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ansoff model 1 under 4c concept

spiritual marketing concept 4c : under this concept companies help each other in
developing strategies for each other and try to cooperate in developing competition and
cooperation in their respective industries

the basis of foundation of this concept would be on 3 layers

1 trust
2 perfect relationship management
3 participative marketing management

customer here is defined as both b2b customer and end user customer.

end user (new or old customer) can be termed as company going to new or old
geographical areas where products are being sold

old price can be defined as the price origanally fixed by the company 3 to 6 months back
for the products sold . here new customer is new areas or b2b where company can cater to
old price just to make the area geographically strong

existing price is defined as the products being priced without any change and sold at
current price sold regularly

average price is defined as price quoted for the similar products sold at their market rate
taken averagely by similar products price tag

new price is defined as price fixed by changing the existing price tag for the products sold
by the company

Ansoff models to be discussed

new customer old competitor/company -------- old price/existing price

old customer new competitor/company ------- existing price

new customer new competitor/company ------- average price

old customer old competitor/company -------- new price

ansoff mode 2 4c concept

old competitor old company ----- existing price

new competitor old company ----- new price

new competitor new company ----- average price

old competitor new company ------ old price/ existing price

ansoff model 3 4c concept

new complementor old company --------- existing price

old complementor new company --------- old price/existing price

old complementor old company ---------- average price

new complementor new company ------- new price