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As sin tax law was implemented on January 1, 2013.

The research study objectives is to know the Impact of the Sin Tax Law among teen age smokers in selected barangay of Zamboanga City and how it can affect their behaviors and smoking practices in relation to the increased price of cigarette. The respondents are teen age smokers who belong to poor sectors of the said barangay and those 4ps beneficiaries. We conducted research survey at Barangay Sta. Catalina and Baliwasan who has a largest population of 4ps. The respondents are teenagers under 13-19 years of aged. This study is a non-experimental descriptive design that focus only on poor teenagers who are light smokers which consume 6-20 sticks of cigarettes a day. We formulated questions in order to determine the changes in the smoking patterns of teen smokers and their behaviors and practices before and after the sin tax law was implemented. In order to test if the said law is effective, we interviewed 99 teenagers who smokes 6-20 sticks a day. Many find it helpful but they still continue on smoking, others lessen the sticks and 6% of the respondents successfully stopped. Those who stopped and attempted to stop from smoking were recommended to join a DOH smoking cessation program in which they will be guided to cease from smoking.