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Biomes Cloze

Fill in the blanks with words from the box.

alpine elevation rainforest biome grassland taiga climate latitude tundra desert precipitation wetland

A _________________ is a large region of the earth that is defined by the community of plants and animals living there. Biomes are often influenced by _________________ which is the pattern of weather in a region over a long period of time. Climate in turn is
A desert biome.

influenced by precipitation latitude and elevation.

_________________ is how much rain and snow the region receives and can influence a biome greatly. _________________ biomes for example receive very little rainfall so few trees and plants grow there. _________________ biomes receive enough rain for grasses to thrive but not enough for many trees to grow. !n a tropical _________________ it might rain every day. A _________________ is a mix of marsh and estuary land that may experience flooding for part of the year or remain wet all year round. _________________ which determines how much sunlight the region receives is also very important for defining biomes. !n the arctic _________________ frozen ground and harsh weather prevent trees and many other plants from growing. !n the northern forests called _________________ trees grow very slowly. _________________ is how high from sea level a region is. !n _________________ biomes which are high up in the mountains trees and other plants grow very slowly in the cold wind and snow.
Savanna (right) is a tropical grassland.