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The police say on TV that they know about gangstalking.

Organized Stalking Informers interviews Eleanor White.

Norma Cross films gangstalking.

I filmed a quadrotor.

An actress plays a victim of gangstalking.

Randy Quaid has been harassed for more than 20 years, but doesnt use the word gangstalking.

The Pentagon made this counterintelligence instruction video.

Alex Jones experiences the phone call.

Electronic harassment
Control Factor is a TV movie about psychotronics.

Alfred Webre joins this skype call about human robotization with Henning Witte, Magnus Olsson and Melanie Vritschan. The History Channel made this show about radio frequency mind control and targeted individuals. Derrick Robinson and another victim talk to Richard Syrett about electronic harassment.

Voice to skull

MSNBC-KMIR6 investigates voice to skull in their story Electronic Harassment: Voices in My Mind. Jesse Ventura made a show about voice to skull: Brain Invaders.


Organized Stalking Informers interviews James Walbert.

Robert Nslund reads a long speech about brain implants.

Scanning sessions
Dr. John Hall scans Jesse


Jesse Beltran and Lars Drudgaard scan several victims.

Lars Drudgaard scans Melanie Vritschan.

Lars Drudgaard scans Serge Vitry.

I scan my house and several Belgian victims.

I scan Erika Dashdorj in Verviers.

Victims demonstrate against chipping in Brussels on March 14, 2013.

Victims meet journalists in Brussels on May 22, 2013.


Psychiatrys Master Plan shows you the real face of psychiatry.

This is a commercial video for the Xaver 800 through wall