kundalini yoga am breathing are invaluable tools for l e r ~ ard. talarx::i.nq the
chakras. All the postures activate ale ormre energy centers. As you practice,
yoo will l:e=aDe sensitive to the effects of each exercise. '!he followin; table
liststhe d1akras, their function an:i corresp:xxli.n;J exercises.
Olakra Location On eine Function Exercise
1) First COCCyx Grourrli.n;J &: EliJnination Pelvic Rotations
2) secorrl .sacrum
sex &: creativi'ef Spinal Flex in
Easy Pose
3) 'Ihird Navel Pow'er, Projection Spinal Flex on
Breath of Fire
4) Fourth Heart eatTpassion, Love sideMsts
5) Fifth 'Ihroat Power to speak the
Shc:W.der Shrugs
(Moves energy
fran heart to
Neck Rolls
6) Sixth 'Ih.ird Eye Intuition, Openir:g
Up '!he Wb::)le Spine
Cr::N with Breath
of Fire
Focusin; at'Ihird
Rock &: Roll
7) . seventh crown of Head Higher Aw.reness Breath of Fire
with Hams in
Venus Lock 4
Inches };r;cNe
Head, Eyes Up
'The following isa si.q)le and effective
sequerx::e to l:e used by begi.minq, as
as advanced sb:dents, to open an:!
talarx:e the chakras an:! to practice
circular breathi..nq. First, ck;) each
exercise to generate and unblock
energy. '!ben follow itwith circular
breathin:J to the chakra activated. As
you progress you will move
automatically to full circular
breathin:J. Before an:! after each
can ligt1tly mssage each
center in frart: and tack to help
release ererqy. Do each exercise 1-3

1) center yourself an:! generate energy

with breath of fire or lag deep

2) Pelvic EPtatiqlS

To en:i, inhale lalq am deep,

bri.rqin; the ererqy a'l the breath
fran below the navel an:! sex organ
to the tase of. the spine an:!

e:tX:f:;'JX. }i:)ld, feel the energy.

Exhale, relax the breath an:! cane'
l:ack tocenter. Repeat aleormre

times until you are in torhwith

the energy.
3) Spinal Flexes in Easy Pose
To erQ, inhale 'lc::n; am deep,
bri.rgin; the en the breath
fran below the navel and sex cxgan
up the base of the spine to the
sacrum. Hold, feel the energy.
Exhale, relax the breath an:! cane
tack to center. Repeat, an:! then
relax, feelin; the erergy nove
autanatically in a mini circle of

4 ) Spinal flexes on the Knees
l-bve the energy to the navel am
aroorrl. COntinue as al::ove.
5) Side Msts
l-bve the energy tothe heartcenter
and arourrl, etc.
6) stQulder Sl1r\.m
4 - ~ ~ t
!'tJVe the ene:rr:1f to the throat, etc.
, : ~
~ 46.'
(for a mxinum of 2 minutes)
" '-":1
~ ~
~ ..
7) Neck Rolls -
Move the energy to the tase of the
skull, etc.
~ full circular breathm;;, with the
following exercises:
8) Cgi with Breath of Fire
cane back sitting on the knees.
Move the energy to the third eye,
9 ) cat:::Cqi am Rock am Rolls
cane J::ack to easy ~ . Move the
energy to the center of the head,
10) Harm over head in venus lock,
breath of fire Shakti Pose. Move
the errerqy to the top of the head
and arourn, etc. '!hen practice
JIICVirq the energy out the top of
the head into the o::sr<)S and J:ack,
AnotJ'ler ~ technique to q:en ard
energize the chakras is to feel the
energy go fran the J::ack tothe front of
the l:xxly at each chakra. Feellrq the
c::cnnectial activates the tack dealing
with the will an:1 the front dealing
with feelin;. '!his can l:e done after
each exercise
. ----------
'lbere are many ways to enhance the
results amenjoyment of the breathirq,
relaxatioo am medi.tation ptcx:ess.
Here are a fal. yo:rr own.
DJrir'g the relaxation, feel the earth
bela.v you an::! feel cradled in the lap
of the !'t>ther earth. Feel prot:.ecte;i by
the o::smic father am becosoe one with
mthinthecenter of yo:rr bei.n;.
While the energy, feel a
sense .of yourself in your bxly arx1
heart am not inyo:rr head.
'!he use of affinnations helps the
conscioosness chan:1e. '!he followin:;
can be used atthe centers in:ticated.
While raisin;the energy: rise
aniheal me.
Firstcbakra: I am coonected, I am ale
withMother Earth.
.&rm'cha1sra: I clai:m JIrf 0!11'1 PJWer.
1birdchakra: I am JIrf own Master.
Fcyrth cha1sra: I am the spirit.
Fifth d)akra: I can speak the truth.
'D'1e truthsetsme free.
Sixth chakra: I forgive myself arx1
seventh d1akra: God inme, me inGod
are one.
Prayer: I ask support am insight on
Bless every part of yo:rr bxly
ani itfor the service it
performs for you every day.
As the rays merge with the sun,
As thewaves merge with the ocean,
May yr:Nr lightmerge withthe Universal
May yr:Nr scAl1 nerge withthe SUpreme
SOUl, arx1 divine be yours.
Teacl' of Ycgi Ebaian
Mantak OUa ani Michael wim., Taoist
secrets of tQve: Olltiyating K;lle
Sexual Ener9Y, Aurora Press, New York,
NY, 1984*
Mantak am Maneewan Oti.a, Hffl'llimLove
'IhrQIjl the Tao: Olltivatim female
SEPeJ?!l Energy, HeaJ.i.n; Tao Books,
Hunt.irgt:al, NY, 1986*
Kundalini energy teacher Miriam
HartgroVe, M.A., M. T (san Diego)
Transpersa1al Psychology
saba, Yoga: MatajiNiE!lBla Devi
*We acknowledge the valuable
infornatiCl'l in the Chia l:ooks on
circulatiCl'l of ererqy. We wc:ulti,
hcIw'ever, like to advise stu:1ents tobe
aware that the idea of retention of
genital orgasm advocated in his 1:x:oks
is a subject of controversy. others
(in::lu:ii..nq Yogi Bhajan) believe that
hew to letgo of the past am let the 'theretention isnotl:ased on realistic
new CXJDe in. Let ithawen. May I be Plysiological realities amcan lead to
blessed to how blessed I am. disapp:)iJ IbDerIt, frustration am even
prostate carx::er.
Conpiled fran Yogi Bhaj an Is teachings
by S.S. Vikram Kaur Khalsa
1. '!be sex game must start 72 hours before sex, and sanewhere outside
of the bedroan. So, for 2-3 days in advance, prepare the mind, think
it over and build yourself up to it. '!be mind is the biggest sex organ
in the human body. sex is an attitude of love, when every cell and
part of the hody is stimulated and awakened. In the days before, take
time. to do.the Venus Kriyas.
2. eatmuni.cation must be open. wanan is shy and secretive by nature and
will pretend enj oyment rather thanrisk hurting man Is ego. 'Itle man
must draw her out and find out W'hat she wants and needs throughout their
relationship. Con It take anything for granted.
3. '!he sanach must be empty. You should not have eaten for hours
in advance. '!be law of sexual enlightenment = light (enment) in the
stanach. You should oot be constipated and your eating that day should
be light, warm, nutritious liquids.
4. During intercourse, the man should breathe through his right nostril
and the wanan through her left (see page 134 ) Breathe long and deeply
to control excitement (once per minute, if possible).
- -.
5. Your three nervous systems must be in balance before intercourse.
If the parasympathetic nervous system is out of balance, the man will
have difficulty getting an erection. If his sympathetic nervous system
is out of action, he will ejaculate quickly. If your action nervous
system is out of balance, he will have a problem ej aculating at all.
Kundalini Yoga corrects these problems
.6. Give yourselves 2-3 hours to play. Awanan's beauty is in her play-
fulness, and she needs this ''Krishan Lila" to be stimulated.
7. Make sure the sananIs aura extends to 7 feet. If she is negative,
her aura is less than 3 feet and your energy will be down for a week
after, the strength taken fran your semen. But intercourse can give
you the strength of life and make you feel great if her aura is 7 feet.
8. 'Ibere are nine areas to massage and stimulate in a particular order
but oot as a tour. Keep returning to certain places. In bed, it is
your forerrost duty to keep her entangled, both physically and mentally.
If you let her mind wander, forget it. Qlly 10% of men know how to
keep her entangled.
1) Breasts - from the outside inwards 5. Ears
2) Neck - working up.vards
6. Spine
3) lips
7) 'Ibighs - inside and out
4) cheeks
8) calves
9) elitoris or vagina
9. '!he .UnaIl's spine should be cool and the breasts tense when you
enter her. Enter slowly, hold her with the right hand on the lower
spine, then rotate. '!his causes stimulation of all the nerves and
there should be a suction sound and a pulling.
10. '!he .UnaIl must have her orgasm. If the man has his first, he should
satisfy her and bring her to 3 or 4 tidings. 60% of .UnaIl's illness
is due to dissatisfaction with intercourse.
11. After physical iritercoilrse, continue the game of love until one
of you falls asleep. If you don't, you cause great tension and fatigue
to the nervous system and shorten your life by 5 years! Massage each "
other, taIke to each other and keep the entanglement going until saneone
sleeps. '!he magnetic fi.elds of the bNo must intermix. Both should
keep their spines and organs warm. '!be man should urinate and wash
his organ in wann water.
12. A should participate 60%, and only if she is feeling well.
'!he_points to massage on a man are:
1. His head and hair 4. Buttocks
2. Lips 5. Insides of thighs & testicles
3. at top of neck, go 6. '!ben the penis
down the spine. Roll the skin 7. Last the navel and chest
for circular stimulation. "region and nipples
After sex is the nost crucial hour for a wanan. If she turns over
and goes to sleep then, her aura can be blown out of proportion and
punctured. Men can inject negativity into you fran which you can never
recover. She must be meditatively prepared, ahead of time, and then
do exercises to reconstIuct her aura, after seeing the man go to sleep.
1. EXercise and c'b hmdle rolls. (Lie down with legs "together, arms
tightly at sides and roll Oller and Oller across the floor and back.)
'Ib avoid old age, stretch every muscle of the body.
2. Meditate.
3. Urinate to change the nostril breathing which i.nrnediately neutralizes
4. Wash your face in cold water, and your axmpits with a wet towel
(for the parasympathetic nervous system).
5. Wash between the legs, behind the ears and the feet with a wet towl
in that order.
6. Brush your teeth.
NC1l'E: '!his is oondensed fran the canplete text appearing in Relax and
Rejoice - a Marriage Manual (see Bibliography). We are indebted to
S.S. Vikram Kaur Khalsa for pennission to use it.
Fran a Lecture by Yogi Bhajan
There are eleven sites of the moon on a woman, through
which the moon moves in a 28 day cycle, spending 2';' days
at each center. The sequence varies with each woman, and
it does not coincide with her menstrual or zodiacal moon
cycle. It is different with each woman but the sequence
remains constant in any individual woman except in the
case of an emotional shock which does change it. It can
be predicted and known only by observation. A woman can
always feel it if she just concentrates with sensitivity.
A man can also learn her cycles with sensitive observation.
(The male's moon center is in the chin, just as is. the
woman's center, but because of his hair, there, he is more
steady and not as changeable as.a woman.)
In terms of sensi tivi ty, the most important is the
hair line and then the cheeks, where they are pink. Third
is the lips, then the sun spot on the ear lobes, the back
of the neck, breasts, belly button area (or the correspond-
'ing area on the spine), the inner thigh, eyebrows, clitoris
and the membrane in the vagine.
To understand a woman's emotional fluctuations, it
is necessary to understand the moon center cycle, as her
mood changes wi th her moon changes. In the lower organs
or in the thighs, she is very confirmative and wants to
substantiate everything. When it is in the clitoris or
vagina, she is eager to socialize, is out-going, charming
and talkative. She is most insecure when it is in the
navel or spine opposite it, but when it is in her breasts,
she is compassionate and giving to the extent of foolishness
At the back of the neck she is very romantic, and at such
a time, one little flower or gesture can make her nuts.
When it is around the cheeks is a dangerous time and she
is almost out of control. About the eyebrows, she is imag-
inative, illusionary and all you have to do is trace the
brow and she falls right over. At the earlobes, she dis-
cusses values. When it is in the hairline, she is intrac-
table so that nothing can move her an inch. The hairline
is close to the arcline, her halo, so a woman is most real
when her moon is in the hairline.
Fran a Iecture by Yogi Bhajan
_ . . . . J ~ ~ - - J
~ rJ---rJ---Ear Lobes
out of control
Eyebrows - imaginary,
Hairline - nothing
can nove you---------.J
- discuss values
Qlin - stationary Back of Neck -
rcmantic carmunication
~ . . . . - - - - ..
__IrmerMembrane of-
Breasts - ccmpassionate,_""""'....
Navel (or corresponding__
point on spine) - insecure
- - - - - - - - - + - - - - - ~ vagina - socializing
Irmer 'lhiqh ~ - - - -
In secluded ashrams and monasteries,
certain orders of Buddhist monks prac-
tice AVATAFA Y(X;A, oiling their skin,
smcothing the soles of the feet with
pumice stone, practicing physical
and mental techniques to beautify
and preserve their b:x:hes, not in
vanity, but in reverence for God,
who gave them these bodies.
Far from allowing their bodies
to passively bow before the threat
of time, they actively seek to attain
and retain physical - beauty for as
long as possible, as the first step
on the path of achieving union of
the individual soul with the soul
of the universe, the individual mind
with Universal Mind. '!heir ideal.
is irmer beauty in a well-cared-for
shell, and so they also cul tivate
cleanliness, wholesomeness, strength
of character, and spiritual awareness.
Based on Hatha yoga, Avatara
yoga embraces many techniques to delay
physical agin, acquire a well-developed
supple and agile b:dy, srrcoth skin,
graceful I'OC>vement, serenity and beauty
of expression. '!hese are closely
guarded secrets, passed fran teacher
to disciple by word of I'OC>uth only
to the spiritually awakened who could
appreciate their purpose, and have not
yet been made available to the Western
world (but we susPect that Yogi Bhajan
has brought us many of the techniques,
which we have presented in the preceed-
ing pages.)
The doctrine (. there is no flower,
beast or star as beautiful as the
hmnan form') asserts that final spirit-
ual enlightenment is achieved after
a certain .stage in the physical con-
.n.... '-7 a t -:. a r a "\-,.. c> 9 a
quest of time, when the J:ody tecanes
the vessel of the intermediate nature
or soul (paralleling the Hatha yoga
precept that physical perfection leads
to victory of the spirit).
Many Avatara/Hatha yo;a techniques
invert the body to enable blood to
flow to the head and face, reversing
the influence of the downward pull
of gravity. others assume postures
to direct circulation there, increasing
arterial flow to head and neck, to
revitalize the glands, organs and
nerves, feed-ing starved facial tissues
Pranayama., or Lifeforce breathing
is of utmost importance, purifying
blood, improving circulation, feeding
the nerves.
Glandular stimulation is a third
canponent of Avatara yo;a and just
as in Kundali ni yoga, there are many
postures which stimulate and regulate
the pituitary, pineal, thyroid and
adrenal glands, as well as the ovaries
and gonads for 'We are just as young
as our glands'.
AIrong the postures for these
purposes, headstand (although Yogi
Bhajan has cautioned that it is danger-
ous for the neck) , Shoulder Stand
and Plow Pose.
Another strategy is going to
bed early twice a week to relax facial
tension, rest muscleS, reduce strain
on glands and nervous system and to
replenish and conserve stocks of vital
energy. There are rrany exercises
to improve digestion and correct cons-
stipation, a common cause of dull
eyes and bad skin, and occasional
fasts are recorrmended.

*Avatara: cne combines 3 elements
in his being: 1) Inspiring divinity,
2)a highly evolved intermediate nature
or soul, the channel of that inspiring
divinity, and 3) a pure, clean physical
b:dy. Or, a celestial being manifes-
ting through the ageless b:dy of a
fully liberated soul.
'!here is general agreement that the
Indian saint, Sai Paba, is a genuine
avatara, and other candidates included
Yogananda. '!he Hindu God Krishna
is an Avatar of Vishnu, and many of
his other avatar forms have been cele-
brated in song and story.



Mind Mirror is fonn of self-hypnosis high up towards the shoulderblades
to delay aging. In meditation pose, as possible, and hold, breathing deeply
with the breath slowed down to 6 heart- as the face begins to feel warm and
beats per inhalation, 6 per exhalation, "full".
see yourself as you are now, clearly,
in detail. Concentrate of evoking
3. Yoga Mudra, variation: Correctly
and exstablishing this likeness.
practiced with legs in Lotus Pose,
'!ben think of the future, of the years
it can also be done in Easy or Perfect
to cane, and see yourself as you are
Pose. Hands in Venus lock behind
in the mirror I1O'N, never changing.
}k)ld the thought: THE YEARs WILL PASS
further aging.
To grow younger, a yogi evokes his
image-. of 10, 20 years before, and
merges it with the - present likeness
tmtil eventually -the younger canpletely
obscures the older face. Intense
concentration, will-poINer, patience
and faith are necessary for success.
'!'O increase circulation in the face,
here is a set of 5 asanas ('!bey
are prohihited in cases of high blood-
pressure. )
1. Head of a Cr:M Pose. In Rock Pose
on heels, raise and bend the right
arm behind the head, clasping the
left hand which is bent up behind
the back. Hold the pose with eyes
closed,' face relaxed, and deep breath-
ing. Concentrate on increasing circul-
ation to facial tissues, finning and
toning the skin. Wannth will soon
be felton the left side of the face.
Conclude by exhaling and bending for-
ward, hands still clasped til forehead
touches the floor. RePeat on the
opposite side. Use a towel. if the
hands cannot rreet at first. Practice
makes it easier.
2. Pose of a ChiIQ, variation: A
pleasant, relaxing position,' normally
practiced with anns at sides, this
variation increases circulation to
the head. In Rock Pose, rest forehead
on the floor. Clench fists and press
them together behind the back, as
the neck, with thumbs resting on the
jawbone, near jugular bone. Inhale,
exhale and lean forward till face
rests on the floor, at the same time
pressing with the thumbs. Wi th head
still down, inhale and release thumb
pressure, and exhale as you cane up.
Should be practiced carefully.
Knees-to-stcmaCh: en the back, inhale
and draw knees up to (chest),
holding them -pressed against body
with the hands, and hold the breath
and pose tmtil the ~ l face is flush-
ed with blood. Release, and relax.
5. '! Shoulderstand or Half-candle
Pose: en back, raise the legs and
then lower torSo up, supporting 'Weight
on upper anns, hands at hips. Body
is angled so that the chin does not
press into the chest, allowing free
flow of blocxi, but legs are straight
up. }k)ld the pose with deep breathing
with closed eyes, facial muscles relax-
ed 'lIDtil you feel the cheeks growing
warm and full as blocxi reaches tissues.
The longer the pose is held, the great-
er the benefit. Holding the pose,
see yourself as ever young, unchange-
able. cOnclude with Plow Pose, feet
to floor overhead, taking hold of
toes with hands, hold briefly, and
slowly return to relaxation on back.
Fran Yoga for Beauty by Michael Volin
& Nancy Phelan, published by Arc Books,
Inc., New York, 219 Park Av. SOUth,
N.Y. 10003, 1966, 4th printing 1971
In addition to the sets, we have collected single exercises fran the notes
and previously published sets, to thoroughly cover the subjects of the
manual, and provide the student with choice and selection.
e x ~ l Energy & Potency
Of the meditation postures, Siddhasana,
(or perfect or accanplished pose)
stimulates the nexvous system and
utilizes the body.1s sexual energy
the ItOst efficiently. It may be sub-
stituted for Easy Pose in any medit-
ation. Sitting, legs outstretched,
bring left heel into the perineum
(between sex organ and anus), and
place right fex>t on left shin, tucking
toes between calf and thigh, with
the heel directly on top of the left
heel. (SADA)
is the application of all three loc::ks
at once: Mu1bhand or Root I.Dck, Uddi-
yana Bhanda or Diaphragm I.Dck, and
Jaiandhara Bhanda or Olin I.Dck (see
"Bhandas") When all loc::ks are applied
the nerves and glands are rejuvenated,
regulating bxld pressure, increasing
circulation to sexual organs. (SADA)
Mudras, Venus Lcx::k cormects the right
and left Venus M:>unds, associated
with sensuality and sexuality, and
~ ~
balances those energies to enable
one to concentrate ormeditate. Inter-
lace fingers with the left little
finger on the botton and the right
thumb on top for men, left thumb on
top for wcmen. (SAnA)
Squatts with hands in Venus Lock behind
the neck. <::pen the wide and
bounce up and down in Crow Pose (feet
flat 00 ground, squatting), for 3
counts. en the 4th count, stand.
'!ben squat again and repeat and con-
tinue, rythmica.lly, for 4 minutes
to gain absolute control crver the
sexual organs. (JOY)
Squatts as above, but with forearms
bent up parallel to the body, and
fingers spread. fobve up and down
with 8 breaths of fire on each ItDVe
up and on each nove &::Iwn. COntinue
for 4-5 minutes. Adj usts sexual ner-
vous system in relation to bone marrow.
FOR rormcr: Sit in Celebate-
Pose, buttocks 00 the c;round between
heels with long, deep, slow breathing
for 2 minutes. (MED)
UPPER THIGH: en back, hands in Venus
Lock under the neck, spread legs wide
open and do Breath of Fire for 1 minute
Inhale, raise legs 3 feet off ground
and hold for 5 sea)nds. '!ben relax
legs on the ground and repeat 3 times.
'!ben, a fourth time but after Breath
of Fire, raise the legs 1 foot only,
and hold as long as c:anfortable. (SADA)
B e a \ ~ tj.", Youth,
R e j 'l. ~ ,," e n c"=l t i_ 0 n.
roB YaJl'HFUL IroKS: Spinal Flex in
Fasy Pose. Inhale arching the spine
with belly and chest pressed forward,
neck tuck tightly in and up, then
exhale as you slO'Wly contract the
spine back, PJ.Shing the chin slightly
forWard so that head remains in the
same place with respect to hips, thru-
out the exercise, taking 1-2 seconds
per cycle and continue for 4 minutes.
'Ihis stiIm..l1ates the thyroid/parathyroid
balance praroting weight loss and
will keep ale looking young if done
correctly. (JOY)
Pose. Sit, bending knees and drawing
feet in to buttocks, hands besides
hips, fingers towards feet, elbows
locked, and raise the torso so that
the torso fran shoulders to knees
forms a stright line parallel to the
ground, at right angles to the arms
and forelegs. Tuck chin into chest
and nove the buttocks up and dc:1wn
for 3-4 minutes. (JOY)
ro SlOP AGING & GREY HAIR: In Shoulder
Stand, hands supporting hips, legs
raised straight up, breathe slowly,
and kick the buttocks with alternate
heels. 'Ihis balances the Sun and
Moon power in the body, as Prana is
pressed into apana, and blood is rushed
to the head while heart rests and
capillaries open. (RELAX)
-----_._--- ... _---------- -------_.__ ~
GLarlING EY.ES AND FACE: Sit on heels,
spread the knees wide apart, and lean
back 60
, supporting the OOdy with
the arms in back. Tilt the neck back,
inhale and pump the stanach in and
out until the breath can no longer
be held. Exhale. Repeat and continue
for 1';-2 minutes. 'Ihen tilt the spine
- back to 30
and repeat for another
1';-2 minutes. stimulates the thyroid,
parathyroid and navel center. If
you practice these, you will never
need cosmetics, a soooth radiant ccxnp-
lexion and glow in the eyes and face
is a natural by-product, of the exer-
cise. (SADA)
CREATING BEAt1I'Y': After a set or other
exercise for beiiuty, lie down in Shava-
sana, on the back with arms at sides, I !
palms up, eyes closed, and allow the """ "" \ ' / ./
bcdy to go dead. CCXnpletely relax _ ..................... """""\ / /' ~
the !:::x:ldy systematically, part by part, ..:... ~ =') ~
beginning with the feet and continuing ::- ~ ::: ~ -=-
on up to the head, with long, deep ----- /,'" / /1 (\ \. "'" ............ --
breathing. 'Ihen concentrate at the ,,/ ;/ / I\'''- "'"
3rd Eye Point and feel young and beaut-
iful. COntinue to deeply -relax for
5 minutes. (JOY)
a:MPLEXIOO: Vayu Mathan Kriya (or
O1urning of the Praan Shakti). In Easy
Pose, join hands. in Venus Lock behind
the back, and raising them as high
as possible, twist the body fran the
waist, side to side, with a poweIful
breath (through the nose), allowing
the arms to swing, and OOilding a
gcx:x1 m::mentum. '!his is regenerating,
making one young and beautiful, takes
care of the canplexion, and rerroves
negativity. Continue for 2-3 minutes.
/ r ~
l I ...
\.;1 :
, .
" ~
... \
... ,
Fasy Pose, hands on knees, rapidly
shake the head left to right in short
sharp rovements, allowing all the
muscles of the rrouth and face to relax
for 3 minutes. It loosens up the
neck, stimulates circulation to the
face, stiJm.l1ates the pituitary gland,
and allows the capillaries to get
their blood supply as 'Nell. (JOY)
inhale and holding the breath, puff
the cheeks out as fully as you can.
Breathing through the nose, keep the
cheeks puffed, and release a little
[lOre air into the rrouth after each
inhale, increasing the pressure and
continue for 1-2 minute-s. 'Ihen, with
cheeks still puffed, head remaining
stationary, rove the eyes left and
right, up and down for 1 [lOre minute.
'!his increases circulation to the
eyes and cheeks, and is good for the
canplexion because it flushes all
the cells in the face, rejuvenating
those which typically get very little
circulation. (JOY)
Mudra: In Rock Pose, with eyes open,
concentrating on the tip of the nose,
roll the tongue up and back towards
its root and suck on it. In a short
time, a nectar-like flow will go into
the body, which you are to patiently
drink. Practiced regularly, inconjun-
ction with a good diet and life style,
it preserves youthfulness. '1his is
a farrous, ancient yogic practice.

- - --- --- - - -
KEEPS . em: YCXJ'mFUL: Sitting, legs
extended, and lean back resting on
hands, elbows slightly bent. Raise
both legs 18 inches and alternately
push and pull them, bending the knees,

m::Ning feet parallel to the ground.

Rapidly. '!he body will get warm.
Should be done by tNanen before they
get out of bed in the m:>rning. Adjusts
and stimulates hips and keeps you
youthful. (JOY)
is part of a set to be done to the
tape of "Jaap sahib" - a 10 count
rhythm). In Triangle Pose (or Adho
Mukta Svanasana - tog Pose), with
weight on balls of the feet and palms,
buttucks up, head hanging, arms and
legs straight, bend arms and bring
forehead to the ground, then return
toTriangle Pose. Repeat and continue,
down on 1, up on 2, down on 3, up
on down on 5, up on 6, down on
7, up on 8,.9 and 10, one second for
each o;:Jlmt, for 15 minutes. '!his
exercise is called saram Parnaam. (JOY)
Rock Pose, fingers on floor before
knees, raise buttocks, arching back
and neck, open eyes as wide as
and extending tongue as far as
tensing every muscle of the body and
hold with breath for as long as
sible. Relax and repeat twice rrore.
FOR 'IRE MAGNEl'IC FIELD: Sit on heels
with arms extended straight out in
front, palms up and open. Inhale,
exhale and close hands into a fist,
squeezing hard while applying Mulbhand.
Repeat and continue - time unspecified.

on the left leg, bend forward grasping
knee with hands for balance, and extend
and stretch the right leg straight
out and back, parallel to the ground
making a straight line fran head to
right foot, and hold for 3" minutes.
'!hen changes legs and repeat. '!his
is the best thing for the. spine, and
takes away old age, wrinkles, all
mental, physical and spiritual deter-
... iotations. (RELAX)
KEEPS YCXJ YCX.JNG: In Easy or Lotus
Pose, interlace fingers overhead in
. Venus Lock, fingers extended,
'. and inhale stretching up, then exhale,
stretching to bring forehead down
to the left knee, buttocks remaining
on the ground. Repeat, to alternate
knees at a ll'Oderate pace for 3 minutes.
'!his releases anger and keeps you
young, and wxks al the liver too. {JO'i
tJddiyana Bhanda or Diaphragm IDck
is applied by lifting the diaphragm
up on the exhaled breath, creating
a cavity in the abdanin, by pulling
the upper abdcminal Iriuscles back toward
the spine. It is a powerful lock.
allawing prana up the central nerve
channel into the neck and stimulating
the hypothalmic-pituitary-adrenal axis
in the brain. In Laya Yoga, the rhyth-
mic application of this lock is. crucial
to attaining the highest effects of
chanting. (SAnA)

.. -;-: --.iJ.,it.t....... "
"# IE -;, .... ", "
..;. ,..... '.
ro REnJCE THE WAIST: Side to side . .. ..
swings fran the waist. standing, .
feet together, swing left ann overhead .' ','
as right passes behind back and l:x:ldy
bends to the right, then swing left,
reversing arms. Do not "pike" or
bend back or forward - keep the l:x:ldy
ina flat plane. Continue 1-2 minutes.
(MID -variation)
ro SLIM WAIST: 'IWistinq back and forth
with anns swinging ahead for m:mentum.
Keep the hips in place (either bend e
the knees slightly,:or.lock hips with
buttocks muscles). Also ajusts back,
stimulates liver. (MID- variation)
FOR :ElJSTLINE: Balanced <::1:'o'w. In
Crow Pose, bend slightly, brace
knees against them, and lift feet
balancing al hams and feet and hold
with nonral breathing as long as p::>s-
sible. (NOl'ES)
rTt"1rost Center
Thyroid &.
knees to chest and slOW'ly bring
nose to your knees, then lower
back d:::Iwn, taking 4 seconds to
it and 4 seconds to 10'Ner it.
for 3 minutes.
FOR THYROID: Raise legs and
torso in wide leg shoulderstand,. sup-.
ported by the arms, with Breath
Fire for 3 minutes. 'Ihe-n relax
. the back for 3 minute$. (SADA)
hands in Venus Lock, palms down, 4
inches above head, (Shakti Pose),
inhale and move anns back as head
IOC>ves fonward, exhale and IOC>ve arms
forward as head goes back. (NOI'ES)
GLANDS: In Easy Pose, interlock hands
in Venus lock behind the neck, and ,
keeping the neck straight, twist -power-
fully frcm left to right, chanting
with the tip of the tongue hitting
upper palate, one repetition every
2-3 seconds, coordinating the rrovement
with the mantra for 4 minutes. (JOY)
FOR THYROID: In Rock Pose, lean back
at a 60 angle, supported by hands
the hips, and arch the neck,
looking at the ceiling. (NarES)
.FOR NECK AND Lying on back,
place left foot on right thigh, holding
the big toe with right hand, and arch
the buttocks up. Hold with Breath
of Fire for 3 minutes, applying pres-
sure to the neck.. (NOl'ES)

THYROID & PA.'qA'IHYROID: Whistle Breath.
Pucker the lips and inhale making
a high-pitched whistle, and exhale " q" ..'),

through the nose. Or, reverse and

inhale through the nose, exhaling

with a whistle. Activates the 'Ihyroid
and Parathyroid (and firms the cheek

muscles) (See page 130 - SAnA)

~ ~
SE:C:RE1'ICNS: Jalandhara Bhanda or Neck
\, to'
IJ::x:k is the contraction back of the
" I
neck and throat so that the chin rests
\ '
. \

\. ,
in the notch between the collar bones
without tilting the head, straightening \.
the thoracic vertibrae, allowing prana

to flow freely to the brain. 'Ihi.s

prevents problems of blocked energy,

and the pressure on the thyroid and
parathyroid caUSes them to secrete
and activate the higher functions
of the pituitary. Neck IDck should
be applied' in all meditations unless
otherwise specified.
FOR NEX:K & THYROID: stand, feet hip
width apart, hands in Prayer Mudra
at heart. Inhale and extend aJ:rnS
up and out to 60
, head dropped back,
and exhale back into Prayer MudIa
for 2-3 minutes. (NOI'ES)
NEX::K & THYROID: seated, stretch anns
up into sat Kriya Position, palms
together cwerhead, and as you exhale,
bring the heatt forward, chin to chest,
then, inhaling, arch the neck back,
slowly and srooothly for 2 mins. (NOI'ES)
PARATHYROID GrAND. Sitting in Easy
Pose, extend arms straight out in
front, make fists of the hands, thumbs
tucked inside and alternately raise
and lower arms forcefully, corrdinating
the rrovement with p:7Werful breathing
for 8 minutes. (JOY)
Hea.d. Cent:.e-rs
platform, place one foot on the
other thigh (in Lotus Pose position)
and hold with Breath of Fire for
3 minutes.
UCI'IVE SYSTEM: In celibate Pose,
sitting between heels, buttocks on
the ground, interlace fingers in Venus
IJ::x:k behind the neck, and bow down,
touching only the chin to the ground
in a 10 count rhythm:r::own on 1, up
at 2, down at 3, up on 4, down on 5,
up at 6, down on 7, up at 8, 9 & 10.
Continue for 15 minutes. 'Ibis exercise
in this posture is known as Bhuiar
Bhujang Asan. It relieves problems
of the reprcxiuctiva area and the pitu-
itary gland and when the chin touches
the ground, the parathyroid gland
is stimulated. 'Ibis is a practice
guaranteed to change the total sum
of ateself. {JOy)
CLARITY OF THOOGHT: Balance on knees
and forehead, hands in Venus I>ck
on the back, feet and forelegs raised
off the ground and meditate at the
Brow Point for 3 minutes. 'Iben extend
left leg straight back and up to 60
and with Breath of Fire, kick the
buttocks for 2 minutes. Switch legs
and- .repeat for 2 minutes. nus is
Adha Shakti O1alnee Kriya. (MID)




PINEAL GLANDS: Close right nostril
with right thtmlb and breathe long
and deeply through the left nostril for
1-2 minutes. RePeat, closing left nos-
trilwith right index finger (and long,
deep breathing through through right

nostril) for 1-2 minutes. '!hen, using

the same thtmlb and index finger, inhale
through the right and exhale through
the left for 1-2 minutes. Reverse,
inhaling through left, exhaling through
right nostril, with Breath of Fire
for 1-2 minutes. Now, reverse hands
and continue Breath of 'Fire, inhaling
through left, exhaling through right.
Finally, deeply inhale through both
nostrils, hold briefly, exhale and
relax. Coordinates hemispheres of
the brain. (KEEP)

left foot on right thigh and bend over
outstretched right leg, grasping the
big toe with both thumbs and index
fingers to press the toenail and pull
back the big toe. Keep the chin tucked
in and the spine straight with Breath
of Fire for 1-2 minutes. Inhale,
exhale, change legs and repeat. Bal-
ances the aura and oPenS the lungs.
AND PITUITARY: Lying on back, raise the
head only, 12 inches, stretching arms
forward and focussing at the 3rd eye,
with Breath of Fire for 1-3 mins. (KEEP)


YOOI l3HAJ'AN '!he Trident of Life
(Recipes for these may be obtained
fran '!he Golden Temple COOkbcx:::>k, or
The Ancient Art of self Nutrition.)
Ter, a cucumber-like vegetable,
very cleansing, CXlOling and beauti-
ful for the sexual nervous system.
saffron keeps you young and alive.
Gold I.ea.f,{to be taken only with
figs, Papaya, apple or carrots) for
a long and healthy life.
Banyan Milk, regulates the ejacula-
tion, taken in spring or fall.
It also regulates the prOOuctivity
and thickneSs of semen, prevents
it fran being disCharged during
urination, prevents premature ejacu-
lation-and a lot more.
Dianond D.Jst will make a. dead man
alive, taken in any season except
stmmer. Before age 3S, take it
for 20-40 days, and after, take
it daily 'w"ith a tsp. of honey,
followed by a glass of
Shala-iit, (the milk of the stone)
is good for the lower back, the
spine and sexual weakness.
Fruits (all fruits that begin
wi th the letter "p") are good for
your creativity plums, peaches,
pineapple, etc. Banana is also
a "p" fruit.
Pistach:b Nuts should be eaten
each day, unsalted, uncooked and
unpeeled - one handful.
Trimty Root (can be obtained from
the Khalsa Clinic), should be taken
4 times per year, 30 caps a day
for 3 days, 10@ at breakfast, lunch
and dinner with warm milk.

Garlic cures all kinds of sickness
when eaten freshly peeled norning,
noon and night with lots of water.
It also increases semen production,
purifies the blood and acts as
an antibiotic. M::>reover, it neutral
izes bacteria in the colon and
creates sexual energy.
Ginger nourishes the nerves, cor-
rects spinal difficulties and part-
icularly good for menstrual cramps
and fatigue.
Onions, the 3rd part of the trinity,
has the same properties as garlic.
For sexual potency, asafoetida is a
costly food fran India (at $100.
alb. ) 'nlere is a type available in
the u.s. (costing $8. a lb.) which
is mixed with rice and other things.
It is sauteed in ghee and added
to food and though it has a very
'fX'WeI"ful odor, it is very healthy,
gcx:xi for mental balance and sexual
To build semen, resistance to stress
and for weight, use ghee (clarified
butter) nore than any other oil,
and you will not have a sexual
For semen in the urine drink Banyan
Tree Milk. (can be obtained from
the Khalsa Clinic, 711 E. 37th
Ave., Eugene, Oregon 97405)
To cure any sexual or nervous disa-
bility, blend 1 cup of homemade
yoburt with 10-1 S figs and live
on that for 1-2 weeks. "There is
no better food on the planet than
the fig!" - Y.B. (MAN 2 MAN, XII)
Black Beans are good for the repro-
ductive organs and increase female
seI"..:3itivity. *
For leukorrhea, Betel Nuts, crushed
and mixed with other things or
chewed raw are good.
After intercourse drink a glass of
hot milk with a spoonful of sesame
oil to.keep you going.
To relieve roming sickness and
relax the cervix during childbirth,.
drink Red Rasberry ~ f Tea.
To enhance a woman's sexual energy,
eat pers nmons. (SELFNUT)
'l1le sexiest food is eggplant and
it is the rost p::iwerful vegetable
for wanen.
Yogi Tea daily. (see Relax & Renew
for recipe)
For rej uvenation of the entire
system, fill a jar with ~ ~ ~ ~ t l
that have not been touched by hands,
p::lUT .boney over them, and let 'it
sitfor 1 year. '!hen eat the honey.
For red or sore eyes, place grated
raw potatoes betweoJl 1:1NO slices
of gauze and apply to the eyes
while resting. Replace dried out
p::ltatoes with fresh ones Relax.
To keep a person beautiful, Tumeric
is very heaing to the bcxly, purifies
the blood, and is very friendly
to the internal organs of waneIl.
For clear skin the best inner cos-
metic is camomile. It is a woman's
Rosemary is good for hair & scalp. *
Fo Ti keeps hair fran turning grey. *
Hair tonics include chapparal,
nettles, gota kola and kelp*
Alfalfa (tea) is good for weight
Gota Kola is good as a tea for
longevity and rejuvenation, and
it prcmotes meditation. (called
"Brahmi" in the Aymvedic tradition)
Deer Antler (Lu Rong) is considered
a powerful aphrcx:lisiac for both
men and wanen in Olinese medicine. *
Ginseng is a Olinese root, famous
for itssti.mulating and rejuvenating
properties. *
Dong QJai. is l<nown as woman's gin-
seng (also known as Tang Kuei),
and it is also good for menstrual
cramps and hyPertension. Similar
to the western "Angelica", it is
superior. *
Damiana can be snoked for itsaphro-
. diasic effects (with licorice and
. pepperini.nt added to sweeten and
cool it). *
Fenugreek is a Well-known ap!l...""OClis-
iac and rejuvenator.*
Other aphrodiasics for sexual p:::lWer
include false unicorn ( for female
potency), angelica, astragalus,
kava kava (Polynesian - also giVes
colorful dreams) and burdock. *
*Fran The Way of Herbs by Michael
Tierra, C.A., N.D., Washington
Square Press, division of Simon
& Shuster, Inc., 1230 Ave. of the
Americas, New York, N. Y. 10020
**MA.ri1 'TO MAN, XII, taught by Yogi
All other food and herb references
cane fran The Ancient Art of self-
Nutrition, compiled by Siri Amir
Singh Khalsa, D.C., Khalsa Clinic,
711 E. 37th Av., Eugene, Oregon
97405 (fran Yogi Bhajan's teachings)
~ - ..
canbine i cup of millet,
.; cup chopped, dried orange peel
t cup raisons
24 alroonds (that have soaked overnight)
2 tbls. whole sesame seeds
1 tsp. tumeric
'1- tsp. salt
1 tsp. anise seeds
oil or ghee
and cook. in enough water to prevent
sticking, adding rrore as necessary,
until millet is soft. (Tahini
or alm::>nd butter may be substituted
for seeds and nuts.)
t cup black beans, soaked overnight
1 tsp @cumin
dill seeds
2 medium onions, sectioned
2 small or 1 large beet, sectioned
1 large carrot sliced
3-4 Bay Leaves
1 clove minced garlic
and cayenne,
Black pepper
Tamari, soy or Braggs, or
salt to taste.
Discard soak water, place beans
in a pot of fresh water, add onions,
spices, beets and carrots and cook
.in a pot of fresh water, with onions
and spices. Add carrots and beets
later and cook until tender. Top
with cottage cheese, plain yogurt,
grated parmesan or crunchy sprouts
for additional protein and serve
with rice. (Clopped beet stems
are a delicious, celery-like addit-
ion to be added a few minutes before
serving. )
Saute ginger, onions and garlic
until brown, add fresh black pepper
and eat with II\U:lg beans and rice
for after childbirth or uncomfort-
able menstruation. (SELrntJT)
Steam onions with ginger and garlic
(ratio of 3:1:2), saffron (1:8),
50 or fewer pistacio nuts with
40 or fewer alnonds. Blend them
with a little honey and eat on
toast. (The saffron, a1..rronds and
pistacchios should have been soaked
overnight in milk. Should be eaten
no rrore than once a week and it
will give you gcxxl nerves, gcxxl
semen & endurance. (MAN TO MAN XII)
- -
(Should be eaten, as a xreal, one
week before a wanan starts her
Slice eggplant and set aside.
canbine garbanzo flour, caraway
seeds, cardarron, cinnanon, turmeric,
black pepper with cloves and sane
milk. or onion water tomake a paste.
Add honey and hot water and mix
until lumps are gone. Dip eggplant
in the batter and deep fry it.
For leukorrhea ano. vagi.nal dis-
charges, .canbine equal - parts of
garbanzo flour with betel nuts. **
Bring gallon- of milk to a boil,
rerrove fran heat and add the juice
of 2 lerrons. . Let the mixture sit
until curds and whey forms. (0Jrds
are solid, like cottage cheese,
and the left over liquid.)
\Vhey is- very good for digestion
and elimination. (MAN ro MAN,
VOL 3.)
Eoil wheat berries in water until
soft or, better, .just soak them
for 4-5 days. '!hen grind them
and strain out the li.quid which
is wheat milk. '!his is good for
the lower back.
Fran wheat milk, off
the water and what is left is wheat
milk. por...Uer. Fry itin ghee, adding
pistachio nuts and raisins ifdesir-
ed, and make it into a ball. When
it dries you can add brown sugar
to taste. Take one prasad ball
early in the rrorning with hot milk
for feeldidng sexy when you are
feeling older and colder. Nakasta
is a very old v;ord. Itisvery good
for those over 54. Never eat rrore
than one per day. '!he best thing
is to soak. it overnight in milk
and eat it early in the rrorning.
'Then go for a long walk or
JA1'J.AA JEERM (Cumin Tea)
To 10 lbs. water, add 1 lb. cumin
seeds, 1 oz. tamarind (fresh or
frozen), a little black salt (sane-
times known as Sulphur salt), 5
or 6 lem::>ns, black pepper to taste
(optional), and peppermint leaves.
Bring to a boil, then sirrmer for 4-
5hours, extracting the essence
fran the cumin seeds. Strain and
serve or store. Itcan be taken hot
or cold, but is normally drunk
cold. 2-3 glasses a day will clls-
solve any fatty tissue in the b:dy
and prevent rrore fat ts. It
improves the beauty of the skin and
helps retain a youthful appearance.
Ithas also been called the "colon's
buddy" because it cleanses all
of. the muccous fran the intestines
and is a good source of Vitamin c.
(NOl'E: Save the cumin seed mixture
and add fresh ingredients when
you make a new batch. '!he tea can
be stored for up to a week in the
refrigerator. (MAN ro MAN III)
Boil 4-5 slices of fresh ginger
root in 3 cups of water, with card-
anon for extra flavor and drink
with honey to taste.
To milk add 2 large or 3 medium
balanas, 2 freshly ground nutmegs,
1 apple, sane honey and blend.
(this can be taken as a hot drink.)
To make ice cream, cinnamon
must be added before it is frozen.
This recipe will keep a normal
person young for a long time! (NOI'E
Freshly ground nutmeg myst be used
- nutmeg with banana is a tonic when
used in this way. Almond milk
may be substituted for cow's milk. **
Kundalini yoga
science dealing
and expansicn
awakening and
ENERGY up the
centers called
is an ancient art and
with" the alteration
of consciousness, the
raising of KtJNDALINI
spine through energy
CHAKRAS, activati."'lg
them. 'Ibis is" accx:mplished by the
mixing and uniting of FRANA (Cosmic
Energy) with APANA (eliminating energy)
which generates pressure to force
Kundalini to rise, by means of PRANA-
YAMA (breathing"_exercises), BHANDAS
(body locks) in KRIYAS" (exercise sets)
using ASANAS (postures), KJDRAS (ges-
"tures), and MANTRAS (chanted \oIOrds).
Kunda.lini yo;a sets and meditations
also. use visualization, Proj ection
and focussed attention to attain"speci-
fic effects. 'Ibis knowledge has been
a ;guarded secret, handed down fran
Guru to selected students for centuries
but"thanks" to Yogi Bhajan, it is now
offered to the public.
'nlrough the practice of Kundalini
yoga an individual can unite his cons-
ciousness with Cosmic COnsciousness
on a regular basis by carefully per-
forming the exercises and meditations
in SPeCific sequence and canbination.
A student soon becanes adept at per-
ceiving the ItOVement of energy wit.nn
and outside of his body, and conscious-
An incredibly powerful storehouse
of psychic energy symbolized as a
coiled, sleeping serpent at the base
of the spine (IKundal
means I cur1
Once awakened it uncoils and ascends
through the spinal colurm (in the
psychic channel, SUSHMANA) to the
SAHASRARA (the masculine Crown. Chakra)
at the top of the head, and triggers
a transcendent spiritual state. Re-
peated experiences produce enlightment.
ly be<;iins- to direct its flow to stimu-
late and awaken the chakras, for heal-
ing himself and others, and clearly
beccmes a co-creator with Q:d.
'!he science is said to be 70,000
years old. Tradition attributes it
to the Hindu G:ld Shiva instructing
his wife, the Goddess Parvati. 'lbe
teachings were then imparted only
to the initiated in temples and nonas-
teries in India, Nepal and Tibet.
Kundalini yoga is closly related to
'riantra, which also raises Kundalini
energy (Shakti power) to achieve extra-
ordinary consciousness. '!here are
3 forms of tantra: White Tantra, which
is taught by Yogi Bhajan, uniting
male and female energy in non-sexual
union, Red Tantra
sexual union, and Black
form of shamanism.
Kundalini Yoga was
the west in 1969 by Yogi
relies on
Tantra, a
brought to
Bhajan, the
only living Master of White Tantric'
Yoga on the planet. His followers
have adapted the Sikh relition, and
they wear the will.te clothing and tur-
bans with uncut hair that signify
purity. All Sikhs do not necessarily
practice Kundalini Yoga, and Kundalini
yoga devotees are by no means all


Frana is the basic life force of cons-
ciousness in the air we breathe and
the food we eat, assimilated effort-
lessly, and Kundalini yoga practice

enhances its absorption. Apana is the

eliminating energy stored in the lower
chakras. When it is raised and united
with prana (by breath retention & body
contractions or locks), psychic heat
is generated which raises Kundalini
through the chakras.

If you sit in a chair, be sure that
both feet are flat and evenly placed
CET.EBATE (or Hero Pose): With feet
hip width apart, kneel and sitbetween
the feet. nus posture channels sexual
ROCK POSE (or Vajrasana): Kneel and
sit on heels (tops of feet on the
ground) so that they press the nerves
in the center of the buttocks. (It
is named ''Rock Pose" because itseffect
on the digestive system enables one
. to digest rocks.)
A series of cne or rrore exercises
or p:lstures in canbination with prana-
yama, locks, chanting, visualization,
projection, etc. in specific sequence
designed to produce specific effects.
sane of Yogi Bhajan' s kriyas are cen-
turies old. '!be total effect of a
kriya is greater than the sum of its
parts. I KriyaI literally means I workI
or I action'

A .p:>se orposture designed to st:imulate

glands, organs or body awareness,
and to quiet the mind for meditation.
Asanas often applypressure on nerves
or accupressure p:lints, reflexing.
to the brain .and Jxxiy for certain
effects. 'Ibe roost carm:>n meditation
EASY POSE (or SUkasana): Cross the
legs canfortably at the ankles or
both feet on the floor, pressing the
lower spine forward to keep the back
PERFEX:r POSE (Or Siddhasana): Right
heel presses against the perineum,
sole against left thigh. Left heel
is placed on top of the right heel
and presses the body above the genitals
with the toes tucked into the groove
between the rightcalf and thigh.
Knees should be on the ground with
heels one directly above the other.
'!his is the IOOst canfortable asana
for many and is believed to prcm::>te
psychic power.
r.aruS (or Padmasana): Lift left foot
onto upper right thigh, then place
right foot on left thigh as close
to the body as p:lssible. 'Ibis locked
.in posture is easier to do than it
looks and it enhances deep meditation
'The right leg is always on top.
on the ground, and keep the spine
Easy Pose
Breathing to channel and direct the
flow of prana arrl alter consciousness
& physical state. '!he rrost frequent are
BRFA'm OF FIRE: 'Ibis is a cleansing
and energizing breath, poNered by
abdani.nal contractions. Pumping the
abdcmen forces air out of the lungs,
which then re-inflate effortlessly.
Breath of fire is fast, usually 2-
3 breaths per second .through the nose
unless otherwise specified.
LCNG DEEP BRFATHING: '!his .is calming
and produces an autanatic 'high' if
done properly. and slowly . enough.
Place the tongue on the roof of the
mouth and inhale as slowly as possible,
allowing only a thin stream of air
to flow. When you can no longer inhale
begin to exhale at the same slow,
steady pace. Both inhale and exhale
are through the nose. You will fill
the lower portion of the lungs first,
expanding the a.bdanen, then the middle,
expanding the diaphram, and then the
top, expandi.rig. the chest. If you
can slow the breath down to 6 or fewer
breaths per minute (5 seconds of inhale
and 5 seconds of exhale), the pituitary
is sti.mulated, autanatically activating
the 3rd Eye. If you can slow down
to 4 or fewer breaths a minute (7-l
second inhale and 7-l second exhale),
the CrOlNIl O1akra is activated by the
Pineal Gland - Instant Cosmic Cons-
c; ous;ness
through the left nostril is tranquiliz-
ing and through the right nostril
is energizing. 'nlere are many ccmbin-
ations of alternate nostril breathing
for different purposes. see "Breathing
to O'lange Nostrils at Will" to assert
control over the nostrils.
SITALI Breathing through
the mouth, through a trough made by
the curled tongue cools the air and
the body. It is used. to lower fevers
(or the tody temperature on hot days)
and daily practice is a perscription
for goc::d health.
WHISTLE BREATH: Inhaling and/or exhal-
ing throughthe puckered nouth to pro-
duce a whistle has a profound effect
on consciousness.
BREATH REI'ENl'ICN: Holding the breath,
either in or out is a powerful tool
in creating Tapa or psychic heat,
and is often used to stimulate Kunda-
lini arousal, alter consciousness,
and body chemistry. SHOOID
'!be stilling of the rational, reason-
ing, dualistic (I am I and everything
isn't) egotistical mind to allow the
neutral mind to focus awareness on
inner reality beyond intellectual
concepts, and on outer reality beyond
physical, earthly objects. Meditation
uses many techniques to achieve this
purpose, and produces a calm, sensitive
less enotional, alert, intuitive,
effective, efficient and
ed personai:lty an,f an enhanced-sense
of being and consciousness. Consistent
meditation proootes inner peace, happi-
ness and life in. higher consciousness.

Important components in the practice
of Kundalini Yoga are focus, (we may
be asked to gaze at the nose, focus
on the spine, a chakra, the breath,
a mantra, physical functions or on
scmething outside of the body), visual-
zation (of energy movement, magnetic
fields, thought forms, astral bcx:lies,
ether, light, color, etc.) and project-
ions of consciousness out into the
lIDiverse. 'nlese practices develop
awareness of the mobility of conscious-
ness, the ability to hold several
things in the mind at once and to
direct energy movements ernp:::Mering
our sense of daninion and potential
impact on the 'WOrld.
Body locks or muscular contractions
applied for the retention and channel-
ing of Prana. 'lbe principle ooes are:
MUIAEHANDA: Mul.bhand or Foot Lock is
the nost frequently applied. Itis the
contraction of the anal sphincter,
drawing it in and up (as if trying to
hold back a J::.awel rrovement), then draw-
ing up the sex organ (so that the
urethral tract is CXXltracted). last,
the navel point is drawn back towards
the spine. '!his is applied with breath
retention, either inor out, and unites
the t'NO major energy energy flows,
prana and apana, generating psychic
heat which triggers the release of
Kundalini energy, and often ends an
I UDDIYANA mANOA: Diaphragm r.ock is
aplied by lifting the diaphragm high
up into the throax and p.1lling the
upper a.bJanina1 muscles back towards
the spine, creating a cavity, and
giving a gentle massage to the heart
IIU.1Scles. stimulates the hypothalmic-
pituitary-adrenal axis in the brain
and develops the sense of canpassion.
can give neo.N' youthfulness to the entire
body. It is applied on the exhale.
In Iaya the rhythmic application
of this lock achieves the highest
effects of chanting.
JAlANDHARA BHANDA: Neck Icck or Chin
Lock is usied during all chanting
meditations. '!he chin rests in the
notch between the collar lxxles and
the head stays level without tilting
forward, straightening the cervical
vertibrae, and allowing the free flow
of prana to the brain. In practice,
the chin is t:W.led straight backwards
and slightly lowered. Prevents head-
aches and uncanfortable pressure . in
eyes, ears and heart during pranayama.
MAHABHANDA: '!he applicatibn of all 3
locks at once.... When all the locks
are applied, the nerves and glands are
To fully understand & experience the
Sit on heels and spread the knees
wide apart, palms on thighs. (A) Apply
Root Lock & relax it. (B) Apply Diaph-
ram Lock & relax it. (C) ApplY Neck
I.ock and relax it. Repeat in rhythmic
alteration for 3-11 minutes, pulling
locks on the exhale (the breath natur-
ally goes.out on the first 2 locks).
will help to distinguish the locks
and perceive energy rrovement along
the spine.
AJNA: '!he 3rd Eye or Brow 01akra is
associated with the pituitary gland
and it is the seat of intuitive aware-
ness. Located between the eyebrows,
it is the hone of the "true self",
and is pictured as a white light.
(CXle 's Guru can seat the:nselves there
to provide guidance.)
FIELD: '!he psychic
field of energy surrounding all beings,
human or otherwise, through which
we proj ect oorselves to others and
protect ourselves fran danger. A
strong aura insures physical health
and success. cne for 'Nearing
white is to help expand the aura.
(To see auras, close your eYeS and
think of a fanDUS guru, or a IrOVie
or rock star. Next to him, imagine
an ordinary person. Beholding
two of them side by side, it is easy
to perceive that the "star" has a
brilliant, developed aura that clearly
outshines that of the other.)
SAHASRARA: '!be 'Crown 01akra. is located
at the top of the head and is often
pictured as a 1000 petaled lotus.
'Ibis is the :indi.vidual's superconscious
ness and his link with G:d and Univer-
sal or Cosmic Consciousness & Infinity.
It is associated with the Pineal Glann.
centers of exchange between the psychic
and physical dimensions in the psychic
or subtle body, like transformers.
'!bey change subtle prana into physical
energy flowing through a system of
nadis ' (psychic channels similar to
the Oriental meridian system). 01akras
are energy vortexes perceived as spinn-
ing discs of light (' chakra ' means
wheel) situated along the spine.
Traditionally there are 7 of them
and Yogi Bhajan designated the Electro-
Magnetic Field (Aura) as the 8th.
When the chakras are .opened the parti-
cular talents of each are assimilated
and consolidated into the character
and behavior of the person.

VISHUDDHI: 'ttle 5th or 'ttlroat O1akra
is associated \oJith the 'ttlyroid Gland
and this is where poisens are purified,
respiration is controlled and speech
originates. It is pp-rceived as a
violet disc, and its proper function
ensures truthful speech, a pure and
clean body and mind, and some psychic
ANAHATA: 'nle 4th or Heart O1akra is
the seat of compassion, true love,
free will and wish-fulfillment. 'Ana-
hata' means 'unbeaten', (reminding
us of 'stout hearts' & 'having heart')
It is associated with the '!hymus Gland
so its strength insures a strong
system and a glittering aura. It
is variously described as pink, red,
golden, white, and sometimes as dark
blue. 'Ib live in the Heart C1akra
is to be a well-developed human being.
MANIPURA: '!he 3rd or Navel (Nabhi)
Olakra is the center of powe-r, energy
and well-being. It is sanetimes re-
garded as the 'Solar O1akra', and
is known as the 'Delight center',
and the 'Jewel in the lDtus' - (Mani-
pura' means 'j eweled lotus') It
is associated with the adrenal glands
and isvariously pictured as a spinning
blue, grey or green disc of light.
-- A strong navel chakra bestows character
and physical vitality and power.
SVADISTHANA: '!he 2nd Chakra, at the
sex organs, is the home of Kundalini.
It is the seat of creative, sexual
energy and is always pictured as a
bright r e d ~ r n g e In balance the
person can channel powerful reprod.uc-
tive energy to use for other creativity
MULADHARA: 'nle 1st or Root C1akra
is the anal chakra. It is associated
wi th the qualities of stability and
security When itiswell functioning,
the person is comfortable in physical
existence. It is often pictured as
a disc of red light.
A mantra is a syllable, word or phrase
in one of the sacred languages ( like
Sanscrit & Qumneki) and sometimes
in English, which elevates or m:xlifies
consciousness through its meaning,
the sound itself, rhythm, tone, and
even the reflexology of the tongue
on the palate. Mantra is lI'!he Yoga
of the Mind
Scrne of the ITOst fre-
quently used follow:
is the Mangala .Clam Mantra, and is
chanted for protection. It surrounds
the magnetic field with protective
light, and means "I bow to the primal
Guru (guiding consciousness who takes
us to Q:xl-Realization), I bow to wisdan
through the ages, I 1:x:lW toTrue Wisdan,
Ibow to the great, unseen wisdom."
Shakti Mantra tunes into the frequency
of the Divine M:>ther, and to primal
.protective, generating energy. O1ant-
ing it eliminates fears and fulfills
desires. Adi Shakti means the,\ Primal
Power:' sarab Shakti means"AlI Power;'
and Prithum Bhagawati means IIwhich
creates through Q:xl.
AKAL, MARA KAL means IIUndying, Great
is a powerful life-giving chant
removing fear and relaxing the mind.
BAR, HAR, HAR means liThe Lord Himseit
has beccrne our protector, the Truest
of True has taken care of us, Gcx1,
God, G::Xl
, or "The Lord HImself is
my refuge, true is the support of
the True Lord
Olanted for prosperity

SAHE guarantees by the grace of GurU
Arnar Das, who is hope for the hopeless,
and Guru Ram Das, who is King of the

Yogis and Bestower of Blessings, past,
present and future, that the prayer
will be answered, and that all oneI s

needs are provided for, signed, sealed
and delivered!

HAl. Dharti means "earth" and Akash
is Ether, and Guru Ram Das is the
venerated 4th Sikh Guru. 'Ibis is the

1stSodhung Mantra.
Magic Mantra so named for its power
and sacredness. It is usually chanted
in reverse (Ek Ong Kar sat Gur Prasad,
sat Gur Prasad, Ek Ong Kar). Many
pages are devoted to the ecplanation
of this mantra and we are warned to
chant it in reverence. It rnP.an5,
"There is one Creator - Truth revealed
through GuruI S grace".
surn is the Mul Mantra, the root of
all mantras. It means, liThe creator
of all is One... Truth is His Name
He does everything, fearless, without
anger, undying, unborn, self-realized,
realized thru Guru's Grace, Meditate:.
He was true in the beginning, true
thru all the ages, true even now.
Nanak shall ever be true."
GURU is the Adi Shakti Mantra, and
it is very powerful for awakening
Kundalini and suspending the mind
in bliss. Ek means IIOne, the essence
of all:' Ong is the primal vibration
from which all creativity flows, Kar
is IIcreation
, sat, "truth", Narn "name"
Siri "great", Wha lIecstacy:' and Guru
is IIwisdom". Taken together itmeans,
"There is one Creator whose name is
Truth. Great is the ecstacy of that
Supreme Wisdom"!
----------- ------ - --.------_.. _--------- ~
Gaitri Mantra which means "Sustainer,
liberator, enlightener, infinite,
destroyer, creator, nameless, desire-
less". It brings stability to the
hemispheres of the brain and works
on the Heart Center to develop canpas_
sion, patience and tolerance, uniting
one with the Infinite.
GURU calls. upon Guru Ram Das in praise
spiritual guiding light and
protective grace.
HAR means Creative Infinity, a
of God. HARA is another form.
is the active form of Creation.
The name of God is the True Name.
HUM IXJM HAR liAR: '!his mantra opens
the Heart 01akra and -means ''We the
universe, God, God. "
OOG means Creator - the Primal Vibrat-
ion fran which all creativity flows.
CNG NAMe>, GURU DEV NAMe is the Adi
Mantra that precedes Kundalini Yoga
practice, tuning one in to the higher
self. eng is "InfiniteCreative energy
.1 in manifestation and activity" ("an"
or AllIn is God absolute and unmani.fested)
Namo is "reverent implying
humility, Guru means "teacher or wisOan
Dev means "Divine or of God" and NaIro
reaffirms humility and reverence.
In all it means, "I call upon Divine

CNG SO HUNG is "Creator, I am Thou!"
a heart-opening and emp::YWering mantra.


the life force, Apana the eliminating
force, and Sushumna is the Central
channel for that force. This helps
draw energy up the spine for healing.
Hari and Har are names of Gcd.
HAI (see "Dharti Hai") - Pritvi means
earth - calling on the name of the
venerated Guru Ram Das is very powerful
Siri Gaitri Mantra, and is chanted
for healing. Ra is the sun, Ma is
the r-t:x>n, Da is the earth, and sa
is Infinity. say is the totality
of Infinity, and So Hung is "I am
Thou" "Ra Ma Da sa" is the Earth
Mantra. and "sa say So Hung" is the
Ether Mantra.
SA TA NA MA is the Panj Shabad express-
ing the five primal sounds of the
universe. "s" is Infinity, "T" is
life, "N" means death and "M" is re-
birth. ('the 5th sound is "A".) 'Ibis
is one of the ITDst frequently used
mantras in Kundalini Yoga.
SAT NAM is the Seed Mantra or Bij
Mantra and it is the most widely used
in the practice of Kundalini Yoga.
sat is truth, Narn means identity,
or to call on the truth, expressing
the reality of existence. Olanting
this mantra awakens the Soul, and
more simply means "really" (Y.B. 1/14/89)
SAT NAM: Narayan is the aspect of
Infinity that relates to water, and
Hari Narayan is Creative sustenance,
which makes the one who chants itin-
tuitively clear or healing. sat Narayan
is True SUstainer, Wahe Guru, indes-
cribable Wisdom and sat Nam, True
Identity. '!his is the ancient O1otay
Pad Mantra.
WARE GURU is the Guru Mantra, the
mantra of ecstacy. Itis not translat-
able, but chanting it elevates the
JEEX): "The ecstacy of consciousness
my ooloved."

A gesture or p:>sition, usually of
the hands, that locks and guides energy
flow and reflexes to the brain. By
curling, crossing, stretching and
touching the fingers and hands, we
can talk to the body and mind as each
area of the hand reflexes to a certain
part of the mind or body. sane eatm:>n-
ly used mudras are:
(In each mudra, exert enough pressure
to feel the flO'W of energy through
the "nadis" (psychic channels) up
the arms but not to whiten
fingertips. )
GUYAN MUDRA: '!he tip of the thumb
touches the tip of the index finger,
stimulating knO'Wledge and ability. '!he
index finger is symbolized -by Jupiter,
and the __ thumb the ego.
Guyan Mudra imparts receptivity & calm.
ACl'IVE G:JYAN MUDRA: 'nle joint of
the index finger is bent under the
first joing of the thumb, imparting
SHUNI MUDRA: Tip of middle finger (sym-
olized by saturn) touches the tip
pf the giving patience.
SURYA or RAVI MUDRA: Tip of the ring
finger (symbolized by uranus or the
SUn) touches the tip of the thumb,
giving energy, health and intuition.
BUDDHI MUDRA: Tip of little finger
(Mercury) touches tip of thumb for
clear and intiuitive carmmication.
VENUS LCCK: Interlace fingers with left
little finger on the bottan, with the
right index finger on top for men and
the left for \oOtleIl. '!he Venus mounds
at the base of the thumbs are pressed
together channeling sensuality and sex-
uality, and glandular balance, helping
to focus and concentrate.
PRAYER MUDRA: Palms are pressed togeth-
"er, neutralizing and balancing yin &
yang, for centering.
BEAR GRIP: Left palm faces out fran
body with thumb down, and right palm
faces kody, thumb up, and fingers
are curled and hooked together to
stimulate the heart and intensify
BUDDHA MUDRA: Right hand rests on
left for men, left on right for ...anen,
palms up, thlmlbs tips touching each
other in a receptive gesture.

'!he meditatioos and yoga exercises
in this manual present an opportunity
to acquire the mental, ~ y s i c l and
spiritual capacity to enjoy life
to the fullest. Instead of becarming
stressed fran the intensifying energy
and rapid changes occuring on the
planet today, we will be able to
"get high" fran the transition to
the New Age. Practiced, these tech-
niques will "tune us in". Kundalini
Yoga is a powerful scientific tech-
nology, developed over thousands
of years, to access higher light
energy and produce a conscious rrcde
of. living, implementing creativity
and productivity fast! We can
expect the following results.
PROBLEM SOLVING: We cant always
avoid problems, but we can ".be acre
effective in handling them. By chang_
ing.perspect.ives, being less E!tOtional
arid uninVolVed, W'e can raise our
consciousness to attract or provide
solutions, thereby rising to a posi-
tion of 'fX)Wer,. able to effect change
rather than helplessly stand by play-
ing the victem.
C'LFANSING: Yoga and meditation power_
fully cleanses us of ~ y s i c l mental
and em::>tional obstructions, \lolOrn-
out attitudes and beliefs, leaving
us space to acquire beneficial and
useful new ones, and opening us to
access higher knowledge and our own
inner selves.
three levels of being -
1. Life is a series of problems to
be solved, .and the best we can hope
for is to find solutions, or that the
problem will justgo away.
2. Life is a series of OPPOrtunities,
and problems can be turned intooppor-
tunities for lessons and growth.
3. Life is a miracle, a series of
synchronistic .events unfolding at
the right time and place, in a cons-
tant flOW'. As we raise our vibration-
al frequency, we nove into miraculous
'!he ability to manifest our deepest
desires reveals itself, and we can
perceive and draw opp::>rtunities to
us. We no longer have to go out
and manipulate or fight for what
we want.
.a:NTROL: As we gain more control
over our lives, we have less need
to exercise control, because we are
in the process of discovering and
accepting life as it unfolds, and
W'e feel rore secure and trusting.
DIVINE A'I'lTroDES: As we transcend
the minds duality, new attitudes
aOOut life, ourselves and others
appear like acceptance, trust, grati-
tude and non-attachment, and we live
with fewer expectations or judgements.
0iARACI'ER: Greater mental clarity
and focus is achieved, and it is
easier to act consistently, to finish
tasks, be truthful, fair and honest.
HEALING: C>..1r healing powers manifest
and our presence, touch, \lolOrds or
smile heals.
HEALTH: '!he iIrmune system is streng-
thened and we enjoy vibrant health
~ abundant energy.
PRESENCE: With the developnent of
the electro-magnetic field (aura),
not only .is our health improved,
but we beccme more poised. and effect-
ive human beings.
PURE KN<lING: Wi th medi tation comes
intuition - knowing and feeling what
is right and best, and no longer
having to reason through the pro t s
and cons t s of each situation.
PROl'EX:I'ICN: Intuitive powers alert
us to dangers, and lJlle do - not attract
negative forces. 5anetimes the univ-
verse changes our plans so that we
dont t get on the plane that crashes!
PRAYER PatlER: -- Clarity, humility
and devotion clear the channels for
our prayers to be heard and answered.
JOYFUL LIVING: Life beccinesrelaxed
and fun. we feel taken care of,
and becane "unrea.s6riably happyii. --
HIGHER AWARENESS: 'lhrough meditation
we establish an intimate relationship
with ourselves and the God within.
This relationship opens us up to
higher level relationships with others
THE ~ L ~ C N '!he congru-
ent alignment of b:xiy, mind and spirit
opens channels to other dimensions
of existence and the universe unfolds
within our minds.
A FORCE FUR GXD: '!he rore we elevate
consciousness and the quality of
our internal being, the rore posit-
ively we affect the world and those
around us. Inner peace beccmes outer
A DRUGLESS HIGH: Recreational drugs
are used to fulfill the deep longing
for spiritual identity as much as
for the euphoria, relaxation, sensual
delights, mental and physical energy
and the other pleasures they may afford
sane drugs enable us to talk with
God, transcend time and space, exper-
ience sights and sounds cellularly
and perceive the \\lOrld as pure sens-
ation devoid of meaning and rorality,
and ourselves as simples I sensers '
without character, purpose, - self-
interest or ego. other durgs, of
course, magnify the ego and seem to
sharpen the rational achievement-
oriented mind while d:imi.nishing sensory
awareness. But the price is always
high - loss of health, freedan, self-
respect, dignity, family, friends,
merrory, feelings and/or mind!
In practicing Kundalini yoga,
we can experience the same pleasures
without the loss of character, ego
or values. FUrthermore, 'Ne are enabled
to apply the insights gained to the
physical \\IOrld, it allows us to exer-
cise more (rather than less) control
over our lives, and 'Ne are enpow'ered
to live successfully in, enjoying
its demands and challenges without
judgements. M::lreover it is eminerit!y
healthy, perfectly legal and satisfies
the deep craving for spiritual meaning.





When you want to meditate but donIt have time to do a canplete yoga set
first, try one or rrore of the following exercises before sitting. End
each by inhaling, pulling Mulbhand, holding and exhaling (or inhale, exhale
and then pull Mu1bhand and hold
FRCGS to stimulate the ,st & 2nd
chakras and help YOU sit: Squat
on the toes, heels raised and touch-
ing each other", arms bebleen legs
fingertips on floor, and head up.
Raise buttocks, allowing head to
drop and look at knees and repeat
26-52 times. Follow with forward
FORWARD mms to stretch legs,
stimulate the life nerve and navel
energy: Sit with legs stretched
out in front, bend over grasping
toes and exhale as you pull the
head to the knees, inhale as you
cane up, and continue. Or, sit
with legs spread wide apart, touch-
ing head to aiternate knees for
1-2 minutes.
CRO'l SCQATS to stimulate and circu-
late energy fran the ,st & 2nd
chakras. and tomake sitting easier:
Squat, extending the arms straight
ahead (or place hands in Venus
Lock on top of head), and stand,
repeating for 26 or 52 times.
YouIII be glad to sitcbwn.
INVERI'ID CAMEL LIFTS to raise kunda.-
lini energy up the spine: en back
bend knees drawing heels to b1ttoc:ks
feet flat on the floor. Grasp
ankles and arch the pelvis up,
lifting the navel towams the sky
on the inhale, retmning to first
pesition on exhale and continue -
26 or 52 times.

GORPRANAM to stimulate pituitary
and pineal glands and 6th and 7th
cha.kras: Sit in Rock Pose and rest
the forehead on the floor, stretch-
ing - the aImS out _in front, palms
together, and hold with long, deep
bre .athing for 2-2 minutes.
01AKRASANA (or Wheel Pose) to stimu-
late all the chakras and energize
the soine: Q'l the back, place fin-
gertips just under the shoulders,
I;Ointing them towards the feet,
and bend knees bringing heels to
buttocks. Inhale and lift torso
into an arch, keeping the arms
straight and try to straighten
the knees. Arch the neck and look
at the hands, and hold with Breath
of Fire for 30 seconds-l minute,
or as long as I;Ossible. '!he spine
tingles with excitement after this.
TRIANGLE POSE to stimulate the
pituitary and relax the spine and
the mind: With feet hip width
aprt, bend over and place hands
shoulder-width apart about 3 feet
in front of the feet. Raise but-
tocks in a triangle, cu:ms and legs
perfectly straight, and hold with
lcmg deep breathi..nq fran 3-5 minutes
End by pulling Mulbhand on the
held inhale. Follow with QJrpranam.

YCGA MUDRA for rroving energy up
and opening the spine: 5it in Lotus
Pose or Siddhasana, and lower the
head to the ground clasping the
hands in Venus Ick on the back,
breathing long and deep for 1-3
late the 6th & 7th chakras: Kneel
and bring head to the ground, lift-
ing feet and shins up off the ground
and balance with the hands in Venus
Lock on the back. Meditate at
the Brow Point for 3 minutes.
assume or continue in meditation
mosture with a perfectly straight
spine and slightly tucked chin.
Place tongue on the roof of the
rrouth and begin long, deep breathing
( 4 or fewer breaths a minute) and
presto! Instant higher consciousness
.JANUIRASANA for concentration:
Sit with the left heel in the peri-
neum and the right leg stretched
forward. Inhale, stretching arms
overhead, and exhale as you slowly
bend forward and touch the head
to the right knee, clasping the
toes of the right foot with both
hands. Breath long and deep for
2 minutes and then reverse legs
and repeat. This is a classic
meditation facilitator.
ro OPEN THE aw<RA: A) Right
hand in Guyan Mudra on left knee,
block left oostril with thumb of
left hand, fingers p::>inting straight
up, with Breath of Fire through
the right oostril for 3-5 minutes.
Inhale deeply, hold and savour
the space, exhale, relax and medi-
tate. For a clear, focussed mind.
B) . Hands in Venus Lock on top of
the head, with Breath of Fire for
3-'5 minutes, focussing eyes on
the crown chakra, tongue pressing
roof of the ItOuth. \\ \Iri!/!
Most of the sets and meditations included here are previously
unpublished and many come from Yogi Bhajan's earliest classes.
Dates are noted whenever they are available.
Sources of the previously published sets are indicated
in the Table of Contents by the abbreviations noted below.
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AND A.M.M.), san Diego, 1988
Student notes fran the early classes were taken by Mark Larrm and NarES
others. More recent notes were taken by Gururattan Kaur Khalsa fr
fran the classes of Yogi Bhajan and M.S.S. Gurucharan Singh
Khalsa (Millis, Ma.), and the latterare indicated NOl'ES-GSI<
G.T. INTERNATICNAL, 1800 SOuth Robertson Blvd., Suite 182, Los Angeles
calif. 90035 (213) 551-0484
MUSIC MEN!'IQID) IN SETS nay be ordered by writing G:>I.DEN TEMPLE REOJRDINGS,
1605 so. Robertson, Los Angeles, calif. 90035

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